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ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC, the International Cricket Council is the prime

body which governs the game of cricket world wide.
ICC organizes Cricket world cup every four year. The
world cup is 1 day matches in which each side has to
play 50 over.

Cricket is a game in which 11 players play on either

sides. Cricket has a long history. The first cricket
match, interestingly, was in USA.
However, the game became popular in England in
late 19th century. Earlier games were of longer
version where each side would get to play as long as
they can.
These are known as Test Match. The first such a test
match is known to be played between England and
Australia in 1877. To make game popular and
English counties started playing a short version of 60
overs for each side in 1960s. It became really

There is an interesting story of how the shorter

version became international. In 1971, England was
playing against Australia at Melbourne. That test was
almost washed away by rain. To compensate the loss
of spectators, the first short limited overs match was
arranged on the fifth day of that test match.
That triggered the revolution in cricket and 'One-Day
International’ a.k.a. ODI was born.
Later in 1975, the first World cup of ODI was
organized in England. 8 nations played out that
including 6 test playing nations and 2 qualifying teams
(Sri Lanka and East Africa).
The first ODI world cup was won by mighty West
Indies. Clive Lloyd's strong team defeated Australia
by 17 run at Lord's to lift the first world cup.

In 1979, a pre-qualifying tournament was organized

by ICC. Sri Lanka and Canada qualified to be
participants in 1979 world cup also held in England.
Lloyd's West Indies also won this 1979 edition by
beating England by 92 runs.

After the tournament, ICC proclaimed that such world

cup will be held every four years.

During 1979 through 1983, Sri Lanka became the test

playing nation.
Zimbabwe qualified to play in the 1983 world cup.
This was a revolutionary world cup in many ways. The
first time, 30 yards circle was introduced. 4 fielders
were supposed to be inside this circle. India,
considered dark horse, went on to win this world cup
by defeating West Indies by 43 runs. Indian captain
Kapil Dev's 175 against Zimbabwe was a highlight of
this tournament.
The following three cups were won by different
countries. 1987 cup was won by Alan Border’s
Australia by 7 runs in an exciting encounter.

England was again defeated in 1992 world cup by

Imran Khan’s Pakistan team by 22 runs.

1996 World Cup was very happening. First, a few

teams refused to play matches in host Sri Lanka.
Second, Sri Lanka came up with a concept of hitting
the ball over 30 yards circle to get more runs in the
first 15 overs when the fielding restrictions were in
force. Sanath Jayasurya started this trend in a big
way. As an irony, Australia met Sri Lanka in the final
played at Lahore. Sri Lanka defeated Australia by 7
wickets. The due factor affected famed spinner of
Australia in the day-night final match at Lahore.

Australia won the next 3 world cups. Australia

defeated Pakistan in 1999. In 2003, India reached
final again after 1883 and went down to Australia’s
mighty score of 359. Australia took the revenge of
1996 world cup by defeating Sri Lanka in the 2007
world cup final.

The 10th World Cup is in progress hosted by India, Sri

Lanka, Bangladesh.