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Question 1: The charity aims to _______food and shelter for underprivileged in the remote
areas of the country
A. present B. assist C. provide D. offer
Question 2: We need to promote a lifestyle that is _______to the environment.
A. friendly B. friend C. friendship D. friendliness
Question 3: At school, children learn a lot of _______such as maths, biology, history,
geography and English.
A. subjects B. topics C. lessons D. objects
Question 4: The child that we caught _______was made to stand in the corner of the
A. misbehavior B. misbehave C. behaving D. misbehaving
Question 5: Make sure you _______up the data on your computer, because you might get a
A. back B. store C. save D. copy
Question 6: Population explosion seems to surpass the ability of the earth to _______the
demand for food.
A. make B. need C. have D. meet
Question 7: My parents will have celebrated 30 years of _______by next week.
A. marry B. married C. marriageable D. marriage
Question 8: The singer was _______on the piano by her sister.
A. discarded B. accompanied C. performed D. played
Question 9: He did not share his secrets with other people, but he _______in her.
A. confessed B. concealed C. confided D. consented
Question 10: Great _______should be given to the conservation of endangered species.
A. diversity B. priority C. opportunity D. condition
Question 12: She pays an enormous insurance premium on the family heirloom, her most
_______ possession.
A. priceless B. valueless C. honourable D. treasured
Question 13: She _______her success to hard work.
A. described B. devoted C. blamed D. ascribed
Question 14: It’s funny you should say that. I’ve just had the _______thought.
A. like B. identical C. alike D. similar
Question 15: The dead man’s widow said he had had a/an _______that he would be killed in
an accident.
A. knowledge B. experience C. presentiment D. warning
Question 16: I’ve got lots of _______but only a few really good friends.
A. accpuaintances B. neighbors C. best mates D. partners
Question 17: The marriage pattern of parents plays an extremely important role in
_______marriage roles of children.
A. socialist B. socialism C. socializing D. social
Question 18: As soon as the suppliers arrive, they will be _______to the starving people in the
flooded areas.
A. distributed B. attributed C. contributed D. submitted
Question 19: The top tourist _______in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay features thousands of islands,
each topped with thick jungle vegetation, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars.
A. attractiveness B. attraction C. attractive D. attract
Question 20: Remember to bring with you your school certificate and letters of _______from
your teachers or your previous employers when you come to the interview.
A. Recommendation B. assighment C. advertisement D. invitation
Question 21: Many plant and animal species are now on the _______of extinction.
A. margin B. verge C. danger D. border
Question 22: People have used coal and oil to _______electricity for a long time.
A. bred B. raise C. cultivate D. generate
Question 23. Nowadays, most students use _______calculators in their studies and
A. electrical B. electricity C. electric D. electronic
Question 24. The Mountainview Hotel offers its guests a _______buffet breakfast every
A. valuable B. situated C. dependent D. complimentary
Question 25. Water is _______of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen.
A. consisted B. composed C. making D. comprising
Question 26. I want to _______a table at the Bamboo Restaurant.
A. maintain B. manage C. reserve D. allow
Question 27: Mr.Pike provided us with an _______guide to the full-time and part-time
programson offer to a range of candidates drawn from schools and colleges.
A. inform B. informative C. informed D. information
Question 28: It was just a friendly get-together. Everyone was wearing _______clothes. No
one needed to be well-dressed
A. formal B. unimportant C. casual D. unfriendly
Question 29: Someone who is _______is hopeful about the future or the success of something
in particular.
A. powerfull B. optimistic C. stagnant D. pessimistic
Question 30: _______candidates are likely to succeed in job interviews.
A. nervous B. self-confident C. self-conscious D. self-doubt
Question 31: There are several places where residents face the threat of _______every day.
A. terrorist B. terrorism C. terrorize D. terror
Question 32: They are always _______of what their children do.
A. support B. supporting C. supportive D. supportively
Question 33: Women in some parts of the world are still struggling for _______job
opportunities to men.
A. equal B. various C. suitable D. legal
Question 34: The manager_______his temper with the employees and shouted at them.
A. had B. lost C. took D. kept
Question 35: All nations should_______ hands to work out a plan to solve the problem of
global warming.
A. join B. hold C. shake D. lend
Question 36: The shop assistant is ready to ________ me a helping hanD. She is very nice.
A. take B. lend C. offer D. get
Question 37: I’d like to ________ this old car for a new model but I can’t afford it.
A. convert B. exchange C. replace D. interchange
Question 38: The information in this article is ________ inaccurate.
A. historic B. historical C. history D. historically
Question 39: My father sometimes ________ the washing up after dinner.
A. takes B. does C. washes D. makes
Question 40: 500 years ago, the average human ________ was about 40 years.
A. lifespan B. lifetime C. life cycle D. life length
Question 41: Why don’t they ________ their attention on scrutinizing the evidence instead of
questioning the passers-by?
A. attract B. focus C. draw D. devote
Question 42: “Excuse me. Where is the ________ office of OXFAM located?”
A. leading B. head C. central D. summit
Question 43: “All right, it’s true I was nervous”. The leading actor _______that he had been
A. apologized B. confessed C. agreed D. thought
Question 44: A nuclear power plant emits less radiation than a granite structure of similar
proportion, such as the Lincoln Memorial. “Emits” means _______.
A. gives off B. concentrates C. repels D. confines
Question 45: The United State turns out 16.5 billion hot dog each year. “Turns out” means
A. produces B. controls C. returns D. delivers
Question 46: The International Red Cross helps people in need without any discrimination
based on _______, race, religion, class or political opinions.
A. nation B. national C. nationality D. native
Question 47. "How was your exam?" "A couple of questions were tricky, but on the _______it
was pretty easy."
A. spot B. general C. hand D. whole
Question 48. If you practice regularly, you can learn this language skill in short _______of a
A. period B. aspect C. arrangement D. activity
Question 49. Students can _______a lot of information just by taking an active part in class.
A. concern B. install C. appear D. memorize
Question 50. I have learned a lot about the value of labour from my _______at home.
A. credit B. energy C. chores D. pot plants
Question 51. In the past people believed that women’s _______roles were as mothers and
A. nature B. natural C. naturism D. naturalist
Question 52. A few years ago, a fire _______much of an overcrowded part of the city.
A. battled B. devastated C. mopped D. developed
Question 53: Paul Sgmuelson was the first American to won the Nobel Prize in _______.
A. economy B. economic C. economical D. economics
Question 54: How are you _______on with your work? - It’s Ok.
A. calling B. getting C. laying D. looking
Question 55: Spain has little good farmland and lacks many _______raw materials.
A. important industry B. industrious and important
C. important industrial D. important industries
Question 56: Professional gardeners appreciate flowers for their _______, gorgeous colors,
and pleasant fragrance.
A. attractively shaped B. shape and attract
C. shaped attractively D. attractive shapes
Question 57: Jane only makes cakes with the _______butter.
A. best unsalted Danish B. unsalted best Danish
C. Danish best unsalted D. best Danish unsalted
Question 58: Points will be added to the Entrance Examination scores for those who hold an
excellent high school _______.
A. degree B. certificate C. diploma D. qualification
Question 59: In Vietnam, application forms for the National Entrance Examinations must be
_______before the deadline, often in April.
A. submitted B. filed C. issued D. signed
Question 60. They were among the first companies to exploit the _______of the Internet.
A. potential B. prospect C. possibility D. ability
Question 61. Thanks to her father's encouragement, she has made great in her study.
A. standard B. development C. contribution D. progress
Question 63. Jim didn't break the vase on _______, but he was still punished for his
A. occasion B. chance C. intention D. purpose
Question 64. Travelling to _______countries in the world enables me to learn many interesting
A. differ B. difference C. differently D. different
Question 65. I am not used to the cold weather here, so I need to have a heating system
A. installed B. serviced C. developed D. repaired
Question 66. It is not always easy to make a good _______at the last minute.
A. decide B. decision C. decisive D. decisively
Question 67. Mr Brown has kindlyagreed to spareus someof his _______time to answer our
A. valuable B. worthy C. costly D. beneficial
Question 68. A survey was _______to study the effects of smoking on young adults.
A. commented B. filled C. conducted D. carried
Question 69. The _______of the Internet has played an important part in the development of
A. research B. occurrence C. invention D. display
Question 70. A university degree is considered to be a _______for entry into most professions.
A. demand B. requisite C. claim D. request
Question 71: My friend tends to look on the bright side in any circumstances.
A. be smart B. be confident C. be pessimistic D. be optimistic
Question 72: They decided to postpone their journey till the end of the month because of
A. put off B. turn round C. do with D. carry on
Question 73: Most young people nowadays believe in _______marriage- first comes love, the
comes marriage.
