HOUR 08:00 - 9:00 9:00 – 10:30 ROOM 1 Concurrent Sessions 10:35-12:05 WORKSHOPS Nick Perkins Longman Pearson Commercial 12:10–01:10 1:10 – 2:40 02:40 – 3:40 Strengthening the Listening Experiences

ALL-TE Concurrent Sessions 03:45 - 04:45

29th VENTESOL ANNUAL CONVENTION: “REDEFINING TODAY’S ELT IN VENEZUELA” SATURDAY - MAY 28TH, 2011 Registration & Book Exhibit Opening Plenary: “Best Practices for Teaching Young Learners” – Joan Shin ROOM 2 Making Minibooks: A popular handson activity session TE-ALL Mairi Mackinnon ROOM 3 Empty Handed but Ready to Teach Children EE-TE ROOM 4 Technology in the EFL Classroom, is it possible? ALL-TECH ROOM 5 Blogs, Social Networks, & IM Tools for Language Teaching ALL-TECH Joan Colmenares ROOM 6 English in Venezuela: Cultural Learnings from Native Speakers AL-RS
Lianne Gonsalves Eric Buley Jillian López Carolyn Cuong Camille Sheffield

ROOM 7 Teaching Strategies and Activities for Limited Resource Classrooms TE-ALL

TOP NOTCH: The best just got better SE-HE-TECHTE-PA

COMPUTER LAB Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN) with Web 2.0 Tools ALL-TECH

PARANINFO The 21st Learner and the Grammar Issue ALL-TE

Ma. Patricia Gonzalez

Maria Cecilia Avila

Tim Robinson and Johanna López

Evelyn Izquierdo

Alfieri Avilan

Mary Allegra and Mónica Fernandez

ICTs and Distance Education Materials: Assessing their Quality and Multicultural Understanding in EFL Materials ALL-RS Audy Castañeda

Plenary: “I Am Not A Toy!: Including G-learning in the ELT Curriculum” – Nick Perkins Lunch Break Plenary: Building Fluent, Passionate and Confident Readers – Mairi Mackinnon Brain Based Myths, Legends CEVAZ TEFL Technophobe A Stylistic View of Learning & Humor: Certification Teachers ‘Hybridity’ and Activities for Highlighting Program ALL-TECH ‘Resistance’ in Second Culture in ALL-TE Postcolonial Anglo Language TEFL Caribbean Poetry Acquisition ALL-TE HE-RS EE-TE Claritza Basabe and Marlene Cynthia Moleiro David Durán Parada and Eliluz Diaz Eufrandy Tineo Julie Pisano

Teaching English: a Valuable Free Resource for Teachers ALL-TE

Learning and Teaching styles for Primary Students EE-TE

Jeremy Newton British Council

Joan Shin

04:45 – 5:15 05:30 - 06:30 06:30-08:00 09:00-10:00

Coffee Break Plenary: “The Four Cs Exposed” – Mickey Rogers VenTESOL Toast CULTURAL ACTIVITY AT BARRIO SANTA LUCIA

HOUR ROOM 1 Empowering ELT Classroom through Images ALL-TE Concurrent Sessions 08:00-09:30 WORKSHOPS Alexana Alambarrio and Yanette Dacosta Mariela Salazar Yskeila Garcia and Carlos Rivero ROOM 2 Developing Teaching Resources for your Students ALL-TE ROOM 3 Creative and Dynamic Strategies for Teaching ESP Classes ALL-AL

SUNDAY - MAY 29TH, 2011 MORNING ROOM 4 8:00 – 9:00 Developing and Assessing Speaking Skills: Helpful Hints ALL-TE Luisa Cristina Alvarez and Waleska Ruiz 9:05 – 9:30 Education Opportunities in the US for English Teachers Angel Garcia US Embassy A Multimodal Approach when Teaching English Stress ALL-TE ROOM 5 Vocabulary Strategies to Enliven your Class SE-HE-AE-TE ROOM 6 ESP Training Need Analysis at Universidad Metropolitana HE-RS ROOM 7 Sing and Dance, Make a Fun Class! PE-EE-TE COMPUTER LAB High-Tech Resources for Immigrant and Native Digitals ALL-TECH PARANINFO The Case for a Two-strand Skills Syllabus ALL-TE

