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1 'Iimotfiy 6:15

-your Potential-
Walk in the lil/ht of the sun as if all
can see you at alTtimes

'. i

1came giving you what you want so

you wou{i;{{earn to want what 1
have to give
.1-fevrew 11:1
your Potentia{'"-'

Presentee( 'To

'Te1npCeN arne & Number


Oasis '

Von't try to chartae the wi:ru£or the se~
just channe the saill
.Jl Personae Note from 71ie Inscri6er
1am the Grand Potentate Noble Rev. Dr. Malachi
z. 332n2~, Reverend of The Eglptian
Church of Christ, IDe., the Imperial Grand Yoten-
tate of the International Supreme Grand Council
of Arab Shrinendom Inc., a Son of the Desert, AI
Mahdi Shrine TemR~eNo. 19 Desert Georgi~ Oa-
sis Macon. I am calling lOUto accept this wisdom
that I have to give you, 0 the many teachings that I
have insPired so many_with Your Potential and my
I?otentiaffrom Isa AI Masih, the Messiah Jesus. He IS
fhe Potentate of Potentates, King of Kings, Lord of
Lords (1 Timothy 6:15). It is one of tbe greatest
scrolls, for it was a special EJft given to me for you
by the Heavenly Fatlier ana his lleavenly host, who
are your descendants down to you. However, you
refer to them as your ancestors.
7lris scroll is a revised coPY of the original
scroll. The reason w4Y I am bring)l1g it forth to you
again is because the first time in 1970 A.D. when I
released it it inspired man~ of thousands of minds
out there. So I give it to my fellow travelers and sons
of the. desert, in a spiritual form, so that ye may over-
stand It more fully.
-1Ytake note that all of the Biblical and
Koranic quotes in this scroll are coming from the
original Aiamie (Hebrew), Greek and Asliuric/Syriac
Galilean Arabic languages. You may refer to your
own Bible, Koran, etc. Also make note that the for-
ei~ words used In this scroll are coming_ from our
divine ancient Egiptian language called Nuwaupic.
The reason for this is so that you may learn to s~*
your own language, without other translations. This
IS your first step.
Sons of God (psalms 82,,"7-8, John 10:34-
35), this s~r911tspurpose, is a guide to improve your
everyday li\7ffig,everyday emonons, everyday sayUl~.
Know that I am here to reform and ~de, to break
the spell of Leviathan (Kingu, Apophis) and put 19U
back on the right _path as we together through The
Lord Jesus son otGod, find our way home to the
father. The devil has gotten into our lodges, temples,
churches and mosgues and propagated Satan or Luci-
fer's doctrine. We must restore the truth. So
hearken unto the words, however it is only for those
who want to listen.
'This is just one of many divine inspirations,
The Sacred Wisdom ofTehutJ, I am the way; Sa-
cred Wisdom of Atum-Re (J'he Black Book)1 Sa-
cred Wisdom ofTama-re ([he Gold Book), Jesus
Found in Egipt, The Lucifenan Cons:piracy, The
Mind, De~ee of Moses ism, De~e o7Christism,
De~e oT Muhammadism, Let s Set the Record
Straigh!J..Leviathan 666 parts 1 &~ The Begf.n-
rung, :J.neMillennium Book, The Egiptian Su-
preme Being, The Hidden Symbolism of Free-
masonry, iii The Noble Koran for Christians
which were sent to .me to give to 'Y.0u for proR~r ~d-
anee and for keep1ng the remembrance of 00d Al-
mighlI The Most Hlgh within your mind, body, and
heart. Make the teaehlngs of this scroll a part of your
everyday life, don't just read it and put it down, study
it intensively. And oy all means, give it to a friend, or
child or parents, wlio are in need. This is universal
knowledge, which I share with you all in the name of
God. .


Scroll One-Rediscover, the higher poten.

donal ..........•.....•••....•..••.•••.•...•....... 1
Scroll Two- What is potential?
................................................... ~

Scroll Three-utilize your potential, don't

waste it...........••.....•..••.•.•..•.......•.... 21
Scroll Four-Live through your whole be.•
i1Zg•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• o •••••••••••••• ~lJ
Scroll Five-Humanity and their maj-
esty •••.••••••.•.•••••••••••••• e •••••• 0 ••• 0 ••••••• ~"li
Scroll Six-How to see the majesty of hu-
~1is.o •••••• o •••••••••••••• o••o•••••• o••••oooo••~~

