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For Users

Safety Instructions Ages 6 & Up

• Batteries are not included with this product.
• Do not insert or remove the batteries while the power is on. Do not expose the batteries to excessive physical
shock. Never use a swollen battery, a leaky battery, or one which is damaged or giving off an unusual odor.
• Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
• Do not expose batteries to heat or dispose of in a fire. Do not allow the batteries to come into contact with
any kind of liquid. Do not leave your device out in the rain. Do not put the battery in a microwave or in a
pressurized container.
• Do not attempt to dismantle, pierce, distort or cut the battery and do not attempt to repair the batteries. Do
not place any heavy objects on the batteries. Avoid dropping the batteries.
• It is essential to avoid short circuits. Avoid direct contact with the battery cells contained within the battery.
• Discarding batteries in your general household waste can be harmful to the environment. Damaged or
unusable batteries must be disposed of in a container specially reserved for this purpose. When disposing of
the batteries, follow local guidelines and regulations. For further information contact your local solid waste
• Do not submerge rod and reel into water. Do not use your product near a source of heat.
• Avoid using product in extreme temperatures.
• Children should always be supervised when using this product.
• Keep product away from high voltage power lines, trees, buildings and any other potentially dangerous or
hazardous areas.
• Always wear a personal flotation device when using product near water.
• Never use product in hazardous or unsafe conditions.
• Keep rod and reel dry and free from debris.
• Always replace worn or broken parts immediately. Call 1-800-727-0331 for customer service.
• Always inspect product prior to using. Proper inspection and maintenance can reduce the risk of injury and
• Check all local laws regarding fishing practices. Check all local laws and regulations to see where and how
you may use your FishEyes rod and reel.
• Do not mix old and new batteries.
• Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
Warning: Battery compartment and screen may get warm to the touch from continuous use.


Limited Warranty
This Limited Warranty is the only warranty for FishEyes products.
There is no other expressed or implied warranty.
The Manufacturer warranties this product to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of six months
from date of purchase. This Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or any damage, failure,
or loss caused by improper assembly, maintenance, storage, or use of the product.
This Limited Warranty will be void if the product is ever:
• Used in a manner other than for recreation
• Modified in any way
• Rented
Check local laws and regulations to see where you can your FishEyes product legally.
The manufacturer is not liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly from
the use of this product.
To obtain service under this warranty you must, within the warranty period, contact Nextsport directly by
phone at 1-800-727-0331 or by email at Nextsport will provide warranty replace-
ments at its sole discretion. Authorized warranty services are ONLY available from Nextsport. Specifications
are subject to change without notice.
© Copyright 2010 Nextsport
Nextsport Inc, 2340 Powell Street, Suite 198
User Manual
Emeryville, CA 94608
All rights reserved.

The cable is knotted See above method for ‘The cable will not reel in and
out’ to release cable from housing. Once the cable
Before You Start Pg. 3 has reached its full length, unknot the cable and
slowly reel back in.
• Master Assembly The batteries won’t fit Check to make sure that the sliding battery dividers
• Camera/Accessory Assembly are not in the way of the battery and that the
batteries are in the correct orientation.
Getting Started Pg. 4 If the problem persists, try other batteries.

• Installing Batteries There is water in the camera housing The underwater camera is designed to be sealed
from outside elements. If water or condensation has
• Setting Up Your Fishing Rig entered the housing remove the battery and let the
• Replacing Clips product dry for 48-72 hours. If the problem persists
please contact our customer service department for
• Tying Clip Leads information regarding replacement parts.

• Tying a Fisherman’s Knot The bait basket will not open/close Check the bait basket clips to make sure that they
are not damaged or broken off. If they are still
• Tying a Slip Knot intact, open or close according to the instructions in
section “Using the bait basket or hook”
• Setting Up The Bait Basket And Sinker
I lost the sinker Any sinker weighing at least 0.7 oz. can be used in
• Setting Up A Hook And Sinker place of the original FishEyes sinker. If you would
• Fishing With Your Fisheyes Product like to buy a replacement FishEyes sinker please
contact our customer service.
• Screen/power
All the rig clips broke/are gone Contact our customer service department for
• Checking For Wear And Tear information regarding replacement parts.

