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Senate Monthly Report: Bill Allocation

Report Month: February

Report Provided by Finance Committee

Legislation Facts:
Bill Number Allocation Prime Sponsor Decision Votes*
20.023 $ 265.00 Senator Bruckner Approved 11-0-0
20.024 $2,528.88 Senator Jackson Approved 9-1-0
20.025 $1,530.00 Senator Gepford Approved 10-0-0
20.026 $ 335.00 Senator Won Approved 10-0-0

Total Bills Proposed Total Bills Approved

4 4
Total Amount Proposed Total Amount Allocated
$4,658.88 $4,658.88

*Votes: Three numbers under ‘Votes’ consists of three different meanings. The first number represents the number of
supporting votes cast by the Senators. The middle number represents the number of opposing votes for a Bill. Finally, the last
number represents the number of abstaining votes made by the Senators.
Statement of Facts:
Bill 20.023: The FSC Open House targets current, future, and new WSUV students to come and
participate in a series of activities that will occur on March 10th in the commons. This event will
promote the usage of the commons by students who may otherwise not utilize this building. A multitude
of tournaments are being planned for students to participate in and there will also be food provided for
those who attend.

Bill 20.024: The event will be an opportunity for student, faculty and members of the community to
learn about history of boarding schools in Native American culture. Through firsthand accounts from
guest the speakers, attendees can gain perspective on how these policies affected the Native
communities of our region.

Bill 20.025: Cougs got Culture is an event that is meant to expose the campus community to the diverse
cultural backgrounds of the students on campus. This event will enrich our community by allowing
local and international students to present their cultural backgrounds. Cougs got Culture has taken place
for three years – each year has shown success and growth. Advertisements will be done via tabling, A-
frames and flyers.

Bill 20.026: The Latino Association is planning to provide another forum for the purpose of bringing
professors and students together to discuss life-challenging experiences, career paths, and other topics
related to minority students on campus. While this event focuses on those specific subjects, the event
itself is open to the public just as the last event. The last event successfully generated positive feedback
from both professors and students who participated. Approximately 45 students participated at the last
event and the Latino Association wants to expand this opportunity to more students on campus. There
will be four current WSUV professors with minority backgrounds participating in this event to help lead
the panel and small group discussions. Furthermore, after the event, students will have time to talk to the
professors on one-on-one basis if interested. Also, there will be light refreshments provided for all
individuals participating.

Please contact John Won, Chair of Finance Committee, regarding any concerns, comments, or questions
about this report or its content of the information.
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