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Solar Bloomington 2010 Presented by SIREN & INREA

Bloomington’s 2010 Solar Tour is a self-guided driving (or biking!) tour that
features some 35 homes and businesses in Bloomington and Monroe County using
solar pv, solar thermal, solar air, solar pool heat and also passive solar design to
reduce use of fossil fuels and reduce energy costs. This guide will provide you with
information and pictures about each of the sites and valuable information about
solar energy. We hope you enjoy the tour, thank you for participating!
Solar Bloomington 2010~Be Solar
 Welcome to Solar Bloomington 2010, our 3rd annual tour and part of the National
Solar Tour sponsored by ASES (the American Solar Energy Society) and your Indiana
Renewable Energy Network (InREA)
 This year’s tour offers over 30 homes and businesses in Bloomington and Monroe
County that are harvesting clean, renewable solar energy to provide them with
electricity, hot water, hot air and cooling
 With so many solar sites this year, some of which are inaccessible or not visible, we
have grouped the sites to try to facilitate your decision on which sites to see. Each site
page will indicate whether you can stop and talk to someone about the system, ride or
walk by and view the system from the road, or if it is a “virtual” site, only viewable in the
guide or online
 The guide will group sites together by the type of solar technology featured, so you can
find all the photovoltaic sites together, etc. We hope this will make it easier for you to
refer to on the tour and in the future. Look for a numbered sun in the top right of the
page to find on the map.
 Finally, we welcome your comments and suggestions about the tour - please send your
thoughts on what you liked or disliked and how we can make next year’s tour better to:
 Be safe, have fun and be solar inspired!
Solar Bloomington by the Numbers
 Bloomington is definitely solar inspired this year, and our tour
sites for 2010 are almost double - from 17 in 2009 to 36 in
 16 photovoltaic sites representing at least 44.3 Kw generating
 16 Solar thermal systems, including solar hot water, solar hot
air and pool heating – 52 panels in all!
 About 1.34 lbs of CO2 are offset by each Kwh produced by
these PV and solar thermal solar systems – potential savings
for a year = at least 135 tons of carbon offset, meaning
cleaner air for all of us!
 Average carbon footprint for one person is 50,000 lbs per
year, so the 135 ton offset is the equivalent of 5.4 people
reducing their carbon impact to zero!
Earth’s Solar Energy Budget –
Waste not, want not!

Every day the sun sends enough energy to our planet to provide ALL the energy
needs of the planet for an entire year! The solar site owners you are about to
visit are harvesting some of that wealth of energy every time the sun shines!
Solar Energy World Map – it’s great
to be 39…

Santa Cruz das Flores;Valencia, Spain;Volos, Greece;

Beijing, China; Carson City, NV; Indianapolis, IN – all
great places for solar energy on the 39 parallel!
Solar Bloomington 2010

How a PV System Works
Bloomingfoods Coop 2
316 W 6th Street Bloomington
 New this year!
 4.5 Kw system consists of
20 230 watt panels and has
a monitoring system to
track energy production,
average solar insolation
levels, temperature and
system performance.
 Funded in part by an
Alternate Power & Energy
Grant from the Office of
Energy Development
Gwynn Home 13
1314 South Lincoln Bloomington
 New this year!
 1.88 Kw grid tied
 8 x 235 watt
 Drive by only please!
Bane Home 9
5421 East Kings Rd Bloomington

New this year!

2.4 Kw grid-tied system installed in 2010.
Homeowner will be available for questions.
Worldwide Automotive 11
2661 Schmaltz Rd Bloomington, IN
 New this year!
 4 Kw grid tied
system tilted
towards south
act as awnings
 Please stop by
and see all the
green features!
Usrey Home 4293 Farr Rd.
Bloomington, IN
2.4 Kw ground
mount grid tie
pv system
consists of 12
200 watt
panels. System
was upgraded
from 6 panels
this year.
Owner plans to
be on site to
Piston-Hatlen Home 12
1215 S Washington Street Bloomington