A. romantic B. unique C. contractual D. arranged
Question 74: Whenever problems _______, we discuss them frankly and find out solutions
A. confide in B. believe in C. agree on D. come up
Question 75: No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen _______.
A. expectation B. expected C. expectedly D. unexpectedly
Question 76: I must tell you about my _______when I first arrived in London.
A. incidents B. happenings C. experiences D. events
Question 77: The local were not very friendly towards us, in fact there was a distinctly
_______ atmosphere.
A. hostile B. offensive C. rude D. abrupt
Question 78: All the _______in the stadium applauded the winner of the marathon when he
crossed the finishing line.
A. watchers B. audience C. viewers D. spectators
Question 79: The US president Barack Obama _______an official visit to Vietnam in May
2016, which is of great significance to the comprehensive bilateral partnership.
A. delivered B. paid C. offered D. gave
Question 80: The firefighters’ single-minded devotion to the rescue of the victims of the fire
A. respecting B. respective C. respectful D. respectable
Question 81: The university administrations are introducing new measures to _______that the
enrolment process runs smoothly.
A. maintain B. improve C. facilitate D. ensure
Question 82: With so much _______, I’m lucky to be in work.
A. employees B. employers C. employment D. unemployment
Question 83: _______is a time that is supported to be free from worries.
A. child B. childlike C. childish D. childhood
Question 84: There is a huge amount of _______associated with children’s TV shows today.
A. merchandising B. manufacturing C. sales D. produce
Question 85: The two countries have reached an agreement through dialogues described as
A. counterproductive B. unproductive C. productivity D. productive
Question 86: The old houses were _______down to make way for a block of flats.
A. banged B. hit C. knocked D. put
Question 87. Project-based learning provides wonderful opportunities for students to develop
their _______.
A. creative B. creativity C. create D. creatively
Question 88. Violent films may have a negative _______on children.
A. opinion B. influence C. dependence D. decision
Question 89. A good leader should not be conservative, but rather _______to new ideas.
A. receptive B. acceptable C. permissive D. applicable
Question 90. _______individuals are those who share the same hobbies, interests, or points of
A. Light-hearted B. Like-minded C. Even-handed D. Open-minded
Question 91. The child has no problem reciting the poem; he has _______it to memory.
A. devoted B. added C. committed D. admitted
Question 92. The first few days at university can be very daunting, but with determination and
positive attitude, freshmen will soon fit in with the new environment.
A. interesting B. memorable C. serious D. depressing
Question 93. Deforestation may seriously jeopardize the habitat of many species in the local
A. do harm to B. set fire to C. give rise to D. make way for
Question 94: Your handwriting tells a lot about your _______
A. characteristic B. characterless C. character D. characterize
Question 95: From the hotel there’s a good _______of the mountain.
A. view B. vision C. picture D. sight
Question 96: Water pollution occurs when chemicals or substances that make water
contaminated are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without enough to get rid
of harmful compounds
A. treatable B. treated C. treating D. treatment
Question 97: Violence on TV can have a bad on children.
A. affect B. consequence C. influence D. result
Question 98: _______people in cities now choose to get married later than previous
A. More and more B. Little by little C. Less and less D. Many and many
Question 99: _______liked ao dai, kimono, hanbok help preserve a country’s heritage and
educate people about their history.
A. National costumes B. Tradition food
C. Traditions and customs D. Folktales
Question 100: People are encouraged to take bottles to bottle-banks, and only shops in
supermarkets which use _______packing.
A. environment-friendly B. environmental-friendly
C. environmentally-friendly D. friendly-environment
Question 101: The _______of modern technologies has undeniably brought so much comfort
to the lives of people.
A. interaction B. advent C. emergency D. identity
Question 102: Carbon-dioxide traps _______in the atmosphere and increases global warming.
A. dirt B. snow C. heat D. ice
Question 103: _______builds strong school communities through class blogs, discussion
forums and videos.
A. Networking society B. Social networking
C. Cyber bullying D. Internet addiction
Question 104: Teen may have access to the Internet through personal _______like smart
phone, but younger children still use the family computer to get online.
A. information B. instruments C. devices D. document
Question 105: We interviewed a number of candidates but none of them _______us.
A. impressed B. impression C. impressive D. impressively
Question 106: Strict _______measures are in force in the capital to protect it from terrorism.
A. transportation B. normal C. security D. scientific
Question 107: Not all teenagers are well- _______for their future job when they are at high
A. interested B. concerned C. prepared D. satisfied
Question 108: Some day of rest may help to _______the pressure of work.
A. lower B. increase C. raise up D. reduce
Question 109: Parents have great hopes or great _______when they send their children to
A. expectations B. obligations C. plans D. threat
Question 110: The restaurant has a very _______menu. Every day there are several delicious
dishes to choose from.
A. variable B. variegated C. various D. varied
Question 111: Do you know who _______the fact that sound travels in waves?
A. invented B. discovered C. developed D. found
Question 112: I always enjoy our school _______to France.
A. excursion B. journey C. trip D. travel
Question 113: Prices quoted in this package include _______hours of Internet access for one
A. unwarranted B. uncontrolled C. unlimited D. unrecoverable
Question 114: The school was closed for a month because of serious _______of fever.
A. outcome B. outburst C. outbreak D. outset
Question 115: The clock was _______by the Chinese in the 11th century.
A. built B. kept C. examined D. made
Question 116: My math teacher is the one who is the most _______of the staff in the school.
A. respectable B. respected C. respective D. respectful
Question 117: The government has made a serious attempt to raise the _______of living.
A. cost B. standard C. mode D. level
Question 118: Family is a good _______from which you can join the society with confidence.
A. base B. basic C. basis D. basing
Question 119: The computer has had an enormous _______on the way we work and enjoy life.
A. impression B. influence C. change D. alternation
Question 120: Most country music songs are deeply personal and deal with themes of love,
_______ and separation.
A. lonely B. alone C. lonliness D. aloneful
Question 121: I am _______at paying my bills on time.
A. hopeful B. hopeless C. hope D. hoping
Question 122: Students who study far from home often have problems with _______.
A. houses B. rooms C. flats D. accommodation
Question 123: In his latest speech, the Secretary General _______the importance of wildlife
A. stressed B. excused C. extorted D. remained
Question 124: The chart _______the massive amount of food consumed by the young in 2015.
A. occupies B. illustrates C. behinds D. predicts
Question 125: It’s necessary for students to listen to their teacher _______.
A. attend B. attentive C. attentively D. attention
Question 126: Being well-dressed and punctual can help you create a good _______on your
A. pressure B. impression C. effectiveness D. employment
Question 127: Do you think doing the household chores is the _______of the women city?.
A. responsible B. responsive C. responsibility D. responsibly
Question 128: With what my parents prepare for me in terms of education. I am _______about
my future.
A. confide B. confident C. confidence D. confidential
Question 129: The goal is to make higher education available to everyone who is will and
_______his financial situation.
A. regardless of B. owing to C. in terms of D. with reference to
Question 130: The course was so difficult that I didn’t _______any progress at all.
A. do B. make C. produce D. create
Question 131. The social services are chiefly _______with the poor, the old and the sick.
A. influenced B. related C. suffered D. concerned
Question 132. Thanks to the _______weather condition, Vietnam owns plentiful kinds of fruits
and vegetables.
A. favorite B. favorable C. unfavorable D. favored
Question 133. Housework is less tiring and boring thanks to the invention of _______devices.
A. environment-friendly B. time-consuming
C. labor-saving D. pollution-free
Question 134: Becoming an adult and setting up _______no longer mean the same thing.
A. housing B. housework C. household D. housemate
Question 135: Unfortunately, not all candidates can be offered a job, some have to be
A. required B. rejected C. remained D. resigned
Question 136: The proposal will go ahead despite strong _______from the public.
A objections B. refusals C. resistances D. disagreements
Question 137: The rise in energy _______has led to a reduction of fossil fuels that the world
must use.
A redundancy B. consumption C. efficiency D. suitability
Question 138: - How much is this car? – 15,000 dollars. My uncle paid for it by _______. A
installments B. credit C. hire purchase D. cash
Question 139. At the end of the film, the young prince _______in love with a reporter.
A. felt B. made C. fell D. got
Question 140. Those_______boys often play tricks on their friends.
A. mischievous B. obedient C. honest D. well-behaved
Question 141. Mary is very_______and caring. - I think she would make a good nurse.
A. mischievous B. effect C. efficient D. disobedient
Question 142: Everyone should travel. As they say, it really _______the mind.
A. widens B. opens C. broadens D. develops
Question 143: Why don’t you make it bigger and more careful to _______people’s attention?
