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6 Annual Huaraz Pa"or’s Conference
by Tommy Smith, REAP Team Member

This is a particularly busy and

exciting time of the year for me
here in the Callejón de Huaylas
and Huaraz. For a number of
weeks many people have been
preparing for this annual event that
continues in attendance. Pictured
right was the main meeting place
for this year’s conference, the
Iglesia de Dios. We are expected
over 500 people from all over Perú
to fill the sanctuary. Since most
pastors, leaders and Believers
have little opportunity for formal
training this event is an opportunity
to learn as well as fellowship with
other Believers. Topics included
how to deal with alcohol abuse,
recognizing sects, dealing with
factions in the church and others.
While the number of participants
was not what we had expected, we
were greatly surprised in that we
have 8 different People Groups
represented this year.
Representing 4 of them are
pictured on the right. (L to R) Juan
Julio Huaman - Huaylas Quechua,
Elvis Shantiori - Ashanika, Aquiles
Tapullima - Shipibo, Jhoni Cenepo
Sangama - Quechua San Martin
and Alfredo Guimaraes - Shipibo. Pray that these men will find the information useful and will
find ways to apply it to the cultures they represent.
by Lauren Whitlow not just when things are nice and easy, but in
Oklahoma Baptist University the difficult times as well.
Throughout our time in Ungurahual we would by Brittany Banks, Lifepoint Church
alternate days of doing Bible Studies and
church and night. One day in particular, we Our team showed the movie “La
played a game of soccer with some people Esperanza” (The Hope) in Pararín. During
from the village and they ended up showing the second part of the movie a Peruvian girl
up to Bible Study that night. Our interpreter, named Gabriela crawled into my lap and
Maykal, felt God calling him to talk about the snuggled below my chin. She was 10 years
importance of not putting off the decision of old. During the part about the birth of Jesus,
accepting Christ. That night, 2 boys (Kevin she turned to look at me and said, ¨same
and Aaron) accepted Christ. We invited them Jesus as heaven¨ as she pointed to the sky
to our hut the next day for discipleship and and to the movie screen. When the beating
they brought a friend, Enoch, with them. of Jesus began, tears were flowing down
Enoch accepted Christ as well that day. A few Gabriela´s face. WHen the movie was over a
days later, after having a couple more times fellow team mate and I called our translator
of discipleship, we baptized Enoch and Kevin. over to help us talk to to her. We asked if she
It was really exciting to see God work in the understood why Jesus dies and she said,
village and to see these boys excited about ¨no.¨ We spent about 10 minutes explaining
learning about the Bible. the love and grace of God and how He sent
Jesus to die for all our sins so that we can be
saved and live with Him forever. Gabriela did
by Brittany Mason no accept Jesus that night, but a good seed
Oklahoma Baptist University was planted. I can’t wait until next year to go
While we were in Atalaya, one of the families back and tell her more stories of Jesus.
had an 11 month old baby who died. While The same night, we prayer walked around the
the event was horribly tragic, it gave our village and invited people to come see the
group a great opportunity to meet needs. We movie. The first person to arrive was a lady
were able to go and pray with the family and named Sylvia and her 11 year old daughter. I
share some scripture with them. Later in the sat down and talked to her with her help of
afternoon, we went with the family and most Fernando, our interpreter. First, I asked her if
of the village to the graveyard out in the she knew about Jesus. She said yes and that
jungle where the baby was to be buried. We she knew some Bible stories, but could not
were able to say a few words at the burial and name any. When I told her that the move was
pray for the family again. In simply being going to be stories from the Bible, her eyes lit
there with the family during this tragic time, I up. She thanked me at least 4 times and said
think we were able to really show that we movies were a very special treat in their
genuinely care about the people of Atalaya, village.

February Ha$enings...
Please join us in praying for the many volunteers that will be working in northern Peru in
February. Please also pray for the translators who will work with them.
February 14 to 22: New Life Church Vision Trip
February 18 to 27: First Baptist Church Hesperia, California
February 21 to March 5: Morningside Pastor’s Conference
February 24 to March 9: Woodland Hills Church
February 28 to March 3: Jog Road Baptist Church