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Volume LXI No. 9 “Let me make the newspapers, and I care not what is preached in the pulpit or what is enacted in Congress” –– Wendell Phillips Wednesday, March 2, 2011

North Hill bids

come up empty
By Justin Graeber, Clipper Editor was awarded to another firm.
Johnson had run the course
The North Hill saga has for over a decade prior to that.
taken another unexpected Judge Herman Smith of Mid-
turn, as Duxbury received no dlesex Superior Court granted
response to its invitation to a preliminary injunction to
bid on the management of the Johnson, allowing him to run
nine-hole, municipally-owned the course based on the old
golf course. contract until the suit was re-
Even getting to the point solved.
of rebidding the contract was a As the legal battle dragged
fight for the town. The course on, however, the town had the
has been run under a court or- preliminary injunction vacated
der since 2008, when Doug in November of last year and A SHOW OF TUNES: Pam Walsh, Pam Smith and Barbara Clifford sing during the adult open mic
Johnson of Johnson Golf Man- night, held at the Ellison Center for the Arts on Friday night. The event, “Art Unplugged,” was a col-
agement sued after a contract continued on page 12 laboration between the Duxbury Art Association and The South Shore Conservatory. Photo by Justin Graeber

A peek behind the curtain

Board of SelectmEn give...

Taking a closer look at the PAC with the director Thumbs up for
historic districts
By Justin Graeber, Clipper Editor

uxbury is abuzz
with talk of a By Susanna Sheehan, Clipper Staff Appointed by selectmen
school build-
in 2009, this seven-member
ing project that may bring A proposal to create the committee led by Jim Hart-
a new co-located middle first-ever local historic dis- ford identified three separate
school/high school to town. tricts in Duxbury has received historic districts in Duxbury
But seven years ago, anoth- the support of the Board of Se- containing 14 properties. All
er school project was at the lectmen. property owners are willing
center of a fierce debate. Article 31 asks voters to participants in the districts,
In 2001, voters were pre- adopt a new section of the said Hartford.
sented with several school general bylaws, Chapter 12, A local historic district
projects bundled together. known as the local historic can be one or more buildings,
In addition to expansions district bylaw. properties or sites that have
at Alden and Chandler ele- Article 31 is sponsored been designated by the town
mentary schools, there was PAC Manager Tony Kelso stands in the auditorium. Kelso has by the Local Historic District and state as historically or ar-
worked at the building since its opening seven years ago.
continued on page 14 Study Committee.
continued on page 6

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Duxbury Almanac
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The March 9 issue of the
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nual survey of the top 100 Fri. Mar. 4 11:03 a.m. 11:25 p.m. 5:14 a.m. 5:39 p.m.
ESJWFXBZTtQBSLJOHMPUTtTUPOFESJWFXBZTtTFBMDPBUJOHtGSFFXSJUUFOFTUJNBUFT salaries in town, as well as Sat. Mar. 5 11:40 a.m. 11:59 p.m. 5:53 a.m. 6:13 p.m.
our article-by-article, plain
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Sun. Mar. 6
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12:16 p.m. -- 6:31 a.m. 6:48 p.m.
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AND NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS ing. The next town-wide
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by March 16. Wed. Mar. 9 1:44 a.m. 2:10 p.m. 8:27 a.m. 8:40 p.m.
Thurs. Mar. 10 2:23 a.m. 2:53 p.m. 9:10 a.m. 9:23 p.m.

All you can eat Fri. Mar. 11 3:06 a.m. 3:41 p.m. 9:57 a.m. 10:10 p.m.
Thurs. Mar. 3
Sunrise Sunset
6:15 a.m. 5:34 p.m.
Come enjoy all you can eat
Fri. Mar. 4 6:13 a.m. 5:36 p.m.
at the Cornerstone Lodge, 585
Washington St. on Sunday, Sat. Mar. 5 6:11 a.m. 5:37 p.m.
March 6 from 8-11:30 a.m. Sun. Mar. 6 6:10 a.m. 5:38 p.m.
The menu includes scrambled Mon. Mar. 7 6:08 a.m. 5:39 p.m.
eggs, home fries, bacon, sau- Tues. Mar. 8 6:07 a.m. 5:40 p.m.
sage, toast, English muffins,
baked beans, juice and coffee Wed. Mar. 9 6:05 a.m. 5:41 p.m.
as well as pancakes and French Thurs. Mar. 10 6:03 a.m. 5:43 p.m.
toast cooked to order. All this Fri. Mar. 11 6:02 a.m. 5:44 p.m.
for only $7 per adult, $6 for
seniors, and $5 for children 12 ALAN HURLEY 8F"DDFQU
and under. Please bring in can
tabs to benefit Shriner’s Hos-
The Pulitzer Prize Winning Broadway Show Absentee ballots for FROM ICE DAMMING AVAILABLE
Directed by Bill Gardiner the town election tBMBO!BMBOIVSMFZSPPmOHDPN
Absentee ballots for the
Performances Duxbury Town Election on REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS

March 4th & 5th, 11th & 12th at 8PM March 26 will be available at No real estate transactions this week.
Cornerstone Lodge 585 Washington Street Duxbury the town clerk’s office in the
next couple of weeks. Once POSTAL STATEMENT
the ballots are available, voters The Duxbury Clipper is
BAY PLAYERS THEATRICAL SEASON can fill out an absentee ballot published weekly by
The Man Who Came to Dinner - JUNE application and vote in person Clipper Press, 11 So.
Sylvia - JULY from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Mon- Station Street, Duxbury,
Into the Woods Teen Musical - AUGUST day, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday MA 02331. Periodical
through Thursday and from 8 postage permit
Breath of Spring - NOVEMBER
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Friday. (USPS#163-260) paid at
Voters may also request a bal- Duxbury, MA.
Tickets 781-361-2453 lot be mailed to them. Please POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Duxbury Clipper make your request in writing at PO Box 1656, Duxbury, MA 02331.
or fill out the application at the
clerk’s office. Remember to
provide your mailing address. ON-SITE COMPUTER REPAIR
The Studio The Studio The Studio Please call the office if you are
coming between noon and 1
p.m. For questions, call 781-
Night And Weekend Appointments Available
934-1100 x150. 
Please note – there is no
absentee voting for the Town ents
Meeting on March 12, 2011. New Cli $25
iv e
Rece Visit!
You must be a registered voter
and present at the meeting in
order to vote.
$BMMGP 781-934-0144

Caring for Animals on the South Shore

since 1985
Mariposa has added a new dimension to their collection of distinctive
serving and entertaining giftware; and just in time for the wedding season.

“Sueño is a dream”... A dream depicting sun reflecting on drops of water AFTERNOON TEA
cast up by crashing waves. Sueño is the perfect compliment to “Seaside”
and “String of Pearls”. Fashioned and created by hand, Mariposa re-cycled CELEBRATION TEAS
metalware is both elegant and casual and is always a most cherished gift. LIGHT LUNCH
J AN BU T T E RWO RT H • 781- 582- 9766
Richard & Linda Quigley
(508) 747-1221 • In-home Daily Care of your animals of all types
• Dog Walking & Playtime
$EPOT3TREET $UXBURYs  Featuring:
Hours:5VFT'SJBNQNt4BUBNQN TREGOTHNAN ESTATE TEAS • Post-surgical care offered:
The Studio will be closed Mondays in March ‘the only tea grown in England’ an injections, bandage changes, meds given
exceptionally unique gift! Assoc. & Bachelors of Science in Animal Science
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Selectmen support bylaw petition article on outbuildings

By Susanna Sheehan, Clipper Staff what she considers the Plan- kept them together. Planning Board and sent to the Dahlen and Sullivan voted ning Board’s new interpreta- He said he did not have any ZBA. not to support Article 34. Do-
One resident’s quest to tion of the current definition of proof of accessory structures Dahlen did not support Ar- nato voted in favor of it.
clarify the zoning bylaw’s def- accessory structures in 2009 with finished living space be- ticle 34, saying the Planning Selectmen were receptive
inition of an accessory struc- when she designed a detached ing turned into illegal dwelling Board had an opportunity to to the idea of creating a com-
ture has received support from garage for a client that con- units but asked anyone with better define what constitutes a mittee to study the issue of ac-
the Board of Selectmen. tained studio space and an ex- this information to come for- dwelling in an accessory struc- cessory structures with living
Tremont Street resident ercise room and was told that ward. ture, such as adding language space, but Dahlen said some-
Jessica Williams has submit- the town no longer permitted The Planning Board did prohibiting plumbing, heat- thing must be done now to the
ted a citizen’s petition article these types of structures. Wil- not support Article 33 and has ing, or kitchenettes, etc, but it bylaw so residents know what
to the annual Town Meeting liams appealed the Planning submitted its own article, Ar- didn’t take that opportunity. they can and cannot build.
that seeks to update the town’s Board’s decision to the ZBA “A broader based commit-
description of accessory struc- and won. “I don’t remember seeing guest houses that look like tee is a good suggestion, but in
tures, which are detached ga- A committee consisting of the meantime, we need some
both Planning Board and ZBA
single family homes.” clarity,” he said.
rages or sheds, guesthouses or
artist’s studios, to name a few members determined that the – Tom Broadrick
examples. town’s building inspector had
Article 33 adds language been misinterpreting the by- ticle 34, to clear up the defini-
to the bylaw that allows an ac- law when he allowed accesso- tion of accessory structures. is Coming to
cessory structure to have fin- ry structures to have finished This article states that an
ished living space inside it but living space, she said. accessory structure is not to be The Sun Tavern
not be considered a “dwelling “I disagree with that,” used in whole or in part as a February 25th - March 8th
unit.” According to Williams, said Williams. “This has been dwelling.
the state building code defines a common practice for de- Planning Director Tom In honor of Mardi Gras, in addition to its regular menu,
cades.” Broadrick said the Planning
The Sun Tavern will be featuring some fantastic New Orleans
dwelling unit as building hous- inspired specials expertly prepared by our own New Orleans-
ing a single family. Accessory structures add Board has been seeing acces- trained chef Ken Wisneski.
“These [accessory struc- tax revenue without additional sory structures that are larger
tures] are used by homeown- burdens to town services, said than in the past and this con- And on Fat Tuesday
ers and do not meet the defi- Williams. She refuted the idea cerned them. in addition to our regular menu, we will be featuring
nition of a dwelling unit,” said that allowing living space in “I don’t remember seeing a special New Orleans style Prix Fixe menu.
Williams. an accessory structure will guest houses that look like sin-
gle family homes,” Broadrick
If you’re lucky you might even get some famed Mardi Gras
beads!!! Look for the white ones.
“This has been a common practice for decades.” said.
The Planning Board be- More details and menus will be coming soon.
– Jessica Williams lieves there should be no living Make your Mardi Gras reservations early.
space in a detached structure
Selectmen Chairman mean double density because, because this could lead to it be-
Shawn Dahlen and Select- she said, that means an illegal ing used as a permanent dwell-
man Betsy Sullivan voted to apartment. ing and create double density. Restaurant and Bar
support Article 33. Selectman “Accessory structures do Broadrick said he thought that
Christopher Donato was not in not create rental units,” said any application for an acces- 500 CONGRESS STREET, DUXBURY, MA 02332
favor. Williams. “The only way to sory structure with finished 781-837-1027
According to Williams turn an accessory structure into space should be denied by the
there is no intention in the by- double density is to cheat, and
law change to create double by denying accessory struc-
density, or two single family tures with living space, the 35 Depot Street 781-934-2863
homes on one lot, but to allow Planning Board is assuming Duxbury Marketplace
homeowners the same rights that someone is going to cheat. (across from Tsang's) "FREE" Delivery in Duxbury!
they have had for years, which Presuming someone is going
have recently come into ques- to cheat is not good policy.”
tion by the Planning Board and Dahlen, a local builder,
the Zoning Board of Appeals.
These include being able
said he felt accessory struc-
tures with living space should
Less Stress, More Skiing!
to build an additional build-
ing on a property with finished
continue to be allowed. Years
ago, he built a garage with
Stock-Up on Easy Frozen Meals
space that is not considered
a dwelling because it has no
finished space over it for his
aging parents, and he said this
from Depot Street Market
stove, said Williams. was a better solution than add- See Our Entire Winter Menu at
Williams, an architectural ing on to his home, because
designer, said she encountered it gave his family privacy yet
Depot Street Rendezvous!

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Birdie for Books at the Duxbury Free Library

et the sun shine
in and play with
the Friends at
the Birdie for Books Mini GAS FITTING
Golf Event on March 20 at
the Duxbury Free Library. 781-389-5730
An afternoon of fun and
fundraising for the entire Brian Oriola • Master Lic.# 15412 • Marshfield, MA
community featuring 18
holes of mini golf, carnival
games and raffle items. En-
joy refreshments at our
19th hole café. The event
is hosted by the Friends of
We have
the Library from 11 a.m.
to 4 p.m. and all proceeds
Snow Throwers
will fund materials and
programs. For further de-
in Stock!
tails and to purchase tick- Visit us at
ets at $5 each or 5 for $20,
MON - SAT 8 to 5
visit the Web site duxfol.
TEE TIME WITH FRIENDS: Marshall Andrew, Scout Olney, Emma 638 Summer St. (Rt. 53) • Duxbury, MA 02332
org or contact Katy Hor- Drollett, Maeve Mitchell, Beth Yucious and Myles Andrew are prac-
gan at 781-934-0997. ticing their swings and showing their smiles for the Mini Golf Event 781-585-2175
at the Duxbury Free Library on Sunday, March 20.
Reservations Accepted Pick-Up & Delivery Available!

Coffee hour with Rep. Webster

State Representative Daniel Webster (R-Pembroke) will be
available to meet with constituents at Foodie’s Market in Hall’s
Corner on Friday, March 4, at 9 a.m. Appointments are not nec-
essary and all residents are welcome to come speak with the
Representative about issues of concern. If you have any ques-
tions, you may call Rachel Michael at Representative Webster’s
State House Office at 617-722-2487 or e-mail Rachel.Michael@

Sunday March 20th at Heaven on Earth

Angel Fair Meet LeNae Richard
Medical Assistant & Licensed
11:00 Doors open and registration Esthetician providing:
12:00-12:45 FREE Angel Meditation
1:00-4:00 Angel and Mediumship Readings, Microdermabrasion
Reiki Healings ($25 for 20 minutes) Chemical Peels & Micropeels
All Day: Shopping, Light Snacks and Facials
20% off Gift Certificates Latisse
Laser Hair Removal
Body Wraps

781-897-1444 Schedule a Cosmetic Consultation with LeNae
270 Washington Street, Rte. 53@ Utopia Place, Pembroke (508) 747-0711

Receive 10% Off

Service with this Ad

One Scobee Circle Chief Justice Cushing Highway

Unit 3 Suite 202
Plymouth, MA Cohasset, MA
508-747-0711 781-383-3340

South Shore Skin Center and Spa is one of Massachusetts’ most progressive dermatology
practices offering a wide range of medical, surgical and cosmetic services.
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A visit with Eddy Ramos Accepting New Patients

By Sarah Coughlin, Clipper Contributor
ddy Ramos has been
Duxbury’s Animal
Control Officer for
the past five and a half years.
An animal lover at heart, Ra- SLP Center provides quality, professional speech-lan-
guage and feeding therapy for children and adults in an
mos was fortunate to find an individualized and family-centered manner. Our speech
opportunity in Duxbury where pathologists utilize research-based therapies that may

he is in good company. We re-

include iOS devices (iPad/iPod) for speech, language,
fluency, social skills, motivation and communication.
cently caught up with him to
find out what’s going on with
all the animals in town. 781-293-7440
What does a typical day 500 Liberty St., Hanson, MA 02341
consist of? Well, it changes
day to day. First off, I take
care of the shelter. I take calls
about strays, injured wildlife, Animal Control Officer Eddy Ramos is “an animal lover at heart.”
wildlife in people’s homes. found a Tegu Monitor lizard licenses for dogs every year,
The day can vary so much it’s that escaped from someone’s with many unlicensed dogs Matthew T. Boynton D.M.D., P.C.
outrageous. home. We actually found the out there too. People are very Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
owner by posting a picture in into their pets here. 70 Court Street, Plymouth, MA 02360
Duxbury Animal
the Clipper. They called in and Have you ever been in-
Control Officer were reunited with their pet. jured or bitten while on the
Favorite Book: The Hunt for What is the most com- job? (knocks on wood, liter- ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE?
Red October mon call? Most of the time ally) I’ve had dogs try to bite Come see our modern mercury-free dental office.
Favorite Movie: The Green people call in about wildlife me, but it just didn’t work out We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, including crowns,
Mile on their property, such as rac- very well for them.
Person He Most Admires: His coons or skunks. People call What is the toughest part bridges, implants, whitening and more. Most dental
Dad about missing dogs. of your job? Taking time off. insurance plans are accepted. Although treatment is
Favorite Hobby: Poker What happens to strays I am on call 24 hours a day/7 never dictated by an insurance policy, our experience
whose owners never come days a week/ 365 days a year. has shown that benefits often can be maximized by
Pet Peeve: People with no
for them? We hold them for But, there really is no bad part.
common sense
14 days, and usually post fliers I love what I do. careful planning. As a courtesy to our patients our
in neighborhoods and a photo The best part? Helping friendly staff will work with you to fully utilize your
How many people work in the Clipper. We’ve returned the animals. benefits.
in the shelter? It’s just me a lot of pets to their owners Big Enough to Serve You…
and about three or four solid through the Clipper. After 14
volunteers, who are all amaz- days they are given a medi-
Small Enough to Care
ing. We couldn’t do it without cal and behavioral check and
them. We have a very good then placed up for adoption.
team. There’s no time period within
How did you become the which they must be adopted. Macdonald
Animal Control Officer? I We like to think we’re a little
worked at a humane society in different from other shelters & Wood
Boston for eight years, doing that way.
more technical rescue work as Do people call in with
opposed to shelter stuff. I then strange problems? We’ve had
started at a shelter in Pem- ducks in people’s fireplaces.
broke and while there Dux- How many animals can
bury’s shelter was being built.

the shelter accommodate?
I saw an opportunity to build No specific number, we figure DR. MATTHEW T. BOYNTON DR. STEPHANIE KIEFER
something really great here, it out. You have to make do. A Tufts University Dental School Tufts University Dental &
something that might make lot of it’s on-the-fly planning.

American Dental Association Periodontology School
other towns a little jealous. What percentage of Dux- MA Dental Association Board Certified Periodontist
What is the most unusu- bury residents own dogs? ADA, MDA
al animal you’ve ever dealt Cats? There’s no record for #!,,s  s4/$!9
( % ! ,4 ( - / . 4 ( 
with? In Duxbury? Well, I cats. There are roughly 2,000

( % ! ,4 ( - / . 4 ( 

bridging generations of smiles

orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents
and adults s Family compound on Powder Point! s 3BR home on lovely acre setting
R I D G I N G G E N E R A T I O N S O F S M I L E Ss Rare two parcel offering
CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS s Established neighborhood
Complimentary Consultations s Comfortable 6BR/2Bth Colonial s Finished LL family rm w/fireplace
Open Mon., Thurs., Fri. 8am-5pm s 2 room pool house with I/G pool s Great starter, retirement opportunity
Tues. 8am-1pm
A R Y C O N S U L T A T I O N S F O R O R T H O D O N T I C $1,300,000
Ts R EATMENT s $398,500
1510 Tremont Street, Duxbury, MA 02332
C H I LP hDo 1510
e: E
7 8N -,9 3A
1Tremont5 5O
8 3L E• Sw wCw E.Duxbury,
Street d rN
s hT
e eS
h a nA rN
t h oD
o MA o nA
t i cD
d02332 s . cU
omLTS 459 Washington Street. Duxbury. 781.934.2000
781-934-5583 Donna Wood Liz Bone Marcia Solberg Kristin Coppola Shawn Moloney Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.
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Board endorses historic districts Voted #1 in south shore for women’s formal attire, pageant,
Prom, theatre, cruisewear... we have it ALL!
continued from page one In 1991, an effort by the paint color, roofing materials,
chitecturally significant. A lo- Duxbury Historical Commis- landscaping, antennae, satel-
cal historic district offers the sion to establish a local histor- lite dishes, additions not seen
strongest form of protection ic district on High Street failed from a public way and interior
for the preservation of historic to receive a two-thirds major- renovations. Basketball and
structures important to a town’s ity vote at Town Meeting. tennis courts as well as hock-
history, because it can provide In addition to creating the ey rinks are not restricted as
protection from demolitions three local historic districts, long as they are not covered.
and inappropriate remodeling Article 31 also establishes the The Commission will review New spring clothing coming
and can help ensure that new bylaw that specifies what can proposals to change fencing,
structures are built to be com- and cannot be done to build- storm doors and windows and in daily... and TONS of
patible with existing buildings ings inside the district. These window air conditioning units. Prom gowns!
in the district. bylaws can be strict or lenient, Also, any new construction on
The first proposed dis- depending upon how they are vacant land in the districts will
trict, called the Winsor Local written. be subject to review.
Historic District, includes the Hartford said the proposed Hartford said the Local
Duxbury Rural and Histori- bylaw is “very lenient.” Historic District Commission
cal Society’s headquarters, “It is not particularly oner- can create more comprehen-
the 1807 Nathaniel Winsor Jr. ous in its restrictions,” he sive rules over time.
house on Washington Street said. Selectmen Chairman
as well as two other proper- The bylaw creates a five- Shawn Dahlen said he had
ties: the 1813 Seth Sprague Jr. member Local Historic Dis- read through the bylaw and
House, which has been divid- trict Commission, appointed only questioned the 60-day
ed into condos, and the 1780 by selectmen, that reviews time frame that the Local His-
Fitzgibbon house at the corner proposed changes to all exteri- toric District Commission had
of Mattakeeset Court. or architectural features visible to issued a written decision.
The second district, the from a public way on which Dahlen said he would like to
Bradford historic district, the property has frontage. The see that shortened.
includes seven buildings at Commission will review any Currently, Duxbury does
the Tremont end of Harrison planned additions, alterations not have a local historic dis-
Street. It consists of the Soci- or demolitions to the buildings trict but it does have a district
ety’s 1808 Gershom Bradford in the districts and will follow listed on the National Register
a procedure which includes of Historic Places. Find us on facebook
house at 931 Tremont Street
and its surrounding ten acres, reviewing the changes, deter-
the 1847 Captain Freeman mining if the changes warrant
Soule House at 987 Tremont a public hearing, holding the
Street, the 1831 Rev. Benjamin hearing, and then approving or
Kent House at 992 Tremont disapproving the proposal, as
Street, also known as the Par- well as giving reasons for the
ish House, the 1807 Captain denial. The Commission can
Gamaliel Bradford house at also give recommendations
942 Tremont Street, the 1890 when it issues a denial and it
house at 907 Tremont Street , is open to informal discussions
the 1832 Daniel Loring House with property owners who are
at 915 Tremont Street, also considering changes to their
known as the Parish House buildings.
and the 1808 Captain Daniel Hartford said the bylaw
Bradford House at 251 Harri- “recognizes that houses and
son Street. churches are fluid, dynamic
The third district consists properties” and that the intent
of the First Parish Church at of the bylaw is not to preserve
842 Tremont Street built in them “as a snap-shot in time”
1840. but to preserve the elements
Hartford told selectmen that contribute to the character
that his committee encouraged of the building and the over-
a “collaborative process” and all historical character of the
did not include any property town.
owner who did not want to be As written, the bylaw
part of the districts. does not govern items such as

On All Makes!
Or Buy New


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Selectmen tackle Mail-in dog license

renewals due
zoning articles Dog License issue is up to
date as of Monday, Feb. 28.
If you mailed in a license re-
By Susanna Sheehan, Clipper Staff newal and have not received Brian Molisse
your dog’s tag, the request Cell: 781-831-4754
The Board of Selectmen gave their recommendations on a was missing a check, updated
host of zoning and Planning Board articles Monday night. rabies certificate or self ad- Molisse Realty Group, LLC
dressed stamped envelope. 18 Snow Road, Marshfield
the board of selectmen... Contact the town clerk’s office
Phone: 781-837-5600
636 Middle Street, Weymouth

• The board voted 3-0 to approve Article 35, an amendment to the at 781-934-1100 x150 to ar- Phone: 781-331-3900

range for license issue.
Accessory Apartment bylaw that changes the waiting period to use
apartment addition to a single family home from five years to one
year. This is proposed by the Local Housing Partnership.
• Voted 3-0 not to support Article 36, a citizen’s petition by
Washington Street resident Nancy Lundgren written as a resolution
to support single density zoning. Selectmen said they supported
the concept and were against double density zoning but disagreed
with the second sentence of the article that stated that “Duxbury
has become home to double density sites in the past few years.”
• Voted 3-0 to support Article 37, a bylaw amendment that changes
the title of a guest house to a bed and breakfast but leaves the defi-
nition alone. The current bylaw describes a bed and breakfast but
the title doesn’t match the definition.
• Voted 2-1 to support Article 38, an amendment to the zoning
bylaw regulating lot coverage in neighborhood business districts.
The current bylaw allows fifty percent building coverage on a lot.
This proposal changes the site coverage to no more than 70 per-
cent, including building coverage set at 20 percent. Open space
coverage is set at 30 percent. A similar article has been in the
town meeting warrant for the last two years but voters did not get
a chance to act upon it as it was indefinitely postponed. Selectmen
Chairman Shawn Dahlen voted against this article.
• Voted 2-1 to support Article 39, a new definition of open space.
Selectmen Chairman Shawn Dahlen voted against recommending
this article.
• Voted 2-1 not to support Article 40, changes to the parking rules
and regulations. Selectmen Dahlen and Betsy Sullivan voted not to
support this article, while Selectman Chris Donato voted in favor
of it. This new section to the zoning bylaw requires all new parking
spaces to be paved and doesn’t allow gravel parking areas. Dahlen
and Sullivan did not agree with the larger sized parking spaces the
bylaw changes specifies.
• Voted 3-0 not to support Article 41 that eliminates “use vari-
ances” from the bylaw. Selectmen were concerned that this change
removes “potential flexibility” from the bylaw.
• Voted 3-0 to support Article 42, which is a citizen’s petition to
change the zoning of a portion of a 4-acre lot on Cape Verde Terrace
to residential from wetlands protection. Town officials have said
the zoning is incorrect and there are no wetlands on the property
where the zoning map identifies some. Owners Bill and Doreen
Driver sponsored this petition and they hope to split the lot into
two properties.
• Voted 3-0 to support Article 43, a citizen’s petition to have town
meeting accept Cushing Drive and Ice House Road as public ways.
The Planning Board is against this article, saying that there are still
eleven houses in this residential subdivision yet to be built and that
taking the roads as public ways could stick the town with the repair
bills if the road is damaged whenever the homes are constructed.
Dahlen felt that the town has protections in place for road repairs,
such as permits and performance bonds.


