Nottingham Trent University School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment Module: CONM 46270 Construction Health

and Safety M.Sc Construction Management Full time Coursework 1 : 2010 ~ 2011 Structure : Individual Course work Max 2000 words Coursework Brief : Main Task - Prepare a report

‘Investigate the factors why your company has had a poor record in health and safety on construction sites’. The construction industry has poor understanding of how individual attitudes, behaviour or management action are related to safety in the construction industry. Your company Millennium Contractors Ltd. (an SME) has been working in the UK for the last 25 years and has mixed work force in terms of ethnicity and cultural background. The recent track record of the company has not been very good and there have been many accidents which included one fatal accident resulting from fall from height; major/minor injuries and incidents of dangerous occurrences. The company was served with a prohibition notice when one of the workers suffered fatal injuries after falling from mobile elevated working platform, in addition to four improvement notices on following four accounts: 1. Manual handling – issues with occupational H&S 2. Five workers being hit by falling objects 3. Two workers being hit by moving vehicles 4. Two incidents of collapse of temporary structures and scaffoldings As a construction manager responsible for managing health and safety on construction site, you have been asked by the management to identify root causes of the accidents and prepare a report to senior management team. The typical tasks which you need to undertake will involve: Examining incidents and establishing reasons for failure which have lead to accidents; Investigate management practices and associated documentation relating to safety – induction procedures, tool-box talks, training requirements, accident record book, construction health and safety plan, method statements etc; Identify the pieces of legislations under which actions could be taken against you and the company and management could be prosecuted; Establish what factors are significantly associated with safe behaviours or safety compliance, which will improve the safety, health and welfare on site and record of the company; How perception on safety behaviour, attitudes, mangement’s commitment and implementations of new initiatives can influence and improve site related health and safety and occupational health and safety; Identify barriers which you feel the company needs to overcome to aim for zero accident policy on sites. Aim of the coursework The primary goal of this coursework is to investigate the factors that influence safety behaviour and compliance with safety requirements on construction sites. To enable students to use information (available from various sources) and knowledge gained to identify the causes of accidents on construction sites and how individual behaviour and management’s attitude affects safe management practices on construction sites. You are allowed to make assumptions at the beginning of the report. Learning outcomes Learning outcomes describe what you should know and be able to do by the end of the module. After studying this module you should be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the key facts and concepts that underpin

Allow for disk/hardware failure. Planning: Plan your time for all the pending assignments overall. in both directions. both as a reminder to yourself and as an aid to the marker. you must also give a reference (otherwise it is plagiarism). and work backwards. Industry reports as well as books.). Understand the moral. for example numbering your pages and including margins. Make assumptions to define the scope of the work and manage the expectations. grammar and punctuation 5% Correct use of referencing styles 5% TIPS FOR COURSE WORK Most students develop their own learning styles. Read the Course Handbook. back them up with evidence. including introductions and conclusions. because these are the criteria that your assignment will be marked on. Doing the Assignment: Before you start writing. legal and social aspects of health and safety management. Always keep a backup copy of your work on disk/memory stick. aimed at troubleshooting common areas of concern and guiding students to prepare better coursework and hence able to manage expectations. HSE case studies. Attach reference list at the end (not a bibliography and works that you do not make reference to). and break the work up into more manageable parts. and all the other little disasters that can occur. setting yourself targets for working on and completing different components (including background reading). stick to it. MARKING CRITERIA Selection of the appropriate resources and research techniques 10% Appraisal of the literature 20% Content 40% Structure and style 20% Use of English. Take note of the learning outcomes. or overusing bullet points in reports. WEIGHTING This assignment contributes 50% to the overall module assessment. If you use an author’s work in the text or give a direct quote. If a word limit is specified. The alternative sources of information for example . Check at the end that you have covered all of them. Mark the deadlines for each assignment in the diary. which gives information on the required Harvard system of referencing. You are expected to read around the subject. Make sure you understand the task. Put your correct registration number. etc. and ask any questions well in advance. and gives the general criteria for the marking bands. economical. Appraise solutions for safe construction system within a project Context. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong at some time. Allow time at the end for contingencies: Don’t assume that you have time right up to the last minute. and make sure that you haven’t left out any part of the brief. Please avoid sweeping statements that are difficult to justify. . You will be penalised for grammatical and spelling mistakes. read the assignment and check what format is expected ( Health and Safety.journal articles. Library & Learning Resources have a vital guide to citation and referencing as an online guide. which sets out the format and requirements for assignments. transport failure into NTU. Proof read your work before submission. HSE reports. Avoid writing in note form. name and module details on the cover sheet and header/footer of the assignment. prepare notes and give critical appraisal of the material. It is useful to include a word count. These are general tips. NOTES Structure your work. Give yourself plenty of time to find out the availability of relevant books and where to find relevant material. queues for printing. spelling. from reading or practice. report. When you state your opinions.

00 PM. 2011. not later than 2. .Hand it on time – otherwise this assignment will be capped to 40%. Date for submission: Wednesday 12th January.

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