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Kijani’s Space news!

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I felt very very excited to see Mr. Ringo. He was wearing a
space suite with a hard hard helmet . The helmet has a
drinking hole and a breathing hole.
When Mr. Ringo came in he was doing the moon walk.
Now that Mr. Ringo is in everyone started blurting out
questions. I was lucky that he heard my question.
My question was is the biggest star the brightest star and
my answer was ,yes but it is so far that we cant see it’s
brightness. So people on earth think it is not.
There is another question that I liked it was did you dis-
cover a planet in the sires solar system with your tele-
scope? NO! sires or the great dog is to far from ore solar
system so you can not see sires close.
We took a pitcher before Mr. Ringo left then the music
blasted on out walks Mr. Ringo I was sad that he left but
at least the day went well.

Mr. After all our questions were all answered.Winton said.Ringo (super astronaut) again gave a lot of information he said: “The sun is 5x hotter than your pan. I teach here in high school ISM and in the states.Ringo introduced by saying: “I am not a real astronaut but I am a scientist. I felt like Mr. he said: there are no little planets discovered yet. “Let’s take a picture so we will all remember Mr. Everybody was really amazed the su- per astronaut name is Mr. I didn’t know that. The door slid open while the lights were off and a step and up came the super astronaut while 1 space song was playing. Winton’s classroom!!! Our class was waiting patiently for the super astronaut.” so he did. Mr. . and few seconds later. his question was: “What is the sun like?”Mr. Ringo wasn’t a real astronaut he is a scientist. we talk about physics. Ringo. I will never forget that story. Then he was trying to answer all our questions: My question was: “What plan- ets are beyond Pluto?” The super astronaut (Mr. And then I heard another interesting question by my classmate: Jorm. Ringo.”he said. Ringo) gave a lot of informa- tion. Ringo was a real expert and intelligent astronaut but Mr. Then the music started playing again and he stepped out of the classroom.The Space Daily An super astronaut scientist visits to Mr.

a helmet.. He was wearing a white space suit.Ringo like we were huddling up. It looked like he was doing a really funny space Dance.Ringo started walking out of the room. Ringo started answering question’s.Ringo when he came in I felt excited. Asha Astronaut A super cool Astronaut visits Mr. Winton’s class The class was silent…… but just Then BOOM the door slammed open and in came…. It was the best day ever!!!! . Mr. My question was what is Pluto made out of and the answer Was methane gas and rock. surprised and a little bit scared. Dadada an Astronaut! His name was Mr. At the end we took a photo with Mr. The music blasted on and Mr. a NASA Badge and the Usa flag. happy.

I felt happy because I learned something.I felt excited. Space Scientist The super space friends. Mr. Ringo was doing the moon walk and we wear listening to space music. The space suit. R Ringo was wearing cool. Mr. I was lucky because Mr. Ringo picked my question the answer was space has so much space and not much suns my question was why is space so dark? Another question that I found was why can’t we travel the speed of light? The answer was if we travel the speed of light we would get to heavy we could explode. Mr. And then Mr. The door opened and on went the music. Ringo went out of the room and the music went bake on. Ringo was his name. .

