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Gnorm Gnat July 24, 1975 The Pendleton Times



'\10HE ABOFL Street dance oot \J• iH !· \ B• '.

for Friday night PENDULUM

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They'll be dancing in the streets Friday
night in Penclleton.
South Madison Classroom Teachers That's when the Pendleton Jaycees will years a go. large that he coul d not make his W,
Association had met with a mediator in an hold their first street dance for Pendleto n Well, anyway, we watched these fish through the shallows back to the sea.
effort to resolve contract disputes, butt.hat area teens and their ·guests. The dance each spring and one year discovered a We kids felt sorry Coc him and would Ce
no progress had been made. will last from 8 to 11 p.m. on Pendleton greedy male shark had feasted upon too him rabbits and 'possums and other smi
The mediator reportedly recom mended Avenue, just south of State Street. many young calves and pig-, that waded in �animals.Thus he became a great pet. l1
00th sides submit to fact-finding. It will Rolland Hartley , who is billed as the stream. He had become so fat and called him 'Old Pud' beca� we found l
likely be four wee.ks before a fact-finder Pendleton's answer to Dick Clark, will was extremely fond of chocoJate puddin
can begin his work.
Millstream Days
emcee the record dance with assistance 'He was so big he loc-1.tedlike a log and olU
A short discussion was held, but no from Jim Garner and other WEEM-FM we w ould fmd mud turtles hiding un&
action was taken, on a recommendation disc jocke ys.
him as he lay along the shaded bank ol o,,
Jaycees report the records used at the
from PHHS baseball coach Terry Johns
that work be done on the high school dance wUI be given away a nd that ad· winners named swimming hole.
We felt sorry for Old Pud , for eac
baseba ll diamond before school starts. mission is 50 cents per person. spring when the spawners came he woul
Johns recommen ded the current infield The attendance at this dance will have At least six Pendleton area residents
were pleased w ith the results of last be happy, and when they left him behiE
be graded, including removing the present direct bearing on future such events, he would be sad. We became great friend
sod, and that new sod be inst alled. Jay cees say. weekend's first annual Old Millstream
Days in the downtown area. and would romp and play with him eacl
He said the crucial problem is the lack of day when we w eat swimming.
Park plan session
drainage on the diamond, and indicated Those six were winners of cash and
Then one summer, heavy black cloud
that no one seems to know whether any merchandise g ive n by the participating
rolled over the horizon, the rains came
sort of drainage system was installed businesses a s a "thank you" to shoppers. then more rain , soon Sugar Creek locket playing field. Myra Creel was the winner of a black­
set for Ingalls
like the Ohio River. When the fi(lO(
According to Johiis, if a tile has been and-white portable television, while Patty
receded we went swim.ming and found tha
lllStalled where some people believe it is, it L. Moore claimed the $25 cash prize. E.R.
Old Pud was gone.
:1.Jns directly beneath the part of the A public park meet ing will be held in the Murphy was awarded $15, while Amy
Goe day many years later, I wa�
:liamond that stays the wettest. Ingalls Town Hall M onday at 7:30 p.m. to Gardner was the winner of $10. Taking the swimming off a sandy beach in the Gulf oJ
"Poor care of the sod," he said, "has two $5 prizes were Candy Gardner and
heat recommendations from the town's
R.L. Mackey. • Mexico, snddenly I felt something n udge
nade it dangerous to play on the residents concerning plans for the Ingalls me in the side and beard the lifeguards
liamond." Park. blowing their whistles and yelling 'Shark,
Resignations were approved from Mary At the first p ublic meeting, residents shark!'
iVynant, who had been hired at the board's established the t ypes of recreational ac-­ I looked around and there was Old Pud
ast meeting, and from Glenda Gifford, a tivities they wanted in the proposed park with a big grin on his ugl y mouth, swim-
.ia rkleville teacher.
:Mrs. Mary Lou Huey was emplo yed to
and the planning staff of the Madison
County Council of Governments (COG) QftDGiBted
trustee ming along at my !tide.
This happy rewtioo certainly made a
each second gr ade at South Ele mentar y has since ·designed three park plans. bewildering sight fOf' those on the beach as
:Chool, Sharon Butler will be transferred Residents will be asked to e valuate the David Cook , Pendleton Republic an me and Old Pud played our water games
rom Ingalls to South Elementa ry to teach t hree proposed plans on Mrinday and t he chairma n, was named trustee of Fall as we used to do in the placid waters of
first grade class for one year and Linda. final park plan will be developed af ter Creek Township last week by the Madison SugarCre.k.
leerbower will replace Mr s . Butler at recommendations are heard. County commissioners, replacing Harvey Nothintf has changed since that story
:igalls. The meeting is sponsored by the Ingalls McCune, a Democrat, whose resignation appeared in this colwnn four years ago.
Cousert reported he had learned he Park Board, �galls Town Board and COG. will be effective Atlgl1<,t 1. Kurt and Dave are still planning that
ould purchase a slide-type fire escape McCune had defeated Cook in last year's canoe trip down Sugar Creek, the uimber
-om a salvage yard for th e normal
:U.vage·· price and the_ bofil'd~·gav� him
Loeal/girl gets third election. -vyard is still the cl earing howre for all sorts
Cook announced this we ek that h is party of information-and stories. But recently I
ernlisSion to explore that possibility. will hold its town convention on Au gust 5 at have been woodering Jf Old Pud, with his
in piano competition 7 p.m. i n the Community Building at at dual dual personality, might have gone on
fl'illiams named Miss Janet Nolan, a piano student of
Sherry Boram, recently received third
Falls Park. Candidates for town board and
clerk•treasurer will be chosea.
to star in the leading role in that movie.
YOU'VE READ.IT-I'm goin' canoeing.