œ“i E
>À`i˜ *iÃÌ
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“Long Layer Cuts
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Spring Spruce-Up
While we’re all waiting for the snow to melt,
it’s time to book local landscapers to make your yard
beautiful this Spring. Call Garden Designs of Duxbury,
Gutter Helmet, Oliver’s Fine Gardens and Gifts,
The girls of Brownie Troop 80669 were thrilled to get a lesson in “Staying Safe” and a tour of the Duxbury Phillips Tree and Construction, Greenscape Designs,
Fire Department. Pictured with Deputy Chief Christopher West and Paramedic Michael Cardoza are Chase Ground Effects Landscaping or O’Connor Landscape.
Sampson, Gabrielle Barron, Paige Wanner, Kate Packard, Lily Watts, Callie Robbins, Mara MacKinnon,
Bennett Fraser, Olivia Kearns, Emma Collins, Audrey Mitchell, Laurel Massa, Abby Chase, Alex Floreano,
Izzy McNulty and special guest Brentan Watts. Support local businesses:
➢➢ Kyle Turner was named to
the dean’s list for the fall semes-
ter at New Hampshire Institute
of Art, where he is studying il-
lustration and painting.
Fine Art
➢➢ Nicole   A.   Striebel has Wedding Photography
been named to first honors and
Kathleen  V.   Brasington, has
been named to second honors
on the Clark University dean’s
list for the fall 2010 semester.
➢➢ John (Jack) Bostrom, a
senior at Gettysburg College,
has been named to the dean’s
list for the fall 2010 semester.
➢➢ Danielle Antonellis, a Duxbury Town Manager Richard MacDonald and Finance Director
junior majoring in civil engi- John Madden were special guests of the Senior Men’s Club meeting
neering, has been named to the at Miramar Center. Questions and discussion involved topics dealing
dean’s list at Worcester Poly- with town finances and the important decisions that will be deter- w w w. t r a c y s h e e h a n . c o m 781-585-7363
mined at Town Meeting. *
technic Institute for the fall Photo by Julius A. Prince, Jr.
2010 semester.
➢➢ Laura Walter has been
named to the dean’s list for the
fall semester at Roger Williams
University in Rhode Island.
➢➢ Kendall Johnson has been
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College of Liberal Arts and Sci-
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for the 2010 fall semester.
➢➢ Sarah Whipple and Bran-
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and Mary and Joseph Hehir of PLACED IN FEBRUARY & MARCH
➢➢ Mika Sage Sadowski Ben- Custom Window Treatments
nett was born in San Francisco,
Cal. on Feb. 10, 2011 to Shauna t6QIPMTUFSZ4MJQDPWFST
Sadowski and Louis Bennett. t4IVUUFST#MJOETt$VTUPN#FEEJOH
Louis, a 1999 graduate of Dux- $VTUPN'VSOJUVSF3VHT
bury High School, is the son of
Jeanne M. Penvenne and Nor- 8BTIJOHUPO4USFFUt4OVH)BSCPSt781.934.5455
man R. Bennett of Oak Street. 5VFT'SJt4BUOPPOt#ZBQQPJOUNFOU
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At our upcoming town meeting, we will be asked to support the purchase of the Blairhaven Retreat
property from our Community Preservation Act (CPA) fund. While we are large proponents of the
CPA program, and think the Community Preservation Committee does wonderful work on behalf of
Duxbury, this proposal is not appropriately planned prior to asking taxpayers to make this level of

If the purchase of Blairhaven was genuinely used as conservation land, or “open land” without ex-
panded parking, infrastructure, and other potential costs, it could be wonderful use of CPA funds. As
currently described, however, we are being asked to support the purchase now, and determine how
the property will be used at a later date. The number of potential “uses” is enormous, and the impli-
cations are just as broad. Why are we being asked to put the “cart before the horse”?

The town is being asked to spend $3.15 Million (more than is in the current CPA fund and requir-
ing us to borrow money) to buy a piece of property without a formal plan for its use. It is more than
reasonable for taxpayers to understand how the property will be used before spending the entire CPA
fund, borrowing $800K, and essentially eliminating our ability to make other purchases in the short/
medium term. This is not the environment to make “speculative” purchases and hope that good
judgment is used at a later date.

As noted above, the initial purchase of the property is $3 Million. Another $150K is being set aside
to fund other potential costs that are not identified. Is it enough? Tearing down buildings, making
improvements to parking, installing lights, maintenance and clean up, studies to understand traf-
fic flow and potential impact to the bay, insurance requirements, security? The list could be a lot
longer, but without understanding the usage, it is hard to calculate the ultimate cost? What we do
know, is that if the property was sold as three lots (the alternative proposal), new real estate taxes of
$75-100K a year would be paid to the town. The ten year impact of that lost revenue is $750K to
$1 Million! The town is being asked to make a decision without understanding the entire economic
picture of the project. Any operating costs that will be required to support the ultimate use of the
property will become an ongoing cost that is required from our town budget.

Many town residents walk, run, bike and take their dogs along Standish and Crescent Street. Cur-
rent traffic to the Standish Monument and Howlands Landing is manageable along those roads and
is an accepted part of living in the neighborhood (not unlike how the Powder Point residents support
beach traffic). Current “sight lines” can be challenging as you drive around the loop, and if you have
children in the neighborhood, you constantly worry about someone driving to quickly around the
bends. With open ended “uses” to the property, it is unclear what that will bring in increased traffic.
Although this is a concern to the immediate residents only, it can surely be understood by any parent
or family in town.

Howlands landing is owned by the town, and will not change no matter what happens to the
Blairhaven property. There has been some discussion that this “preserves” Howlands Landing and is
not accurate.

In the end, we need more information before the purchase is made, and not afterwards. This will
help us make the most intelligent choices with our tax dollars, as we struggle to fund many initia-
tives around town.

Thank you.

Bill & Holly Gerraughty

56 Crescent Street

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Zion Lutheran Church
386 Court St., No. Plymouth, Rev. C. Robert Stott, Phone: 508-746-3041

10 Congregation
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Subscribe Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Synagogue: 8 Pleasant St. Plymouth, Community Center, Court/Brewster St. Lawrence
Silverman, Rabbi, Phone: 508-746-1575.
Parent Connection MacDonald Funeral Home
to host info night South Shore Quaker
Phone: 781-749-4383, Turkey Hill Lane, Hingham, (off Rte. 228 at the library/town hall 1755 Ocean St. Marshfield
Are you interested in learn- complex off Levitt St., up the hill to Turkey Hill Lane).
ing more about the proposed 834-7320
co-located school building Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)
project for Duxbury Middle 379 Gardner St., So. Hingham, Bishop John Howe, Phone: 781-293-2520, Sundays
School and High School? Do year round: Family worship at 10 am. “Excellence in Service with Understanding”
you need more details or have
questions about the school ar- St. Mark of Epheseus Orthodox Mission Directors: Joseph L. Davis, Richard W. Davis
ticle coming up at Town Meet-
ing on March 12?
261 Main St., Kingston, Rev. Terrence McGillicuddy, Phone: 781-585-8907 RICHARD DAVIS FUNERAL HOMES, INC.
On Monday, March 7 at 7 Islamic Center of New England Mosques Traditional Funerals Cremations Pre-Need Funeral Planning
p.m. in the Duxbury Middle 470 South St., Quincy, 671-479-8341, 74 Chase Dr., Sharon, 781-784-0434
373 Court Street 619 State Road (Rt. 3A)
School auditorium, The Par-
N. Plymouth Manomet
ent Connection will host an Safe Harbor Church
informational evening on the 52 Main St., Marshfield, Pastor Mark Eagling, 781-837-9903 (508) 746-2231 1-800-770-2231
(508) 224-2252
School Building Project that Matt Brady of Duxbury and Allison Hutchinson of Plymouth are
includes a presentation and a rehearsing for Bay Players production of Crimes of the Heart by
question and answer period. Beth Henley. 
The panel of guests includes:
Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Crimes of the Heart 

Ben Tantillo; Elizabeth Lewis, 

Bay Players is performing “Crimes of the Heart” by
chairwoman of School Build- 
Beth Henley on March 4, 5, 11, 12 at 8 p.m. Scandal rocks
ing Committee; and other 
a small Southern town, and the lives of three dysfunction-
representatives from the Com-
al sisters. Shows will be at the Cornerstone Lodge at 585
mittee, including Anne Ward,
Washington St. Tickets are $17 general admission and $15  
School Committee chairwom-
student/senior. For ticket reservations call 781-361-2453 or   
an, John Heindstat, School  
Committee vice chairman
and the principals of the Ips-
wich Middle School and High
School, a co-located school
?d__XTb0ePX[PQ[T=^f John L. Woods
This program is coordi-
nated by DuxburyCares. It is Sally B. Morrison 24 BAY ROAD, DUXBURY
free of charge and open to all.
For additional information on
the school building proposals, Registered AKC FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION
Golden Retrievers
go to Wills Trusts
under school building project Meeting House Farm Estate & Medicaid Planning
or 701 Bremen Road
Waldoboro, ME 04572
Elder Law
Real Estate Matters

",Ê/ Ê"// -/Ê -Ê"Ê/"

"/-19 -°


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1,9Ê ½änÊ/"9"/Ê°°Ê ¼äÇÊ
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" / "Ê7
,1- ,Ê <Ê7 Ê #S7071 fÓÇ]nn™ {7 Ê
, 7Ê
#S1739A f£Ó]nnn #S2342A fÓÓ]™n™ #S2362A f£n]™nn #S2412A f£n]™nn

¼äÇÊ *Ê ,/9Ê ½änÊ", ʇ£xäÊ ½äÈÊ", Ê, -/9 ½änÊ -- Ê// Ê ¼äÈÊ-/1, Ê
{8{ {7 Ê-Õ«iÀ
>L / Ê7 Ê #S1980A fÓÓ]™n™ 61 Ê7
#S7278 f£È]{nn #S7154 fÓ{]nn™ #S2204A f£x]Çn™ #S2398B f£Ó]{nn

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Authorized Dealer
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All Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with 7 year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty coverage.

nää‡È™n‡nÓÎÎÊUÊÇn£‡xnx‡ÇxääÊUÊ ÝˆÌÊnÊ"vvÊ,Ìi°ÊÎ]ʈ˜}Ã̜˜Ê
Ê->iÃÊ"«i˜ÊÇÊ >ÞÃÊUÊ-՘ʣӇxÊUÊ6ˆÃˆÌÊÕÃʜ˜Ê̅iÊÜiLÊ>Ì\ʅœÌÃՏÞ`i>Ã°Vœ“
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Sign up for crew

Interested in joining the Duxbury High School crew team
this spring? Students and parents are invited to an information Regain strength,
meeting on Tuesday, March 8 at 7 p.m. at Duxbury Bay Maritime confidence & mobility

School, upstairs in Clifford Hall. Rowing is the fastest growing
sport in the United States and one of the few where a high school
age student can develop from novice rower to competitive ath-

lete in a very short period of time. DBMS welcomes and encour-
ages all Duxbury High School students to think about this sport
for this spring. Call DBMS with questions at 781-934-7555.
Camera Club to Host Nat Geo NURSING CENTER

photographer on March 2 308 Kings Town Way

Duxbury, MA
National Geographic photographer, Cary Wolinsky, will 781-585-5561
be presenting his Creative Process Workshop at the Camera
Club’s March 2 meeting.
Camera Club members are invited to submit one or two
images for consideration during the workshop. Approximately
twelve will be chosen for in-depth consideration. Details for
CHOOSE Call today
submitting images are available on the Web site, duxburycam- Although only members’ images will be consid- QUALITY for a Free
ered, the meeting is open to the public.
Camera Club meets the first Wednesday of each month Successful Short-term Brochure & Tour!
from 7-9:30 p.m. in the Merry Room of the Duxbury Library.
Duxbury Art Boosters meets at the Village • Comprehensive rehabilitation
for joint replacement, stroke,
The newly formed Duxbury Art Boosters board invites cardiac conditions & diabetes
citizens and interested parties to attend a meeting on Mon-
day, March 7 at 6:30-8:30 p.m. at The Village, 290 Kingstown • Occupational, physical, &
Way. Board members are Nancy O’Connor and Kate Pevzner, speech therapies
co-chairwomen; Roberta Sullivan, treasurer; and Jen Cameron • Experienced & dedicated
Klein, communications director. Topic discussions will include nursing staff
developing a set of bylaws, and ideas for fundraising and recruit-
ment, among other issues. The group is looking for enthusiastic • Detailed discharge planning for
individuals who want to help support the Duxbury Schools art a safe transition home
program.  Refreshments will be served. For further information,
call Linda L. Garrity at 781-837-6194.

New Listings
Duxbury Clipper; 5.9 inches wide x 7.5 inches high

41 Gifford Way, Duxbury $689,000 784 West Street, Duxbury $599,900

House beautiful! Lovely 4 bedroom Colonial in great neighborhood Contemporary Charmer! Private 8+ acres retreat offers gourmet kitch-
features 2,926 square feet of gracious living space. Back hall staircase en with granite, top of the line appliances and custom wood cabinetry.
leads to great room with second floor access. Lots of home to see here! Being close to nature has never been easier.


27 Bay Farm Road, Duxbury 16 Apple Hill Lane, Duxbury 102 Washington Street, Duxbury
Sunday 11:30-1:00 Sunday 1-3 New Price $787,500

41 Gifford Way, Duxbury 102 Washington St., Duxbury 16 Apple Hill Lane, Duxbury
Sunday 1-3 Sunday 2-4 New Price $549,900

43 Priscilla Avenue, Duxbury 7 Island Rock, Plymouth Attend one of our open houses
Sunday 1-3 Sunday 1-3
and be entered into a drawing for a
31 Crescent Street, Duxbury 3013 Highland Terr., Plymouth $100.00 LOWE’S GIFT CARD
Sunday 1-3 Sunday 1-3

22 Depot Street, Duxbury • 781-934-2588 // 99 Derby Street, Hingham • 781-749-0778

327 Washington Street, Norwell • 781-659-2599
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No bids for North Hill

continued from page one
North Hill Time line
moved to rebid the contract, Oct. 24, 2008: Sealed bids for a five-year management contract
essentially starting the whole for the North Hill Country Club due to Duxbury. The town decides,
process over. Town officials after reviewing the proposals, that the evaluation procedure was
said this would essentially Sonia T. Kelly, M. Ed.
not correctly followed and the process will have to start over. AMI Montessori Certified
make Johnson’s arguments ir- State Certified: Preschool through Third Grade
Dec. 12, 2008: Original complaint filed by Johnson Golf in
relevant. Middlesex Superior Court against Duxbury and members of the Visit us at
In a legal posting dated North Hill Committee, seeking monetary damages and alleging 484 Temple Street, Duxbury s  
Nov. 24, 2010, Town Man- breach of contract, conspiracy and fraud and breach of public
ager Richard MacDonald trust.
outlined seven reasons for
Jan. 15, 2009: Town Manager Richard MacDonald awards the
rejecting all bids from the contract to Calm Golf, the highest bidder after the new process.
2008 process (including the
high bidder, Calm Golf). Jan. 27, 2009: Johnson Golf files a new application for injunctive
“The Town has incurred relief, seeking to stop Duxbury from awarding the contract to Calm
significant legal fees in de- Golf.
fending this action for the Feb. 3, 2009: Middlesex Superior Court Judge Herman Smith
past two years,” he wrote. grants a preliminary injunction to Johnson Golf, effectively barring Bed & Breakfast– A Delightful Experience
“The adverse effect of this
litigation and subsequent
Duxbury from awarding the contract to Calm
Sept. 20, 2010: Selectmen have to cancel a planned discussion of
publicity have deterred po- contract violations at North Hill after Johnson obtains a gag order
390 Washington Street Duxbury by the Sea • Dinners nightly at 5:00 pm Closed Sundays
tential members from join- from a judge. The order is lifted a few days later
ing North Hill, depriving the Helping Our Clients to Make Good Decisions Since 1967
Oct. 18, 2010: The Board of Selectmen votes 2-1 to terminate
Town of revenue.” Johnson’s contract, citing multiple violations including the com-
MacDonald also said the
litigation had undermined
pany’s inability to provide a surety bond for the course. Home, Auto, Business, Marine, Life
the state Procurement Act, Nov. 24, 2010: The town moves to rebid the contract, citing seven Lougee Insurance Agency, Inc.
the essence of which is to reasons the ongoing situation has been detrimental to the town. 24 Bay Road, PO Box AC
“give municipalities and ef- Judge Smith denies the town’s motion for summary judgement Duxbury, MA 02331-0630
and grants another preliminary injunction to Johnson, stopping
ficient and effective mecha- the rebidding process.

nism for procuring essential Ph 781.934.6500 ext. 14 fax 781.934.5012

municipal contracts.” Dec. 25, 2010: Duxbury files an request with the Massachusetts
However, Judge Smith Appeals Court asking the court to review the current injunction.
stepped in again and blocked Jan. 27, 2011: The Mass. Inspector General sends a letter to the
the rebidding process, deny- town saying they do have the option to rebid the contract.
ing the town’s motion for Feb. 17 2011: The deadline for bids on the North Hill management
summary judgement and contract comes and goes without a single applicant.
granting another injunction
to Johnson Golf, also dated
Nov. 24.
In a Jan. 27 letter, Mas-
sachusetts Inspector Gen-
eral Gregory Sullivan said
the town legally had the op-
tion of rejecting all bids and of Cohasset Village
starting over.
Duxbury sent the con-
Bringing solutions
tract out to bid again, with a
deadline of Feb. 17. Howev- to light…
er, that time came and went, Providing beautiful
and no one turned in a pro- Had enough of winter yet?
indoor and exterior
lighting and expert Come in from the COLD!
Director of Inspectional advice since 1931. Enjoy a warm, relaxing tanning bed
Services Scott Lambiase Come in today and or a fast, powerful stand up!
architecture: sally weston associates

said that 14 potential bid- see why Fleming’s CUSTOM SPRAY TANNING
ders did pick up a packet was voted “Best ALSO AVAILABLE!
from his office, so the issue Lighting Shop” for
the past 3 years. NOW FEATURING
wasn’t a lack on interest. He REJUVENESSENCE
said he had touched base RED LIGHT THERAPY
with some of the individuals
and companies, and reasons
Non-surgical, non-invasive way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

for not bidding included the 64 Summer Street, Kingston Center 781-585-2492
general state of the economy
as well as bonding issues. 24 elm street cohasset village 781-383-0684 for money saving specials & coupons!
Log onto for the facts on UV Light and tanning.
Recreation Director Gor-
don Cushing said he wasn’t
sure why the town didn’t get
any bids returned. St. John the Evangelist
“It was somewhat sur-
prising that nobody did,” he Episcopal Church
The town hasn’t made a 410 Washington Street, Duxbury
decision on what to do next.
“Obviously going back
out to bid is an option,” Cush- Ash Wednesday Services
ing said, as well as the town
taking over the course itself. March 9th
However, he pointed out that 7:00am
would take an up-front in-
vestment –– something that
is unlikely to happen in the GOOLEY 12:10pm
near future.
MacDonald confirmed
that the town received no
bids, but said he hasn’t de- PROJECT MANAGEMENT 
cided what the next step will Fine Homes & Renovations Check us out on the web:
be. Duxbury Wherever you are on your journey of faith,
781.934.2130 Lic.# 048048 you’re welcome here.
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A peek behind the curtain

