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The Frequency of Happiness

Glimpses of Happiness and the Law of Attraction

Nina Ferrell
Focusing on the light 5
A song with singing 6
Against the wind 7
Cape of storms 8
Alignment and knowing when to let go 9
Be Visible 10
Living out loud- dismantling the blocks in your way 11
Sunrise 12
Your secret voices- the colour of love 13
What your smile can do 14

Focusing on the light
Abraham say – feeling good is the most important of it all. And they repeat it. And repeat
it. And repeat it.
And there is a reason for this which transcends your usual feel good exhortations. The
reason is this:

We have a human way for dealing with issues. And our human way is to get into the topic,
research it, think about it, form committees about it, have seminars and events about it,
make laws against it, march in the streets about it, wrestle with it, spend sleepless nights
struggling with it, write books about it, talk endlessly about it, drive ourselves nuts
thinking about it – and the issue remains, enlarged because of our intense focus on it.
And now we think we have a real problem. And we do. We created it.

If you can truly get it – GET IT – that everything you are seeing which is "real" (funny word,
that) is a movie which you directed and which you shot, that there is NOTHING out there,
that it is all playing out inside you, that the co creation is fooling you into believing that
others feel the same way, …. think for a moment - there is nothing out there, it is all inside
you, playing off…. then since you create it, you control it, and since you control it, you
can change it in the blink of an eye.

Just allowing yourself to entertain that possibility for a second, already sets in motion
certain things that make it easier for you, eventually, to really understand this.

AND – because we are in effect nothing but pure positive energy, and our connection to
Source is all that matters, the quickest way to get back into alignment with that stream of
energy which is All, fixes All, knows All, and is You and I, is to focus on the light and
recognize everything else for what it is…. focusing on things that do not serve us at all.

We are here to experience Joy through our actions, relationships, everything in our
experience. Joy underpins it all, Joy keeps the stars in our sky and the love in our hearts,
Joy is what it is all about. And our focus is our free will, - we can choose. And so let us
choose to focus on the Light, that everlasting Light which has brought us together and
will be bringing us together until Duality ceases and we are all One again.

You are Light.

A song worth singing
What you want to happen does not happen, and it does not happen for weeks and
months. And your mood takes a downward plunge, and you start thinking that this
does not feel good at all…

And then, one morning, something clicks – the way it sometimes does – and you
decide to ignore the bad stuff, to downplay all negative things in your life – for just
that day – to walk away from the negative folks who say that the planet is going to
hell in a handbasket, who say that there isn't enough food and so many people are
going hungry and this Christmas is really going to be bad… And soon, another
connected person walks into your life, no matter the circumstances, and the good
vibey feeling comes back along with the little signs that you're getting it right. And
the serendipities start up again, and it becomes a song worth singing…

And every time this happens, you become more convinced that YOU are the big
cheese in your life, the ringmaster, and the only one who can get so plugged into
Source that you fly like an eagle, day after day.

Your arrival at this place in your life is a barometer of your self love – this is a
valuable place which is the door to the rest of your life – it is your song, your lyrics,
your music. It makes it possible for your connection to Source to become a daily

Your song is worth singing – loudly.

Against the wind
Today, driving on the coastal road, I looked out to sea and saw a small boat, its sails billowing
on the big blue – and I thought about how we sail against the wind to attain something,

Living in an apparently uncertain dangerous world, according to our human thinking, we

learned all kinds of coping mechanisms to make our way, attain our dreams, make our plans
work out. One of them is "making it happen". Pushing through obstacles, blindly tilting at
windmills, wearing ourselves out in the effort to make it happen, leaning against the obsta-
cles, making it right against the odds. And the prize at the end of this particular rainbow has
always been – what? A sense of achievement for only so long, the emptiness of a goal
achieved, leaving us hungering after something that will fill the void inside us. Ever heard of
the term "burn out?" Nothing left to give, worn out, tired of pushing and it all gets too much.

Beyond these superficial goals, lie our heart goals –those things that we access when we
allow ourselves to step back for a minute, lower the sails, turn away from sailing against the
wind and allow our boat to drift with the current.

