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Installation Instructions for SinuTrain Version 6.


This CD includes the following products:

SinuTrain basic package with:

HMI Advanced Version 06.03
ShopMill Version 05.03
ShopMill Version 06.02 Open
ShopMill Version 06.03 Open
ShopTurn Version 06.03 Open
ManualTurn Version 06.02
SinDNC Version 05.10
CAD-Reader Version 06.02
SinuTrain Plus with:
SinuTrain Basic package
AutoTurn Version 05.02
AutoTurn Plus Version 05.02

Functions available depend on scope of delivery (license certificate).

Only one HMI option package can be installed.

1. Minimum requirements

PENTIUM 500MHz or higher
Min. 256MB RAM
Disk capacity approx. 800MB, including 50MB on the system drive.
CD-ROM drive

Operating system:
Windows XP Professional (Service pack 1)

User profile settings:

The user requires administrative rights to install and start SinuTrain.

Changing the virtual main memory:

At control panel under SYSTEM, the virtual main memory has to be set to "Initial size" and "maximum Size"
at double the value of the physical RAM.

Screen settings:
Font size for display: "Normal"
Color depth: more than 16 bit
Approved screen resolution: 800x600 or 1024x768 (recommended)

Task bar setting:

"Lock the taskbar" and "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" must be deselected.

Regional settings:
Select "Start"  "Control Panel" "Regional and Language Options":
"Regional Options" tab: English (United States)
After that use "Customize" to change Number of digits after decimal into 3.
(Don't change any other settings of "customize" !)

2. Selecting the language

The languages English, French, German, Italian and Spanish will be installed. You can select a first and second
language. These can be switched online (start-up menu).

Information on the availability of other languages can be found at: under downloads

3. Uninstall
Close all applications before uninstalling SinuTrain. Then start uninstall by selecting "Start --> Programs -->
SinuTrain Version xx --> Uninstall SinuTrain" After SinuTrain has been uninstalled, the PC must be rebooted.

4. Documentation
You need Acrobat Reader (included on the CD) to read the documentation.

5. Full CNC QUERTY keyboard (not applicable for an USB keyboard):

5.1. If you use a full CNC keyboard, change the keyboard language to English.
Select "Start"  "Settings"  "System Control" "Keyboard":
"Language" tab: Add  "English USA"  "Set as default language"
5.2. In file "(HD):\SI_TRAIN\Add_On\SinuTr5.ini"
set the following
5.3. The NUM block must be disabled.
5.4. The following key combinations are used:
- Group Channel F11 acts as F10
- Shift + Tab acts as Shift + F9
5.5. AutoTurn should not be selected as the keys listed in 5.4 have no effect.
5.6. When the full CNC keyboard is used, the softkeys must be activated using the mouse.

6. Using the standard PC keyboard

6.1. Key assignments on the PC keyboard:

PC keyboard MMC function

F1...F8 Horizontal softkeys 1...8
Shift + F1...F8 Vertical softkeys 1...8
F9 /\ Recall
Shift + F9 > Menu extension etc.
F10 Menu selector switch
Shift + F10 Master key (machine menu)
F12 Help key
Page Up Page backward
Page Down Page forward
Tab Block step enable
Enter Input
Insert Edit
Numeric keypad "5" Toggle
ESC Clear errors

6.2. Key assignments for the PC keyboard in the machine menu

All four keys must be pressed simultaneously:

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 JOG
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3 RESET
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4 NC START
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+5 NC STOP
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+6 MDI
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+7 Single block
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+8 AUTO
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9 Spindle right
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 Spindle left
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ß Spindle STOP (equivalent to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+- on the U.S. keyboard)

7. Starting and closing SinuTrain

Start the relevant applications with "SinuTrain START " or "ShopMill START", "ShopTurn START" or "ManualTurn

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+2 Exit

- Area switchover F10
- ETC Shift + F9
- Exit SinuTrain F8

8. Printing workpieces, main programs and subprograms:

- "Print" Softkey under F10, Shift F9, Print

- Select the file to be printed. WCS = workpiece, MPF = main part program or SPF = subprograms.
- Select the "Print file" softkey
- The printer is used that has been set in Windows.

