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~'" Energy Testing ... And How-to-Contact

Your 'Secrer~Self' .v.Successfully!'

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Your nervous system is a fantastic thirty-seven mile long antenna for sensing the subtle vibrations of people and the world you live in.

Copyright 2001 by Group "L" Inc. 6252 Dark Hollow Rd. Med. OR 97501 541-535-3188, fax 541-535-8038, docspeed@cdsnet.net

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"Secrets of Mana Generators ...

Energy Testing ... And How-to-Contact Your 'Secret-Self' ... Successfully!"


Jack Williams

Disclaimer: One of the customers out of the many that have used the following materials states, "It all works because of the placebo concept". His opinion is well and good. Unfortunately the "hard-evidence" supports a different line of thought. And it is totally "his" loss.

This is the transcript and clarification of videotape #1 of a S-hour seminar.

Dr. John La Tourrette gave this seminar at ''The Mind Mastery Training Institute" in Medford, Oregon on July 27,2001.

Group L Inc., and Dr. La Tourrette copyright all materials on those two videos and on this one training manual.

There are drawings with specific locations and other "add-on" items of Energy Wisdom that are very helpful.

Much/some of this material was learned at the First European Energy Psychology Conference in Switzerland, in July 2001.

Other aspects of it were learned from Steve Andreas (a student of Dr. Richard Bandler,.the founder of Neuro-Linguistics Programming).

Some of it is from the teachings of Buna. a psycho-religious system of "streetworkable" manifestation that was retro-engineered by Max Freedom Long and Dr. Brigham from 1887-1971.


Since that time Dr. Otha Wingo has carried on the Huna work.

Some more of it was obtained from the teachings of Choi Kok Sol, the founder of PrapicHealillg.

Special thanks go to Dr. David Feinstein, Dona Eden (the Founder of Energy Medicine), Dr. John Diepold (the founder ofETFT), Alan Handleman (the founder


of The Resonance Tuner Card), Dr. John La Tourrette (the founder of Secrets of Speed Training) and many, many others, too numerous to name. Thank you all.


There are three very. different types of HIDDEN TEACmNGS!.

1) One type of hidden teaching is the teachings for "power" that others will either:

a. Kill you to get it .

b. Kill you to keep others from getting it.

Remember Bruno burned at the stake.

Remember Conde De Demolay had his feet burned off in order to painfully force him to recant his previous teachings. He was in front of the Inquisition, legs burned off completely as he held his own foot bones in a steel box on his lap, asking forgiveness for his transgressions and mistakes.

Galileo is another prime example that comes to mind.

"Just look through the damn telescope!"


"Why not?"

"Because it's a contraption from the Devil, that's why not."

It was just in the last 17 years that the Catholic Church finally apologized for excommunicating him, for torturing him, for being wrong "in his case".

Then there was Reichenback and his discovery of the "Odic Force" and his scientific study of people with "second sight", that got him ridiculed, even though he was world famous until he made his "vital force" discoveries open to the

. ''wisdom & fears" of the masses who's opinion's had been already channeled/were being channeled/and would be channeled in the future by others with 'other politics in mind.

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Look at Dr. Gerson, who discovered a Cancer Cure in the early 30's based upon very sound nutritional concepts. He lost his medical license.

Look at Wilhelm Reich, the founder of Or gone Energy. Thrown in jail in 1950, and all his Orgone apparatus was destroyed. All his writings were burned. He died two weeks before being released from jail.

Look at the teachings of the Kahuna of Hawaii.

They were the "keepers of the Secret Teachings".

But the new religious leaders from the United States passed laws again Kahuna Teachings in 1821, banning any of those teachings privately or publicly.

And that "against religious freedom law" was still being enforced in Honolulu until 1987 with the passage ofa "freedom of religion" bill that allowed them (and American Indians) to practice the forgotten arts of their great grandfathers.

And then look at the teachings of Dr. Christopher Hills, that genius from Boulder California, who has probably contributed more to the field of Radionics in the recent past, than any other researcher.

And those that oppose these ''types'' of teachings will go to any length to convince others of different mentalities of THEIR wisdom, of their reasons, or their thought processes.

Look at the "Amazing Randi", the man who has chosen as his life path to wealth, the debunking of psychics like Uri Geller, Geller has proven/demonstrated time and time again, in the scientific laboratory, the uniqueness arid validly of his skills.

(See Targ's and Putoff's tests done under very stringent conditions at Stanford Research Institute during the early 70's.)

2) The second type of Secret Teachings is like the teaching of Hawkins in Quantum Physics.

Hawkins's teachings are only 'secret' because most people do not have the educational background, nor the intellectual abilities and training to understand even 1110 of what that man says.

You'd have to have about 12 years of post-graduate studies in Quantum Physics to even be able to carry on a "normal conversation" with Dr. Hawkins. And if-you don't talk to him about what interests him, he "hits his button, turns his wheelchair,

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and rolls over to someone that CAN talk his language, that can communicate with him."

