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12th Grade Economics Syllabus

Ms. Cavallo

Welcome to 12th grade Economics. This course will provide students with a basic
understanding of economics and how it relates to their lives. The students will be
able to plan their financial futures.

Course Outline:

UNIT I: Introduction and Stock Market

Topics – Explanation of Stock Market Project, readings on NYSE readings on Dow

Jones and Bill Gates, Stock Market project and stock profile.

UNIT II: Economic Questions/Theory.

Topics - resources, scarcity, capitol and consumer goods, Scarcity: causes, dealing
the scarcity, continuing scarcity, Opportunity costs: real costs, trade offs, case
study on college education, Examining primitive, free enterprise, Communist and
Socialist Economies, and how each answer the four Economic Questions. Movie on
Gold, Movie on Greed, consumers and demand, elasticity of demand, elasticity of
supply, shifts in demand, substitutionary effect, complementary products, circular
flow of money, advantages and disadvantages of growth, hidden costs and
Evaluating economic growth. Entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, partnerships. GNP;
what it measures, what it doesn’t. Business Cycle, Expansion, Peak, Contraction,
Trough, Recession, Depression. Types of Unemployment; Fractional, Cyclical,
Seasonal, Structural. Effects of unemployment, and inflation.

UNIT III: Economics in Society

Money in history –includes movie on history of money, examination of world monies

and currency designs. Economic rights. Advertising concepts.

UNIT IV: Personal Economics.

Topics – Filing Tax Forms, types of tax Forms, In-class participation, handout on
Types of Taxes, Sources of Income, Income by Work Type, housing leases, types of
mortgages and amortization, obtaining credit and credit scores, value of paying on
time, problems of credit cards and credit card debt, financing a car loan, Handout –
checklist for buying a car. , Making a Personal Budget, Handout on Personal
Budget, Handout on Savings & Investing, and identity theft.


1. Writing Utensils

2. 2 Pocket Folder
3. Binder/Notebook


If you are absent you must obtain your missed work the day you return and be
caught up by the next time we meet. If you are absent for two days, you may get
your work during the next class and have two days to make it up.


Grading Policy:

Classroom Policies:

1.) Respect – for peers, teachers, and self

2.) Raise your hand - unless otherwise indicated

3.) Be prepared – including homework, class materials, writing utensils

4.) Participate – You are expected to discuss, work with other students, and
answer questions

5.) Ask questions – We will move fast this semester– we have many topics to
cover – it is imperative that you ask question if you do not understand something

A Note on Respect

Understand that topics in this class can be considered “touchy.” During class
discussions I expect that you all to listen respectfully and take in what your peers
say. Though you may not agree with every opinion held by your classmates, it is
everyone’s right to have one. Should you disagree with your classmate, do so in a
level headed manner rather than utilizing personal attacks upon individuals. – We
are classmates; let us treat each other as comrades.

Please sign the following to indicate you have read and understand these expectations including the TWO
DAY LIMIT FOR ACCEPTING LATE WORK. Signing below will also give permission to watch the
movies in class.

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