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the voyage that began in 1998

has traveled more than a decade of marketing, advertising

and brand management
allow us to take you through our journey
1. the journey that apppl is (popularly known as about us)

2. the initiator (on the business card we write ‘managing director’)

2a. the navigator (creative director)

3. what are we good at (our expertise)

4. driving in top gear (clients)

5. leading by examples (case studies)

5a. keeping the promise (creative strategy)

5b. who, what, where and how (analytical planning of the campaign)

5c. have one’s cake and eat it too (product innovation, marketing and positioning) Index for easy navigation
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5d. rewriting the story (relaunching and repositioning)

5e. when in rome do as the romans do (adapting to market and adding local flavor)

5f. demand more and get more (tapping new avenues with existing base)

6. and the voyage continues

7. contact us
about us
Apppl is a “Communication House”.

A strategic and creative company for frugal, expeditious turnkey

communication solutions.

Collective responsible entrepreneurialism denotes our culture and belief.

Our approach is based on a collaborative and productive relationship with our client
to find hidden potential of people, brands and business.

We see beyond black and white for insights that incite. the journey that apppl is
popularly known as “about us”
One-stop-destination for all that your communication may ever require.
All in-house. All fully integrated.

We are an idea, we are a dream. We are a reality, we give you the unseen.
kumar ranjan
Accomplished Advertising & Marketing professional with experience in diverse

categories encompassing strategic planning, integrated advertising, creative

planning & development, media planning & buying, digital marketing, sales

promotion, market research analysis, client relationship management and P&L

responsibilities. Leading the apppl crew along with associates I have traveled

through success stories of many national and international brands demonstrating

unique solution offered to each one of them. Nike, Autodesk,, GPI

(Godfrey Phillips India Ltd), Audi Dealership, Aviva Life Insurance,

the initiator
Gems Education, Max New York Life, Ramada BMK Hotels, The Bristol Hotels, on the business card we write ‘managing director’
Carlton London, All Sports And All Sports Bar, Uttam, Sehwag Favourite, Lotto,
Reebok, Makino, Dunlop England Sports, Zee English, Royal Sporting House are
few of the main stays. I am seen as an enterprising professional with reliable
aptitude to put together right resources for the right project at the right time.
sumit banerji
Starting my voyage from TBWA, traveling through Bates and Dahr & Hoon, I joined

apppl crew to enjoy what I do the best i.e. planning, creative and strategizing for

companies and brands. Electrolux, Kelvinator, Birla Yamaha, Sony, Samsonite, Birla

Delonghi, Osh Kosh B'gosh, Hyundai Automobiles, Indian Airlines, Dabur, Hieneken

Beer, Dr. Morepen, Unicef, Helpage India, Sony Audio, Aiwa, Autodesk, and GPI have been a rewarding experience. Distinctive were Nokia

mobile phones and Carrier air conditioners for Bates, for which many landmark

campaigns were initiated and launched by me. All of our major clients are not just
the navigator
happy with the quality work and business, but also share many glorious moments of creative director

many advertising awards. The journey has been very challenging and even more

satisfying as each of the challenges were met with suited and satisfying solutions.

The voyage continues in search for more and more such challenges...
our expertise
Brand Management (planning, creating, launching and managing the brand)

Advertising (integrated brand campaign, strategy, planning, development, execution)

Creative (ATL and BTL campaign, creative, branding, direct marketing, graphic
design, packaging and promotion)

Below the line (brand kit, pitching tools, annual reports, manuals,
presentations and other point of purchase designs)

Audio-Visual (corporate films, tv commercials and other presentation films)

Consultancy (marketing, strategies, and management of brands)

what are we good at
our expertise
New Media (designing website and new media promotions)

Research and Analysis (market research & survey, data collection,

data tabulation and analysis)

Events (corporate events, product launch, road shows, conferences and exhibitions)
Apppl in its journey of more than a decade has been associated with prestigious set
of clients delivering effective marketing and advertising solutions
to each one of them. some of them are as below