Those types of teachings are also "Secret Teachings".

3) There is a third type of "secret teaching". This is where the ''teacher'' has certain rules and guidelines of, ''the student must QUALIFY for the knowledge, BEFORE IT IS GIVEN".

In the teaching of ordinary knowledge, i.e., 2+2=4, teaching is given according to mental ability andthe progress of the student. Nothing is held back from him.

He may learn as quickly ashe can. Everything will beoutlined for him step-bystep, chunk-by-chunk.

This is a very low level of learning with very little though involved besides' rote memorization.

But in the "secret teachings" it is a bit different.

In these "secret teachings" the "seed" is covertly offered to the prospective student, THEN the student must have the cognitive skills to be able to recognize that "seed" for what it really is ... then apply practical learning processes to that "seed" to help it grow properly ... then the student, when THAT SKILL IS INGRAINED into his neurology, can come back/is THEN welcomed back for more "seeds".

But the seed must not be wasted. The seed must not be ignored. It must be "used".

This is getting into the process of "being able to see the BIG PICTURE". A skill. not found in many people, and those who seem to have that skilldo NOT also have the skill of "chunking".

Both "chunking" and being able ''to see the big picture" are necessary aspects of thinking and of learning. At least they are important to the learning of the "Secret Teachings" of this third type of teacher.

Details, which would only confuse until fundamental principles are grasped and accepted (through world experience, NOT through faith), become useful only when the principles are assimilated.

So this type of teacher might say to a martial arts student, "you are doing pretty good, and IF you added the 'POWER ACCELERATORS' to that punch, then you'd do a lot better."

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Then, that type of teacher will walk away, as if he did not say anything important.

For, in his mind, it is up to the student to recognize the value of the mental seed that was just planted, and to then ask, "what specifically was meant by the teacher?"

The teacher will then give one concept of 'POWER ACCELERATORS' of many different types of POWER ACCELERATORS' to that student.

And all the students that "ask" properly and politely" will receive the guidance, at least a small part of it. Enough of it for them to make great progress if they just follow the steps outlined.

Then the teacher will again walk away.

He has given out the seed of that particular knowledge and it is now up to the student to "work on that small task" until the knowledge of that task has been internalized.

Has been practiced. Has been acquired on a subconscious "habit" level.

To "be internalized" does NOT mean to be mentally understood only.

It means to be in at least the 4th level of Competency, which is called "Unconscious Competency" .

Once the student has reached that stage, then the instructor will give him another "seed" to plant, grow and harvest.

Who has a phobic response?

Anona- Phobia, "crossing a bridge over water".

Used to be a 9 on a scale of 0-1 O.

Now on the SUDS scale it is a O.

She has actually gone to Lithia Park, in Ashland, Oregon and tested it in real life.

"Just WOW. KoolI"

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Do you have someone you "hate""

And, on a scale of 0 - 10, how much do you hate them?


"You hate them a 7. So, see ... feel. .. hear ... ?

"Now.rnaybe an 8".

"okay, now take this piece of tape and have it (piece oftape)tepresentthat

person." .

And now take the tuner card; hold it in your right hand, so the card is between you

and the tape that represents him. .. . .

Now think about him as you look over the tuner card.

To class, "using a tuner resonance card. It is tuned to certain positive vibrations.

Anona. "It's gone!"

"It went from and 8 to a O ... and I did everything to intensify that hate that I could."

It was NOT hypnosis.

It was NOT dissociation.

Doc, "So, how much is it now?"

Anona, "It's gone.'"

Doc. "Always watch their unconscious analog motion. The analog motion will tell you about the babble inside their head, and the switches they make."

When I came back from Switzerland I helped fix another person.

His hate started out at 3.

As soon as he used the card, the hate went up to a nine.

He'd covered up his hate with other offal because he was taught by Mommy and Daddy that feeling that way (hate) was bad, it was evil. If he had hate he would go

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to Hell and burn forever. Burning in Hell forever is a good reason NOT to have . hate, right?

So he unconsciously covered up that hate of9, with a layer of bad feelings that were a 3.

So he first burned off the false bad feelings of a 3.

So now the 9 was uncovered.

The "real stuff' came up.

It took about a minute to burn off the other hate that was 9.

Which is still pretty darn Kool isn't it.

This is almost like Kahuna Magic.

Or, like Voodoo Magic.

Or stuff they'd burn you at the stake for doing about three or four hundred years ago.

Where this little-tuner Resonance card came from.

There is this man, a musician by the name of Alan Handleman.

He bought an expensive clarinet.

That expensive clarinet would not play right.

He took it to a person to fix. And old expert at "fix it".

It played right when facing North and South. It would not play right when facing East and West.

So the "fixer" took out a vibrator, a vibrating machine set at a certain frequency, and with it he changed the vibration of that clarinet, the clarinet that played badly while facing East and West.