Scroll Seven-Mortals and their para-

tloxes ....• o ••••o.o.o.oo •• •• oo ••••• oooo.7~

Scroll Eight-A human para-

~oJr•••..•..•••.• c •• o •• o •••• o.o ••••• ~ •••• o ••• o ••• ~~

Scroll Nine-The strangest se-

cret.. o •• o •• o •••• o ••••••• oOO •••• 8 ••• 0 •••• oo ••••••• ~t)
Your otential

By the name of the 1fust Gmcious:Merciful GOO

Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only
Potentate, the King ofkiogs, and Lord oflords; 1 Tmothy 6:15 2 And this is yet,

Rediscover, another doorway of
potential awareness that you are
(19xl=19) in, the mental reser-
L! All of you who voir.
are indeed Children of 3 Yau have the key to
release the latent power
G 0,d Th east
M Hig,h f
a your t.=..J..J~_ • .1
lllUUOl potent1aJ..
you are true Shriners, 4 I, N 0 bIe.· ReVe D ro
so hear and take heed Malachi Z. York-EI
to the jewels of true 330/720.° the
life that will guide you Reformer, As Sayyid
closer to the bosom of Isa .AI Haadi AI MaheU,
our Heavenly Father, AI Mahdi of the West, as
and a reawakening for prophesied in the
you, to know that you Shriner's own doctrine
are a part of All. ~'Under Esoteric Rites in
Your Potential

the book, The Ancient AI Mahdi 'The Guide"

Arabic Order & Nobles and the end of the world ... ",
of the :0tfystic Shrine I have arrived and was
June 24th 1903 A.D. by sent to break the spell of
Noble Geo. L Root of Sleep, Leviathan, Kingu,
Mohammed Temple to dispel of it forever
chartered June 12th 1, an.d ~any ofyou."mum-
893 A.D. in Peoria nues are waking up
Illinois. It clearly tell~ from your sarcophagus
you to expect AI Mahdi to p,repare you for the
after the mill . conung of our Lord and
enmum S .
(which is after the year aV1?~, Ax Rab "Isa AI
2000 A.D.): "... Its Mas~ Jesus the
votaries (vow takers)are fig_ Messlah.
urntively expected to accept 5 Yet, you still must
tbeprophecyoftbeapproach- learn how to utilize the
ing millennium, the.'Wa111ing power of the mind
of the Ulerna "Learnt through positive
Elders", !he ~ce of thinking, meditation,
Your Potential

and visualization. Father Elyown El will

6 If you have a goal set meet you through your
in your mind, visualize positive meditation.
obtaining it. 9 The Lord God is
7 Whatever you put in responsible for this
the mind as your goal mind that human
is within your grasp. beings with their ego
As Proverbs 23:7 says so tend to think. is actually
clearly: For as he thin- their own when in real-
keth 'JJrll <sha'ar> in ity it is attached to one
. central source, The
his heart fOEJJ Most High God All in
<nephesh>, so is he. o. All '
"For as he thinketh in his ·
h · he" 10 Under the schools
eart, so 15 :... Kirg of Freemasonry and
]ames Version of the Bib1e. Shrin en d om, you will
8 Yes, you can make it eb abi e to £OCllS and
happen; The Lor d b·
nng ab out more POS1-.
G 0,d th e H eavenl y .
Your Potential

rive results and have a things n.m <tauta>

more progressive life shallbe added 1l'poO''rz811
than you ever imag- pI <prostithemi> unto
ined. As the wise men, you VJl,lV <humin> 0

you served the master "But seek ye first the king-

and receiv"ed the gifts dam of God, and his right-
of heaven. :Matthew eousness; and all. these
6:33 But § <de> seek ye things shallbe added unto
'111'80) <zeteo> first you." I<ing James Version of
np(fJTOV <proton> the theBib1e
kingdom {3aazAeza 11 In order to maintain
<basileia> of God fleo; this, you must over-
<theos>~ and Kaz stand and control your
<kai> his aV1:o; nature which will give
<autos> righteousness you an overs tanding of
8zKalOaVvTJ <dikaio- the capabilities that lay
sune>; and Kaz <kai> dormant within your
all 1Ca~ <pas> these being. This is above