continued from page one
Bathing, Grooming, Specialized Treatments

a proposal for a 1,000 seat au-

PAC Income/Expenses 2004-2011
Now Open
Year Income Expenses Net
ditorium that would cover the
lack of such a facility at Alden. 2004-2005 $77,893/39,220 $118,573 -$1,460*
The “Performing Arts Center”
2005-2006 $32,678 $31,218 +$1,460
would be reserved mostly for Located in Duxbury at 10 Enterprise Street. #9 (Cox Corner)
school use, but would also be 2006-2007 $58,742 $58,592 -$150
open to community use (such 781-452-7067
2007-2008 $76,625 $76,859 -$384
as Town Meeting) or rental by
outside groups. 2008-2009 $46,394 $62,868 -$16,858
“The three schools in the
St. George Street school com- 2009-2010 $76, 672 $59,784 +$16,814
plex [Alden, Duxbury High 2010-2011 $59,000 (est.) $58,000 (est.) +$1,000 (est.)
School and Duxbury Middle
School] need and can effec- * 2004 includes donations to PAC construction fund and regular
income. Expenses reflect the final phase of construction in 2004.
tively share this new perform-
ing arts space,” wrote then-Su- ** This figure is due to only partial payment of fees by several
perintendent of Schools Eileen arts organizations by the June 30, 2009 deadline due to recession
Williams in a March 7, 2001 related issues. Late fees were paid in first month of fiscal year
op/ed for the Clipper. “Com- 09/10 – see next year’s income figures.
munity groups and citizens can
benefit through multiple uses
Income is from fees charged to all non-school organizations and The Plantation
of this enlarged auditorium.
events outside of normal school hours. Expenses include all sala-
ries, including those for all school events, and all expenses related Shutter Experts
Taxpayers and students alike to school and non-school events. Source: Tony Kelso Free Home Consultation
can reap the benefits of such a & Installation
center while the state funds the available on the Performing Memorial Hall is of a simi-
majority share (67 percent) of Arts Center’s Web site. Rent- lar size, but operates under a
the cost.” ing the auditorium itself is slightly different model (the
The project was approved, $100 per hour (there is a four building is town owned, but
and seven years later, the Per- hour minimum) for a local a management company runs 
forming Arts Center, or PAC, non-profit group, and for profit the facility.) Kelso said he
still hosts mostly school events, or outside groups pay more. feels like the word is getting 
but it has also been home to a That’s just the base, however, out about Duxbury’s facility. 
firefighters’ convention, Dux-
bury’s annual Town Meeting,
things like the rehearsal room
and lobby, audio equipment
“People all over the South
Shore and Plymouth County  
the Plymouth Philharmonic and lighting, the use of the are aware of it now,” he said.
and Atlantic Symphony Or- grand piano, front of house “What’s good about the  
chestra and many other events staff and custodial services are PAC is it hasn’t always been
and festivals. all an additional cost. (See the performances,” he said, point- 
Tony Kelso has been the full list at ing to the firefighters confer-
PAC’s manager since it opened. pac.) The PAC does not charge ence Duxbury recently hosted.
He, along with Technical Di- the schools or town to hold “It’s things like that that I like 
rector Darren MacFarlane, are their events there, but even seeing here because it’s a mix
the center’s sole employees. groups like the Music Promot- of stuff.” 
“He really makes things ers pay a fee to, at the very Kelso feels the PAC has
happen,” Kelso said of Mac- least, cover the operating costs achieved many of the goals set 
Farlane, who also works in of the event. out in the original plan, and
the school department. “The The numbers for the first moving forward he hopes to 
place would not function with- two years of the building were keep up the relationships he’s
out him.” built into the school budget. built with local groups while 
MacFarlane also helps or- However, in the years since, expanding awareness of the
2004-2011, the facility has center.
ganize the PAC’s high school
staff. For things like the Fes- more or less broken even (see “To me it’s fulfilled very
tival of Music, which takes
place in the building every
However, Kelso said those
much of what the original in-
tent was,” he said.
April, as well as other shows, numbers don’t include the staff Someday, he’d like to see
high schoolers are hired to do costs that would be incurred the PAC host its own perfor-
during school-sponsored 
much of the backstage and mance series, maybe a small
front of house work. events if the PAC was just the festival of 6-8 events a year.
“It’s great for the high Alden auditorium. Although such a series could
school kids,” Kelso said. For this year, Kelso is help the PAC become more
“They get a lot of real world expecting that by the end of profitable, it takes an up-front
experience.” June they’ll have a gross of investment first, which is un-
The PAC’s scheduling $60,000. He pointed out that likely in this economic cli-
works on a tiered system. the PAC only charges flat fees, mate. LENT
When the building was built, a not a percentage of the door, so Kelso is also hoping to  -Ê
promise was made to honor re- even big, well-attended events finish the orchestra pit in the 3/9
quests from the school depart- like last year’s Rosanne Cash PAC, which needs another
ment first. Town uses get next concert don’t make any more $25-30,000 worth of work.
priority, followed by outside money for them than other “That will be a selling Great Seafood at the best price!
groups – although Kelso said events. point,” he said, pointing to the
he hasn’t had to turn anyone “We know what we’re donated grand piano that gen- FAMILY FISH FEED
away because of a scheduling getting whether one person erate additional rental fees. $19.95 +tax
conflict yet. or 1,000 shows up,” he said. “I think the PAC can keep 2 lbs. Fried, Fresh Fish, French Fries,
“That’s worked well. It’s a “People see this big, large doing what its doing,” Kelso Cole Slaw and Tartar Sauce.

tough thing to juggle at times,” place and they think it could said of the school-first focus. All New Heat & Eat Prepared Entrées
he said. be a cash cow, but that’s a hard “It’s that kind of thing that this
Starting in mid-October, thing to pull off.” place was made for.” UÊ-…Àˆ“«Ê-V>“«ˆÊ
the PAC is busy, through Janu- Kelso is in an association At the same time, he wants UÊ-i>vœœ`ʏvÀi`œ
ary up until Feburary, before with other local performaning to raise the community awar- UÊLobster Mac & Cheese
the school vacation, Kelso said. arts center managers, and the ness of what’s going on inside
Town Meeting is in March, problems Duxbury struggles the looming facade. UÊœLÃÌiÀÊ,>˜}œœ˜Ã
and during the spring there are with affects them all. “I hope people see it as a UÊ >Ži`Ê-ÌÕvvi`ÊœLÃÌiÀ
music and dance festivals. “They’re all talking about community asset,” he said. “It ˜`Ê>˜ÞÊœÀiʏÊ*Ài«>Ài`Ê >ˆÞt
“The challenge is always how hard it is to predict [in- shouldn’t be just for the school
the summer,” Kelso said. “It’s come] these days,” he said. population ... [The community 406 Columbia Rd, Rte 53
a hard time to fill with groups There aren’t too many oth- at-large] should feel that this is
because people are busy.” er auditoriums like the PAC on theirs too.” Hanover, MA 02339
There is a pricing matrix the South Shore. Plymouth’s 781-826-2001
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Unplugged combines
music and art Fine Wine • Beer • Liquor • Cigars
Stop & Shop Plaza • Kingston
Mike Shea
lead off the Winter Blowout Sale
adult open mic
night Friday
up to 75%off
evening at the
Come See Our:
American Eagle • Timberland
Ellison Center Armani • Juicy • Coach
for the Arts Banana Republic • Abercrombie
on St. George Reebok • Northface • Justice
Street. The Encore Consignment
event, called 176-180 Mattakeesett St., Pembroke, MA
“Unplugged,” 781-293-3005
hours: Wed.10-3pm, Thurs 10-6pm,
was a collabo- Fri.& Sat. 10-3pm
ration between
the South Shore
and the


A Tufankjian Family Dealership


8/Ê£ÇÊ"Ê,/ÊÎÊUÊÓ£äÊ1 " Ê-/ÊUÊ , /, ÊUÊÇn£‡n{n‡™Îää


Ted Taranto admires one of the many paintings by local Sherry Malone sings and plays the guitar.
artists on display during the event. Photos by Justin Graeber


Visit our website for a list of all classes for the year or
call Joan at 781-834-0947 or Starr at 781-585-2111
Tel:781-585-2111 Fax: 781-585-6766sWWWBOGICESKATINGCOM

Singer and Conservatory publicist Michelle McGrath Jim Kerkam performs the Cole Porter tune,
takes a turn at the microphone. “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home to.”


TO GO! According to a placebo-con-

trolled study, a special chiropractic
adjustment resulted in significantly
Chiropractic examination and
care may help reduce or eliminate
the damaging effects of many ill-

TAKE OUT & MORE! lower high blood pressure among

study participants. According
to the study conducted by Dr.
nesses and painful conditions.
Please call for a consultation. LA-
c.MJC=Q*A=K George Bakris at the Hypertension TER OF NEW ENGLAND, 42 Tremont
c.MJC=Q-9F<OA;@=K Center at the University of Chi- St., Suite 10B (Rt 3A at Rt 3), believes
c"GL,G9KL=<.MJC=Q cago Medical Center, 25 patients in the early detection and preven-
c J=K@-9D9<K with early-stage high blood pres- tion of problems. We offer custom
sure had significantly lower blood rehabilitative exercise combined
c"GL,G9KL-LM>>=<@A;C=F pressure than the same number of with gentle chiropractic adjust-
c JA=<@A;C=F9DDL@=>APAFK patients who underwent a “sham” ments. Our staff will treat you with
cGF=D=KK.MJC=QJ=9KLK chiropractic adjustment after eight the care and personal attention
weeks of treatment. The key to the you deserve. Relief of pain is pos-
results was X-ray evidence that chi-
Bongi’s Turkey Roost
sible with Cox© Technic delivered
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Atlas vertebra, the doughnut-like cian. Call 781.934.0943.
GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE bone at the very top of the spine.
Called by some the “fuse box to P.S. The C-1 vertebra is called the
Heeby Westwood had the most (781) 585-2392 / the body,” the Atlas vertebra is Atlas vertebra because it holds up
interesting instrument of the eve- ,GML=
MP:MJQc.M=K -9L 9E HE thought to control blood flow in ar- the head, much like Atlas holds up
ning – a mic’d up Poland Springs teries in the base of the skull. the world in Greek mythology.
Massachusetts Grown...and freshest
jug he plays like a drum.
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Cell: 781-706-9948 Cell: 617-416-5423



5)*/,*/("#06 5*5 

Jimmy Craven, the head of the TEMPO program at South Shore Conservatory, gets things started at the
adult open mic night. Photos by Justin Graeber

# &45 $ 6450.&3 4 &37*$& ( 6"3"/ 5 &&%
Bill Richter accompanied several of the evening’s
Anne Smith performs “At Last” by Etta James. singers on the piano.

Pudding Hill of Marshfield


*Open, bright layouts

*Decorated model
*2 bedrooms, 2 full baths
*Heated floors
*Energy star certified
*Granite and stainless
*Full walk-up attic
*Low $200/mo. condo fee

1325 s.f. Offered at $378,000. 1700 s.f. offered at $420,000




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opinion page to

John & Bobbie Cutler, Founders The Deadline for all

David S. Cutler, Publisher Emeritus letters & commentaries
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Justin M. Graeber, Editor-in-Chief
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Doing the homework on the school project

Phone: 781-934-2811

ollowing the decision this list be reconciled with any the estimated total project cost
to build a co-locat- statement of total project costs for Duxbury. This information

Keep the CPA ed middle and high

school on the middle school
and resulting assessment of
tax levy? Should a more de-
is available now – as is the
above maximum reimbursable

campus and prior to voting on tailed list of total project costs program size and funding cap
or implementing a schematic be made available to the vot- per square foot. In the writer’s
t seems as though, whenever times get tight and the design procurement for the se- ers? Does the “model school” opinion, it is not necessary to
residents of Duxbury are feeling the squeeze on their lected option, this letter seeks approach mean Duxbury will wait for completion of sche-
wallets, there is a push to repeal the Community to raise public awareness as to build to the MSBA maximum matic design to get closer to to-
whether the information avail- reimbursable project size? Do tal estimated project cost than
Preservation Act. But just like it would be a mistake for an able thus far has sufficiently fo- we need more space? How the $130 million published.
individual to cash in on long-term investments for a short- cused on – and drills down into much more and why? What di- Private sector construction
term benefit, getting rid of the Act would be a nearsighted – total project costs. rection are we going to give the management best practices uti-
decision that would do great Three areas requiring a schematic designer we want to lize the concept of designing to
deeper understanding of the hire? cost whereby the design profes-
Editorial damage to Duxbury as a details (more homework) are: Where the estimators in the sional is given a budget and the
community. 1) the Massachusetts School Duxbury feasibility study used design contract contains a rede-
If there is one thing Duxbury residents have consistently Building Authority (MSBA) $190 / SF for the middle school sign (at no cost) clause should
demanded, it is a rural-looking, historically preserved Reimbursement rate applica- and $220/ SF for the high the completed design be over
tion to allowable vs. total cost; school, the published schemat- the allowable budget. Does it
community with limited development. The Community 2) the rate calculation itself and ic design estimate for Hanover make sense to include such a
Preservation Act accomplishes both those purposes, the several untapped additional High School construction cost clause in the schematic design
by helping the town buy land that residents can use for incentive reimbursement cate- only is $324 per square foot and contract procurement?
passive recreation, paying for restoration the town couldn’t gories and additional 4 percent Wellesley High School con- In summary and in the
available reimbursement; 3) struction costs only was $381 spirit of being pro-education, it
otherwise afford, and protecting buildable lots from being the MSBA reimbursement cap per square foot; the Welles- is hoped that the above home-
developed. on size of total project and size ley number is from 2009. The work is completed on time by
Sure, the state match is taxpayer money, and it isn’t of specific academic and non- writer suggests that rather than the planners, advocates and
“free.” The excellent folks on the Community Preservation academic spaces. use dated schematic design his- voters – so that the report card
The max MSBA reimburs- torical cost data in determining at the end of the day is closer to
Committee know this, and study each potential purchase able program for an 850 student construction cost, final design 100 percent rather than 66 2/3
with a careful eye. And although the match has declined MS is 160 SF per pupil and 190 (construction documents) cost percent and adequate plans can
from 100 percent, even the low reimbursement numbers, if SF per pupil for a 1,000 stu- estimates and actual bid data be made by all as they seek to
transferred to any other kind of investment, are the kind of dent high school. Importantly, (tempered with an understand- get behind the vision for 21st
963 CMR 2.16 (5) identifies a ing of current and future bid- century education in Duxbury.
return that would make a financial advisor drool.
significant list of ineligible (for ding economic climate) would Steve Farrell
Some of the projects paid for with Community funding) project costs. Should be more useful in determining Ford Street
Preservation money are the kind of things that make
Duxbury what it is. To lose the Act would be to lose a large
Editorial missed the mark
part of what makes this town so special.
–– J. Graeber hile I share the of us there. I can say that the better town because of their
editor’s frus- other school advocates who efforts. Like me, they are also
New school makes sense ­­­­——
tration for the were at the selectmen’s meet- in regular attendance at town
practice of some folks who ing are people who spend meeting, and certainly don’t
recently attended one more money for bandaids? show up at town meeting for countless hours serving on take “a lackadaisical attitude”
of the many informa- I also learned that if we one vote and then leave, I various official school com- toward it.
tional meetings hosted don’t vote in favor of this ini- must correct misleading and mittees and educational orga- Mary Lynn Carson
by DuxburyCARES. The pro- tiative on March 12, we will disparaging reporting done nizations; qualified informed Washington Street
posal was clearly presented by lose our “place in line” with in last week’s Feb. 23 edito- volunteers doing their job as

Superintendent Tantillo and the model school state reim- rial. First, at no time did any good citizens. Duxbury is a
makes good financial and edu- bursement and start the process one of the school advocates
who were at that selectmen’s eading the Clipper order to buttress his inaccurate
cational sense. all over again, losing valuable
meeting in any way “lobby editorial “Good charges. Vague, unattributed
Renovation of the systems time and money invested so far.
the selectmen for good place- Placement is a lot quotes are rarely sanctioned
at the existing buildings would There are plenty of other towns in reporting and never in edi-
ment of the school building of bunk” (Feb. 23), I was re-
cost about $117 million – class in Massachusetts that would be minded of a football coach torial writing.
sizes would shrink to allow for happy to take our place in line. article”. The quote: “By good
placement” advocates meant” who, when he grew angry at It was frustrating to see
retro-fitting insulation into pres- I just moved to Duxbury last the referee, would politely the citizens who have worked
ently uninsulated classrooms year, not knowing that the mid- early enough so I can leave
and not sit through the rest of ask, “Sir, are you watching so diligently to present an ac-
and the current layout, which dle and high schools have been the same game I am?” curate, compelling argument
does not support team-teaching identified as “at risk” since 10 the meeting” was never said
by anyone - not at the meet- The charges by the edito- for new schools maligned by
and other strategic teaching years ago. While I presently rial writer that parents sup- a carelessly sourced editorial.
have four children in Duxbury ing, or any other source. I was
methods, would remain un- portive of the new school I hope this was a temporary
upset to have this quote attrib-
changed. Alternatively, for $74 schools (5th-11th grades) and project “lobbied” selectmen aberration from the Clipper’s
uted to us, as I have attended
million ($130 million, less the only two of them would be able for “good placement” of the customary high journalistic
every town meeting in entirety
43 percent state reimbursement to enjoy the new high school in since I moved to Duxbury five Town Meeting article are ut- standards.
for being a model school), we 2015, I still see this as advanta- years ago. I even attended a terly unsupported. I attended Jim Borghesani
can create a competitive model geous from the perspective of town meeting before I moved the meeting referenced by the Clearwater Drive
school for Duxbury that will at- property value protection. Sus- here, and found it to be infor- Clipper, and not a single per-
tract new families and talented taining a town’s reputation as a mative and civil – it was good son in the audience mentioned [Editor’s note: The
teachers and enable innovative desirable place to live requires discourse by educated people anything about placement of “quote” both writers refer
education with efficiency of consistent investment in that who loved their town. One can the school article, much less to was not meant to be taken
shared resources for decades reputation. Whether you have attend a town meeting and get lobbied any board member as a verbatim quote, but as a
to come. With renovation, re- kids in the schools or not, new a good sense of what a town about it. Where, exactly, was tongue-in-cheek aside. How-
imbursement from the state is schools that support healthy is like – what it values. Even the “embarrassing display” ever, it’s obvious that our
questionable, as the MSBA did property values is a win-win back then, I heard about the the Clipper says occurred? well-intentioned point about
not recommend this option as for all the citizens of this beau- impending need of the middle Also, it was odd to see full participation in Town
economically or educationally tiful town. I am voting “yes” and High School buildings. quotations attributed to “ad- Meeting was, at best, poorly
appropriate. Since we cannot for schools on March 12 and In the editorial, it spoke of vocates” when the advocates articulated. So mea culpa,
continue to ignore the problem March 26. I hope others will do “an embarrassing display” at present at the meeting never and we hope to get back to the
and taxes will increase in either likewise – every vote counts. the selectmen’s meeting. This delivered them. I can only intelligent and informative
Sheryl Melanson simply didn’t take place, and guess that the editorial writer, debate that’s been filling these
the renovate or rebuild scenar-
Winslow Road shines a bad light on those who was not present at the pages in recent weeks.]
io, wouldn’t we rather spend
meeting, created the quotes in
less money for innovation than
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A different take on new school plan ———— Schools did their homework
t seems the town is pre- ing the same three years behind over 25 years versus $80-90 ike many residents high quality school system in
sented with a choice the current middle school. The million in the current plan. No of Duxbury, I was Duxbury is one of the primary
of $130 million build old middle school could then trailers, new science labs, new not aware until re- reasons many of us have cho-
option of a co-located middle be torn down and parking, high school, upgraded middle cently of all of the background sen to live in this community.
and high school or old outdated landscaping, and driveways school, and a three year plan. work that has been done over The outcome of 2009 study
schools. How about an option could be reconfigured to en- Also there would not be sev- the past ten years on the school undertaken by our town was a
which builds only a new state hance a campus plan. Telling enth graders sharing facilities building issue. A master plan recommendation to build a new
of the art high school behind Duxbury rehab does not work with twelth graders. for our schools was created middle school and high school.
the current middle school and while there are homes from the My daughter is in third in 2000 with the help of the The next step proposed for this
then rehabs the current high 1600’s still standing in town grade and I think the best use non-profit organization, New process would be to conduct
school to be an upgraded mid- seems ludicrous. of town funds is to preserve England School Development a detailed design study which
dle school. Somehow we are Hanover, which is about smaller class sizes. If we spend Council – and the work of our will take approximately six
being convinced that rehab the same population as Dux- all our tax dollars on exorbi- School Building Committee months to complete, and will
does not work in Duxbury. The bury, just spent $50 million on tant buildings I actually think and other Duxbury volunteers, cost an estimated $2.9 million.
old high school was rehabbed a state of the art high school. our school funding will suffer. has more or less been ongoing Only after undertaking this
into a beautiful library for Rehab the high school for $10 We already pay for buses and since, with improvements to next detailed design step will it
less than $5 million. The old million with a plan to turn it extracurricular activities. We Chandler and Alden being un- be possible to answer the ques-
library was rehabbed into the into an excellent middle school. donate supplies to her class and dertaken between 2001 – 2003. tions many of us have about
Wright Building for $2.8 mil- Build a $50 million high school volunteer. I fear if the current In 2007, the School Building the final proposed design, cost,
lion, which is fabulous. How with all the latest and greatest. plan passes we will be seeing Committee began to explore schedule, state reimbursement,
about spending three summers The total would be $60 million larger classes due to the tax in- options to improve DMS and tax impact, traffic flow. I be-
rehabbing the high school into for both schools with maybe creases to pay for a very, very DHS. Town Meeting approved lieve the process which has led
a fantastic middle school for $20 million reimbursed. That expensive building plan. in 2009 funds to conduct a us to this point, has been very
about $10 million and doing a would be a $40 million dollar Sheila Lynch-Benttinen feasibility study with the goal thorough, and carefully done. I
fantastic new high school dur- bill to the Duxbury taxpayers West Street of evaluating the alternatives strongly encourage my fellow
available for repairing, reno- Duxbury residents to support
Take tax increases in context –––––————
vating, or replacing DMS and the request to move forward to
DHS. Many members of our the detailed design phase, af-
he estimated cost of To put this current project crease between 10-12 percent. community have been working ter which we can make an in-
the school building in historical perspective, to- However the school building on these initiatives for years, formed decision about moving
project is substantial tal Duxbury Real Estate taxes project is an investment in our with the goal of providing our forward with a well conceived,
and it will result in an increase more than tripled from about community and our children Duxbury students with the best integrated, and thorough plan
in our taxes beginning in 2014. $750,000 in 1959 to approxi- that is long overdue. This is possible opportunity for a high for our schools. Having sat on
To add some historical context, mately $2.3 million in 1969. easily verified with a tour of the quality education. This work the sidelines for much of this
I thought it might be interesting For example, some of the an- schools or by talking to a high has been ongoing, and compre- initiative, I would also like to
to take a look at tax increases nual tax increases during that school or middle school stu- hensive, and has involved many thank the many Duxbury resi-
back in the 1960‘s when we 10-year period were 12.6 per- dent. The state funding for this aspects of our schools from cur- dents who have volunteered
built the original buildings. cent in 1959, 12.4 percent in project is significant and avail- riculum development, school to develop and implement this
The current estimated in- 1961, 19 percent in 1967, and able now, and current construc- schedules, teacher recruitment plan to continue to improve our
crease in the average tax bill for 24.4 percent in 1968. Certainly tion costs are favorable. and training, leadership, tech- schools.
this project will be in the neigh- the town was growing during Duxbury residents had the nology integration, along with Peter Quigley
borhood of 10-12 percent, de- that time; however the number wisdom and the vision to make our school buildings. Having a Sunset Road
pending on how the town struc- of homes only grew by about a substantial investment in
tures the bond. While this is a 17 percent during that 10-year our schools 50 years ago that
substantial increase, it is sig- period. There were two reces- contributed to the high qual- What do you think?
nificantly less than the tax in- sions in the 60’s and no doubt ity schools we have today. It’s
creases approved 50 years ago these annual tax increases were time for us to follow their lead
Got an opinion you want to share?
Sound off on this or any other is-
when the voters of Duxbury au- daunting to the voters in the and renew that commitment. sue. Send your comments to:
thorized the construction of the 1960’s. Gary Magnuson
existing middle school in 1960 There will never be a time Duxbury School
Mail: P.O. Box 1656, Duxbury, MA 02331
and high school in 1968. that we will relish a tax in- Committee Member
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Blairhaven has too many questions ————