Now the clarinet played good facing North and South. Now it played good facing East and West.

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Alan Handleman spent the next 25 years of his life with that man and the man's family (after the 'fixer' died) trying to learn the secret.

Finally, the daughter of the old man gave "some of the secret" to Alan and made him promise "never to divulge that secret to anyone since it was a family secret."

Alan took the "some of the secret" back to his house, and with the help of his wife Anita, they figured out the rest of that particular secret on their own.

Alan and Anita have kept their promised word to the old man's daughter and have never revealed THAT secret, but they /he will sell these tuner resonance cards to youand they/he will "tune for you" any item that you want.

So now Alan manufactures tuner cards, and theylhe can tune anything else that you want tuned.

He guarantees the card to stay tuned for a minimum of two years, but he thinks that it will stay harmonized forever.

And if I' d not had lots of other verifiable training, I would have said, ''this is all bullshit", just like Dan Jans said, "It's all because of the placebo concept".

(Once Dan got the card to work the first time to "blow-out" a strong energy (emotion) of·8 down to zero, he then did another "emotion" using an "imaginary card" and also got the next "emotion" down to zero. That does NOT mean the tuned card does not work. It DOES mean that he has a powerful imagination.)

I knew that the ancient Greeks had vibrational healing technologies with music.

So did the Ancient Egyptians.

Edgar Cayce, while in deep trance spoke about, wrote about similar technologies being used in. mythical Atlantis.

Mozart had music to "sooth the savage beast" that he played to the Kind so the King could go to sleep.

If you go back to the Alpha brain wave stuff pioneered by Mind Control Founder Jose Silva, you will find similar teachings.

(Doc plays the brain hemisphere synchronizing tape from the alpha brain wave training.)

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That sound synchronizes both brain hemispheres together so your mind words together while at 10.5 cycles of brain wave activity.

The area of focused whole-brain "conscious" thinking, that is the most powerful conscious point-discovered in mindlbody/brain research.

If you get 10.5 cycles of brain wave activity and you keep the.brain wave there for 15 minutes, it tends to make the energies, going through that part of the body, work in harmony at a cellular level.

For thinking, researcher Dick Supthen states that your concentration in 1,000 times more focused.

If you've got a sore knee, get a battery energized tape recorder ... put the alpha tape in it. .. place that tape recorder speaker over the sore spot ... tum the volume up as loud as it will go .. .leave it there for 15 minutes ... and healing is tremendously accelerated.

It's one of the other ways of doing vibrations to heal faster.

Now if you go to the Christopher Hill's studies ...

Or Robert Massey's studies ...

Or Beasley's studies ...

Those people did some fantastic stuff in the 60's, 70's, and early 80's ... stuffwith vibrational energy forms that created "types of Mana" ...

With different drawings that also created "types of Mana" ... drawings that energize the electrical and bioelectrical fields of the human thought-fields, the human energy-fields, the human aka-fields, and the human body, with all of its different parts, segments and systems.

One of Christopher Hill's books is titled ''Nuclear Evolution".

Robert Massey wrote "Alive to The Universe".

One of Victor Beasley'sgood books is "Subtle-Body Healing".

In their books they have "Generators of Vital Force". They also point out that someof the Generators that are being used are actually bad for the organism and should

NOT ever be used. -

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Instead of healing Cancer, some of those Generators CAUSE Cancer. Instead of focusing the brain, they CONFUSE the brain. And the horror list goes on and on.

And to the untrained, THEY CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE! Kool hunnn?

And on those "special" grids you would put a picture of someone you loved who was ill over it (on it), and then that person would get well.

It's the same/similar concepts in this special resonance tuner made by Alan.

Serge King, in. one of his books, called "Mana", has a method of making a "Mana Generator" that he's researched from Wilhelm Reich.

Serge uses aluminum foil instead of the steel wool that Wilhelm used.

I do NOT like that, since aluminum is toxic to the human system, I would therefore assume that any energies made from aluminum is ALSO TOXIC to the human body and energy systems. I could be wrong though. It's happened before.

And, if you do an energy test with your saliva (or any body fluid) on a sheet of plastic, you DO TEST WEAK.

So, aluminum and plastic. Nope. I don't think I'd do that. I'd follow Wilhelm's method more precisely.

Mana is, of course, what the Hawaiian Kahuna called the vital force that runs through the body. This vital force is the force that gives the body, mind and spirit, life.

The Kahuna had three different types of vital force.



And Mana-Loa.

Now we have a lot more different ways becauseof'the Dona Eden studies, the Motoyama studies, the Pranic Healing studies, the Spindrift studies, etc.

There are at least eight general categories of vital force.

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Each category is then separated into many other smaller, precise categories.

With Meridians, we have 14 categories.

With "Strange Flows" we have 18 different categories.

With "Chakras" we have 7-11 (depends on who you study) primary Chakras (Energy Vortexes), plus hundreds of secondary Chakras ...