Your Potential

race, and tribe or even 14 And with this, you ~s

nationality. will be given free will, r
12 For within nature you must be in controL "
there is positive and John 8:32 And Kal;·
negative. <kai> ye shall know rzv
13 You must and I OJGKOJ <ginosko> the ~
stress, use only the truth aA118eza
positive which will also <aletheia>, and Kal f

re-align you with your <kai> the truth

higher self; aA1i8sza <aletheia>
shall make eAevgeporo
<eleutbetoo> you UJ./, a;
<humas> free .
<e.1eutberoo>. ''Ye shall "
know the truth and the
troth shall make you free."
KiogJames Version of the Bili1e
Your Potential
. .~~;Is:~~~~~!~~~r,~1;:~~~~r:~~T:?~~;·~_0It';:fI·'~
15 By breaking the childre.nof1hemostHigh."
malevolen t, disagree- KingJames Version of the Bible
able habits that have John 10:34 says: Jesus
been acquired through 111(10V~ <Iesous>
one's life time. arlS'\VereCl
16 You have fallen so <apokrinomai> them
far from your divinity. aUTO; <autos>, Is it
All others know ye are sa,l <esti.> not ou
God's children. Psalms <oU> written ypaqJro
82:6 says I have said <grnpho> in BV <en>
,l'H <'amar>~ Ye are your vp,mv <humon>
gods a"rr;H <'dohiym>; law vOIJOC; <nomos>, I
and all of you are childten erm <ego> said snro
1::J<beD> of 1he most· <epo>, Ye are eaTe
L <este> gods f:Jso~
High l' -)1). <'ely- <1heos>? 'jesus answered
own>.t>,! have said, Ye are th Is · o.
gods; and all of u are em, it .not. 'WD.tten m
yo your law, I SaId, Ye are
Your Potential

Gods?" KiogJames VetSion "n;H <'e1ohiym>

of the Bible
17 It is time to make funned ,3' <yatsar>
that journey within, to man f:j,H <'adam> of
the real you, the divine the dust i1'J) <'aphar>
you. You're not merely llJ und
a mortal you are a c:i <min> the PJD
Child of God. lbis is t7!:JJH <'adamah>, and
what The Lord Jesus breathed n 'J <napbach>
Christ was sent to. mID his 005trils"u ,n
teac h.
18 Discover or redis- <'aph> the breath JllJrtiJ
cover, the higher <neshamah> of life
potential within the <chay>; and man t:JiH
higher self, as a living <'adam> became a living
soul. Genesis 2:.7And the "In <chay>
LORD 17717' ..
<Yeh iVah> God soul rt'. lj <nephesh>.
o "And the LORD God
Your Potential

fanned man of the dust of Scro1lTwo

the ground, and breathed What is potential?
into his nostrils the breath (19x2=38)
of life; and man became a
living soul" KingJames Lo! "What is a poten-
Version of the Bib1e tate? A man who has
19 Study the wisdom shown his potential.
found in this scroll and "What does potential
your Bible and The mean to you and your
Noble Koran, for it life? And what will
will uplift you, as well make you overstand
as take the mind to what potential you
another level of think- have?
ing. 2 The word potential,
as used in English is
Read this scrollwith an taken from many other
openmind. languages.
3 According to the

Your Potential

American Heritage for growth, develop-

Dictiona1J the word ment, or coming into
potential is defined as: being. 2. Something
po·tenotial (pa- possessing the
ten'shal) adj. Abbr. capacity for growth
pot. 1. Capable of or development.
being but not yet in [Middle English
existence; latent: a potencial, from Old
potential problem. 2. French potenciel,
Having possibility, from Late Latin
capability, or power. potentilllis, power-
3. Grammar. OJ, ful, from Latin
relating to, or being potentia, power,
a verbal construction from potens, potent ..,
with auxiliaries such present participle of
as mayor can; - posse, to be able.
po·ten·tial n. Abbr. 4 Look at it in
pot. 1. The inherent iddle English,
ability or capacity
Your Potential

potencial, from Old 7 According to the

French~, from ~merican Herita~
Late Latin Dictionary: the word
potentiMis, powerlUl, potentUe is defined as:
from Latin potentia, po·ten-tate 1. One who
fXJVler, fro m PJte11S, has the power and posi-
potent-, present par- tion to role over others; a
ticiple of ~, 10 be monarch. 2 One who
able. dominates or leads a

S Now look at the group or an etlCI.::3,VO.r:

word potentate, used in industrial potentates.
the higher ranking [1vfiddle English poten-
Freemasons and tat, from Old French,
Shriners as in the from Late Latin
Imperial Grand .~tus, from Latin,
Potentate. PO'\Ver, from potens,
6 What does that present participle of posse,
mean? to be able.

