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Permanent Address:
585 Farmland Drive
Buellton, California 93427

To whom it may concern:

Nathan C. Wright

Six years ago, I took my first steps towards becoming an educator, enrolling in
a high-school
class that aimed to give aspiring teachers their first experiences with the theo
ries, methods, and
practical experiences in order to prepare them for a career in education. That c
ourse allayed any
uncertainties that I had of teaching as a career and gave my time in college a d
efinite purpose.

As an undergraduate student studying English literature I also minored in lingui

stics and teaching
English as a second language. Taking courses in French gave me a chance to see l
education from a learner s perspective, an invaluable resource to draw from as a t
eacher of
foreign language. I also took several courses in acting and public speaking. My
university s
motto, Learn by Doing, was an integral aspect of my coursework, and I was allowed
opportunity to complete a practicum by student teaching in an adult-ESL classroo
m at a local
Post-graduation, I finished a teaching-credential for English that included part
-time and full-time
student teaching; the classes that I taught are reading and language arts interv
ention courses.
Most of the students in these classes were learning English as a second language
. During this
program, I learned to use research-based curriculums. All of these experiences h
ave allowed me
to hone my skills as an ESL educator.

I have taught many different class sizes, from individual tutoring to full class
rooms of twenty-five
or more students. I am able to plan my own curriculum according to standards, bu
t am also open
to adopting a curriculum that is prescribed, especially as an opportunity to bec
ome familiar with
other methodologies. I am adaptable to student needs, and would be comfortable t
eaching both
conversational and academic English, oral and written, and even American cultura
l practices.

While at university, I studied abroad in London, United Kingdom and realized tha
t while teaching
was my passion, I also wanted to see the world beyond the United States. I am cu
rrently teaching
at a private language school in Hangzhou, China, an experience that has reaffirm
ed my desire to
travel and to study languages. I would like my next position to be in a Spanish
speaking country.
I studied the language in secondary school and spending a significant amount of
time surrounded
by native speakers would refresh and significantly increase my proficiency. Furt
hermore, an
intimate knowledge of Spanish is integral to any ESL teacher in the United State
s and a deeper
understanding would allow me to interact more meaningfully with future students.

Thank you for reviewing my resume,

Nathan C. Wright
Nathan C. Wright
585 Farmland Drive, Buellton, California, USA


California Polytechnic State University (Post-graduate)

September 2009 - June 2010
San Luis Obispo, CA
Degree Completed: English Teaching Credential

California Polytechnic State University (Undergraduate)

September 2007 - June 2009
San Luis Obispo, CA
Degree Completed: Bachelor of Arts in English
Minor in Linguistics;
TESL Certificate
GPA: 3.54


English: various British and American Literature courses, History of the

English language, Linguistic Structure of Modern English

Linguistics/TESL: Introduction to Linguistics, Theories of Language Learning

and Teaching, Applied Linguistics: Second Language Writing, Approaches to
Teaching ESL, Applied Linguistics: First and Second Language Acquisition

Victory English, Hangzhou, China

August 2010 - August 2011
. Planned and executed lessons for students of various language abilities from
beginner to intermediate/advanced.
. Led a weekly professional development course for the staff, focusing on
grammar, phonetics, reading comprehension, and composition.
. Orally assessed student acquisition of vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation, and
reading comprehension.

Righetti High School, Santa Maria, CA

March 2010 - June 2010
Full-time Student Teaching, 9th and 10th grade
. Taught three sections of reading intervention and one section of language
arts intervention.
. Planned and executed lessons to develop oral and written fluency in English
Language Learners (ELL) and low performing students
. Implemented reading strategies and scaffolds for ELL students
. Analyzed disaggregated assessments to inform curriculum development
Laguna Middle School, San Luis Obispo, CA
January 2010 - March 2010
Part-time Student Teaching, 8th grade
. Taught two sections of English literature and composition
. Planned and executed lessons in research-based composition and analysis of
literature in multiple genres
. Developed assessments and grading rubrics, assessed student learning
through analysis of individual student work and trends throughout the class

Cuesta Community College, San Luis Obispo, CA

March 2009 - June 2009
TESL Practicum, Intermediate ESL
. Observed and taught adult ELL students from a variety of language
backgrounds, primarily Spanish, using English as the language of instruction
. Executed lessons building skills in conversational English
. Assisted students in reading a self-selected text with chapters and writing a
detailed report of its features (plot, setting, themes, etc.)

Buellton Union School District, Buellton, CA

January 2004 - June 2004
Regional Occupational Program: Teaching Careers
. Observed and taught 8th grade mathematics at Jonata Elementary School and
4th graders at Oak Valley Elementary School
. Assisted cooperating teachers in the instruction and assessment of students


Kristen Kurth
Master Teacher at Righetti High School
Phone: +1-805-937-2051 ext. 2215

Jennifer Dolan
Master Teacher at Righetti High School
Phone: +1-805-937-2051 ext. 2225

Megan Guise
English Credential Supervisor at California Polytechnic State University
Phone: +1-805-756-2134

Chris Chen
Supervisor at Victory English Training
Phone: +86-139-5806-4090
By virtue of the authority vested in the Commission
on Teacher Credentialing in recognition of preparation to serve
in California public schools


is hereby awarded a

Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential

English (Examination)