)emo chairman place in the Piano Composition Compe­

tition conducted by the Indiana Gro up
Keit h Williams was elected chairman of Piano Teachers with which Mrs. Boram is
ePendleton Democrat Committee, while
tlen Stoner was chosen as his assistant.
St udents submitted origi n al
1 Kelly will serve · as secretary• manuscripts as well as a taped per­
Sculptured Shag
formance of their work Miss Nolan is the
l'he election was held during a meeting daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Nolan, Rt.
nducted by Fall Cree k Township 4, Anderson, and will enter the eighth
mocrat chairman Paul Stoner. grade at PendleTon Middle School this fall.
t'1111"n.&6: .... _
NovP.m ber 13, 1975 The Pendleton Times

60'!' • • • WHAT A I COULD 12! UT MY M OT H E. P.

M E LOS I NE,, THE TH E. VOT ES 3 LE.(:, O N T H E. W A\/
'--� D

Politicians stymie energy search

By RONALD REAGAN sources" are coal and nuclear power. ing and price controls. They only rear­ po wer an internal-combustion engine
Copley News Service But why not use conserva tion to com• range the problem. Its heating value is only that of gaso,
EVERYTHING FROM chicken man­ bat energy scarcity? The forces of a free marketplace are line, so cars would need larger tanks.
ire to windmills is being touted as BECAUSE .POLITICALLY inspired the best means of achieving conserva­ but this is outweighed by its pote·ntial
a\.merica's great energy hope. Most of scarcity, wJ1ich we've been wrestling tion, Dr. Beckman observes. abundance and the fact that it is nearly
he talk is just that. All the exotic en­ with for two years, cannot be solved by "There is no rule that says you can't poUutJon -free. We could do away with
!rgy sources put together won 't provide legislated conservation, such as ration- throw diamonds out the window, but costly gadgets such as catalytic con­
nore than a fraction of U.S. energy people just don't do it," he says. "If ga­ verters, which replace one type of pollu�
1eeds in the next several decades. soline costs more , people will conserve tion with another.
Sola r power is th e mo-st talked about MORE ABOUT it and economize in other areas . " The methanol-from-coal program suf­
xo-tic source. It is being used today to Coal, o f which we have a_ huge re­ fe rs primarily from investment anemia
eat a few buildings and swimming
ools . Its advocates conjure up visions
Letters serve, may offer the best alternative to
gasoline for powering our automobiles
at present.
AND, SHOULD serlollS talks begin on
f heating the whole country with it. not too many years from now, if politi­ �evel?ping such a fuel to replace gaso­
hey ignore its limitations, which are to the editor cal roadblocks can be cleared away. lme, 1t probably would trigger a major

reat. PILOT PROJECTS have shown that campaign by the environmental extre­
The sun 's power is very diluted when by drilling down into a coal field, ex­ mist.s who seem intent on reducing the
reaches us. It takes about 10 square ploding the coal and reducing it to rub­ t _ and freedom of choice of the
had a date and his mind was on the
et to gather enough energy for a single ble, injecting water and oxygen, you workingman in order to recapture for
possibili ties of an interesting event. This produce methane gas. Piped out, it can themselves a bucolic past that never
lowatt of power. one sprawled in the ditch , who doesn't
While a building's roof may be la rge be refined into methanol, Which can was.