 New to the tour, installed

in 2009
 2.2 Kw grid-tied system
with solar optimizers
 REC Solar 10 x AE
220 watt
monocrystalline sil
 Type of Module
 Monocrystaline Silicon
 Inverter :
◦ SMA America SB3000
 Owner will be onsite for
Keinle Home
3375 East Old Myers Rd Bloomington, IN
2.4 Kw tracking pole-
mounted pv system –
The system can be tilted
to adjust for seasonal
changes and to
optimize solar
harvesting, and was
expanded with 6 more
panels this year.
The owner will be onsite
to answer questions!
1327 South Dunn Street 8

System installed in July 2007 features 12 mono-crystalline 165 watt panels

that are capable of producing 1980 DC watts - 2660 AC. System offsets
25% of household electricity annually. Drive by only please.
Lake Griffy Boat Dock Bloomington 34

 Battery based
 Motion
activated with a
day/night charge
 130 watt solar
panel charges
Stumpner Home 14
8700 W Gardner Lane Bloomington, IN

This house is a passive

solar design which
heats itself on sunny
winter days and has
a 1.75 KW
photovoltaic system
which is grid-tied.
Owner will be
available for
Bloomington EcoCenter 3
323 South Walnut Bloomington, IN

1.25 Kilowatt PV system

System is expandable provides
power for computer system.
Pictures of installation and
inverter may be viewed inside
the center.
Deer Park Manor
1501 East Hillside Dr. Bloomington, IN 6

Drive by only please. 3.25

Kw pole mounted pv
system was installed in
March 2009. The
energy production
generated by the
system is monitored
24/7 and may be
viewed online at under
Deer Park
Evergreen Village 35
2109 S Susie Street Bloomington
•Installed in 2008 as
part of City of
Bloomington LEED
•18x 155 w panel
• 2.8 Kw
•Mounted on garage
•Owner available
from 12-4 for
questions for this
•Other homes in
neighborhood have
panels, but are drive
by only please!
Brabson Home
2000 South Crandall Bloomington, IN

 New this year!

 3.69 Kw grid tie
 Owner will be
home to
Woodruff Home
Bloomington IN virtual only

 2.82 Kw grid tied system

 12 x 235 watt solar modules
Friends Meeting House
Bloomington, IN virtual only
PV system features 3
panels totaling 660
watts and can be
expanded up to 12
more modules on the
same string. Energy
management unit
tracks system
performance and can
be viewed on the
Mecca Home
Bloomington, IN virtual only
 1.68 Kw grid tied system
 6 x 270 watt polycrystalline
 Solar attic fan cools the home
by pulling hot air out of attic

We had two main motivations for installing

our system -- to demonstrate a concrete way
that individual home owners can use existing
technology to lower their carbon impact even
with rather limited space and, as consumers,
to promote the growth of alternative energy
industries. Of course, our electricity bills
have been noticeably lowered as a result,
but a benefit we did not anticipate is that it
has made us more conservative about our energy
usage in general, such as avoiding air
conditioning as much as possible, despite the
hot weather. The system is maintenance free,
and we are very pleased with it.“
Dick Durisen & Annamaria Mecca, homeowners
Brown County High School
Nashville, IN Virtual only

 New this year!

 230 watt solar powered fountain
 System is battery based and can run either solar direct or from batteries
 Batteries are turned on by a series of relays and day/night charge controller.
 System was funded by Brown County Community Foundation
Solar Bloomington 2010
How Solar Hot Water Systems Work
How a Solar Air Panel Works
Solar Air Panels use the greenhouse effect. The panels look like
large windows and are typically mounted on the south face of a
building. A specially coated metal plate absorbs thermal (heat)
energy from the sun. A glass cover keeps the heat in while a fan
blows air through the panel. The air is heated by the metal
plate and then flows directly into the building. The panel can
supply heat even on the coldest days as long as the sun is
shining! The panels are virtually maintenance free and will last
for decades.
Sullivan Home 31
608 W Guy Ave. Bloomington
 New this year!
 4x10 Solar Powered
Furnace (SPF) will
supply warm air on
sunny days saving on
fossil fuel use and
energy dollars
 Funded in part by the
first ever SIREN solar
 Owners will be available
to answer questions
Boggess Home
3934 East Saratoga Bloomington, IN

Solar heating panels were installed in

1986 on the south end of the house, with
the hot air inlet duct split to go to both
levels. The return duct is through the
attic from the north end of a
hallway. A small fan provides circulation.
It's like a solar heat pump with a constant
flow of warm air from morning to late
afternoon. On cold sunny days
regardless of the outside temperature,
the natural gas furnace is needed only at
The Vectren gas bill is under $ 500 for an
80,000 BTU furnace in a 2600 sq ft house
for the six month heating season.