A. raise B. attract C. make D. keep
Question 144: Body language is a potent form of _______communication.
A. verbal B. non - verbal C. tongue D. oral
Question 145: These children often share their _______secrets with their mother.
A. personally B. person C. personal D. personable
Question 146 : Stress and tiredness often lead to lack of _______.
A. concentrate B. concentration C. concentrated D. concentrator
Question 147 :It was _______easy for him to learn baseball because he had been a cricket
A. purposefully B. exceedingly C. relatively D. normally
Question 148: It was found that he lacked the _______to pursue a difficult task to the very
A. persuasion B. commitment C. engagement D. obligation
Question 149: I went to a restaurant last night. I was the ten thousandth customer, so my
dinner was on the _______.
A. holiday B. house C. free D. decrease
Question 150:I can’t stand the car _______Therefore, I hate traveling by car.
A. illness B. sickness C. ailment D. disease
Question 151: I _______hope there won’t be a repetition of these unfortunate events.
A. bitterly B. sincerely C. unfailingly D. completely
Question 152: There was _______evidence to bring charges against the man.
A. ineffective B. inadvisable C. interior D. insufficient
Question 153: If Michael _______with his piano playing, he could eventually reach concert
A. perseveres B. maintains C. survives D. sustains
Question 154: After you have finished the _______, restart the computer to get it acquainted to
the new program.
A. installation B. install C. installment D. installing
Question 155: I’d love to try and make that cake. Have you got a(n) _______for it?
A. receipt B. prescription C. ingredient D. recipe
Question 156: You’ve got to be _______certain before you decide.
A. deadly B. deathly C. dead D. dearly
Question 157: UNICEF _______supports and funds for the most disadvantaged children all
over the world.
A. presents B. assists C. provides D. offers
Question 158: He would win the race if he _______his brother's example and trained harder.
A. repeated B. set C. answered D. followed
Question 159: If you put your money in a bank now, you may get 12% _______annually.
A. interest B. profit C. money D. income
Question 160: I can’t possibly lend you any more money, it is quite out of the _______.
A. order B. practice C. place D. question
Question 161: The mirror was _______broken.
A. accidental B. by accident C. accidentally D. accident
Question 162: To sail single-handed across the ocean takes both skill and _______.
A. determine B. determining C. determined D. determination
Question 163: It is very difficult to _______the exact meaning of an idiom in a foreign
A. exchange B. convert C. transfer D. convey
Question 164: No matter how angry he was, he would never _______to violence.
A. exert B. resolve C. resort D. recourse
Question 165: It never _______my head that such a teưible thing would happen.
A. struck B. dawned C. occurred D. entered
Question 166: Sarah and I _______reserved the rooms in the same hotel. She was really
surprised to see me there.
A. coincidentally B. practically C. intentionally D. deliberately
Question 167: My mother often _______our mistakes, whereas my father is very strict and
punishes us for even the slightest one.
A. neglects B. overlooks C. avoids D. passes
Question 168: Children who are isolated and lonely seem to have poor language and _______.
A. Communicate B. Communication C. Communicative D. Communicator
Question 169: I gave the waiter a $50 note and waited for my _______.
A. change B. supply C. cash D. cost
Question 170: People can become very _______when they are stuck in traffic for a long time.
A. nervous B. bad-tempered C. stressful D. pressed
Question 171: Although David was _______household chores.
A. Exhaustion B. exhausted C. exhausting D. exhaustive
Question 172: We usually do go by train, even though the car _______is a lot quicker.
A. travel B. journey C. trip D. voyage
Question 173: Dogs make very _______pets. They'll always stay by your side.
A. mental B. private C. loyal D. digital
Question 174: The boys _______that he had had anything to do with the break-in.
A. refused B. denied C. objected D. reject
Question 175: The discovery was a major _______for research workers.
A. breakthrough B. break-in C. breakdown D. breakout
Question 175:I know his name, but I can’t recall it at the moment. It’s on the tip of________.
A. brain B. tongue C. mind D. memory
Question 176: His brother refuses to even listen to anyone else's point of view. He is very
A. narrow-minded B. kind-hearted C. open-minded D. absent-minded
Question 177: It’s good idea to see your doctor regularly for _______.
A. a revision B. a checkup C. an investigation D. a control
Question 178: When _______a European, we should stick to the last name unless he suggests
that we use his first name.
A. speaking B. discussing C. talking D. addressing
Question 179. The city libraries present a gloomy picture of the _______who used to flock the
libraries every evening.
A. gradual reduction of readers B. gradual readers reduction
C. gradual readers of reduction D. reduction gradual readers
Question 180. I have looked through the report, but I must admit, only _______.
A. superficially B. thoroughly C. carefully D. seriously
Question 181. The new campus parking rule _______many students.
A. affects B. effect C. has an influence D. effective
Question 182. Human carelessness has been _______damaging marine life.
A. accused of B. prevented C. said to D. warned against
Question 183. The teacher always _______that the students make an outline before writing the
complete essay.
A. reports B. tells C. says D. recommends
Question 184. If too many species _______out, it will upset the ecosystem.
A. disappear B. die C. go D. extinct
Question 185. Don’t worry. He’ll do the job as _______as possible.
A. economizing B. economic C. uneconomically D. economically
Question 186. The woman _______someone had stolen her purse, but although they searched
everyone in the shop, it wasn't found.
A. accused B. enforced C. claimed D. warned
Question 187. As I was _______of the change in the program, I arrived half an hour late for
the rehearsal.
A. unaware B. unconscious C. unable D. unreasonable
Question 187. The Best Invention _______this year was given to Jason Meyers.
A. Reward B. Brand C. Factor D. Award
Question 188. On Christmas Eve, the _______family gathers for dinner, usually at my
grandmother's house.
A. mere B. entire C. total D. complete
Question 189. When the first Chinese restaurants opened in Greece, it was very difficult to get
fresh _______of Chinese vegetables.
A. provisions B. materials C. supplies D. ingredients
Question 190. I find mending old socks incredibly _______, that's why I always ask my
mother to do
it for me.
A. hilarious B. tedious C. furious D. recreational
Question 191. Megan solved her computer problem quite _______as she happened to mention
it to a friend who had had the same problem and told her what to do.
A. occasionally B. clumsily C. accidentally D. attentively
Question 192. Bill Gates is probably the best known and most successful _______in computer
A. pioneer B. navigator C. generator D. volunteer
Question 193. When I joined the army, I found it difficult to _______out orders from my
superiors, but I soon got used to it.
A. call B. carry C. miss D. take
Question 194. After nine months without any rain, the country was facing one of the worst
_______ in the last fifty years.
A. draughts B. floods C. eruptions D. droughts
Question 195. What I like about this restaurant is that there is _______parking space right
outside it.
A. plenty B. ample C. expanded D. big
Question 196. I have a mere _______of German.
A. smattering B. knowledge C. acquaintance D. command
Question 197. Please don't _______a word of this to anyone else, it's highly confidential.
A. breathe B. speak C. pass D. mutter
Question 198. The silver medalist was later _______for running outside her lane.
A. banned B. disqualified C. disallowed D. outlawed
Question 199. It’s a small lamp, so it doesn't_______off much light.
A. cast B. give C. shed D. spend
Question 200. The fumes were so thick that he was_______for breath.
A. suffocating B. inhaling C. gasping D. wheezing
Question 201. She _______hope of any reconciliation.
A. departed B. left C. ceased D. abandoned
Question 202. The storm causing flooding and landslides in Miami prompted the government
to _______hundreds from coastal towns.
A. evacuate B. demolish C. contribute D. evaporate
Question 204. You dropped it down the stairs? You're lucky it is still in one _______!
A. whole B. piece C. entirely D. unit
Question 205. They are conducting a wide _______of surveys throughout Viet Nam.
A. collection B. range C. selection D. group
Question 206. Look,will you stop _______in and let me finish my sentence!
A. butting B. moving C. pushing D. plugging
Question 207. John _______knowledge from many of his life experiences to his work.
A. approved B. accomplished C. appreciated D. applied
Question 208. Lorie is very thin, _______her young sister, who is quite heavy.
A. unlike B. dissimilar to C. dislike D. unlikely
Question 208. Flooding in April is an unusual _______in this area.
A. occurrence B. occur C. occurring D. occurred
Question 209: Certificates provide proof of your _______.
A. qualifications B. diplomas C. ambitions D. in order that
Question 210: Another _______will be drawn from the experiment.
A. conclusion B. attention C. contrast D. inference
Question 211: She is extremely competent and _______.
A. Industrial B. industrious C. industry D. industrialized.
Question 211: The _______horse began to run as fast as he could.
A. frightening B. frighten C. frightful D. frightened
Question 212: For lunch, I always have something quick and easy: a sandwich, a salad, toast
and the _______.
