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Para 1 Location of pickup site (grid coordinates) Para A Location of Enemy (grid coordinates)
Para 2 call sign, suffix and radio freq of troops at pick up site Para B Description of Enemy, brief Number, Type and Activity
Para 3 Number of patients by precedence Para C Time of Sighting / Contact
Urgent (#): Save life, limb, and eyesight. Evacuate less 2hrs Para D Own Intentions / Actions
Priority (#): Evacuate within 4 hrs.
Routine (#): Evacuate within 24 hrs SITREP
Tactical Immediate (#): Evacuate as soon as possible
Para 4 Special equipment required
Para A Enemy Situation
Para B Friendly Forces Situation
-Stokes litter; or Para C Administration
-Forest or jungle penetrator. Para D Miscellaneous / General
Para 5 Number of patients by type
-(#)Litter; and LOC STAT
-(#) Ambulatory (incl. sitting). LOCATION STATUS REPORT
Para 6 Security of Pickup Site Para A Own Location (grid coordinates)
-No enemy troops in the area; Para B (If in movement) Moving to (grid coordinates)
-Possible enemy troops in the area (approach with caution); Para C (If in movement) ETA (estimated time of arrival at dest)
-Enemy troops in the area (approach with caution);
-Enemy troops in the area (armed escort required); or FIRE MISSION
Para 7 Method of marking pickup site.
-Tree branches, pieces of wood or stones placed together. Para A Msn (Fire for Effect / Adjust Fire / Immediate Suppression)
-Signal lamp or flashlight; Para B Target Location (grid coordinates or preset location no or
-Vehicle lights; name or LEFT, RIGHT, DROP, ADD from previous target)
-Open flame; Para C Target Description (Type, Quantity, Size, Protection level)
-Panels; Para D Effect to Target (Neutralize, Smoke, Blind, Destroy, Illum)
-Pyrotechnic signal; Para D Fire Control (from … to …., now for X minutes, on order)
-Smoke signal;
-Signal person; or MORT REP / SHELL REP / BOMB REP
-Strips of fabric of parachute. ENEMY INDIRECT FIRE REPORT
Para 8 Patient’s nationality and status. Para A C/S of unit under indirect fire
Canadian military; Para B Own Location(grid coordinates)
Canadian civilian; Para C Direction to flash / bang (Bearing in Mils)
Non-Canadian military; Para D Time Start
Non- Canadian civilian; or Para E Time End
Prisoner of War.
Para F Area under indirect fire
Para 9 NBC contamination (include only if applicable)
Para G Means of Delivery (Types of Guns, Aircraft, etc.)
Para H Type of Fire (Harassment, Adjusting, Bombardment…)
Para I Quantity and Type of Ammunition (If known)
Para J Delay between flash and bang
Para K Damage Caused
Para L Remarks / Other Info