Sports: Nike, Reebok, Lotto, New Balance, Tuffs, Royal Sporting House, Dunlop
England Sports, Umbro, CAT
Hospitality: The Grand, Zouk, All Sports Bar, Sehwag Favourites, Sky Lounge, The
Bristol Hotel, Ramada BMK, The Sariska Palace, Samode Palace, The Kuchaman Fort
Education: Autodesk, Raffles International School, Gems International School, ARI
Fashion: Sozy, Carlton London, South Gate
BPO /Call-centers: Wipro, Nexus, ABCS India, MS Technocall, I-connect
Insurance: Max New York Life, Aviva
driving in top gear
Consultancy: New Era, Khullar Group, SSI Consultancy, RK Finvest
Real State: Cemtec, Khullar Developers
Automobile: Audi Dealership
New Media/Webportals:, Zenga, Auto Pilot, Arcturus Technologies
Liquor: Bacardi, Alwar Malt, Radico Khaitan
FMCG: Uttam, Supreme, Ahlan Cola
Others: T T Footcare, Good Year, Limco, Boss, Makino
case studies
We at our core are, a strategic and creative company that generates frugal,

expeditious turnkey communication solutions for our esteemed clients. While

servicing each of the clients we have displayed exemplary custom made solutions

implemented by seamless execution. During this journey there has been more than

many case studies that may highlight our unconventional solution serving


In next few pages our effort is to bring out few of those brief case studies, that may

help you get a little insight.

leading by examples
case studies
creative strategy
Market Conditions and expectations: Nike is known for its avant garde technologies
in sports footwear and apparels. Yet this was limited in its reach to most of the
upper crest SEC B and SEC A in India. Reaching out to majority of Indian customer
base was a challenge. For this, a new range of product line was introduced at a
lower price point to increase the customer base.

Product Line: Nike Launched Jogger series, technically a non-sports footwear that
had PU soles and stylish uppers in many SKUs to match and catch the imagination of
an average Indian. The tasks was to keep the brand equity untouched or rather
upped and still convey that Nike Joggers are affordable
keeping the promise
Solution: This campaign hit the market at the time of Cricket World Cup. We chose creative strategy

Shane Warne for the campaign. Initial set of creative showcased Nike Joggers along
with other high-end sports shoes by Nike. At the second stage we gradually shifted
focus to Nike Joggers as the sole hero of the campaign .This campaign was successful
enough to make Nike Joggers independent of any need for the brand ambassador.
Now it is an established product line from Nike in India.
analytical planning of the campaign
Market Conditions and expectations: is the top daily deal discount
portal in India. Yet at the time of launch company was not sure how people would
react to it. Though Indian consumer is very price sensitive but they are not as much
new media savvy as many of their counterparts. The expectation was to educate,
encourage and light the fire of buying discount deals on the lifestyle services that
they regularly avail and aspired to avail.

Product / services Line: Daily deals on lifestyle services

Solution: on analyzing the TG and their different behavioral pattern, needs and
aspirations, this campaign was run through different steps keeping investments in
check. Apart from the online campaign, the Radio FM campaign in each city focused
on promoting the local deal for that city each day with a new jingle/spot everyday. who, what, where and how
TV campaign was deputed with the task of spreading the awareness and establishing analytical planning of the campaign
the brand name. Selection of Radio FM Stations and TV channels was a judicious mix
to reach the right balance of SEC A and SEC B. For Sec A it was projected as an
‘essential to have’ in their lifestyle where as to SEC B it was projected as a desire
which was till now out of their budget. Each TV and Radio channels had specific
content, FCT and integration to meet the objective. Within four months of this
campaign, climbed the Alexa Indian ranking from 90s to 20s, way
ahead of most of the established big brands of the industry. Today its synonymous
with discount deals on lifestyle services.
product innovation, marketing and positioning
Market Conditions and expectations: Sports bar concept was new to Indian TG, and
they didn't know what to expect. All Sports Bar, a national chain of Sports Bars
across the country had a unique task to set the expectations right and leverage the
advantage of being the first mover. Innovation and development of the
product/services line was on the card along with agenda to get regular footfall even
on non match days. Meaning of sports was to be enlarged enveloping more sports
than just cricket, as cricket was the only sport of interest for long, in India.

