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Summary of the ELECTION PLATFORM for the local elections in Almuñécar/La Herradura on 22nd May 2011


— Creation of spaces for adolescents to combat
drinking in public
— Targeted recreation offers for adolescents
— Cheaper access to sports facilities
— Nocturnal sporting facilities on beaches
— Equal treatment of sports clubs applying for
— Creation of a guide outlining outdoor facilities for
physical activities
— Help in training of referees and coaches

— For a diverse economy
— Improvement of the town itself and its offers for
the tourism sector
MUNICIPAL FINANCES PLURALISM AND RIGHT OF — Support of small enterprises in agriculture and
— Management of public finances with caution and PARTICIPATION animal husbandry
prudence — Right of free speech without fear of reprisals — Support of both municipal markets and the crafts
— Reduction of debt and settling of unpaid invoices — Creation of a binding and democratic set of rules — Biological agriculture, expansion of denomination
of local enterprises for commissions, meetings and panels of goods to enhance value, help for cooperatives
— Cost cutting for politicians, appointments and — For a balanced local television
contracts with third parties — Better information and inclusion of citizens in ECOLOGY
— Reduction of overtime, hiring of unemployed decision making — Expansion of recycling
instead — Revival of the advisory teams and other advisory — Protection of the coast line
— Revision of grants and cost cutting in public organs for local government — Use of solar energy in public buildings
relations — Creation of a Wi-fi zone within the municipality
— Improvements in public cleaning service, — Use of the internet to improve flow of information WATER PROTECTION
transport, education, social services and housing and participation — Stop the wasting of water resources and the
— Streamlining and fair spread of municipal taxes inaction of the town hall
— Return of tax collection into public administration — Grants for water-saving irrigation
— Generation of a municipal vehicle fleet for street — Use of recycled water
maintenance in public hand
POLITICS OF DECENCY — Improved cleaning of town, beaches and river
— Adherence to labour legislation, hiring strictly on beds in public hand
suitability . e.g. extension of weekend service and fleet,
— Equal rights for enterprises at public bids improvement of waste collection, solving the
— Fair and respectful dealing with petitions and problem of dog excrements
complaints of citizens
EQUAL OPORTUNITIES AND — Efficient citizen-orientated police
SOLIDARITY PUBLIC TRANSPORT — New premises and improved equipment for fire
— Free legal councelling for mistreated women — Improvement of public transport in terms of brigade and civil protection
— Provision of social housing costs, frequency, comfort, number of bus lines and
— Ensuring easy access routes for disabled within information A TOWN WORTH LIVING IN
the municipality — Metered parking for the benefit of the citizens — Stop corruption
— Information for foreigners in their own language — Free short term parking, reduced costs for — Development of a new land-use plan
— Rise of small incomes, freeze of higher ones residents accompanied by a new philosophy
— Sufficient public nursery places — Recovery service, radar and elevated pedestrian — Land-use plan in accord with environment and
— Support of female sports activities crossings for our benefit, not for money collection social compatibility, e.g. social housing, new
— Elderly as a priority within the department of — Free public car parks during the summer with schools, location of industry
social services shuttle service — Improvement in mobility, reduction of barriers
e.g. home help, old people´s home, rehabilitation, — Public bicycle rent service
day care center — Network of green/bicycle tracks The entire program in Spanish can be
requested from Izquierda Unida/Los Verdes:
— Independence from party politics
— Upgrading of the existing libraries
— Daily access of the sociocultural centers
— Improved conservation of the archeological
heritage including better use for tourist purposes
— Appreciation of the Roman Aqueduct
PUBLIC SERVICES — Access to the abandoned parts of the necropolis
and the forgotten ancient roman bridge
— Return of privatized services into the public
— Improved use of the El Majuelo park
domain at end of contract
— Free access for residents to the cultural sites
— Resolution of the financial problem Peña Escrita
for public coffers — New schools and sufficient public nursery
— More diverse learning propositions for adults