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CONTRACT No, 2000088970 between the UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (UNIDO) located ‘Vienna Intemational Cente, P© Box 30, A-1400 Vienna, Austria Telephone: “49 (1) 2602603815, Telefax: 2602668156816 and the UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTICO located a Carrera 30 No.8 (Sede None) 49 Puerto Colombia Atlintco, Colombia forthe provision of services relating othe Services o establish one (1) indusrial assessment center as part of the industrial assessment program, PEVI. [Annes UNIDO Gener! Conon of Contract ‘Ammen Br Terms of Reference (Spa) ‘Antex C: Contractor's Props (Spans) [( 1 Contractor's Responsiiiis In sscodance with the tems and conditions sted herin and im the Annexes, the UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTIC, heen refered to "Ihe Contr, shall provide for the fll and proper pectormanceof tis obgaons under the Contact, all the services ha are ‘sete in the Temas of Reference dtd 26 Feary 2021 and in the Conactar's Proposal {ded 21 Marc 200. A copy ofthe Tem of References atached hee a6 Annex Band made ‘put hereof Al werk and services equred user ths Coc sal be completed no ater than 31 Janay 2022. ts understood that inthe evento confit hutwen the poison ia the Terms of Reference, in the Conc’ Proposal sn is the preset Contact ali oer Antexes, the provisions in land ib othe Annexe, andthe provisos ine Temas of Reference shal be subject fo those in ‘he Contract ands ther Annexes ‘Contract Price ond Payment [UNDO shal pay the Conator forte fll and proper perfrance of al obligations under his CConract bereunde he mux sum of one hundred ad fity-zne milion seven unre and thitre hound two hundred and hity-two milion Calamban Pass (59,733.282 COP) This sum shall cover all expenses incured by the Conracor incl, but nt init to, ‘alae, eden, social ages, ovebeads, dav echnical sistance abd supervision costs ‘The Contctor sal ot do ay work which may est nay charges to UNIDO ove an above the sum of one hundeed and fyeine allan seven hunded and iy-hreethosand 80 Inupieed sad hyve mlion Colombian Pesos (159,793.22 COP) witout peor writes ‘soneent of UNIDO and foal smenent oh Conte 3. Eater int the Contrast ‘This Conte sal be dete tobe effestive om the date ois nue by bot Paes. 4 Reports ‘The Conn shall submit in eletoaic form to UNIDO, Viens, the repos an documens, ‘which ae fisted Below. The ial Report shall be Gaptched in accordance wl the "srt (o Cerrar forthe Dapatch of Reports whish il be subi bythe APPEVI Coordinator incaoabi Prosrsss Reports ‘The Contractor shal anit to UNIDO, Viena in English the reports anddocameats, which re lied below. The Final Report shal be dispatch in accordance with Annex C ented "structions to Coakators fo the Dispatch of Reports" which ate atached hee. 9) BistProgress Report = Worksan Fit progres reper, eetom foot, insu the composition ofthe PEVL cater ‘sok team oranizsbon cha), the propel work pan to advance the objects ofthe Tenn of Reference, te taining plan for tess who wil be put of the PEVL cet The progres rept wl bed ltr han May 31, 202, Second Progress Rept Second pres eps leon frm inlding the material forte tang ofthe PPEVI Center teary, to or stadt and cmpanis The second progres ep shall Mo. MM 2 te sbmitednolter tha ane 30, 2021 ©) Tht Progres Repo, 4) Tha pres pr, in lesronic forma inclaing he progses ofthe avis cried cowie sal ele a eat hoe refer tia ens 1 to 46 of seston G ofthe “Terms of Reference, The thi progres report ball be subnied po later than November 16,2021 ©) Baal Report ial Rep, it eleetonie copy taluding bt oot inte wo the documentation ofall ‘completed dsivenbls sted in fe Tens of Reference tached htto a Annex B. The iol Report shold stmt no ltr ha 3 Jatuay 2022 Progres Payments Payments on acount ofthe Contac priest forth in paragraph 3 hesinbefie shal be md, by {leeronis transi, on he bai ofthe Contactos apa iavoies Seto UNIDO, Vins flows ‘cor 1) wpenrecit and seein by UNIDO, View of {be Progress Report teed