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A surprisingly analytical mind for your age .

I like how you

incorporate ideas and arguments into your essay. And you are right....

Sometimes I think...Human is the most selfish being on the surface of

the earth...Or he? Aren't we animals with high intelligence and
conscience ?Aren't we guided by the ancestral instinct of
conservation? Like animals protecting their teritoires , we went to
war from the earliest times to settle our boundaries. Like males of so
many species ,men have killed each other ( literaly or only relational
speaking) for women, and , of course, since human is
more complex than most animals , women would kill each other as
well for  men.  Just like in the wildest jungle, the strongest will
survive .But what has consciense done to us?

Killing and "jungle law" do exist in animal's world , but that world is a

balanced one. Our world is a world that is constantly in contradiction
with itself, for one we think , and one we say , and one we wish , but
one we do..We are advocates of good and mercy but in the mean time
we do so much harm...To ourselves , to each other , to the planet .
What animal would kill for pleasure? What animal would destroy its
own habitat ?What animals would trade the fundamental need of sex
for the fundamenal need for food (which translated in human
terms=money )? We admit publicly that violince and hatred are bad ,
but in the mean time we promote these all over the place in mass
media. And , perhaps not surprinsingly , most of the times, the most
popular tv programs are the ones that contain this kind of
material.we keep denying the animal part in ourselves , but in the
mean time we bring it to the surface , and not in just any form, but in
the form of the wildest beast. 

What has conscience done to us? Or , better said, what have we done

with conscience? We are always able to choose , but why so often this
right to choose given by thought is manifested in its rather negative
aspect , than its positive one?

And if something can be done , than why don't we do something

about it?

That's why I like classical music;becaue it is not infested with any of

these malicious things . Classical music usually  brings to the light the
other side of human , the great one , the kind and superior one.The
one that is suppose to prove that we evolved from a primitive , wild
stage to a more refined one. Like Shinichi Suzuki said , if we would
nurture our children with more noble music , than our society would
be a different kind of society.