I Lay..a-way now f
:ough t.P,..-ho!d solar "collectors" for a even resemble a h.uman being anymore­
•arby swimming pool, the size require­ his objective was to prove his right-of- w ay
ents for th e collectors are staggering privileges.
,en you begin talking about power Pretty empty causes, aren't they'? Dying
rnts . for the privilege of twiddling your thumbs,
a\. nuclear power plant with a capacity or adding a few minutes to your evening's
1,000 megawatts needs a 25- acre site. plans. It's hard to believe that hwnans can
solar power plant with the same ca­ be that irresponsible, but what other an­
:ity would need 50 square miles of swer can you find?
Jectors, and to equal the nation's pra­
ted nuclear capacity by the mid­ Sherman said "War is Hell " but war on
Os (200,000 megawatts), you'd need the highways is hell without any objective,
area _ larger than the state of New without any excuse at all. Isn 't it high time
·k to hold all the collectors! to demand peace, with yourself and your
ike other exotic energy sources, so~ fello w man.
power has some useful limited appli­
on, mostly in warm weather areas.
Learn from other driver's mistakes. You $5 °0 wi l l hold your layaway
act, any discussion of its merits and
s should include a calculation of the
might not live long enough to learn from
your own. t i l l Ch ristmas
Officer Michael S. Pollock

1ber of people in heavy winter areas
would fall off their roofs trying to Pen d):eton Police Department
1pe snow from their solar collectors .
)ME POWER companies are consi­ � Watches -- Diamonds
ng limited efforts to extract meth­
gas from manure, but it would be
I to find a scien tist who would bet WEEM.-FM program Jewelry
this "source" ever will amount to
? than a small percentage of our
schedule lis ted Billfold s Clocks
ndmills are in the same category . DAILY PROGRAM
· can be useful where strong winds
ail but their cost per kilowatt is
7 a.rn .. Slgn-<in
7:02 a.m., Th<! Morning Show wiJtl Ron McDvtfN
I a.m,, Ed11<:alional lll'Cf\>"'
and it's bard to imagine Americans ,,30 a_m,, Music
�ing their landscapes with th em .
messing the tides, though fe asible,
I provide for only a small amount
8:S4 a.m .. Wtial ;n Ille World Hal!PeM'd
Sc55 a.m. , News
, a.m., l(oow Your Communily
Pierced Earrings
,,54 a. m.• in !tie World H,11>p10nl!'d
! nation 's energy needs, even if a
ive, expensive development pro­
were undertaken.
,·.55 a.m., Nll'WS
10 a,m_ , Rell9iou$ -am
1 0 : :W a.m ., Music
Lodge Rings lden ts
Nothina N�r k/,.. ,..r-
1ping the heat of the earth's core is JO;S4 a.m - - Wtiat <n � World Happ,med
, ye ars a w a y , al though use of 10:55 a.m, , News
near the surface is today provid­ 11 a.m,, Education11 !lf'09rarn
J l : JO a.m., Music
small percentage of our energy.
fl,F. TAr M� ,.,- -- _L __ ' ,, • .
j hl P�NI-?t[IQN tli111p1

Page 2 ..... Dec. 18, 1975

A Wt>t>kly newspaper published by Hometown Publications every Thursday from 121
W. State St., Pendleton. Ind. 46064. Second class postage paid at Pendleton. Ind.

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In Madison County-Per Year-$5
Senior Citi�ens in Madison Co.-Per Year-$4
Outside County-$8
·{TIMES PHOTO) Senior Citizens outside County-$7
Telephone 778-2324
,wn; it is a commonr sight all over Pell­
o be collected. The ma in problem is that
goodies. The dogs, most or which have
;mart for the personnel from the county

