Spiritual understanding and the way of Life

You all have heard about the spiritual life of someone else, the religious life of a good hearted person (male or female). You've heard about this man's or woman's understanding of everything about life, death, sex, and heaven and earth. You've heard about that, but you wanted more. You wanted to experience this knowledge. You wanted this kind of understanding. To know what it means to be wise. Now, your day has come. Today is your day. Now is your time. It is your time to understand that which that IS, and that which that IS NOT. It is your time to understand that which that makes you what you are _ the stuff through which you've been created. Then you will be able to be, do , and act according to what you are _ because you are really united with yourself and G-D _ you understand that you are a being, which means that you are always in the process of creating yourself. -So, the big question : "How does one become wise?" -One become wise by accepting that he is wise. One become wise by respecting wisdom _ it is by knowing what Wisdom Is : " The fear of G-D is the beginning of Wisdom". Now, when someone ( no matter who he/she is) understand that being wise is nothing more than a process of creating yourself _ which is YOUR-SELF_ only then can a person ( this person) be really wise. -So, how does one get to this point? How does one gain this kind of knowledge/understanding? -It is by understanding that everything you are _ no matter who you are _ is just a state of being. You know, and you understand that you are a human being _ which means that you are a human be-ing. You are in a process of creating yourself. You are creating your real SELF. You are _ in a matter of speaking _ in a state of changing states. So you are not what you are until you are what you are. That means that you have to stop saying to yourself that you will be this or that. Instead of saying that you will be this or that, what you should say is that YOU ARE this or that. So when you make the statement, you are not only stating that you are what you are, but you are putting your SELF in the state of be-ing what you are ( which is what you really are). But i understand that those words can sound familiar, and you know why? It is because it is the truth, i mean it is THE TRUTH. Another reason is that i have been saying the same thing for a while now. It is the same message that you have received about the sabbath. The same message you have received about LOVE. The same message you have received about S.E.X. It is all about eXpressing your SELF, or putting your SELF in a state of be-ing. It is all about BE or BE-ING who you are ( which is who you really are). Now, if you understand that, you can start by saying to your SELF this is what i want to be, or this is what I AM. Then, when you do that, you would know that you should not be concerned about what you were, nor

let’s not lose track of our purpose. This is the same process of Genesis. So you can see the concept of TRINITY. think. if G-D calls his children gods . It’s the same process. And yet. and in HIS likeness. They all have it. A THOUGHT so profound that in order to manifest IT-SELF. But. is creating yourself. what is it that WISDOM has to say? . And there’s only one process of creation _ THOUGHT. If I understand that I am a DIVINE being. THE WORD _ which is that which we call THE SON…Yet. In the beginning there was a SPIRIT we call G-D. You know that all that matters in that particular moment is that YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE and nothing else matters. It is that which that is right. with a little chance. what is THE TRUTH? -THE TRUTH is that which that is true. A THOUGHT that we call THE FATHER. This is the way of WISDOM. you all have the creative power in you… …ok! You know what? See it this way. like HIM. So G-D created man according to HIS image. This spirit has a profound THOUGHT. -But why? Why would they not believe it? Why not if it’s so obvious? . but the point being that we all have a DIVINE spark in us. IT has to do it through another form of HIM. I AM WISDOM. I also have to understand that as a limited aspect of what G-D is. the three of them were ONE.what you might become (or what you will be). WORD. I am the highest part of you. Does not the Bible say : “Ye are gods”? Now. this is the way of BE-ING wise. that same WISDOM will say to you: “ I am you.AND CREATION. The same wisdom that has been G-D’s architect from the very beginning. The same tool we are using in our daily life. we are all made of the same stuff as G-D. some will doubt that…some will not believe it. created in the image and the likeness of G-D. So.I have to tell you the truth WISDOM would say…I have to tell you THE TRUTH. In a matter of speaking. -And. There is only one way to creating something _THOUGHT. I am that which you seek to be. THE TRUTH is that everything you do. Let’s not forget the real question _ which is “ how do we create our everyday life?”. But what? Can we force them? Of course not.AND MADE MANIFEST. Remember that _ you all have been created I the image and the likeness of G-D. It is all creating YOUR-SELF. And ONE was all that was. And.WORD. I create according to G-D’s creation. -So. So. Try to understand the creation and you’ll understand the way you create your everyday life. You start to KNOW who you are and to BE who you really are.. Then you start to understand your truth as THE TRUTH. And if I understand who and what I am. Yet G-D is not made of anything. or dream about . They have free will.. why wouldn’t I do the same.

Because. WISE. and which one does not in a particular moment. Spiritual understanding is the key of WISDOM.Because they don’t want to change the way they think. you have to be WISE. you will see that those words contain a great truth _ and truth always matters. you have to be something. and this is a fact _ it is by design. I dare say it. What matters is that you believe in you. In order to be WISE. and that your closest friend _ my closest friend_ G-D believes in you. you do it with a spiritual understanding of life. Everything has. It doesn’t matter if others do not believe in you at first. Don’t say that. And I believe _ I really believe that this IS the way of life… . but is that really the spiritual way of life? -If not. You start to understand that the first cause is ENDLESS. Take those words for yourself _ and I mean by that for YOUR-SELF_ and say out loud : “ I TAKE THE DARE! I AM . anytime. Everything you do when you are WISE. You begin to learn what word (s) works. “ I AM WISE”. are you willing to take it? Are you willing to take the dare and put yourself _ which is YOUR-SELF_ in a state of BE-ING WISE? Are you willing to do what’s necessary? Because I am… Now. don’t say to yourself “ WOW. -So. as soon as you start to understand that G-D “IS”. -But what does that have to do with being wise? What does that have to do with WISDOM? -It has everything to do with WISDOM. words are creating your reality. You begin to be WISE. You start to gain WISDOM as soon as you start to understand what G-D is. once you understand how your thoughts. you have to be careful. what is? Do you have something better? Wisdom leads to spirituality. So. in order to be something. You understand that the designer is really close to the designed _ and by that I mean like really close.But if this is what you really believe _ if this is what I really believe. I got that point. They are afraid of change. So. See? I toke the dare! So. don’t say “it doesn’t matter”. No! Don’t do that! Because if you look into YOUR-SELF right now. You know now that. So. you become aware of who and what you are. does that mean that I am WISE? -Aren’t you? Am I not WISE? As I said before. like really careful with what you are saying. and everyone else that is willing to accept WISDOM as WISDOM. You say the right words. you don’t say everything. Then you will be acting like WISE because you know you are… So yes. They do not love change.. And so is the purpose of WISDOM _ it’s purpose is to make you. too much words”.

GO WITH THE TRUTH MY FRIEND!!! .WISE!” so that everything that I have said here could be true.

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