own Meeting season
is upon us again, and
Duxbury taxpayers
property. Take note of the con-
dition of the short road down to
the water, the boat ramp (what’s
pay for the $800,000 loan to
help purchase a property with
an as yet undecided purpose.
Blairhaven a
good buy
are again faced with a myriad of left of it), the signs and con- Will they pave paradise and
new and exciting ways to spend crete parking posts, and judge put up a parking lot? There are
money that we may or may not for yourselves whether this far too many unanswered ques-
actually have. One proposal, property is being maintained tions and the last thing the town

the Blairhaven Project, sounds in an acceptable manner. If needs is a potential money pit. By Holly Morris, Chairwoman, Community Preservation Committee
fine at first blush, after all, what Duxbury is unable to afford to You can’t always get what you lairhaven Retreat is comprised of three lots
could possibly be wrong with properly maintain what we al- want, so why not be happy with totaling five acres. The property rises steeply
buying five acres on the water ready have, why would we ever what we have – which, in Dux- from its 390 feet of frontage on Kingston Bay to
adjacent to Howland’s Land- consider adding five acres and bury, is already pretty incred- Crescent St. Approximately 2.5 acres are wooded upland,
ing? A lot, as it turns out. Please three buildings to the equation? ible. the beach is rocky and tidal. There are three buildings; the
take the short trip over to How- And – those three buildings – Richard Johnson dormitory, the caretakers cottage, and a barn; including
land’s Landing before you vote who will pay for their upkeep Goose Point Lane lawn, parking area, and an area for prayer/meditation under
and see for yourself how well or their destruction in the fu- the cedars. There is also an old solitary cedar; legend has it
the town is taking care of this ture? We will. Just as we will that this is where John Alden proposed to Priscilla.
The town has been interested
Facts outweigh opinion on school buildings Commentary

in this land since the 1800’s for
improved access to the important deep water mooring field.
r. Oktay’s letter chors from the masonry walls It purchased the road and landing in 1894, later to be known
with opinions What to the roof framing and evalu- as Howlands Landing, with intention of further expansion.
about the condi- do you ation/augmentation of the dia- In 1952 the town revisited the landing and considered
tion of the middle and high phragm. construction of a pier and docking facilities. In 1975, the
schools is thoroughly refuted think? Based on the anticipated Duxbury Town Landing Study Committee recommended
by the 350 page feasibility Got an opinion you want to share? Sound repair costs and work area, the acquiring the right of first refusal if the Church decided
study completed last year. I building will likely be required
off on this or any other issue. Send your
comments to:
to dispose of the property. Blairhaven was targeted for
understand that Mr. Oktay has E-mail: to be fully sprinklered. protection, with emphasis on acquisition, in the 1997 and
not read the study and his brief Mail: P.O. Box 1656, Duxbury, MA 02331
The repairs may require 2002 Duxbury Open Space
visit was to the schools’ boiler anchorage of the brick to ma- & Recreation Plans. In 2003,
rooms only. The systems and large part of the high school sonry walls, walls to roofs and the Church was approached
building components through- and all of the middle school floors, and interior partitions to see if they would consider
out the middle and high has a life expectancy of 20 to building frame, in accor- a conservation restriction.
schools have indeed failed in years. The middle school roof dance with current wind and The Church was undergoing
that they no longer function as is now 25 years old; the high seismic codes. Masonry walls reorganization and had been
expected. school roofs are 37 years old may require strengthening. approached by developers.
The middle school did not and 43 years old. The buildings must be In 2009 they agreed to sell to
install two boilers in 2002, as The schools are not in brought into full compliance the Town as this was more in
Mr. Oktay claims. These boil- “very good condition.” The for accessibility if repairs ex- observance of their mission.
ers were for the PAC. One study includes dozens of find- ceed 30 percent of the value of Recent appraisals valued the
boiler was installed in 1974 ings and photographs that con- the building. land at $3.15 to $3.5 million;
and the other in 1997-8. Nei- firm the opposite. The schools’ The repair costs to both the Church settled for $3 million.
ther boiler is vented properly, age and advanced deterioration buildings total $68 million, The landing is actively used by boaters, fishermen and
resulting in an improper fuel are evident in their outmoded much of which would not be people who just want to enjoy the scenery or fireworks on
air mixture. The pumps, pip- design, degraded exteriors and eligible for reimbursement. the Fourth of July. This is a unique landing because the lane
ing, univents and temperature interiors and costly, inefficient This cost does not include is reported to handle parking for up to 20 cars and the deep
control systems have reached operating systems. technology and building code water basin supports 80 moorings. There are 16 landings to
the end of their useful life. Mr. Mr. Oktay’s opinion that upgrades. Both repair and ren- salt water, however, half have any or very limited parking
Oktay states that the schools’ the extensive repairs neces- ovation options would require and fewer allow boat launching. Access to some landings
HVAC systems run “efficient- sary in both schools could be swing space, portable trail- has been challenged as some residents have tried to disguise
ly and economically.” In fact, accomplished during the eight ers and phasing over multiple them or discourage use with creative or extraordinary
students at both schools com- week summer break is conjec- years. measures. Improvement of the landing and allowing the
plain of too little or too much ture. The $68 million worth We encourage all residents community to use Blairhaven for passive recreation has also
heat. At times this winter, the of required repairs can not be to become informed, attend become controversial.
staff had to visit DMS fre- completed over the summer, a presentation or contact a The Community Preservation Act (CPA) states that
quently on weekends and eve- will cause significant academ- building committee member. CPA funds may be used for the acquisition, creation and
nings to make sure the heat- ic disruptions and will require A copy of the study, upcom- preservation of land for recreational use. The intention is to
ing was properly working and the use of trailers as temporary ing presentations and commit- improve access to the bay and to provide an area for passive
there were no freeze-ups due classrooms. tee list is available at, www. recreation. Town landings are valuable to the community for
to air in the hot water supply Repairs will likely trigger in the “hot recreational, economic and aesthetic purposes. They should
lines. additional building code re- topics” section. be accessible by the entire community as they will serve to
The middle and high quired upgrades. Elizabeth Lewis, P.E. develop a greater appreciation of the natural resources in our
school roofs leak regularly. A reroofing project will Chairwoman, School town, encouraging responsible stewardship. As mandated
The rubber membrane on a require the installation of an- Building Committee by the CPA, all land purchased with CPA funds must be
protected with a conservation restriction. 
Fix the old before buying the new —————
A committee comprised of all land use boards and
hy are the taxpay- seem to have an evolutionary front for portable classrooms if committees and members at large will be appointed
ers of Duxbury process which keeps people it should mean saving millions by the town manager. This committee will develop
being asked to employed. Yes, we all want a of dollars over the life of the a mission statement, determine current and possible
spend upwards of $130 million top notch school and top notch project? These structures have uses and implement a feasibility study; with sensitivity
for a new school system with all graduates, but to get here, don’t been used successfully around to the neighborhood and adherence to environmental
of the attendant bells and whis- we really want a classroom the world. Actually, it sounds regulations. Public review and comment will take time. To
tles when we are unable or un- with four walls, heat, light, like these might be superior to rush this process would be irresponsible.
willing to spend enough money A/C, internet connectivity, up some of our classrooms in use The CPC works closely with the Finance Director to
to maintain what we have? to date teaching aids, dedicated today. determine cash flow using very conservative estimates. The
Why are we being told we teachers, and a positive envi- It’s easy to say construction Community Preservation Fund will have an estimated $3.9
have to build new facilities ronment? I fail to see why we costs are favorable today or the million dollars in the account for FY 2012. This includes
rather than repair or remodel need $130 million to achieve state is going to pay (maybe) for an undesignated fund balance of over $1.9 million, because
what we have without sup- this all at once. a large percentage of the proj- the Town has spent CPA funds responsibly and reserved
porting alternatives? Our nic- What’s wrong with tackling ect. However, let’s think before for extraordinary opportunities. We are estimating the state
est public building was built in our school building problems in we jump. Let’s see some alter- match of $340,000. If all CPA projects are passed at this
1926, or 85 years ago, as a high stages? What’s wrong with tak- native solutions and cost esti- town meeting, we will have to borrow short term $800,000.
school. It then became an ele- ing sections of the school out of mates, not the dart board stuff, We are leaving over $400,000 in reserve. The CPA fund
mentary school and after major service over time to rebuild or and let’s not forget the hidden receives approximately $1.2 million in annual surcharge
refurbishment, our library. The remodel? What’s wrong with and ongoing costs that nobody
receipts and the short term debt will be paid back with CPA
ugliest building, in the eyes of replacing a worn out roof with wants to acknowledge until the
funds, not the town’s general fund.
many, was built with state as- a second floor to gain an addi- bills arrive. Remember new is
sistance provided we accepted tional classroom or laboratory? not always the best. The CPC recommends this article and encourages the
their regulations and labor Builders and contractors do this Malcolm MacNaught voters to attend Town Meeting which begins March 12.
rates. Do we need another of all the time. King Caesar Road
these buildings? What’s wrong with spend-
School designs and layouts ing thousands of dollars up
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 HOME DELIVERY SPECIAL: Subscribe now and save! Call 781-934-2811 x33 or visit 21

Police officer running in Boston Marathon

ear friends, fam- that through its “Healthy Ath- letes to participate in any of its
ily and community:
As you may know,
letes” initiative, SOMA is also
becoming a leader in having a
athletic or health-improvement
programs. With your help, we
Winterize Your Home
last year I ran my first mara- major impact on the quality and can give them the support they FOR ALL YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENT
thon. Having completed that accessibility of health care for need. Your generous donation OR REMODELING NEEDS
achievement, I have decided these individuals. will allow SOMA to further
to take on an even bigger chal- When running the Boston assist people with intellectual s+ITCHENS s!DDITIONS s7INDOWS
lenge. This year, not only will I Marathon I will be represent- disabilities in leading healthi- s"ATHROOMS s$ECKS s6INYL3IDING
run the 114th Boston Marathon, ing our community and the er, happier lives. Together we ")NDUSTRIAL"LVD(ANSON
Reg # 100487
I will be running to raise funds Duxbury Police Department, can begin to change our world Lic # 019867 ­Çn£®Êә{‡ääxxÊUÊ­nää®ÊǙ{‡™£ÈÈ
to support Special Olympics Duxbury Police Association –– one mile at a time.
Massachusetts! and to all who made a donation Thank you for your support.
I was chosen as one of eight showing that we do care that Please visit: www.specialolym-
members of the Special Olym- we can meet the goal of $5,000 click on
pics Massachusetts (SOMA) or more. sponsor participant then en-
team, and my goal is to raise Not everyone is as fortu- ter PARTICIPANT’S NAME:
$5,000 by April 1 to support nate as I am; they do not have DENNIS SYMMONDS to
their programs and services. As the support of people like you. make a donation online. 
you may know, SOMA provides Many people with intellectual I’ll see you at the finish
year-round athletic training and disabilities lack the financial line!
competition for individuals resources and accessibility of Dennis B. Symmonds
with intellectual disabilities. quality health-care. This is why Pine Point Road
However, you may not know SOMA does not charge its ath-

A premature purchase ———

ith regard to the proposed purchase of Blairhaven TONIGHT?
Center: This seems like a premature and maybe bad Give us a call.
recommendation to the town. Spending three million We deliver pizza, subs,
dollars of taxpayers’ funds and removing property that would oth- steak tips & pasta dinners
erwise go onto the tax roles is not something that should be done
without strong justification. Doing so before there is a clear and
unalterable idea of how the property is to be used is certainly pre-
mature. There may well be good uses for this property that would
justify the purchase, however, there certainly are bad ones. If the
town insists on putting this to a vote now, we should turn it down. 781-934-6568
This is not a time to casually spend our money.
John Reed
Standish Street

Schools are why we moved

am writing to encour- our decision. As we drove by,
age readers to vote yes we were dismayed by the out- PRE-OWNED & RESTORED PIANOS
for the new, co-located ward appearance of the high

school project, which will ben- school and middle school, but
efit the entire town. The eco- we tried not to judge the books
nomic strength of a town, and
especially its real estate values,
by their covers and assumed
the interior must be better just on “Nearly New”
are directly linked to its educa-
tion system. The first impres-
because of the obvious pride in
the beautiful town. We got out
sion of a town’s commitment to of our car to walk, and as we This weekend Saturday & Sunday
education is the actual school gazed at “for sale” brochures
buildings themselves. Our fam- in the window of a realtor’s of- March 5th & 6th 1:00 - 5:00pm
ily moved to Duxbury from NJ fice, wondering if this was the
last August. We have three chil- right place for us, a friendly 2000 OCEAN STREET • MARSHFIELD • 781•837•6531
dren – one in every school ex- woman said, “It’s a great time
cept the high school. Our move to buy in Duxbury, and it’s such
was sudden and right before a magical town!” It moved us
the new school year, so we had to take a leap of faith. If we had
very little time to select a town gone inside the schools instead
and buy a home. Initially, we of walking down the sidewalk,
focused on another town based we probably would have made
solely on the schools, but home a big mistake and bought in the
prices were so high it seemed other town. Duxbury is a magi-
the town had not been impacted cal place to live. Let’s help keep
by the “crunch,” so we consid- it that way by making it a magi-
ered Duxbury. Fortunately, we cal place to go to school too.
were unable to tour the inside Cindy Lareau
of the schools prior to making Amado Way

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Duxbury School Calendar

Thursday March 3
DHS school council 5 p.m. Rm. 106
Saturday March 5
METG performances 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. PAC
Monday March 7-Thursday March 10 Send School news & Photos to
Kindergarten registration
Monday March 7 the Deadline is Monday at noon.
Chandler School Council 4 p.m.
School building public info meeting DMS auditorium 7 p.m.
Wednesday March 9
DMS School council 4 p.m.
Alden PTA meeting 6 p.m.
School Committee meeting 7 p.m. Alden rm. 104
Family Fun
Fitness Fair
School Lunch Menu The fitness fair, which will
take place on March 26 from
Week of March. 7-11 8:30-11 a.m., is an event to get
DHS young children, and families
Monday: French toast sticks, blueberry moving. This event gives them
topping, egg patty, tater tots, warm apple the opportunity to try new ex-
slices. ercise programs. Fitness orga-
Tuesday: Chicken nuggets, cheddar nizations will have the chance
mashed potatoes, seasoned carrots, to host resource tables and
whole wheat dinner roll. organize 20 minutes of inter-
Wednesday: Italian pasta bar, choice of active demonstrations of their
marinara, Italian meat or alfredo sauce. fitness program. The fair will
Thursday: Barbecue pork rib on a whole raise funds for the early child-
wheat bun, roasted carrot fries, Boston hood community. The Fitness
baked beans. Fair is free, and runners partic-
ipating in the 5K run are asked
Friday: No school.
to donate $20 per runner, and
All lunches served with choice of milk. $10 per runner if they are un-
Cold fruit and vegetable bar, fresh food der 12. All money raised will
grab-n-go specials daily. benefit local programs serving
young children and their fami-
The Magic Dragon Children’s Center held its annual Sweetheart
DMS lies. Highlight what we can
Soiree/Auction on Saturday, Feb. 5 at the Duxbury Senior Center. It
Monday: French toast sticks, blueberry topping, egg patty, tater tots, achieve when non-profit, pub- was a fun family event with a DJ for the children, cupcake decorat-
warm apple slices. lic, and private organizations ing, crafts, raffles and a silent auction to benefit the center.
Tuesday: Chicken nuggets, cheddar mashed potatoes, seasoned car-
work together.
rots, whole wheat dinner roll.
Wednesday: Italian pasta bar, choice of marinara, Italian meat or alfredo
sauce. Play festival
Thursday: Barbecue pork rib on a whole wheat bun, roasted carrot fries,
Boston baked beans.
Unlimited Style on a limited budget
Upscale Women’s Resale/Consignment Clothing, Accessories
at the PAC set
Friday: No school.
All lunches served with choice of milk.
& Home Decor. All Your Favorite Labels Under One Roof!
for March 5
Cold fruit and vegetable bar, fresh food grab-n-go specials daily. Duxbury High School
.OW!CCEPTING3PRING#ONSIGNMENTS will be hosting one of the
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am- 4:00 pm
Alden and Chandler Schools preliminary competitions
117 Main Street (next to Persy’s) Kingston
Monday: French toast sticks, blueberry topping, sliced ham, baked po-   sWWWSTYLEUNLTDCOM of The Massachusetts
tato wedges, mixed fruit. High School Festival.
Tuesday: Soft chicken taco, salsa, corn, applesauce. The Massachusetts High
Wednesday: Fresh baked pizza, garden salad, cinnamon pears.
Thursday: Baked macaroni and cheese, dinner roll, carrot fries, fresh
R 5Ęĕ-đħ0ĖĖęēĕ
 3ĕĞĕĕ,.đĘğĞĕĩ
School Festival is the
METG’s premier event.
The festival includes 115
Friday: No school. one-act plays produced
Assorted fruit and veggie selection daily.       by member high schools.
The competition is or-
All lunches served with choice of milk. t$ğĞĤĕģĤĕĔ%ęĦğĢēĕt$ĘęĜĔ$ĥģĤğĔĩt1đĤĕĢĞęĤĩ
ganized on three levels
t$ĘęĜĔ4ĥĠĠğĢĤt1đĢĕĞĤđĜ3ĕĜğēđĤęğĞt$ğĞĤĕĝĠĤģt.ĕĔęđĤęğĞ4ĕĢĦęēĕģ – preliminary, semi-final
Paul D. Fitzgerald, D.M.D., P.C. #VTJOFTT-JOF 5PMM'SFF and state. Student excel-
lence in acting and tech-
Specializing in Orthodontics &NBJM3FOFF!.BIPOFZ'BNJMZ-BXDPN
XXX.BIPOFZ'BNJMZ-BXDPN nical design is recognized
at each level, including
the selection of an All-
Star Company at the fi-
nals. Two schools chosen
at the State Festival rep-
resent Massachusetts in
the New England Drama
Festival, the regional
showcase of secondary
>?4=7>DB45A><541AD0AH school theatre.
This event will be
! BCC7A>D67<0A27" BC held at the Duxbury Per-
Come stop by and check us out forming Arts Center, 130
at your convenience! St. on Friday, March 5.
George St., Duxbury be-
Now enrolling for Kindergarten Program from 8:00am ginning at 9 a.m. The ad-
187 Summer St. Suite 8 to 3:00pm with extended day available. Now Enrolling mission is $10 for one or
Kingston for Infant/Toddler, Pre-school and Pre-K all plays. Duxbury High
School will close the
781-585-0024 Call us for more information today!
night with their perfor-
mance of “See me, Hear
COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONS 300 Oak Street,Unit 1660, Pembroke, MA 02359 me, HOLD ME!” begin- ning at 5:30 p.m.
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Duxbury police log Street requested officer regarding

Criminal Defense
Thursday Feb. 17
2:21 a.m. Suspicious motor motor vehicle complaint. Officer Peter M. Bizinkauskas
vehicle in the area of Bennett’s spoke to operator. 85 Samoset Street
Store. 10:41 a.m. Attempt to serve re- Plymouth, MA
12:38 p.m. Phone line down on straining order on West Street. (508) 830-0019
Bay Avenue. Referred to Veri- 9:17 a.m. Officer reported tree 3:07 p.m. 911 call from Ford-
zon. on power lines on Kingstown ville Road for nine year old fe-
Available 24 Hours for Urgent Matters
Way. N-Star and state highway male needing transport to hospi-
4:57 p.m. Caller on Temple DPW notified.
Street reported hearing gunshots tal. Officer escorted in ambulance
near Camp Wing. Area search 5:22 p.m. Party into station to to Jordan.
negative. report lost or stolen license plate. 10:56 p.m. Suspicious motor
5:53 p.m. Squirrel in house on 7:12 p.m. Caller on Autumn Av- vehicle parked at Tarkiln Com-
Sanger Road. Notified animal enue reported water coming up munity Center.
control officer. onto her yard. Water department
7:53 p.m. Suspicious motor ve-
hicle behind old Goodrich build- 9:27 p.m. Caller on Tremont
ing on Railroad Avenue. Officer Street reported person outside her
spoke to. window. Multiple calls received
between 9:15 p.m. and 1:28 a.m.
8:18 p.m. Caller on Tremont Area search negative.
Street reported possibly intoxi-
cated unknown neighbor knocked
on door and complained of dog Sunday Feb. 20
barking. 1:32 a.m. Party on Tremont
Street passed out. Ambulance
8:58 p.m. Two dogs struck by 28 Chapel Street. Open House Sunday, March 6th 1-3.
transported to Jordan Hospital. Retriever Field Training
motor vehicle on Tremont Street. Charming, comfortable Dutch Colonial located on a quiet lane
Vehicle gone on arrival. Animal 9:21 a.m. Caller on Rachel’s off Washington Street in the heart of Duxbury Village. Walking
control transported dogs to Ani- Lane reported female party sleep- BARRY C OLETTI
distance to Snug Harbor, school complex and Blue Fish River.
mal Hospital. ing in vehicle since 6 a.m. Officer Trainer
Enjoy your spring on a bluestone patio with a mature rose arbor
transported party to station. For Hunting, Hunt Tests,
9:35 p.m. Suspicious motor ve- Field Trials, and the obedience or your summer on a screened porch overlooking a beautifully
hicle at Mayflower bogs. Officer training required for the above landscaped lot. Large eat-in country kitchen, library with
spoke to. Monday Feb. 21 that also makes your dog a
custom built-ins, renovated playroom/office and newly
12:58 p.m. State sign knocked better companion.
down at corner of High Street and Labradors, Goldens, renovated bathrooms. Many original restored details.
Friday Feb. 18 Summer Street. State DPW noti-
12:29 p.m. Larceny of property fied.
Chesapeake Bays, Flatcoats,
and Irish Water Spaniels. $724,999
in progress on Mayflower Road. Daily Pick-Up and Return for
Police have one male in custody, 1:41 p.m. Caller reported elder- In-The-Field Training. Call Jim Pye (781)910-0553.
charged with larceny over $250. ly man walking along Route 53
looks confused. Gone on arrival. Local References upon request.
4:18 p.m. Report of possible
injured coyote on side of Union 3:00 p.m. Caller on Trout Farm 508-224-0113
Street. Area search negative. Lane reported past larceny.
Possibly mistaken for neighbors 5:00 p.m. Caller on Mayflower
dog. Street reported males congregat-
5:01 p.m. Phone wire down on ing on cul-de-sac. Gone on ar-
Washington Street. Referred to rival.
9:09 p.m. Wire down in road on Tuesday Feb. 22
Kingstown Way. N-Star notified. 8:17 a.m. 911 call from Hidden
Acres Drive for male party not
9:19 p.m. Caller on South Street breathing. Assisted other agen-
reported tree down on house cies.
caused damage, leaking. Build-
ing inspector notified. 7:01 p.m. Caller on Summer
Street reported hearing a loud
9:44 p.m. Caller on Priscilla Av- boom. Area search negative.
enue reported simple assault re-
sulting in injury to nose. Ambu- 7:54 p.m. Caller on Cross Street
lance requested. Patient refusal. reported kids playing in roadway.
Spoken to.
Saturday Feb. 19
5:30 a.m. Lines down on Ocean Wednesday Feb. 23
Road North. N-Star notified. 9:20 a.m. Caller on Tremont