A. same B. similar C. like D. rest
Question 213:1 don’t think anyone understood what I was saying at the meeting, did they? I
totally failed to get my point _______.
A. around B. along C. across D. about
Question 214: This fruit has been in the fridge for over three weeks! It is all _______.
A. sour B. mouldy C. rotten D. bitter
Question 215: We don't seem to have any more of that book, Sir. It is out of____ _______but
we are getting a new delivery next Thursday if you would like to pop back then.
A. stock B. order C. print D. shop
Question 216. When someone________ a poem or other piece of writing, they say it aloud
after they have learned it.
A. recites B. takes part in C. speaks D. completes
Question 217: Their friendship was based on _______respect, trust and understanding.
A. attractive B. loyal C. mutual D. suspicious
Question 218: All students can take part in the annual English-speaking Competition.
A. happening once a year C. happening once a term
B. happening once a month D. happening once every six months
Question 219. I am pleased to _______the winner of the final competition. It's Group B.
A. recite B. announce C. explain D. appoint
Question 220. He _______me of not paying attention to what he said.
A. insisted B. accused C. thanked D. warned
Question 221: We are helping the poor people in the remote areas.
A. suburb B. central C. faraway D. difficult
Question 222. The _______will observe and score your performance in the contest.
A. contestants B. winners C. sponsors D. judges
Question 223. A _______is a person that officially decides who is the winner of a competition.
A. participant B. sponsor C. poet D. judge
Question 224: The president expressed his deep sorrow over the bombing deaths.
A. disappointment B. anxiety C. interest D. sadness
Question 225: These anniversaries mark the milestones of a happy and lasting relationship
between married couples.
A. signs B. achievements C. landmarks D. progresses
Question 226: Rosa and Luis are happy to be _______for their goJden anniversary.
A. about B. around C. thorough D. together
Question 227: _______from Bill, all the students said they would go to the party.
A. Apart B. Only C. Except D. Separate
Question 228: We moved to the countryside for some _______.
A. peace and quiet B. comfort and advance
C. freedom and pleasure D. happiness and enjoyment
Question 229: I'm _______a surprise party for my sister.
A. taking B. serving C. providing D. organizing
Question 230: It wasn't until midnight that the party _______.
A. carried on B. broke up C. cleared up D. went out
Question 231: There are lots of TV Christmas _______for children this year.
A. specialities B. specially C. specials D. specialized
Question 232: Jane is going to go abroad next month and she's having a _______party on
A. birthday B. farewell C. wedding D. anniversary
Question 233: The Vietnamese participants took _______in the 14th Asian Games with great
A. notice B. notes C. part D. role
Question 234:. _______from several countries competed in many Asian Games.
A. Spectators B. Athletes C. Audience D. Viewers
Question 235. How many sports are there _______the 14th Asian Games?
A. in B. on C. at D. to
Question 236. The quiet country roads are ideal for cycling. The word “cycling” is closest in
meaning to “ _______”.
A. driving a car B. riding a bicycle C. kicking a ball D. playing football
Question 237. The Olympic Games are one of the biggest sporting _______all over the world.
A. problems B. athletes C. cultures D. events
Question 238. Swimming is one of the _______sports.
A. mountainous B. aquatic C. racing D. running
Question 239. _______can help an athlete to improve the strength of muscles and the
appearance of the body.
A. Shooting B. Table tennis C. Weightlifting D. Playing chess
Question 240. On some special occasions, people often march (parade. and demonstrate to
show their _______.
A. nation B. event C. culture D. solidarity
Question 241. Vietnam won 3 gold _______at the 15th Asian Games.
A. degrees B. medals C. awards D. boards
Question 242. Nearly 500 _______from 11 nations took part in the first Asian Games in New
Delhi, Indian.
A. viewers B. spectators C. athletes D. passers-by
Question 270. Agrarian people depend on the lunar calendar to prepare for their crops.
A. gardeners B. planters C. farmers D. highlanders
Question 271. There is a _______mood everywhere on New Year's Day.
A. popular B. good C. optimistic D. festive
Question 272. In Britain and America, it is _______for everybody to sing 'Auld Lang Syne' on
New Year's Eve.
A. tradition B. traditional C. traditionally D. traditionalism
Question 273. Children are always _______about Tet holiday.
A. excited B. interested C. keen D. concerned
Question 274. I shook hands and _______a few words with the manager.
A. uttered B. expressed C. exchanged D. converted
Question 275. Jane is a very sociable girl. She likes parties and _______.
A. rituals B. ceremonies C. traditions D. celebrations
Question 276. Carlos was _______the first prize in the essay competition.
A. disappointed B. completed C. excited D. awarded
Question 277. Time was up, and the judges _______the results.
A. announced B. spoke C. declared D. delivered
Question 278. He was considered “the Man of the Match” because he had ________three goals
in that match.
A. won B. succeeded C. picked D. scored
Question 279. Education is the best _______for children’s future.
A. preparation B. eradication C. promotion D. consideration
Question 280. Children will work hard if the lesson are _______
A. expressing B. inquiring C. disappointing D. interesting
Question 281. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007 was _______in China.
A. contributed B. played C. held D. won
Question 282. They were bitterly _______at the result of the game.
A. disappoint B. disappointed C. disappointing D. disappointedly
Question 283. A _______is a competition in which people try to win something.
A. test B. examination C. contest D. survey
Question 284. The _______of a football team usually wears a colored arm-band.
A. captain B. forward C. goalkeeper D. defender
Question 285. Both children and_______adults take part in games and _______forms of
A. various B. vary C. variety D. variously
Question 286. How many _______are there in the competition.
A. participates B. participants C. participations D. participative
Question 287. He's been teaching music for years, but he hasn't any _______.
A. examinations B. experiences C. experience D. qualifications
Question 288. Most students find English Competitions _______.
A. enjoying B. enjoyment C. enjoyed D. do enjoyable
Question 289. I am pleased to _______the winner of the final competition. It's Group B.
A. recite B. announce C. explain D. appoint
Question 290. After convincing myself that the result didn't matter, I felt oddly _______when
we lost.
A. encouraged B. stimulated C. disadvantaged D. disappointed
Question 291. With three teams finishing on 40 points, there was no outright _______.
A. win B. winning C. winner D. winnings
Question 292. For work to flow _______, proper preparations must be made.
A. smoothly B. freely C. constantly D. naturally
Question 293. The contestants are eliminated one by one until the last _______in a head-to-
head contest.
A. sponsor B. support C. compete D. enter
Question 294. The winner of the contest was given a(n) _______for her excellent performance.
A. bonus B. reward C. fine D. award
Question 295. She _______to help me redecorate the room.
A. enjoyed B. agreed C. insisted D. advised
Question 296. Bob _______having stolen Mary’s pocket calculator.
A. admitted B. agreed C. dreamed D. accepted
Question 297. Many Vietnamese people _______their lives for the revolutionary cause of the
A. sacrifice B. sacrificed C. sacrificial D. sacrificially
Question 298. Most of us would maintain that physical _______does not playa major part in
how we react to the people we meet.
A. attract B. attractive C. attractiveness D. attractively
Question 299. They had a _______candlelit dinner last night and she accepted his proposal of
A. romance B. romantic C. romantically D. romanticize
Question 300. Reading the story of the _______having her dress torn off in the lift reminded
me of my friend's wedding.
A. groom B. bride C. celibate D. groomsman
Question 301. I do not think there is a real _______between men and women at home as well
as in society.
A. attitude B. value C. measurement D. equality
Question 302. The _______to success is to be ready from the start.
A. key B. response C. agreement D. demand
Question 303. A recent survey has shown that supporters of equal partnership in marriage are
still in the _______.
A. crowd B. particular C. majority D. obligation
Question 304. She accepted that she had acted _______and mistakenly, which broke up her
A. romantically B. unwisely C. wisely D. attractively
Question 305. They decided to divorce and Mary is _______to get the right to raise the child.
A. equal B. determined C. obliged D. active
Question 306. _______love is _______very strong feeling of affection towards someone who
you are romantically or sexually attracted to.
A. The / the B. The / Ø C. A / the D. Ø / a
Question 307. I fell in _______love with him because of his kind nature.
A. a B. an C. the D. Ø
Question 308. His ideas about marriage are quite different _______mine.
A. with B. from C. for D. on
Question 309. I believe that he was concerned _______all those matters which his wife
A. with B. over C. upon D. above
Question 310. Everyone has been more _______less the same from the point of view of
A. or B. and C. nor D. but
Question 311. London is home to people of many _______cultures.
A. diverse B. diversity C. diversify D. diversification
Question 312. John cannot make a _______to get married to Mary or stay single until he can
afford a house and a car.
