TABLE OF CONTENT Executive Summary Current Market Situation Market Description Product Review Ingredients Production Packaging SKUs Product Range Package Branding Competitive Review Market Share Distribution Review SWOT Objectives and Issues Marketing Strategy Positioning Product Strategy Pricing Strategy Distribution Strategy Promotion Estimate Sale Market Research Questionnaire 5 6 6 7 8 8 9 9 10 11 12 14 15 15 17 17 17 18 18 18 19 23 23 24 4 .

Hyderabad. Hygienic juice with original fruit taste which is readily available. Currently.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The ANDREWS COMPANY LTD wants to be a Global soft drink named “BINGO” with characteristics associated to digestion. Here it comes the need of our product that is basically considering on tasty drink as well as helpful for digestion. BINGO advertisement target people of all age highlighting the instincts who are facing digestion problem. Quetta and Karachi are the major target markets for its sales. BINGO pricing strategy is “competition based pricing”. BINGO is striving to make its place in the market Through Its heavy Advertisement and Direct Selling at popular shopping malls and other crowded places. in Pakistan there are some sort tasty drinks but no doubt they are harmful for health to some extent. BINGO would be promoted as a product with youthful and fun-loving image. The company will start with an extensive distribution network including wholesaling and personal selling. Lahore. 5 . and is for everyone. Islamabad. Faisalabad. BINGO as the fresh natural. but if we look into juices like “ENO” and tablets like “HAJMULA” which are only restricted for digestion and can not be used otherwise.

Rs. Unilever and other foreign and local companies. BINGO multi dimensional set of benefits and a range of different flavors make it a complete and balanced fruit juices. Good Taste. BINGO must carefully target specific market segments with its unique value propositions and price. To gain market share in this environment.15. The emergence of these local brands is an indicator of the change in the consumer preferences towards local brands with good quality. sales in the beverages markets are dominated by the bigger companies but certain environmental factors have given small companies a chance to launch carefully positioned brands enabling them to get a reasonable market share and an opportunity for growth.7 billion plus. 6 . Now. is about to enter the Beverages Market which is highly competitive and is dominated by strong Brands of established companies like Nestle. A great number of local beverages brands in the market further reinforce this fact The estimated size of the beverages market is approx. Specific segments being targeted during the Initial Launch Table A (next page) shows how BINGO addresses the needs of the targeted consumers. however. a small budget startup aimed at producing high quality natural products. BINGO also targets customers who are facing digestion problem. which meets the basic needs of all the consumer segments. with an average growth rate of 20-25% for the next couple of years. MARK ET DESCRIPTION BINGO market consists of consumers who prefer Freshness.CURRENT MARK ET SITUATION ANDREWS COMPANY LTD. Healthy drink and easy availability at an affordable price.

Target Segment Customer Need Corresponding Benefit All features of the product Children Nutrients Healthy diet Portability Increases appetite Sports Individual Energy Calories All features of the product Aseptically packaged Affordable price People facing digestive problems Relieves indigestion Low price  Table A: Need – Benefits of BINGO PRODUCT REVIEW Our fruit juice. has the following characteristics:      Full of nutrients Energy drink Digestive juice Hygienically Packaged Delicious Flavors o Apple o Orange o Banana o Strawberry o Lemon 7 . the BINGO.

5 g.0gm Protein 1. Low temperature pasteurized.5gm Sodium 1. arrangements will be made for the storage of off season fruits. Citric Acid Anhydrous 2. Fresh fruit directly from the farms. Sodium Carbonate 0.32g. Juice production in a sterile environment 3.18g Energy 157cal Fat 0.5gm Sugar 31gm Vitamin C 5.INGREDIENTS BINGO Ingredients: Ingredients: Fruit juice (89%).7gm PRODUCTION The BINGO production process includes the following steps: 1. 8 . 2.15gm Carbonates 32. Nutrition Facts Serving Size 2000 cal diet Sodium Bicarbonate 2. Aseptic Filling For round the year availability of the fruits.