• Attaching The Fish Shade A rod pulley has fallen out or lost Contact our customer service department for
information regarding replacement parts.
• Using The Fishlight
• Drop Casting I’ve lost the battery tray/cover Contact our customer service department for
information regarding replacement parts.
• Reeling
I’ve lost the Fish Shade Contact our customer service department for
Maintenance Pg. 10 information regarding replacement parts.

• Battery Replacement The cable release button is stuck Gently pull the cable from the base of the rod to see

• Cleaning & Drying Product if you can dislodge the button from the clutch.
Also, try depressing the button further and slowly
• Cleaning Screen reeling the cable back in to re-engage the button in
the correct orientation. If the problem continues to
Troubleshooting And Faq Pg. 10 persist please Contact our customer service

Safety Instructions Pg. 12 department for further instruction.

Contact Information & Warranty Pg. 12 I can’t see any fish/objects Make sure that your camera is not against the
bottom of the fishing area. Also, murky or waters
full of silt will affect the clarity of the image on the
If neither of the above improve the image, reel the
camera all the way back in. With the camera out of
the water turn the power on and see if an image
appears on the screen. If no image appears, refer to

2 11
Battery Replacement Thank you for purchasing a FishEyes Rod & Reel with Underwater Video
Camera. Please read the following carefully to familiarize yourself with
If the FishEyes screen seems to be malfunctioning or the LED Fishlight appears to be dim, the product and maximize your experience. Good luck!
follow the instructions in the BATTERIES section to replace old batteries with fresh ones. Please
check your local laws and regulations to properly dispose of old batteries. This manual contains important safety and usage information. For your
safety, it is your responsibility to review this information and make sure
Cleaning And Drying Product that you read and understand all warnings, cautions, instructions and
Your FishEyes product comes with built in drainage holes located at the bottom of the reel. safety topics. Nextsport recommends that you periodically review and
After every use you should leave your product out upright overnight to allow for any water or reinforce the information in this manual with younger users and that you
moisture to exit from the product. Doing this will help to ensure a lasting product life. inspect and maintain the product to ensure their safety.
If the rod and reel are accidentally submerged into water, it should immediately be turned off
and left out to dry completely. In the event that the product still does not function after it has
dried entirely, please call 1-800-727-0331 for additional advice. Master Assembly
General cleaning should be done with hand soap and water; FishEyes products should not be
cleaned with any other cleaners or solvents as they may result in deformation or malfunction.

Cleaning The Screen

The FishEyes screen is shielded by a clear protective cover. To remove smudges and or dirt and
increase clarity, users should use a damp cloth to wipe the cover clean. It is best to avoid any
cleaning agents with alcohol, ammonia or any other strong solvents as these may damage the
LCD screen if they get below the protective cover.
Fish Light
Power Button Pulleys
My screen won’t turn on/There is no image on my Make sure that the power button is depressed and
screen that the batteries are not dead or dying. Replace
batteries as needed. If this does not solve the issue, Cable
please call our customer service.

The cable will not reel in and out Gently press the cable release button down and
hold it. Manually pull out the entire cable from the
base of the rod until it has reached its full length.
Release the button and slowly reel the cable back in
all the way. This should untangle any knots and
properly align the cable in the reel. Crank
If the problem still exists, please contact customer
service for further instruction. Crank Handle
The screen image is blurry Check the camera housing and wipe the clear
plastic cover to remove any debris.
Also, see CLEANING THE SCREEN section. If neither
solution improves the condition, please contact our
Cable Release Button
customer service department.