.. . And the list of new and different energies keeps going on and on, getting larger and larger, the more we research the study.

So there are different types of Mana that do exist out there, and inside.ofus.

(Doc points atthe fluorescent lights)

These lights do give off energy.

And that type of energy is usually non-productive to most/many/all people's vital force fields.'

(Some people have such low "calibration" skills that they cannot feel the weakening effect, but upon energy testing, that weakness is easy to verify.)

Doc does a demo with Anona.


Does Energy Test. "Make it strong"

Goes to radius bone

And pushes down lightly (with his own arm totally extended) with only two fingers.

Doc states, "My two fingers are weaker than her arm is".

Now he tells her, "Put the other hand over your Crown of head with your palm

facing skywards". .

He retests. It's strong, sort of.

Good. Now flip it over.

Page 120f41

(So palm is facing Crown of head.)

. Now make it strong.


(Anona tests weak, sort of.)

Doc, "she is partly reversed in the direction her energy is flowing in her fields. Probably because she's stressed out by being up here in front of the class."

Does that make sense?

That means all the tests we do from this point on are invalid UNLESS we "fIX her" energies first, then retest.

We need to get those energies flowing in their normal direction.

One way we could easily get her energies flowing in the "normal" direction is go for the actual "fear" with a "Lymphatic Massage", and the proper affirmation .

. (See Louise Hay's books for more afflrmations.)

"Even thought I am afraid of being up in front of this class .. .I totally accept and appreciate myself."

(It should be stated out LOUD and with EMOTIONAL content, THREE times.)

Or, we can go for: the energy itself.

(Doc does demonstration of first method.)

(Doc does drill with her, thereby giving her HIS energy as she does the drill also. It is a great, covert, method of "stepping in" and helping, without them knowing your are actually helping them.)

Now he runs the usually Gary Craig EFT (Emotional Freedom Technology) Meridian points. Tapping 5-7 times on each of the following points in the given sequence.

1. Bladder 2

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2. Gallbladder 1

3. Stomach

4. Governing Vessel

5. Central Vessel

6. Kidney point 27

7. Spleen point 21

.__::=--t--- K-:J.. 7 ' 5

r-;-_"_--~ 5f - ;J./' J

Then he has Anona run the Dr. Callahan Gamut,

While tapping on Triple Warmer Meridian point 3, Doc has Anona ...

1. Close her eyes

2. Open her eyes

3. Look down to her right

4. Look down to her left

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s. Circle her eyes clockwise

6. Circle her eyes counter-clockwise

7. Hum the song "happy birthday"

8. Count quickly from 1-5

9. Re-hum the song, "happy birthday"

~J;t3 fytf14- W6./'

Then Doc has Anona repeat Gary Craig's tapping sequence one more time.

1. Inner eye

2. Outside eye

3. Under eye

4. Under nose

S. Under lip

6. Under collarbone

7. Underarm

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~~ ~~

_-J--~ca...,.~ ~=--.,£---~~ ~._ ~~----~.~~~,~

Then he retests Anona for "fear of being in front" of the classroom.

So we have "fixed" her (removed the 'glitch' in Anona's energy field), the glitch that caused her energy field to switch.

Or, we could have just fixed the energy field without going to the emotional state that caused. her to switch.

Does that make sense?

By the way, "Anona, how do you feel up here now?"

"I feel fme."·

(Anona' a analogue, i.e., body language is congruent with what she says. She is smiling and moving easily, and no longer "drawn of.face, and jerky in body movements.)

(Doc, to the class.) .

There are many different energies that resonate within us and one of the ways of flxing (when out of tune) them is with the energy resonance card.

It is specially tuned.

We also have shirts that are specially tuned.

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This shirt that I am wearing (point to his Huna Convention M.A.N.A. Magic button down shirt) is not tuned ... yet.

The ones I'll be bring back in about two weeks from the World Huna Convention ... they are specially tuned.

They are pretty spendy because ... they have to be bought ... then specially

printed ... then shipped overnight mail to Alan and he has to ''tune'' them (Alan

normally charges $45 bucks to "tune" one item he gave us a deal) ... then they

have to be.again shipped overnight to Dr. Otha's house ... so they are there in time for the convention.

And the "special" tuning is supposed to last .as long as the shirt.

I can just see people cutting out the patch and putting it on different newer shirts.

(The entire shirt is "tuned", NOT just the patch.)

So what is the purpose of tuning?

Why would I, or anyone else for that matter, want to 'harmonize their energies ... harmonize the energy in their thought fields?

Beth: Because harmonizing energies clears out the problem without having to clear out the problem.

(Beth means, "quick and easy".

It clears out the energy fields in the body?

Doc: Does anybody have an injury?

John: A wrist sprain, or something like that?

Brian: My collarbone. .

Doc: So there is several ways of fixing them.

(Referring to many different methods of taking out the pain and accelerating the healing.)

Come on up here Brian.

