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About Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

Take a big look at the paths followed by people like Steven Spielberg and Oprah
Winfrey, and you’ll discover something that will change your life forever. Steven
Scott spent years researching today’s achievers and distilled his findings into 15
“power secrets” that you can use to redesign your life!

Session 1: The Art of Dream Conversion

1. A life changing event
2. A chance meeting
3. What's keeping you from your dreams?
4. Cutting the chains

Session 2: You've Been Programmed for Mediocrity

5. The power of negative programming
6. Three things to reprogram yourself
7. An exercise in right-brain stimulation
8. An attitude adjustment

Session 3: Overcoming Fear of Failure

1. Detecting fear
2. Some questions to ask yourself
3. Defining failure
4. An exercise in examining the past

Session 4: Rising Above Criticism

5. Your worst enemy
6. Considering the source
7. How accurate is the criticism?
8. An important analogy
9. A perfect ten

Session 5: Expanding Your Know-How and Resources

1. The chain of lack of know-how
2. Two ways to cut this chain
3. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses
4. Dealing with limited resources
5. The five minute personality test

Session 6: Discovering Your Personality Type

6. Assessing your personality type - the lion
7. Assessing your personality type - the otter
8. Assessing your personality type - the golden retriever
9. Assessing your personality type - the beaver
10. Putting the personality types together

Session 7: Gaining a Clear and Precise Vision

1. A trip to California
2. Getting the directions
3. Focusing on the most important areas of your life
4. Defining your dreams

Session 8: The Dream Conversion Process

5. Attaining Henry Ford productivity
6. Examining your personal values
7. Stepping into the dream conversion process
8. Four critical goals

Session 9: Developing Babe Ruth Power

1. Swinging for the fence
2. Shooting for the moon
3. Applying this principle in business
4. Personal applications of this principle

Session 10: Developing Steven Spielberg Partnering

5. The power of partnering
6. What effective partnering will do for you
7. How to identify the right partners
8. Recruiting mentors
9. How to find the right mentors
10. How to motivate your partners

Session 11: Developing Helen Keller Positiveness

1. The three elements of positiveness
2. Responding to negative situations
3. Resetting your focus
4. The power of gratefulness
5. Treasure hunting
6. Seven keys to developing and maximizing relationships

Session 12: Developing Pit Bull Persistence

1. The single most important ingredient of successful people
2. A picture of persistence - Thomas Edison
3. Broadening the vision
4. Expect strikeouts
5. Dealing with others' strikeouts
6. Designing creative alternatives
7. When to listen to and when to tune out criticism

Session 13: Earthquake Persuasion Foundation

1. The difference between persuasion and manipulation
2. The importance of persuasion
3. Three foundational principles of effective persuasion
4. Effective communication
5. The dimensions of effective communication - hooks

Session 14: The Earthquake Persuasion Technique

6. Developing a strong statement
7. Salting
8. Using emotional word pictures
9. Six steps to developing powerful word pictures
10. Motivating people to act and giving a persuasive presentation

Session 15: How to Develop Laser Accurate Priority Planning

1. A game of crack the whip
2. Precious time
3. Ways we lose control of time
4. Dealing with procrastination
5. Seven steps to getting
the best investment return on your time

Session 16: How to Develop Oprah Winfrey Passion

6. Meeting Oprah Winfrey
7. Three elements of passion
8. Two ways to acquire passion
9. Crossing Niagara Falls
10. Living with true faith
11. A personal message from Steven