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"Not Everything *
That is faced can be charmed:
But Nothing
Can be changed until it is faced 9P

James Baldwin



by Paul Hanes
The other day after watching loving, giving, sharing or| un-
"Your 1 A Good J Man Charlie derstanding on a really deep and
Mercyhurst Choir
Brown, ' a musical Broadway personal one to one basis, while
^production, on T.V., if saw |a at a beer blast, a dance or a
^commercial that gave me a party. Those; of you who don't
tremendous insight into life. It need to breakaway from J your
was a Hallmark greeting! card own selfishness and experience a
In Concert
commercial in which they were true loving Christian community. The Mercyhurst College Choir, formed concert choir consists oi group has performed numerous
advertising their Valentine's Day Those of you who do need to share under the direction of -Mr. thirty-five mixed! voices, selections for various community
Cards. A group of young children Ityour feelings with others. \ | Thomas Brooks, will present a representing several different functions. In the near future, the
f;were sitting around actable concert Wednesday, February 21, major fields. Each member is college choir plans to tour the
talking about the type of card Ail oi you come and breakaway 1973,8:15 p.m., at Christ the King individually selected by private outlying communities singing
they would like to receive, what it with us at Dunkirk, New York, on Chapel, Mercyhurst campus. The audition. The choir rehearses concerts. f
should have on it, and how many February 23-25 on the Campus concert will be the firsti major every class day from 4 p.m. to 5 This aspiring group was
boyfriends and girlfriends they Ministries Breakaway ^Weekend. performance Jin a series of con- p.m. in the'?Recital Hall on a organized by its director Mr.
had etc. One child mentioned the Experience a Christian emotional certs to be given on and off credit-non-credit basis. In Thomas Brooks, who is relatively
word love and some of the high that may change the way campus. preparation for the Wednesday new to the Mercyhurst Music
children laughed at him. This you relate to others. Brothers and The membership of the newly evening performance, the choral Department. Working along with
reminded me of my experiences sisters, come and experience a Mr. iBrooks is fan executive
of everyday life. It reminded me man who is the focus of con- committee of* students elected
of* the interactions I see people troversy, the rallying point of from the choral group. The
having daily with each other. unity, the-object of love, the executive committee?actively
When anyone speaks of love, subject of debate, a basis for hope promotes the growth and success
sharing, understanding or giving and the goal of lives. No one in- of the choir and coordinates
they find words hard to say and terested in the meaning of life and group activities. The members of
hard to come by. They are afraid its ultimate questions can ignore the executive committee are:
of being laughed at or they know him. Travel with him and trust Ammette Meko-President; Mark
so little about themselves and him. To travel with him you must Lloyd-Vice-President; Willie
others that it is hard to find words give up your "Linus" blankets, Gavin-Business Manager; Lucia
that are meant to convey feeling your pride, your selfishness and Falsetti-Secretary-Treasurer;
and emotion to others. Thomas your comfort. Come and change Michelle Kinch and Brenda
Carlyle|once wrote, fli Jesus your heart. Repent with us. Be Bromley-Publicity Co-Chairman.
Christ were to come today, born again and become as Also playing an important role in
people wouldf not crucify him. children with us^ Die to yourself. the performing aspect of the
Theyi would ask him to dinner, And if what this man, Jesus choir is Mary O'Connor, who is
and hear what he had to say, and Christ, demands is too difficult the accompanist for the group. In
make fun of it. " | l don't think Jor you, in what can you find hope. the February 21 concert, ac-
Carlyle ever watched the Come along with us and may you companiment will be extended to
Hallmark commercial but whatf leave our weekend in Dunkirk include the Mercyhurst Brass
he says-, seems to be true. /Thinks with a better understanding of the Quintet— a faculty -student or-
about it. Everything we do seems people around you, always ganization. I i
to be directed toward our?own carrying peace and love in your {The | program for the ^Wed-
personal selfish gain. And when heart. * nesday evening performance will
anybody talks about giving or § include: Early Church Music by
sharing or loving, as Christ did, Are you Interested; For further" Palestrina|f Hassler, and Vic-
others ridicule him. To illustrate J information concerning the;| toria; Part III of A? Psalm of
how| many of fyou-j really weekend contact Sr. Kita or Fr. David*by Dello Joio; Various
talk about or do something about Pat of the Campus Ministry. J? Psalm Settings by Hanson and
Berger; and several spirituals.
The members of the College
Choir wish to extend an invitation
to the Administration, Faculty,
and Students of Mercyhurst
College to attend and to show
Hurst Hoagie their' support of the college's
newest musical organization.
Admission free. .,



