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English I X01

Narrative Paragraph
Duarte Vega Dafne Idalia
April 1st 2011
Writing Assignment

Narrative Paragraph

One day at CESUES we were having class at the Lab, and we had to soak the lab table

with alcohol and then set it on fire, so the bacteries would die. A friend of mine had studied

Chemistry for two years, so she was going to do it. After doing what she had to, she began to

let drops of alcohol to the fire, so the flame would get bigger by seconds. Suddenly, she

pressed too hard the cotton and the flame went up and reached the cotton ball that turned on

fire. I yelled at her that the cotton ball was now in fire. When she noticed, she quickly threw

the ball. The ball flew towards me and a friend. I somehow deflected the ball. But it reached

my friend and hit her chest, but thanks to the lab coat nothing happened. As the fire ball was

burning in the floor a classmate came to step on it so it would turn off. In that moment his

shoe went on fire too! He shook his foot and the fire turned off. Then, another classmate came

to step on the fire trying to turn off the fire, but the same thing happened to him. Then, the

teacher came to us. And she stepped on the fire ball to set it off… As you can imagine, the

very same thing happened to her, her shoe went on fire. Finally, the assistant of the teacher

came and poured water on the fire ending it.