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Available Bi-color w/black roof Mluminated flush + $7,500 potential federal tax credit! eer door handles ‘+ As much as $3,500 in estimated Striking lighting w/available fuel savings over S years illuminated logo compared to the average new vehicle? * Charge battery from 5% to 80% in ~38 minutes, or 60 miles i210 minutes at a public DC fast charger? aan, RWD standard AWD optional w/two 19"-20" wheels electric motors and increased performance Ast row legroom: 41.1" 2nd row legroom: 37.6” OED ie NS 10" Touch Screen 5.3" 1D.Cockpit (digital driver display) 1D.Light Intuitive Start 1Q.DRIVE Wireless Experience for compatible devices (charging & app-connect) 5.3" ID.Cockpit (digital drive display) The 1D.4 comes equipped with easy to use, advanced Driver's Assistance’ technologies, including IQ.DRIVE, which offers hands-on semi-autonomous capability that transforms your driving experience. IQ.DRIVE features: + Travel Assist + ane Assist + Front Assist + Emergency Assist + Blind Spot Monitor (Side Assist) + Rear Trafic Alert Intuitive start: The 1D.4 senses your presence and intuitively starts when you have your key fob and you ‘touch the door handle, "waking up" automatically Screens blink on, and the car is ready for the read. 12" Touch Screen + Adaptive Cruise Control Standard 10", available 1D. Light: An intuitive light bar that runs across the dashboard, that uses visual and acoustic cues to telegraph incoming calls, brake warnings, charge status and more. ).4 ompetitive Comparison eee sap: cluding potential federal tax credit! rsepower ngth x width xhe ight (in) groom F/R (in) cdrom with glass roof F/R (in) joulder room F/R (in) ipment iver’s Assistance: erage $39,995 $32,495, 201 180.5 x72.9 x 64.4 41.1/37.6 41.1/38.4 57.5/55.9 19” wheels 10” + 5.3” displays Heated seats and steering wheel Wireless phone charging Wireless app-connect 1Q.DRIVE 4 Yr/50k 828"; 8 Yr/100k Battery’ 2 Years of Carefree Maintenance! 203 180.9 x 73.0 x 67.0 41.0/37:8 37.7/39.5 57.8/56.4 17” wheels 7.0" display Optional heated seats Phone charging ‘Smartphone integration No Travel Assist or Emergency Assist 3 Yr/36k B2B; 5 Yr/60k Powertrain 2 Years of scheduled maintenance $27,245 190 182.1 x 73.0 x 66.1 41.3/40.4 38.0/39.1 57.9/55.6 18” wheels 7.0" display Heated seats Phone charging Smartphone integration No Travel Assist or Emergency Assist 3 ¥1/36k B2B; 5 Yr/60kPowertrain * Play/pause pedals ERM * 19" alloy wheels * Wireless phone charger & App-connect + White interior accents + Heated font seats &stecringwheel —_» (Q/DRIVE (Advanced Driver Assistance technologies) + st Edition weleome sereen * Discover Pro navigation w/10" display = +more * 1st Edition badging and steering whee! a . Beisuias clip E 3 * Ist Edition one-piece flitzer Above, plus: * Black mirror caps * 12-way power-adjustable frontseats + Premium LED projector headlights w/illuminated * Tow hitch w/leatherette seating surfaces Brille, and front VW logo + Panoramic fixed glass roof * Discover Pro Max navigation w/12” display FRB | Stitching on dash * Hands-free Easy Open &EasyClose + +more 5EEEE + Illuminated front logo liftgate yee CER thos Black Glo Back vitae DM Sone ee Galo lack : ove ostane fete Skit Glacier White Metallic Lunar Grey * Silver roof rails and accents teen teaterete ie HOEIEA rash Maton te, ay @ weorsore rey a Black Cloth ama (etal (un as NCEUES Glacier White Blue Dusk Galaxy Black Customer Care: 1-800-822-8987 (Metalic) {Metal Leatherette State Incentives: ScaleSiver Kings Red Lunar Grey plug-in/state-federal-incentives/ (ineraic) seer YH trsertic Leatherette Resources: Questions: ee ~ Disclaimers Pre-production vehicles shown. Specifications may change. 1 ie anticipated tox rect shown is fr informational purposes only. The 10.4 has not yet heen certified as credit eligible by {ransaction. All persons considering use of availabe tax credits should consult a tax advisor to Scrozmine elblity based on their speci tax situation. Taxcreclts are subject to various Iotetone gee Volkswagen's antral and are subject to change without notice, recuse Sr average gasoline and kWhr projected prices for 2021-2025 and average EPA new oehickiGat Tr tenn vehicles. habit feel harging of 10.4, Actual savings, if any, will vary and depend on several factors including eation