SK US BINGO has the following Stock Keeping Units (SKU):  250 ml Translucent Pet bottle: Chosen because of portability and differentiation from the other competing products  500 ml Translucent Pet bottle: Chosen to cater the small segment of intermediate consumers  1 Liter Tetra Brick Aseptic ( TetraPak ): Chosen to cater the household usage segment 9 . The packages and SKUs were carefully selected and designed for product differentiation (Shelf Space) and longer shelf life in mind.PACK AGING The packaging process includes Aseptic container production & packaging. The average shelf will be 3 months.

PRODUCT RANGE BINGO will initially be available in three Flavors. Label design: The label was designed to look pretty and standout among different products while keeping in line with over all positioning of the product. 10 . PACK AGE BRANDING Brand name: BINGO Brand name was chosen for a juice because of its unique and effective way of digestion.    Apple Orange Strawberry These flavors will be available in all three SKUs.

COMPETITIVE REVIEW Our product is basically target towards the Beverages Market. Bingo’s competitors can be divided in to two categories:   Branded Beverages like NESTLE Digestive medicines like ENO. HAJMOLA Branded Beverages: The major shareholders are the branded beverage producers and our product will be directly competing with these brands: Key advantages: The branded producers have several key advantages over our product:      Large advertising budgets Established and well known Brand Names Large production capacity Established distribution networks with lucrative trade offers Strong financial back allowing them to sustain longer with very thin sales margins 11 . more specifically the Cold beverages market.

Advantages (ENO):     Old brand (built brand loyalty) Can sell at a lower cost with narrow margins Very low manufacturing overhead and expenses Less need for advertisement or promotion 12 .Strategies:    Intensive distribution Heavy advertisement Heavy consumer promotion programs Digestive Medicines: The digestive medicines market is basically a drink or pills which can only be used after meal to get relief for indigestion.

Market Share: Competitors Branded Beverages Nestle 43% Shezan 28% Others 29% Digestive Medicines ENO 31% Hajmula 24% Mylenta 29% Others 16% 13 .

We will emphasize trade sales promotion in the first year and free sampling consumer promotion to entice trial and to build brand awareness. Among them the selection will be based on Geographic concentration and Income group. Rawalpindi. WEAK NESS. Lahore and Karachi.DISTRIBUTION REVIEW BINGO JUIICE will initially be distributed through indirect channels (Producer to Retailer) to select A and B class stores and non-store retailers in the Islamabad & Rawalpindi markets. Upper Middle and some Middle Class areas.  Affordable with a bundle of values: o Full of nutrients o Energy drink o Digestive juice o Hygienically Packaged 14 . Although distribution will initially be restricted to these cities for the first phase of the test launch. STRENGTH. we plan to switch to much longer channel with more coverage after a successful launch. AND THREAT ANALYS IS Strengths:  Innovative product: o A similar product is currently not available in Pakistan.  Affordable price: o Pricing is competitive and affordable. The targets will be the stores within the vicinity of high concentration of Upper class. OPPO RTUNITIES. The areas initially targeted will be major cities like Islamabad.

 Limited production capacity: Initial production capacity will be limited.  Low budgets: Being a small group with limited budget. this is a major weakness and strategies will be used to overcome this and build brand awareness. very less budget will able for promotion and advertising.Weakness:  lack of Brand awareness: Being a new product and an unknown brand. Opportunities: o Increase in consumer demand o Expanding market for local Brands Threats: o Competition from large producers o A similar launch by a large competitor 15 .

below the line activities will be used to promote the product Push strategy through distribution channels. Our primary consumer target is middle. quality. All these will be judged after 1 year from the launch to analyze whether the launch was successful or not. and value. Our secondary consumer target is schools and colleges which has the major segment of teens and preteens.OBJECTIVES AND ISS UES     Major launch objectives will be building brand awareness and product trial Due to low budget. 16 . We will have to create awareness of our product and brand through target consumer promotions. We also must measure awareness and response so we can adjust our marketing efforts if necessary. We will also be targeting people having digestive problem by launching awareness programs to make them aware of the new way of coping up with their digestive problem. Successive strategy. This segment can be described demographically by age (7-19) and education status. .  MARK ETING STRATEGY BINGO marketing strategy is based on a positioning of product differentiation. after the successful launch should be focusing on our ability to establish a well-regarded brand name linked to a meaningful positioning. because of low budget for advertising. We will have to invest heavily in marketing to create a memorable and distinctive brand image projecting upper-income households and individuals who are facing digestion problem.