A. decide B. decision C. decisive D. decisively
Question 313. My mother used to be a woman of great _______, but now she gets old and
looks pale.
A. beauty B. beautiful C. beautifully D. beautify
Question 314. My father phoned me to say that he would come _______home late.
A. a B. an C. the D. Ø
Question 315. At last they divorced after ten years of _______marriage.
A. a B. an C. the D. Ø
Question 316. A curriculum that ignores ethnic tensions, racial antagonisms, cultural
_______and religious differences is pot relevant.
A. diversity B. contacts C. barriers D. levels
Question 317. Some researchers have just _______a survey of young people's points of view
on contractual marriage.
A. sent B. directed C. managed D. conducted
Question 318. It is not easy to _______our beauty when we get older and older.
A. develop B. maintain C. gain D. collect
Question 319. Many young people have objected to _ marriage, which is decided by the
parents of the bride and groom.
A. agreed B. shared C. contractual D. Sacrificed
Question 320.All parents are _______to at least try to behave in ways that will give their own
children an important protection
A. decided B. supposed C. followed D. rejected
Question 321. It is thought that traditional marriage _______are important basis of limiting
divorce rates.
A. appearances B. records C. responses D. values
Question 322. Affected by the Western cultures, Vietnamese young people's attitudes
_______love and marriage have dramatically changed.
A. for B. with C. through D. towards
Question 323. Sometimes she does not agree _______her husband about child rearing but they
soon find the solutions.
A. for B. on C. with D. of
Question 324. The young are _______more concerned with physical attractiveness than elderly
A. much B. as C. many D. as much as
Question 325. It will take more or less a month to prepare for the wedding.
A. approximately B. generally C. frankly D. simply
Question 326. The fox tries _______to reach the fruit high up the tree.
A. in fail B. in vain C. in loss D. in hope
Question 327. We have bought extra food _______our friends stay to dinner.
A. if only B. whether C. in case D. only when
Question 328. If you want to get better, do exactly _______your doctor tells you.
A. like B. the same C. as D. alike
Question 329. Lomonosov was not _______a great scientist but also a very talented poet.
A. fairly B. merely C. hardly D. scarcely
Question 330. When the results of the fraud investigation were announced last week, the staff
came up smelling of _______.
A. roses B. money C. perfume D. gold
Question 331. The attitude of experts _______the execution of endomyocardial biopsy at
ARVD is contradictory.
A. towards B. above C. beneath D. with
Question 332. Lisa walked into the room and struck a/an _______, hoping she would be
A. chord B. act C. deal D. pose
Question 333. It is important to have someone you can _______in.
A. trust B. hide C. confide D. declare
Question 334. Millions of people say Coke tastes best from a bottle, and whether this is
scientifically provable or not, these millions know what they like: the look of the bottle and the
way it fits so
_______into the hand.
A. neatly B. orderly C. tidily D. finitely
Question 335. Once I could see light at the end of the _______, writing the last part of the
book wasn’t so hard.
A. tunnel B. subway C. passage D. journey
Question 336. The growing use of air conditioning and refrigeration risks
_______international efforts to cut emissions to avoid dangerous heatwaves, extreme weather
and sea level rise.
A. undermine B. undermining C. to undermine D. undermined
Question 337. In its rich _______, culture has intrinsic value for development as well as social
cohesion and peace.
A. diverse B. diversity C. diversify D. diversification
Question 338. In Viet Nam, the Ao Dai is the dress for women, and it is now standard for
weddings, for celebrating Tet and for other formal occasions.
A. splendid B. pulchritude C. deliverable D. traditional
Question 339. One of the biggest temptations for someone new to the travel game is to look at
everything from behind rose-tinted _______, and this typically comes out in their writing.
A. mirrors B. glasses C. patterns D. prospects
Question 340. She really went out on a _______when she criticised the professor in front of
the whole class.
A. limb B. leg C. lung D. lip
Question 341. Studies show that children who are exposed to a more diverse community are
more creative and _______of differences. These students learn how to resolve conflict more
A. tolerate B. tolerant C. tolerance D. tolerated
Question 342. In love marriages, people prefer to choose their partners on their own, while in
case of _______marriage or arranged marriages others prefer partners chosen by their family or
A. contractual B. romantic C. obliged D. sacrificed
Question 343. Vietnamese spend a lot of time in preparing _______. The Western people,
especially, don’t spend too much time for cooking.
A. grocery B. beverage C. drink D. food
Question 344. For a long time, the images of young ladies with a conical leaf hat known as
“Non la” has made a strong impression on _______coming to Viet Nam
A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whose
Question 345. They got married without their parents’ _______.
A. blessing B. vow C. swear D. prayer
Question 346. The show starts with a welcome of the _______who introduces guests or
entertainers at a formal occasion.
A. bridesmaid B. bridegroom C. master chief D. master of ceremony
Question 347. We haven’t _______all the details yet, but we’ll certainly be going to the USA
in July.
A. concluded B. terminated C. ceased D. finalised
Question 348. In her speech the Prime Minister _______tribute to the valuable contributions to
society made by voluntary organisations.
A. gave B. paid C. sent D. brought
Question 349. The weather is going to change soon – I can feel it in my _______.
A. skin B. teeth C. legs D. bones
Question 350. There is a very strong movement now against _______sports like hunting or
A. blood B. death C. killing D. terminal
Question 351. Maria and Jean had a _______romance – they met and married within two
A. cyclone B. hurricane C. whirlwind D. typhoon
Question 352. If you say you’d like _______of cream on your strawberries then you don’t
want very much cream.
A. a dollop B. a dash C. oodles D. lashings
Question 353. I’m afraid we got our _______crossed – I thought my husband would be picking
up the children and he thought I was doing it.
A. fingers B. minds C. purposes D. wires
Question 354. After the football match the crowds _______out of the stadium into the nearest
bars and cafes.
A. leaked B. poured C. trickled D. dripped
Question 355. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was born to a family known for fine craftwork of
wood and
_______of coal.
A. manicurists B. merchants C. mechanics D. miners
Question 356. His breaking the rules set a dangerous _______.
A. custom B. precedent C. practice D. tradition
Question 357. In recent years there has been a _______increase in the cost of living.
A. powerful B. ponderous C. wide D. significant
Question 358. When a Vietnamese wants to work part-time in Australia, he needs to get a
A. permit B. permission C. permissibility D. permissiveness
Question 359. The river was _______to help the local children go to school easily.
A. bridged B. demolished C. tied D. hanged
Question 360. With black hair and eyes, she is _______of the people from her country.
A. the same B. typical C. similar D. identical
Question 361. Military is _______in this country. Every man who reaches the age of 18 has to
serve in the army for two years.
A. compulsory B. optional C. illegal D. unnecessary
Question 362. People tend to work hard at this _______of life.
A. distance B. stage C. space D. level
Question 363. Concern for the environment is now at the _______of many governments'
A. core B. aim C. target D. purpose
Question 364. The questions on the test were too long and difficult. I found it _______to finish
them on time.
A. possible B. impossible C. possibility D. possibly
Question 365. What is minimum entrance _______for this course?
A. condition B. requirement C. certificate D. ability
Question 366. The writer could not be at the ceremony, and his wife accepted the prize on his
A. absence B. remembrance C. behalf D. reminder
Question 367. When the post finally fell _______. They offered it to Brian.
A. vacant B. vacantly C. vacancy D. vacancies
Question 368. Is English a compulsory subject or a(n) _______one at high school here?
A. obligatory B. mandatory C. obliging D. optional
Question 369. If you understand a matter thoroughly, that means you understand it _______.
A. hardly B. hard C. completely D. scarcely
Question 370.Tommy left high school _______the age _______seventeen.
A. at / of B. in / for C. on / with D. of / in
Question 371. The academic year in Vietnam is over _______the end _______May.
A. from / in B. for / on C. on / in D. at / of
Question 372. In _______most countries, it is compulsory for children to receive primary
A. a B. an C. the D. Ø
Question 373. Over _______past few decades, _______schools in the USA have been testing
various arrangements.
A. the / Ø B. Ø / Ø C. a / the D. Ø /
Question 374. As an _______, Mr. Pike is very worried about the increasing of juvenile
A. educate B. education C. educator D. educative
Question 375. In England, primary education is provided by state schools run by the
government and by _______fee-paying schools.
A. independent B. independently C. depended D. independence
Question 376. The United Nations Secretary-General has often spoken of the need for
_______and human rights in his speeches.
A. free B. freedom C. freely D. freeing
Question 377. A/an _______is an official document stating that you have passed an
examination, completed a course, or .achieved some necessary qualifications.
