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Intermediate II


Name: Date:

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.


1.-My mother and I saw a/an out of the drugstore. The policeman will
send that man to the jail.

2.-The woman got scared after the . The burglar carried with
everything he found on his way.

3.-The news reported the of a baby. An unknown person took her

out of the hospital where she was just born.

4.-That girl commited a , just at the moment of saving the jeans in

her bag.

Choose the correct word.

1.-Jessica is very excited/exciting because her birthday is coming next week.

2.-This day was totally exhausted/exhausting. I want to go to the bed now!
3.-His mom is totally disappointed/disappointing about what he did.
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Intermediate II

A. Circle the correct word.

1. I didn’t study for the exam but suddenly / fortunately I didn’t take it.

2. Finally / To my surprise the dog I saw running on the street was mine.

3. That was a perfect movie. Then / In the end they got married and formed a
beautiful family.

Past simple – Past Progressive

A. Write the verb in parentheses in the correct form to complete each of the
sentences below.

1. While Eugene (sleep), Cory (hit) him on the face

by accident.

2. When Ramiro (leave) his house, the telephone


3. Camila (arrive) when Nick (do) his


4. Sarah (see) Mario when suddenly he (turn)


Question Tags

Complete the sentences with the correct question tag.

1.-You went to the park with Denisse, ?

2.-Louis doesn’t have a cat, ?

3.-You will help me with my drawing, ?

4.-John is going to the party tonight, ?

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Intermediate II

Choose the best answer.

1.-The tall guy was (kidnapping/kidnapper) his girlfriend.

2.-The (robber/robbery) treathened the customers of the restaurant.
3.-That girl is becoming a (thief/theft), she started stealing money
from her dad’s wallet.

Past perfect simple vs. past simple.

Complete with the correct form of the verbs.

1.-She (leave) the room when Carl (arrive).

2.-Polly (call) James when he (finish) the cake to
3.-Betty (not feel) sad until Peter (hug) her.

Write the preposition that best fits with each sentence.
1.-I am going to the party Friday.
2.-My family and I will go Canada next week.
3.-Mely found the book, it was her desk.
4.-My house is to yours.
5.-I’ll be in High School 07:00 a.m. 03:00 p.m. tomorrow.

next after from on in

to till

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