Product / services Line: National Chain of Sports Bar

Solution: with the advantage of us being associated with the brand right since the
time of inception, the brand personality was drawn out to be that of Sports
Entertainment at a bar, mixing the right balance of sports, entertainment and have one’s cake and eat it too
glamour. Innovation of services and offers that could keep the excitement around product innovation, marketing and positioning
the brand alive, were woven in. Unconventional opportunities were created to
generate revenue through items like branded menu, uniform, display areas by
outside brands and extended viewer-ship platforms with leading telecast partners of
sports events. Multi-layer marketing plans were enforced to reduce dependability on
expensive mass media. Taking the success to the next level, a new brand “All Sports”
was created to encompass many related functional areas of interest like Sports
Clubs, Talent Management, Publication, Talent Hunt and development etc. In short, a
success story unmatched.
relaunching and repositioning
Market Conditions and expectations: The Grand, New Delhi a 7 star luxury hotel
had changed hands from Hyatt and soon after had an unfortunate incident of fire at
the hotel. It not only damaged the hotel but also the reputation and the
brand name of the hotel

Product / Services Line: Luxury Hotel

Solution: Keeping in consideration that this is possibly one of the best hotel
properties in northern India, the potential was and will always be great. As
ownership had change and due to fire the hotel, it was going through a major
renovation, we recommended change of logo along with the brand personality and rewriting the story
positioning of the hotel. Post which, in creative planning we judiciously decided the relaunching and repositioning

potential customer base and their expectations, along with what we would have
liked to have been highlighted. A new set of creative campaigns were developed
translating the marketing strategy, and were released through select premium
business and airlines’s business class exposure channels. F&B outlets of The Grand
were treated separately and were promoted locally,
in New Delhi to attract the right TG.
adapting to market and adding local flavor
Market Conditions and expectations: GPI (Godfrey Phillips India), apart from
Marlboro has many other brands with diverse TG and is spread across the country.
To catch their attention and launch new brand variants, the job was to get as close
to the TG, connect with them and create an interactive platform through strategic
and creative solutions (Four Square and Red and White cigarettes).
Limitations: Cigarette companies in India can’t advertise using mass media. The
communication can only be present through very few points of sale. States: West
Bangal and Orisa, India

Product / Services Line: Cigarette

Solution: In each state we tallied our strategy with the then coming local events and
gave each of the communication set the desired local flavor and tried to share the
when in rome do as the romans do
joy of those festive events with the TG. This local flavor was achieved by using adapting to market and adding local flavor
illustration specifically developed for the communication. Each character used in this
communication was made to look like one from that very state with similar styling
and background. The content and the headline of the creative was specifically
created by mixing the local language with little of English thrown in for an upmarket
feel. Theses variants got good acceptance and the packs moved faster than expected
from the shop shelves. Today both the brands enjoy position amongst top two
brands in the state, in their categories.
tapping new avenues with existing base
Market Conditions and expectations: Autodesk training of the Software are
imparted to students at their collages or at the organization they work for. This is
done by specialist team from Autodesk under their B2B operation. Whereas in the
retail there were many unauthorized centers training people in Autodesk and giving
unauthorized certification, This was not only hampering the Company image but
was also eating in the revenue that Autodesk could have earned. Autodesk India
stepped-up its Training and Certification Centers through its chain of franchisee and
the task was to educate TG and Trade on Authorised Training and Certification
Centers governed by Autodesk, imparting international standards and promises.

Product / Services Line: Software Training and Certification

Solution: knowing that this objective had a very specific TG, we decidedly chose the
demand more and get more
mood and tone of the campaign to be very international, breaking away and above
tapping new avenues with existing base
the standards shown by the unauthorized training centers’ communication. Select IT
publications and other online mediums were chosen to spread the awareness. This
was a dual purpose communication inviting students to enroll and encouraging the
businesses to open an authorized Training and Certification Center. In close
succession we suggested and launched “get a friend along” scheme and the
combined impact of this three month long campaign saw “Indian chapter of
Autodesk Training & Certification” growing by more than 100%, one of the highest
growth rates in the world amongst all the participating countries.
getting better by the day
Everything in the world has evolved from something to what it is
today and will not remain the same tomorrow. Only change is
permanent. In quest of making things better, our voyage
continues with support of valuable clients like you. Lets find better
solution to all our marketing, advertising and communication
needs. All the very best...

and the voyage continues in quest of exploring

and enriching our expertise and services
as they say there is always a scope of improvement !
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