hereinbefore in rep) tesa of cor s.973323, 1) pon expand asceptane by UNIDO, Vion of {he Progees Report retened to ereetre in propa) thes of cor 47919970 ©) wpunreciptad ctepance by UNIDO, Viena of the Progres Report refered bein ragraph 46) the sum oF cor 47919970 spon eit ant acceptance by UNIDO, Viena of he Final Report refered io hereinbefore paragraph), thesum af cors79i9969 ‘Grand Total COP 159,733232 ‘The Contractor shal py at sown cos all tbe aes, asessments, ns and charges which all due and be payable byte Coarctr as eau of is Contact, ‘The making of say parment hewinder by UNIDO shal ot be cosrued as an unconditional scoeplnce by UNIDO ofthe work szinpiahed by the Constr up 10 the fe of soc amet. ‘Sabmission aC Inoue ‘The Coxtetr shall mito the Energy Systems & Infstrctre Divison, (Ateton: Marco ‘Mate, indusial Dvelopnet Offer M Mati ui.) UNIDO, P.O. Box 30, A-1400 ‘ieona or Wagramer Sr 5, A1400 Vien, Aust, the avice i on (1) orignal hard copy (Gime ane samp) rein banking iastacons, Le hase and aoe ofthe tone, ASCE Non Sot Cade Noel fin. fh ‘No modifcaton of, o chang in, this Contac, waiver of any ofits provisions, oan ‘traci! atonhip withthe Catatr sal be id aes approved the form of writen ‘mete to his Const, signe bythe auerzed represetatves of the Contactor a the Industrial Development te, ‘Teanaision of Reorts, Invoices and Notices All repos, invoice and nods submited o given hereunder shall be ares othe Enerzy yet Infevrostre Division, (Atenas Maro Matin, Indrtial Development OFfoar M Maing sy), UNIDO, P.O, Box 300, T&D) Vienna, oe Wagrmer SiS, Aa Siena, as ot Fs ‘The Contractor warts at: 18) no perso o sling agency ha ees employe or eined by hi to soit o secure this Contact upon on agreement or undertnding fora steniesion, prenage, Trolerge,coingent fe or retin, exept regular employees or bons fie and sifcallyestablsed commerciale eling agettes maintained by he Contractor for ‘he purpose of sciring sine, 1») no oficial servant or retired employee of UNIDO, the United Nats, the UNDP fa te Paiiping end Executing Agecis ofthe UNDP othe Goverinent andor ‘ts co-perting Agency (es), wo ie nota boon fide employee ofthe Coico, hs ‘bec of sal be amie by the Contactor to ay dct o indet benefit arising fom this Coract rhe aad theo For beach ofthese wsrantes UNIDO sal ave he right o dedut fo the Contact pie or ‘therviae recover fom the Contactor the fll ancuat of ty sich comission, percentage, ‘oberage, comigen eo ean 0 paid Default bo the Contractor rovied the Convair bas not remedied such falues) witha thy (3) days of havog been _Bven UNIDO's express writen otfcation of th ature ofthe failures), UNDO may, ats ole Spton and without peace to erp to srl psec) a hriabefore provided, bald the Conractor in deft under this Contact. Whe the Contacte is thus in dealt, UNIDO ‘may, by giving writin notice to he Coser, termine the Carica 2 whole such part or ‘rts therein respect of which the Contactor isn def. Upon such notice, UNIDO shall ave the right to seek completion atthe Contacto’ expen, ofthat pr or those prs ofthe ‘contre with resp to which the Corractor sn dea. The Contraco hl nh cate be Solely responsible fo any reasonable cos of competion, nding sch costs which are need ‘by UMIDO over and above the ogi agreed Conrat price sulted heeiabefor. 10, General Condoms ‘The Parties Hereto agree tobe bound by the UNIDO General Conditions of Contract opy of which utachol hereto as Annex Aad mae apt ero IN WETNESS WHEREOF, the pais het ave exeutd this Contac. UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL, UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTICO DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION ue p ae: Lieve, Meartum’... oy Manco MtaritiNt TAIRO CONTRERAS CALLA Indust Development Ofer Recor) Energy Systems & Infascre Division UNIVERSIDAD DELATLANTICO UNIDO’ (Caer 30 NOS (Sede Ne) 0. Box 300, “9 Puce Colon Ala ‘auto Veena Clorbin aoa Date: 4 de junio de 2021 Dyk A le € to. Bre. MIGUEL ANTONIO CARO Jefe Departamento de investigaciones ‘Univers dl Aénco