My fishing rod broke/the reel housing is cracked or Contact our customer service department for
Battery Tray
broken warranty and replacement information.
Battery Cover
10 3
Camera/Accessory Assembly Ideal casting locations are:
• Open areas away from trees/debris
• Docks
• Off boats

Camera 1. Place the tip of the rod over the desired drop cast
2. Holding the product parallel to the surface of the water,
Rig Clip Mounts press and hold the cable release button; this will release
the reel mechanism and allow the camera and bait system
Rig Clips to deploy. TIP: Flick your wrist downward as you press the
cable release button for optimal casting.
Protective Cover CLOCKWISE) WHILE CASTING- doing so may cause your
FishEyes product to function incorrectly.
4. If the camera does not fall smoothly or is slow to release,
you can manually pull the cable out at the base of the rod
while depressing the release button to alleviate the
5. When the camera and bait system have reached the
desired depth, release the cable release button.
Bait Basket
WARNING: FishEyes products are NOT intended for
throw casting. Using the FishEyes products for throw
casting will produce unwanted results and may cause
irreparable damage to your product.
Fish Shade Open areas away from trees/debris
• Docks
• Off boats

1. Holding the FishEyes handle with your left hand, depress
the cable release button and rotate the crank forward
(clockwise) at an appropriate pace. DO NOT WIND CRANK
BACKWARDS (COUNTER-CLOCKWISE) as this may knot the
Sinker cable within the reel.
2. When the appropriate depth is reached, or the camera is
at the tip of the rod, the user should release the button and
stop reeling.
3. Not depressing the cable release button will result in a
clicking noise as you reel; this is a normal occurrence and
GETTING STARTED can be silenced by depressing the cable release button as
you reel.
FishEyes products were designed to be used both indoors and outdoors as a fun and WARNING: Please be aware of your surroundings while
engaging fishing aid. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the reeling. Users should do their best to be aware of any
product before actual fishing use by reading this manual and practicing the follow- objects in their vicinity and keep their eyes on both their surroundings and the
ing procedures in a safe indoor environment. screen at all times.
4 9
Checking For Wear And Tear Installing Batteries
For optimal performance, you should always check your FishEyes product for worn 1. Remove battery cover by unscrewing both Phillips
parts to prevent possible malfunctions. The following areas should be cleared of head screws and slide battery tray out.
any dirt and debris and inspected before each use:
2. Follow the diagrams on the battery tray to place (4)
• Rig clips • Pulleys • Crank
AA batteries (not included) in the correct orientation.
• Cable release button • Battery cover • Rod
Make sure that the battery dividers go between the
front and back battery.
Attaching The Fish Shade 3. Slide battery tray back into the handle in the
direction of the arrow on the bottom of the tray and
Your FishEyes product also comes with a Fish Shade to help
the batteries facing the crank side of the reel.
improve visibility of the screen under direct light or bright
conditions. 4. Reverse step 1 to secure battery cover.
1. With the FishEyes logo facing forward and upright, 5. Depress the power button on the screen to ensure
place the Fish Shade over the screen. that the battery tray has been correctly inserted and
the screen is working.
2. Secure the Fish Shade by aligning the protruding bumps
with the appropriate dimpled area on either side of the (4) AA batteries are needed for the product to oper-
screen. The lip around the edge of the screen will also ate. Batteries are not included with this product.
help with alignment.
3. The Fish Shade can be placed or removed as needed, Do not insert or remove the batteries while the power
depending on the light conditions. To remove the Fish is on. Do not expose the batteries to excessive physical
Shade the user can simply spread the sides of the shade shock. Never use a swollen battery, a leaky battery, or
and pull off. one which is damaged or giving off an unusual odor.

Using The Fishlight Keep batteries out of the reach of children.