Your Potential

8 First let's look at weak. 2. Lacking in

potent according to power, as to act effectively;
American Heritage helpless: 3.a. Incapable of
Dictionary:. po"tent 1. sexual intercourse, often
Possessing inner or physi- because of an inability to
cal strength; powerful achieve or susrnin an erec-
2.a. Exerting or capable tion. b. Sterile. Used
of exerting strong physio- of males. 4.
10gjcalor chemical effects: Obsolete. Lacking
3. Having great control or self-restraint.
authority: 4. Able to per- [Middle English,
form sexual intercourse. from Old French,
9 Now let's look at from Latin impotens,
impotent according impotent- : in-, not;
to the American see IN ...} + po tens,
Heritage Dictionary-. potent]
im·po·tent 1. Lacking 10 They want to make
physical strength or vigor; you impotent. They

Your Potential

want to remove your power, authority,or force;

potentiality. all-powerful [Middle
11 They don't want ~ from Old French,
you to know that you ftom Latin omnipotens,
are a part of the omniporent-:omni-,omni-
Godhead, a part of All, + potens, present partici-
the very source of pIeof posse,to be able]
things. 14 One having unlimit-
12 They can't let you ed power or authority,
find out that you are to be in control, a title
what they call the given to God or Allah
omnipotent. in the !vluhammadan
13 Let me define the religion, Yahweh,
omnipotent according Hashem, or Adonai
to the American in the Jewish religion,
Heritage Dictionary. and Thehos, Kurios
om·nip·o·tent 1. Having in the Greek religion,
unlimited or universal or ios in the

Your Potential

Christian religion. And 2:7 saysAnd the LORD

in fact, they are all the I"7t7tt <Yehovah> God
same relioion with the ~ tafL,u.

same God. b
All want to 17j~

please God and go to formed ~., <yatsar>
join God in heaven. man OIl< <'adam> of
15 When it says that the dust I~J) <'a hat>
the creator breathed P
into you of his own of l'" <min> the ground
spirit (or essence), and t1l'iN <'adamah>, and
you became a living breathedn!JJ <naphach>
soul, · his trils 1M
16 Be it biblical in the mto nos .1"
Book of Genesis 2:7 or <'aph> the breath }/"'rtJJ
The Noble Koran 15:29, <neshamah> of life ~f7
the fact still remains that <chay> and man Oi.
the presenceof God .isin <'adam; became a living
you and is you. Genesis
e:,n <chay> soul ~ Ij
Your Potential

'.w· .:..." ,....", .' ' .•... ~.....
:.,.::.... '··:·':':··:-·:':::":':N:: '.':':,:':-.; ..,;....,:'~,:~~~~~,::;.:.~:.:::.::,' .. :.~:

<nephesh>. "And the my own soul J ..r-

IDRD God fonned man <.Lee>
:row11 , you are to fall
of the dust of the ground,
~~.J b
!lcaul: mto his nos- cbwn Ij 1l 4- i <faqa'uw>
trils the breath of life; and prostrating to <ila> him
man became a living soul" bJll'?r '4J41 <lahu
KingJames Version of the sajedeen>.
Bible So when I complete him
The Noble Koran 15:29 andbreathedintohimfiom
says: So ~ <faa> 'When my O\Vll soul,you are to full
rJ <etha> I complete him down prostrnting to him.
Translated by: Noble: Rev.
4:iD~ <sawaytuhu> and Dr. Malachi 2. York-El
<wa> b thed ~·7J(;,n 33°/720° "As Sayyid Isa
j rea -......, AI Haacli AI Mahcli"
<nafukhat> into him J]j 17 You are indeed ilie
<fehee> ~ <min> Omnipotent.
18 You are in All and

Your Potential

All is in you. Crn;H <'elohiym>

19 All does, you do, All is'
can, and so can you. fi:m:nfx:l <yatsar>
20 You merely have to man a/~ <'adam> of
realize your potential. the dust J~1J <'aphat>
Read the scroll 'Ire ci 1lJ < . > th uncI
Sacred WlSdom ofTehuti, rrun e gro
by The Noble: Rev. Dr. JilJiH <'adamah>, and
Malachi Z. York-El breathedn~J <naphach>
33°/720°. into hffi nos~ ~H
21 The latent power of , h th b th
.. . .
G d < ap > e rea J IJIIII't/;'sJ

ellVlillty 1S in you. 0
put his own spirit in <neshamah> of life "In
you (Genesis 2:7, The <chay>; and man O,H
Noble Koran 15:29). <'adam> became a living
Genesis2:7 says And the 'In <chay> soul rtJ!JJ
LORD ti't7' <nephesh>. "And the
<Yehovah> God WRD God formed man

