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Fiona Barnett

Eyes Wide Open

CIA Child Trafficking | MK-ULTRA in Australia

Ritual Abuse & Mind Control | Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation
Trauma-Focussed Integration
Fiona Barnett

Eyes Wide Open

CIA Child Trafficking | MK-ULTRA in Australia

Ritual Abuse & Mind Control | Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation
Trauma-Focussed Integration
Eyes Wide Open

Published online August 2019

Revised October 2019
Lockdown Edition June 2020
© 2020 by Fiona Barnett

Length 267,000 words on 569 pages

TOPICS: CIA coordinated global child trafficking operation; Project MK-ULTRA in Australia;
Project MK-DELTA child soldier program; Occult ritual abuse & mind control; Trauma-based
forced dissociation methods; Trauma-focussed integration treatment.

Cover: Self-portrait (1991) by author, pencil on paper.

2020 Lockdown Edition Foreword
It’s a bit on the conspiracy side for my taste – but yeah, it’s brilliant.
- BBC journalist re Eyes Wide Open

I often joke that my ‘free bestseller’ is flying off the eBook shelves. To date, Eyes Wide
Open has been downloaded over 130,000 times from my blog sites alone. The total number
of downloads is incalculable because I designed it so. I figured the CIA can’t herd cats. My
book is being separately hosted on numerous alternate sites, with one reporting statistics of
up to 350 downloads per day. Further, many people worldwide have generously printed,
bound, and distributed my book within their networks. Thus, Eyes Wide Open is achieving cult
status, despite my sites being banned from mainstream social media sites. Keep sharing this
book before the internet completely censors the truth.
I will never realise the full impact of Eyes Wide Open. Is it a coincidence that the ‘False
Memory Syndrome Foundation’ quietly dissolved on 31 December 2019, just four months
after this book uniquely and thoroughly exposed the FMSF as a CIA cut-out staffed by MK-
ULTRA perpetrators? Or was that operation made redundant by this current global takeover?
One alternative media personality recently described my book as the only thing that makes
sense of the current climate. While writing Eyes Wide Open I felt pressured, like I was working
to an invisible deadline. I now recognise that deadline to be Huxley’s promised Final
Revolution. I released and distributed my book just in time.
People often tell me that what I write sounds impossible and crazy, but then weeks,
months, or years later, evidence emerges to prove me right. I laughed hard at a broken cop’s
post to my social media page: ‘Let’s be honest, a few years ago we all thought Fiona was
fucking crazy. But now look at everything that has come to light since.’ Jeffrey Epstein, Prince
Andrew, Anthony Weiner, Pizzagate, Clinton Foundation, Podesta brothers, Paul Keating’s
daughter at Epstein’s NY mansion with Prince Andrew, Bob Hawke’s coverup of his daughter’s
rapes: these are just some scandals to have surfaced since I provided my testimony to the
Child Abuse Royal Commission in 2013.
Eyes Wide Open warned of a shadow government staffed by the Luciferian elite and
their coming Nazi-Communist takeover. And here we are, less than a year later, in
unprecedented global lockdown, suffering birth pains that will certainly increase in frequency
and intensity. This third, Lockdown Edition of my book sheds a little more light on how we got
to where we are today, and where we are headed tomorrow. It consolidates the observations
I have made after first publishing Eyes Wide Open, clarifies some abuse memories, and
includes relevant blog posts, in one convenient location.
We live in strange, unprecedented times. I have heard multiple accounts of severe
PTSD clients suddenly normalising during this ‘pandemic.’ Trauma victims seemingly feel
validated by the external global chaos. The novel environmental conditions create a kind of
equilibrium which neutralises the PTSD sufferer’s internal state of chaos. Consequently, the
world is no longer perceived as threatening, and chronic PTSD sufferers are unfazed by the
threat of Covid19. I experienced the same phenomenon during 9-11. While watching the Twin
Towers collapse, I nodded and muttered, ‘Now the whole world knows how I feel inside.’
Meanwhile, psychologists are cracking. Therapists are simultaneously manifesting
symptoms of extreme Future Shock in response to the tidal wave of change and uncertainty.
Sadly, I’ve heard devastating reports of previously stable people contemplating and
committing suicide due to the lockdown and restrictions. I hear of people giving up hope
because they don’t want to live in the emerging social structure in which people are subjected
to the same torturous conditions I experienced as a child at the hands of military mind
controllers: isolation, deprivation, confusing and contradicting instruction, loss of identity and
culture, discrimination, shock and trauma, excessive scrutiny, humiliation, and reduced self-
worth. To such fragile folk, I implore: Humanity has been promised that we will never be
tested beyond what we can endure. What you experience now, I have endured my entire life.
I say with confidence that even in these dark, unprecedented times there is indeed Hope.
We will never return to the life we knew. They will toy with us until we submit - or not.
To illustrate, the Nazis did not simply kill everyone upon their arrival at the death camps, and
not all were experimented on. Instead, the fascists dragged the internment experience out to
where people either broke or persevered. This is because the Devil is doomed, his time is
short, and all he can do is bitterly take as many to Hell with him as possible. To achieve this,
he must pressure people into willingly giving up hope, giving up God, and relinquishing their
right to eternal life. That is why the coming Mark of the Beast, which guarantees eternal
damnation, will be a conscious choice.
We are at war. The current battle is for our minds and wills. Their weapon is
psychology. Our defence is vigilance, adaptation, wisdom, patience and endurance. It is time
for everyone to adapt to the new normal, just as we Military Mind Control victims learned to
do as young children. It is time to redefine the meaning of life, the universe and everything,
and to realise what truly matters.
The Book of Daniel (12:10) said of these ‘end times’:

Many shall be purified and made white, and tried;

but the wicked shall do wickedly:
and none of the wicked shall understand;
but the wise shall understand.

* * *
Introduction vi

I. The Luciferian Cover-up

1. Watergate was Pedogate 1
2. Royal Whitewash 41
3. Victorian Pedophile Network 82
4. NSW Pedophile Network 109
5. Bond University Pedophile Network 123
6. Satan’s Seat 141
7. Witches in the Workplace 152
8. Conspiracy Fact 154

II. The Luciferian Philosophy

9. Soviet-Fascist Agenda 166
10. Justice Denied 173
11. MK-ULTRA & the Occult 183
12. MK-ULTRA in Australia 210
12. MK-ULTRA in the Military 255
13. MK-ULTRA in Hillsong Church 280
14. Confessions of a Sydney Satanist 296
15. Addicted to the Occult 307

III. The Luciferian Application

16. An ‘Ejumacation’ 318
17. The Family 328
18. Ritual Abuse in Australia 340
19. Candy Girl Child Prostitute 362
20. The Relevance of Intelligence 373
21. Personality Assessment System 388
22. The Programming Matrix 399
23. MK-DELTA Child Soldier 430

IV. How to Heal

24. Wendy-Louise Walker 457
25. Psychology 101 484
26. Trauma-Focussed Integration 502
27. Dirty Doctors 531
28. A Life Sentence 541
29. Source of Hope Within 552
30. 2020: What the Future Holds 559
The worst thing about being an inspiration is that you have to be perfect.
- Anne McDonald

Eyes Wide Open is not a biography as such, and descriptive dialogue is limited.
Consider it more a reference book designed to meet three distinct aims:

1. Provide the relevant historical basis for understanding the existence and coverup of
CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse, and mind control.
2. Document my personal experience of this abuse in Australia and the USA.
3. Offer information for combating the techniques which cults, the military and
intelligence agencies use to artificially induce dissociation and achieve radical and
strategic behaviour modification. I explain the nature of Trauma-Based Forced
Dissociation including the victim selection process, why most therapy is ineffective,
and why a Trauma-Focussed Integration approach is essential.

My testimony is scaffolded by the extraordinary research of Steve McMurray who

assembled the jigsaw of faces, places, and relationships I recalled and relayed. Steve’s work
features mainly in the chapter, MK-ULTRA in Australia. This book would not exist, and my
integration would not have been as thorough, without Steve’s research efforts.
The following publications provide a preliminary understanding of ritual abuse and mind
control, which my book builds upon:

- Secret Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism (1998) by Carla Emery.

- How the Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (2008) and
Bloodlines of the Illuminati (1998) by Fritz Springmeier and his wife ‘Cisco Wheeler.’
- A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other
Innocent People (2002) by Carol Rutz.
- The Greenbaum Speech (1992-3) conference presentation by Dr Corydon Hammond.

The Bible suggests we may know them by their fruits. That is, we recognise the wolves-
in-sheepskins by the consequences of their words and behaviour. Be they arrogant academic
or bottom-feeding troll, anyone who attempts to discredit the above writings is certainly an
operative for the trafficking network. Similarly, whoever attacks my book has a vested interest
in the lucrative international child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA.
This electronic version of Eyes Wide Open is being distributed at no cost because the
truth and healing ought to be free. Victims have paid enough. The public is welcome to
download, distribute and host complete copies of this book version online for educational
and therapeutic purposes. Flooding the internet with multiple book copies combats the
increasing censorship and stops the child traffickers burying this information again.

