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Which of the hosts in this networked SAP System diagram must have its respective R/3 component(s) started

before the other hosts can start theirs?

1. Dialog Instance
2. CI Instance
3. DB Instance
4. Front End GUI System

Which R/3 System user is used for starting external programs using SAP background jobs?


Name the R/3 System transaction used for monitoring spool requests.

SM50 SM51 SPAD SP01 SM37

Which of the following is authorized to maintain R/3 user id parameters?

Only the R/3 system All R/3 users having an Only the user Only the R/3 system
administrator. account in the same R/3 himself. administrator and the user.

Given a LAN with an R/3 Central Instance with database (Node: host1, Instance Name: DVEBMGS01, SAPSID: C11), an
R/3 Dialog Instance (Node: host2), and several R/3 Frontend PC's, what is the name of the profile where the
SAPDBHOST parameter is defined?


parameter is
defined in the

During a system performance analysis, we have encountered a slow running system. The Workload Analysis Monitor
shows the results. Based upon the information in the indicated areas, which of the following is the right conclusion?

The performance This problem affects the performance The performance problem is a
problem is a specific of all running transactions. Bad generic performance problem
problem only influencing response times caused by high wait affecting the performance of all
certain transactions and times are due to either exceeding the running transactions. The bad
originating from one system's physical limits, or because response times are due to a
specific transaction. an external program has claimed poorly configured R/3 System.
resources needed by the R/3 System.

Given an R/3 Central Instance with all services installed, using Instance ID01, and having an SAP ID of C11. What is the
name of the directory where the work process trace files are written (for Windows NT replace the "/" with "\")?
/usr/sap/C11/ /usr/sap/C11/ /usr/sap/C11/ The trace files The trace files are written in
DVEBMGS01/data DVEBMGS01/log DVEBMGS01/work are written in the home directory of the
internal database database administrator user.

Which of the following functions is NOT possible using the SAP Online Service System (OSS)?

Execute online Register problems Lookup SAP training Register Apply for official
searches for R/3 with the SAP dates and course changes to SAP Internet addresses
Notes. Hotline. offerings. objects. from SAP.

Which of the following is recommended by SAP to be used for copying very large R/3 System clients?

Database export and Generic operating system The R/3 Client Copy R3INST SAPDBA
import. utilities. transactions.

Which operating system level program is used to transfer exported changes from an integration system into a
consolidation system?

tp RDDEXPPP sapinstance R3check

What is the name of the parameter file used by the R/3 Transport System?

DEFAULT.PFL TPPARAM .sapconf sapconf

Which of the following is NOT a function of the ABAP/4 Repository?

Ensuring that data Management of Provision of Support for Monitor phases of

definitions are flexible data definitions. information for software an R/3 release
and up-to-date. evaluations. development. upgrade.

All changes to SAP owned objects... Choose the answer which does NOT correctly complete the sentence.

must be registered with are saved can only be transported if will require will never require
SAP Software Change to tasks of the appropriate entries adjustment during adjustment during
Registration (SSCR). type repair. exist in tables TASYS and future system future system
TWSYS. upgrades. upgrades.