by Cathy Steveson
News Editor /

Butterflies Are Free

I When the midnight munchies Business is doing so well that pleased in getting it. $ ever works out she will definitely
hit and you're too tired to travel Bill and Jack pay employees to Kathleen has taken dance stay close to theatre.
to Barbatos it's nice to know that work for them. "Tuesday nights lessons since she was little, and Kathleen was last seen in
hoagies are just within our reach. we never work, we pay someone this is what first got her in- "Dark of the Moon'' and has
I Bill Chatenka, Jr. and Jack to work for us." 1 worked back stage in other
Roth, Jr., v both residents of terested in the arts. In high
McAuley Hall have established Bill, who works five days a school, she was in plays and theatre arts productions. With or
week at Arby's, makes more realized she enjoyed the ex- without time on stage, she feels
the 'Hurst Hoagie Hut.' money selling hoagies then he perience and that she had a greatall the work is important for it is
For a measly 60 cents, a hoagie does in his weekly paycheck. ? f | j deal of success. Since Kathleen rewarding to see how everything
will be sold and delivered to your was going to college, she decidedfalls into place. Especially with
hungry little lips. Deliveries are Working in conjunction with
local suppliers, the two en- to do something she liked, so she"Butterflies are Free'', which
offered to all Mercyhurst decided on drama. She doesn't has a small cast and is a tight
students whether they be dorm, terprising students have fresh play. You can see something new
townhouse or apartment produce and rolls delivered daily mind going to rehearsals and :
to McAuley Hall. They have also happen every night. :
likes the idea of what is required
dwellers. . \ f \ § of her because it is something she Kathleen's main objective now
And while you are at it, why not worked out discount rates with
the Super Saver supermarket for wants to do. E is to accomplish something with
order a can of soda, or several "Butterflies." The humorous
other munchie foods. Bill and such articles as potato chips and
pretzels. I This summer Kathleen was mother she plays is one that
Jack who are headquartered at going to stay at school, but in- many people can relate to. She is
McAuley kitchen offer everything • Since McAuley facilities are stead is going to get a job to make a real person that loves her son,
from hoagies to cheese popcorn. free, all that bill and Jack have to Kathleen |Zangrilli a little money. After graduating but many viewers will have a
The 'Hurst Hoagie Hut is ap- worry about is providing food to from Mercyhurst, first on her list negative feeling toward her.
proximately four weeks old and is their customers, and of course Mrs. Baker, Don's over to do is get married. Then she Kathleens wants people to sym-
open Sunday through ^Thursday thinking of different ways to protective mother in "Butterflies would like to get a job in a high pathize and understand Mrs.
from7p.m. to la.m. i J-& J expand their business. The latest are Free" is being played by schooL working with dance Baker and maybe some how they
The hoagie business started out expansion is the addition of the Kathleen Zangrill i. She is a classes and some type of theatre. can relate this to their own lives.
small but has expanded to the meatball hoagie, ; v T i sophomore drama major from If thisS doesn't work out, or in It has alot that-is funny and
point where Bill and Jack sell an So remember friends, that Pittsburgh. She wasn't sure she addition to this, depending on her serious to say about parent-eh ild
average of 50* hoagies i a| night number is 864-0681.1 'm only sorry was going to get the part until family J she would Uke to do some relations, and the love that is over
along with two cases of soda . 3 I didn't think of it first. after the call backs, but was very work in community theatre. What missed.
Sherman examines the music of
folk artist Hoytt Axton.
1112p.m. NOCTURNE

