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; ato vines KES Inererediebank 1323 -Miltresclentoe ‘COHER &CO0 ‘COHER & COHER INVESTMENT CO LTD. ‘Occupation: 531220 Employer: Nationality: Virgin islands (British) KYC Task Status: Completed Person Task Status: Completed View B54 Control Gient yc: Self-Employed/Business Name: COHER & COHER INVESTMENT CO LTO ‘Annual Salary: 0.00 ‘Annual Revenue: 314745.00 ‘Annual Dividend: 0.00 ‘Annual Rental Income: 0.00 ‘Annual Retirement Income: 0.00 ‘Annual Other income: 0.00 Business Type: Lessor/Rental of Non Residential Buildings (531120) Net Profit: Net Worth: 3,500,000 ‘Annual Sales: Volum Additional Additional 2: Estimated Assets: ‘6country: 0 Unassigned © Unassigned 0 Unassigned Location OF incorporation: Unassigned Operating Location: Unassigned Countries Where Business is en —__, a — Conducted: i = e Enhanced Due Diligence: BSA RADAR INFORMATION: 531120 - Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except ras prot eet foo 90 820 Minjwarehouses) oo en esa ccemfemven 12" COUNTRY OF INCORPORATION: VIRGIN ISLANDS, BRITISH Se tanrere oi COUNTRY BUSINESS:PERU sect oamer, weattbpro mance 7 *** Entity - Owmershlp Type ca en Sepbon nc ccen BAATEE ares inakeate anv swopocting documre'te ton, Foreign Company Abienevors nose abgames, ara owserairs SHRMPGES J »+~ BLREQSE: Coher & Coher Investment Company, LTD. a British Virgin Island Corporation (BVI Company #214848}and is SC% owned by Faresh Miguel ‘Atala and 50% owned by his wife Maria del Carmen Nemi de Atala (both citizens {nd residents of Peru). This Coproration was created for the purpose of holding real estate investments purchased in the USA. At present the only asset held by this company isthe collateral property for this loan, The Property isa mixed used 28/2018 Page 1 of 4 28/2018 property located at 108100 OverstanenQall arse morgage for this property and is the cliatrs) (Cr 7/#** SOURCE OF WEALTH: From Me. Atal native Peru he inherited some of his wealth lett cntrepeneur rom vebaron that emigrated t0 PU 20 204 aoe rl salesman of fabrics and other mations Ners ° Shore veal estate helings and the textl factory tat is A° aoe ea aver the mest important in Peru. atpresent MF A soar cnes MEM, 52 tent F220" THE COMPANY OES gaat aoe eee yea cotton) and Eorapeto manufacture’ the GATE) TA aan eee altura business (grower and expore’ of FATSIEETT ag rane ibae stiagaal cement factor to sel to cones carer nig Paru Here well respected entepeneur in the Puy cae Wer de Mal, housevile, shes 2 scion of 9 42°21 rermnent busines fami in Per, tei son Mr. Miguel one 2 holds ara vorec and is atng trained inthe fay businesses, Re Geen pry nets ryt lw the Fay tadon MY oe ae yal (Tall resides in the USA and takes cae of Mr AaL's A ete ia conerand other Real state vestments in the USA and Mi aaa cones, mostly purchase and sale of RealEstate when he finds 2° ‘opportunity, he is an Architech by training, property owned in the USA by Coher & Coher is mix used property located at erorei uernens Highway, Key Largo FLwo floor bulding with 20 units total ane fae floor there are 10 commercial units and inthe second flor there 37% 40 resicential units (5 units are 2 bdr. & 1 bath and § units are 2 bdr and 2 bath). Present rental price for commercial units is $1,075.00 per mo., one tenant Insurance Assoc, pays $1,416.32 except for two tenants that rent 3 units eachy tone pays $2,189 70 (Bayside Canvas) and the other pays $1,505.00 (Nu Concept Homes}, mast of tenants are long time tenants. The residential units average ental per unit ts $950.00 for 3 bdr and $975.00 for2 idr. The property fas to dock spaces in the back of the property that are not rented at present, The verage yearly income of the property is $202,333/20 for bath the commercial units and residential units Call Report 05/14/10: Loan activity is according to amortization schedule. Internet search no significant events have occurred which warrant changes to the existing profile, Last Loan Term Review analysis of January 2030 does not reveal any company major deterioriation. We met with Mr. Atala on 05/14/10, he is visiting Miami, Fl to take care of some personal business and to inspect the collateral property n Key Large, Fl. ‘Atala owns and “call Report 2044 EDD letter prepared and mailed