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Grammar 1A Defining relative clauses 1 Complete the definitions with the relative pronouns in. the bos. whichMthat where who/that whose lives in 1 Tesa word fora person avillage. 2 Ita place _____people buy and sell food on tables called stalls, 3 Tes the system of money people use in a particular country. 4 Tea business __workers share the profits that it makes. 5. [esa person 6 Itsacard serves you in a shop. you ean use to buy things nov and pay for them later, 7 tsa well-known website make offers for second-hand things. 8 Its the person you take orders from at work, 9. Tes something in a shop less than normal people can costs much wo Ita person __ employer is a government department. 2. Which words do the sentences in exercise 1 define? Grammar 1B Defining relative clauses Cross out the relative pronouns that can be left out. tAvillager isa person who lives ina village. 2 Acurreney is the system of money which people use in particular country. 3. Shop assistants are people that serve you in a shop. 4, Your boss isthe person who you take orders from atwork. 5 Abargain is something in a shop which costs much less ‘than normal. 6 eBay™ isa website that people visit to buy and sell second-hand things. 7 Civil servants are people who the government employs to do administrative work, 8 A.cooperative isa business that gives its workers a share of the profits. Grammar 1C Defining relative clauses Join the sentences together using a defining relative clause. ‘A market is @ place. People buy and sell food there. Amarket isa place wher id sell foo. 1A bank is an institution. You can keep your money there, A bank isan institution you can keep ‘your money. 2 Amicro-credit is money. Poor people borrow this money to start a business. A micro-credit is money. borrow to start a business. 3. Barter isa system. Itallows you to exchange goods. Barter is a system. exchange goods. 4 Acustomer is a person. He or she buys something. buys something, poor people _—allows you to A.customer isa person —_____ 5 Awidower is a man. His wife has died. wife has died. 6 Accounsellor is a person. You see him or her for advice. counsellor isa person you see for advice. 7A farm isa place. People grow food there. ‘A farm is a place — people grow food. 8 Atenant is a person. His or her land is rented from its owner. A widower isa man. 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