Watergate was Pedogate
The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing - the pedophile records that
were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.
- Detective James Rothstein (NYPD, Retired)

In October 2016, I presented at Colin Ross’ Trauma & Dissociation conference in

Seattle, USA. Following my talk, one attendee approached me in the hotel lobby where my
fellow presenters sat at their merchandise stalls. ‘All this!’ she shouted while sweeping her
arm across the sideshow alley of over-priced books, stickers, and fridge magnets, ‘All this is
shit! You have the real stuff! Where’s your book?!’ Tears welled in her eyes. ‘Write a book!
Please write a book!’
Yes, I have the real stuff. I am not some left-brain dominant academic pretending to
understand what it is like to be a victim of the most heinous crimes. I lived it. I spent my
developmental years trapped in a mind control labyrinth. I spent my adult years navigating
an escape. I eventually achieved what few victims of the most extreme abuse do, integration.
I may therefore declare with authority what does and does not work.
I prefer the term ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’ because the latter implies my ordeal is over. My
ordeal will likely never end. As Dr Reina Michaelson warned, ‘Fiona, I think this is a life
sentence.’ Indeed, I serve a life sentence for crimes committed against me, with the full
knowledge and blessing of the Australian government. I am constantly harassed by police,
paid agitators, agent academics and journalists, DID sleeper cells, perpetrator relatives, sold-
out victims, fake advocates, professional social media trolls, police SOIs (special intelligence
operatives), and retired intelligence community thugs hired to do the dirty work of VIPs who
dare not overtly attack me for fear of attracting media attention to their part in the
international child trafficking operation.
Recovery from extreme abuse begins with realising the true nature and extent of
international child trafficking. In 2015, Newcastle Herald journalist Ian Kirkwood wrote
favourable articles in the wake of my Sydney press conference.1 I consequently passed to him
a story regarding David Hogg, the Lifestyle Solutions founder who was later convicted of
historical child sexual assault. Kirkwood worked with Joanne McCarthy whose media
campaign, starring whistle-blower Peter Fox, helped spark Australia’s Royal Commission into
Institutional Responses to Child Abuse.
In 2012, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox exposed his colleagues’ coverup of a
massive pedophile network in the Newcastle Catholic diocese. The NSW police hierarchy
consequently physically threatened Peter Fox and demanded his doctor allow police to attend
his private therapy sessions. University of Sydney law graduate Margaret Cunneen chaired a
Special Commission of Inquiry into child sex abuse in Newcastle which attacked and
discredited Peter Fox and journalist Joanne McCarthy.
Cunneen had a history of supporting pedophiles. In 2009 she attended the book
launch of organised crime boss Roger Rogerson and admitted she had ‘known him since he
was a detective.’2 Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson was dismissed from the NSW Police
Force in 1986, meaning Cunneen associated with him during his underbelly heyday when he
oversaw the trafficking of drugs and children in Sydney, and committed multiple murders to

Ian Kirkwood (2015). Franca Arena was Right on the Mark. Newcastle Herald. 30 October.
Kate McClymont (2011). An unusual meeting of minds. The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 May.

conceal his crimes. Then in 2002, Margaret Cunneen advised Queensland Police to drop their
prosecution of pedophile swim coach Scott Volkers on the grounds: (a) one victim’s sexual
assault was too ‘trivial’ to prosecute; (b) 12-year-old female victims were unlikely to have
developed breasts and thus allegations Volkers groped them would be difficult to
substantiate; and (c) 12-year-old girls could not relax enough to experience orgasm while
being abused.3
Firstly, Cunneen’s conclusions defy biology. Secondly, my sister-in-law was Scott
Volker’s assistant coach during the 1990s. Long before Volkers hit the news, I was told he
assaulted his own niece whom he regularly drove to swimming practise, that his pedophilia
was common knowledge to Queensland Swimming staff including Greg Lawler who caught
Volkers showering naked with Olympian Samantha Riley, and that Swimming Australia was
generally infested with pedophiles including National Coach Don Talbot (my first swim
teacher) who was deported from Canada for impregnating a 14-year-old, prior to being
appointed as Australia’s head Olympic coach.
The federal Royal Commission into child abuse subsequently vindicated both Peter
Fox plus the multiple victims of Scott Volkers who in 2018 was finally charged for the same
crimes Margaret Cunneen dismissed. Cunneen was further discredited when Roger Rogerson
was convicted of murder in 2014. Cunneen narrowly escaped investigation by the
Independent Commission Against Corruption in 2015.
As Chair of the Special Commission of Inquiry, Margaret Cunneen banned Peter Fox
from including crucial evidence thereby prejudicing his testimony. She subjected Fox to hours
and days of aggressive interrogation, and facilitated his being slandered ‘a liar,’ ‘the devil
incarnate,’ ‘obsessed’ with exposing pedophile priests, and involved in a ‘conspiracy’ with
Newcastle Herald journalist Joanne McCarthy who was also interrogated under cross
examination. Cunneen branded Fox an ‘unreliable’ witness who acted ‘without integrity.’ I
enjoyed afternoon tea with Peter Fox and witnessed the toll this took on someone who
victims consider a national hero. If only all NSW police were as obsessed with exposing
The NSW Police Force then targeted Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas for
supporting Peter Fox. Kaldas was suddenly subjected to excessive scrutiny, investigation,
public discrediting and career destruction. Margaret Cunneen’s witch hunt occurred under
the command of NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione who publicly supported
pedophile Frank Houston, the Hillsong founder who sex trafficked kids to Kings Cross brothels
in association with fellow child rapist Roger Rogerson.
So, if the Newcastle Herald would not publish my story, I figured, no other newspaper
would. I phoned Ian Kirkwood to request he investigate and publish my full story. If only one
mainstream journalist published my testimony against Antony Kidman, I reasoned, it would
blow the international child trafficking network wide open. During our call, Kirkwood relayed
a conversation he once had with ‘a couple of spooks’ who told him that all senior politicians
are pedophiles because that is how they are controlled. Kirkwood asked me if that was my
‘That’s exactly right! That’s consistent with my experience.’ I tried to contain my
excitement. ‘The mainstream media has long documented the CIA’s involvement in drugs and
weapons trafficking, right?’

Paul Bibby (2014). Margaret Cunneen queried whether swimmer's breasts big enough to be groped. The
Sydney Morning Herald, 8 July.

Kirkwood agreed, noting there had just been another story about that in the
mainstream press.
‘Well then, is it so hard to imagine they are also involved in trafficking children which
is far more lucrative than guns and drugs? ASIO and the CIA work together to traffic children
between Australia and America. They’re the ones who trafficked me.’
The journalist promised to consider my request, bearing in mind he had a young family
and publishing my story would surely place them at risk. But he never got back to me. A short
time later, Ian Kirkwood developed a rare and aggressive form of cancer. I called him,
expressed my condolences, and we chatted for a bit. At the end of our conversation, I
mentioned I was considering writing a book. I asked him to clarify and elaborate on what he
told me of his encounter with the ‘spooks.’
‘I never said that,’ he bluntly asserted.
I sighed in resignation. There went my last chance at breaking into the mainstream
media. There sunk years of building rapport and credibility with mainstream journalists. There
went years of investigating other abuse cases and passing my findings on to television and
newspapers. Years of driving journalists around the district to personally meet victims. Years
of results in other cases.
My Gold Coast Hogtie Doctor story went international, with paediatrician Neville Davis
being banned from practising medicine in Australia (although that doesn’t stop him setting
up shop in Thailand). My story on Gary Willis’ 18-year child abuse spree ended with a life ban
on his teaching for the NSW Education Department (although that didn’t stop him working
for the Queensland Education Department). My story on Daruk government boys home
forced reluctant NSW police and 60 Minutes agent journalists to conduct a mop-up
investigation. I broke the Daruk story on my blog and negotiated it into the mainstream news.
Sensational headlines about a victim having his penis cut off went global. Police and the media
charged multiple low-level perpetrators, and 60 Minutes falsely presented the story as
‘exclusive.’ Police and media conspired to bury the crux of the Daruk story, that it was a
recruitment centre for (a) boy prostitutes used to service ASIO’s human compromise
operation, and (b) Project MK-ULTRA lab rats. Journalists may print all sorts of child abuse
information, except that which exposes the global child trafficking operation.
I had come so close. My October 2015 press conference – delivered in response to
Senator Bill Heffernan’s announcement that a former prime minister was a pedophile - was
statistically the most popular story on the Sydney Morning Herald website that day (although
the news site’s computer technicians prevented it from displaying as the most viewed article).
Another of Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s sex assault victims, the daughter of Hawke’s architect
Kevin Borland, agreed to address a follow-up press conference with me but pulled out last
minute. The USA National Inquirer intended to run a front-page story about Antony Kidman
being a pedophile, until they received a vicious legal threat from his daughter Nicole Kidman.
A journalist and her photographer husband flew up from Sydney to interview me for a major
Australian magazine, until Nicole Kidman took a ‘Scientology approach to managing’ me. And
a UK journalist travelled around the country interviewing me and two other victims of Antony
Kidman for the Daily Mail, until one of the victims (whose parents were friends with Kidman)
was threatened and subsequently withdrew his permission last minute.
Nicole Kidman’s PR team shut down my mainstream media exposure by drawing on
her lucrative contracts with Australia’s media outlets. So, I turned to the internet. Armed with
a simple meme app and a right-brain talent for lyric writing, I launched my own social media
campaign. I spent five years in front of the computer, communicating with hundreds of victims

and supporters, many fake, many genuine. I hit the conspiracy theory jackpot when David
Icke featured an enormous photograph of me and my story during his Australian speaking
My tactics worked. Online articles about Nicole Kidman, where the public was free to
leave negative comments, were followed by streams of intelligent attacks on her heavily
orchestrated stardom. I realised my impact when Kidman’s PR team paid the Daily Mail plus
a morning television show to feature an article tellingly titled, ‘Shame on you, Australia. Stop
Hating on Nicole Kidman.’4 People don’t hate Nicole Kidman as an individual. They hate what
the Harvey Weinstein scandal subsequently highlighted: that Hollywood rewards something
other than an ability to sing, dance or act.
Despite everything the pedophile network threw at me, my story still got out there,
such that if you Google Antony Kidman’s name the words ‘child abuse’ soon follow. Yet no
amount of alternative media success can match a complete break into mainstream news. So,
I admitted defeat. I stopped posting and did not bother checking my blog sites.

Days before the 2016 US Presidential Election, I received a barrage of phone texts from
old friends asking if I was okay. People started questioning my kids regarding our family’s
welfare. I had no idea what was happening. Then I checked my blog site. A spike of 100,000
views in one day stemmed from an article that activist group Anonymous published about my
being trafficked to American VIPs as a kid. They used my story to expose Hillary Clinton’s
involvement in a child sex trafficking ring. The Clinton Foundation was a front for the
trafficking of children including Haiti earthquake victims.
Bill and Hilary’s trafficking network implicated campaign chairman John Podesta,
billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and ‘Saint’ Mother Teresa. In 1995, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient
opened a Mother Teresa Home for Infant Children adoption centre in Washington DC with
Hillary Clinton which quietly closed in 2002.5 Mother Teresa’s Roman Catholic order,
Missionaries of Charity, came under Indian government investigation for child trafficking, with
a nun arrested for selling babies.67 Mother Teresa accepted donations from Haiti dictator
Jean-Claude Duvalier.
Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked minors to VIPs including Harvard law professor Alan
Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey, and Bill Clinton who flew aboard the Lolita Express
to Epstein’s ‘Little St. James’ pedophile island in the Caribbean. Epstein is among the many
VIPs and government heads who knowingly donated money to the Clinton Foundation child
trafficking operation. The Clinton Foundation received $88 million from Australian taxpayers
between 2006 and 2014, peaking during Welsh-born Australian ALP Prime Minister Julia
Gillard’s term.8
Hilary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta were
staying in a Portuguese villa owned by UK politician Sir Clement Freud, in the same resort
where British child Madeleine McCann was when she disappeared. Clement Freud was

Angela Mollard (2017). Shame on you, Australia. Stop Hating on Nicole Kidman. Daily Mail, 22 Jan.
Michael Warren (2016). Hillary 'Worked With' St. Teresa to Create a D.C. Adoption Center That Quickly
Closed. Washington Examiner, 5 Sept.
BBC News (2018). Mother Teresa India charity home 'sold babies.' 5 July.
Michael Safi (2018). All Mother Teresa homes inspected amid baby-selling scandal. The Guardian, 17 July.
Andrew Bolt (2016). Why have we donated to Clinton's Foundation? Herald Sun, 31 Oct.