Your Potential

of the dust of the ground, God in you unless you

and breathed into his nos- give into him.
trilsthe breath of life;and 24 Take good people
man became a livingsoul" and make them better.
KingJames Versionof the Rebuild your character
Bible. to that perfected being
22 It is just waiting to you once were. Evict
spring forth like a fal- the eviL
can soars to the skies, 25 Mentally, physically
23 Or like a phoenix and spiritually, you
rising out of its own have the potential to
ashes ..You too must be be anything and any-
aware of the divine in body that you create
YCiU and bring it to the within your mind's eye.
surface of your being 26 Note the prefix of
and share it with oth- potential, which is pori
ers. The devil or evil meaning ''powerful; lord
ones can't defeat the from Latin pons ~

Your Potential

27 Note in the defini-
"~n <chalal> to
tlon you have the word
"lord" , the name t::Jrli <sbem> of
28 A word in your the LORD J"l7'
Hebrew Bible that <Yehovah>. "And to
translates as Yahweh Seth, to him also there was
as found in the Bible bom a son; and he called
book of Genesis 4:26: his name Enos: men began
And to Seth Ji~ to caD.upon the name of the
<Sheth>, to him H7n Lord (Yahweh)." ~
<huw'> also there was James Version of the Bible.
The name Yahweh
bom i~" <yalad> a son was taken from the
J" <hen>; and he called Sumerian language
if' <q~> his name consisting of two
words Y ah "agreeable"
rtJ <shem> Enos rtJ7JH and Weh "disagreeable",
<'Enowsh>: then began
Your Potential

29 For it means simply ~J~ <cfuul-jalaali>

to master or rule something
or someone, an d thi s and j <\\lJ.> liberality
could be either positive rJjJ <akraam>. "And
or negative control. the fuce of your lord shall
30 And in the Syriac remain, he is the possessor
(Arabic) of the The of majesty and liberality."
Noble Koran 55:27 you Translated by: Noble: Rev.
have Rab (~j) also Dr. Malachi Z. York-El
meaning "master." The 33°/720° "As Sayyid
Noble Koran 55:27 says: Isa AI Haadi AI
And <wa> the fuce Mahdi". The word for
J Lord in this quote is
"'-?oj <wajuhu> of your TIll S IS
· th e
au1i-. ( YJ).

breI 4; <rabeka> shall same as Rabboni

remain v41<yabqa>; he (pa~~ovl) in John
is fue possessor of majesty 20:16: Jesus 11JC1ovC;
<lesaus> saith Asrro
Your Potential

<1ego> unto her av'fo~ 31 Y()U- must use it

<autos>, Mary Mapza positively, positive.
<Maria>. She SKB1VO; 32 Now, let me further
<ekeinos> turned aTps lift the spell of
~ro <s~ho> h~ Le~a~an, ilie
and saith Aeym <1ego> Lu~iferiall conspiracy
unto him aUTO; which you allow to :rule
<autos>, Rabboni. I2!!fJ. you «(;enesis 4:6-7) to
/30Vl <rhabboni>'"\'\iiih stop the adverse forces
0<; <hos> is to sa; Aeym of six .ether. Genesis 4:6-
<lego> , ~K~~
7 says: And the LORD
8z8aaK:aAO; t7'}" <:Yehovah> said
<didaskalos> 0 "Jesus 1:'H <'amar> unto
saith unto her, Mary. She Cain J~'<Q .. > '\X'h
turned herself: and saith J aym, y
unto him, Rabboni;which art th()U wroth Jiin
is to say, Master." King <chara.h>? And why is
James Version thy countenance f:j 'JEJ
Your Potential

<paniym> fallen "~Junto Cain, Why art thou
v,wth? And \Vhy is thy
<naphal>? If O~ <'im> countenance fullen?If thou
thou doest well ~., doest"\\t~ell,
shaltthou not be
<yatab>, shalt thou not accepted?Andifthoudoest
be accepted nXr!) not well, sin lieth at the
<se'eth>? and if thou door. And nnto thee shall
., be his desire, and thou
doest not well ~" shalt ru1e over him" King
<yatab>, sin t7Mr.on James Version. Read the
<ehatta'ah> lieth r~"
books Breaking the Spell,
<rabats> at the door Scroll #43 and The
nnEJ <pethaeh>. And Luciferian Conspiracy.
nnto thee shallbe his desire 33 And open your
channels for you to
t7",r:;n <teshuwqah>,
1 rea Iign yourse If·thWl
and thou shalt role "rtlfJ that divine. Your
<mashal> over him. potential or poten-
".l\nd the LORD said
Your Potential

tials you can awaken. encouragipg force.