A. certificate B. requirement C. education D. test
Question 378. Peter is trying his best to study in hope that he will _______fame and fortune in
the near future.
A. lose B. run C. move D. achieve
Question 379 _______is the study of the events of the past.
A. Geography B. History C. Arts D. Literature
Question 380. She was the first in her family to enjoy the privilege of a university _______.
A. schedule B. education C. science D. technology
Question 381. English is an important _______that is required in several national
A. language B. test C. evaluation D. subject
Question 382 _______is the study of the Earth's physical features and the people, plants, and
animals that live in different regions of the world.
A. Science B. Geography C. History D. Technology
Question 383. The old woman spent her _______life living with her only daughter.
A. entire B. total C. complete D. quite.
Question 384. We will be sitting for our final examination in the last week _______May.
A. in B. on C. for D. of
Question 385.These are requirements _______those who want to become a pharmacist.
A. of B. in C. about D. for
Question 386.The A-level (short for Advanced Level) is a General Certificate of Education set
of exams _______in the U.K.
A. taken B. spent C. met D. indicated
Question 387.In all cases, applicants must meet the course requirements _______by the
admitting institution.
A. written B. listed C. typed D. valued
Question 388. Most universities _______students who want to attend the university to pass
three A- Levels.
A. receive B. tell C. require D. ask
Question 390. .An _______is a student at a university or college who is studying for his or her
first degree.
A. undergraduate B. application C. insurance D. exam
Question 391.Entry to university is competitive so some _______with the minimum entrance
qualifications will find themselves without a place.
A. tutors B. professors C. teachers D. applicants
Question 392.Students also have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of
_______courses in the university.
A. compulsory B. optional C. required D. limited
Question 393.Mr. Pike provided us with an _______guide to the full-time and part-time
programs on offer to a range of candidates drawn from schools and colleges.
A. inform B. informative C. informed D. information
Question 394.Not many places at the universities are left, so choice is on a severe _______.
A. limiting B. limitation C. delimitation D. limited
Question 395.Higher education _______have risen this year for the first time in more than a
A. applies B. applications C. applicable D. applicants
Question 396.Many plants and endangered species are now endangering of _______.
A. expression B. expulsion C. extinction D. extension
Question 397 _______is destroying larger areas of tropical rain forests.
A. Disforestation B. Deforestation C. Anti-forestation D. forests
Question 398. A lot of different conservation efforts have been made to _______endangered
A. save B. kills C. make D. do
Question 399.The raw sewage needs to be _______treated.
A. chemically B. chemical C. chemist C. chemistry
Question 400.There are more than 20 _______working on the water treatment project.
A. researches B. researcher C. researchers D. research
Question 401.More and more people _______of food poisoning nowadays.
A. exits B. survive C. die D. starve
Question 402.The government _______the flood victims with food, clothes and money.
A. gave B. provided C. offered D. presented
Question 403.Many people _______that natural resources will never be used up.
A. view B. consider C. believe D. regard
Question 404. Conservation is the protection of the _______environment.
A. nature B. natural C. naturally D. naturalize
Question 405.There are many _______of pollution in our modern world
A. resources B. sources C. foundations D. bases
Question 406. There is no truth in the _______that Margaret has lost her job.
A. rumour B. case C. instance D. news
Question 407. Jen had confided her secret to Mark; but he betrayed her _______.
A. loyalty B. trust C. constancy D. sympathy
Question 408. They were extremely _______to my plight.
A. sympathized B. sympathetic C. sympathy D. sympathetically
Question 409. It was so relaxing to be _______old friends.
A. in B. between C. among D. around
Question 410.Your friendship should be based on _______trust.
A. basic B. fragile C. mutual D. blind
Question 412. The company expects _______from its employees.
A. constancy B. quality C. interest D. loyalty
Question 413. I've got lots of _______, but only a few are really good friends
A. close friends B. acquaintances C. neighbors D. partners
Question 414. Friendship is a two-sided _______, it lives by give-and-take.
A. affair B. event C. aspect D. feature
Question 415. Unselfishness is the very essence of friendship.
A. romantic part B. important part C. difficult part D. interesting part
Question 416. They _______a close friendship at university.
A. created B. became C. promoted D. formed
Question 417. We stayed friends even after we _______and left home.
A. brought up B. turned up C. grew up D. took up
Question 418.The President expressed his deep sorrow over the bombing deaths.
A. sadness B. anxiety C. disappointment D. interest
Question 419. Let me know if you see anyone acting _______.
A. properly B. constantly C. suspiciously D. carefully
Question 420. Business leaders gave an_______welcome to the proposal.
A. official B. exciting C. enthusiastic D. warmly
Question 421. The school appeared essentially_______since my day.
A. changed B. unchanged C. changeable D. unchangeable
Question 422. My friend often shows her_______whenever I have troubles
A. sympathy B. sympathize C. sympathetic D. sympathetically
Question 423. He does not know much about the project but he is very_______
A. enthusiastic B. enthusiast C. enthusiasm D. enthusiastically
Question 424. Daisy is so_______She only cares about herself, not about other people
A. helpful B. selfish C. loyal D. talkative
Question 425. She is not determined and often changes her ideas. What a/an_______girl she
A. uncertain B. mutual C. suspicious D. changeable
Question 426. She felt an_______to him when they first met each other.
A. attraction B. enthusiasm C. interest D. aim
Question 427. A_______is a conversation about other people’s private lives which might be
or not true
A. quality B. sorrow C. secret D. gossip
Question 428. He is not good _______maths. He is incapable_______calculating.
A. at /of B. on/for C. for/of D. with/in
Question 429. Two friends should be loyal_______each other
A. on B. with C. over D. to
Question 430.My father took_______an interest in collecting stamps. He had a valuable stamp
A. on B. up C. in D. over
Question 431. I don’t want to listen to you. I am tired_______your criticisms.
A. of B. in C. for D. with
Question 432. When our friends have bad misfortune, we try to show _______
A. pity B. sympathy C. embarrassment D. love
Question 433. A(n)_______is someone you know but he/she is not your close friend.
A. acquaintance B. friend C. neighbor D. classmate
Question 434. Don’t believe all the_______you hear or you will lose trust in life.
A. stories B. rumours C. tales D. talks
Question 435. Friendship is a_______affair, it lives by give- and – take.
A. two – faced B. two handed C. two – sided D. two - stepped
Question 436. I don’t trust BoB. He seems to be_______of a lifelong friendship.
A. unable B. incapable C. disabled D. impossible
Question 437. The President expressed his deep sorrow over the bombing deaths.
A. sadness B. anxiety C. disappointment D. interest
Question 438. There must be a _______trust between friends.
A. mutual B. together C. exchanging D. common
Question 439. _______is the person that you know.
A. friend B. acquaintance C. everyone D. teacher
Question 440. There are many people who don’t have friends. They seem to be _______of it.
A. interested B. incapable C. lasting D. common
Question 441. Selfish people are _______only with their own interests and feelings.
A. busy B. capable C. concerned D. acquainted
Question 442. Friendship is a two-sided affair. It _______by give-and-take.
A. lives B. shares C. grows D. takes
Question 443. No friendship can _______long which is all give on one side and all take on the
A. go B. take C. last D. travel
Question 444. Changeable and uncertain people are incapable of a lifelong _______
A. friends B. friendly C. friendship D. friendliness
Question 445. Two friends must be _______to each other.
A. suspicious B. friendly C. capable D. loyal
Question 446. Closed friends must know each other so well that there can be no
_______between them.
A. trust B. love C. suspicions D. loyalty
Question 447. Those who are easily _______by rumours and gossip can never be good friends.
A. influenced B. changed C. delighted D. taken
Question 448. Your _______is the thing that you don’t want to let other people know.
A. friendship B. interest C. feelings D. secret
Question 449. Where mutual sympathy doesn’t exist, friendship is _______
A. important B. possible C. impossible D. available
Question 450. We need a true friend to share with us our joys and sorrows
A. delights and sadness B. tiredness and sadness
C. boredom and freedom D. delights and boredom
Question 451. Those who are easily influenced by rumours cannot be true friends.
A. affected B. forced C. effected D. encouraged
Question 452. It’s not easy to find a lifelong friendship.
A. lasting B. short C. true D. all life
Question 453. Everyone has a number of acquaintances.
A. many B. lots C. a lot D. much
Question 454. Changeable and uncertain people are incapable of a lifelong friendship.
A. constant B. loyal C. faithful D. likely to change a lot.
Question 455. No one has many friends, for a true friendship is not common
A. When B. that C. because D. due to
Question 456. John and Jane are intimate friends.
A. pen B. mutual C. old D. close
Question 457. Two friends must know each other so well that there can’t be no suspicion
between them.