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Duxbury Duxbury 212 Marshall Street, Duxbury
A dramatic approach sets the tone for this stately custom built home An exceptional Duxbury residence with brilliant Bay views and deeded Steps away from 200’ of privately owned beach, this five bedroom
selectively placed in the heart of Duxbury. Sophisticated appointments rights to a private sandy beach just steps away! A secluded setting on Standish Shore custom Colonial is one of a kind. Open granite kitchen
are enhanced by warm tones and an unparalleled attention to detail. lush landscaped grounds! This home offers exquisite detail throughout. with red birch cabinets, family room with water view, three season
Quality defines every aspect of this comfortable home. MLS#71144821, Master Suite with balcony and waterviews, in-law/au pair suite with porch, bonus room, third floor bedroom and second family room with
Michael Gill, $2,050,000 private entrance. A rare opportunity on Powder Point! MLS#71130480, water views. MLS#71146583, Alice Desmond, $1,300,000
Marcy & Ian Richardson, $1,850,000


Duxbury Duxbury 20 Headwaters Lane, Duxbury
Spectacular five bedroom completely renovated and expanded Cape in Welcoming five bedroom Snug Harbor Cape with granite and soapstone Looking for something special? Designed with distinction, this
the heart of the Village. Gourmet kitchen, six fireplaces, luxurious kitchen, wide pine floors, private master suite, seven fireplaces, great delightfully different home offers breathtaking views of the South River
master suite, screened porch, three car garage and more, on a level 1.32 detail throughout, and a finished walk-out lower level. Borders a private Reservoir, just steps from your back door. With generous room sizes, an
acres. MLS#71159136, MaryBeth Davidson, $1,295,000 way. MLS#71184397, MaryBeth Davidson, $885,000 open floor plan, detailed woodwork, privacy, and glorious views in all
seasons, this appealing property is located in a well established
neighborhood within walking distance to the elementary school.
MLS#71176156, Chris Daley, $649,900

43 Flint Locke Drive, Duxbury 80 Tussock Brook, Duxbury 11 Carriage Lane, Duxbury
Spacious Royal Barry Wills Ranch set back on 1.75 acre lot with pond New Listing! This classic four bedroom Colonial shines! Great floor This beautiful 2,000 sf end unit offers first floor living with beautiful
views and access to Mill Pond. Open floor-plan, living and dining rooms plan, center island, granite kitchen with dining area opens to step-down master bedroom suite, gorgeous kitchen and spectacular wall of
with expansive views of pond and wooded areas and large wrap-around fireplaced cathedral family room with skylight and glass doors to deck. windows. Spacious loft ideal for guests. No condo fees for 1 full year for
deck. Featuring large eat-in kitchen with granite and cathedral ceiling, Laundry, mudroom and walk-up attic, and two car garage. Enjoy Bay the next buyer. Isn’t it time to live maintenance-free? MLS#71015926,
ash cabinets, family room, two fireplaces and bonus-room office. First Farm pool, tennis, exercise facility, racquetball court, walking trails! Danielle Delagrange & Elizabeth Poole, $399,900
floor master has bow window overlooking pond. MLS#71178954, Ed MLS#71191164, Marcy & Ian Richardson, $549,000
Joubert, $629,500



427 Tremont Street, Duxbury 30 Grandview Drive, Plymouth 28 Hall Street, Plymouth
Opportunity for first time buyers or downsizers! This three bedroom Oversized ranch featuring custom built-ins, yellow pine floors, beadboard Downtown Plymouth, Nelson Beach. Short distance to Route 3 and train
home offers great space. Kitchen with tile floor, full bath, cathedral detail, two decks, one with built-in planters and seating. Fully finished station. Newer bathroom in 2007. Fenced yard has an incredible array of
family room with glass doors to deck, fireplaced living room open to the basement with reading nook and computer desk. Handcrafted shutters flowering plants. Newer furnace in 2006, Newer back door, both ends of
dining room, cozy office and playroom. MLS#71151680, Marcy & Ian make this home distinctly yours. Located in a sought after neighborhood the house re-shingled in 2007. Truly a gem! MLS#71143906, Carol
Richardson, $365,000 within walking distance to Plymouth waterfront. MLS#71191405, Renee Wenham, $239,900
Hogan, $349,900

We a re e x t re m e l y p ro u d t o b e Proud to be voted Massachusetts

ranked the #1 place to work in "Best Real Estate Company"
Massachusetts. in the Banker & Tradesman OF 2010

Readers' Poll 2008, 2009 & 2010! • • •

Contact William Raveis Executive Mortgage Banker, Bill Wishart, for all your home financing needs. 781.974.7003. NMLS# 49312
MA Licensed Mortgage Lender/Broker #MC2630 53 Railroad Avenue, Duxbury, MA 02332 • 781.934.2104 *Price Reduction
Free Pickup & Delivery
sports • calendar • classifieds or
Section B • Wednesday, March 2, 2011 16 Chestnut St. Duxbury

From Duxbury to the silver

(and now the TV) screen?

By Lamont “Monty” Healey, were in a seaside location, and
Native Grown Turkeys & Turkey Products

Clipper Contributor both made a lemon pie that 781-5
Mildred Pierce – Coming was very popular. Duxbury’s
to a TV screen near you! “Mil- Ma had a daughter, who sang
dred Pierce” the 1945 movie opera and a brilliant daugh-
featuring Joan Crawford in Rt. 53, Duxbury, MA 02332
ter, who was spoiled; Cain’s
an Academy Award-winning Mildred had a daughter, Veda,
performance based on James
M. Cain’s novel of the same
name will be reprised on HBO
with both of those character
traits. And last, but most sig- SEACOAST
nificant, both lost their boy- ENGINEERING COMPANY
in April with Kate Winslet friend to their daughter.
in the starring role and Todd t$JWJM
That is a considerable list
Haynes directing. As you may t%PDLT
and taken individually they
know from my previous story t&OWJSPONFOUBM
could be coincidental, but
on Mildred Pierce (Duxbury taken as a whole, they repre- James M. Cain’s novel “Mildred 5JUMF7%FTJHOt1FSNJUT
Clipper, Feb. 17, 2010) I’m sent a compelling argument Pierce” was a successful movie
convinced that Cain’s novel that Ma Pierce was the model with Joan Crawford (right) in 1BVM#SPHOB 1&
“Mildred Pierce” was inspired for Mildred. How often does a the title role. The book is being 
by Duxbury’s Mildred A. daughter end up with a man 35 remade as a mini-series on HBO
“Ma” Pierce. I can now pro- years her senior, who was her
vide more evidence, circum- mother’s boyfriend? I know
with Kate Winslet (above) as
Pierce. The writer believes he Duxbury Now Has FiOS
stantial though it may be, to
reinforce my convictions.
things like that happen, but
with all those other things and
has discovered evidence link-
ing Cain with Duxbury, and that
Do You?
Let’s review the facts then ending up in Cain’s book he based Pierce’s characters on TV • Internet • Phone
about Ma Pierce that were the one year later, come on, now! Duxbury’s Mildred “Ma” Pierce.
same as those in Cain’s book. In recent months I have For example, both women ran
First and most evident, the read Roy Hoopes’ biography a restaurant by themselves in a
names were the same, so when of James M. Cain, chiefly seaside location, and both lost
I’m referring to the book I’ll to see if he ever places Cain their boyfriend to their daughter.
use Mildred, when I’m refer- in Duxbury or on the South 7. In the spring of 1930, Ma’s Ma Pierce’s daughter
ring to Duxbury’s Ma Pierce, Shore. First, I’d like to go two youngest daughters were Myrtle sang the lead role in
KINGSTON • 781-585-0003
I’ll use Ma. Both their hus- over some of the other in- 11 and 7. an operetta staged at Duxbury Kingsbury Plaza
bands were home builders and sight Hoopes gave to the case. Cain, when young, was an High School. The school had a
both husbands had left them. Cain’s book starts in the spring aspiring operatic singer un- reputation for putting on very
Both women ran a restaurant of 1931, and at that time Mil- til his mother, who was also successful operettas. She also
by themselves, the restaurants dred’s daughters were 11 and a singer, told him he didn’t sang at her graduation and
“have the voice for it.” What a went on to do some singing on
DHS Tournament Schedule
blow that must have been! For a local radio station in Plym-
Boys’ Basketball Girls’ Hockey the rest of his life, Cain was as outh. Myrtle was the older of
Tues. March 1, 7 P.M. Wed. March 2, 4:20 P.M. much devoted to opera as he the two girls still in the area
Quincy Natick/Archbishop Williams was to writing. In 1947 he mar- during the time of Cain’s vis- ALAN HURLEY
If they beat Quincy
Thurs. March 3, 7 P.M.
Oliver Ames/Whitman-Hanson
Boys’ Hockey
First round game will be played
ried (his fourth wife) an opera
singer, Florence MacBeth,
it. In Cain’s book he has the
youngest daughter die of fever ROOFING
whom he had admired when or flu. At first, I thought my
by the weekend
he was younger, and they re- whole theory about Mildred ROOF REPAIRS
Girls’ Basketball
Mon. Feb. 28, 7 P.M. Cheerleading mained happily married for 19 was going up in smoke when FROM ICE DAMMING
@ Bishop Feehan (Attleboro) Sun. March 6 years until her death in 1966. I figured from Ma’s youngest AVAILABLE
If they beat Feehan Dartmouth High School Many of his stories, including daughter’s birth date that she
Wed. March 2, 7 P.M. “Mildred Pierce,” were about We Accept Credit Cards
@ Medfield singers. continued on page 5 781-826-1601

Reach into your art at the DAA to make your own Nantucket basket,

By Bruce Barrett, Clipper Columnist
similar to the one that won last sum-

mer’s DAA’s Midsummer Art Show’s NEW HOMES

rt helps us find our edges
Best in Show Award. The class runs for RENOVATIONS
and our depths. It helps us
stretch our edges and grow four Wednesdays, 6:30-9 p.m. “Learn ADDITIONS
deeper. The Duxbury Art Association the art of Nantucket basket making as CUSTOM INTERIOR FINISHES
WHAT’S GOING we create a Nantucket bread basket
offers a variety of classes and work- ON HERE? 781.934.2130
shops where you can stretch yourself, for your table. Learn to shape staves, 781.733.5391
learn a skill, or just have an artsy day One starts tonight, Wednesday, weave, apply rims, and add finishing
capped with something cool you get to March 2! You may be too late! The techniques as we make a beautiful • Lunch
• Dinner
take home with you. Much of the fol- class may be filled, so call 781-934- heirloom. Tuition includes all materi- • Bar & Lounge
lowing is snagged from the DAA Web 2731, ext. 4 right away. Pam Smith als. Scrimshaw adornment available at Open 7 Days
site, and Patty Campbell can teach you how additional charge.” The cost for DAA Gift Certificates
continued on page 4
133 Ocean Street • Brant Rock 781-834-9144

Find help fast in the Service Directory … page 13

2 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Religious Send church listings to Sunday March 6
Zabuli update. Razia Jan presents an
or fax to 781-934-5917.
update on the Zabuli Education Center

services the Deadline

is Friday at noon.
for Women and Girls in Afghanistan
at the Duxbury Senior Center. Tea,
coffee and Afghan desserts at 3 p.m.

C l i pp e r
For more information call 781-431-
A cal 7894 or visit
First Baptist Du x b u n d a r f o r
m u n i ty ry e
me e t ve n t s,
Breakfast. All you can eat at the
Cornerstone Lodge from 8-11:30 a.m.
Dr. Kevin Cassidy C om r
c l a s s i ng s,
e s, c o
Cost is $7 adults, $6 seniors, and $5
for children 12 and under. Please
Pastor Brent Van Wyke, Youth Asst.
l e n d a wo r k u rs e s, bring can tabs to benefit Shriner’s
Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.
with Adult and Youth Bible Fel-
lowships following. Childcare
Ca ,
and v dance s
p l ays h o p s, hospitals.
Write It Down Seminar. For all
is provided during the morning o
o pp o r l u n te e r who want to begin writing, this is a
service with age appropriate t uni t seminar from 2-4 p.m. in the Duxbury
classes for young children. First
ie s ! Free Library Merry Meeting Room.
Baptist offers many opportuni- Registration is free but limited to 15
ties for youth, men and women. people. To register, call or stop by
Check the Web site for details the circulation desk, 781-934-2721
or call the office today. Good
le n d a r i t e ms by Family Concert. The Plymouth
Shepherd Christian Academy Se nd c a o e ve n t s@ Philharmonic Orchestra hosts
is a ministry of First Baptist
r id a y t “Rising Stars Showcase” on March 6.
Church. no on F s s .c om . s. An instrument demonstration begins
cli p p e r p r e at 2 p.m. followed by the concert at
a ble b asi 3 p.m. Tickets are $15-$20 adults
sp ace av a il
ish ed on a even ts .
ems a re publ erci a l Dux bu ry-b ase d and $8-$12 for children (age 12 and
Holy Family Church Ca le n da r it
is fo r n on-c
om m
under). Among the performers will
be SSC concerto competition winner
Rev. Robert J. Deehan First Parish Church Ilve Bayturk of Duxbury.
Rev. Seán Maher
781-934-5055 Rev. Catherine Cullen
Weekend Mass: Saturday, 781-934-6532 Monday March 7
5 p.m., Sunday, 7 a.m., 8:30 Sunday Worship Service
a.m. (family Mass), 10 a.m. and and Church School at 10:30 Tickets $40 or $50 at the door. Visit Art Boosters meeting. The newly
11:30 a.m. Babysitting available a.m. Welcoming Congregation,
Thursday March 3 for more info. formed Duxbury Art Boosters board
invites interested parties to attend
at the 8:30 and 10 a.m. Masses. Sunday at 9:30 am. Buddhist Friendship Home Gala. Friendship “Crimes of the Heart” play. a meeting from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at
The rosary is prayed after daily meditation, Sundays at 7 p.m. Home Inc. hosts “Welcome Home On March 4, 5, 11, 12 at 8 p.m. The Village, 290 Kingstown Way.
Mass. Adoration of the Blessed Thursdays, book group at 9 a.m., Gala” at the Indian Pond Country at the Cornerstone Lodge, 585 Looking for individuals to help
Sacrament, Fridays at 9 a.m. sewing group at 10 a.m. Club in Kingston from 5:30-10:30 Washington St. Performed by support the Duxbury Schools art
Daytime Bible study, Thursdays p.m. Live music, silent and live the Bay Players.   Tickets are $17 program.   Refreshments will be
at 9:30 a.m. Evening prayer auction, raffles, dinner and dancing general admission and $15 student/ served.  For further information, call
group Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. St. Paul’s Church of with proceeds to benefit Home with senior.   For ticket reservations call Linda Garrity at 781-837-6194.
Men’s prayer group Fridays at a Heart, center for day and evening
6:45 a.m.
the Nazarene programs for individuals with
781-361-2453 or visit bayplayers.
Rev. David Troxler
development disabilities. For more
information, visit friendshiphome. Winter Wipeout. Duxbury Student
Tuesday March 8
781-585-3419 net. Union fundraiser from 7:30-11:30 Drop in storytimes. Drop in
Pilgrim Church Sunday worship, 11 a.m.,
My Life, My Health. A new Chronic
p.m. at The Wright Building. programs at the Duxbury Free
Bible Quiz practice at 9 a.m., Featuring Island Creek Oysters Library do not require registration
Sunday school classes and Bible Disease Self-Management program and Despite Dwight, raffle, silent and are designed for participation
Rev. Todd Vetter, Senior Pastor
study, 9:45 a.m. Nursery is pro- offered at the Duxbury Senior auction and Twister competition. by an adult with a child. Toddler
Rev. Eloise Parks, Asst. Pastor Center. To be held on Thursdays Tickets are $30, available at the Tales, ages 2 and under, takes place
vided for all services. Fridays,
781-934-6591 from 1-3 p.m. for six weeks (Jan. 27 DSU, Benchwarmers and Depot Tuesdays, 10 a.m, repeated at 10:30,
Sunday Worship Service at Sacred Youth Ministry at the – March 10). Facilitated by trained
10 a.m. Church office hours, teen center at 6:30 p.m. Tues- Street Market. For more info, visit through March 29 in the lower level
leaders. There is no charge and space Resource Room.
Monday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Tues- days, women’s Bible Study at is limited; please sign up with the
day-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. 6:30 p.m. March 3, Financial Senior Center front desk at 781-934- Learn to Skate. Saturdays starting BNI Business Alliance. The BNI
Pilgrim childcare and preschool, Peace University class, 7 p.m. 5774, ext. 100. March 5, 12:30-1:20 p.m. with the Chapter in Kingston meets every
Monday-Friday, 7 a.m-6 p.m. March 5, Children’s talent show, Pilgrim Skating Club at Hobomock Tuesday at 8:15 a.m. at the Beal
Tuesdays, ladies Bible study at 6:30 p.m. March 9, Soup and Free Thursday Movie Matinee. 1 Arena in Pembroke. Seven week House, 222 Main St., Kingston.
7 p.m. Wednesdays, Bible study the Word 6 p.m. March 18-19, p.m. at the Duxbury Senior Center session runs through April 16 During the month of January local
at 10 a.m., and evening intro- Marriage Enrichment Weekend. will be “Wall Street: Money Never and costs $135 (plus annual $15 businesses may join the meeting to
Sleeps” (PG-13). registration fee for new students). learn about how referral and network
duction to Bible study at 7 p.m.
March 6, Scout Sunday. March Helmets mandatory. For more marketing can help grow their
First Church of information visit pilgrimskatingclub. business. Each business rep. may
9, Ash Wednesday Service, 7:30
p.m. Christ, Scientist Friday March 4 com or call 781-294-7575. promote their business and hand out
Duxbury Senior Club. The Senior business cards. For more information,
781-934-6434 Jones River Landing Mardi Gras. visit
Sunday worship service and Club meets at the Duxbury Senior Live music, jambalaya, and more
Center at 10 Mayflower St. Coffee held at 55 Landing Rd. in Kingston,
St. John the Sunday School for Ages 3-20,
10:30 a.m. Mid-week testimony social at 9:30 a.m., meeting at 10 to benefit Haiti and New Orleans.
ROOTS Genealogy Club. Meets
every Tuesday from 1-2:30 p.m. at the
Evangelist Episcopal a.m. followed by a fun sing-along Tickets bought ahead, online at Duxbury Senior Center. Newcomers
meeting on Wednesday, 7:30
with the McNabs. or at the Landing, are welcome. p.m. Christian Science Reading
781-934-6523 Room open to all, 15 Standish St. State Rep. Webster office hours. are $40 for one, $75 for a pair, or
Halls Corner, Tuesday through Rep. Webster will be available to three for $110 ($45/$85 at the door).
Sunday services 8 a.m. and
10 a.m. Sunday school at 10 Saturday 10 a.m.-1 p.m. meet with constituents at Foodie’s Any questions please contact Peter
Donohoe at or
Wednesday March 9
a.m. Wednesday: Men’s Bible Christian Science Sentinel Market in Hall’s Corner at 9 a.m.
Appointments are not necessary. call 781-585-2322. Town Meeting Public Information
study 6:30 a.m., Coffee and con- Radio on WATD 95.9 FM Sun- Session. Learn about the proposed
versation 9 a.m., Holy Eucharist day mornings at 9 a.m. Call 617-722-2487 or e-mail Rachel. Girl Scout Sweetheart Dance. In new police station at 9 a.m. with
with healing 10 a.m., Adult Ed with any the Duxbury High School gym from Police Chief Clancy followed by
11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Children’s questions. 7-9 p.m. Admission is $5 ($2 for “tea” at 10 a.m. to meet and greet
choir rehearsal 6 p.m., Youth
United Methodist “Crimes of the Heart” play. additional girls with an escort) which the Library Trustee candidates at the
choir rehearsal at 7 p.m. Thurs- On March 4, 5, 11, 12 at 8 p.m. includes a framed photo. Make-your- Duxbury Senior Center.
day: Adult choir rehearsal 7 Rev. Dr. Alex K. Musoke at the Cornerstone Lodge, 585 own sundaes, patches and necklaces
p.m. Friday: AA meeting at 781-585-9863 will also be available. Drop in storytimes. Drop in programs
Washington St. Performed by at the Duxbury Free Library do not
7:30 p.m. Office hours are Monday- the Bay Players.   Tickets are $17
Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 Flag Book workshop. From 1-5 p.m. require registration and are designed
general admission and $15 student/ at the Art Complex Museum.  A flag for participation by an adult with a
p.m. Sunday worship service senior.   For ticket reservations call
and Sunday school, 10 a.m., fol- book is a custom structure that when child. Drop In Storytime for ages 3
781-361-2453 or visit bayplayers. pulled open, pages lie flat and become
Journey lowed by fellowship, adult choir org. either one large image or a montage
and under takes place Wednesdays,
10:30 a.m. through April 6 in the
rehearsal, 8:45 a.m. with coffee of images and text.   All materials
Community of Faith hour following. Third Friday of provided.  The cost is $45.  
lower level Resource Room. each month we serve dinner at Saturday March 5
Mainspring Shelter, Brockton.
Rev. David Woods
781-585-8295 Last Wednesday of the month is Shipwreck Ball. At the Duxbury
Accessory apartment informative
discussion. At 9 a.m. at the Duxbury Thursday March 10
Services, Sundays at 10 ladies’ luncheon at 12 p.m. Bay Maritime School from 7-11:30 Senior Center. Selectman Shawn Duxbury Caregiver Support
p.m. Live music from “Connected Dahlen and guest Jessica Williams Groups. Anyone caring for an
the Band,” catered by Lavishly Dunn will address the facts and issues. elderly parent or spouse and would
and Island Creek Raw Bar. Come like to share experiences with other
dressed as your favorite pirate. caregivers, The Duxbury Senior
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Duxbury Clipper 3

Question of the Week by Mary Beth Goldman

It’s Dr. Seuss Day – what’s your favorite?

“Horton hears a Who!” “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” “Horton Hatches the Egg!” “Horton Hatches the Egg!” “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew
Charlie Nelson Carol Jankowski Mrs. O Klara Geder Cubbins.”
Pilgrim Byway Director (aka Marty O’Mara) Arrowhead Rd. “Green Eggs and Ham.”
Duxbury Free Library Children’s Librarian Anne and Shashu Geisel
Duxbury Free Library Pilgrim Byway
Grandniece of Dr. Suess!