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... and Brain, on a scale from 0-10, how much does that collarbone hurt .... feel?

(purpose of causing Brain to do a self-calibration, so later on "he would know the difference" between "before" and "afterwards".)

Doc: Using safety, being sure to stay safe ... go ahead and move it. .. feel it.

Brian: About a 5.

To Class:

There are many different ways of doing energy testing.

When I first started out, I was told we must be connected physically on both sides (see drawing) ...


Because I forgot that our energy fields go 30-40 feet out and we are AL WAYS connected, at least on one level or another.

But if I'm connected here (see next drawing) .... on one point, my energy field is still connected physically, thought NOT visually apparent, since most people do not have training in Hakalau and cannot see energy fields.



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It is not any more connected by touching the other hand ( demo) than it is now (demo) with one hand .

. The Doc now tests for Psychological Reversal (PR) ..

1. Make it strong.

2. Test. Strong.

3. Hand above your head, palm up.

4. Test. Strong.

5. Hand above your head, palm down

6. Test. Weak.

So Brian tested okay for polarity reversal (another name for Psychological Reversal, or "switching").

Dona Eden calls PR, "switching".

A couple of more tests to confirm or verify the results of the first three tests.

"My name is Brian (it is)."

Doc: To the class, when testing, be sure and let him complete the thought, le, finish the sentence BEFORE retesting.

(Doc demonstrates testing while Brian is saying words. Brain then tests weak because he is focused on the words and NOT on remaining strong.)

Does Brain have to "say" the sentence?

Not really.

Page 19 of41 .

He can ''think'' it instead.

Then you have tocalibrate when he's ready.

For beginner's it's easier to have him say it, so you can hear when he is ready.

My name is Sue.

Tests weak.


Tests strong.


Tests weak.

So now, "is it okay I use the tuner resonance card on my shoulder?"

(For the purpose of Brain to receive permission from his Unconscious Mind before doing the next part of the drill. Many times people come up with "safety Psychological Reversals" at this point.")

Brain tests strong!

"Will this tuner resonance card on my shoulder work?"

Tests strong,

"Will it take 5 minutes or longer?"

Tests weak.

"Will it take 3 minutes?"

Tests weak.

"Will it take 2 minutes?"

Tests weak.

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"Will it take one minute?"

Tests strong.

"Will it take less than one minute?"

Test strong.

"Will it take 30 seconds?"

Tests strong then weak.

Doc hands him a tuner card.

Doc has him hold that tuner card to his sore shoulder.

Doc is watching Brian's analogue movements (covertly) to calibrate Brian's "state change" WHEN Brian is "fixed".

To class: So Alan took these devices ...

By the way his marketing is NOT very good, so I talked to him about that.

Now you'll notice (referring to Brian) ...

... that he's already switched.

Brian's energies are already okay.

(Doc say Brian relax and then take a deep breath.)

So ...

Brian ....

On ascale ofO-lO, how does your should feel now?

Brian: it feels awesome!

Doc: It was as.

It (referring to the resonance card) balancedlharmonized the glitch in the energy field in his shoulder that was causing Brian pain.

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To Brian: To ahead and move your shoulder.

(Brian moves it around freely and easily.)

Brian smiles and says, "Thank you."

First, before we can teach you these skills of "Mana", we have to teach you howto-energy-test other people. This is for the business of developing calibration skills on others and on self.

How-to-make sure they are NOT switched.

One of my clients always comes in for his Peak Performance Consultation, in a switched energy field.

Now, watch this.

Let me use you again Brian.

You'll work good on this one.

Now just make it strong.

Test. Strong.

Palm above head facing up.

Test strong.

Palm facing down.

Test weak.

My name is Brian.

Test strong.

My name is Sue.

Test weak.


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Tests weak.


Tests strong.

Now, pick someone out of your history, ''that is you could kill ... and get away with

. ld"

It. .. yOU wou .

Go ahead and think about that person now.

To class: We· all have a couple of those people in the back grounds of our minds, don't we.

To Brian:


Now think about that sucker.

What he did that caused you to feel the way that you feel.

Now if you had that guy in your presence ...

.. . and if you're totally free/safe and there's nobody that can ever catch you ...

(Doc is NOT training Brian to be a "killer". What he is doing is causing Brian to relive a past negative moment, which will cause his energies on his Meridians to run backwards. Anger will cause the Triple Warmer to kick in which will "reverse" all the Meridians. It will cause all Meridians except the heart Meridian to actually shut-down as all energies are shunted to TW for "flight & fight".)

Now Doc retests Brian's energy polarities.

My name is Brian.

Tests weak.

My name is Sue.

Tests strong.

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Palm above head, facing up.

Tests weak.

Palm above head, facing down to crown.



Tests WEAK.

(Doc looks at Brian and redoes THAT test.)


NOW Brian tests STRONG on it.


Now tests weak.

Doc: Brian is now starting to switch back to normal. And while his energies are switching is tests will NOT be the same until he's fmished switching.