There are sunspots on the sun.4. There is also an oxygen tank because there is no oxygen in space. But the Earth’s volcanoes and rocks cover up the Earth’s craters. because it takes three days to travel to the moon. You already know about the water tank thing and the oxygen thing. His name is Mr. and if you jump. He teaches astronomy . Then you can be an astronaut. When Mr. there are billions of galaxies in space because space is huge! He also answered that the moon has craters because every 10. too!) . which are cooler parts but still hot. make sure to have lots and lots of practice.2. Ringo. Just at that moment. He wore an astronaut suit and in the astronaut suit. and he said that you have to be very patient if you want to go to the moon. The Earth orbits around the sun really slowly. Ringo! The room was dark. But there is no life on the moon. you know. Ringo zoomed out of the classroom and that is the end of Mr. Also. But since you might make a mistake. Ringo finished giving us information. I was happy that he could answer our questions. BLAST OFF! Find out all about space in this issue with Mr. and any- way. the sun is boiling hot. Oh. One of my classmates asked. remember to use a space shuttle! You need hundreds of engineers to work on a space shuttle. and all the other gas planets because it’s also made out of liquid and so you’ll just sink.000 years a comet crashes on the Earth and the moon. it makes 365 days and one quarter and four quarters make one whole.. and anyway. but the sun isn’t hot all over. Then he came in..1. Ringo said that the sun is our star. astronauts. One orbit equals one year. you’ll be jumping six times higher because of the moon’s gravity.3. he said that astronauts’ cloths are really thick because it’s really cold in space. and space shuttles. and then the other. Every four years there is a leap year because when the Earth orbits around the sun. “What is the sun like?” So Mr. He was wearing an astronaut suit. Ringo gave us information all about space. Our galaxy is the milky way.. Saturn. It’s very light to walk on the moon because it’s so light. He also said that the more bigger the planet is. Ringo’s adventure.. But still. we took pictures with him. One foot stepped in. Also there is an air conditioner in the space suit because if you are not thirsty you'll still be hot so you need air condition. music cranked up. They come and go. Mr. filled up with hot gas.) So there is an extra day. (And ours. He said that if you want to go to the moon.. The answer I liked best was that galaxies are made out of billions of stars. And in a flash Mr. (That is fraction. you can’t walk on planets like Jupiter. and we need oxygen to breath. the more heavier you’re pulled to the ground because of the it’s made out of gas. The class cheered. CHESCA’S SPACE 5. So nothing can cover up the moon’s craters. there is a water tank so that you don't get thirsty because the Earth is a little close to the sun. He said that the first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

If you went pass the Sun and if brought a Ther- mometer and place it next to the sun the thermometer will explode! When everyone got to hear the expert scientists answers he started to walk out of the door and the music blasted and the way he walked out was awesome. It is hot because if astronauts traveled to a planet full of gas it would be very hot. One of the questions really caught my mind was.Wintons class The room was dark and the door slid open and an astronaut Came in and everyone was amazed! I felt so excited and a little bit nervous. be- cause it Looked like he was bouncing on the moon.Johanna’s headline An expert Scientist comes To Mr. I was so excited because I was going to see a scientist for the first time and I was nervous be- cause I have never ever shared a question to a scientist. . Why cant we travel at the speed of light? If we would travel at the speed of light we would get way to heavy we could explode! One of the questions that was really interesting was What is an astronaut suit made out of? And the expert scientist answered An astronaut suit is made out of plastic and it has Air con so then it wont get hot. It was funny how his spacesuit felt like it was pajamas. He told stories that were very catchy. I heard an amazing fact from the expert scien- tist was that there were no signs of life on other planets and in the 1900’s a man (scientist) looked through the hubble telescope and he thought he saw canals around planets and aliens.

And: what is the sun like?:the sun is made of hot gasses and is stronger then the strongest bomb on earth! If we traveled at the speed of light we would get to heavy and ex- plode! Then we took a picture after it was time for Ringo to leave so we put the music on and he started doing the moon walk And he was gone! . Space news Mr.ringo the super cool Astronaut visits our classroom! We were waiting very quietly the door slid open and then we started ohhing and ahhing The music started and he started doing the moon walk! when he got to the front of the class the music stopped and he took off his hel- met. Then we started asking questions it seemed to be like the whole Class was buzzing with excitement! There were lots of questions Like: what is Pluto made of?: rock ice and gasses.