34 TIiey merely have to 36 ne: YOur majesty
be called !!pan by of body soul and spir-
yourself. Take for it, on to ether.
111stance, the great for- 37 Two: Your hi:rher o

mer boxer MUhammad . all . th

All. Before each fight ~er qu e
Muhammad All woUld and al1gn~ent
have a pre-fi~ht morale with ° those higher
booster. He boosted "I potenttals, out <?t the
am the gtef.tesr', until he body merely aWa.1tyour
became th~ greatest of beCKoning call.
hi~ time. Muhammad 38 Three: Your ability
All would say ° what to govern circurn-
round he was.going to stances, humans and
knock out hjs oppo- their potentials are
n~nt and With what there within you. You
kind of punch. b d °d
Muhammad A1i made

must e turne 111S1 e

it manifest every time. out.
He made the divine Scron Th:ree
that is in him manifest. Utilize your potential,
He brought forth the
"God" in him. This Don't waste it
power is latent in each
person. (19x3=57)
35 Necessity is 01 Do you know
usually the most

Your Potential

someone whose life is 5 Do you know some-

a mess? one, or are you that
2 Who wonders list-
lessly through the
silent corridors of
3 Wno hasn't the
slightest desire to dis-
cover the deeper
one, who have accept-
meanings hidden
ed a religion in
behind each doorway? whichever cloak, it was
4 Wno fears the facts wearing and that says
and truths for they only this one religion is
would reveal his or her true?
weakness for submit- 6 Are you afraid to
ting to myths and search again for your-
mythology without self; whether it is fac-
personal investigation? tology or theology?

Your Potential

7 Can you face the facts at the base of

facts, even if what you their lectures or ser-
believe in is wrong? mons?
8 Do you know some- 11 Of course you are
one who has joined a or do. The world is
fraternity, a sorority, a filled with such per-
club, a gang, an organ- sons. And isn't it a
ization, a foundation, tragedy?
without investigating 12 They suffer miser-
the facts behind its ably for years without
founder? realizing a little seeking
9 Are you one who in the right direction,
hears words and ",rill 13 Would fill their
not investigate the cups overflowing.
meaning for yourself? Psalms 23:5 says: Thou
10 Or are easily preparest 7iJJ <'arak>
impressed by charis- lnL"t
° 1ead ers, W1°th no a
matte table 7lfJ

<shulchan> before "JEJ

Your Potential

<paniym> me in the pres- Shrine emple No.

.. ,,,::: 19 quite frequendy.
enceofrrnneene:rrnes. 15 I used to study
<tsarar>: thou anOlntest
them carefully;
7c:Ji <dashen> my head 16 For they were a pic-
tv.N' <ro'sh> \ oil ture of complete
l~CtJ <shemen>; my cup depression.
17 They had them-
01;) <kowc> runneth selves convinced that
mtt 17"', <revayah>. they were going to
'Thou preparest a table heaven.
befDreme in the presenceof 18 And therefore had
mine enemies: thou anoin- no need to perfect
test my head \Vlth oil; my their earthly life.
cup runneth over." Kirg 19 'They live on all lev-
James '7ersion of the Bible els of life, feeling that if
14 You know, such they have nothing,
people would walk 20 They are not sup-
pass our AI Mahdi
Your Potential

pose to have, that they the right-

21 And if they have eous.
everything, they are 26 That ii~ self-C"ight-
suppose to have it, eous, until they are
22 Never considering confronted -vvith true
either getting up or seekers otf 1th e Right
helping others to get Knowledg.e) whQ ask
up. questions ba.sed on
23 It is important that facts. Johm :8:32: AJnd
you help others, but Kaz <kai> )~ sha1Jtmow
more importantly YZVCOO"KCO "<gin~sko>
teach them to help the ttutl:L aJ,rpeeza
themselves. <aletheia>~ and rial
24 Because when you <kai> tile truth
do, you help yourself. aA:I1f:}sza -<a1e1bda>
25 With these types of shall make ~..;=tsufJs;poro
people, their religions <eIeutheroo:>J'O'u LJJLIfX~
keep them believing <hurnas> &ee