Liliana Ortega

Olga Galarraga

Mariana Alloca and Marian Trias

Elida Gomez

Mickey Rogers

09:30-10:00 EST Reading Activities for University Level Teaching HE-TE Blended Learning for Children EE-TESTTECH-TE Online Teacher Development: Challenges and Opportunities ALL-TECH

Concurrent Sessions 10:00-11:00

Coffee Break Connect Students to the Multicultural World EE-PA-TE

Classroom Management ALL-AL

Making the Journey as Exciting as the Destination! EE-PA Julie Pisano McGraw commercial

The BBC Learning English Website ALL-TECH

Carlos Torrealba

Andrés Ramos MacMillan Commercial

Teadira Castillo and Elvina Pérez

Johannes Rojas and EnderRojas

Mercedes Perleche

Joyce Muñoz

Ciro Garcia

11:10-12:10 12:10 – 1:30

Plenary: “Becoming Interculturally Competent in English” - Joan Shin LUNCH BREAK SUNDAY - MAY 29TH, 2011

HOUR ROOM 1 Cultural Care Au Pair Venezuela ALL Concurrent Sessions 01:30 -02:30

AFTERNOON ROOM 2 1:30 – 1:55 Getting University Students to Grammar through the Internet and Self-Assessment HE-RS Josefina Espinoza 2:05 – 2:30 Blog: An Evaluative Tool in "Instrumental English" at Marketing Career HE-TECH Orquidea Flores Creating Activities with Podcasts for the ESL Classroom ALL-TECH Daniel Castillo, Evelyn Urbina and Freddy Venagas ROOM 3 Meet Education USA! ALL ROOM 4 Influence of Knowledge of text Structure on Reading HE-RS ROOM 5 Errors in Word Stress and Segmental Features ALL-AL ROOM 6 Taking English to the Barrios ALL-TE ROOM 7 Expanding the EFL Teacher trainee's Profile at UPELIBID PE-EE-PA-RS COMPUTER LAB Who’s Afraid of the Web? ALL-MW-TECH

Johanna Phelan Commercial

Claudia Sánchez CEVAZ Commercial

María Carolina Lizardi

Melissa Delph

Jeremy Newton British Council

Abilio Mujica and Luz Mujica

Rubena St. Louis

Teaching Strategies Supervision for Language Learning ALL-RS 2:35 – 3:35

Careless Talk Cost Lives ALL

MP4-Literature Teacher: Hand in Hand Promoting Reading HE-TECH

Making the EFL Class Come alive with Videos AE-TE Lourdes Betancourt

Teacher: Are You Redefining your Way? HE-AE-RS

IPMAR students' Perception of the Native Speaker in EFL HE-ALL-RS-PA Yvonne Saulny, Yvemar Peraza, Cruz Colmenarez and Manuel Arrioja

Blended EFL Classes at University Level HE-TECH

Marco Hernández

Nelson Curbelo, Eugenia Di Bella and Jennifer Parra

Rosaura Hernandez

Lucenia Farias

Doris Molero

03:35-04:05 4:05 -5:05 5:10 - 06:00 Intended Audience : PE – Preschool Education EE – Elementary Education SE – Secondary Education HE – Higher Education AE – Adult Education ALL – All interested persons

Coffee Break Plenary: Re-examining the “E” in TESOL through World Englishes – Carmen Chacón VenTESOL Assembly Topic of Interest : MW – Materials Writers TEST – Testing and Assessment RS - Research PA - Program Administration TE – Teacher Education AL – Applied Linguistics TECH – Technology in ESL/EFL

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