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Life Elementary Unit 3a

Present simple 2 (negative and questions): Subject and object pronouns

Dad: Mum loves sushi! Do you like it? Girl: Do you like horror films?
Daughter: No, I don’t. I hate it. It’s horrible. Boy: No, I don’t. Why?
Dad: Do you like Chinese food? Girl: Evil Twin is on. Karena Lars is in it.
Daughter: Yes, I do but I prefer pizza. Boy: Oh, I like her.


Affirmative and negative Yes/No questions

You like sushi. you sushi?
pizza. Do pizza?
We don’t like we
They horror films. they like horror films?
him. him?
He likes her. he her?
She doesn’t like she

TIP don’t = do + not

Short answers
doesn’t = does + not
I / you / we / they do.
he / she does.

I / you / we / they don’t.

he / she doesn’t.

Subject and object pronouns

Subject pronouns I you he she it we they

Object pronouns me you him her it us them

Key vocabulary People in your life: brother, girlfriend, parents, children, father (dad), mother (mum), friend
Likes and preferences: love, like, prefer, don’t like, hate

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Elementary Unit 3a

1 Match the questions to the answers.

1 Do you like Matt Damon? c a No, I don’t. I hate rock music.
2 Do you like pasta? b Yes, I do. She’s fantastic.
3 Do you like Avril Lavigne? c Yes, I do. He’s great.
4 Do you like hip-hop? d Yes, I do but I prefer jazz.
5 Do you like Oasis? e Yes, I do. I love Italian food.

2 Read the conversations and name the person.

Nancy Luke Fran Matt

1 A: Does she like rock? 3  A: Does he like hip-hop?

B: Yes, she does but she prefers hip-hop.   B: No, he doesn’t and he hates jazz.
2 A: Does she like hip-hop? 4  A: Does he like hip-hop?
B: Yes, she does but she prefers jazz.   B: No, he hates it. He likes rock.

3 Complete the conversations with do, does, don’t, doesn’t, like or likes. Then listen and check.

1 A: Do you like pasta?

B: No, I .
2 A: your boyfriend Chinese food?
B: No, he but he Japanese food.
3 A: your parents sushi?
B: My mother it but my father .

4 Choose the correct words.

1 Sharon likes Omah but he doesn’t like her / she.
2 I like Sharon but I don’t think she likes I / me.
3 My brother’s girlfriend is awful – I hate her / she.
4 Jared’s parents are nice. I like them / they.
5 Tom’s a good friend. We like him and he likes we / us.
6 Mike doesn’t like Rene and she hates he / him.

5 Write sentences with object pronouns. Then listen and check.

1 I don’t like hip-hop. I don’t like it.
2 I like the Rolling Stones.
3 I don’t like Madonna.
4 I love rock.
5 I like Tom but I prefer Sally.

Practical Grammar 1 2 © National Geographic Learning