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Energy Vocabulary Quiz

Choose the answer that best matches the definitions below.

Definitions Match

1 The ability to do work. a. Light

The energy stored on the chemical bonds of

2 molecules, which is released during a b. Sound
chemical reaction.
_________ energy examples include
3 c. Kinetic
computer screens, lamps and the sun.

_________ energy is the sum of an object’s

4 d. Thermal
kinetic energy and potential energy.

A roller coaster at the top of a hill has high

5 e. Engineer
_________ energy.

A roller coaster at the bottom of a hill has high

6 f. Chemical
_________ energy. – Free STEM Curriculum for K-12

_________ energy is the energy produced

7 g. Potential
when the molecules of an object vibrate.

_________ energy is released when the

8 h. Energy
nucleolus of an atom is split.

Radios, vocal chords and guitars all produce

9 i. Biomass
_________ energy

10 A person who designs safe energy systems. j. Mechanical

11 For example, logs burning in a fireplace. k. Nuclear

Energy: Lesson 1, Energy Vocabulary Quiz