Sigmund Freud’s grandson. British media outed Clement Freud as a violent child rapist.9 John
and Tony Podesta perfectly matched the identikit images Scotland Yard released of
Madeleine’s abductors.
Pedogate, as the scandal became known, surfaced when Wikileaks released emails
from John Podesta’s account in October 2016. The emails notably outed Hillary Clinton as a
self-confessed ‘Molech’ worshipper, and captured politicians ordering children for pedophile
parties using alleged fast-food code words. The content of the Podesta emails is consistent
with the following leak from a CIA cut-out company called STRATFOR:

From: Fred Burton []

Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 2:39 PM
To: 'Don Kuykendall'
Cc: 'Aaric Eisenstein'; 'Darryl O'Connor'; 'Copeland Susan'
Subject: RE: Get ready for ‘Chicago Hot Dog Friday’

I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in

pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
ago, assume we are using the same channels?

A related email from STRATFOR’s president informed Aaric Eisenstein (of SVP
Publishing): ‘Aaric, you can participate as well!’
‘If we get the same ‘waitresses,’ I'm all for it!!!’ Aariac Eisenstein replied.
If STRATFOR staff were talking about a Whitehouse orgy, the word ‘waitresses’ was
placed in inverted comas to indicate its alternative meaning. Waitressed would typically be
prostitutes, most likely child prostitutes. According to this email (disseminated by Anonymous
and Wikileaks), President Barrack Obama ordered $65,000 worth of fast food, an act which
contravened Whitehouse policy dictating all food be prepared onsite using raw ingredients to
counter the security risk posed by externally prepared foods. The leaked emails prompted
Hilary Clinton to publicly declare Australian award-winning journalist and whistle-blower
Julian Assange a ‘dead man walking.’
Child prostitutes visiting the Whitehouse is old news. On 29 June 1989, the front page
of the Washington Times read:



The sensational headline concerned the Franklin Scandal in Omaha Nebraska that
David Shurter was a victim of and witness to. Shurter is also a victim of my perpetrator Lt. Col.
Michael Aquino who was implicated in Franklin plus the Presidio and McMartin preschool
scandals in which children were sexually and ritually abused.
Pedogate whistle-blowers claimed, children trafficked to Washington DC were held in
transit cellars within local businesses including a restaurant where an ‘entertainer’ was filmed
boasting about raping and killing kids. Clean FBI and NYPD officers apparently made multiple
attempts to charge Hillary Clinton and other VIP members of the trafficking ring, but their
efforts were thwarted by those in the chain of command above them. One of the attempted
Martin Evans & Gordon Rayner (2016). Sir Clement Freud exposed as a pedophile as police urged to probe
Madeleine McCann links. The Telegraph, 15 June.

charges related to a video of Hillary Clinton and her bisexual lover Huma Aberdeen (wife of
pedophile Anthony Weiner) conducting a Luciferian ritual in which they skinned the face off
a live young girl. The dissemination of this video was the said reason behind YouTube’s global
shutdown that occurred in late 2018 while I was online. Someone later posted forensic photos
of the skinned victim on my Twitter feed which I automatically viewed.
Mainstream media giants launched a cover-up campaign against the leaked Podesta
emails and related crimes, to muddy the waters and leave the general public confused about
the truth. The likes of CNN (founded by my pedophile rapist Ted Turner) successfully drew
the public’s attention from what was contained in the emails, to who might have leaked them
and spread ‘fake news.’ The pedophiles coined the term ‘fake news’ in reaction to the
publication of Podesta’s emails. Clinton herself never addressed or denied the email contents.
The emails were said to have been leaked by US Intelligence community staff opposed to
organised pedophilia. Mainstream journalists whose reports were consistent with this version
of events were promptly fired. Further, over 100 Clinton staff and associates met untimely
deaths, in quick succession, just like the many witnesses to JFK’s assassination, and the victim
of and witnesses to Kevin Spacey’s sexual assaults. Pedogate was discredited as ‘fake news’
despite NBC’s (11 June 2013) televised report regarding Hillary Clinton using her position as
US Secretary of State to cease an investigation into child sex trafficking within the State
Despite the mainstream media blackout, Pedogate reached the public via social
media. YouTube featured interviews with credible witnesses who testified to the existence of
an international child sex trafficking operation involving US politicians and the CIA. That was
when I noticed retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein. Pedogate, he explained in interview,
was the same VIP pedophile network he investigated for 35 years. The perpetrators were
doing everything in their power to shut the Pedogate story down, Rothstein observed. He
predicted the perpetrators would successfully bury it just like every other time their network
was almost exposed, including the Franklin, Presidio, and McMartin scandals.
Rothstein explained that the NYPD was no ordinary state police force, but a leading
investigative agency with national and international offices. Back in 1966, Rothstein became
the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. Almost immediately
he discovered an underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with
child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is what he labelled the honey-trap process. Rothstein
and his colleagues found that approximately 70 percent of top US Government leaders were
compromised in this way. Rothstein said, the CIA conducted the human compromise
operation, while the FBI was tasked with covering up any leaks.

The CIA trafficked the kids, the FBI covered their tracks

A subsequent news article validated Rothstein’s allegation against the FBI:

Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein paedo scandal is being covered up by the FBI,
claims ex top cop who say he has hours of damning CCTV footage
Jon Lockett, The Sun, 25 Sep 2019

… John Mark Dougan - who fled to Moscow following a raid by the Feds on his home -
also says he has hundreds of hours of footage from the billionaire paedo's Florida

2020 Update
Here are some facts that have subsequently emerged in the Jeffrey Epstein case,
which support Rothstein’s description of a global child trafficking operation used to
compromise VIPs. This case notably features the role of female predators and ‘baby breeders’
in child trafficking operations – something I argued for years.

- Virginia Roberts testified that Ghislaine Maxwell was a lesbian pedophile who daily
sexually assaulted underage girls and sex slaves.
- Ghislaine Maxwell teamed up with Epstein for threesomes with underaged sex
trafficked girls.
- Ghislaine Maxwell recruited young girls from parks, into prostitution and sex slavery,
under the guise of offering modelling careers.
- Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein instructed Virginia Roberts to have a baby and
sign the newborn over to her perpetrators.
- Prince Andrew participated in a sex orgy with multiple international underaged sex
trafficked girls on Epstein Island.
- Epstein and Maxwell prostituted Virginia Roberts to multiple VIPs including British
Royalty, billionaires, a Harvard law professor, and world leaders including ‘a Prime

The following news articles add spectacular evidence to Rothstein’s claims:

Jeffrey Epstein book claims he and Ghislaine Maxwell were ‘Mossad spies’ who
‘filmed US politicians and power players having sex with underage girls to blackmail
Jennifer Smith, Daily Mail, 6 December 2019

- Dylan Howard's book Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales proposes the theory that
Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were Israeli spies
- It says Ghislaine's late father Robert introduced Jeffrey to Mossad handlers before he
died in 1991
- Robert - who was also a Mossad spy, according to the book's sources - told them to
'accept' Jeffrey
- They believe he and Ghislaine then lured prominent politicians and celebrities into
sleeping with underage girls they provided, filmed it and blackmailed them
- There is no proof that Epstein has tapes of anyone sleeping with underage girls
- However, several of his victims say his homes were wired with cameras and that he
kept the footage in a safe
- Both the FBI and New York authorities which raided his home are refusing to confirm
whether or not such tapes exist

‘FBI is involved in Jeffrey Epstein cover-up’

Tom Parfitt, The Times, 25 September 2019

A former US police officer who fled to Russia and claims to have hundreds of hours of
video from Jeffrey Epstein’s properties has said that the FBI may be helping to cover
up Prince Andrew’s alleged role in the sexual abuse scandal. MI6 sources fear that John
Mark Dougan, a former US Marine and Florida deputy sheriff, may have passed
compromising information about the prince to Russian authorities…

James Rothstein said he was alerted to an identical VIP pedophile ring operating in the
UK when Scotland Yard consulted him regarding the Profumo Affair. UK agents visited
Rothstein in New York to extract anything he knew about British politicians and other VIPs
having sex with child prostitutes. Britain were in damage control, tying up loose ends,
covering up the true pedophile nature of the Profumo Affair. Here is my email exchange with
Rothstein concerning this incident:

From: Fiona
Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2018 6:24 PM
To: Jim
Subject: CIA Hollywood pedophiles being exposed

Incidentally, someone criticised my writing saying the Profumo Affair was 1963 and before your appointment,
and so you are a disinfo agent. Obviously, I don’t believe that - but can you tell me what to say in your defence
regarding those dates?

Subject: RE: CIA Hollywood pedophiles being exposed

From: Jim
Date: Monday, July 30, 2018 at 10:41 AM
To: Fiona

That is correct. They did not do the follow up until a number of years later after the Profumo case broke. My
source in the business knew the whole story. They were making sure that there was no other connection to the
operation we had in New York.

Here is a copy of the actual report. The part they were looking for was from 1963.