Thursday/ February 22
with Stillbreath THE
by 6. T. Barron
Improved B
Friday, February 16 W -i Monday, February 19 «i. 4-5 p . m . j O F F THE RECORD with
4p.m. OFF T H E RECORD with G. T. 11-12 noon STILLBREATH'S WARP. Pat Newboid
Barron * ;*JTT3"' * 2 ^ Stillbreath hosts an hour of ex- 10-11 p.m. OFF THE RECORD with
10p.m. OFF T H E RECOROwith G. T. perimental educational radio, this Gary Dudenhoefer
Barron 3§ §*•'*?« . week } f e a t u r i n g > ; I N THE 11-12 p.m. T H E VOCAL SCENE It is much easier to talk about transportation program. If you
B O O K S T A L L : T H E •featuring Italian * Opera at the Balanced Transportation to have been | folio wing fthe local
11 p.m. KEYBOARD IMMORTALS Bo I shot *
residents of Toronto, Western news, you! must have heard
RECITAL (1) Hans Hermann and Europeb or Japan than it is to PennDOT and the greater Erie
Variations L u d w i g ;/* v a n 4-5 p.m. OFF T H E RECORD with
Beethoven; (2) Marie Hermann- Pat Newboid * I t . l T
These shows were made possible discuss r> the subject with Chamber of Commerce talking a
Stibbe - Ich denke dein; Fantasia ; 10-11 p.m. OFF THE RECORD With through the generosity of RUS; who- Americans, simply ibecause
Opus 103, Franz Schubert; No. 17, Denny Woyteck ¥ furnished the necessary funds. To lot about new-highways:the 1-79
F minor; Variations on a Theme; 11-12 p.m. NOCTURNE them we are grateful. I i Balanced Transportation does not extension to f 12th Street, the
Johannes Brahms; Opus 23; 6 flat. exist here. Heavy density I rail Bay front Highway, the East Side
(3) Carlo del Grande - Symphonie >* Tuesday, February 20 rapid £ transit and frequent bus
Eroica; Ludwig f van Beethoven 11-12 noon STILLBREATH'S WARP Spar, the Water Street Extension,
and (4) Paula Utz Opus 55; E. f l a t ; with . Stillbreath; IN THE service are available to the and S t h e J Southern Tier
4th movement.: £?5 '.?* B O O K S T A L L : T H E .. Stillbreath's *hour of educational majority of the world's people- Expressway. In all this activity,
MAGNIFICENT _AMBERSONS radio features IN THE BOOKSTALL. with the fexception of our own
Saturday; February 17 £ i&v PT. I I ; T H R E E CHEERS FOR Gene Gerrard takes you through the however, no mention has been
10 12 p.m. OFF T H E RECORD with M E Ch. 2 pages of the world's literature and country. In pother words, made of any improvement to
Gene Shaw. ; -J-* a presents the Pulitzer Prize-winning America, which is said to be the mass transit in our county, which
4-5 p.m. OFF THE RECORD with novel The Magnificent Amber sons by most modern and richest country
Sunday, February 18 * I Gary Dudenhoefer /. Booth *Tarkington. Also featured on at present is usable for only a
810 p:m. Drama • KING RICHARD 10-11 p.m. OFF THE RECORD with Stillbreath's Warp this week are the in the world, has a mass public limited number of ^persons, and
II by W. Shakespeare, hosted by 5 P.J. Lovett *;!&• * P hilarious and inspiring adventures of transportation network more then not at all times of the week,
Linda Mazzota with Sir $John 11-12 p.m. CONCERT HALL with the Bartholomew Wolfe. ^ i_' backward than most third world
Gielgod as Richard II ; v2»: BBC Symphony Orchestra; per- Bandy, Canadian infantry and Royal aamely off-peak hours, with
10 11 p.m. PROMENADE CONCERT forming ,-Symphony No. 9 in C Flying Corps, in Three Cheers For Me. nations, not to mention the more Mercyhurst itself a perfect
U with host Barb Hewitt, presenting m a j o r b y Schubert. §p This series of five half hour episodes is industrialized states. Whether example. The 31-mile- ex-
the BBC -Symphony* Orchestra, adapted from the novel by Donald you are young or old, rich or poor,
Col in Davis conducting Fantasia on Wednesday, February 21 Jack.-and tells of the devastating ef pressway .network will further
a Theme by Vaughan Williams; 11-12 noon STILLBREATH'S WARP fects this lone Canadian has upon a good driver or not, you belter upset an imbalanced* tran-
Thomas Tain's; Concerto No. 5 in E n with i ^ .^Stillbreath* jg* THE Britain and the European front during
the Great War.4 •;. $£L •:. I
have a car if you want to survive. sportation setup by stimulating
flat m a j o r > Beethoven; for piano MAGNIFICENT \ AMBERSONS The result of this imbalance has
and o r c h e s t r a , Op£ 73, The PT. I l l : T H R E E CHEERS FOR We're still looking for copywriters, traffic on access roads, and
E m p e r o r " ff ^r £ '$ MECh.3 i female announcers and comments or been soaring air pollution levels raising air and noise pollution
11-12 p.m. FIRST HEARING with 4-5 p.m. OFF T H E; RECORDfwith criticisms, folks, so let your presence
be known on me third floor of Old
(autos account for 60 per cent in levels. I am not so foolish as to
5J moderator Lloyd Moss and critics g £ Barb Hewitt; V ^ £ urban areas), nightmarish traffic
Martin Bookspan, Edward Downes 10-11 p.m. WOODY'S? CHILDREN Main, or call Fran Bingnear at 864- propose the elimination of the