9. Notes on tool compensations:

Setting up new tools:

To make tool data (compensations, cutting edge positions etc) effective in the simulation, the tool data must be matched
in the simulation by selecting "Match data" and then "Match tools".

10. General supplementary conditions

10.0 Supplementary conditions affecting all machines

10.0.1 Start-up menu
In the start-up menu only changes in the language section are permitted.

No changes are permitted in any other sections of the start-up menu.

The machine is adapted using the machine configuration tool (MaschKonf.exe in the SI_TRAIN file)

Exit must not executed at the start-up menu.

Before executing EXIT another menu must be selected.

10.1 Supplementary conditions affecting all standard machines

10.1.1 Mouse pointer
The mouse pointer is not updated (e.g. hour-glass is displayed).
Remedy: Move the mouse pointer.

10.1.2 Programs menu Keyboard operation
The programs menu reacts with a delay when the keyboard is used. Deleting a workpiece

The programs menu is not updated when a workpiece (WPD) has been deleted.
Remedy: Select the menu "program" again.

10.2 Supplementary conditions affecting all JobShop products

10.2.1 Feed rate:
The displayed feed rate does not correspond to the programmed rate.

10.2.2 Actual spindle value

No actual spindle values are displayed.

10.2.3 Unloading / deleting tools

Before tools will be unloaded or deleted, they must be moved from the spindle into the magazine.

10.2.4 Screen resolution 800x600

The task bar must be minimized if the screen resolution is 800x600.

10.3 ShopMill V05.03

10.3.1 Save data
The function "Save data" on a diskette (softkey archive) results in the error message "File cannot be

Remedy: Select "Save data" under "NC".

10.3.2 Simulation
If simulation is prematurely exited by pressing the vertical softkey "End" or with the softkey "Simulation", a
RESET (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3) then becomes necessary.

10.4 ShopMill V06.02 Open

10.4.1 G code programming
Help is not supported in the G code programming.

10.4.2 No reaction to mouse / keyboard

Should the program not react to input from the mouse or keyboard, then select operating mode switchover
using the mouse (JOG / MDI / AUTO).

10.5 ShopMill V06.03 Open

8.5.1 G code programming
Help is not supported in the G code programming.

8.5.2 No reaction to mouse / keyboard

Should the program not react to input from the mouse or keyboard, then select operating mode
switchover using the mouse (JOG / MDI / AUTO).

10.6 ShopTurn V06.03 Open

10.6.1 No reaction to mouse / keyboard
Should the program not react to input from the mouse or keyboard, then select operating mode switchover
using the mouse (JOG / MDI / AUTO).

10.7 ManualTurn V06.02

10.7.1 Simulation time
The total time displayed during simulation is incorrect.

10.7.2 Operating mode softkeys

All operating mode softkeys (vertical softkeys) are
- visible on the right next to the ManualTurn window and effective
- invisible in the right margin inside the ManualTurn window and effective.
Therefore, clicking on the ">" symbol (extended softkey bar) in the lower right margin of the ManualTurn
window (above the horizontal softkey bar) selects the Program menu.

Remedy: Use the mouse to select the extended softkey bar via the ">" button located below the horizontal
softkey bar (or use the key combination Shift + F9).

10.7.3 Manual menu

Help is not supported in the Manual menu.

10.8 Supplementary conditions affecting AutoTurn

10.8.1 How to create the directory AUTOTURN.DIR
After the first start, following steps have to be done to create the directory AUTOTURN.DIR:
Change with ">" symbol (extended softkey bar) and switch into the menu "Machine adaption" .
Then switch into "Setting" and choose the vertical Softkey "Save Load".
Enter a arbitrary name in the input field "Save as" and confirm it with "OK".
After that the directory AUTOTURN.DIR exists at menu "Services".