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Media – Music Video Representation

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Key words:

• Model

• Seductive

• Saucy

• Simple/minimalistic

• Upbeat

• Confident

• Clean
The lighting and simple background, and the greyscale effect, are the driving
forces behind the distinctiveness and uniqueness of the video. Her dress is
based off a dancer’s outfit, and is also very simple. Dance move are suggestive
and somewhat lustful, and despite the simplicity of the video, with nothing much
going on in the background, and no flashing lights, the video is very upbeat and
Beyonce – Halo
Key Words:

• Innocent

• Clean

• Lover

• Slower music video

• Strong beats and rhythm

• Elegant

• Well-cultured

• Bright
In this music video, she is wearing more “normal” clothes, and the background is
also more like an everyday setting. Lots of sunshine to brighten up the video,
giving it a clean, positive look. The cuts and camerawork are quite calm and
slow. She is represented as an elegant, pure, educated, well-cultured woman.
She has a simple hairstyle, little makeup, very calm and clean movements and
interaction. There is also a slight narrative, but not too much.
Beyonce – Crazy in Love
Key words

• Promiscuous

• Seductive dance moves

• Very “revealing” clothing

• Upbeat

• Party
Many commonly seen scenes. The fire hydrant bursting and water raining down
is a common “party” image. Clothing is simple and “revealing”, and many dance
moves, especially at the beginning, were seductive and “floozy”. Very upbeat and
high energy, many camera cuts and scene changes.
Lady Gaga – Telephone
Key words

• Naughty

• Abstract, somewhat conceptual

• Lots of makeup

• Abnormal, “artistic” attire and props

• Many uncanny scenes

Very energetic video. Many weird images and ideas. Abstract clothing, makeup,
props, and scenes. Promiscuous once again, somewhat “slutty” characters.
Quick scene changes and camera cuts. Many different and awkward scenes.
Some images and the editing style may have been inspired by old style
cowboy/desert films or media (Yosamite Sam springs to mind), and also avant-
garde art.
Why is Beyonce represented in different ways in her videos?
The “characters” that she plays in the music
videos tend to depend on what the lyrical
content of the song is like, or what the song is
about. For example, both “All The Single Laides”
and “Crazy in Love” have more wild and raunchy
themes, and “Crazy in Love” represents her as a
“bad”, gangster styled woman. “Halo” is more of
a love song, and there are no sexual themes, at
least not explicitly demonstrated. In Lady Gaga’s
“Telephone” a different approach was taken, and In “Crazy In Love”, she is shown wearing very
she is represented as an extravagantly dressed casual, revealing clothes, with suggestive
thief, because the music video had a more dance moves
distinct narrative.

Different audiences have to be accounted for. Some may enjoy the “sexier”, “wilder”
Beyonce, whilst others prefer the softer, more
innocent side of her. The audience seeks out their
“needs”, and their needs are “gratified” through
these representations.

It is also interesting to note that Beyonce claims to

have created an alter-ego known as “Sasha Fierce”,
which she describes is “fun, more sensual, more
aggressive, more outspoken side and more
The music video for “Single Ladies” is simple glamorous side” of herself.
and clean-cut, shot in black and white,
featuring very dynamic and sensual dance By representing her in many different ways, many
moves, and again, somewhat provocative different audiences
clothing. are catered for, and
the “scope” of her
fans is widened. Her
media reaches more people. This obviously brings more
publicity, and more revenue for the media companies
behind this.

It is also important for Beyonce’s reputation and how

people perceive her as a celebrity and a person. If she is In “Halo”, she wears less makeup,
only represented as a wild, somewhat “slutty” female, and “everyday” clothing, and is shown to be
nothing else, then audiences who do not appreciate this a more gentle, loving woman.
type of media will dislike her, being given the idea that
she may be a “bad influence”, or a “dirty” girl.

However, by “mixing in” other representations, showing the softer, more gentle and
polite side of Beyonce, different representations will suit different people’s needs, and
people will be less inclined see her as a “dirty” woman, but just a person with different
Extravagant clothing

“Gangster”, bad girl

Fast paced song

Very “dynamic”
camera work

Fast paced song

Upbeat song

Simple and clean-cut


Slower camera work,

but dynamic dancing

Sensual dance moves

Clothing is