There are people who are proud of their ability to buck the system, resist and persist and
achieve a goal, all through pushing and striving and effort. I say that a goal achieved that
way breeds more resistance, more pushing, harder and harder resistance because the
ESSENCE OF YOUR BEINGNESS during your process of attainment is one of resistance, of
pushing obstacles out of the way, instead of stepping back and having one thing as your
goal – the feeling and true sense of being in alignment, at a place of non resistance, a place
of allowing life to be what it is while you focus on creating YOUR life from a place of knowing
that –

1. You create your life

2. You control your life
3. You have the key to all change in your life
4. All confrontation between you and another is YOU struggling against a part of yourself
that you can heal
5. The negative part of yourself, those characteristics that you do not want to know about,
are part of your Shadow self, and those characteristics can be integrated in who you really
are …

You are a shining, expanded, loving, abundant creator – get used to the idea and that is how
you will start experiencing yourself!

Cape of storms
Cape of Storms. Swirling waters where a thousand ships went down, on a night, perhaps,
similar to last night, here at the very point of Africa. This most beautiful of coastlines
witnessed the end of the dreams of many, many people, where two oceans meet.

Looking out at another stormy day, I thought of dreams. Lost dreams, forgotten dreams,
dreams that we had for ourselves and gave up on. Which led to our believing that we
were living in a universe that was dangerous, that we had to look out for ourselves, that
there is – above all – lack in this world. Far too little to go around for all of us, leading to
jealousy and possessiveness that made us feel unworthy, every time they cropped up.

Abraham say that we are not broken. And I choose to believe this. I choose to believe that
nothing needs to be fixed, that we create every single second of our experience on this
beautiful planet, that there is enough to go around for all of us, and then some. That we
can hold a vision of an earth that is green and beautiful and friendly and safe.

And above all, that dreams don't have to die. Your Inner Being is steering you to safe
waters, if you would only believe. If you would start by giving yourself permission to even
entertain that concept, you already start the process towards your bridging the gap
between who you are and who you are becoming. And truly, it is a process, like the Law
of Attraction, which just is – it happens quietly, inexorably, moving you to the realization
of those dreams that you have given up on, those childhood wants that everyone
dissuaded you were silly, that relationship that you never thought would come into your
life, the abundance which you never thought you would see.

If you look out across the choppy waters of your life, keep your eyes fixed on the horizon.
Lock on to your safe shore and let nothing dissuade you from knowing, always knowing,
that only you can create in your reality, that the advice of others only pertains to them-
selves, that in the end, you are strong enough to withstand all the storms, even if you
think you are not right now. That you manifest all the help that is coming to you now,
that you manifested this message and the people you are attracting into your life, right
now, to see you through this stormy night.

You are never alone. You are never lost.

Get used to the idea.

Alignment and knowing when to let go
We have all been in a situation where something that felt good before, just does not feel
that good any longer – be it a relationship, an event which we used to enjoy, a state of
beingness, a physical location, etc.

We need to remember that as energetic beings in a time of rapid change and evolvement,
as we move toward Oneness, our energy, our vibrational level is constantly changing and
evolving too. One morning we wake up and things are different. We do a workshop and
return to an unfamiliar house, unfamiliar people. Our outer reality has not yet caught up
with our inner change.

In the reality system that we have created, things and people don’t go poof and disappear
simply because we are no longer vibrational matches to them. They linger and change and
don’t feel good any more and we start thinking that we did something wrong (which is our
first choice whenever things seem to have gone wrong – “what did I do wrong?” )
Then we try to force them to work. We start reading books and go to counseling and go
see a psychic and we turn ourselves into pretzels to figure out what we did wrong.

What if we did nothing wrong? What if we simply need to learn to let go? What if we
simply need to know that things disappear when the lesson has been learnt and the
teacher must be released?

We go “Oh no I promised her to be by her side forever, how am I ever going to forgive
myself for this. ” We say “ This job gives me security, I can’t do without my salary.”
We suffer and pine and figure and try and make ourselves miserable. We, who are vibrating
at a higher level than before, stoop down to drag the disappearing
friend/lover/job/life/house/whatever back into our lives. And that is what feels so bad –
lowering our vibration.

How about spreading your wings and allowing yourself to drop off that cliff into the pure
sweet air of the high mountains? Would you believe me if I told you that you will be
caught? That you cannot hurt yourself even if you are so scared it keeps you awake nights?
Fly, follow those dreams, dare to be yourself – and know that you will always be moving
away from things and events and people that you have outgrown, that it is very rare for
any two people to remain a vibrational match unless they grow at the same speed and in
the same direction.

You were never intended to remain glued together. You were intended to meet and love
and teach and say goodbye and fly away, happy and eager for more. You were intended to
be as free as the wind.

