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At True Potential we design and build

strategies that allow IFA firms to increase
value in their business and help them
offer the best level of service and advice
to their clients.
We’re not a technology provider: we use technology as an enabler, so
our IFA firms get the most from our strategic products and services.
It’s these unique, strategic products and services - designed and built
in-house - that are revolutionising the way our industry works. J\Xdc\jj`ek\^iXk`fefekfk_\
True Potential have developed a set of simple, effective and unique IFA
Service Strategies. These strategies are ideal for the Directly Authorised
IFA who wants to work in a professional and efficient manner.


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True Potential have a specialist data team who work with you Using the industry’s most comprehensive electronic
to provide your firm with comprehensive client and policy
records. Unique methods are used to obtain this, fusing
technologies, your implementation will be driven by
providing you and your clients the ability to obtain Real
@dgc\d\ekXk`fe :fddle`ZXk`fe an electronic extraction from your previous system with a
thorough data cleansing process and detailed population
Time Valuations and capture their true value, from any
location across a range of innovative devices including [`jZfm\i7kgccg%Zfd
directly from the providers. smartphones, web and iPad.
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:c`\ekDXeX^\d\ek :c`\ekJ\im`Z`e^ True Potential understands the importance of having Your Dedicated Contact is not the only one who helps and
someone to turn to. For that reason all new users are works with you. True Potential users enjoy initial and ongoing
assigned their own Dedicated Contact and implementation training in the shape of face to face events, 1-2-1 sessions
system, providing guidance, support and a common goal and remote webinars. Assistance is also available from
to fully integrate your business with True Potential. Your our specialist support team. Access to a fully integrated
Dedicated Contact is responsible for every part of your knowledge base including user guides, videos, and online
implementation including additional training, opening new tutorials are all available at the click of a button.
agencies and ensuring your commissions are setup correctly.

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Before joining True Potential I was part of a National IFA firm offering me a range of
support. I was already using a version of True Potential and was very pleased with the
way the system worked. I was delighted to be offered the chance to move to the more
advanced system especially as it came with the assurance that I would be supported
in the same way with the setting up of my new system and my direct authorisation
with the FSA.
It’s simple in that our system gives you an I\mfclk`fe`j\pfliYlj`e\jj
Thankfully, True Potential held my hand throughout the entire process providing me
with a Dedicated Contact who offered prompt help and advice when needed.
accurate reading of your firm’s worth and
translates that into a value for you. $`dgc\d\ekKil\Gfk\ek`Xc%
The assignment of this one point of contact certainly made all the difference.

The implementation process itself certainly helped with the cleansing of my data, it
has allowed me to remove all obsolete contracts/policies and all of my data is now
It’s effective because it is efficient,
accurate and up to date. This has allowed me to obtain accurate real time valuations
flexible and tailored towards firms just
on my client’s policies, something that I find of real worth when servicing my clients
like your own.
as they can now always see their true value.

I particularly find True Potential’s modern approach excellent and it works really well
with my business and approach. The area I use the most in the system is the client files
section which I find invaluable. Completing factfinds couldn’t be easier too –
I can do this both on and offline. The system is also great in terms of the compliance It’s unique through the fact that it offers
offered, the checking system that is in place works with me to ensure I am following your firm’s value at a guaranteed rate
without any small print.
my own business plan.

Kil\Gfk\ek`Xcjffe\i%É To see the effect our business can have
on yours there’s no substitute for a live
;Xm`[9li^\jj# demonstration. To hear how our business
;Xm`[9li^\jj=`eXeZ`XcJ\im`Z\jCk[% can make a difference to yours - call us on
0871 700 0007 or visit

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