and Irving Kolodin. with Jim Zellnski as host.t Bob 0681, ext. 218. jams, a rapidly dwindling supply automobile, f although 70
of domestic petroleum reserves, European cities have done this on
urban sprawl, and large amounts conjested downtown streets. Why
of urban land'paved over for
Dario's Divotsf Schedules Before
expressways J and huge parking
lots. The Pennsylvania Depart-
can't* this money allocated for
expressways be used to repair
our miserable roads? Everyone
2-25-73 ment of Transportation in con- knows what potholes and
Hixon: "Looked Clarion
2-14 Edinboro-A •«
2 17 Pitt-Johnstown-A
2-21 Ail iance-H |
junction with the Federal
Government allocates some $56
million each year to mass transit
generally bad pavement can do to
the life expectancy of a new car.
Shouldn't a massivej secondary
Like Team'' •"•* Slippery Rock
2-13 Lock Haven H
2-17 California H
2-21 Westminister-H
in Pennsylvania. This is in con-
trast to the over $1 billion for
highways administered annually.
road rehabilitation program be
Erie County's Jfirst priority,
before any new roads are built?
By Dario Cipriani Sports Editor This is PennDOT's "balanced Secondly, why are no special
> Fredonla
looked like a team for the first 2 16 Cortland State-H private bus lanes being planned
The Lakers, still sniffing "at a 2-17 Ashland-A for on these new expressways?
bid for the District 18 playoffs, time in a long time. With the 2-23 0neota-H Why should EMTA buses be
defeated Wheeling last Sunday other teams in the District 2-24R I.T.-H
bogged down in traffic which they
and upped their season record to loosing, |and us winning, I 1 &S Mercyhurst* It's Another are attempting to alleviate ? %
14-6. Playing their finest game of think we should get a bid. 2-19AIHanceA * Finally, and! most important
the year, the Lakers rolled over Merciad :fWhat do you think our 2-20Walsh-H
Ice Skating Party what will we do about the miles of
the Cardinals 72-55, and now have chances would be of winning 1 #• Point Park virtually idle rail right of way in
a better than average chance of the District 18 title? i 2-17 York-H this our county? It is these corridors
Hixon: I think we could beat both 2-19 Fairmont State-A
obtaining their dream. | which provide the key to truly
Curtis Hixon was interviewed Clarion and Slippery Rock if 2-24 Frostburg A
Saturday Balanced Transportation for our
on Monday by this writer. Curtis we could play the way we did Westminister
city. The most important right of
2-14 Youngstown-H ^
is a transfer from Paducah, j$ against Wheeling. f •2-17 Susquehanna-H February 17, 1973 way is the mainline east-west
Kentucky. He is serving as the Based on the chart below, I 2-21 Slippery Rock-A Perm Central route, which? has
would have to agree with Curtis. 2-24 Geneva-A C- J at the J
official bookkeeper and preacher Glenwood Ice Rink ' seen the removal of two main line.
for the Lakers. Our chances for a bid seem 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. tracks aniintersects the airport,
Following is the text of the reasonable, butjthe Lakers can't *$>2 $ Waynesburg ! " F r e e " Agatn!!! Fairview.s Lake City, Peninsula
interview: slack off. 2-14 St. Vincent-A ("Lucky, lucky us again... r#
Drive, Downtown Erie and the
2 17 Davis&Elkins A Skate Rental $.60 •**?$
Merciad: Curtis, what is your Team Records 2-19 W . V a . Weslyan H Buses leave Baldwin Man
Union Depot, Franklin Terrace,
present impression of the (as of 2 13-73) 2-21 Frostburg A at 10:30p.m. %. middle Parade Street, General
Lakers? Are we going to get a Clarion * jj *16-3 2 24 Wheeling-H I Z
2-2573 is the day the Dist 18
Sign-up for Buses Electric, Wesleyville, Lawrence
District 18 bid? 1 Slippery Rock
£ 115-3
-tHl-5 bidsaremade J
outside S.A.C. office* Park, Harborcreek, and so on. An
Hixon: This was the first game Mercyhurst .14-6 Legend: H-Home A-Away (They are free too) Jjj ecologically sound, electric rail
we looked like we should. This *12-6 Brought to you by.: S.A.C. right of way could cut travel time
Point Park?,
is the first strong team we Fredonia 2 - 12-6 in half because it would not have
Waynesburg ill-6
really blew out of the gym. We to cope with traffic, and would
provide an alternative for the tens