Center offers a support group the schedule a time, please call Bridget Children’s Art Exhibit. Spring into
second Thursday of each month from Saturday March 12 Soccer Training Sessions for
Fifth Grade Girls. Soccer training or Gail at 781-934-7672. Art exhibit, March 19 and 20 at the
1:30–3 p.m. Call Donna Ciappina, at Driftwood Folk Cafe. Kendall Hall at sessions will be held every Sunday Art Complex Museum for it’s 40th
781-934-5774, ext. 105, for additional through March 20 from 1:30-3 p.m. College Funding 101. March 15, anniversary. Open to all young
First Parish Church, 19 Town Square, 7 p.m. at the Duxbury Free Library.
information or to join the group. Plymouth. Mary Gauthier with Tania in the Chandler gym. The sessions artists, aged five to twelve.  Drop off
are open to all fifth grade girls and Come learn about the options and entries at the museum entrance March
Book Lecture. At 6:30 p.m., Elizabeth at 8 p.m. A café style will focus on fun games to improve strategies to create a sound, effective 3-6 from 1-4 p.m.  A reception for the
the 1699 Winslow House and the seating serving home-baked goods, skills. plan for a college education. artists will be held March 20, 1:30-
Ventress Library team up to host a tea, soft drinks, and coffee (alcohol- 3:30 p.m.  Free. Further information
lecture by University of Memphis free and non-smoking). Driftwood Farm presentation. March 16
is available at or
professor Aram Goudsouzian who Folk Café is a volunteer-run, not- Upcoming at 9 a.m. at the Duxbury Senior
(781) 934-6634, ext. 10.
will discuss his book “King of the for-profit corporation. Shows sell Center there will be a presentation
Court: Bill Russell and the Basketball out quickly, so please order tickets Speaker Series. In The Parish Center on potentially putting Community Birdie for Books Mini Golf Event.
Revolution” at the Ventress Library, in advance at 508-224-7024, email of Holy Family Church at  7 p.m. on Supported Agriculture at the O’Neil Sunday, March 20 at the Duxbury
15 Library Plaza, Marshfield. or two more upcoming Tuesdays. On Farm.  A CSA could mean the public Free Library, between 11 a.m. and 4
Admission is $5 per person. visit March 15, Sister Nancy Kehoe will could go once a week to get milk, p.m.  An afternoon featuring 18 holes
present “Wrestling With Our Inner organic vegetables, eggs, and meat, of mini golf, carnival games, raffle
Angels: Faith, Mental Illness and the and pet and feed various animals. items and refreshments.  For further
Friday March 11 Sunday March 13 Journey to Wholeness,” and Father Marriage Enrichment Weekend. details and to purchase tickets at $5
Sunday Salon Series. The Manomet Walter Cuenin will speak on April 12 March 18, 7-9:30 p.m. and March 19, each or 5 for $20, visit
Gather ‘Round. A storytime for on “Whatever Happened to Vatican or contact Katy Horgan at 781-934-
preschoolers with an adult, is held Center for Conservation Science: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. at St. Paul’s Church of
the Widewater Journals, is the topic Two.” the Nazarene with speaker Reverend 0997.
every Friday at 10:30 a.m. all year
round in the picture book room. for the presentation to be held at the Special needs screening. The Willie Batson of Family Builders Antique Show. The 30th Annual
For more information, check the Duxbury Free Library at 2 p.m. For Duxbury Integrated Preschool will be Ministries. Cost is $25. For more Duxbury Spring Antique Show will
children’s pages on the library free tickets, call the library at 781- conducting a special needs screening information or to register, call 781- be held at Duxbury High School on
Website, or 934-2721 x108. for three and four year old children on 585-3419. Saturday, March 26, 10 a.m. to  5
call 781-934-2721 x115. March 15 at the Chandler School. To Planning for “The Mortal p.m. and Sunday, March 27, 11 a.m.
Instruments” party. Teen fans of to 4 p.m. Appraisals will be offered
Cassandra Clare’s fantasy thriller on Sunday, March 27 from 11 a.m.
trilogy are invited to a planning to 1 p.m. $5 per item or 3 for $10.
Zabuli update
meeting on Friday, March 18 at 3 p.m. Admission is $7 or $6 with a card
in the Resource Room at the Duxbury available at many local businesses or
azia Jan will pres- Free Library for a gala bash in the downloaded from duxburyboosters.
ent an update on spring. Contact Ellen Snoeyenbos, org. Please contact Joanne Williams at
the Zabuli Educa- 781-934-2721 x106 if interested in 781-934-0111 for more information.
tion Center for Women and attending.
Girls in Deh’ Subz, Afghani-
stan on Sunday, March 6, at
the Duxbury Senior Center.
The event is open to the pub-
lic. There will be tea, coffee
and Afghan desserts at 3 p.m.
and Jan will speak at 4 p.m.
For more information call
Razia’s Ray of Hope Foun-
dation is a nonprofit organiza-
tion dedicated to improving
the lives of women and chil-
dren in Afghanistan through
community-based education.
Focused on the Afghan village
of Deh’Subz, the organization
was founded on the belief that
education is key to positive,
peaceful change for current
and future generations. The
foundation strives to provide
opportunities to learn and
grow in a safe, nurturing en-
vironment, empowering girls
and women through educa-
tion and resources so that they
may work toward brighter fu-
tures — in their own villages Former Duxbury resident Razia Jan will update the status of her
and beyond. school in Afghanistan on Sunday, March 6.
4 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love flowers, love life Cheerleaders take second in Patriot League

he DHS Varsity
continued from page one Winter Cheerlead-
members is $220, or $250 for those too silly to join DAA. ing Team won
DAA membership is $35 for adults, $25 for seniors and second place in the Patriot
students. Membership runs from June 1 to May 31, but it’s still League Cheerleading Compe-
a bargain even if you take just one workshop between now and tition held at Whitman-Han-
son Regional High School on
Thursday night Feb. 10. Their
Do you have acrylics or oil paints, brushes, and a lost winning trophy is displayed at
sense of direction or gumption? I do. I bought a set in a flurry the high school. The team will
of artistic vigor, and stopped cold after one not-so-bad-for- move on to regionals which
a-beginner painting of Monadnock. Carol O’Malia offers a will be on March 6.
one-day painting workshop for those of us with “no significant
experience” on Saturday, March 6, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. “Students Coach Betty Stenstrom
with a range of backgrounds and skill levels are welcome. with Cheerleaders
One day workshop will focus on adding drama through the Frankie Arana and
use of lighting and strong compositional techniques. Come Lauren MacDonald.
away with a knowledge of historical and contemporary visual
representation that can be applied to future paintings. Students Below: Team Photo with the
will be painting from still life set ups and there will be a focus winning Trophy. Back row:
on learning how to “see.” Various painting techniques will be Manager Kelsey Davidson,
touched upon to give you some of the tools needed to make Caroline Corbett, Alley Benson
your paintings pop. To see more examples of Carol’s work, Bush, Sammy Carley, Sarah
go to her Web site:” I did, and it’s true. Carol’s Hansmann and Shannon
Conway. Middle Row: Kelley
paintings pop. Imagine Paul Émile Chabas (September Morn, Mackin, Catherine Sullivan and
Joyous Frolics), but without the skin and hoochie-kuchie. Allie Berrett. Front Row:Kenzie
Carol obviously works from photos (like my Monadnock, but Reale, Zoe Moriarty, Lauren
poppier) and her paintings all tell stories with sweet drama. MacDonald, Frankie Arana,
Members pay $120, non-members $160. and Sam Copp.
Paula Whalen teaches a workshop on using oil pastels
and paint sticks Saturday, March 12, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “Come
learn the techniques that unlock the secret to creating beautiful
paintings. This vibrant & versatile medium is very inexpensive
when compared to oil paints. Learn the fundamentals of draw-
ing and painting with this medium. No experience necessary.
Pack a lunch. Material list available at registration.” I’m pretty
sure that means your paint sticks and paper, and Paula’s teach-
ing. Members: $70, Non-members: $110. (You’re doing the
math, right? Membership is $35.)
Marj Bates offers multiple workshops course offerings at
her “light filled seaside studio on Lighthouse Point in Scituate
Harbor.” Check the DAA Web site for the complete list. One
on Saturday, March 12, from 9:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. will teach
you how to make glass beads using “the ancient technique of
glass beadmaking known as lampwork. The art involves melt-
ing glass around a steel rod and shaping it into a bead. Students
will leave with enough glass beads to make a cherished keep-
sake. All materials included.” Members: $175, Non-Members
Sergio Roffo will teach a two-day workshop for intermedi-
ate and advanced painters, his Coastal Landscape Workshop.
Saturday and Sunday, June 11 and 12, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mem-
bers: $375, Non-members $450. “The workshop will focus
primarily on outdoor painting in Duxbury, weather permit-
ting. In the event of rain, the class will paint indoors and will
McKinley qualifies for Nationals
be instructed on how to paint successfully from photographs.
Sergio is a nationally noted painter and elected Fellow of The
American Society of Marine Artists.”

Commercial Portrait, Snug Harbor Tile

Members of the Duxbury track team compete at Reggie Lewis recently.
onathan McKinley the Nike Indoor Nationals on and also qualified for the Nike
finished ninth in the March 12. Indoor Nationals.
mile with a time of The girls’ 4x400m team of Doyle finished 10th in the
#OMMERCIALs0ORTRAITSs3PORTSs%VENTSs4HEATRE 4:24.17 at Saturday’s All-State Emily Doyle, Liz Runci, Lau- State for the 300m with a time
meet at the Reggie Lewis Cen- ra Nee, and Julia Nee finished 41.92.
ter, qualifying the senior for 10th with a time of 4:06.79
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Duxbury Clipper 5

Did Duxbury woman inspire Cain’s novel?

continued from page one had access to his papers and to her quite well. not so kind; some were com-
would have graduated in 1941. Cain himself. He mentions a An examination of the plimentary. “To all those who
Cain’s book came out in late story given to Cain by William timeline of these events is re- said that the unattractive peo-
1941, leaving little or no time Gilbert Patten in 1928, “about vealing. In 1938, Cain visits ple in Mildred Pierce simply
for him to observe the difficul- two westerners who had cut the area at least once. Hoopes did not exist, Cain’s reply was:
ties that the Pierce family was off a man’s head, and didn’t confirms that Cain began “I can only say, as Shaw said
to endure. know what to do when it writing “Mildred Pierce” of Pinero, ‘Doesn’t this fellow
Ma’s youngest daughter, started rolling around in after a visit to Cohasset meet anybody?’” Isn’t this an
Nina, was a brilliant woman their wagon; Cain shift- in 1938. By 1939 he’s admission on Cain’s part that
who was planning to be a sur- ed the story east, added struggling to finish his his characters were based on
geon, not just a doctor, but some characters of his book. If my supposition real people?
specifically a surgeon. She own, and put the story is true, he’s watching A two-day research visit to
graduated from Duxbury High in the mouth of an east- the interaction of Ma, the Library of Congress, with
School in three years, a feat ern roughneck.” This her daughter and Ma’s daughter Erin, poring over
rarely, if ever, accomplished story about Cain’s meth- boyfriend. Ma’s daugh- James M. Cain’s papers (96
at that time. In November of ods indicates to me that ter started high school in boxes) has produced mixed
1940 she had passed her ex- if he could move a story 1937, which meant she results. Most significantly, the
ams and was waiting for a from west to east, he cer- should have graduated in 1938 box is not in the collec-
vacancy to enter training at tainly was not above mov- 1941. By finishing in three tion. Hoopes reports Cain’s
Massachusetts General Hos- ing “Mildred Pierce” from years, graduating in 1940 secretary lost or destroyed the
pital. Ma’s youngest daughter Duxbury to California. and taking up with Ma’s boy- box. That is the year that we
was clearly ambitious and on a I also find it significant friend, she provided Cain with know Cain was on the South
plane above her mother. that the standard fiction dis- the perfect ending to his story. Shore, and now we know that
claimer in “Mildred Pierce” In the words of one of her he was here from Aug. 8 un-
(in the original version) is Duxbury’s “MA” Pierce ran a classmates, “the story was all til Nov. 18, a period of three
beyond the usual “…are not restaurant in town in the ‘20s over town.” months, two months after his
intended to represent actual and, this author believes, served There is another possible play had closed in Cohasset.
persons, events, or places” and as the inspiration for James M. Cain connection to Duxbury, Elina had gone home in early
is preceded by “The locale of Cain’s novel “Mildred Pierce.” and that is the Sjostedt fam- September. Where was he and
this book is California…” To starred Nancy Carrol, Sheila ily. Cain was married to Eli- what was he doing?
me, Cain is deliberately lead- Barrett and Barry Sullivan. na Sjosted (the difference in Cain had been sued twice,
ing the reader away from the Cohasset had somewhat spelling is probably not sig- once for “obscenity” in his
people in Duxbury he is writ- limited hotel space and the nificant) Tyszecka from 1927 novel “Serenade,” and once
ing about. Especially, since he nearest alternative sites in- until 1947. They were married for plagiarism, relating to a
once wrote to his publisher that cluded Nantasket and Dux- during Cain’s most successful woman who claimed she had
he considered such disclaim- bury, which was experiencing years, during which he wrote delivered a script similar to
Nina Pierce, the daughter of ers thinly veiled announce- its own theater and tourist re- “Postman,” “Double Indem- “Mildred Pierce” to Cain’s
Duxbury’s “Ma” Pierce, may ments that the story was based naissance. There was a hotel nity” and “Mildred Pierce.” N.Y. office in 1937 for advice
have been the inspiration for on reality. owned by Louise Chandler St. Hoopes quotes Cain as saying, and a possible sale. Cain did
the character Veda in James “By 1930 James M. George at the corner of Soule “She had a beautiful mind, not have a N.Y. office in 1937,
Cain’s novel, “Mildred Pierce.” Cain the writer had clearly Avenue and Tremont Street, particularly for one writing the he did not review other au-
The characters have much in emerged” in the opinion of called The things I write – thor’s work and the story was
common, including running off biographer Hoopes. He wrote Shore Acres sardonic, ironic, nothing like “Mildred Pierce.”
with their mothers’ beau. that “Cain liked to shock his Inn, which sometimes al- The movie company paid the
readers, but to write his best catered to the- most savage in woman $750 as a settlement of
Cain was having difficulty he had to pretend to be some- ater people. If its comprehen- a nuisance suit, none of which
writing an ending to his book. one else. Yet with his limited any of the cast sions of basic came out of Cain’s pocket.
He had written four versions imagination almost everything of his play things. There These cases wore con-
and each time, in Cain’s own he wrote had to be based on were staying was always her siderably on Cain. In addi-
words, “almost on cue, at page personal experience or things there, it would amusing point of tion, a man named Richard
254, the thing fell apart right he had observed happening to not have been view, expressed Fuller wrote to Knopf, Cain’s
in front of my eyes.” I think others.” out of the or- with this prepos- publisher, saying he was con-
that he was writing about Ma’s This reliance on actual dinary for terous accent, so cerned about his wife’s reputa-
Myrtle and when the other events is evident in Cain’s Cain to stay fresh, so delight- tion as her name was Mildred
sister took away her mother’s “Postman Always Rings there too. The ful, that I have Pierce. Both Cain and the pub-
boyfriend – boom! He had an Twice” and “Double Indem- interesting seen saleswom- lisher refused to change the
ending and combined the two nity.” Both were based on the thing is, if he en in department name and Mr. Fuller finally
characters. He said later that he trial of “Tiger Woman” Ruth did, he would James M. Cain’s novel has stores gather signed off.
had “made Veda too smart.” Snyder and her lover, Judd be driving by much in common with Duxbury’s around her, to All of these events had
Hoopes describes Cain as Gray and their murder of her Ma Pierce’s “Ma” Pierce, and the author listen a few Cain deeply worried. He for-
“not attracted to the glitter- husband. Ruth purchased per- restaurant on often looked to true events for minutes and be warded his “Mildred Pierce”
ing social life of New York sonal injury insurance on her the way to inspiration. His books “The entertained by papers to the lawyer in the
… he preferred more serious husband and “double indem- Cohasset ev- Postman Always Rings Twice” her.” She must plagiarism case. Were the
intellectual conversation with nity” in the event of his death. ery day! and “Double Indemnity” were have helped 1938 papers lost or destroyed?
like minded friends.” Hoopes She instructed the postman to It should based on a real court case. with “Mildred Might Cain have destroyed
continues with, “parties he deliver payment coupons only be pointed Pierce.” them himself? It seems strange
attended and gave were typi- to her, ringing the doorbell out that Cain was a heavy Cain’s book was published to me that after moving across
cal village affairs with often twice as a signal. So two of drinker and a notorious wom- in September of 1941. Critic the country several times that
no chairs, cushions or even Cain’s most successful books anizer. I’m not suggesting that Ralph Thompson wrote, “How all his papers are in the collec-
mats to sit on.” Ma Pierce’s were suggested by real life sit- he had an illicit relationship Cain could ever tangle himself tion except 1938! It appears
youngest daughter, in cor- uations, why not the third? with any of these women, but up with this prodigious, in- that any concrete evidence of
respondence with Margery In August of 1938 Cain’s he certainly would have been credible, preposterous child is Cain staying in Duxbury will
MacMillan during prepara- play “7-11” was performed by comfortable in Ma’s kitchen. almost as hard to understand have to come from another
tion of her book “Stopping the South Shore Players at the A brief description of Ma’s as Veda (Mildred’s daughter) source, and I’ll be looking.
Places Along Duxbury Roads” Cohasset Town Hall (the pre- youngest daughter might be herself.” Other reviews were
(1991), wrote that “…many cursor of the South Shore Mu- appropriate here. She, as did
people who came to eat would sic Circus). Cain’s old drink- all of Ma’s daughters, worked
ask to sit in the kitchen and ing pal Sinclair Lewis was part time at her mother’s
were allowed. As mother was appearing on stage in his own restaurant. As to her being
cooking, she would always play “It Can’t Happen Here.” spoiled, several contempo-
entertain her guests with many Lewis’ play appeared the week raries pointed out that she
stories. All were repeat guests. of July 25 and again on August wore high heels and dresses
Several came from N.Y. every 8 and was postponed at least to school, while most of the
year.” This would have been a once. According to the Cohas- girls wore skirts and sweaters.
perfect setting for Cain. set Historical Society, Cain’s Other contemporaries have
Hoopes writes about play was moved to the week described her as self-centered,
Cain’s writing habits and his of August 22. Cain was here ambitious, a loner, and a per-
unusual personality. He pos- for a good part of that summer son who “put on airs.” If you
sibly knew Cain better than and I thought into September are familiar with Veda in the
anyone, simply because he rewriting his play. Cain’s play book and movie, that describes
6 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunday Salon Series

uxbury Free
L i b r a r y ’s
Salon Series and
Westwinds Bookshop
presented author Ju-
dith Campbell who dis-
cussed her first novel,
“A Deadly Mission.”
At the end of her pre-
sentation, Campbell
answered questions.

Author Judith
Campbell is
joined at the
podium by her
husband, Chris
Photo by Julius A. Prince Jr.

of Tarkiln
The Friends of the Tarkiln
Community Center are plan-
ning a fundraiser at that his-
toric landmark on Saturday,
April 2, from 7-10:30 p.m.
Schoolhouse Rock is the name
of the event which promises
to be fun for all who attend.
Music will be provided by the
well-known local group, De-
spite Dwight. Members of the
committee are currently col-
lecting items for their silent
auction. Tickets are $30 and
are available at Duxbury Wine
and Spirits, Folk Art Antiques,
The Studio and Westwinds
Bookshop.  Further informa-
tion may be obtained at 781-
934-6943 or at Tarkiln School

Sunday Salon Series

Presents: The
Widewater Journals
On Sunday, March 13 at
2 p.m., President, Dr. John
Hagan will introduce the Ma-
nomet Center for Conservation
Sciences’s mission and conser-
vation initiatives. Kim Gog-
gin, Garden Coordinator will
read journal entries written by
the Ernst family, the original
owners of the Widewater Es-
tate. Dr. Harold Ernst, a Har-
vard professor and physician,
and his wife Ellen, a generous
humanitarian, created a sum-
mer paradise on the bluffs of
Manomet where many people
gathered to enjoy the splen-
did outdoors. Holidays at the
Ernst’s estate proved to be
significant in forging lasting
associations between people
who shared an appreciation of
the natural world and a deep
concern for the wellness of so-
ciety. Discover how The Ma-
nomet Center for Conserva-
tion Sciences is continuing the
Ernst legacy by joining com-
munities together in conver-
sation about our environment
and the well being of society
today. For free tickets, call the
library at 781-934-2721 x108.
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Duxbury Clipper 7

Black Tie Bingo raises over $13K Teen event planning meeting

Teen fans of Cassandra Clare’s fantasy thriller trilogy, “The
riends of the Mortal Instruments,” are invited to a planning meeting on Fri-
Council on day, March 18 at 3 p.m. in the Resource Room on the Lower
Aging and Level of the Duxbury Free Library for a gala bash in the spring.
the Duxbury Interfaith Call Ellen Snoeyenbos, 781-934-2721 x106, if interested in at-
Council recently teamed tending.
up for Black Tie Bingo
at the Duxbury Senior
Center. The evening
raised funds for the fuel
assistance program of
the South Shore Com-
munity Action Council
assisting over 100 fami-
lies in Duxbury.
Rita Welch, founder of Welch
Healthcare & Retirement Group
enjoys an elegant evening of Black 781-834-6231 • 267 Ocean St., Brant Rock, Marshfield
Tie Bingo with, from left to right,
Shawn Dahlen, Duxbury Chairman
of the Board of Selectmen, Duxbury
resident, attorney Peter N. Muncey
and Duxbury resident and master of
ceremonies, Jim Fagan.