Owner will be on site for questions.

Urrutia & Kirk Home 21
3231 South Bradshire Ct. Bloomington, IN

The hot water system consists of 3 small flat panel collectors that circulate
glycol which doesn't freeze and allows the system to function during the
The hot air system consists of 4 collectors (3 of which are angled at 55 degrees
to maximize winter sun). Owners will be available for questions!
Mann Plumbing MPI Solar 30
1750 W 17th Street Bloomington, IN

 Solar thermal radiant

system features 2
evacuated tube panels that
heat 150 gallons of water to
assist in the radiant floor
heat for this 3000 sq. ft.
 4x10 SPF provides heat
assist for warehouse on
sunny days.
 Open for tour of system and
Bart Villa Apartments 33
2301 East 2nd Street Bloomington, IN

This 16 panel solar thermal

system (480 tubes!) is one of
the largest solar thermal
systems in the Midwest. It
supplies hot water for 25
apartments and is
monitored 24/7. Live system
data can be viewed at
The system works so well the
owners have installed
another system and are
planning a third!
College Mall Apartments 24
2306 East 2nd Street Bloomington, IN
 New this year!
 3 panel drain-
back system
feeds a super
efficient water
heating system
to supply hot
water for 12
 Drive by only,
not visible from
street but visible
from parking lot
Nicholson Home 23
2524 South Rogers Bloomington, IN

Drive by only, please.

This solar thermal
system uses
evacuated tubes (30)
to provide about
70% of the owner’s
hot water annually.
System was installed
June 2008.
The Upland Brewery 25
350 West 11th Street Bloomington, IN
This 10 panel solar thermal
system is one of the largest in
the Midwest and places the
Upland with a handful of
breweries in the US using solar
The system heats 600 gallons of
water which the brewery uses
in the kitchen, to clean the
brewery and also to help in
the brewing process.
The brew crew conducts tours of
the brewery, and Upland is
hosting an Octoberfest
celebration to coincide with
the Solar Tour! More info at:
American Piano Factory 16
3130 South Hoff Ln Bloomington
 New this year!
 30 tube solar thermal
system for domestic hot
 2 attic fans to cool home
in summer Example of a ground mount pv array
 4.6 Kw ground mounted
PV array (still under
constructions at press)
 Owner welcomes
visitors from 12-4
Middle Way House
Bloomington IN virtual only
5 panel solar thermal system using
evacuated tubes in a closed loop
glycol system to supply hot water for
6 apartments, kitchen, daycare and
offices for women’s shelter.

5 Kw pv system using thin film laminate

panels rolled onto roof will be grid-tied
and will offset a small portion of the
shelter’s carbon footprint but is easily
Allison Home
Bloomington, IN virtual only
Solar thermal system for
domestic hot water
featuring a flat panel
collector in a drain back
system. System was
installed in August 2007.
The panel is situated to
face south and is not
visible from the road.
Meadowlark Farm
Nashville, IN virtual only
 Solar thermal flat
 Provides domestic
hot water for family
 Installed in 2009
 Not visible from the
road, virtual only
Kaden Home
Bloomington, IN virtual only
•3 flat panel solar hot water
system does 3 big jobs:
•Domestic hot water
•Pool heat assist
•Space heat assist
• Solar water is prioritized to
provide DHW, then pool or
space heat of required
•Owner maximizes use of solar
investment throughout the year
•Space heat assist provided via
fan coil in plenum of furnace
•Owner has home made solar
shower (bottom photo) to rinse
off after working in the garden!
•Installed in 2009
Robertson Home
Bloomington, IN virtual only
 New this year!
 Home still under
 30 evacuated
tubes provide
solar heated water
for domestic hot
water with super
efficient tankless
water heater as a
Griggs Home
Bloomington, IN virtual only
 New this year!
 Home still being
 30 evacuated tubes
provide domestic
hot water and heat
assist via fan coil
 Ground mounted,
piping heavily
insulated and buried
Solar Attic Fans
Savings Example:
Solar Attic Fan – Components and
Installation - $750.00
Federal 30% credit - $225.00
Indiana 50% credit - $375.00
Net installation - $150.00!!!
Expected 1st year energy savings
Solar Attic Fan pays for itself in the very
first year!

