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General Stamp Office,
Town Hall Building,
Ground Floor,
Near Horniman Circle, Fort,
Mumbai 400001.
A. Stamp offices work from Monday to Saturday,
except the second and fourth Saturday and public holidays,
between 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
B.Q. What other documents are required at the time of registration of documents?
A. (1) No Objection Certificate (Form 37?1) from the appropriate authority if ap
parent consideration of transfer of immovable property exceeds Rs.75 lakh for Mu
mbai city under chapter XXC of Income Tax Act, 1961.
(2) No Objection Certificate under Urban Land Ceiling Act if the area of land tr
ansferred exceeds 500 Sq.Mts in Mumbai city.
Note : Income tax clearance certificate under Section 230A of Income Tax Act, 19
61, if the value of the property is more than Rs. five lakhs is now not required
from 01 ?06?2001.
(3) Property Card of land on which the property being registered is situated. Th
is requirement is irrespective of whether land is sold or building is being sold
or any part of the building is being sold and also irrespective of whether the
seller of property is recorded as owner on property card or not. In other word e
ven flat owners are expected to produce this paper at the time of registration.
(4) Photographs of Buyer and seller of the property is also required at the time
of registration.
Q. Where can one get copy of the Property Card?
A. For copy of property card following off ices may be contacted.
For Mumbai City District. For Mumbai Suburban District
The Superintendent The Superintendent of Lands & Records,
Mumbai City Survey & Land Records, Mumbai Suburban District,
1st Floor, Old Custom House, Fort, 10th Floor, New Administrative Building,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Housing Board Colony, Near Chetna College,
Mumbai 400 023. Mumbai 400 051.
Tel: 266 1231 Tel: 642 9874

Q. Where can one obtain No Objection Certificate.?
A. It is to be obtained from "APPROPRIATE AUTHORITY" constituted U/s 269UB of In
come Tax Act,
1961 and such Appropriate Authority for Greater Mumbai is "Appropriate Authorit
y, Mumbai",
(Income Tax Department), 3rd Floor, A Wing, Mittal Court, Nariman Point, Mumbai
Q. Why builders do not convey the property in favour of society?
A. It is observed that after the builder hands over the possession of respective
flat purchasers,
he is expected to convey the property in favour of the society. But in most of t
he case it is not done because of the following reasons.
i) Stamp duty must be cleared of all the members or defaulter must pay stamp dut
y with penalty at the time of conveyance.
ii) Under land ceiling Act. NOC must be produced.
iii) Income Tax NOC certificate from competent authority must be produced
Since owner is not interested in producing above certificates and members avoid
to contribute their share of stamp duty,
builders have good excuse and conveyance is not done in favour of the society.