By the way.

"Causes of Energy Reversals!"

Any time you get some asshoIe in front of you on the freeway ... you switch.

If you pick up the phone and you have an asshole on the other end of the phone line ... you switch.

Any time Momma comes up and says, ''you should have done X instead ofY" you switch.

Any time some one picks their nose in public, and if that offends you ... you switch.

We switch back and forth all the time.

"Immune System Depletion!"

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Every time that we switch and go into Triple Warmer (TW) ...

We LOSE Y2 or more our I:MJv1UNE SYSTEM.

Every time that we switch and go into Triple Wanner (TW) ...

We LOSE Y2 or more of our thinking abilities.

All the blood in the frontal lobes of the brain ...

... that portion ofa brain that makes us (some of us any how) smarter than the monkeys ...

... about 90% of the blood in the frontal lobes goes straight to the limbs of the body because the "flight or fight" mechanism has been "kicked" into gear.

We are then in the brain state I call "INSTANT STUPID".

And that "switching", combined with the build-in declining functions of the body due to aging ...

I.e., 40% decline in the secretions of the pituitary gland by age 30.

I.e., 90% decline in the secretions of the pituitary gland by age 40.

These hormonal secretions keep us young, healthy, alert and strong.

That's the reason so many people came down with immune deficiency diseases like Cancer, high blood pressure, insulin problems, mv disorders, etc after the . agesof3S~SO years of age. .

It seems like if people keep their health up to age 55, then they usually won't have any major ·problems until close to the time they cross-over.

Does that make sense?

And if we can get their energies "kicked back" in ....

So those energies are running back and forth like they are meant to be running ...

(As Doc makes figure 8's in the air in front of him)

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So every thing works properly ...

So if they do switch over, we can switch tern back, or they can switch themselves back ...

So then most of their problems with health and thinking are solved.

"Steps Written on Board!"

STEP # 1. Two fingers on wrist, your arm extended.

Doc: When I started doing these ( energy) tests, everybody was weak.


I'd go to these conferences, they are Health Care Professionals, and they are not Professional Athletes who "kick" ass.

So I had to learn to ''tune'' myself down to their levels.

They are NOT into the "macho" game of ...




Energy testing is NOT a contest between two very strong and determined athletes.


So get your arm way out her ...

(Doc's testingarm is totally extended)

... and then test them there, and use only one or two fingers.

Then:, unless they are locked up totally like that "Homolateral" guy that left ...

You won't need to use any muscle at all.

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Do you notice that the "Homolateral" guy does NOT come to these types of seminars?

Why doesn't he come to them?

Well, it's the same reason he's the way he is. (Homolateral)

(He is "switched" all the time and he has the psychological profile of a "mismatcher, otherwise called "polarity responder".)

Doc: I remember doing "double-bind" tests while at Jupiter Beach Florida training with Dona Eden and Dr. David Feinstein about 2-1/2 years ago.

For Energy testing purposes that had a ''toxic'' element in one bottle.

They also had distilled water in the other bottle.

And. the vials/bottles looked/felt the same.

When I did the tests,I got 100% WRONG!

I tested STRONG on the toxic element.

I tested WEAK on the distilled water.

I was "switched" so the testing results were also switched.

I really got 100% right, didn't I?

Dona and David stated that, "because I was switched <at that time> I would test . reversed from the "normal" other people."

By the way.

If you have a resonance tuner card ...

. .. and you cannot verify the results ....

(with energy testing)

... you will automatically start getting confused, and that "confusion" will. cause you to get "mixed'; results.

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That's why I teach energy testing to all my clients.


We will now teach you ...

1. How to do the testing.

2. How to do the "fixing",

3. How to use energy tuner cards with "remote influence".

4. How to use this energy card (and energy testing) for surrogate influence.

5. And many other things ..

... and all of those things can be done with this tuner card ...

AFTER you've learned to Energy Test ...

Or ...

. . . without the resonance tuner card ...

.. . AFTER you've learned to Energy Test.

Because you are my students, I want much more from you than the ability to just hold up a tuner card and visualize.

By the way ...

. . . These T-shirts???

(pointing to the one he is wearing, which is energy tuned) ...

.. .Ifyou have trouble sleeping ...

... Just put on one of these T-Shirts and you'll sleep like a baby. It usually works for most people. And maybe it'll work that way for you also .

... Mostjust "fall asleep".


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Segment intending towards sleep.

It tunes your energies towards sleep.

Segment intending towards teaching you people ...

... whichnow balances the intent towards teaching ...

... so whatever the segment intending is ... that's what the tuned term gives you ...

. . .Ifit's a positive segment intending ...

... this positive segment intending will help you "help people" ..

If your intent is to "rip-off' people, this tuner card will NOT tune that idea .. .it won't help that negative idea a bit.

So, use it to work towards "good things". Now anything can be refrained so it is a "good thing".

(laughter) .

