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Below is a list of all the credits/items that were not done by me.

I"m sure I'v
e missed something, but the link below will take you to the most current list
For a current list of credits with screenshots check out:
I'm working on a new credits list page similar to the other updates that will be
available soon I hope. Look for it in the future.
First I want to outline the credits for the Elven faction:
Robert J., Shikari, Yoda, & Vithar Megilaglar - Intial layout of Faction
Robert J, Shikari, ElvenHighLord - Unit Models/Skins (Unless Stated specifically
Robert J. - Structure models based on EA's models (unless stated specifically)
Eldarion - Most Noldor Warrior Skin, Marchwarden skin - Orophin and Rumin
Rob38 - Galadhrim Warrior skins/model adjustments, help with binding on Mirkwood
Rivendell Swordmasters - cahik from BFME1
Edain Mod - Alter base and Elven siege unit base
Mapping team - The best group of mappers out there: (no particular order)
Shikari, Puppeteer, NJM1983, Kobrakai, Hendambar, m@tt, Jimmyman, Aridor AA I'Pe
r, Yoda, Tower Guard, Yoda, The Best Guest, Grizzlez, Dre@mer (Check the thread out to see everyo
ne's work)

Ed of the 3rd Kind:
Khand King
Gandalf Cart
Rhun Armory (Will be in the first update post 1.06)
Rafts (Future updates)
Elvien Alliance Mod/Team:
Cirdan Model
Eomer Model
Gamling Model
Theoden Model
Rohan Royal Guard Models
Romestmo base
Rohan Barracks
Rivendell Riders
Spearmen of the Haven
From Nazgul's Special Extended Edition:
Bilbo Skin
Frodo Skin
Pippin Skin
Sam Skin
Boromir Reg Skin
Faramir Reg Skin
Gimli base skin
Mumak Chieftain Ski
Haradrim Skin

reskinned code tutorial for the Rohan Royal Guards Cahik & BFME+: Citadel Guards Rhun Barracks Elven SwordMasters Orc Archers .reskinned Haldir .Black Gate Sky Yeoman Skin for Archers Work on the Gondor Armor skins Work on Khand skins ElrondHighLord Arwen skins Celeborn upgraded kin Elven Healer Skin Arwen's Maiden skins Mirkwood Mounted Archers skins Elrohir and Elladan Skins Elrond Base skins Nertea: Prince Imrahil models Footman of Ringlo Vale Model Axeman of Lossnarch Model Bowman of Morthond Model Spearman of Pelargir Model Golasgil Household Knights Khazad Guard Skins Arnor Elven Barracks Lauri: Easterling Catapult Easterling Warriors Corsair Ballista The Four Ages: Mordor Armory Istari Alcove Morannon Orcs Orc Chasers Edain-Mod: Base for Lore Masters Rhun ground Dragon animations Battles of Gondor: Mounted Aragorn Model Upgraded Boromir Skin Upgraded Faramir Skin Evil Men Porter Skin Easterling Stable Skin Yeoman Skins Rohirrim Axemen Model Rob38 Helm's Deep Last Hope: Multi-level Rohan Armory Rohan Baracks Damage and Build-up states Rohan Elven Warriors .

Arvedui Wars of Arda (Argolis and Eldarion) Gondor Pikemen Rohirrim Axemen Base for Gondor Skins Amdir Zimoo: Haradrim Warriors Model The Dead Player: Men of Dale Archers/Swordsmen Yeoman Soldier model Rhun Brigands Rhun Riders Vapula: Ugluk Mullers_11: Wain Riders Crashdoc: Wildmen Axethrowers Shikari: Damage & Skins for Rhun & some Arnor. Dwarven Unit Textures Rohan snow textures Huge part of Elven faction so many things I don't think I can remember everything WotE: WK skin Karsh skin Angmar Orc Skin Hwaldar Skin Morgramir skin Lord Istari: Base for Khand Units ________________________________________________________________________________ 2D Art: Astrinax: A lot of the new palantir portraits and many other buttons Allathar: New Menu color scheme 2d Art Shikari: A lot of 2d Art Caluadan: More 2d Art Thorin III Stonehelm: 2d art .

so just pester me if I did and I'm t erribly sorry.El Kevo: Some of the new button images cgtextures: sky maps ________________________________________________________________________________ Beta Testers: Xingdao Fan Yoda Vithar Megilaglar Elvenlord Dalf32 fehik Allathar Geriden El Kevo Caluadan astrinax Thorin III Stonehelm Shikari jimmyman mr_g zyzzva grizzlez gothmog14 lotrfan Puppeteer Fyro11 mike Srg Insane NJM1983 Dre@mer Black Dragon Ed of the 3rd Kind {IP}Pasidon AA IP'er Scryer LadyRhiea Jimmyman I know I probably missed someone/something. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible Robert J. .