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 inches  tall  
Pet Partners Program Team Evaluation - Small Dog/Cat
Up  to  15  lbs.  
Part 1 – PPST Skills Exercises (NR – any Part 1 exercises)
 Indicates exercises used in evaluating COMPLEX area placement
Exercise 1 Exercise 2  Exercise 3
Review Questionnaire Accepting a Friendly Stranger Accepting Petting
Animal may change position Animal may change position
• Introduce assistant(s) • Animal on floor, • Approach
• Review questionnaire, carried by handler again and
note age, stress signals or in basket – circle animal
Is there anything I need handler’s choice and handler
to know like sensitive • Walk up –“Hi, it’s • Pet head and
spots on animals? nice to meet you.” body only
Collect: toy, treat, brush • Eye contact – • Animal may
• No treats on person? “what’s your change position
• Describe layout / dog/cat’s name?”
procedure. Explain if • Back off
animal carried in test, • **Animal may change
must be carried on visit position
• Advise handler to
function as they would on
a visit, okay to ask for
break or stop if they see
• “Are you ready?”
Exercise 4  Exercise 5  Exercise 6 
Appearance and Grooming Out for a Walk Walk Through a Crowd
Perform exam on table or lap on a towel – All dogs including small dogs must walk Carried or walking on floor
NOT in handler’s arms. Note location of on floor. Cats may be carried.
exam on score sheet.
• Look at eyes, ears, • Stop twice during walk Assistants
coat, nails • Observe loose lead walk ,
• Pick up each front • Animal’s attention is on mingle with
foot handler no noise or
• Comb/brush once • Animal doesn’t try to jump distractions
**Animal may change out of arms or basket

Exercise 7 Exercise 8 & 9

Reaction to Distractions Animal Passed to 3 Assistants
Animal carried or walking on floor cats and small dogs do this instead of the SIT, DOWN
• 2 distractions, one • Assistants are seated in chairs within arm’s
visual in front of animal, length of each other
one auditory behind • Handler gives towel to assistant
animal • Handler passes animal to first assistant
• Distractions 10 ft from • 5 seconds on each lap
animal • Assistant passes dog back to handler
• Crowd may mingle • Repeat

Exercise 10  Exercise 11 Exercise 12

Placed on lap or table All dogs must do this exercise, skip for cats Reaction to Neutral Dog
Note on score sheet Animal carried or walking on floor
• Stay for 30 sec. •10 ft. line • Animals carried
• Handler may •Evaluator or walking
reassure, but not distracts • Stop at arm’s
pet •Call length
• Reattach leash • Pleasantries
• 10 sec

N ot R e a dy ov erall i f N R i n a ny • Clusters of displacement signs • Mouthing / licking

• Eliminates inside test facility, before or • Vocalizing excessively
Pa rt 1 e x erci se s . N ot e during evaluation • Jumping up
obse rv at ions:
iMac  HD:Users:patti:Documents:Angel  Paws:VOLUNTEERS:Evaluations:Vol  Eval  communicaiton:Eval  for  SmD/Cat.doc  

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