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Here is a pretty simple one:

Rhizoma Seu Radix Notopterygii 12gm

Radix Angelicae Pubescents 12gm
Angelica 12gm
Olibanum 12gm
Myrrha 12gm
Radicis 12gm
Cinnimomi 12gm
Clematidis 12gm
Cyperi 12gm
Chaenomelis 12gm
Drynariae 12gm
Odoriferae 12gm
Almond Kernel 12gm
Notoginseng 12gm
Flos Caryophylli 12gm
Flos Carthami 12gm

Enjoy! ;)

I have had a few request for more jow formulas, so I will post somemore ot them gor those who
are interested. This first one is a simpler version of the one I posted last. It is also from my TCM
teacher Dr. Peter Chow.

Cinnamomi 24gm
Nototginseng 24gm
Almond Kernel 24gm
Angelica 24gm
Flos Carthami 24gm

This forumla is by a local Ba Gua, Xing Yi and Tai Chi Sifu here in Arizona, it also works very

Flos Carthami 12gm

Semen Persicae 12gm
Faeces Trogopterori 12gm
Olibanum 12gm
Angelica 12gm
Radix Dipsaci 12gm
Herba Lycopi 12gm
Radix Clematidis 12gm
Pyritum 12gm
Ramulus Cinnamomi 12gm
Caulis Akebiae 12gm
Resina Draconis 12gm
Cortex Acanthopanacis Radicis 12gm
Os Tigris 12gm
Radix Paeoniae Rubra 12gm
Lignum Sappan 12gm
Rhizoma Seu Radix Notopterygii 12gm
Radix Sileris 12gm
Radix Auklandiae 12gm
Notoginseng 12gm
Angelicae Dahuricae 12gm
Cinnamomi 12gm
Eupolyphaga Seu Steleophaga 12gm
Semen Trichosanthis 12gm
Tindsgoria Saiensis 12gm

A good Dit Da Jow must have herbs to achieve these effects: control bleeding of a contusion
(bruise), dispel blood stasis, invigorate blood circulation, act as an analgesic (reduce pain), move
chi in the channels, reduce swelling and heal bone fractures.

Here is a formula that does the above:

Sanguis draconis (xue jie) 15 grams

Carthamus tinctorii (flos) (Hong Hua)10 gms
Gummi olibanum (ru xiang)15 gms
Myrrha (mo yao) 15 gms
Borneol (bing pian) 3 gms
Pyritum (zi ran tong) 15 gms
Acacua seu Uncaria (er cha) 5 gms
Radix Pseudoginseng(San Qi) 8gms

You can get all of these herbs in any Chinatown herb store.
I use a special formula which has additional herbs that are only grown by myself and not found in
the stores, and is better than the above formula. But the above formula will work well for most

Put the herbs in a ceramic pot with enough water to cover the herbs. Bring to a hard boil
(covered) for 5 minutes and then let stand for 24 hours. Put hte herbs and liquid into a wide
mouth glass jar and pour in strong alcohol (ratio of alcohol to the boiled water/herb decoction
should be 90% alcohol 10% decoction). Let stand in a dark warm place for several weeks before
using. Do not store in sunlight and keep tightly capped.

Use of any Dit Da Jow must be accompanied by proper massage and reduction technique to the
injured area for it to work well. For severe swelling from an injury, apply the jow with very light
massage and then ice in the first 24 hours. After that use massage and jow, no ice. When the
swelling has subsided, use jow, massage, a hot compress to the area and then more jow and

This formula can also be used for any of the iron gongs training such as iron palm.

Do not take the jow internally and keep it out of your eyes and away from sensitive skin areas (if
you know what I mean!)