14/. The price Break is as follows: Production Packaging Distribution Trade Retailer Retail Price RP + 15% Sales Cost Cost Cost Price Margin GST Margin Rs. 1. 35/3) 1 Liter.Rs. 18/2) 500ml Rs.3/26. 3/Rs 4/Rs. 17 . The product will be available in three different flavors and SKUs. 2/3/2/Rs. Hygienic juice with original fruit taste which is readily available. and is for everyone. PRODUCT S TRATEG Y The product characteristics and branding has been discussed in detail previously. 3/7. we are positioning the BINGO as the fresh natural. 1/1 /2/Rs. Rs. 8/15/30/Rs. 60/The prices have set low to increase trial and brand penetration.75 47/Rs.75/13/- SKU 250ml 500ml 1 Liter.POSITIONING Using product differentiation. 15.75 51/Rs.3 29. 18/35/60/Rs. PRICING STRATEGY The BINGO SKUs will be available at the following prices: 1) 250ml Rs.

The channels will be as follows: Manufacture Retailer Consumer TRADE OFFERS    Trade offers will be given to the retailers to aid in shelf placement and an increase chance for Impulse buying and brand exposure to the consumers.DISTRIBUTION S TRATEGY Our channel strategy is to use selective distribution to BINGO sold through wellknown stores. Since our Brand is new brand we will have to give schemes to the retailers in order to attract them and take our product. Sample schemes: o 12 + 1 o 24 + 2 o 36 + 3 18 .

19 . Newspaper: The readership for local newspaper is “The News”. AD-1: Teaser ad for creating “before Launching” demand. Media category: Media category decided for the advertisement is local leading English newspapers as our target market is some upper and upper middle class. so keeping those people in view the readership of such newspapers is absolutely accurate.PROMOTION PRINT MEDIA ADVERTISEMENT The advertisement decided for the newspapers is shown on next page. a largely distributed paper.

ARY Asia. Because the teenagers has at maximum viewer ship at these channels.ELECTRONIC MEDIA ADVERTISING Media This advertisement is to be launched at Geo TV. Shop posters Banners Billboards     Schools:   Awareness campaigns Free sampling ESTIMATE SALES First three months: End of year: 60 thousand units 5 lac units – 8 lac units 20 . ARY digital and AAJ channels. LOW SCALE PROMOTION:  Retailers:  For impulse buying of our product different banners and posters are provided to retailers for product promotion and also some trade offers are used so that preference should be given to the product and appropriate shelf placement is provided by the retailer.

MARK ET RESEARCH A survey was conducted for fruit juices and digestive drinks existing in the market and the preferences given by the user to such products. The market research helped out in identification of the gap required to be filled. As the consumer today is health and hygiene conscious so this leads to further reinforcement of the basic idea of this research. Sample survey is provided: 21 .

12Gender: Marital Status: Married 3Age Group: Below 20 4Occupation: Student Wife 5Monthly Income / Pocket Money (Thousands per month) Below 10 610-20 Above 20 Professional Not Working House 21-30 31-40 Above 40 Unmarried Male Female Rate the following from 1-4 (in order of preference) Appearance Taste Hygiene Fruit Freshness --------------------------------------------- 7- How would you grade the existing product available in the market? Good Satisfactory Not Good 6- Your preference about the existing product? Home made As available in market 7- What do you suggest for BINGO? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 22 .QUESTIONNAIRE MILK SHAKE DRINKS AVAILABLE IN MARKET Please tick the appropriate box.