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EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, 25 JAN 2022 ‘ra rnsas 87019 Dear Proven, Clear Fed r6- would like to congratulate you forthe satisfactory fulfilment of the frst 52 milestones under the Spanish Recovery and Resilence Plan. This paved the way for the net disbursement of €10 billion to Spain still in 2021. Your country was thus the first Member Stale to receive a regular dishursement from the Recovery and Resilience Faclly, after the pre-financing puyment of €9 billion in August Ths significant achievement testifies to both the quality ofthe Spanick plan and the excellent cooperation between the Spanish authorities and the Commission services. ‘Thank you alo for the submission ofthe First Progress Report onthe implementation of the Spanish Recovery and Resilience Plan, Thie report is very welcome, including for transparency and accountabiliy purposes, and we will study it with attention Moreover, we appreciate that Spain continues to progress with other reforms, including ‘the labour marke reform ook forward toa continued good and productive collaboration onthe implementation of the Spanish Recovery and Resilience Plan Yours faithfully, KROQ -Qy raul von der Layen LE. Me Pedro Sinchez President of the Government of Spain Commision sop Commu 169BrasesBrac BELOIQUEBELOIE— Tel 1322091111

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