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Suggested Answers
Foundation Examinations – Autumn 2010

A.1 (a) (i) wit wittily

(ii) actively action
(iii) busy busily
(iv) rudeness rudely
(v) pleasant pleasure

(b) Insert the correct preposition in each of the following sentences:

(i) behind
(ii) from
(iii) under
(iv) out
(v) By
(vi) with
(vii) against
(viii) To
(ix) Of
(x) upon

A.2 Change the gender of the underlined nouns in the following sentences:

(i) Spinster
(ii) King widower
(iii) authoress empress
(iv) maidservant duchess
(v) landlady mare peahen

A.3 (a) Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate collective noun given below:

(i) wad (ii) bench

(iii) wreath (iv) culture
(v) dossier (vi) panel
(vii) groove (viii) host
(ix) chest (x) troupe

(b) Match the words given below with the correct antonyms:

(i) dire
(ii) solvent
(iii) save
(iv) success
(v) assertive
(vi) consistent

A.4 (a) (i) Act is to actor as Steal is to thief.

(ii) Concede is to concession as Announce is to announcement.
(iii) Merciful is to merciless as Patient is to impatient.
(iv) Saw is to seen as Drive is to driven.

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Suggested Answers
Foundation Examinations – Autumn 2010

(b) Match the words given below with their nearest meanings:

(i) Animated (a) lively

(ii) Derive (b) deduce
(iii) Emulate (c) imitate
(iv) Famished (d) starving
(v) Evoke (e) draw forth
(vi) Instill (f) infuse
(vii) Astute (g) shrewd
(viii) Fallible (h) capable of making mistakes
(ix) Latent (i) dormant
(x) Furcate (j) divide

A.5 (a) Write the superlative form of the following:

(i) sleepiest (ii) Airworthiest / most airworthy (iii) amplest (iv) goodliest
(v) least (vi) Furthest / farthest (vii) most bored (viii) most

(b) Change the following sentences into assertive sentences:

(i) I shall never forget those happy days.

(ii) The moonlight sweetly sleeps upon the river-bank.
(iii) I wish I were young again.
(iv) Their glory can never fade.
(v) Everyone knows him.
(vi) This meal is delicious.

A.6 (a) They said they might stay.

(b) She asked me how I had held on to it.
(c) Mother asked how often he bound his books.
(d) She said she had to have a computer to teach English on line.
(e) They said the lesson had already started when he arrived.
(f) He said (that) he had been going to school every day.
(g) Mubarak said that he was very busy then.
(h) He says that he has passed the examination.

A.7 (a) No suggestion

(b) The psychiatrists try to examine happiness by using both the new as well as traditional method of
psychology. Under the new method i.e.”Positive Psychology” they evaluate the strengths which
allow people to do well. Instead of emphasizing on life’s problems, they try to examine those things
which make one’s life worth living. However, under the traditional method i.e.”Traditional
Psychology” they study happiness by means of mental suffering and sickness.
(c) In ancient times, Greeks believed that happiness is related to luck. However, this perception
changed in the eighteenth century Europe when people started believing that they themselves have
the power to find happiness.
(d) Events we believe will bring us happiness bring us less happiness than we think. And, events we
fear will make us unhappy make us less unhappy than we believe. This concept is called “Impact
(e) No suggestion

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Suggested Answers
Foundation Examinations – Autumn 2010

A.8 No suggestion

A.9 No suggestion

A.10 No suggestion


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