So, first thing ...

STEP # 1) Use two fingers. Strong.

. .

Now some idiot will go, "you conditioned them to be strong!"


We instructed them to be strong.

We need to have a calibration of "where they are at", WHEN they are strong.

It is a calibration exercise.

(Then we check for differences with different questions going for other segment

intendings.) .

STEP #2) My name is (their. name)


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STEP #4) My name is (wrong name)

STEP #5) TEST STEP #6) 2+2=4 STEP #7) TEST STEP #8) 2+2=6 STEP #9) TEST STEP #10) Palm up STEP #11) TEST .

STEP #12) Palm down


The Davis studies show that we have different plus, minuses energies that go in and out of the body.

One way is good for the body. Some other ways are NOT so good for the body.

(If interested go to www.abebooks.com and do a web search for authors Davis & Rawls. They've published 5 different books that are very enlightening to the scientific minded.)

Doc goes over "battery metaphor".

(Breaks class into segments to do the drills.)

Doc: Okay!

Anybody notice any "Kool Stuff?"

Before we can fIX (get energies normalized) we got to be able to notice if their energies are NOT normal.

Because a lot of people are screwed up.

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Letts get Max up here. Poor Max.

(Energy tests and shows how Max is switched energy wise.)

Then Doc explains how Max screwed up the test's he performed with HIS group by keeping his elbow kinked outwards a bit, so he was locked and strong on all tests.

Andy, come here.

What went on with you?

Andy, "1 was strong on all of them (referring to energy testing on him).

Doc, "That usually means psychological reversal."

(Doc energy tests Andy to verify, or not.)

Doc: He's NOT switched.

Does head test.

He's NOT switched.

He probably hates women (ajoke).

(Class Jaughs)


I'm serious.

Who was testing you before?

. Anona was testing me.

Anona come up here.

Doc has Anona test Andy.

Now, Andy tests strong on everything.

Doc laughs and has Andy sit down.

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"It has nothing to do with you Andy."

To Anona, "When you tested him YOU got nervous again, didn't you."

Anona. Yes, J did.

Doc. And you actually said something' to yourself? And you got a feeling.

(As Doc points to her mid-section) ...

. . . right there!

Anona. Yes I did. Hunnnnn?

So Anona was going into PR when she tested, so. her switched energies, switched the energies of Andy.

This happens all the time when people first learn how to calibrate on Energy Testing. Something to be learned and gone through. It means your testing skills will be much, much better •.. after you've learned it.

Doc now goes through the Gary Craig EFT method to re-switch Anona's energies.

After drill is done, Doc then has Andy come back up and lets Anona retest him.

To Anona, "what do you say to yourself now?"

Anona,"I can do it now."

Doc. "How's that feel?"

(As he points at her mid-section.)

Anona. It's gone.

Then Doc teaches her how-to-energy test.

Doc to class. Many people CAN'T energy test people properly when they first . start out because they've NOT gotten enough practice.

For the 1 st year when I tested people, I could make them anything I thought they were.

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(Class laughs.)

Let's get Max back up here.

Make " your arm strong.

Tests strong.

Hand above head, palm up.

Tests weak.

Hand above head, palm "down.

Tests strong.

Doc, to class: Yea, Max is switched.

That's the reason I got him up here.

Now the "switch-back-method" I'm going to teach you is from TAB (Touch And Breath Method) pioneered by Dr. John Diepold.

The tapping drills are a generic Energy Drill from Gary Craig's EFT (Emotional Freedom Technologies).

(Gary studied under TFT <Thought-Field-Therapy> pioneer Roger Callahan, and paid him $110,000 for his training. Think about how lucky you are for getting all

this material on two videos!!!) "

Craig's generic method covers most of the Meridian ending points, but he does NOT cover the Liver Meridian. And many times (now, NOT when I took his training) he uses only one or two points.

The good news is, "It really works well".

If you use the method I showed on the videos, and use them with enthusiasm, that "method tends to work for about 99% of the problems you'll "ever encounter.

Then there ate also diagnostic methods that well also teach. I got those diagnostic methods from Dr. John Diepold and Dr. Fred Gallo.

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Doc now goes over the specific points.

And sometimes just massaging the chest lymphatic (the sore spot) with the proper affirmation (segment intending), will cause hi to switch back to normal,

Doc does the drill ...

Then retest ...

Max is now having a "normal" energy flow.

Class does the drill.

(Doc to class)

Do you want to really have fun?

Now have them access a time they really wanted to "kill" someone, but they couldn't because there were/are laws against it.

Have them go into Psychological Reversal so you can have pratice actually fixing.

their energies. .

This is so important.

We have so much crap buried in our pasts.

So learn how to access "that crap" so you can "blow it out" of your energy fields.

If you can't access something, then you can't fix it

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It's still there, and on a subconscious level, it is sabotaging everything you do.

Ready to explode at anytime.

There is a lot of negative stuff piled up inside of us.