Lynda Chuckran, director of commu-

nity relations for Welch Healthcare
& Retirement Group, served as a
guest caller for the evening at the
Duxbury Senior Center.
09DF005_clipper_open_7.9x10:09DF005 9/8/09 1:58 PM Page 1

Alden Kindred seeks

nominees for Speak
for Thyself Awards
The Alden Kindred of
America is excited to wel-
come back a wonderful event
celebrating women in our
communities. This spring, the
Alden House Historic Site will
present the fourth “Speak for
Thyself Awards” dinner on
Now world-leading
May 20 at the Duxbury Senior
The Speak for Thyself
cancer care is right in
Award honors exceptional
women who, in the spirit of
Priscilla Mullins, make their
your backyard.
own choices. It recognizes the
roles of women in America as Introducing the most advanced cancer care available on the South Shore.
Pilgrims, pioneers, advocates,
community organizers, politi- Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and South
cians and business leaders, as Shore Hospital are collaborating to provide the highest level of care
well as mothers, sisters, wives
and friends; women whose south of Boston.
daily lives are a reflection of
America. The Speak for Thy- The new center at South Shore Hospital brings the first choice in cancer
self Award bridges the lives
of American women from a care closer to you – including many of the innovative treatments available
homestead of the 17th century at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center in Boston.
to our 21st century communi-
Past recipients of the Call 781-624-5000 for an appointment or visit
award are former First Lady for more information.
Barbara Bush, President of the
Massachusetts Senate, Ther-
ese Murray, U.N. Population
Fund Representative in Hati,
Tania Cooper Pariola, author
and speaker Loretta LaRoche,
actress and advocate for spe-
cial needs children, and Dux-
bury community leaders and
advocates Elizabeth Nightin-
gale, Anne Antonellis, Hollis
“Holly” Morris, Betsy Sul-
livan, Dorothy “Dolly” Snow
Bicknell, and Joanne Moore. Focused on cancer. Focused on life.
A form for Speak for
Thyself Award nominations
is available from the Alden
Kindred of America by calling
781-934-9092 or e-mailing al- Nom-
inations should be submitted
by Feb. 15.
8 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Percy Walker Pool spring swim schedule COLLEGE CORNER

By Mike Halloran, Sports Editor

Sophomore third baseman  Tyler

Genereux (DHS ‘09) had three hits
and three RBIs in Mass Maritime’s
season opening loss to Cornell College
(Iowa)  in Fort Pierce, Fla.  Genereux
also  pitched two scoreless innings of
relief  while striking out four… Went-
worth College senior
Sam Herrick (DHS
Genereux ’06) scored 18 pts and
hauled in 14 rebounds,
but Wentworth lost in the CCCC Cham-
pionship game to Salve Regina, 68-58,
in OT. Earlier in the week Herrick was
name the Defensive
Player of The Year in
the Commonwealth Herrick
Monday Wednesday Friday Coast Conference and
6.-7 a.m.: Adult Swim 6– 9 a.m.: Adult Swim 6-9 a.m.: Adult Swim a first-team All-Star…Senior Kristen
7.-9 a.m.: Adult Swim/ Aquacise 9 a.m.–12 noon: General Swim/ 9 a.m.-12noon: General Swim/ Byrne (DHS ’07) scored the game-win-
9 a.m..–12 noon: General Swim/ Lessons Cardinal Cushing (1/2 pool)
Lessons 12 noon–1 p.m.: Adult Swim 12 noon–1p.m.: Adult Swim
ning goal for St. Anselm in their 6-2 win
12 noon–1 p.m.: Adult Swim 1–3 p.m.: General Swim / 1–3 p.m.: General Swim/ over St. Michaels’ in the ECAC Open
1–3p.m.: General Swim/Lessons Lessons Lessons semifinals… Hunter
3–5p.m.: Lessons 3–5 p.m.: Lessons 3–5 p.m.: Lessons Chiasson (DHS ’09)
5– 6p.m.: Dolphins Swim Club 5.–6 p.m.: Dolphins Swim Club 5– 6 p.m.: Dolphins Swim Club Byrne recently competed at
6–7p.m.: General Swim 6.–7 p.m.: General Swim 6–8 p.m.: General Swim the Summit League swimming champi-
7– 8:30p.m.: Adult Swim / SSDC 7.–8:30 p.m.: Adult Swim / onships for IUPUI at the Natatorium in
SSDC Saturday
Indianapolis. Hunter set a new school re-
9 a.m.-12 noon: Lessons cord in the 100-yard backstroke and re-
6–7 a.m.: Adult Swim 12 noon–1 p.m.: Adult Swim corded a second-best time in the 200. He
7–9 a.m.: Adult Swim/ Aquacise 6-7 a.m.: Adult Swim 1– 3 p.m.: General Swim
9 a.m.–12 noon: General Swim/ 7.-9 a.m.: Adult Swim/ Aquacise 3–6 p.m.: Adult Swim/SSDC
also swam a personal best in the 500-yard
Lessons (10p.m.-11p.m. Triathlon 9 a.m.–12 noon: General Swim / 6–8 p.m.: Party Rentals free… Senior Max Chiasson
Training/3 lanes) Lessons Butler (DHS ’06)
12 noon–1 p.m.: Adult Swim 12 noon–1 p.m.: Adult Swim Sunday won two individual gold medals and two
1–2:30 p.m.: General Swim/ 1– 2:30 p.m.: General Swim/ 10 a.m.-12noon: Party Rentals relay gold medals, as UMass won the
Lessons Lessons 12 noon–1 p.m.: Adult Swim Atlantic-10 swimming championship...
2:30–3:30 p.m.: Pool After 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Pool After 1– 3 p.m.: General Swim Ben Bray, a senior
School School 3–4 p.m.: Adult Swim/ SSDC
3:30-4:30 p.m.: Pool After School, 3:30-4:30 p.m.: Pool After School, 4– 5 p.m.: SSDC/ Dolphins Swim
and indoor track and
Too Too field athlete at Bran-
4:30-5:30 p.m.: Kingfish 4:30-5:30 p.m.: Kingfish
Club deis was named to the
5– 6 p.m.: Dolphins Swim Club
5:30-7 p.m.: General Swim 5:30-7 p.m.: General Swim 6.-7 p.m.: Party rentals Butler all academic team for
7–8p.m.: Adult Swim/ MASK 7– 8 p.m.: Adult Swim/ MASK 7–10 p.m.: North Atlantic Scuba the winter season from
8–9p.m.: MASK 8– 9 p.m.: MASK the University Athletic Association.
Do you have a son or daughter that

Percy Walker Pool spring lesson registration plays or coaches college sports? I want
to hear about it. E-mail me your student-
Online lesson registration 4–4:30 p.m. Level 1 9:30–10 a.m. Preschool Level athletes name and college to sports@
begins as follows: Pool mem- 4:30–5 p.m. Level 2 2
bers, Tuesday, March 8, 8 4–4:45 p.m. Level 3 9:30–10 a.m. Level 2

p.m.; Duxbury resident non- 4–4:45 p.m. Level 4 10–10:30 a.m. Preschool Level
members, Wednesday, March 3
9 at 8 p.m.; non-resident, non- Wednesday 10–10:30 a.m. Level 1
members, Thursday, March 10 2:15–3 p.m. Fundamentals of 10–10:45 a.m. Level 3
at 8 p.m. Internet registration Diving 10–10:45 a.m. Level 5
closes March 20 at 3 p.m. 3–3:45 p.m. Stroke Clinic 10:30–11 a.m. Preschool Level
In-person registration will (grade 6-8) (new) 1
be held March 14 to April 10 3–3:45 p.m. Fund. of Diving 10:30–11 a.m. Level 2 DUXBURY HARDWARE CORP.
11–11:30 a.m. Parent & Child
during regular pool hours. (grade 6-8) (new)
Level 1
Family memberships must be 3:30–4 p.m. Preschool Level 2
11–11:30 a.m. Preschool Level
valid through May 22, 2011. 4–4:30 p.m. Level 1 (Rte 53 near Duxbury/Kingston Line)
Lessons run Monday, 4:30–5 p.m. Level 2
11–11:45 a.m. Level 3
March 21 through Monday, 4–4:45 p.m. Level 3
11–11:45 a.m. Level 4
May 22 4–4:45 p.m. Level 5
11:30–12 noon Parent & Child
Tuesday/Thursday Level 2
Monday/Wednesday 11:30–12 noon Preschool
10–10:30 a.m. Level 1 11–11:30 a.m. Preschool Level Level 3
10:30–11 a.m. Level 2 1
11–11:30 a.m. Preschool Level 11:30–12 noon Preschool Water Safety Instructor
1 Level 3
1–1:30 p.m. Preschool Level 1 Fee: $245 + $85 for materials
11:30–12 noon Preschool dates TBA
Level 2 1:30–2 p.m. Preschool Level 2
1–1:30 p.m. Preschool Level 1 Lifeguard Training (new)
1:30–2 p.m. Preschool Level 3 Friday
3:30–4 p.m. Preschool Level 2 2:15–3:45 p.m. TGIF at PWP Fee: $245 + $85 for materials
4–4:30 p.m. Level 1 (grade 3-8) (new) dates TBA
4:30–5 p.m. Level 2 4–4:30 p.m. Level 1
4:30–5 p.m. Level 2 CPR recertification (new)
Monday 4–4:45 p.m. Level 4 Fees and dates TBA
2:15–3 p.m. Intro to 4–4:45 p.m. Level 6 Personal
Synchronized Swimming (for Water Safety Red Cross Babysitting Course
girls) Fees and dates TBA
3–3:45 p.m. Water Polo (grade Saturday For more information, cal 781-
6-8)(new) 9–9:30 a.m. Preschool Level 1 934-2464 or visit town.dux-
3:30–4 p.m. Preschool Level 2 9–9:30 a.m. Level 1
3:30–5 p.m. GuardStart Part 3 9–9:45 a.m. Level 3
(grade 6-8) 9–9:45 a.m. Level 4
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Duxbury Clipper 9

“Ahoy, mate, them’s Weekend

bargains ahead!” Duxbury Estate Sale
March 10, 11, and 12, Thursday,
Friday,Saturday, 10-5, off Wad-
sworth Road, off Bay Road, signs
posted after 9am, includes large
ammount of sterling, coin silver,
including large sterling punch
bowl, flatware set, serving pieces,
bowls, trays, tea pot, etc., good Think Winter is Done?
silver plate, rare door stops, large 2 stage MTD Snowthrower, 10
ammount of vintage clothes, Horse, 28 inch, electric start. Ex-
good books, prints, oils, upright cellent condition. $300 firm. Call
victrola, oak bookcase and tables, 617-840-2434.
mahogany diningroom set, maple
trestle table, bureaus, early whale Provincial Dinning Room Set
tail wall shelf, early green chest, 5’X4.5’ table w/3-10” removable
sofas, whirlpool washer and leafs and all leather padding in-
dryer, upright freezer, country, cluding 5-w/2 arm chairs, 6’x5’
wedgewood, willow, glass and (half cabinet glass) china closet,
china, flow blue, war memora- 5’x1’ buffet bureau. Solid fruit-
bilia, comfort and parlor social wood, excellent condition (zero
#11 wood stoves, musical instru- scratches). $850, retail $1,000 or
ments, good old toys, train set, more. 781-294-0878 or
antique kilim and room size ori-
ental rugs, and much more.
Pug Puppy for Sale
Beautiful black male pug pup, 8
weeks old, AKC registered. Father is
Treasure a “champion”.
Call Lorna,

4 Piece Living Room Furniture
Cream couch $600, 2 wing chairs

$250, 1 slipper chair $150. OBO.
iscover a lost treasure. Find a new home or a Exceptional value. Rarely used
used car. Land a new job or a large fish. Clean and in beautiful condition. Pur-
chased at Jordan’s Furniture.
your gutters or stretch your mind. Tune your Make an offer! Call me today!
piano. Tame your computer. Find a painter, a petsitter Solid Cherry Queen Bed
Kincaid solid cherry queen 4
or a property manager. Market your summer poster bed. Retails $1000.
$500/bo. 781-934-7384.
cottage or your cottage industry. Sell the couch,
buy the treadmill. Learn Spanish, algebra or Wedding Dress
a new operating system. Hire a yard Gorgeous formal ivory, size 6,
bride’s gown. This long-sleeved,
service. Host a yard sale. Take sailing satin and lace beaded gown is
perfect for a late fall or winter
lessons. Buy a sailboat. Peddle your Kitchen Table and Chairs
wedding. Asking $750 or BO.
Solid birch table top on
putters. Plug your Persian. Pitch your piccolo. Clean decorative steel pewter base with Must see. Please call
four solid birch matching chairs. 781-452-7242.
out the house. Find a housecleaner. Buy the puppy, sell Your price, $200; Jordan’s
the rugs. Trim your hedges, your hems, or your sails. Furniture price, $1150. Good Climbing the
shape. Emailed photo available
Buy some firewood. Have a firesale. Sell the antiques upon request. Call 617-875-1990. Career Ladder
in your attic. Sell the whole darn Dining Room Set Fisheries Interviewers
6’ trestle table with six oak lad- Part Time. Seasonal. ICF Macro
house. If it rocks, rolls, motors, derback chairs. All newly refin- (, a survey re-
meows pedals, putters, swings, ished and new reed seats in the search firm, seeks candidates to
six chairs. Excellent condition. conduct interviews outdoors with
sings, barks, brakes, sails or shakes, you can $750. Call 781-582-5233 or email saltwater anglers for a fisheries
research project. $9.00/hr to
find-it, buy-it, swap-it, sell-it, hire-it, hawk-it, or trade-it in the
start. Ability to work weekends
Clipper Classifieds. One Small Town. One Big World. Eliminate High Heating Bills
While doing something good for
and ride headboats is required.
You must: pass a saltwater fish
the environment! Central Boiler ID test; be available 2/8 hour
Reach your neighbors around E-Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace
is the next generation of cleaner
days/wk minimally; have flexible
schedule and own transportation;
wood/pellet furnaces. 97%
the block, or around the world. efficient, EPA qualified. Heat your
entire home and hot water. Call
and live in close proximity to salt-
water fishing as travel is limited.
Must attend 2 day training on
today: 508-717-9447. 05/19 and 05/20. Call
There’s no better value than the Clipper Classifieds. 1-800-639-0310, ext 4007 or ap-
Your message reaches thousands of loyal Clipper readers ply directly at and
Ethan Allen Furniture
for as little as $7.50 a week. Plus you get added exposure Seven piece Farmhouse Pine fam- search for “fish” under Career
from our award-winning web site at no extra charge. Add ily room set includes two end ta- Opportunities. EOE M/F/D/V.
our sister publications in Hanson, Whitman and bles, mirror, two audio cabinets,
sofa, video cabinet.. Asking Jewelry Stylists Needed!
Pembroke for a small extra charge. It’s all part of the Looking for a way to make some
package when you sail with the Clipper Classifieds! $2500 for all, or will sell sepa-
rately. Excellent condition. Call extra money? Join my team as a
781-585-7188. Stella Dot Stylist! Stella Dot is
the modern woman's
Free Pool Table home-based business. Sell ce-
8-foot slate pocket pool table. In lebrity-coveted, vintage-inspired
decent shape. Must be removed jewelry at trunk shows and earn
from my cellar. Art: up to 30% of your retail sales in
781-585-4444 commissions.

Place your order: 781-934-2811

10 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Climbing the FROM SPRING STREET ... At Your At Your

Career Ladder Service Service
Office Mgr.\Medical Billing Duxbury Computers Have Truck
Part time\flexible hours. Duties in- Get expert computer and net- College students have truck and
clude: billing, reception, patient con-
tact, clerical. Experience with Quick-
working help and advice. Your will help move or dispose of
Books, medical billing, social media Microsoft Small Business Spe- household items. Need help
and Mac a plus. Please send resume, cialist and QuickBooks Pro Ad- cleaning out basement, attic,
salary and hours to SLPC, PO Box visor in Duxbury. Just call Will garage, bedroom? How about
367, Hanson, MA 02341. Zachmann at Canopus Re- dump runs, stacking wood,
search, Inc., 781-934-9800. cleaning yard or interior
painting? Call Shawn,
Homeward Plantation Shutters & Blinds 339-933-0804, 781-934-9449.
Bound Hunter Douglas blinds and
shutters. Specializing in plan- Tutoring
tation shutters in real wood, Remediate, review, advance. Ele-
Former Duxbury Family of 4
composite, and vinyl. Free mentary, intermediate, high
Looking to rent a 2+ bdrm home
in-home consultation, free in- school. Certified classroom
for two weeks this summer. Ei-
stallation. Call for in-home teacher, Masters in education and
ther 7/23-8/6 or 7/30-8/13. Going
quote. We offer lowest prices organization. Support w/all cur-
on vacation, don't want to board
on shutters and blinds. Call riculum including reading, lan-
your pets? We'd be willing to pet
sit as well. Call Traci 617 ... TO SARATOGA SPRINGS 781-985-5480 Frugalblind- guage arts, science, ESL, study
skills, time management, test tak-
ing and SAT prep. Physicist avail-
House to Share
Comfortable antique home on 2.5
acres near Rt. 3, beach, school
Custom home furnishings sewn
by former Boston costume de-
able for high school/college math.
Piano Tuning
and Village Center. Furnished,
freshly-painted bedroom $625
per month (first and last); in-
CLIPPER CLASSIFIEDS! signer. Choose window treat-
ments, home furnishings and
alterations at rates you can af-
Martin Snow, RPT, Craftsman
Member Piano Technicians Guild,
plus complete piano rebuilding
service, sales. 781-837-6531.
cludes utilities (A/C), WIFI, cable,
and bi-monthly housecleaning. Homeward At Your ford. Call Hilary to discuss your
project. Also offering private
Non-smoker please. Prefer ma-
ture, working professional.
Bound Service sewing lessons beginner to ad-
vanced. 617-869-6499 or visit
Just Small Jobs
Skilled craftsman solves your
781-934-6432, leave message. 4 Room Antique Cape Apt. Home Improvement repair needs. Call Jim at (339)
Florida - Lake County Charming, sunny 4 room apart- Semi-retired remodeler with 832-0244.
Custom Interior Woodworking
Mt. Dora area. 3BR/2bath, 2750 sq. ment in Kingston antique Cape. 30 plus years experience. De-
Alterations and interior finish Handyman Services
ft. home near 2 golf courses. No city Recently renovated, gas fire- sign and build. Bath, kitchen,
work, built-in cabinets and media Big jobs, small jobs, odd jobs.
taxes or Home Owners Association. place. All utilities included, tiling, family room etc. Your
$139K. Also 2BR/1bath duplex with systems, historic restoration, Experienced in carpentry, paint-
plus cable and internet. Mu- problems, our solution. Call
E-Z conversion to 4BR/2bath, $135K. period design, free design and ing, electric, and plumbing. Pow-
nites from xway and train sta- Larry McCarthy,
Call 352-343-8917. drafting service. See me at erwashing. Install windows,
tion. Must see. $1250/mo. No 508-746-7829. doors, new decks. Storm doors,
55+ Home in Lake Fairways smoking, pet negotiable. Call Dave Drew, (h)
in North Fort Meyers, Florida for 781-585-6811. Snowplowing/Gen’l Contracting deck and home repairs. Floating
$34,900. Fully furnished double Snowplowing driveways and lots. 781-545-4246 or (c) floors. Positive attitude, easy to
wide, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, closed in Frame to finish contracting. Li- 617-835-9044. talk to. Call Rick Shea.
Office Space for Rent
lanai, and more! Details on Duxbury, Millbrook area. Second cened and insured. Call Jayson Painting Etc. 774-454-7548, 508-224-9036. floor, 300 sq. ft. Call 617-966-0134 or email Specializing in interior/exterior Seasoned Firewood
CHhome.html Call 781-504-1215.
781-934-0809. painting, power washing, gut- Kiln-dried firewood Cut and
Duxbury Rental ters, carpentry, dump runs, split 14”-16” lengths. Call
Apartment for Rent and window washing. Free es-
Three bedroom Cape for rent on 2 BR 2nd floor. Beautiful, sunny, Affordable Roofing Nessralla’s Farms in
quiet 3+ acre lot. One mile from timates, best prices guaran- Marshfield, 781-834-2833, or
spacious apartment available. 33 Roofs starting at $4,000, re-
Rt. 3. Very clean. Available imme- teed. Fast and reliable service. visit
Enterprise St., Duxbury. Call pairs starting at $50. Residen-
diately. $1900 plus utilities. Please call Mike,
781-934-5900. tial/Commercial. Also very af- Absolute Removal
781-760-0628. 781-789-3612.
fordable vinyl siding, bathroom Large or small cleanouts of base-
& kitchen remodeling. Call for
House for Rent
One floor ranch style home. Two
Bay Farm Townhouse Rental
2400 sf, master bedroom and free estimate - 781-733-2156. � ments, attics, sheds, yards. Small
construction sites. Storage units.
second bedroom, each with full On completion of job, get a 32” Car & Truck Cleaning/Detailing We do the work or you can make
bedrooms, one bath, custom oak
bath on top floor; eat-in kitchen, plasma TV (excludes repairs). Over 20 years experience. a pile and we’ll take it away. Fast
kitchen, dining area, living room,
family room, laundry room living room with dining ell and Interior-steam cleaning, leather reliable service seven days/week.
Painter treatments and odor removal,
w/hook ups, large deck, on 4+ hardwood floors, powder room, Free estimates. 781-588-4036.
Interior, Exterior, and Power Exterior-waxing, polishing and
wooded acres. $1800 plus utili- deck with seasonal views of Dux- South Shore.
Washing. Over 20 Years Experi- compounding. Entire job
ties. Pets negotiable. No smok- bury Bay on main floor; walk-out Small Engine Repair
ence. No job to small. Ask for completed by J. Scott Russell,
ers. 781-585-7905 recreation room on lower floor; Also, snow blowers and chain
Shawn (508)584-1970. Jr., owner. Local pick-up and
great storage space; all appli- saws repaired and sharpened.
NH Vacation Rental ances including W/D; F/P; central Piano/Keyboard Lessons delivery. Gift certificates
Four season, five bedroom home, Outboards, 15hp or under, lawn
air; one-car garage. Tennis court, Children and adults. 20+ years available. For appointments/
close to ski areas, indoor/outdoor mowers, light welding, small en-
pool, and exercise room use in- experience. BA Music. Classical information, 781-424-9113.
pools, hot tubs, fitness room, gine repair, household appli-
cluded. No pets. $2400/month or pop. Music theory, sight Cleaning Service ances. Free estimates. All work
lake, tennis, basketball, game covers all condo fees. Utilities not reading, ear training. Great House and office cleaning. Refer-
room, fully equipped. guaranteed. Pickup and dropoff
included. 781-934-0040 or foundation for other instru- ences available. Call Rose, available. Call Todd,
781-837-5840 or e-mail 781-934-0901 or ments or just for fun. lindarob- 774-269-6646. 781-936-8724. or call House Cleaning
Southern Island Paradise 781-789-6140. Junk Busters
Room for Rent Residential house cleaning serv- Junk removal, specializing in
Experience private island Beautiful sunny apt. in Duxbury to ice, Also available for errands
vacationing on beautiful Kiawah cleanouts of basements,
share. Room has private en- Rute Cleaner and housesitting. Local refer-
Island, SC. A spectacular beach, garages, attics, yard debris,
trance and bath, washer/dryer, Many years of experience with ences available. Please call
5 championship golf courses, 2 odds and ends. We also
cleaning bi-monthly, prefer excellent references. Specializ- 774-269-2654.
tennis villages, fine dining and specialize in carpentry,
non-smoking, working profes- ing in house and office clean-
more...2 BR condo with painting, gutter work, and
sional. Utilities, PBD, to be deter- ing. Call anytime for free esti- Grades 1-5 Tutor
picturesque views of lake and window washing. Best prices,
mined. WiFi, Cable, AC. $800 mate. Fully insured. Speak with Retired school psychologist, for-
island wildlife. Across the street free estimates. Please call or
per month, First and last, no pets. Humberto, 508-732-0182 or mer elementary school teacher,
from the beach. Available year leave a message for Mike,
617-838-0669. 774-454-4982. who has been tutoring individual
round by calling 781-585-6203 or 781-789-3612.
children, has openings to assist
Wallpapering/Interior Painting
At Your Ceiling, walls, woodwork, drywall
your child with reading, literacy
skills, math, homework and or-
Miss Jane’s School
BONEFISHING Now enrolling September 2011,
Land for Sale - 9 +/- beachfront Service repairs, touch-ups, cleanouts
done at low, reasonable prices.
ganization. Please call Terry,
ages 2 years 3 months to 4
acres on Andros Island, Baha- years, pre-school/playgroup.
MC and Visa accepted. Free esti-
mas, the Bonefishing capital of Patio & Walkway Restoration The Paint Saint Offering classes Tues.,
mates. Call Debbie,
the world. Close to airport. For If you have a weedy, sunken Professional interior/exterior Wednesday, and Thiursday. 1,
details call 617-835-2942. patio/walkway, I can make it painting, gutter cleaning, power 2, or 3 day sessions available,
look new! By powerwashing, Painting - One Room at a Time washing and window washing. 9am to 12:45pm Music, crafts,
House to Share Interior painting and consultation. Best prices and service always
Oversized Cape, bedroom with bath, lifting sunken areas and fun play, indoors and out.
poly-sanding, I can bring your Want to freshen up a room? with a smile. Will paint your Lunch provided. Fully licensed
laundry and kitchen privileges, WiFi. Moving and need to neutralize a
No smoking, no pets. $1,000 per patio/walkway back to “like home like it was our own. Call by the State. Contact Jane Van
new” condition. Call Jonathan space? We work within your Andrew for your free estimate. Haur, 781-934-0350 or
month includes utilities. Call
781-424-1102. Hopfgarten, 781-706-7031. budget. Get a fresh look for 781-264-3628.
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Duxbury Clipper 11

At Your At Your At Your Planes, Train Planes, Train

Service Service Service & Automobiles & Automobiles
Landscape Construction Removal Fishing Charters
Small scale design and con- Nasty vines, sheds, boats, Outstanding charters for striped
struction specializing in walls, stumps, brush, pools, brick and bass & blues. Offshore tuna.
walkways, patios and plantings. rubble, appliances, swing sets. Freshwater canoe trips for trout,
One man operation to make Insured men promptly removing smallmouth, largemouth bass.
sure the job is done right the junque. Many years of local Bird watching excursions.
first time, every time. Young, service. Call Chuck T., Clamming trips. Flycasting
reliable, experienced and fast. 781-424-8844. lessons. Scenic bay tours. Gift Starter Boat, Motor, Trailer
Call Jonathan Hopfgarten, Certificates. Capt. David Bitters, 'Crestliner' 14' aluminum open Shaw 24’ Classic Yawl
Math Tutor BAYMEN Guide Service, Inc.
781-706-7031. Recently retired math depart- runabout with 15HP electric start Built 1961 Jensen in Denmark.
781-934-2838 Suzuki and a Venture trailer. All in Midget ocean/racing cruiser.
ment chairperson available to
Window And Gutter Cleaning excellent condition. All extras Mahogany, oak, sitka, teak,
tutor: Algebra thru Calculus.
Let local firefighters brighten your including anchor, lines, oars etc. double planked mahogany. Teak
Call: 781-585-3412 or email:pa-
day! Residential and storefront.
Pressure washing - house, patio, Planes, Train $3500. Call 781-934-1332. centerboard, bronze centerboard
trunk, 1500 lb. slotted lead keel.
deck, etc. Free gutter cleaning
Furniture Repair
& Automobiles Accomodations: four berths,
with every full house window job. galley, head. $6000.
Reasonable rates. References From family heirlooms to Ethan 508-747-1235.
available. Fully insured. Keith Allen... tables, chairs, cabinets,
McWalter. 781-340-5183 or and bookcases to kitchen cabi-
cell-781-690-2000. nets. If it is broken - we can fix 18' Marshall Sanderling Catboat
it. Call Ken, 781-585-7541. 1974 catboat; 6 HP Yamaha out-
Michael’s Windows & Gutter board, 1994 trailer included; both
Cleaning trailer and boat updated; Pres-
A local service. Windows start at Winter Painting Special 2003 GMC Yukon Denali XL Halmatic 8.80 Motor Sailer ently on mooring In Duxbury;
$5 each. Also, repair loose and Average size ceilings, $85; Aver- Price reduced! Alpine white You could buy a new 14’ $11,000. Call 781-934-6417
leaking gutters, and can install age size walls, $255. Custom fin- w/sandstone leather. Capt. chairs. outboard or, for the same price,
gutter screens. Also, repair win- ishes and wallpapering. Interior New (9/10) factory installed my motor sailer which sleeps 5 in
dow and door screens. (A great and Exterior. Seniors receive trans. w/3yr. 100k mi. warranty. full-length berths. Recently rebuilt
gift idea!) I answer my phone. 10% discount. Thirty years expe- Always garaged dealer serviced. 40HP diesel engine, 3 sails,
Cell 508-523-9927. rience. Call Matt, 508-746-8115. 84k mi. Excellent condition. Title shallow draft. Galley, head,
in hand. $12,900/b.o. Call equipped. Ideal for local waters.
781-820-8874. $19,950. 781-934-2132.