In the late 60’s, Rothstein is called to attend a meeting with a number of New York Police Department officials
and two agents from Scotland Yard at a high-end restaurant on the Upper East Side. (They picked up the tab).
Scotland Yard was following up on the Profumo Scandal in 1963. They were trying to find out if their national
security had been compromised. Profumo had used the services of Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies. The
two girls had also been involved with a Russian, Yevgeny Ivanov. The connection in New York was that Keeler
and Davies had been associated with a high-level prostitution ring operating out of an apartment on Fifty Sixth
Street and Second Avenue. Rothstein calls on Peggy to determine who was operating the ring and what was
going on at the prostitution operation on 56 St. and 2nd Ave. Rothstein conducted an in-depth investigation
using Peggy’s information and determined that the association between Keeler, Davies, and the Madam of the
Prostitution House on 56 St. and 2 Ave. were in fact true. The information Rothstein gleaned from the
investigation verified that the location was being used to set-up and compromise victims. Rothstein believes it
is a sanctioned State of the Art, High-End human intelligence and human compromise operation.

The late 60’s was 68-69. I became a cop in 1965 Feb. 15.

Rothstein and his law enforcement associates realised the international pedophile
rings were all connected. He said the VIP members met at various world locations where each

destination catered for a different type of degenerate sexual proclivity, including ‘satanic-
themed’ abuse.
Rothstein said he and his colleagues encountered fierce resistance to the investigation
and prosecution of members of the child trafficking operation. His journalist contacts at the
New York Times and Washington Post could not get stories about the VIP ring printed. All
police, FBI, customs and IRS officers who pursued the VIP pedophile network above street
level had their careers subsequently destroyed. Rothstein’s attempts to arrest key
perpetrators were continually thwarted. For example, the time he served the head of the
CIA’s human compromise operation, Tippy Richardson. According to pedophile-turned-
police-informant Ben Rose, in November 1971, Tippy Richardson, businessman Leonard
Stewart (from OPEC, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and a surgeon named Dr
Chesky, raped and murdered three boys aged 14 to 15 years in Ben Rose’s apartment on East
64th Street in New York City. The New York State Select Committee on Crime subsequently
served subpoenas on both Tippy Richardson and Leonard Stewart. When served, Tippy
Richardson said that because he worked for the CIA the subpoena would be withdrawn under
the National Security Act by the time Rothstein and his colleague returned to their offices.
That is precisely what occurred.
In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank
Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, Rothstein discovered the truth about
Watergate (plus Sturgis’ and the CIA’s involvement in the Bay of Pigs incident, and the related
assassination of JFK). Sturgis told Rothstein, the Watergate burglars sought something they
nicknamed ‘The Book’ which listed the Democratic and Republican politicians who accessed
child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, etc.
The official Watergate explanation is that the Liberals broke into Democratic National
Committee Headquarters to obtain information about their election strategies. People who
lived through Watergate typically comment with a frown, ‘That never made sense.’
Rothstein’s experiences make better sense of why Nixon conspired to quash the Watergate
investigation, why he suggested the investigation posed a threat to national security, why his
personal secretary destroyed Oval Office tape recordings after they were subpoenaed, why
chief CIA psychologist John W. Gittinger was called to testify at the congressional committee
that investigated Watergate,1011 and why Nixon’s own Vice President issued a pardon which
protected Nixon from prosecution for any crimes he had ‘committed or may have committed
or taken part in’ as President. If Nixon’s crimes included pedophilia, that would make perfect
I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy ‘the Reverend’ Billy
Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records. I am confident of this because I
was sex trafficked by CIA head psychologist John W. Gittinger to both men as a young child.
I spoke with James Rothstein on 13 April 2018, 9:48 am and asked him whether he knew, or
had heard, that Nixon was a pedophile. ‘No, I did not,’ he quipped with surprise and interest.
I next asked him whether he knew about Billy Graham being a pedophile. At this, Rothstein
chortled and responded confidently, ‘Oh, we heard lots about that!’


I published a draft of this Watergate was Pedogate chapter on my blog in 2018. It
proved popular. ‘Watergate was Pedogate is the best thing I ever read,’ one reader
Judith Well (1988). Life Quieter for Retired CIA Man, NewsOK, 26 October.
Pat Lewis Copeland (1986), The CIA man, Tulsa Tribune, 12 February.

commented. My article caused great controversy, particularly among Southern Baptist Billy
Graham worshippers who told me I was the talk of many a Sunday table. Photographs
published by Billy’s son Franklin Graham on social media showing him proudly dining on what
he described as ‘killer doughnuts’ at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland added weight to my
allegation, that Billy Graham was a multi-generational Luciferian pedophile. Many concluded
that Franklin Graham posted his tweet as a cult threat against me, in direct response to my
articles exposing his Freemason father. Conservative Christians found it inappropriate for an
evangelical preacher to dine at an establishment that sold doughnuts decorated with
encircled pentagrams and which featured Jesus Christ crucified on a penis and testicle shaped
doughnut called ‘Cock-N-Balls.’ My articles caused one elderly Baptist to cut the Billy Graham
Foundation from her will.

The CIA intervened to protect their agent Billy Graham.12 One of my key perpetrators,
US Army Psychological Operations expert Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, weighed in on an
orchestrated international effort to discredit me. Another perpetrator, Bond University
lecturer Katarina Fritzon, responded to my allegations on official Bond University letterhead.
The written responses of my two perpetrators mirrored each other in their accusation I was
a crazy fantasist. Yet people typically ignore crazy fantasists. People respond to someone who
is swaying public opinion and who threatens to expose their cult involvement. Only the most
desperate and dumb perpetrators respond personally in writing. After this umpteenth attack

New York Times (1967). Graham Denies Knowledge of CIA Funds for Trip, 26 Match.

on my credibility failed, the fool who published both responses subsequently begged social
media sharers to delete Luciferian priest Michael Aquino’s email to him, before he
disappeared from the internet.
Team Aquino’s angle was to focus on whether Rothstein had personally investigated
Billy Graham, and they staged a phone interview with the retired detective. I subsequently
phoned Rothstein’s home. His wife, who had warmly welcomed Aquino’s lackey, was cold and
short with me. I phoned Rothstein’s mobile. ‘How did you get this number?!’ Rothstein asked
defensively. It was the same number Aquino’s lackey called him on.
‘It’s plastered all over the internet,’ I responded. ‘You were tricked. A recording of your
conversation with Aquino’s lackey is everywhere.’
‘I thought what you’re doing is admirable,’ he lamented. ‘Can’t you just tell people an
old man got it wrong?’
No, I could not.
To clarify, Rothstein never told me he personally worked on an investigation into Billy
Graham. Rothstein spoke of Billy Graham in the context of having heard about the preacher’s
pedophile antics from somewhere within his network of associates whose job it was to
investigate VIP pedophile rings. We never discussed the source of this information, or
whether it came from his own NYPD organisation, or from external agencies like the FBI, or
his journalist contacts. He simply immediately and emphatically asserted to me that he and
his colleagues ‘heard lots’ about Billy Graham’s pedophile involvement.
I am not the first to publicly accuse Billy Graham of being a CIA agent, Freemason, and
rapist. MK-ULTRA victim Kathleen Sullivan, who wrote Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind
Control,13 said he raped her. Former high-ranking Freemason James Shaw described how 33⁰
Freemason Billy Graham was present at his own 33⁰ initiation ritual.14 Time magazine
reported, 15 the CIA funded Billy Graham’s 1967 Latin American crusade under a CIA cut-out,
the US National Student Association, which also financed the National Council of Churches,
Harvard Law School, and AFL-CIO affiliates.16 The New York Times picked up the story.17
Here is correspondence I received from two more Billy Graham victims:

1. ‘Fiona, I just came across an article you had written about Scalia and it also
mentioned Billy Graham. I was born in 1956 in SC, to a ‘church organist’ who was in
an SRA cult. I am 62 and was 55 before really detailed abuse memories became clear
to me. I worked for a while with a Christian therapist who diagnosed me as having
DID and being an SRA survivor. Sometimes I doubted my own memories, but he
NEVER did, with one exception. He did not believe me when I told him of being taken
to a Billy Graham crusade as a small child, perhaps age 6 or 7, and being made to
give Graham oral sex. My parents sang in the choir at several of his crusades and his
music director, Cliff Barrows... my parents knew them personally... Even after his
death, he is one religious leader heavily protected by the media. Anyway, may God
bless you for your courage. Please keep exposing evil people... I’m 99 percent sure my

Kathleen Sullivan (2003). Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control. Dandelion Books.
James T. Shaw (1988). The Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders. Vital Issues.
Time (1967). ‘Pandora’s Cashbox.’ 3 March.
Nancy Gibbs & Michael Duffy (2007). The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House,
Hachette, p150.
The New York Times (1967). Graham Denies Knowledge of CIA Funds for Trip, 26 March.

abusers were Luciferians. Definitely involved some Freemasons one of whom was a
Southern Baptist minister.’

2. ‘I was put through a satanic ritual with Billy Graham when I was 7, hung upside down
on a cross, with about ten children and a half circle of men in black robes. I think I
called out for Jesus during part of it. He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me
for doing so, screaming at me something like that not even Jesus could help me.
That’s one ritual. Just one. Billy Graham must have had so many victims. The man is
in hell where he belongs.’

* * *

The Rothstein incident is a fine example of the tactics employed by CIA-paid social
media agents. They search hard for inconsistencies and try to discredit and dismiss my entire
testimony based on one small detail. I spent five years on the internet disproving every
accusation. Every time I successfully defended myself, the CIA-paid internet trolls ignored
their defeat and moved directly onto their next attempt. That is a CIA tactic and the same
thing a courtroom lawyer is trained to do. These CIA social media agents are trained in public
persuasion tactics based on Social Psychology, Crowd Psychology, and Bystander Effects. The
CIA know that most people do not bother researching facts for themselves; instead, they
would come to me and demand an answer to every false accusation, no matter how absurd.
The CIA-paid social media trolls will do the same with this book - focus on discrediting my
entire 250,000+ words with one stupid point that I do not sufficiently clarify.

2020 Update
On 25 October 2019, the FBI released documents relating to the ‘Finders-Keepers’
case and published a link to these on Twitter. This official FBI release included documents
acknowledging the existence of the McMartin preschool tunnels, Satanic Ritual Abuse, the
microchipping of child trafficking victims, plus the CIA’s involvement in child sex trafficking.