◦ Solar attic fans can reduce the temperature in your attic

by 50 degrees, reducing the load on your air
conditioner and your wallet. Federal and state credits
can offset 80% of the investment, and the average energy
savings of 30% make this a small solar step that goes a
long way to green your home!
Solar Attic Fans all over
 Pictures not available at publication for
these homes and businesses :
◦ Akaiwa Home : 3 solar attic fans
◦ Grandorf Home: 3 solar attic fans
◦ Sera Home: 1 solar attic fan
◦ Solar Systems of Indiana: 6 solar attic fans
◦ American Piano Factory: 2 solar attic fans
Solar Pool Heating

 Solar Pool Heating

 Solar pool heating is one of the biggest uses of solar , and can pay
for itself in about 2 years. Indiana now has a property tax credit
for solar pool heating !
Wilson Home
Bloomington, IN virtual only
New this year!
 9 solar pool panels circulate
pool water to warm the pool
and extend the owner’s
swimming season by a month
on either end
Passive Solar
Passive Solar techniques produce a cooler or
warmer air temperature in a building by
using the sun's energy, and 3 basic
components are involved:
1. Direct gain - This is the most common passive
solar system. Direct gain refers to the
sunlight that enters a building through
windows and stores heat in the thermal
mass incorporated into floors or interior

2. Thermal mass - This is the material that stores

the sunlight during the day and releases it at
night. Examples of this would be floors or
walls made of adobe, brick, masonry, tile,
concrete, stone, or water, Thermal mass
can be built into floors, interior walls,
fireplaces, or bancos. The sun does not
need to hit these surfaces directly to store
the heat, nor do these surfaces necessarily
need to be a dark color.
3. Insulation - holds the heated air inside, and
cold air out. By simply opening the drapes or
insulated blinds on your south facing
windows during winter days, when the sun
is low in the sky, you can raise the room
temperature. Also, Night insulation, such as
window shades, quilts or insulating drapes,
improves energy efficiency dramatically.
Passive Solar home
Bloomington, IN virtual only

Utilizes passive solar with

greenhouse fresh air/heat
exchange. The greenhouse
functions as an incubator
for indoor garden,
increasing solar gain in the
winter. The plants assist in
cleaning the air and mixing
fresh heat exchanged air
from outside. A hybrid
heating/cooling system and
special insulation further
reduce energy costs.
Passive Solar Home
Ellettsville, IN

Virtual only
Utilizes traditional passive solar
with tropical greenhouse living
space. Hybrid heating/cooling
system further reduces utility
bills. Cobra insulation enhances
energy efficiency and makes
for airtight operation with
further energy reduction. The
greenhouse has been
expanded by the current
owner to a tropical living
paradise. Concepts/constructio
n by Winslow Construction, Sun
Garden Homes. Greenhouse
expansion by current owner.
Winslow Home
Bloomington, IN virtual only

This home utilizes

passive solar, passive
cooling and
solarium fresh air
heat exchanger.
Owner realizes up to
75% reduction in
energy bills.
Be Solar Inspired!
 For more information, or to get involved:
◦ Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network SIREN
◦ American Solar Energy Association ASES
◦ Indiana Renewable Energy Association InREA
◦ Indiana Office of Energy Development OED
◦ US Department of Energy
◦ Energy Star
◦ National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Solar Bloomington Tour Sponsors
 Many thanks to the following organizations for their help and solar