Your Potential

SASV()SPOOJ eleutheroo>. <ergon> is esti. <esti>

''Ye shall know the truth dead vSJ(po~
and the truth shall make <nekros>? ''Butvvilt thou
you fi:ee." King] ames Version know, 0 vain man, that
of the Bible faith \vithout works is
Faith without works is dead?" And again in
dead as it says in James James 2:26: For yap
2:20 and 2:26. James <gar> as (JJ(J1rSP <In-
2:20: But de <de> \Vilt per> the body (
()SACO <thelo> thou <soma> ",i.thout X(OP1~
know yzvroaKOJ <choris> the spirit 1t'VBV
<ginosko>, 0 ro <0> pa <pneuma> is ea1:1
vain Ksva~ <kenos> <esti> dead VSK:PO~
man av()pronoc; <nekros>, so ourro
<anthropos>, that 01:1 <houto> faith 1Cla1:l~
<hoti> faith I!la1:l~ <pisti.s> without XroPl~
<pisris> without XOJpz; <choris> works sprav
<choris> works sprav <ergon> is Earl <esti>
Your Potential

dead VS1<pOC; <nekros> 30 With that freedom,

also Kaz <kai>. "For as that unreachable
the 1:xxly 'Withoutthe spirit height, and in most
is dead, so faith -without cases a given wealth,
works is dead also." I~ not an earned one,
James Versionof the Bible 31 They never had to
27 One who seeks work to their fullest
knowledge of their ori- potential.
gin these are the chil- 32 Imagine that. \Xlhat
dren of God. wasted potential.
28 The worst of those 33 While others world-
are they who I have wide are in poverty,
learned were in what 34 This unfortunate
many consider a very individual takes advan-
fortunate financial tage of life and wastes
condition, valuable ,time, just
29 .l\nd didn't have to because he or she can.
work. He or she purchases

Tour PotCIltial
fScroll 3: 37
",". '."

Scroll 3 :45 ..
....... ;.-: ;.: .

the art, never the blank are only a few whose

easel. lives are completely
35 He or she is inca- unpart,
pable of overs tanding 39 \XThere they are
the importance of the uninvolved and
moment. detached,
36 There is an under 40 From the realities of
and an over. Mortals life, living in their own
stay under, while God world of unreality.
stands over. Come on 41 Although most peo-
up here. ple do not dwell in this
37 Not long afterwards fantasy,
he or she dies without 42 There are still many
any known medical of you who do not use
causes. Just shear bore- enough of the latent
dom. Many die before qualities with which
they lay down. you are all blessed.
38 Fortunately, there 43 These qualities are

Your Potential

not specific talents influence this objective

such as: a head of a are complex and often
business, or an artist's diverted by mixed
touch, or lack of hit- emotions and material
ring home runs at goals.
every swing. 48 The stream of life
44 There are inner becomes disoriented
endowments or gifts with eddies and cross
and abilities that you currents.
never draw on. 49 The mind and emo-
45 The consequence, clans are under the
life lacks purpose. pressures of modern
Think. life until the goals fade
46 The purpose of life into the hopeless dis-
is to discover and tance.
develop the potential 50 The ideas presented
you possess. ·here are intended to
47 The factors which help you simplify the

Your Potential

major undertakings of ities when organized

life to a few basics that and directed towards
will bring the goal into meaningful accom-
view again, and you plishments through the
vv-ill begin the overtak- release of your higher
ing of life. potentials.
51 To put the basics as 54 Three: You possess
simply as possible: the ability to govern
One: You possess a circumstances to a
seldom considered remarkable degree cre-
majesty of spirit that is acing miracles of
usually not allowed to achievement in impor-
function in your life, tant areas of your life.
52 But which can help 55 When these basics
you conquer adverse are applied they should
situations. help you get more
53 Two: Yau possess from life, by giving
extremes of inner qual- more to it"

Your Potential

56 Not more time or of your being were not

money or any of life's visible at birth,

outer convelliences. 3 Which would tie in
57 But more of the with your higher sens-
incomparable inner es activated by the
self, the mystic poten- barathary gland, a
tial that changes all gland many westerners
things. Think. know nothing about.
But easterners know all
Scroll Four to well. It works with
live throughyour your higher senses.
-\Vhole being 4 These higher senses
(19x2=38) are telepathy: being
! Let us begin by able to send messages
exarrurung th e £ocus 0 f and communicate
from mind to mind.
your li£e up t 0 thi s very
5 Clairvoyance: the
momen. t
ability to see into other
2 Th e hi gh es t aspec ts

Your Potential

dimensions, clear to communicate

vision. directly with God, your
6 Psychometry: The ancestors, your descen-
ability to hold an dants, your higher and
object of a particular spiritual family.
individual and be able 10 You have only the
to tell all about them. animal aspects of your
7 ntuition: Is the nature exposed.
ability or second 11 Being helpless, the
awareness about some- animal aspect was
thing before it hap- given every attention-
pens. seeing, hearing, tasting,
8 Since the removal of smelling and feeling.
the barathary gland, 12 It quickly learned it
you have been maimed could depend on oth-
or disconnected from ers for everything it
these higher senses, needed and sometimes
9 Which allowed you it never learned other-

Your Potential
:'.. '.':1)' 4....
::w. ::/..: .