A. trust B. distrust C. loyalty D. confident
Question 458. There must be a mutual trust between friends.
A. reliance B. friendship C. dependence D. influence
Question 459. You have to be rich to send your child to a private school because the fees
A. astronomical B. aeronautical C. astrological D. atmospherical
B. Question 460. Does that newspaper_______the government or oppose it?
A. advantage B. assist C. encourage D. support
Question 461. The electorate will not easily forgive the government for failing to fulfil its….
A. promises B. vows C. aspiration D. offers
Question 462. In a four-hour operation, surgeons managed to sew the girl’s_______hand back
A. cut B. grazed C. crushed D. severed
Question 463. There were many big trees between me and the river and now they all fell
down….into the water.
A. each other B. one after another C. one another D. a lot
Question 464_______recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into a
variety of subdisciplines.
A. It is since B. when C. since it is D. In
Question 465. The incidence of anorexia nervosa,_______, is growing in industrially advanced
A. is an eating disorder C. an eating disorder which
B. an eating disorder D. for which an eating disorder
Question466: _______, a brick fell on his head.
A. Turning the corner C. Having turned the corner
B. When he turned the corner D. Being turned the corner
Question467. A main clause is sometimes called a_______clause.
A. principle B. principal C. principality D. principles
Question 468. He’s a_______and so he always votes for the Labour Party.
A. conservative B. liberal C. socialist D. socialism
Question 469. It is impossible for them to enter the country……..
A. on present B. in time C. at present D. on time
Question 470. Police had to break the meeting……
A. out B. in C. off D. up
Question 471. Einstein gradually became_______in the discussion.
A. absorb B. absorbed C. to absorb D. absorbing
Question 472. No educational system is perfect. Each one has its……..
A. borders B. limitations C. frontiers D. limits
Question 473. Galileo was_______for his study of how things fall.
A. famous B. notorious C. generous D. industrious
Question 474. we intend to_______with the old system as soon as we have developed a better
A. do up B. do away C. do down D. do in
Question 475. when she heard the news, she_______into tears.
A. broke B. went C. exploded D. felt
Question 476. Last night, I went to the movies and saw the most beautiful love story. I guess I
have a……for romantic movies.
A. sickness B. illness C. weakness D. feebleness
Question 477. I really had to_______some strings to get reservations at this restaurant.
A. push B. pull C. throw D. get
Question 478. overexposure to the sun can produce_______some toxic chemicals.
A. more than damage to the skin C. more damage than to the skin
B. damage more than to the skin D. more damage to the skin than
Question479. Each athletes has to take part in the Olympic Games in the true spirit of…..
A. sportsman B. sportmanlike C. sportsmanship D. sports
Question 480. Electricity and gas supplies have been seriously_______by the floods.
A. alerted B. disrupted C. destroyed D. erupted
Question 481. The old fishing village is very……..
A. picture B. picturesquely C. picturesque D. picturedrome
Question 482. Please find a(an) ……copy of the letter I received from the college.
A. included B. contained C. enclosed D. covered
Question 483. She’s alive! She_______but that handsome young man dived and saved her just
in time.
A. is drowning B. had been drowning C. being drowning D.
was drowning
Question 484. There were 6000 visitors in all. That was the……
A. all B. result C. whole D. total
Question 485. Columbus gazed at the land that he….so far to seek.
A. had come B. had been coming C. has come D. has been coming
Question 486. These figures show a_______in the number of unemployed people in England
and Wales
A. loss B. lessening C. reduction D. lowering
Question 487. He spent all his money through………
A. thrifty B. shame C. husbandry D. extravagance
Question 488. It’s time you_______your way of living.
A. meditated B. surrendered C. reflected D. amended
Question 489. The number of students coming to school increased last year
A. shot up B. shot in C. shot on D. shot off
Question 490. If business doesn’t get better, we will need a loan from the bank.
A. pick at B. pick up C. pick out D. pick off
Question 491. They quarrelled_______the choice of a house.
A. on B. over C. for D. to
Question 492. I thought you said she was going away this summer,_______?
A. didn’t I B. didn’t you C. wasn’t she D. wasn’t it
Question 493. Whole – grain food products_______in most large supermarkets across the
United States and Canada.
A. now can purchase B. can now be purchased
C. now to purchase D. the purchase of which
Question 494. Under no circumstances,_______or exchanged.
A. goods will be returned C. goods should be returned
B. can goods be returned D. are goods being returned
Question495. Rice is a_______which is exported to other countries.
A. consequence B. commodity C. pension D. category
Question 496. It is high time we got going,_______?
A. is not it B. didn’t C. aren’t we D. isn’t it
Question 497. The hotel room was ……furnished with only a bed, a wardrobe and an ancient
A. thinly B. sparsely C. lightly D. sketchily
Question 498. I’ve had my car examined three times now but no mechanic has been able
to..the problem.
A. pinpoint B. focus C. specify D. highlight
Question 499. Don’t thank me for helping in the garden. It was…pleasure to be working out of
A. plain B. mere C. single D. sheer
Question 500. The police decided to….the department store after they had received a bomb
A. abandon B. evacuate C. evict D. expel
Question 501. The police appeared and…….the crowd
A. disrupted B. disturbed C. distracted D. dispersed
Question 502. My sister was a very……woman, one day she would be happy, the next
A. uncontrollable B. uneven C. temperamental D. dispirited
Question 503. The music aroused an_______feeling of homesickness in me.
A. intense B. intentional C. intensive D. intended
Question 504. What are the main_______of measles?
A. traces B. symptoms C. emblems D. tokens
Question 505. That country was brought_______to disaster.
A. closer B. more closelyC. more closedly D. closelier
Question 506. They said “_______while the iron is hot”
A. strike B. beat C. hit D. pound
Question 507. He_______in drug across the border when the police caught him last Sunday.
A. Was trafficked B. was trafficking C. had been trafficking D. trafficked
Question 508. He used to rise_______dawn until he was old.
A. On B. in C. at D. into
Question 509. She often takes a_______before going to bed.
A. Creep B. crawl C. stride D. stroll
Question 510. I ……some unusual educational beliefs.
A. keep B. carry C. hold D. take
Question 511. She has had a_______of disasters.
A. success B. continuationC. repetition D. succession
Question 512. I liked the dress but was rather……off by the price.
A. shaken B. put C. set D. held
Question 513. If he knew what made his customers tick, he’d be able to sell them more
A. made his customers angry C. motivated his customers
B. informed his customers D. made his customers happy
Question514. To stick around” means “ To ……!”
A. remain in one place C. affix stamps to a package
B. work unsatisfactorily D. go around
Question515. His_______of the teacher made all of us laugh a lot.
A. image B. copy C. mimic D. imitation
Question 516. You had agreed to take part in our anti-war march, why did you cop out?
A. die B. retreat C. act rashly D. attend
Question 517. How long did the_______of the murderer last?
A. process B. trial C. charge D. conviction
Question 518. This program ……for the masses
A. deals B. caters C. gives D. supplies
Question 519. Our director gave us a furious look and ….out of the room
A. surged B. hurled C. stormed D. burst
Question 520. You must be careful when you wash the……china-ware.
A. weak B. sensitive C. delicate D. feeble
Question 521. His success_______his mother’s heart.
A. greeted B. rejoiced C. welcomed D. cheered
Question 522. The autumn air felt so_______that I went to fetch a coat.
A. chilly B. cool C. chill D. shivery
Question 523. That building will be demolished
A. exploded B. torn up C. removed D. torn down
Question 524. Her political future is now hanging by a …….
A. thread B. cord C. string D. rope
Question 525. Malaria, which can be fatal if lest untreated, is transmitted by the female, ….by
the male mosquito
A. not B. however C. despite D. instead
Question 526. How did you……this document?
A. come into B. come by C. come to D. come at
Question 527. It’s a foregone_______that Jim will be top of the class again.
A. concept B. conclusion C. proposal D. prediction
Question 528. I like to wear a beautiful_______of pearls round my neck.
A. string B. ring C. band D. bracelet
Question 529. When he came_______, he found himself in the bed.
A. round B. off C. over D. out
Question 530. This is my business and you have no right to……..
A. intervene B. interfere C. interrupt D. disturb
Question 531.The taxi………up by the kerb.
A. turned B. stopped C. came D. drew
Question 532. The wheels_______as the car went over an icy patch.
A. skipped B. skidded C. slid D. slipped
Question 533. Do you mind….that everyone has got a ticket?
A. controlling B. checking C. assuring D. knowing
Question 534. My teacher was very conscious_______his bald head.
A. of B. with C. about D. for
Question 535. The offer of a place at a good university is not to be ……at.