to customer on 07/18/2011 No documentation requirements were noted in compliance with annual review procedures. After review of information available and internet research ‘Significant information was found “In 2001, Miguel Atala was convicted for two Yee of impronmet a Oretor of Intratec, a Peruvian company located in ru. Intratec was charged of stealing electricity in large quantities. As per verbal statement, he appealed the verdict and was acquitted”. | do not find this issue to be a reason of concern about this relationship (by acct Officer, Mario de Guevara). No other significant events have occurred which warrants additional changes to the existing profile.” Copies of EDD letter and Google Searches were sent to “Other acct maintenance’ folder. Updated "call Report 2011 — Updated EDD letter prepared and mailed to customer on 08/29/2011, EDD letter included the request for the following documentation “2010 Company Financials/Income tax returns in compliance with annual review procedures.. After review of information available and Page 2 of 4 2/28/2018 internet ben rhea Sain cnn Agta deueinterseainvormetin has information F vestigation 10 85A Dept. also based on Google Searches f Vie-presidene fr opt Atala Herrera is PEP since eho the pesto o Government Grr, PetOPeri" since August 3d, 2008. "PetroPerd* ka Miguer nner’ ONES erty, coher 8 Coher InvestanealiCe Ltd , Mr. Faresh ante! Atala, Maria del Carmen Nees ‘Sevan de Atala, Miguel Jose Atala Yemi Upcatea ented a PEP" inGSa Rndacand thecoeeelon Cart Mantes iter and Google Searches were sent te Otis hecouny 'aintenance folder CP eer Ovoership|ciizensnip| PEP ant Co., Lt. |Faresh Miguel] | Atala resident |50,00 PERU YES * & Coher investment Co,, Ltd. |Maria del Carmen | Nemi Seyande la [Secretary |S0,00|PERU| YES 4 2" OFFICERS OMRECTORS: First Name [Mice Nameltast Name Title|Citizenship| PEP Faresh Miguel Atala Herrera|Preskient|PERU|YES Maria del Carmen [Nem Seyan de Ataa|Secretary|PERU YES ‘Miguel ose! lAtala NemiTreasure’|PERU |vES 17°" DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS: Renter of Real Estate mix ued commercial 103100 Overseas Highway Key Largo|FL| |UNITED Stare 1TH STOMER ASE: Tenants, businesses andindhidual renters that operate and live in Key Largo, FL. 1 *** SUPPLIERS PROVIDERS DESCRIPTION: Utilities Companies, electricity, water & sewers, maintenance and cleaning supcliers, 7/*** SUPPLIERS PROVIDERS 7 *** REFERRED BY; Bank Customer 7/*** ANNUAL REVENUE CURRENT. 211122,09 7*** ANNUAL REVENUE PRIOR: 202333,20 7 *** TOTAL ASSETS CURRENT: 2150000.00 7** TOTAL ASSETS PRIOR: 2150000.00 7 *** TOTAL CAPITAL CURRENT: 1050000.09 1*** TOTAL CAPITAL PRIOR: 105000000 7 *** PEP INFORMATION: First Name| Middle Name|Last Name|Title|Citizenship| PEP Faresh Miguell [Atala Herrera President] PERU] YES -END @SA RADAR INFORMATION (01/27/2014 11:50:54 AM Maykel Crespo wrote: 7730 Investments LLC is soly owned by Miguel Atala. this is why is seperated from Coher & Coher this company manages unit #52. The property located at 8740 SW 109 St (Harding Avenue Apartments LiC) isa Single family residence and they use it as their mailing address, **** 93/30/2017 03:40:43 PM Christopher AWvarez wrote: COHER & COHER INVESTMENT CO LTD is the holding company fora2 floor ‘commercial strip center, consisting of & business located on the Ist floor. Below please see businesses with corresponding units and rental amounts; Page 3 of 4 28/2018 u 1326-Miltreseientos veintiséis nit 11813, ~ Tesla Associates - $2,337.50 ‘Unit 21823 - Fire ink -$1,881.25 ‘Unit 31 - Upper ke i eys Aluminum -$1,075, Unit 33 - Extreme Dive - $1,947.50 Unit 41 -Largo Signs - $1,075, Unit 43 - Gratitude Wellness, LAC - $1,182.50 Unit $1853 - All Star Tile, ine. -$2,230 ined rental ‘The Second floor Consists of residental rentals with a monthly combined fe \ncome of $14,500. Below are apartment numbers with corresponding re amount: Apt 12 - Mike Maldonado - $1,300 Apt 14 - Kerry Crowell $1,100 Apt 22 - Emilio Rute $1,400 ‘Apt 24- Maria Gunn - $1,200 ‘Apt 32- Kelley - $1,300 ‘Apt 34 Stephanie No - $1,100 ‘Apt 44 - Robert Skasko - $1,100 ‘Apt 42,52,54- are rented on a weekly basis by Vacation Resources Managent for ‘$2,000 per Apt. Please see rent roll indexed Attachments View Notes Print — Close Page 4 of 4