> , -. ".' • •

. .'.: . - .. : : ... '. :'.. ;: .. :;:.:..:,.>'.. : ...:..... '.' .: : .;.".. '. "~'. :..,.. .~.;. ;.~.. :,:.. ' ..; ~. -.:

his own spiritual ical, visible world.

majesty. 24 It begins to partici-
19 Wbat is this you pate ",-rithgrowing fre-
may ask? quency and effective-
20 The strange nature ness in your undertak-
of his inner paradox ings. Think.
and the true extent of 25 To designate these
his latent capabilities to different aspects of
control life. being of your spiritual
21 Wllen this kind of nature, as differing
knowledge is gained, a from your animal
new revelation lightens nature is hardly satis-
one's consciousness. factory. You can be the
22 A different aspect master or the pet. ltlost
of your nature is are pets.
always present, 26 A pet's spiritual
23 But too seldom nature is never used.
stimulated in the phys- Only their animal

Your Potential
ScroI1.4:34>:/ ...: ..:::.:: ..Scrotf5£$/-::;]
~.;:.: •.,.~;-; ••. :< .<,., .•••• :.::.:;::-i;:;~ ,.:;..." :-: .;..: .:.>~::. . , .;.,.:..:.::..::;;.:,:;:;
;:;.;.; :;. ;-:..«;;: -: ,:..;:-::.<::.:-:.- ,';-; "

reward. For giving often conceives.

dtrection and purpose 37 We \\till remove the
from a different center outer mask and let the
of focus; real inner person show
32 And the only way to the God in you in the
be saved from the world.
prison of your spiritual 38 The inner potentials
nature. \Vill have the opportu-
33 In this scroll there- nity to perform.
for~, let us search for
the viewpoint of your- Scroll Five
self Humanity and their
34 Which \Vill help to majesty
put into functional (19x4=76)
operation, o! Two people were
35 Some of those
studying to learn the
facets of your being.
entire Holy Tablets by
36 Yes, even boredom

Your Potential .

2 The first believed he are lost forever;

could never learn all 8 Nor so high that you
that was required of have no greater goals
them. to gain.
3 The first person con- 9 Go to either extreme
sidered themselves a and you become a
failure, and was. companion of disaster.
4 The second person 10 Both of these
believed they knew extremes are caused by
everything about what the ego which asserts
they were about to do. "I-ness." But doing for
S They thought there self and kind and
was nothing else that breaking the chains of
needed to be learned. the master is a must.
6 The second person 11 The ego is also the
was a failure too. main obstacle in expe-
7 Never think of your- riencing reality. Work
self as so low that you as a whole.

Your Potential

12 It is an attribute Star and Shriner Ladies,

mostly carried out by you will learn to bum
the malevolent beings out the ego, to use the
and is one of the hard- true light ofk.nowledge
est attributes to elimi- as you wish to work as
nate. a body.
13 It is attended by 16 When one holds the
pride, anger, delusion, light of truth, she may
greed, jealousy, lust, warm her family or
hatted; racism, lies, and wrong knowledge
self-destruction. becomes fire and burn
14 The very nature of the house down, it is
the ego eludes the on her.
mind, while the indi- 17 And your energies
vidual is trying to over- will be able to be uti-
come it. lized constructively,
15 Through the for personal growth if
lVIasoruc,Shrine, Eastern you control the flame
Your Potential

of your life. 22 In moods for

18 Listen, you are instance, many of us
never so low, that you alternate between
are lost forever; extreme depths or
19 Nor are you so high despondency or
that you have no depression,
greater goals to gain. 23 And heights of
Think. exhilaration intensity
20 Keep that idea in beyond all reason.
the upper most part of 24 We never realize
your mind and you can how much potential
follow a path of real- we waste because we
izatton of your great shuttle to and fro
potentials. between highs and
21 We are all too often lows.
inclined to go to 25 We are like the old
extremes. Avoid the circuit riders who after
extremes. a hot dusty joumey on


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