James Rothstein told me that during his investigations he became aware of an
identical child sex trafficking ring in Australia which involved our Prime Ministers. Regarding
this matter, Rothstein did clarify that he had not directly investigated the Australian
pedophiles himself, but that an Australian intelligence officer named Peter Osborne knew the
details. Rothstein confirmed that Australian politicians and other VIPs attended international
child brothels.
In 2015, I reported three former Australian Prime Ministers to the NSW state and
Australian Federal Police for their participation in the international pedophile network
Rothstein described. In 2019, the daughter of one pedophile PM, Paul Keating, was outed for
her intimate connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s child trafficking operation:

When privilege becomes a curse: How Katherine Keating used her status as PM’s
daughter to befriend royals and infiltrate New York’s high society – and why she has
gone into hiding since being linked to Jeffrey Epstein
Josh Hanrahan, Daily Mail, 24 Aug 2019

… Ms Keating’s involvement with Epstein came courtesy of the connections she has
cultivated through her family name. In 2002, at just 20 and while studying arts at the
University of New South Wales, she became a member of then NSW Premier Bob Carr’s
personal staff. She left that role in mid-2003, but remained an advisor to the NSW
Labor government until 2005…

Bob Carr and the Australian Labor Party are heavily implicated in the global child
trafficking network. In 2010, Katherine Keating was filmed waving at accused pedophile Prince
Andrew while leaving Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion. This occurred after Epstein’s 2008
sex offender conviction. The 2010 video footage shows a young girl leaving the house with
Jeffery Epstein, followed by Katherine Keating waving at Prince Andrew who stands behind
Epstein’s front door. In 2014, Katherine Keating interviewed Epstein’s child trafficking partner
Ghislaine Maxwell for the Huffington Post. Maxwell is the daughter of a corrupt British
politician and media proprietor.


Katherine Keating is not the only daughter of an Australian VIP pedophile linked to the
CIA child sex trafficking network. In 1999, Prince Andrew and Nicole Kidman collaborated to
campaign against child abuse in the UK. Here is an article documenting this:

Kidman Joins Princely Effort

LONDON (CNN) — Britain’s Prince Andrew and Australian actress Nicole Kidman
teamed up Wednesday in a campaign to end child abuse in Great Britain. They were
pictured on the cover of celebrity magazine HELLO! to publicize the cause.

Inside, Andrew — the chairman of a campaign launched by the British National Society
for The Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) - is quoted as saying, “I was
staggered to learn that between one and two children die as a result of abuse in Britain
every week — and most during their first year of life.” He has been recruiting celebrities
like Kidman to help bring attention to the issue.

Kidman, who co-stars in the late Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” with her husband
Tom Cruise, told the magazine, “Children should be allowed to grow up without fear
of cruelty.”


Dutch banker Ronald Bernard also surfaced in the wake of the Pedogate scandal to
shed further light on the people and system behind the international child trafficking network.
During a series of interviews with one Irma Schiffers, Bernard explained how he worked in
international finance and high-end money laundering for 12 years. In that role, he discovered
that political power does not reside with publicly elected representatives, but with the world’s
8,000 to 8,500 wealthiest individuals who exercise power behind the scenes and who
routinely manipulate the media. These elites, Bernard said, sit at the top of a power structure
that resembles a pyramid:

World Banking Power Structure

8,000 - 8,500 wealthiest individuals
Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
IMF (International Monetary Fund) + World Bank
Central Banks
Multinational companies
Countries’ governments

Ronald Bernard described the Central Banks as ‘illegally created private banks’ which
oversee the commercial banking system of their respective countries. He said the wealthiest
8,000 to 8,500 people created the BIS in 1930. Since the world’s richest individuals are too
young to have helped establish the BIS 88 years ago, he must mean banking dynasties like the

DOPE INC. (1978)

In a chapter called Banking and the World’s Biggest Business, the book Dope Inc.
(1978) lists nine family dynasties responsible for the modern drug industry which ‘…is run as
a single integrated world operation, from the opium poppy to the nickel bag of heroin sold on
an inner-city corner.’ 18

The names of the families and institutions are known to the history student: Matheson,
Keswick, Swire, Dent, Baring, and Rothschild; Jardine Matheson, the Hong Kong and
Shanghai Bank, the Chartered Bank, the Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation
Company [P&O]. Britain’s array of intelligence fronts ran a worldwide assassination
bureau, operating through occult secret societies: The Order of Zion, Mazzini’s Mafia,
the ‘Triads’ or Societies of Heaven in China.19

We will then take a grand tour through the Anglo-Dutch offshore banking centres,
watching money being laundered through Basel, Liechtenstein, Tel Aviv, and the

K. Kalimtgis, D. Goldman & J. Stienberg (1978). Dope, Inc: Britain’s Opium War Against the US, 63. Executive
Intelligence Review.
Ibid 10.

Bahamas; tracing it carefully as it changes ownership from the mob, to the Bronfmans,
to British banks, to the Israeli Mossad — finally ending up in dummy corporations to
finance international terrorism and a privately owned worldwide assassination

The drug industry is run as a single, integrated global operation

Ronald Bernard said the financial hierarchy he worked for originated in Holland. The
Dope Inc. (1978) authors agree. The British Crown employed the Hofjuden (‘Court Jews’) to
financially manage their drug operation. These Royal bankers migrated from Amsterdam to
Britain after the 1688 Revolution during which Holland’s leader conquered England and was
crowned King William III. Previously, the bankers participated in the Dutch East India
Company's first opium trade expeditions, collaborated for centuries with the British Jesuits,
and participated in the Jesuit Inquisition. The Royal bankers were rewarded with Royal
bloodline wives. These bankers, including the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Oppenheimers and
Schroeders became Hitler’s main financial backers. The British Royal family are of German
descent and changed their family name from the German-sounding House of Saxe-Coburg
and Gotha to English-sounding House of Windsor in 1917. Their Nazi sympathies were
demonstrated in the 1933 film footage of future King Edward VIII teaching the ‘heil Hitler’
arm salute to young Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and their mother. In October 1937,
abdicated Edward visited Nazi Germany where he met Hitler, dined with Hitler’s deputy,
Rudolf Hess, and toured a concentration camp.

Ibid 264.

The Royal bankers coordinated the laundering of drug money via offshore unregulated
banks including Britain’s island colonies. Hong Kong was established as the centre of the
global drug trade. The British Crown created the P&O shipping line specifically to transport
the drugs, plus the HSBC bank to launder the opium proceeds. A portion of the drug money
was laundered via ‘legitimate’ cash businesses like hotels, restaurants, gambling
establishments, while some was channelled into blood diamonds, gold and art.

The Royal Family created P&O to traffic drugs, HSBC to launder drug money

The Hofjuden sponsored select families to run the criminal underworld and its front
organizations. These families committed crimes of trafficking, extortion and murder. The
Bronfman Rothschild finance company is a prime example of this arrangement. The Canadian
heirs to the Seagram liquor company were originally known as the ‘Bronfman Gang.’ They
made their initial fortune boot-legging alcohol and operating prostitution brothels during
prohibition, followed by trafficking cocaine and heroin.

Nothing has Changed

Dope Inc. (1978) named prominent families involved in the drug trade, including the
Astor, Bundy, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Russell dynasties.
Fritz Springmeier added Bronfman, Cabot, Shaw, Bacon, Perkins, and Morgan to the list. He
said all of these were Luciferian bloodlines. The same families are still trafficking drugs and
children, as recent events indicate:

- In April 2019, Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to her role in a sex
trafficking operation called NXVIM. Her sister and co-financer Sara Bronfman was
implicated but avoided charges.
- In June 2019, US officials seized a cargo ship owned by J.P. Morgan Chase which was
trafficking 20 tons of cocaine worth $1.3 billion.

In the late 1990s, Amway salesman Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman founded NXIVM.
Raniere, who attended a Luciferian Rudolph Steiner school, modelled NXIVM on Scientology.
Salzman was trained in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) by Richard Bandler (MK-ULTRA
perpetrator), and in hypnosis by Herbert Spiegel (US Army hypnotist, and MK-ULTRA
researcher at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, who wrote the foreword to the MK-ULTRA classic, The
Control of Candy Jones).
The Bronfman sisters financed NXIVM and its subsidiaries including the non-profit
Ethical Science Foundation which came under state Attorney General investigation in 2017
for performing brain-activity and other human behavioural studies. Medical doctor Brandon
B. Porter conducted MK-ULTRA style ‘Human Fright Experiments’ in which he hooked over
100 victims to an EEG and recorded their reaction to surprise screenings of snuff films:

…an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four
women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being

viciously stomped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own
brain matter; and a graphic gang rape.21

The New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct initially determined Dr Porter’s
behaviour did not constitute medical misconduct. They caved to pressure following the high
profile NXIVM case.
Back in 2013, Keith Raniere patented a device designed to measure victims’ sensory
responses to watching snuff films. He labelled this, ‘Determination of whether a Luciferian can
be rehabilitated.’ Women who were not overtly traumatised by the images were considered
suitable recruits and physically branded like cattle. Their numbness at watching snuff films
indicated their passivity to, and suitability for, sex trafficking.
The mainstream media ignored the crux of the story, that NXVIM was a front for CIA
child sex trafficking. NXVIM leader Raniere and his sidekick Allison Mack were originally
charged with child sex trafficking. In 2019 the couple were additionally charged with child
pornography. The pending counts filed on 19 April 2018 and published on the internet read:

1. Sex trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion.

2. Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion.
3. Attempt to establish peonage, slavery, involuntary servitude, human trafficking.

Adding weight to NXVIM posing as a ‘legitimate’ front organisation for child trafficking,
Clare Bronfman sponsored a NXVIM subsidiary called Rainbow Cultural Garden which
operated numerous international childcare centres located in the USA, UK, Ireland,
Guatemala, Spain and Mexico. Bronfman also purchased an island in Fiji, a notorious child
trafficking hub. The NXVIM court case revealed the Mexican government, including their
President, were involved in the operation, vindicating my five-month 2018 online campaign
to expose the Arizona/Mexican border as the main human trafficking land route involving
Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, his senior police staff who were previously implicated in
child trafficking in California, and a minion of NSA / FBI informants with Luciferian cult
connections. Isaac Kappy who helped me expose this operation subsequently died under
suspicious circumstances in Arizona near an NSA base immediately after he reached out for
help to the Clinton/DynCorp/CIA-linked SEAL Team 6 assassin who hid the discovery of child
trafficking camps in the Tucson desert.
NXIVM bore the hallmarks of a CIA human trafficking and compromise operation. The
cult sex trafficked children and adults, targeted influential people including entertainers, and
owned over 60 related companies including a video department called Moving Pixels.
Connections were detected between NXIVM and human trafficking mob bosses Bill and
Hillary Clinton:

- Texts exist between Keith Raniere and Hillary Clinton.