the dogcatcher is in town.
& ./111111 l'ettT

ry Brewer

.. And she gave birth to her Son, her first­ baby, et ernally old and new.
born, and she wrapped Him in swaddling Why is it still so fascinating, this well­
clothes, and laid Him in a manger, worn story that everyone knows backward
l realize that is a utopian wish b�ause because there was no room for them in the and forward? What is so unique in another
ur system, as we have perpetuated it, is inn." Luke 2:7 Amplified Bible poor child, born of peasant parents, in a
ot designed to operate that way. But can "And the Word <Christ) became flesh city too rushed and too crowded to care? It
ou imagine how marvelous it would be to <human, incarnate) and tabernacled - is, as Dr. J. V. McGee has put it, that this
ever have to lock the door to your house fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile -­ was the day "... with swaddling clothes,
,hen you're away? among us; ... " John 1: 14 Amplified Bible that Mary put diapers on God."
Or how wonderful it would be not to mE DA y GOD PITCHED ms TENT The facts of the birth of this little one
rorry each day that your chosen leaders How could there be such chaos, with the named Jesus are given in Matthew and
re going to let you be obliterated in room full of angels! But alas, this cberm Luke, but the gospel of John interprets it in
uclear war. was having trouble keeping his wings oo clearest of terms in its first chapter. This
Or to be able to read a newspaper or and that one had lost his halo. (Which may Jewish baby, fully human, was also fully
isten to radio or television and not feel have been what prompted one nasty something else. He was "the Word" that
h_at your government is on the verge of parent to quip that a few of the heavenly had always exis\ed, sin,<;e. �(pre ti'!le was
,ending your money and sons into another band were grossly out of character l. rriade. < vs. ll Hf! was the' 15e!hg tllaf hiid
var? Frazzled mothers scurried up and down been present originally with .God. (vs. 2)
That wish came to me last evening as I the aisles, digging into the mysteries of He was God Himself, the Creator, Life-­
istened to a television newsman describe their purses for one desperately needed giver, Light-bearer, Sustainer of all. (vs. 1-
he $25 million the CIA has covertly given safety pin. 9)
o the nation of Angola. On ihe other side of the church, the
The primary purpose of .that gifl--and it morning's bath robes were miraculously And when the time was right, God
1ppears there will be another $25 million turning into shepherd's garb, with the help revealed all of Himself that a human being
µveri shortly--is to permit one faction to of summer's sandals, home-made head­ could comprehend in the only form we
nore efficiently wage a civil war. dress and cardboard crooks. could understand- a human body. He had
The threat of another Vietnam was In the back, the wise men quit pokirg planned to do it since before he had
evident throughout the tele cast and I and pushing, assuming a little more created the world. Not willing to leave
,egan to wonder if it will ever be possible dignity wi_th each added layer of finery. · mankind in its maze of self-destruction, it
.�or AmP.rir.ans to live without the fear of Like peacocks, they were finding it easier had been his fivine intention eternally to
--L-- L,. ___ L:-""--•• :_ :...... ♦l,,.,i .,. u,ou to
-v•"r"....,,,....,,.., .. ., ,._-, -AC'J ----- __
Dear Editor: IL.&� ,t'Vl;'Ul-'l'IAVAVlla

In the past few weeks, during the pre- n, then let's lay down some (acts. Most small stream. Jus(a mile south are two
. paratiorr of the South Elementary Bicente­ mothers and fathers who wpd}d like to more large trailer parks and they do the
nnial program, a little Liberty Bell has attend can ,�: beca.-e they are working same thing. All these parks are in the City
been ringing in our ears from the four during the time the ptogram-would--be of Ander.sen and- there-are some- smaller­
corners of our homes. presented, but those parents who can atted ones farther south.
We have heard little voices singing "God should be allowed. There is room in the
Bless America", "This land is your land, gym and if need be, have two per­ I asked the board of health why they did
this land is our land. . . ", repeated formances. And what about an evening not stop this unlawful act and they said
recitations of the Preamble to the Con­ program in the high school gym1 There is they had no money and no help to do it.
stitution, The Declaration of Independen­ room there! What an excuse. Now, with the new grant,
ce, marching feet, toy drums, flutes and "... We have Petitioned for Redress in it would be possible to stop this sort of
the parade of little waving homemade the most humble terms: Our repeated thing in just a few days. It would be so
flags, and, Oh yes, "Yankee Doodle!" Petitions have been answered only by simple to give these courts 60 days to get
We've seen a glimmer of light into repeated injury. on the Anderson city sewer, then the
America's. future in the innocence of our We believe parents have a right to attend sewage would all go to the disposal plant
children's eyes. With this kind of innocent the program February 12, at l p.m. in the as it should.
patriotism America has a great f�ture. Middle School gym to hear 1100 children's ""
voices ring out freedom. If the proper action was taken right
. However as the Colonists fought to be free away and the good, old swimming pool
and independent from King George fII and Parents of Patriotism
could be opened again next year, it would
to have a voice of their own, many parents not be necessary to wait until 1983 foc
or our "young patriots" are expressing Blames trailers completion.
their own voice now--against a decision
that no parents can come and share a day Dear Editor: · How much nicex: and better it would be to
of great celebration. I read the article on the front page of last have the pool back in operation. That was
We have been offered some very poor week's Times about the grant the EPA the pride and joy of Pendleton for so many
substitutes; choir concerts, Mothers Club was going to give to help clean up the Fall years and it would be so much nicer than
and PTO-which involve only a small Creek Basin. any pool that could be built.
minority of children. This event includes This is certainly very good news. A few If the city fathers would get on the ball
every. child in South Elementary. Many .years ago I devoted quite a bit of time, just and S8i_ so111e action going, I am sure it
precious hours have been devoted to the after they forced the closing of the would �reciated by many people.
planning and making of the children's swimming pool, to find out why the pool Ralph Rogers
costumes. We are used; then cast aside as had been closed.
if we are unimportant. This is truly a slap I finally got in touch with the board of
in the face and a great thank-you, Mom health, and they told me all about it. They
and Dad. said the pollution was caused by several
America's bicentennial will only come trailer parks; the largest one, having


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