So think about that problem – does it still look the same?

Be visible
It's another amazing summer's day in my little corner of paradise – and I am so grateful to
be here.
In this world of negative co-creation, of discarded dreams and broken relationships, we
need to remember that we are the light – we need to remember that we are counted on to
tip the balance of creation from lack, scarcity, hopelessness to hope, knowing that we can
do it, knowing that we ARE doing it – we are adding to the light, every time we smile, every
time we do an act of random kindness, every time we touch someone with love, every time
we remain quiet instead of lashing out, every time we concentrate on our own alignment
instead of criticizing someone else, every time we realize that to change this world, we
need to change ourselves first. We are adding to the light when we turn away from
negativity, when we refuse to become involved in it, when we focus on what we want more
of instead of what we would rather not have in our lives.

When something good happens to you, talk about it! When you feel good, say it! When you
love, show it! Give your love without reservation, realizing that love given unconditionally
is always its own reward – focus on the person you want to be, and you will attract others
of like mind to yourself. Hug your child, live today consciously, treat yourself to small
delights, refuse point blank to do anything that does not feel good to you – and this, I think
is the key to remaining in alignment … when you KNOW that what you are about to do
does not resonate with you, when it feels in the least bit uncomfortable, know that your
doing it is taking you away from this place of bliss.

Make yourself your focus – and know that by doing this, you are empowering yourself to
help others… because you simply cannot help from a place of scarcity and lack. Make
friends with yourself, - do not ask yourself to tolerate something that you would never wish
on your worst enemy – live mindfully, consciously, with an open heart.

Be visible – be the light.

~ 10 ~
Living out loud –
dismantling the blocks in your way!
We all want better lives. We want to be able to think clearer, act more appropriately, feel
better, and see more abundance in our lives.

I have been wondering which analogy to use to illustrate the awesome power that we have
in the creation of our lives, every waking and sleeping moment that we are alive in these
bodies on this wonderful planet. And I think the analogy of us as painters, artists, is the
most apt and useful one for us to use here.

See yourself standing in front of a blank canvas, brush in hand. The easel is at the right
height, the room has enough light, and you are ready to go.

Your thoughts go to colour. Which colours do you use? And this is where the analogy is the
most striking – the colours you use will affect your WHOLE CANVAS, the whole painting. It
will turn it into a mudpool of depressing colours, slapped on any old how, something you
would rather not have on your walls, a painting that drags your spirit down and of course
the drab colours will affect the WHOLE PAINTING.

In this way, imagine what happens when you choose your colours with care, reflecting
carefully about what you want to portray, consciously creating a picture that will reflect
who you really are, that will reflect joy and YOU in all your myriad facets!

In exactly this way, the vibrational level that you occupy most of the time is equal to the
colours you choose, and the canvas represents your life, the one you live every single day,
and of course also your development and expansion as creative being. AND it will affect
every single object or person that you include in your painting – and so, in this way,
everything and everyone around you is affected by your vibrational level. People appear
happier, life is easier, things just happen beautifully. Imagine what we can do to change the
world in this personal way! When we understand that this is in our power to do, that we can
touch the lives of others simply by being our best selves, then we understand also that
nagging others to change themselves so we can be happy is not necessary at all. All we
need to do it to change ourselves, choose our colours with care, and do our best painting.
No one is expecting a masterpiece – in fact, everything that we do, everything that we give
our attention to (even the drab paintings) are creations of ours that allow us to shine (or
not) on others.

Let us live out loud, firstly simply because we are here, and then, because we can.

~ 11 ~
I sometimes wonder whether I could be the exception to the workings of the Law of
Attraction, like why couldn't it be someone else's fault that I am having these money
hassles right now? Why couldn't it be someone else who is inflicting stuff on me and I am
simply the innocent victim which I sooo much want to be… I try to think my way out of it,
try to sidestep the knowledge that I cannot experience anything which I am not a vibrational
match to.

And why isn't there a trick, a quick fix, someone who I could call and who would come and fix
it all for me in a jiffy? Someone who would make me tea and tell me it's all fine and hold me
while I cried the tears of an abandoned child – which is what I feel like at times like this, and
which is probably part of an old memory of feeling homeless and loveless.

