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     Andrew Mook, Curtis Michael, Jillian Perry, James Savage, Richard Smith,
Mayor Walter Reed, Ryan Tira, Dale Cahn, Dolores Moyer and Chief Gill

The regular meeting of the Hughesville Borough Council was called to order by Council Vice-President Andrew
Mook, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

!  "
Rick Sieg of 135 N. Broad Street would like to put up a fence and a garage but none of his
neighbors seem to know where their property lines are.
Lynne Treese produced pictures and spoke about the deterioration of the alley behind her S. Main Street home.
Bill Ingram of Windstream did a presentation on the Mitel 3000 phone system as a possibility of replacement to the
Borough¶s current system.
Steve Shope - Democratic candidate for County Commissioner

  April 11, 2011 Michael moved, seconded by Perry. Motion passed.

 March 14, 2011Savage moved, seconded by Smith. Motion passed.


Tira said that trespass is often time and circumstances; referencing a situation involving a resident
plowing snow in an alley and disposing on a neighbors backyard. If resident has been notified in writing by Borough
Council than the police department can monitor. Council could also consider an ordinance.

 Chief Gill monthly report & FCC License, Civil Service Testing is over and will discuss more in the
closed session.; would like to meet with the public safety and properties committees. Two wheels were rusting on the
cruiser, Murray Motors cleaned them up and painted them at no charge.

Cahn said streets will be swept soon; there are a lot of cinders that need to be cleaned up. He
thinks that maybe using the loader to scrape them up will save time when using the sweeper.

& %
Cahn said the contact lines are in at all three stations.

Code Inspections Inc. Copies of letters sent are attached. Mook said he spoke with Tom Packard about
a progress report and sending an update to the chief.

c &
)Request copy of minutes

*   $%
 General Fund - Check# 7017-7038 $ 13,144.11
Payroll - Direct Deposit $ 24,436.06
ACH Debits $ 18,724.30
Perry moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed.

The following changes were made to the police Budget/expenses. Take $1,000 from part-time wages and move into
part-time OT and the grant received for mouth pieces didn¶t cover $50 of the purchase; that will be expensed to

#  )Moyer has copies of the GASB Reports filed with the state for the employees¶ retirement plan.

°V Open bids of natural gas boiler. Council chose Option# 2, low bidder Steam Specialists LLC Savage moved,
seconded by Perry. Motion passed. Bid results attached.

°V Approve application to the County for exemption from real estate taxes; Property is the new Memorial Park 
and the land was previously owned by Bucktail Bank for parking. Michael moved, seconded by Smith. Motion

°V DEP approval of Act 537 Update Hughesville-Wolf Sewer Authority. The Borough now has a signed copy 
with all the municipal signatures and DEP approval.

°V SPCA thank-you letter for recent contribution.
°V Aoung¶s Lawn Care 2011 rates ± 5% increase Michael moved, seconded by Smith. Motion passed.
°V PennDot traffic light annual maintenance notification

°V Exit Audit observations for Police & Non-Uniform Pension Audits 2008, 2009, 2010. Moyer said that
State auditor James Temprine suggested the Borough contribute more to the Non-Uniform Pension Plan because
of the increase in the amount of Water Authority overtime the last couple years.

°V Evangelical Free Fellowship invitation 
°V Copy of Ordinance 01-2011 Lycoming County Zoning Amendments ± Gas & Oil Land Use
°V Lycoming/Sullivan Boroughs Association next meeting


%+,%*-,#± The Memorial Park will require electrical changes when the flag poles are installed; Moyer stated
that two more poles have been donated.

Closed session called for personnel discussion.

 /Smith moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Dolores Moyer
Borough Secretary

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