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Section 1. Radiologic technologists and X-ray technologists should be aware of the
supreme authority of the state and should adhere tothe Constitution, R.A. No. 7431
and other laws, the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to such laws.
Section 2. They should, above all, consider the welfare and well-being of the public
and the interest of the state.
Section 3. They are encouraged to involve themselves in civic affairs and cooperate
with other organizations to promote the growth and welfare of the community.
Section 1. Patients/clients are the focus in the practice of Radiologic Technology and
X-Ray Technology. Hence, Radiologic Technologistsand X-Ray Technologists must at
all times act with dignity and sincerity and must express genuine concern in the
discharge of their work.
Section 2. They should keep in confidentiality any data or findings obtained in the
performance of their duty. Disclosure, if warranted, should be done by the
Radiologists concerned.
Section 3. They should not discriminate against anybody and should attend to all
patients/clients regardless of creed, race, belief, or political affiliation.
Section 4. They should provide the highest level of technical Knowledge in the
performance of their work, employing courtesy, empathy, compassion, and privacy
to the patient/ client and his family. They should try to perform the examination
within reasonable time to avoid the risk of repetition to
minimize the radiation exposure to the patient.
Section 1. Radiologic Technologists and X-Ray Technologists should bear in mind
that their profession is a public trust, and that they at all times maintain and uphold
the dignity and integrity of their profession and protect it from misinterpretation.
Section 2. They should not directly or indirectly assist in any unauthorized practices
of the profession. They should report any violations of R.A. 7431, the rules and
regulations and this Code of Ethics for registered Radiologic Technologists and X-Ray
Technologists to the Board of Radiologic Technology.
Section 3. They should share information and experiences with their fellow
paramedical professionals, participate, and be active members of the accredited
association of Radiologic Technologists and X-Ray Technologists. Schools and
Colleges with courses on Radiologic Technology and X-Ray Technology should be
encouraged to conduct research to enhance the growth and advancement of the
Section 4. They should observe punctuality and keep appointments, particularly in
the discharge of their duties with patients/clients.
Section 5. They should avoid instances where their personal interest and financial
gains will be in conflict with those of theirpatients/clients, colleagues or employers.
Section 6. They should at all times perform their tasks with honor and dignity and
should be fair and impartial to all.
Section 7. They should at all times keep their reputation above reproach and
conduct themselves with proper decorum to gain public esteem and respect for the
Section 8. They should at all times strive to enhance professional growth through
continuing education and subscriptions for professional journals.
Section 9. They should not degrade the reputation, competence, and capability of a
colleague to aggrandize themselves.
Section 10. They should encourage and provide opportunities for professional
development and advancement of their colleague.
Section 11. They should adhere to the principles of due process and equality of
opportunity in peer relationship and personnel actions.
Section 12. They should align personal philosophies and attitudes with those of the
institutions they serve.
Section 13. They should help to create and maintain conditions under which
scholarship can exist, like freedom of inquiry, thoughts and expressions.
Section 14. They should be receptive to new ideas, knowledge, and innovations that
contribute to the development and growth of the profession.
Section 1. Radiologic Technologists and X-Ray Technologists should assist in the
improvement of governmental Agencies’ functions and the lightening of their
patient’s work load.
Section 2. They should be vigilant in the protection of equipment and materials
needed to perform their duties.
Section 3. They should perform the tasks assigned them by their governmental
agency employer in good faith and to the best of their abilities utilizing their
technical skills and diligence, particularly in instances where the patients safety
maybe jeopardized by their neglect.
Section 4. They should help promote, support, assist, and establish goodwill and
camaraderies towards their peer employees in the paramedical professions.
Section 1. Radiologic Technologists and X-Ray Technologists should always be
honest, dependable, levelheaded, and morally upright.
Section 2. It is incumbent for them to provide for their professional growth through
continuing education, attendance in seminars or subscriptions for professional
journals and research materials.
Section 3. They should be entitled to a just and fair compensation for services
Section 4. They should not allow their names to be advertised by any person or
organization, unless they are employed therein.