Lab Needs Home 2005 Ford Explorer LTD
5 year old female yellow lab 2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible
LOADED,with 35,000 miles,8 cyl-
needs home. Trained, great with Excellent condition, 44,200 miles,
inder,silver,5speed,bucket heated
TREE & CONSTRUCTION kids, very loving. Product of di-
vorce, she must go to a great
seats,dvd,cd,running boards, ac,
6-speed manual, traction control,
leather interior, dual front and
all power, sunroof, keyless entry,
TREE REMOVAL SEPTIC SYSTEM family in Duxbury. More details, side airbags, alloy wheels, ABS,
one owner. $16,000 or best of-
please call 781-635-6032 or cruise control, run flat tires, rear
Pruning & Trimming Repair & Installation fer. Call: 781-447-2942 or
6033. parking sensors, 4 new tires,
Hazardous Removals Title V Cert. Septic 781-771-0695.
Minimal winter use. Garaged.
Vista & Land Clearing Inspector $15,500. 781-424-1102.
Stump Grinding & New Design
Removals Backhoe & Perc Test 19' Carolina Skiff 2004 John Deere 4410
Aerial Work Demolition & Grading 1993 19’ Carolina Skiff w/ 55 hp 2004 John Deere 4410 with
Suzuki, Was a work boat for our loader $2950, diesel, 590hrs,
Christopher Phillips • 781-934-7255 boat yard. Just serviced! CLEAN! 35HP, R4 tires, contact
Was in the water two days ago! or call
Pick-Up Truck For Sale Bow platform, console with seat, 781-214-4765.
1997 blue 3/4 ton V-8, 8' bed, 12 gal. fuel tank, Single axle bunk
143,000 miles, 1 owner. In good trailer. $4995 firm. Jesse's Ma-
condition. $4,500 or best offer. rine (508) 746-0037.
Call Bob, 781-447-0026

2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible 36’ Sabre “Spartina”

Excellent condition, 44,200 miles, 1986. Excellent condition, fully
1998 Buick LeSabre 6-speed manual, traction control,
Meticulously maintained. Runs equipped. Great boat for cruising
leather interior, dual front and couple or family. Roller furling
great, ready to go. 94,000 miles. side airbags, alloy wheels, ABS,
Averaged about 8,000 miles per main and genoa. Full electronics
cruise control, run flat tires, rear (radar, GPS chart plotter, autopi-
year. Asking $3700. Call parking sensors, 4 new tires,
781-582-2065 or 339-788-0685. lot...) power windlass, ESPAR hot
Minimal winter use. Garaged. air heating system etc. Price
$15,500. 781-424-1102. drastically reduced, $59,000.
2002 Acura MDX For Sale. Good
condition, 132k miles. Black
exterior, beige interior. 4wd.
Fold up 3rd row of seats. $7,500.
Call 781-934-0803.

Sail $2,200
1988 Hunter '23 Free winter
storage. Nissan 8.9 outboard;
Three sails; Free boat stands.
Available in Duxbury for viewing.
Kevin, 617-620-9479 or Ron,
12 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Planes, Train Legal Legal Legal Legal

& Automobiles Notices Notices Notices Notices
COMMONWEALTH and 906.2 of the Duxbury entitled 'Philips Brook Circle” proximately 50,721.00 square
Protective Bylaw. The prop- - Definition Subdivision Plan feet according to said plan.
OF erty is located at 5 Spring of Land, “Being a resubdivi- Also, the fee in Philips
MASSACHUSETTS Street, parcel no. sion of lots 2 and 3 as shown Brook Circle as shown on
THE TRIAL COURT 202-998-601 of the Duxbury on a Plan No. 806 of 1986” aforementioned plan.
PLYMOUTH Assessors Map, consisting of Duxbury, Mass., dated Febru- For title see deed recorded
9,148 sq ft. in the Residential ary 9, 1987, prepared by in Book 28120 at page 116.
PROBATE AND Compatibility District and Keefe Associates, 468 Plain The above premises will be
FAMILY COURT owned by Benjamin A. Carl- Street, Marshfield, Massachu- sold subject to all taxes, as-
52 Obery Street son, 5 Spring Street, Dux- setts and revised March 6, sessments, and other encum-
2002 Hitchhiker 5th Wheel Suite 1130 Plymouth, bury, MA 02332. The appli- 1987 by R.E. Southwick & brances which may constitute
31.5’ long, 3 slides, glide ride cant proposes to remodel and Associates, 46 Trout Farm a prior lien thereon, and will
hitch, new tires, new water MA 02360 enlarge a pre-existing, non- Lane, Duxbury , MA recorded be conveyed subject to any
heater, rebuilt furnace. (508) 747-6204 conforming structure. The as Plan No. 88-439 at Plan easements, restrictions of re-
Propane/electric refrigerator and application may be viewed in Book 30, Page 786 with the cord, tenancies, and rights of
heater. Queen-size bed
the Inspectional Services De- Plymouth County Registry of redemption for unpaid federal
w/upgraded matteress. Double NOTICE OF partment between the hours of deeds. taxes, if any, as shall, not-
sleeper sofa. TV and stereo PETITION FOR
system. Desk station set up for 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., or by Said Lot #4 containing ap- withstanding this provision,
computer. Storage inside and PROBATE OF WILL appointment.
out. Excellent condition, asking Any person wishing to
$19,999. 617-538-2113. Docket No. PL11P0279EA comment on the applicant's
In the Estate of: proposal should appear at
Audi A4 Quattro William F. Hefner Jr. public hearing at the time and
2006 Audi A4 Quattro For Sale. Late of: Duxbury, MA 02332 place noted above. Written
Great condition. 63,000 miles. Date of Death: 01/21/2011 comments may be submitted
Loaded, GPS, leather, automatic,
to the Board of Appeals, 878
XM radio. Lovingly maintained.
New tires. $18,000. Please call to all persons interested in Tremont Street, Duxbury,
781-934- 6396. the above captioned estate, a MA 02332 no later than 7:30
petition has been presented p.m. on March 10, 2011. Any
requesting that a document individual with a disability
purporting to be the last will may request accommodation
of said decedent be proved in order to participate in the
and allowed and that Matthew public hearing and may re-
T. Spillane of Sandwich, MA quest the application and any
and Gwynne W. Guzzeau of accompanying materials in an
2004 Pursuit 2270 Orleans, MA be appointed ex- accessible format. Requests
Center console. Low hours, ecutor/trix named in the will for accommodation to partici-
T-Top, 225 Yamaha 4-stroke, to serve Without Surety pate in the public hearing
color fishfinder, GPS, live bait IF YOU DESIRE TO OB- should be made at least three
well, brand new aluminum Ven- JECT THERETO, YOU OR business days in advance by
ture tandem trailer with disc YOUR ATTORNEY MUST contacting Danielle Brandon
brakes. $26,900. Call George, FILE A WRITTEN AP- at (781) 934-1100, ext. 122.
781-561-5995. PEARANCE IN SAID
COURT AT: Plymouth ON Judith A. Barrett, Chair
Legal OR BEFORE TEN Board of Appeals
Notices ING (10:00 AM) ON: Adv: 02/23/11 - 03/02/11
03/16/2011 Case #11-01
SITE VISITS FOR 3 In addition, you must file a
TOWN MEETING written affidavit of objections
LAND PROJECTS to the petition, stating specific LEGAL NOTICE
facts and grounds upon which MORTGAGEE'S
Walk the sites of three the objection is based, within
(30) days after the return day SALE
Community Preservation Act Call Now Toll Free Pager: 508.866.6860
projects being considered at (or such other time as the OF REAL ESTATE
this year's Annual Town court, on motion with notice By virtue of and in execu-
Meeting, which begins on to the petitioner, may allow) tion of the Power of Sale con-
Saturday, March 12th. in accordance with Probate tained in a certain mortgage
Site visits have been sched- Rule 16. given by David L. Slayter to
uled for Sunday, March 6, WITNESS, Hon, Catherine World Savings Bank, FSB,,
2011 from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 P Sabaitis, First Justice of this dated November 11, 2005 and
p.m. for the following sites: Court. recorded in Plymouth County
Article 22 - Keene Mill Date: January 22, 2011 Registry of Deeds in Book
Foundation Restoration Pro- 31744, Page 157, of which
ject, located at intersection of Robert E. McCarthy mortgage Wells Fargo Bank,
Temple and Keene Streets. Register of Probate N.A. Successor by merger to
Article 24 - Blairhaven Wells Fargo Bank Southwest,
1D - March 3, ‘11 N.A. f/k/a Wachovia Mort-
Land Purchase, located at
Howlands Landing off Cres- gage, FSB f/k/a World Sav-
ings Bank, FSB, is the present
cent Street. TOWN OF holder, for breach of condi-
Article 25 - Koplovsky
Land Purchase, located off
DUXBURY tions of said mortgage and for
Summer Street (Route 53), BOARD OF the purpose of foreclosing the
near Keene Street. APPEALS same, the mortgaged premises
Volunteers will be at the located at 15 Philips Brook
sites to answer questions. Circle, Duxbury, Massachu-
NOTICE OF setts will be sold at a Public
1DCPC - March 2, ‘11 PUBLIC HEARING Auction at 1:00 p.m. on
The Board of Appeals will March 18, 2011, at the mort-
hold a public hearing in the gaged premises, more particu-
Mural Room at Town Hall, larly described below, all and
878 Tremont Street, on March singular the premises de-
10, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. to con- scribed in said mortgage, to
sider the application of Benja- wit:
min A. Carlson for a special A certain parcel of land
HOW TO PLAY: Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each
permit under Articles 400 and situated in Duxbury, Ply-
column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and each set of 3 by 3
900, Sections 401.2 , 410.4 mouth County, being shown boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9.
as Lot #4, as shown on a plan
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Duxbury Clipper 13

Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal

Notices Notices Notices Notices Notices
constitute valid liens or en- MERGER TO WELLS is the present holder, for try Club, Inc., forty three and fices, P.C., 150 California
cumbrances thereon after said FARGO BANK SOUTH- breach of the conditions of 30/100 (43.30) feet; Street, Newton, Massachu-
sale. WEST, N.A. F/K/A WA- said mortgage and for the pur- Containing 40,094 square setts 02458, or by mail to
Terms of the Sale: Cash, CHOVIA MORTGAGE, FSB pose of foreclosing, the same feet, more or less. P.O. Box 610389, Newton
cashier's check, or certified F/K/A WORLD SAVINGS will be sold at Public Auction For mortgagor's(s') title see Highlands, Massachusetts
check in the sum of Five BANK, FSB at 10:00 a.m. on March 30, deed recorded with Plymouth 02461-0389, within thirty
Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) By Its Attorneys, 2011, on the mortgaged prem- County Registry of Deeds in (30) days from the date of
as a deposit must be shown at PARTRIDGE SNOW & ises located at 6 Duxborough Book 17790, Page 106. sale. Deed will be provided
the time and place of the sale HAHN LLP Trail, Duxbury, Plymouth These premises will be to purchaser for recording
in order to qualify as a bidder 2364 Post Road, Suite 100 County, Massachusetts, all sold and conveyed subject to upon receipt in full of the pur-
and will be required to be Warwick, Rhode Island and singular the premises de- and with the benefit of all chase price. The description
paid as a deposit by the suc- 02886 scribed in said mortgage, rights, rights of way, restric- of the premises contained in
cessful bidder; successful bid- (40l) 681-1900 TO WIT: tions, easements, covenants, said mortgage shall control in
der to sign written Memoran- A certain parcel of land liens or claims in the nature of the event of an error in this
dum of Sale upon acceptance 3D-Feb. 16, 23, Mar. 2, ‘11 with improvements thereon liens, improvements, public publication.
of bid; balance of purchase known as 6 Duxborough assessments, any and all un- Other terms, if any, to be
price payable in cash or cur- NOTICE OF Trail, situated in Duxbury, paid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, announced at the sale.
rent funds in thirty (30) days MORTGAGEE'S Plymouth County, Massachu- water and sewer liens and any
from the date of the sale at the setts, bounded as follows: other municipal assessments CITIMORTGAGE,
offices of mortgagee's attor-
SALE OF BEGINNING Southerly by or liens or existing encum- INC.
ney, Partridge Snow & Hahn REAL ESTATE Temple Street, one hundred brances of record which are in SUCCESSOR BY MERGER
LLP, 2364 Post Road, Suite seventy eight and 23/100 force and are applicable, hav- TO ABN AMRO
100, Warwick, RI 02886, or By virtue and in execution (178.23) feet; ing priority over said mort- MORTGAGE GROUP,
such other time as may be of the Power of Sale con- WESTERLY by Lot #6 on gage, whether or not refer- INC.
designated by mortgagee. tained in a certain mortgage plan of land hereinafter men- ence to such restrictions, Present holder of said
The description for the prem- given by Cheryl Ann Crag- tioned, two hundred one and easements, improvements, mortgage
ises contained in said mort- well and Melbourne E. Crag- 46/100 (201.46) feet, liens or encumbrances is
gage shall control in the event well, II a/k/a Melbourne E. NORTHEASTERLY by made in the deed. By its
of a typographical error in Cragwell to First Residential Halifax Country Club, Inc., TERMS OF SALE: Attorneys,
this publication. Mortgage--Louisville, dated two hundred ninety five and A deposit of Five Thou- HARMON LAW
Other terms to be an- June 20, 2003 and recorded 76/100 (295.76) feet; sand ($5,000.00 ) Dollars by OFFICES, P.C.
nounced at the sale. with the Plymouth County EASTERLY by Halifax certified or bank check will 150 California Street
WELLS FARGO BANK, Registry of Deeds at Book Country Club, Inc., one hun- be required to be paid by the Newton, MA 02458
N.A. SUCCESSOR BY 25864, Page 105, of which dred twelve (112) feet; and purchaser at the time and (617) 558-0500
mortgage CitiMortgage, Inc. SOUTHEASTERLY by place of sale. The balance is 200903-1239 - BLU
successor by merger to ABN the arc of a circle and in line to be paid by certified or bank
AMRO Mortgage Group, Inc. of land of said Halifax Coun- check at Harmon Law Of- 3D - March 2, 9, 16, ‘11


Duxbury Woodworking
Loren C. Nass Jr.
Licensed 781-934-2380 Established
& Insured C: 508-846-7610 1969
Fine Homes &
Architectural Design & Construction
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Licensed, Insured & HIC
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14 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

/522%!$%239/52#534/-%23 054!#(!2'%).4/9/52"53).%33
&INDOUTHOW 7)4(/523%26)#%$)2%#4/29
CONTRACTORS Çn£‡™Î{‡Ón££ ELECTRICIANS 2%!#(4(/53!.$/&

,//+).'&/2! 9/5.%%$).4(%
"%44%27!94/ 3%26)#%$)2%#4/29
Complete Electrical Service
/ Audio Visual Sales & Installation
)"/%:." 2%!#(9/52 Master’s License #A7402
'03)*3& Serving Duxbury Since 1969

$"--+0& #534/-%23

./4'%44).'!.9#!,,3 (%,0)3/.4(%
!$6%24)3%). Custom Borders • Installations
4(%3%26)#% • Dustless Floor Sanding 7!9
• Refinishing
Moulding Co. Inc. #ALLFORDETAILS
Brian Maddock & Son • Plymouth
Designed, Supplied and h COUNTERTOP INNOVATION h
Installed Professionally
Add beauty & value to
any room with
Crown Moulding • Chair Rail
• Concrete
• Corian
• Granite
• Glass
• Cork
• Stair Work • Wainscoting
• Base Board & More Set your countertop free! /522%!$%239/52#534/-%23 s(ARD7OOD&LOORING
Complete New Home Installations
We do everything from the simple to the exotic &INDOUTHOW 7)4(/523%26)#%$)2%#4/29
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FREEa FREE no hassle quote 2EPAIR
054!#(!2'%).4/9/52"53).%33 Corian Restoration & Repair • Cabinets 054!#(!2'%).4/9/52"53).%33
We also build mantles, built in cabinets & bookcases
“Mouldings Matter” /522%!$%239/52#534/-%23
7)4(/523%26)#%$)2%#4/29 7)4(/523%26)#%$)2%#4/29
617-877-9891 &INDOUTHOW
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BUSINESSINTHE 0,!#%9/52!$).4(%
Owner: Scott Ennis
$IRECTORY 781-447-0957
Çn£‡™Î{‡Ón££ 2%!#(4(/53!.$/&
FIREPLACES 0,!#%9/52!$).4(%
3%26)#%$)2%#4/29 0/4%.4)!,#534/-%23
2%!#(4(/53!.$/& Çn£‡™Î{‡Ón££ 2%!#(4(/53!.$/&
0/4%.4)!,#534/-%23 0/4%.4)!,#534/-%23

&).$4(%(%,0 ,//+).'&/2!&).$4(%(%,0 9/5.%%$).4(%
"%44%27!94/9/5.%%$).4(% 3%26)#%$)2%#4/29
9/5.%%$).4(% ,//+).'&/2!
3%26)#%$)2%#4/29 "%44%27!94/)'"0/3%):.*3"& 2%!#(9/523%26)#%$)2%#4/29
)"/%:."/ 2%!#(9/52 $"--+0& #534/-%23
$"--+0& #534/-%23 '%42%35,43)./52
./4'%44).'!.9#!,,3 (%,0)3/.4(%
North River Electric
(%,0)3/.4(% (%,0)3/.4(% 7!9
Full Service Electrical Contractor
!$6%24)3%). 4(%3%26)#%
7!9 4(%3%26)#% $)2%#4/29
781-812-8388 7!9
$)2%#4/29 !.$'%4 Master Licensed Fully Insured
INTHE !.$'%4 2%35,43 INTHE 3ERVICE
3ERVICE 2%35,43
Bob Latwas 14903A
3ERVICE 781-826-1118
$IRECTORY All work comes with a 3 year warranty $IRECTORY
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Duxbury Clipper 15


s,!7.).34!,,!4)/.3s F OR A LL YOUR L ANDSCAPING N EEDS

7%%+,9-/7).' winter’s here!
Plowing • Sanding • Salting
Residential & Commercial
Tree & Branches Trimming
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Duxbury, MA 781-934-5010 UÊ,ÕLLiÀÊUÊ-ˆ`ˆ˜}Ê UÊ7ˆ˜`œÜÃÊUÊÕÌÌiÀÃ

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Custom Work by Professional,
Fully Licensed and Certified • Power Washing Skilled Craftsmen
WOODCHUCK • Window Washing
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Many roof repairs under $200. Thirty-years new
roofs, gutter cleaning and repair. All carpentry:
• Carpentry - Frame decks, porches, clapboard, windows and more.
Shawn Dahlen & Co. WE ENLARGE BACKYARDS to Finish – Ice & Snow Removal –
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• Fall Clean-ups
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054!#(!2'%).4/9/52"53).%33 Ice Damming
/522%!$%239/52#534/-%23 Available
&INDOUTHOW 7)4(/523%26)#%$)2%#4/29 ˆ}…ÞÊ Ý«iÀˆi˜Vi`ÊUÊՏÞʘÃÕÀi`
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!  s
C.A. Geldmacher, Inc. )"/% : . "
! 0,!#%9/52!$).4(% All Types of Roofing '03)*3&

! Walls 3%26)#%$)2%#4/29 Since 1973 $"--+0& #534/-%23
! nUps 2%!#(4(/53!.$/& '%42%35,43)./52
!   e 3%26)#%$)2%#4/29
0/4%.4)!,#534/-%23 837-6543 DUXBURY Lic. #033392
781.934.2001 Chad Frost Fully Insured
16 Duxbury Clipper Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am often asked by friends and clients, “How many
Ground houses are on the market in Duxbury? “

Effects This is the basis for my informational web site regard-

ing the Duxbury Real Estate Market. My intention is
to provide an up to date summary for those interested
• Landscape Design
• Construction
in real estate in Duxbury.
• Maintenance
Each week I will post a real estate market update list-
Ground Effects is pleased to announce that Ann Sheridan,
ing the number of homes on the market, those sold,
MCLP has joined our staff and has attained the highest as well as other pertinent tips and news regarding
level of certification within the landscape profession in current market conditions.
the Commonwealth of Massachussetts. She has taken and
passed the Massachusetts Certified Landscape Profession- So whether you are thinking of selling, or buying,
al examination conducted by the Massachusetts Associa- or just curious let me be your real estate source.
tion of Landscape Professionals. Ann is a long standing
Duxbury resident.

Ann has over 30 years of experience in the landscape

industry and has a bachelors degree in Landscape
Architecture from LSU, a Mass Pesticide License, as well
as the MCLP. Robin Markella
22 Depot Street, Duxbury, MA 02332
Call Ann for all of your landscaping needs.
Office 781-934-2588 • Cell 617-967-6331
804 Webster Street, Marshfield, MA 02050 You can also follow me on my facebook page at
781-834-1118 Macdonald Duxbury Real Estate • Wood



& Wood

2-4 PM
& Wood & Wood
s   781.934.2588 s   

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