A. coughed B. sneezed C. laughed D. rejected
Question 536. The official reported on the accident was a… of lies.
A. pack B. bundle C. heap D. bunch
Question 537. Unless you_______to the rules, we’ll have to ask you to leave.
A. obey B. stand C. do D. conform
Question 538. If you want to find these titles, look them up in the……….
A. reference B. index C. catalogue D. directory
Question 539. She doesn’t believe what he says. She has_______about him.
A. hopes B. doubts C. odds D. chances
Question 540. The soldiers received commands from_______one-eyed general.
A. a B. an C. very D. no word is needed
Question 541.He was_______with an extraordinary musical ability.
A. ensured B. entrusted C. entreated D. endowed
Question 542. I could ……a note of panic in his voice.
A. desist B. detest C. detect D. deter
Question 543. It is_______impossible to tell the twins apart.
A. realistically B. virtually C. closely D. extremely
Question 544. Thousands of people use the ……of footpaths across these hills.
A. grid B. network C. circuit D. channel
Question 545. A newspaper’s opinions are given in its………
A. cartoons B. editorial C. reports D. titles
Question 546. Mr Brown is not a serious investor, but he likes to_______in the stock market.
A. splash B. splatter C. paddle D. dabble
Question 547. The terrorists who hijacked the plane last night are still holding ten ….
A. casualties B. hostages C. pedestrians D. victims
Question 548. We were all in _______of the fact that the new manager was our old friend
A. surprise B. shock C. awe D. amazement
Question 549. The government announced today that they intend to _______the rise of crime
in the inner cities by increasing police budgets in the areas most affected.
A. beat B. win C. retaliate D. counter
Question 550. The new road currently under _______will solve the traffic problems in the
A. design B. progress C. construction D. work
Question 551. It may have _______your notice, but it’s Mrs. Hodge’s birthday today.
A. slipped B. skipped C. missed D. escaped
Question 552. Private printing was simply a means _______he could increase his income.
A. whereupon B. whereby C. wherewithal D. whereabouts
Question 553. According the contract, we are _______to supply the materials.
A. certain B. sure C. bound D. about
Question 554. I expected all of the customers _______of the change of our address.
A. to be informed B. to inform C. being informed D. informing
Question 555. We can expect to treble our turnover once the January sales get into full
A. force B. flight C. speed D. swing
Question 556.. It is very difficult to _______the exact meaning of an idiom in a foreign
A. transfer B. exchange C. convert D. convey
Question 557.. At the end of the match the players were _______exhausted.
A. solely B. utterly C. actually D. merely
Question 558. We couldn’t fly _______because all the tickets had been sold out.
economical B. economy C. economic D. economics
Question 559. Many organizations have been set up and funds have been raised.
A. established B. collapsed C. delayed D. decreased
Question 560. The number of rare animals is decreasing rapidly .
A. dangerously B. quickly C. mostly D. gradually
Question 561. A species of animal or plant that is _______no longer has any living members,
either in the world or in a particular place.
A. extinct B. rare C. survival D. productive
Question 562.. Those who concern are very worried about the _______of many species.
A. disappearance B. establishment C. supply D. provision
Question 563. Because of people’s _______with the environment, many kinds of plants and
animals are becoming rare.
A. supply B. survival C. influence D. interference
Question 564. Tropical forests have supplied us with many sorts of plants for food, medicine,
and industry.
A. affected B. influenced C. changed D. provided
Question 565. England was one of the first countries to _______.
A. industry B. industrial C. industrialize D. industrialization
Question 566. Their _______is rejected due to some problems of pollution.
A. suggest B. suggestion C. suggestive D. suggestible
Question 558.. We all regard pollution as a _______matter to human beings.
A. serious B. seriously C. seriousness D. seriousful
Question 559. The _______is the air, water and land in or on which people, animals and plants
A. consequence B. environment C. planet D. resource
Question 560.. Certain chemicals have been banned because of their damaging effect on the
A. destruction B. introduction C. influence D. environment
Question 561. The Earth is one of the _______in the solar system.
A. planets B. resources C. environments D. results
Question 562. Deforestation is destroying large areas of tropical rain forest.
A. changing B. raising C. becoming D. damaging
Question 563. The area is roped off because the water is seriously polluted.
A. contaminated B. disappeared C. purified D. endangered
Question 564. Oil, coal and natural gas are _______fuels made from decayed material from
animal or plants.
A. unleaded B. smokeless C. solid D. fossil
Question 565. A nuclear reactor releases _______which is dangerous to the environment.
A. radiation B. heat C. energy D. carbon dioxide
Question 566. We could make better _______of our energy resources.
A. spend B. use C. need D. limit
Question 567. The government has spent £1 million on an advertising _______to encourage
energy conservation.
A. campaign B. promotion C. operation D. enterprise
Question 568. All fossil fuels are _______resources that cannot be replaced after use.
A. unlimited B. renewable C. available D. non-renewable
Question 569. Solar energy is not only plentiful and infinite but also clean and safe.
A. boundless B. unlimited C. uncountable D. inflexible
Question 570. Many newer cars have a much lower fuel _______.
A. consuming B. consumer C. consummation D. consumption
Question 571. We should develop such_______sources of energy as solar energy and nuclear
A. tradition B. alternative C. revolutionary D. surprising
Question 572. There is now increasing concern about the world's energy_______particularly
those involving fossil fuels.
A. possessions B. goods C. materials D. resources
Question 573. It’s important for the developed countries to reduce energy_______as much as
A. exhaustion B. destruction C. consumption D. waste
Question 574. The world’s coal_______should last longer but, once used, these cannot be
A. reserves B. reservations C. stores D. storage
Question 575_______energy sources include water and wind power.
A. Friendly environmental B. Environmentally friendly
C. Friendly environment D. Environmental friendly
Question 576. The_______of these toxic substances into the environment is potentially
A. delivery B. release C. distribution D. research
Question 577. Increased consumption will lead to faster_______of our natural resources.
A. exhaust B. exhausting C. exhaustion D. exhaustive
Question 578_______is produced from the heat stored in the earth's core.
A. Geothermal energy B. Nuclear energy
C. Solar energy D. Water energy
Question 579. Man has witnessed a great many significant _______of science and technology
in the past few decades.
A. achieves B. achieved C. achievers D. achievements
Question 580. He was pulled off an extraordinary _______in completing the voyage single-
A. feast B. feat C. feature D. fervor
Question 581. Sputnik was the first _______satellite made by the USSR.
A. manned B. natural C. artificial D. live
Question 582. From his window in space, Gagarin had a view of the Earth that no human
beings had done before.
A. description B. vision C. recognition D. attention
Question 583. The successful flight marked a milestone in China's space project.
A. landmark B. record C. break-up D. progress
Question 584. His flight was in _______around the Earth at the speed of more than 17,000
miles per hour.
A. orbit B. travel C. circuit D. revolve
Question 585. I'd like to send this parcel express. What's the _______on it?
A. cost B. price C. postage D. value
Question 586. An extra copy of each document was supplied for onward _____ to head office.
A. transmit B. transmitted C. transmitter D. transmission
Question 587. You can subscribe to your favorite newspapers and magazines ______ the
nearest post office.
A. in B. on C. from D. at
Question 588. He is very capable ______ learning and understanding things.
A. with B. of C. at D. about
Question 589. Thanh Ba Post Office provides customers _______the Messenger Call Services.
A. with B. for C. of D. to
Question 590. The post office offers the _______Mail Service which is particularly fast.
A. Secure B. Efficient C. Express D. Reliable
Question 591. We are proud of our _______staff, who are always friendly and efficient.
A. well-done B. well-appointed C. well-behaved D. well-trained
Question 592. The hotel staff are always friendly and courteous.
A. efficient B. polite C. helpful D. perfect
Question 593. There was no mention of the incident in the national press.
A. television B. newspapers C. Internet D. radio
Question 594. I need to _______£1,000 to my daughter's account.
A. transfer B. transform C. transmit D. transact
Question 595 _______to the magazine can take advantage of this special offer.
A. Subscribe B. Subscription C. Subscribing D. Subscribers
Question 596:_______is someone who works from home on computer and communicates with
office by telephone, fax, or e-mail.
A. Telecomputer B. Telecommuter C. Telephonist D. Telemarketer
Question 597. We_______to several sports channels on television.
A. subscribe B. deliver C. offer D. notify
Question 598. We offer a very _______rate for parcels of under 15 kg.
A. competing B. competent C. competitive D. competition
Question 599. If you want to send a document and do not want to lose, its original shape, our
_______ service will help you.
A. express mail B. facsimile C. messenger call D. postal
Question 600. Birth control methods have _______women from the endless cycle of
childbearing and rearing.
A. free B. freely C. freedom D. freed