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Actividad de aprendizaje 3

Evidencia 2: Market Projection

Todo logro requiere de un plan para alcanzarlo, sin una buena organización de ideas es imposible
conseguir las metas propuestas en la proyección de un mercado, afortunadamente existen recursos
que apoyan y orientan este proceso, especialmente en inglés.

En este orden de ideas y con la finalidad de cumplir con el propósito de esta evidencia, consulte
el material de formación denominado Expressing opinions and preferences correspondiente a
esta actividad de aprendizaje y adicionalmente el siguiente material complementario:

• Market share projection tips for small business.

• 8 steps for the success of a marketing plan.

Luego de estas consultas, realice lo siguiente:

1. Elabore en inglés un mapa conceptual de una idea de negocio real o simulada (teniendo en
cuenta aspectos relevantes que conoces
1. Elabore en inglés un mapa conceptual de una idea de negocio real o simulada (teniendo en

cuenta aspectos relevantes que conoces

Market share projection

tips for small business.
1. Determine Market Size 2. Determine Current 3. Determine Current
Business Relative To Market Share
Potential Business
A Company might It´s a question of
determine the size of their understanding how much Determining current
market by calculating customers could actually market share simply
how many units all their purchase within a given involves dividing
customers could purchase year. current business total
in a given year. market size
1. Market 2. Current & 3. Current
Size potential market share

Future market
2. Realice un resumen en inglés que contenga como share mínimo dos

párrafos, de la lectura del segundo material complementario

mencionado anteriormente.

Abstract text 8 steps to a successful content marketing strategy.

In summary the reading tells us about a closer look at the marketing plan of essential

content for the success of our business, gives us a brief explanation of the marketing

concept and its content that can be made by anyone also this article describes the eight

steps that lead to a successful content marketing strategy among which we have

Step 1. In-depth investigation: Try to research the competitors and understand the market and

the problems of their ideal customers.

Step 2. A strong title: Talk about a writer Mr. According to Copy blogger, where he tells us that

eight out of 10 people will read the title and two out of 10 will read the rest of what I write also

tells us about the approach through four example titles

Step 3. Call to effective action (CTA): This title tells us that the most effective call to action

helps the client to discover the next step in our content campaign also says that this can include a

free product trial, entertaining video, in-person consultation or sign up for a webinar.
Step 4. Multiple content formats: Here we indicate that you should use multiple content formats

to guide the visitor to your products and services and mention some examples.

Step 5. Visual content: the content: Here it indicates to us that visual is attractive, memorable

and effective, since it helps the hearing to process, to understand and to retain more information

quickly and it mentions us some types of tested visual content that I can use or apply.

Step 6. Guest Blogs: This strategy creates brand awareness, establishes its authority and improves

search rankings and gives us some guidelines to rapidly grow its reputation among the relevant

audience, share its knowledge on both larger general sites and smaller niche websites.

Step 7. Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs): Here it indicates that only 21% of

marketing professionals are successful in tracking the ROI of their content marketing and that we

must identify those relevant to our business before starting the content marketing campaign.

Step 8. Content promotion: Finally it tells us that to promote the content gives us a guideline that

even the most incredible content is as effective as the target audience when interacting with it.