Your FishEyes product comes with an LED attached to the

underwater camera. This may help to attract fish and aid
Setting Up Your Fishing Rig
in viewing beneath murky or dark water. Before using the FishEyes product you should always check to make sure that your
1. With the main power on, depress the Fishlight button rigs are properly fastened and set up to catch fish. Please familiarize yourself with
on the screen. This will activate the Fishlight in the steps below to adjust, replace or fasten the rigs to best utilize your FishEyes product.
camera housing.
2. Drop cast as you normally would; the Fishlight can be Replacing Clips
activated or deactivated at any time by pressing the
Fishlight button. *Note: Main power must be ON for 1. Locate the fishing rigs in FishEyes package; 2 complete rigs and 8 clips
Fishlight to operate. are included with every FishEyes product.
2. Check the camera to see if both clips are still attached to the mount-
ing points. Check the clips to make sure that they are intact- worn clips
that need to be replaced will show obvious signs of wear, particularly
stressed (white) plastic areas at the bending points.
Drop Casting 3. It is recommended that you replace the entire rig if the clips are worn.
If they are intact and you just want to replace the leader line you can cut
The FishEyes products are intended for recreational use in both freshwater and
off the old line and tie your own line to the existing clips.
saltwater environments. However, use of this product in harsh conditions (i.e. heavy
rain, violent waves, congested waters, etc.) or very shallow, murky waters is not 4. If replacing the entire rig, attach the new rig clips to the mounting
recommended. points on either side of the camera. Pull gently to ensure that these are
Additionally, the FishEyes products were designed to aid and assist in recreational fully inserted and secure before using.
fishing; competitive sport fishing, deep sea fishing or like uses are not recommended.
8 5
Tying Clip Leads Setting Up The Bait Basket And Sinker
Depending on the situation, you may elect to use the bait basket to attract fish to 1. To open the bait basket, insert your fingers into the
the camera or a hook to catch the fish you see. The following steps will help show opening opposite the fold and pry apart. Fisherman’s
you how and where to tie the appropriate knots so that your FishEyes camera is set 2. If the bait basket is not already attached, with the
up correctly. The bait basket or hook should be fixed at roughly 13 inches from the bait basket open, using a Fisherman’s knot tie the top
camera bottom for ideal viewing. 8-10 lb. fishing line should be used for all fishing loop on ONE side. Attach the other end to the main rig Slip Knot
line attachments. line using a slip knot.
3. Next, using a Fisherman’s knot, tie a sinker to the
Bait Basket
bottom center of the bait basket. If you cannot locate
the included sinkers, you can use any 0.7 oz. sinker in its
Tying A Fisherman’s Knot place. Fisherman’s
1. Run the end of the line through the eye of the hook or bait basket and pull 4-5 4. Place fish food or bait into the open bait basket. For
inches of line through the hook eye. best results, place food evenly across the feeder.
2. Wrap the end around the standing end for five wraps or turns. 5. Close bait basket, making sure the (2) prongs snap Sinker
into place on the opposite end.
3. Pass the end through the loop next to the hook eye.
4. In the new loop that includes your wraps, pass the tag end through that loop.
5. Wet the loops with some saliva to lubricate the knot. Holding both ends in one
hand and the bend of the hook in the other, pull until knotted. Setting Up A Hook (Not Included) And Sinker
6. Clip the other end so that only 1/8-inch is left.
1. Locate the open fishing line end (labeled “HOOK”), Fisherman’s
opposite the sinker attached to the rig. Knots
2. Remove the label and using a Fisherman’s knot, tie your
hook of your choice (not included) to the open end. Any Slip Knots
5cm snelled-hook can be substituted as well.
3. If the sinker is not already attached, using a Fisherman’s Hook
knot tie the line to your sinker. With a slip knot, attach
the other end to the main rig line.
4. Bait hook appropriately based on your fishing Fisherman’s

Tying A Slip Knot WARNING: Adult assembly required when using a Sinker
standard fishing hook.
1. Double over 4-5 inches of line in a U shape.
2. Leaving about 1/4-inch of the loop, wrap the end of the line around the doubled
3. Loop the line back through the open hole and pull to tighten. The knot should
have a fixed loop at the end intended to slide over the main leader line. Screen/Power
1. Upon first use, remove the static cling sticker on
the screen.
2. Ensure the batteries are correctly installed and depress
the POWER button located below and left of the SCREEN.

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