we would get to heavy and explode. . The next question I liked was written by someone else. He didn't really go to the moon. Ringo walked in he did the moon walk. Ringo. Ringo Went. he waved good bye. we started to ask questions. The put on cool leather gloves and shoes + Real SPACE HELMET! After all that excitement. I Thought he was wearing pajamas for a space suit. I calmed down and I was happy I learned something. but we are trying to. “Why can’t we travel with the speed of light?” The answer was “If we traveled with the speed of light. This was my favorite question: Are there any sign’s of life on other planets? The Answer was : No. My question was. so hot that no one could land on it. “what is the sun? The Answer was:” The sun is a star made out of very but I mean VERY hot gases. But he is a expert scientist. His name was Mr.Xä|Ëá hÇ|äxÜáx An amazing astronaut visits Mr. a amazing astronaut entered my class room. space music was booming in my ears. The question was. Left to right he was answering all the questions. Suddenly. Finally it was my turn to ask a ques- tion. Winton’s class room!!!! Uç Xä| My class was silent. When Mr. When Mr.

when he came in he looked like he was walking on the moon. My favorite question was “what is a astronaut suit made out of?” and his answer was “plastic and air conditioner because if it didn’t have air conditioner you would be hot. than another foot than his whole body! Mr. He was answering our questions in no time flat.ringo was dressed in a an awesome astronaut suit. The space daily An expert scientist comes to Mr. They cant land any space shuttles because Jupiter has no flat surfaces. We took a picture with mr. There was another question and it was “how did Jupiter's storm begin?” and he answered “scientist’s are looking at it with crashing rovers . I saw the door open. . Than the music got louder& louder! My heart was pounding with excitement.ringo than the music started and he left. The music started. I saw one foot step through the door.winton`s class.

gigantic. Ringo visits Mr. After min- utes of asking questions . a cool space expert! Everyone was surprised to see an amazing Mr. He was also wearing a fake. Q:Are there life on other planets? A: There is no signs of life on any other planet . white space suit! We also asked 19 interesting questions about the huge. he started walking around just like he’s on the moon! .Winton’s class and chatting about the and frozen methane. Winton’s class !!!!!!!! I was waiting quietly but then. There’s more questions! When Mr. we took some good photos too! Here are some of the questions: Q:Did you discover a planet in the Sirius star system? A: No Sirius is to much far from our solar system . universe .Ringo was beginning to get out of the class room. Q: What is Pluto made off? A: Pluto is mostly made rock. the door opened. cool space expert came out of the door! His name is amazing Mr. expanding space! Everyone had fun learn- ing.THE UNIVERSE DAILY An amazing Mr. Music blasted off all over the place! An amazing.Ringo.Ringo came to Mr.

He walked in like he was bouncing on the moon.stars.stormes and fabulous planets.galaxies. . then university then get astronaut training then he walked out the door as quick as a fox I was a bit sad.nebulas. The daily universe Hyper astronaut Ringo comes in to class I waited I heard the door open the music cranked up he busted in to the room I was exited.telescopes. In no time he was an- swering everybody’s questions he was wearing his space suit. One of the rocking facts he gave me was that he teaches astronomy about science. If you want to become an astronaut you have to finish high school.gravity.

Out now. Ringo came in our class room. He walked like he was in space . The space music was on again. Our class is the only one who saw an ASTRONAUT! At last it was time to go. Then he answered our ques- tion.Cool NEWS! An Astronaut Friend Came To Our class! By Lila An astronaut called Mr. He walked cool and went out.There was music which sounded like OUTER SPACE. They are just guessing. Like a BLAST! . We all wrote our question on a piece of paper. When he got to go we took a photo graph. But when he came he wore his space suit and Oxygen helmet. My question was how big is Uranus rings? The question that I ask was hard he could not answer it. They are finding it. So we know more. I felt like it is cool.

My one was how do you assemble a space shuttle? He said that you need hundreds of people to work on it. What happens next? Find out in this issue of out of this world news . Once we landed Mr. All of a sudden I saw some sparks out the window and when I looked out the window I saw hundreds of engineers and scientists outside! Soon we blasted into space soon he was answering all our ques- tions. I learned lots. We were all quiet all of a sudden the lights went out when they came back on there was an astronaut in our class his name was Mr. He came in walking like he was on the moon. I could hear the roar of rockets. Ringo. Out of this world Astronaut visits us And classroom blasts into space. Another question was why can’t we travel at the speed of light? He an- swered we would get to heavy and explode.Ringo moon jumped out of the class. . He was in his space suit his space suit had a NASA badge.