- In the 1990s, Bill Clinton asked Keith Raniere for money because he was doing business
in Arkansas. When Raniere refused, the state Attorney General targeted his operation
for closure. Consequently, Raniere’s new NXIVM operation made illegal campaign

Melissa Klein & Isabel Vincent (2018). Albany doctor allegedly ran sick human experiments for NXIVM, New
York Post (online), 5 May.

contributions to the Clintons. This information was revealed during Mark Vincente’s
testimony during the NXVIM trial (12 May 2019).

Dope Inc. described the same criminal system as Ronald Bernard who said his own
laundering operation dealt with governments, multinationals, terrorist organisations, and
secret service agencies. Intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI6 and Mossad do not serve and
protect a people or country as the public expect, he explained, but are all criminal
organizations that trade in drugs, weapons, and children. The CIA functions as a private police
force for the elite. According to Bernard, the wealthy elite control their employees through
compromise and blackmail – just as James Rothstein described.
Ronald Bernard described how he and the other bankers employed by the wealthy
elite were expected to participate in heinous sexual and murderous acts including the ritual
sacrifice of children. This sounds far-fetched - until you read news articles like this:

Portfolio Manager Accused of Raping, Beating Women in Penthouse Dungeon

Rebecca Rosenberg, New York Post, 3 Nov 2017.

A former portfolio manager for an investment fund founded by financier George Soros
sexually abused women at a Manhattan penthouse dungeon, according to a $27
million Brooklyn federal suit. Howie Rubin, 62, whose high-stakes dealing was featured
in the best-selling books ‘Liar’s Poker’ and ‘The Big Short,’ rented the lavish
Metropolitan Tower pad in Midtown to indulge in brutal sex with women whom he
paid between $2,000 and $5,000 per session, according to the suit filed Thursday.

The three unidentified plaintiffs in the case — including two Playboy Playmates —
claim the married father raped and beat them to the point that they needed extensive
medical attention, court papers say. At the $8 million penthouse, they were shown to
a side room featuring ropes, chains and sex toys along with other BDSM equipment.
Rubin gagged, tied up and viciously abused the women — even punching one in the
head, the suit filed by civil lawyer John Balestriere said.

‘I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,’ Rubin barked during one of the alleged

In one session, he beat one of the women’s ‘breasts so badly that her right implant
flipped,’ the papers state. The former Bear Stearns trader paid her $20,000 to repair
the damage. One plaintiff was tied up, gagged and shocked with a cattle prod in her
groin before Rubin allegedly raped her, according to the filing.

Rubin — who collaborated with two female fixers and a lawyer — had the women sign
non-disclosure agreements, the papers state. The trio sought to ‘cover up Rubin’s
sexual misconduct and criminal abuse of women and to serve as a cover for his wide-
ranging human trafficking scheme,’ wrote Balestriere …

* * *

There must have been some truth to the 1978 content of Dope Inc. because after its
publication the HSBC lost its licence to operate in the USA. Further, the 1978 book inspired
law enforcement officials to swap their assumption that drug trafficking consisted of pockets
of independent criminal activity, for understanding the drug industry as a global network
coordinated by the CIA, with proceeds laundered through banks and funnelled into the CIA’s
covert terrorist operations.

All Intelligence agencies are privately-owned criminal organizations

Dope Inc. and Ronald Bernard’s testimony are consistent with the 1972 Bank of Credit
and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal and the findings of reporter Danny Casalaro who
was ‘suicided’ while investigating the same secret syndicate. The Manhattan District Attorney
who closed BCCI’s USA branch announced that 16 witnesses died while investigating the
BCCI’s involvement in covert CIA operations, arms smuggling to Iraq, money laundering, and
child prostitution. Danny Casalaro labelled the system The Octopus and described it as

They’re not government officials but their tentacles can reach into any part of the
government in almost any country including legitimate and rogue spy networks. They
are not notable industrialists, but they can pull the strings of the oil and banking
empires at will. They are not known criminals, but they successfully penetrated all
factions of organized crime including the Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, the secret
Chinese Triads, and the terrorist underground. 22

Casalaro linked The Octopus to people, places, and activities consistent with my
experience. His notes and phone records referenced drug trafficking, money laundering,
Mossad, CIA, shellfish-based bioweapons, genetic engineering, Nicaragua, Watergate,
Australia’s Nugan-Hand Bank, Pine Gap, MJ-12, and Area 51.23 This bizarre combination of
diverse and seemingly unrelated research topics only makes sense within the context of
witness testimonies like mine. I can pull together every single one of those topics and explain
their solid relationship.
The best way to understand the global child trafficking industry is to trace the history
of the drug trafficking industry. As you read Dope Inc. cross out the word ‘drugs’ and replace
it with the word ‘kids’ to gain a picture of the child trafficking network that traded me. Like
the drug trade, the child sex trafficking industry is run as a single integrated world operation.
At the top sit the wealthy elite who maintain control by ensuring only blackmailed,
compromised politicians, military brass and government officials occupy leadership. The
secret services, including ASIO, MI6 and the CIA coordinate the child trafficking and human
compromise operation, receive the victims procured via the little men, modify the behaviour
of child victims until they become suitable assets, and transport the trained victims nationally
and internationally to service VIP pedophiles.

Kenn Thomas & Jim Keith (2004). The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro. Feral
Cheri Seymour (2010). The Last Circle. TrineDay LLC.

Child trafficking is run as a single, integrated world operation coordinated by the CIA

Operation Mockingbird: In 1977, Watergate investigative journalist Carl Bernstein

said the CIA had recruited over 400 American journalists:

Alsop is one of more than 400 American journalists who in the past twenty-five years
have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to
documents on file at CIA headquarters. Some of these journalists’ relationships with
the Agency were tacit; some were explicit. There was cooperation, accommodation
and overlap. Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services—from simple
intelligence gathering to serving as go-betweens with spies in Communist countries.
Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the
journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered
themselves ambassadors without-portfolio for their country. Most were less exalted:
foreign correspondents who found that their association with the Agency helped their
work; stringers and freelancers who were as interested in the derring-do of the spy
business as in filing articles; and, the smallest category, full-time CIA employees
masquerading as journalists abroad. In many instances, CIA documents show,
journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the
managements of America’s leading news organizations.24

This CIA operation was called Mockingbird. Australia and the UK have their own
network of Mockingbird journalists which sprung to the defence of Westminster VIP

* * *

PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange)

I received the following correspondence in 2017:

In 1971 an Adelaide barrister from the Communist Party of Australia created the
precursor to what later became the Pedophile Information Exchange. This lawyer was
the late ELLIOT JOHNSON. The Pedophile Information Exchange was formed from
earlier pedophile groups such as the Lewis Carroll Collectors Guild and the
(homosexual) Peter Pan Club. Another founder of this organization (from the Peter Pan
Club) was FRANK HOUSTON who also founded the pseudo-church The Assembly of
God. Houston was pastor of the Surrey Hills Christian Centre which later morphed into
Hillsong Church. Houston was an organizer for the Peter Pan Club when he was
contacted by Elliot Johnson and asked to assist in forming a ‘united front’ for organized
pedophilia. This resulted in the formation of the Pedophile Information Exchange in
February 1973. This organization was then exported to the United Kingdom…

Carl Bernstein (1977). The CIA and the Media. Rolling Stone, 20 Oct.

Here are some shocking facts about PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange): 25 26

- The UK government gave PIE grants totalling at least £70,000 via the Home Office,
between 1977 and 1980.
- PIE proposed reducing the age of consent to age 4 years.
- PIE’s motto was: ‘Sex before eight - before it’s too late.’
- PIE produced a magazine, Understanding Paedophilia which contained articles written
by psychologists.
- PIE was affiliated to the UK National Council for Civil Liberties and backed by the
Campaign for Homosexual Equality.
- PIE campaigned for the social and legal acceptance of pedophilia:

We want to dispel the myths connected with paedophilia, and show that most
pedophiles desire gentle, loving, and mutually pleasurable relationships. We believe it
is inhumane to children to outlaw their sexuality and we support moves to lower the
age of consent.

* * *

How did the Pro-Paedophile Group PIE Exist Openly for 10 Years?
Tom de Castella & Tom Heyden, BBC News Magazine, 27 Feb 2014

The Paedophile Information Exchange was affiliated to the National Council for Civil
Liberties - now Liberty - in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

A gay rights conference backs a motion in favour of paedophilia. The story is written
up by a national newspaper as ‘Child-lovers win fight for role in Gay Lib.’ It sounds like
a nightmarish plotline from dystopian fiction. But this happened in the UK. The
conference took place in Sheffield and the newspaper was the Guardian. The year was
1975. It's part of the story of how paedophiles tried to go mainstream in the 1970s.

PIE was formed in 1974. It campaigned for ‘children's sexuality.’ It wanted the
government to axe or lower the age of consent. It offered support to adults ‘in legal
difficulties concerning sexual acts with consenting 'underage' partners.’ The real aim
was to normalise sex with children. Journalist Christian Wolmar remembers their
tactics. ‘They didn't emphasise that this was 50-year-old men wanting to have sex with
five-year-olds. They presented it as the sexual liberation of children, that children
should have the right to sex,’ he says.

It's an ideology that seems chilling now. But PIE managed to gain support from some
professional bodies and progressive groups. It received invitations from student
unions, won sympathetic media coverage and found academics willing to push its

K. Mudie (2014). Huge sums of TAXPAYER'S cash 'handed to vile child-sex pervert group' by Home Office
officials. Daily Mirror, 1 March.
Michael Parkin (1975). Child-lovers win fight for role in Gay Lib. The Guardian, 26 Aug.


One of PIE's key tactics was to try to conflate its cause with gay rights. On at least two
occasions the Campaign for Homosexual Equality conference passed motions in PIE's

Most gay people were horrified by any conflation of homosexuality and a sexual
interest in children, says Parris. But PIE used the idea of sexual liberation to win over
more radical elements. ‘If there was anything with the word 'liberation' in the name
you were automatically in favour of it if you were young and cool in the 1970s. It
seemed like PIE had slipped through the net.’