It appears, then, after hours of trying to think around corners, hours of wanting someone else
to be the cause of it all, hours of tears cried in desperation as I see my life story playing itself
out once again in my lack of money or my lack of love, that there is no exception, and that
there IS a quick fix, an easy way out – and that I can have it all happen by simply seeing it that

My money does not have to be shorter than my month, I do not have to find myself in a
situation in which I feel homeless and loveless – I can tell myself a happy tale and believe in
it… which is, I guess, the hard part. Since we so believe in what we see, since our belief in the
fact that we create what we see around ourselves has been part of us for such a short time in
comparison to our limiting beliefs which we have been working at for almost a lifetime, I
think gentle acceptance and tolerance of ourselves is the key here.

The kind of tolerance one would show to a feral cat which has come to one's house for food
and shelter, knowing somewhere in its wild heart that there is perhaps safety in the house
with the glowing windows during stormy nights. The kind of gentle acceptance that wildness
disappears in the face of love and simple allowing to be. That acceptance of the now and the
how-it-is is key to allowing the wild heart of the hurt and lost to finally realize that here is
home, here is safety.

That with every passing day, new habits can be learned, that tears are ok and feeling lost is
fine, because it does not have to remain that way. Ever.

And then comes new knowledge, knowledge that I was fine before, I can be again, I simply
need to see this as something that has to be lived so I can see daylight again. And with the
first thought of a new day, sunrise starts.

~ 12 ~
Your secret voices – the colour of love
What would you wish for yourself if you could have it right now? The job you have been
wanting for so long? Your soul mate at last? Comfort at the passing of your mom? Sup-
port in a time of darkness and despair? Someone to dance with in your brightest time?
Just to know that you are heard and understood? Someone who would be frank and
open with you, telling it like it is?

Would you believe it if I told you that you have provided yourself with a thousand
voices, countless messengers if you would but listen? That every single person in your
universe, from the stranger passing you in the street to your partner coming home
tonight, is you living yourself in countless varied ways? That their words hold truths for
yourself as they mirror you back to yourself… that their words may sometimes not be
what you want to hear but they are always who YOU are.

If you could suspend disbelief and for a day or so only, take note of your surroundings,
at the words of the song playing, the words of a stranger to you, their attitude to you,
the love given to you by your mate, by your pets, your children… listen to them, look at
them knowing that they are YOU, living through them, beaming back at you different
aspects of yourself, talking to you in words of comfort, support, love – and yes,
sometimes anger, fear and pain – but always holding a mirror up to yourself so that you
can see yourself clearly.

You are not alone – ever – you have provided yourself with the most amazing, most
loving support structure – YOU, as part of Source, as part of this totally unbelievably
numinous Energy that is Us at our best, our most creative, our most loving, our most
eternal… and our most human. We have a chance to live both as exalted and expanded
Humans and Our Higher Selves at the same time, the ability to live on several
dimensions at once – how amazing we are!

How amazing we are.

~ 13 ~
What your smile can do
The articles I write come to me from somewhere, Source, angels, who knows… but many
times they are just the overflowing of an unbearable happy heart, perhaps combined with
whatever information Source wants me to convey to you.

This morning, I could swear, it was sheer happiness, happiness at the bright beautiful day
out there, and the bright beautiful day in my heart.

And the thought of what we contribute to the lives of each other has been hounding me
since my first cup of tea. Not just occurring to me, as it does most of the time, but hounding
me. Hence these words.

I wonder if we have any idea what we, as lit lamps of Source, can contribute to the existence
of others. How much our love, our passing smiles, our one little friendly word can do to turn
a life around, coming as it does at just the right time to do so. We look out for angels, look
all over for evidence of the love that we are, but all we need to do is look the mirror to find
the angel who is with us all the time.

Look in your mirror, look deep into your eyes, past the limitations you have been seeing in
yourself all your life, and look straight through to the being of light that you are. Look at the
changes you have created in the lives of others, look at the fact that your mere existence is
proof of the fact that God cares – He cares enough to have brought you forth from His
immense love for all.

You are the blessing you are looking for, the blessing that you have been hoping for, the
touch of love and kindness that you have been looking for in others. You have the capacity
to love wordlessly, simply, by touching someone for a second, smiling for a minute, and
putting your arms around someone who needs you. We are conscious creators, yes, we are
power and truth and light and creation and so much more, but we are also angels, pure
love incarnate, the song of the Universe on the lips of God.

You can create heaven on earth, a changed world, just by focusing on being happy and
finding that angel in You, the one being of light and love that you have been overlooking all
this time.

You truly are a gift to all.

With deep love and gratitude to the angels in my life.

~ 14 ~