M.B.A Prog resses above the .500 maifc by beating

Standings as of
February 7,1973
" A " League
of thousands of people who must
cope with crosstown arteries.
Used in close conjunction with
connecting north-south feeder
lines, I predict the line would
With the regular || intramural romping Nosmo's Kings 55-4b. Foxes
basketball season coming to a Tom Monaghan led the original out the Nimrods 63-61. $ Original over I triple present EMTA farebox
, The Hill Gang revenues. A side benefit isfthat
close and the playoffs only two old men with 22 points, followed Jim Schroeck |and Tom Guess What |*
weeks away (beginning February by PauiffOlczack jwith eight "Malts" Malthaner were the big KnlckS ;*> not one single resident or business
22), some of the teams competing markers. $ J guns tor the£ Cadets popping 26 T.C.C.
Nosmo's Kings
need be relocated, something
are playing* like the Boston Jon Sedelmeyer and John and 16 points respectively. Vet Set \ r expressway advocates certainly
Celtics, while others look like the Cousart each ripped the nets for Ray Korzeniowski and Terry can't boast. £ | f
/ /
B " League Whether or not you disagree
Philadelphia 76ers; 14 points in a losing cause. Frontino combined for 38 of the Spped Boys
Last week's action at the In the!: first game of Wed- Nimrods 61 points. Nimrods with this brief jappraisal of the
"Mercyhurst PALESTRA" had a nesday's tripleheader, Guess In Wednesday's finale, the Kinnanes Cadets
Familyi" *
state of affairs of transportation
five game slate. * # g What ^over-powered the Knicks squeaked by T.C.C, Four Rats 5 in Erie and the rest of the United
| § In Tuesday's action, the Losers Philadelphia "VetrSet" 76ers by a giving them their second loss in Over the Hill (B) States is not as important as
T-bailers whether or not you do something
upped their winning streak to 5-0 46-31 romp. as many days by a score of 51-45.
by edging out T.C.C. 74-62. Kent Williamson pacecUthe The Knicks, now 2-3 eeked out about it. If this situation bugs you
Cliff Root and Joe Cook|com- Guessers with|l6 points followed victory by only six«points,;Mark as much as it does me, come to
bined for a 48 point barrage, 27 in by big Tod Allen who canned 14. £ Piliewski led all scorers with 23 the meetings sponsored by the
the second half, to keep their The VetlSet, whophave taken points. He was followed by Larry THIS WEEK'S SCHEDULE
FAST (Future Alternative
hopes of a£perfect, undefeated their lumps this season have been Gray of T.C.C. who canned 19 i m LAST WEEK OF Surface Transit) group at 7:30
regular season alive. unable to get it together had Bill m s r kGr s REGULAR SEASON p.m., Friday, March 2, at City
Wednesday, Feb.21,1*73 Council Chambers at City Hall.
Bob£ Gearhart paced T.C.C. "Willy" McClain leadkthem in As usual, Jim Prez saw limited 7:00 T.C.C. vs Foxes J i
-with 20 points while Larry Gray scoring with 12 markers followed action. The Edinboro transfer 8:00 Kinnane's Cadets vs. Four Perry Square. If you don't do it it
popped) in 18 markers for the by Rich Zambrycki, Jim Gornt, still hasn't scored. C'mon, Jim, Rats won't get done.
Cougars, now 2-3 on the season. and Jerry Moryc combined for 13 shoot, shoot! shoot! 9:00 Nosmo's Kings vs Guess What * Mike Harrington
Tuesday's second game had the tallies. * >' I .3$-
Original Over the Hill Gan&win
their second straight game by
The second game, an overtime
thriller pushed Kinnane's Cadets ACTIVITY SCHEDULE Rim 1
R . Buckminster Fuller Fuller
of Ice Skating
| - speaRson
" T h e Structure of N a t u r e "
or ' I ' m going to take you to breakfast yesterday morning
February, 1973 n a t u r e ' ^
R.M.303 eMain
11 a.m.; 1 p.m.;
Party Glen-
wood Ice Rink
11 p.m. - 1 a.m.
FREE Buses
The second in a series of conversations concerning 3p.m.& f S leave Baldwin
The Future of man (union) at 10:30tp.m.[
Sponsored by interdisciplinary Studies 9-1 (See Ad) f
F i l m Showing: f^. <
Friday, Feb. 16 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m./ 3:00 p.m. —
Old Main "303. fj| ^ Singer
1 i- FLICJ R.U.S. Washington's
Monday, Feb. 19* 10:00 a.m./ 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p,rm>— 1 "Catch-22" Re- Jon Ims *§ National " F r y i i
Meeting Birthday
Old Main 303 * t I c i t a l Hall 78. 9 9,12 (See your re- Day £
also8:00p.m. Zufn 214. <&*& % [ p . m . I.D.s Re- Coffee presentative
There will be a chance for opinion sharing after each 1 quired. House for time &
showing — yta,

Place) * /

?S& —All Are Welcome—