A Guardian article in 1977 noted with dismay how the group was growing. By its
second birthday in October 1976, it had 200 members. There was a London group, a
Middlesex group being planned, and with regional branches to follow. The article
speaks of PIE's hopes to widen the membership to include women and heterosexual

In August 1983 a Scottish headmaster, Charles Oxley, handed over a dossier about PIE
to Scotland Yard after infiltrating the group, the Glasgow Herald wrote. He said the
group had about 1,000 members.

* * *

PIE membership included judges, politicians,27 scoutmasters, headteachers,

diplomats, aristocrats, intelligence agents, and child protection experts. Notable PIE
members were:

- Prime Minister Edward Heath (regularly attended PIE meetings in Westminster).28

- Richard Maurice Clive Bigham (son of Viscount Mersey, was convicted of raping
sisters aged six and 10).29
- Sir Peter Hayman (Senior Diplomat, British High Commissioner to Canada, Foreign
Office Minister. In 1981, MP Geoffrey Dickens used Parliamentary privilege to expose
information Thatcher had suppressed: that Hayman posted pornographic material.
Dickens consequently received death threats and was burgled).30
- Geoffrey Arthur Prime (British Intelligence Officer, Soviet spy, convicted in 1982 of
raping three girls).31 32
- Charles Napier (PIE treasurer, schoolteacher).

Danny McGrory (1983). MPs on ‘child sex mailing list.’ Daily Express, 3 Sept.
Nick Dorman (2015). Edward Heath fixed it for Kimmy Savile to receive OBE and attended Pedophile
Information Exchange meetings. Mirror, 8 Aug.
Daily Express (1978). Dishonoured: the shame of a viscount’s son who turned from porn books to child sex,
11 July.
Garth Gibbs & Stuart Greig (1981). Secret shame of Mr Perfect, Daily Mirror, 19 March.
Julian Haviland (1982). Thatcher’s guarded security statement. The Times (London), 21 July.
Steve Bird (2014). The child sex attacker and Soviet spy who was in the vile group legitimised by Harman and
chums. Daily Mail [Online], 26 Feb.

- Peter Righton (PIE founder, charged and cautioned for raping a boy in 1960, UK’s most
senior child social worker, VIP network scapegoat).

In a 1981 publication, Perspectives on Paedophilia, Peter Righton attacked the ‘moral
panic’ over pedophilia; he said that with ‘the child’s willing compliance…the sex is unlikely to
do much harm.’ Peter Righton was the UK’s top social worker and child protection expert. He
served as Director of the National Children’s Bureau charity, Director of the National Institute
for Social Work, and consultant for the National Children’s Bureau. In 1992, Peter Righton was
convicted of possessing hard-core child abuse porn obtained from Amsterdam. Police also
found a diary containing ‘scores of boys’ whom investigators believed Righton had sexually
abused. At the time of his arrest, Righton lived with his gay pedophile partner at the 2,500-
acre estate of Lord John and Leslie Henniker-Major which operated as ‘an educational and
recreational centre for children.’ London Borough of Islington sent children to the Henniker
estate under a scheme called The Islington Suffolk Project. Hundreds of Islington children
holidayed at the Henniker estate since the 1970s. Islington was implicated in child trafficking.
Jimmy Savile raped kids on Islington where 14 investigations revealed pedophiles operated
all 24 children’s homes.33 The entire island was complicit in the abuse, such that victims
refused to testify to internal investigators who ‘lost’ all files documenting child abuse on
Operation Fairbank was established in 2012 to investigate allegations against Peter
Righton and his connections. During the 1992 raids on Righton, police found 25 years of
correspondence between Righton and pedophiles in Britain and around the world.34 Police
found a letter from Charles Napier to Righton boasting of his life in Cairo as a British Council
teacher, how Cairo was ‘full of boys, 98 per cent of them available,’ and how Napier could
send child pornography to Britain in diplomatic bags.35 Charles Napier fled England for Cairo
in 1972 after being banned from teaching in the UK for indecently assault pupils at a Surrey
school. In 1995, Charles Napier was convicted of the historical rape of a boy. Police evidence
included letters exchanged between Napier and Righton about the availability of boys in
Sweden, plus a 1978 film showing Napier and Righton with boys in Sweden.


Operation Fernbridge was an Operation Fairbank offshoot. It focused on, ‘Elm Guest
House, south-west London, a gay brothel where VIP pedophiles preyed on young boys
supplied from local care homes.’36 Rent boy candidates were identified from school magazine
photos and forced into foster care by government social workers like Peter Righton. Multiple
boy brothel victims identified VIP Elm Guest House clients including politicians, police, Royal
family employees, British Intelligence, military, and pop stars. Cliff Richards obtained a high
court injunction to prevent the media naming him as an Elm Guest House client codenamed
‘Kitty.’ The media instead named Cliff Richards for sexually assaulting a boy at Billy Graham’s

Andrew Johnston (2014). Islington child abuse victim: Why I won’t talk to the Town hall Inquiry into Jimmy
Savile link, Islington Tribune, 11 April.
Keir Mudie (2012). Abuse scandals probe widens: The man who may hold key to UK's biggest pedophile
network ever. Mirror, 11 Nov.
Keir Mudie (2013). VIP child abuse ring: Cops probe paedo teacher Charles Napier. Mirror, 16 Feb.

1985 Crusade in Sheffield, forcing him to relocate to pedophile-friendly Portugal (where
Madeleine McCain disappeared).
Multiple victims named Prime Minister Edward Heath and Home Secretary Leon
Brittan as Elm Guest House clients. In November 1983, Geoffrey Dickens MP gave Leon Brittan
a ‘massive’ dossier on child abuse containing specific allegations about a link between PIE and
Buckingham Palace staff, Foreign Office staff, and the civil service. Dickens gave Brittan a
second dossier in 1984 alleging child abuse in a children’s home and naming prominent
pedophiles including a BBC TV executive. Leon Brittan investigated nothing – because he was
one of them.

Elm Guest House ran an advertisement in the Spartacus International Gay Guide
pedophile magazine which offered a ‘10% Discount to Spartacus Club members.’ According
to Australian police detectives, ‘Spartacus’ was codename for an international underground
pedophile network.37 Spartacus Club, part of the British-registered Spartacus International,
was run by pedophile Catholic priest John Stamford, a PIE activist who fled the UK for
Amsterdam where he published and managed the German Spartacus International Gay
Guide. The magazine functioned as a shopping catalogue / tourist guidebook for international
pedophiles who could arrange to meet up with the children advertised in the magazine. The
Spartacus International Gay Guide was distributed to pedophiles travelling to ‘Europe,
Mediterranean, America, Africa, Asia, Australasia, USSR.’

Brisbane court stenographer Clarence Henry Howard-Osborne was Australia’s contact
point for senior PIE figures including John Stamford.38 Osborne took photos of Brisbane
children that appeared in German and English pedophile magazines including Spartacus
International Gay Guide. Clarence Osborne organised for international pedophile tourists to
meet up with Brisbane children whose photographs he had placed in the Spartacus
International Gay Guide.
In 1973, the Public Service Board conducted two secret inquiries into Clarence
Osborne. Resultingly, Gough Whitlam’s ALP government transferred Clarence Osborne to the
Hansard bureau at Parliament House in Canberra. (I was trafficked to a pedophile party held
inside Parliament House during Clarence Osborne’s placement there.)
Clarence Osborne committed suicide in 1979 after police raided his home:

[Police] discovered thousands of pictures of naked children, hundreds of hours of tape-

recorded conversations with boys and a meticulously organised filing cabinet filled
with index cards bearing the details of his victims, from their names, ages and
addresses, to their physical measurements. It was later estimated that Osborne had
been involved with more than 2500 under-aged males over a 20-year period…
Incredibly, Osborne and his voluminous files were never thoroughly investigated by
police. According to officers who viewed the Osborne material at the time, the names
on the index cards, so dutifully recorded by Osborne, were not only those of the boys
he had seduced, but adults – members of the judiciary, the legal profession, politicians,

Matthew Condon (2016). Pedophile Clarence Henry Howard-Osborne’s files could have ‘brought down
government.’ Courier Mail, 18 March.

academics, and even police officers - with sexual interests in children. One former
officer said the Osborne material was enough ‘to bring down the [then Queensland]
government overnight.’ 39

Osborn shared his pedophile materials with Australia’s leading criminologist and ABC
Radio regular Paul Wilson who wrote a book defending Clarence Osborne.40 At the University
of Queensland during the 1980s, Paul Wilson organised a pro-pedophilia conference and
showed a child porn snuff film to his psychology class. Bond University published Paul Wilson’s
pro-pedophile articles on their website, until Wilson was charged with historical child sexual

By the early 1980s the Osborne case had been all but forgotten, and many of the
diminutive stenographer’s secrets were presumed lost with him. Except a retired
Queensland police officer with a conscience and a phenomenal memory, who wanted
to pursue Osborne at the time – and was warned off by senior officers, and who
received a death threat after he pushed the pedophile investigation too far – only to
be drummed out of the force, never forgot the case. And in breaking his silence, he
would link Osborne to an international pedophile ring, and the child abuse scandal
currently rocking Westminster in the UK.41


Jimmy Savile, who associated closely with British prime ministers Edward Heath and
Margaret Thatcher, and the British Royal family, was linked to PIE. Initial allegations against
Savile involved Satanic Ritual Abuse:


James Fielding,, 13 Jan 2013.

JIMMY SAVILE beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret satanic ritual in a
hospital. The perverted star wore a hooded robe and mask as he abused the terrified
victim in a candle-lit basement. He also chanted ‘Hail Satan’ in Latin as other
paedophile devil worshippers joined in and assaulted the girl at Stoke Mandeville
Hospital in Buckinghamshire. The attack, which happened in 1975, shines a sinister
new light on the former DJ’s 54-year reign of terror. Savile, who died aged 84 in
October 2011, is now Britain’s worst sex offender after police revealed he preyed on at
least 450 victims aged eight to 47.

