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uh chy ae = EE a lala) EU el TED Ay LONE WOLVES ‘More atmosphericand intelligent pacing than any Hollywood movie.’ Comics International GAMES WORKSHOP PRODUCT CODE 6010 0199 067 o11921 5 92588) DAN ABNETT @ KARL RICHARDSON Shadrac — an isolated Imperium world at the mercy of the insidious tyranid menace. All resis- tance has fallen, all hope has been extinguished. Only one last group of survivors remain and Peters Aa eRe eae are Tee meen Renee meen Picea enn cocaine cee tena enc tie tat Pema aa cae ieee eae eee ee Ce et aed ea tet ce Editors Mare Gascoigne & Christian Dunn » Graphic Design Darius Hinks Ogee First published i the UK in 2008 by BL Publishing, Games Workshop Ltd, Willow Road, Nottingham NG? 2WS;UK. This paperback edition vith extra material published 2004. Copyright © Games Workshop Limited 2003. Al rights reserved. lack Library, the lack Librany (099, Black Flame, BL Publishing, Games Workshop, Space Marine, Space Wott, Tyranid, Warhammer 40000, the Warhammer Coe ocean teen ure oa ae oc ee te TM and/or Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2004 variably registered inthe UK and othr countries around the world, ll ihts reserved, Py