Doc now teaches 'Anona how and where to test.

If you lack your own self-confidence here (pointing at her mid-section), you cannot test anyone else.

So stay away until you've done your practice and acquired the skill.

Doc gets Max back in front of the class.

Now Doc tests strong on all tests BECAUSE MAX'S FIELD is STILL reversed.

Doc has Anona test him (Doc), when Max is CLOSER'to him (Doc) than Anona is close to Doc.

Doc is still strong.

Doc gets rid of Max.

Now he has Anona retest him, and now Doc tests normal.

So, Doc asks the class, "How do we fix Max?"

Well, we could blowout Max's perturbances in his energy field.

We could do the Psychological reversal drill.

We could do the Gary Craig tapping.

The Callahan Gamut.

And he'd be fixed,

What's YOUR confidence level?

Page 3S of41 About a three.

Doc does the complete drill.

And now retests Max.

And has Max retest Doc.

Now Doc tests normal.

To Max, "what's your confidence level now?"

Max. and 8.

Doc. Good.

Doc. By the way, "If your confidence level is below a five, you are going to blow the task, regardless of what that task is."

How do you get a high confidence level?

Any time you have a low confidence level, that means you went into Psychological Reversal.

So, fix the Psychological Reversal.

Other wise you are switched and will probably test strong on everything.

If you test weak on everything ...

Jump starta your Energy Meridian system with ...

1. K-27's thump

2. Thymus thump

3. Sp-2I thump

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How to fIX confidence ..

I feel I'm NOT good enough because (fill in the blank) ...

"I ate pork when I was 12, so now I'm going to Hell ... "

(Class laughs)

Do driUfor ...

. . . Lack of confidence "Y" ...

. . .I feel guilt "Z" ...

This is so funny.

I have this guy that says I "faked" a pendulum test.

And this guy is no authority, just a guy that "thinks" he's got rapport skills, and "thinks" he knows some neat stuff. All of which is non-verifiable.

I was giving aseminar in the Bahamas and I was teaching the class on how-to-use a pendulum.

And .. .I'm upthere in front of the class ... just talking and holding the pendulwn so it's on automatic auto-pilot ... doing all sorts of little neat things ... being driven by my unconscious mind with ideo-motor responses.

Ideo-motor responses are an unconscious process used in hypnosis.

And I'd just said, "And Mike Echanis is in this room watching us", and I don't even know why I said that ...

. . .It just sort of "popped" into my head.

And the pendulum goes "strongly" back and forth with a great big "YES!"

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... and my conscious mind goes, "WHAT IN THE HELLl"

... and I accidentally jerked the pendulum.

I jerked the pendulum because I was so shocked ...

... because you see, Mike's dead ...

... and Mike's been dead since 1978.

And I go, "Wow! That's interesting!"

So I go side-to-side with thependulum ... trying to make the pendulum go ... ''NO''

... but it still went "YES" ...

. .. so this nerd says I ''faked'' the test.


The thing is, "Anybody who is looking for wrong in what you do will find it there ... whether it is there or not!"

Those are the plain facts of life.

So' one of my caveats is, "do these drills ONLY with people that appreciate what you are doing ...

... or, at least have some sort of "open mind" where they put their skepticism up on a shelf long enough to do the drills, and then evaluate the new and different skills for themselves ... before they condemn ... or accept them.


"I can't see his feet, so that means he doesn't have any.


Doc gets Andy up in front of the class.

Low Self-Esteem.

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... just tapping those ends WON'T fix anything.

You've got to/you must clear up. the PR first.

Then you can do the tapping, but it must be done before he reverses again, and he will reverse again.

But ...

1. Take your left hand

2. Find your belly button

3. Stick those fingers in it

4. Put right thumb and index fmgers on both K-27's

5. Now breath in, hold, and exhale

6. Now, put your right two fmgers to the Governing Meridian

7. Breath in, hold, breath out

8. To the Central Meridian

9. Breath in, hold, breath out

10. To your tail bone

11. Breath in, hold, breath out

This energy balancing drill is from Touch And Breath by Dr. John Diepold.

K-~II 5

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To Andy, "I'd have low self-esteem also if I was short like you."

(For energy testing it really helps to tune them into their negative emotions before testing.)

And, on a scale of OM 1 O?

A 10.

Kool. When it's a 10 you can really tell the difference once its fixed,

His words, "I'm a failure".

Doc Tests ...

He' s reversed.

Doc does not do PR, just has Andy do the tapping only.

Andy, "It went to a three."

Doc smiles and says, "Watch this", to the class.

Is it a three?

Andy tests weak.

Is it STILL a 10?

Andy tests strong.

Doc to class. Andy didn't lose any of his lack; his conscious mind just thought he did.

Andy said he did, because he didn't want me to look shitty in front of the class.

So you must do the game right.

Does that make sense?

The point is, if you go into psychological reversal, and only tap the ends of the Meridians ...