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AP US History

Weekly Plan-Week 19
January 31st- February 4th

Monday: Midterm Review and analysis

Google Docs/Created Questions explanation
HW: Read/Notes The Depression and American Culture pgs 678-685.
Complete reading/analysis of Depression-era letters.
Locate Google Docs link in your email
Try it and email me if you cannot access the file

Tuesday: Letter analysis-Who were the people of the Depression?

Depression culture and values
Groupwork: Creation of arguments based on evidence from the letters.
HW: Read/Notes The Unhappy Presidency of Herbert Hoover pgs 685-689.

Wednesday: What did the American public believe during this time?
Groupwork on selected values/cultural elements

Thursday: Why do many historians consider Hoover’s response to the Depression a failure?
Chart analysis: Hoover’s successes and failures
HW: Hoover’s “New York City” Speech (1928)and Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address. Look for
evidence in each as to why Roosevelt won. Get quotes from documents that give clues.
Read/Notes Launching the New Deal (pgs. 694-699). Complete New Deal programs chart.

Predicted Questions due by 7:00pm on Sunday Feb. 6th.


The Depression and American Culture (pgs. 678-685).

Identifications: Middletown The “Success Ethic” “Self Blame” How to Win Friends and Influence People
“Discovery” of Rural Poverty Depression Literature Escapist tendencies The Radio’s impact Role of movies Walt
Disney Images projected by Hollywood Life Magazine John Dos Passos The Popular Front Spanish Civil War Southern Tenant Farmer’s
Union The New Left Grapes of Wrath

Thought Questions:
1) How would you define American culture during the depression?
2) Why did the Popular Front gain popularity during this time?

The Unhappy Presidency of Herbert Hoover (p. 685-689).

Identifications: Volunteerism Agricultural Marketing Act Hoover’s popularity “Hoovervilles” Reconstruction Finance
Corporation The Bonus Army Roosevelt’s nomination Election of 1932 Banking Crisis Hoover’s attitude towards Roosevelt

Thought Questions:
1) Did Hoover adequately respond to the Crisis?
2) Why did FDR win in 1932?

Launching the New Deal (pgs. 694-699).

Identifications: Roosevelt’s Personality Bank Holiday Prohibition’s Repeal AAA Soil Conservation and Domestic
Allotment Act Resettlement Administration Rural Electrification NRA Section 7(a) of the National Industrial Recovery Act PWA
TVA Glass-Stegall Act SEC FERA C WA CCC

Thought Questions:
1) What characterized the programs of the “first New Deal” described here?
2) Were these programs an adequate response to the issues of the depression?

Predicted Test Questions:

The Great Crash Catherine Xenakis Depression Values Leyla Kalkhoran

Ricky Imprescia
Causes of the Depression Tyler Stein Andrew Artists and Intellectuals in the Coleen Hanley
Schiavone Great Depression
Progress of the Depression Mike Regan Radio Nick Golden
Sean Murphy
Unemployment and Relief Jon Mirabito Movies in the New Era Matt Fenlon
African Americans and the Aaron Manzi Popular Literature and Jeremy Fague
Depression Journalism
Mexican Americans and the Brianna MacGregor The Popular Front and the Left Nora Emmott
Asian Americans and the Sarah Lynch The Hoover Program Kat Eisenberg
Depression Jeff Donahue
Women and the Workplace in the Christine Kuehl Popular Protest Casey Dawson
Great Depression
Depression Families Meg Kelley The Election of 1932 Brendan Dagher
Jeremy Kamari Christina Accardi

The “Interregnum” Michelle Abou-Raad