There are these little lines where you can breathe. But my question was how long have you been a scientist? He answered my question and the answer was 11 years because he started after university. with a tiny hole where you can drink. Ringo visits Mr. I get a little bit shy. Ringo the astronaut and he answered everyone’s question. I have learned so much from Mr.Nika’s Daily Mr.0 BLAST OFF!!! .2. Winton’s kung fu warriors!! When the astronaut came I started to feel excited and a little bit nervous because I don’t really like saying my question out loud.3. Mr. Mysterious space music was on while he was walking through the door. After he was done answering every ones question he walked out of the door and blasted out into space!!! 5.Ringo the astronaut was wearing his white space suit when he walked in the door very slowly.1.4. Another question was what is a space suit made? A space suit is made of plastic.

Wintons young astronauts. all of a sudden the music blasted on! The astronaut took his first step in the class room I felt like I was in a space ship.3.4. I like the answer to “Why can’t we go to other planets in light speed?” and “What is A space suit made of?” We gathered around the astronaut to take a class photo. My question was “Why do Bigger planets have more gravity?”I really wanted to hear the answer.21. blasting of I got excited by the second ! The Astronaut was doing the moon walk I couldn't wait To ask my question and hear all the answers but he didn't have a answer.Paul’s Galaxy Express A cool amazing astronaut visits Mr. 5. after a lot of question answering the astronaut had to leave and I learned ALOT of space facts!!!! .0 blast off! One day an astronaut came.

We all saw astronaut Mr.” Then when Mr. Astronaut Mr. Ringo picked me and I asked “what are galaxies made of? . . The daily space news.. . Ringo almost answered every body's questions I raised my left hand . Ringo visits Mr. Mr. . . . . Mr. He was wearing an astronaut suit also when he was walking he walked funnily and wackily and it was really funny Ha! Ha! Ha! When Mr. . Ringo answered all our questions we took a picture all together then…. He went out of the door in a funny wacky way! . Our galaxy is the Milky Way and it is made out of stars. . R i n g o ! ! ! ! I felt really excited . . . . . . . The music blasted on again and he walked like a penguin that limps. . Ringo said ”They are made out of billions of stars. Winton's class and gives tips! When I was seated I was waiting and I saw one step then another then I heard some music then the music blasted even louder then .

storms. His walk suited the music. The universe daily THE AWESOME ASTRONAUT VISITS MR. Ringo the astronaut suddenly came in and the music BLASTED! He came in with a helmet and his suit had a place where he could breath he also had a place where he could drink water. He thought us awesome answers and one of my fa- vorite ones was how did Jupiter's storm begin? He replied by saying scientists are looking at it with crashing rovers. telescopes. I really like his answers that’s why when I am a grown up I am going to be a astronaut.WINTONS CLASS- ROOM. . galaxies. nebular. stars. When he came in he did the moon walk. and planets. They cant land any space shuttle because there are no flat surfaces on Jupiter. Mr. The other question was what kind of astronomy do you teach? He teaches about science. gravity.

When the awesome astronaut moon walked in the space classroom he was wearing an amazing astronaut suit.4.5.Ringo was leaving I was sooooooo tired I had sooooooo much fun. Ringo.1 BLAST OF!!! .3. Winton's class room . It also has a Aircon Attached to the back of the astronaut suit because if you did not have a Aircon you would barn and explode! When Mr.2. It had a United states of America flag on it and a cool Nasa flag on it to. He had an awesome hel- met on him to. One of the questions he answered was what is a astronaut suit made out of? He riptide it is made out of plastics . In minutes he was Answering questions left and right. The Universe daily Awesome! Amazing! Cool! Astronaut visits Mr. One day a astronaut walked in the door his name was Mr.


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