The girl kept her torment hidden for nearly 20 years before finally opening up to
therapist Valerie Sinason. Dr Sinason told the Sunday Express she first spoke to the
victim in 1992. ‘She had been a patient at Stoke Mandeville in 1975 when Savile was a
regular visitor. She recalled being led into a room that was filled with candles on the
lowest level of the hospital, somewhere that was not regularly used by staff. Several
adults were there, including Jimmy Savile who, like the others, was wearing a robe and

Paul Wilson (1981). The Man They Called a Monster: Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys. Cassell.
Matthew Condon (2016). Pedophile Clarence Henry Howard-Osborne’s files could have ‘brought down
government.’ Courier Mail, 18 March.

a mask. She recognised him because of his distinctive voice and the fact that his blond
hair was protruding from the side of the mask. He was not the leader, but he was seen
as important because of his fame. She was molested, raped and beaten and heard
words that sounded like ‘Ave Satanas,’ a Latin-ised version of ‘Hail Satan,’ being
chanted. There was no mention of any other child being there and she cannot
remember how long the attack lasted but she was left extremely frightened and

Savile was a volunteer porter and fundraiser at the hospital between 1965 and 1988
and had his own quarters there. Five years after the hospital attack, he abused a
second victim during another black mass ceremony held at a house in a wealthy
London street. The woman was 21 at the time and was made to attend an orgy, which
later took on a darker twist.

Dr Sinason, director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London, said: ‘A second
victim approached me in 1993. She said she had been ‘lent out’ as a supposedly
consenting prostituted woman at a party in a London house in 1980. The first part of
the evening started off with an orgy but half-way through some of the participants
left. Along with other young women, the victim was shepherded to wait in another
room before being brought back to find Savile in a master of ceremonies kind of role
with a group wearing robes and masks. She too heard Latin chanting and instantly
recognised Satanist regalia. Although the girl was a young adult, who was above the
age of consent, she had suffered a history of sexual abuse and was extremely

Both victims contacted Dr Sinason, who is president of the Institute of Psychotherapy

and Disability, while she was involved in a Department of Health-funded study into
sexual abuse committed during rituals and religious ceremonies. She said: ‘Both these
witnesses did speak to police at the time but were vulnerable witnesses and on
encountering any surprise or shock did not dare to give all the details.’ Dr Sinason
added: ‘Savile was still a huge celebrity in the early Nineties, let’s not forget, and there
was never any action taken against him or any of the others involved. Neither girl knew
one another, they lived in different parts of the country and contacted me a year apart,
yet their experiences are very similar. Whether Savile was a practising Satanist or
merely enjoyed dressing up to scare his victims even more will perhaps never be known
but he left those two girls mentally scarred.’

Dr Sinason has passed details of the abuse to officers from the Savile inquiry, Operation

* * *


John Twomey & Mark Reynolds,, 12 Jan 2013.

THE vast scale of Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse was revealed yesterday as the BBC star
was unmasked as a monster who raped and molested children for nearly six decades.

Former Top of The Pops presenter Savile preyed on at least 450 victims at schools,
hospitals and at other venues including a hospice and the BBC TV Centre. Using his
celebrity status and the popularity of shows such as Jim’ll Fix It, the paedophile gained
access to victims and committed horrific crimes at will, a report revealed yesterday.
Savile hoodwinked his bosses, hospital and school officials and millions of viewers and
listeners to gain almost saint-like status. Commander Peter Spindler, who led Scotland
Yard’s £450,000 inquiry, said: ‘He groomed the nation.’

Detectives believe Savile spent every waking moment thinking of ways to gain access
to victims. He also attacked vulnerable adults but 73 per cent of his victims were under
18. The youngest was an eight-year-old boy. He also abused a dying child at Great
Ormond Street Hospital. The child, aged 11 or 12, told relatives Savile had touched him
or her inappropriately. The DJ committed at least 34 rapes – mostly on women. Some
victims were hospital patients who had pleaded with him to visit because they had no
one else. Victims were attacked in 14 different medical establishments including
mental health units.

His sickening activities were exposed in a landmark joint report by the Metropolitan
Police and the children’s charity NSPCC. His earliest recorded offence was in 1955 and
the latest in 2009, when he was 82. He died in 2011. Police recorded 214 crimes across
28 forces from Avon and Somerset to Northumbria. The peak of the offending was from
1966 to 1976.

Scarcely any victims complained. The few who did were not taken seriously by police,
prosecutors, hospital and school officials – or even their own parents. At least five
chances were missed to put Savile in the dock – the most recent in 2009 when four
women reported assaults while in their teens or early 20s. But detectives mishandled
the investigations.

Lawyers representing victims are preparing multi-million damages claims against

Savile’s £4.2million estate, the BBC, hospital and education authorities. Solicitors said
they had not ruled out suing the police…

* * *


John Twomey & Mark Reynolds,, 12 Jan 2013.

JIMMY Savile’s 54-year reign of sexual abuse was revealed yesterday as it emerged the
disgraced BBC star’s victims included a terminally ill child and an eight-year-old boy.

… he abused a dying child at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The allegation was made
by a patient aged 11 or 12 who told relatives before dying that Savile had touched him
or her inappropriately. He committed at least 34 rapes, mostly of women. Some victims
were desperately lonely patients who had pleaded with Savile to visit because they had
no one else to comfort them…

* * *

Irish Foster Boys Trafficked to Royal Mountbatten & Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile was close friends with Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Charles’ favourite
uncle. Savile and Mountbatten are linked to the investigation of Kincora Boys’ Home in
Belfast, Northern Ireland. Joseph Mains, the Warden of Kincora Boys’ Home, prostituted boys
to British VIPs. He drove Kincora boys to Classiebawn Castle on Mullaghmore Harbor in County
Sligo, on Ireland’s West Coast, for Lord Mountbatten to rape. Mountbatten holidayed at
Classiebawn Castle every summer for 30 years – until the Irish Republican Army assassinated
him in 1979 by bombing his boat in Mullahgmore Harbour. Rumours persist that the IRA killed
Mountbatten because he took advantage of Northern Irish boys.
Consistent with their VIP child trafficking coverup, the British press completely ignored
this Saville-Mountbatten-Kincora connection when reporting on the August 2019 launch of
Andrew Lownie’s sensational biography, The Mountbattens: their Lives & Loves. The following
article typifies the UK press’ alternative focus:

Lord Mountbatten ‘was a homosexual with a lust for young boys’ claims secret FBI
dossier compiled by agents seeking dirt on British statesmen during World War Two
and the Suez Crisis
Connor Boyd, Daily Mail, 18 Aug 2019.

Intelligence files describe Lord Mountbatten as person of ‘extremely low morals’

75-year-old documents say he frequently had homosexual extramarital affairs
It comes ahead of the 40th anniversary of his death at hands of the IRA in 1979

Prince Charles’ uncle and valued mentor Lord Mountbatten was a ‘homosexual with a
perversion for young boys’, according to a secret dossier compiled by the FBI. The
intelligence files describe the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma and his wife Edwina as
‘persons of extremely low morals’ who frequently had extramarital affairs. One source
said Mountbatten’s penchant for young men made him ‘an unfit man to direct any sort
of military operations.’

The 75-year-old FBI documents were obtained through a freedom of information
request by British historian Andrew Lownie, who has written a biography of the couple.
In the book, The Mountbattens: their Lives & Loves, Mountbatten’s former driver Ron
Perks reveals that one of his boss’s favourite destinations was ‘an upmarket gay
brothel used by senior naval officers’ called the Red House near Rabat.

Agents began compiling the file, which spans more than three decades, in February
1944, shortly after Mountbatten became supreme allied commander of southeast
Asia. Following his appointment, the FBI interviewed Elizabeth de la Poer Beresford,
Baroness Decies, about another matter, and she brought up Mountbatten. The file
reads: ‘She states that in these circles Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife are
considered persons of extremely low morals. She stated that Lord Louis Mountbatten
was known to be a homosexual with a perversion for young boys. In Lady Decies’
opinion he is an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations because of this
condition. She stated further that his wife Lady Mountbatten was considered equally

erratic.’ It was signed EE Conroy, head of the New York field office, who wrote that she
‘appears to have no special motive in making the above statements.’

Rumours about Mountbatten’s sexuality have long swirled following his death 40 years
ago… fuelled by his comment: ‘Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into
other people’s beds.’ The royal kept a large group of gay friends, including Noël
Coward, Terence Rattigan, Ivor Novello and Tom Driberg, who reportedly referred to
him as ‘Mountbottom’.

Lownie’s new book, to be published on Thursday, contains an interview with Anthony

Daly, a rent boy to the rich and famous during the 1970s. Daly claims: ‘Tom said
Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms — handsome young men in
military uniforms (with high boots) and beautiful boys in school uniform.’

* * *

By contrast, Irish news sites focussed on Andrew Lownie’s coverage of the

Saville-Mountbatten-Kincora connection. For example:

A Kincora Boy Abused by Mountbatten Committed Suicide a few Months Later

Joseph de Burca, Village, 18 Aug 2019.

* * *


The British press downgraded Jimmy Savile’s documented SRA to a ‘plain vanilla’ story.
Pro-pedophile mouthpiece The Telegraph led the propaganda charge with quotes like:
‘Satanic ritual abuse does not exist, it’s like alien abduction.’42 The quoted female barrister
advocated for lowering the age of consent to 13, and not charging pedophiles with historical
crimes because it was ‘too late.’ She employed the term ‘moral panic’ to dismiss victim
testimony. Quoting a female pedophile defender is effective because the public do not realise
how many females, including barristers, are involved in Luciferian pedophile cults.
The ‘plain vanilla’ account pushed by UK media involved 13 police stations which
gathered reports from 589 victims, 450 of whom claimed abuse by Savile. The abuse
implicated the BBC plus 32 government hospitals. A 2014 National Health Service report
concluded, Savile raped public hospital patients over several decades, including children,
adults, and dead bodies, with the knowledge and support of government authorities. Nurses
felt so helpless to stop Savile, they warned hospitalised children to feign sleep to avoid Savile
raping them during his late-night ward rounds. Savile even assaulted hospital staff and
visitors. Further, politicians and civil servants appointed unqualified Jimmy Savile to run
Broadmoor psychiatric unit where he boldly assaulted staff, raped patients, and invited high
profile associates to watch women shower. To date, the British Government has failed to
explain how one filthy grub wielded such influence and terror without the backing of
Westminster pedophiles.

Melanie Hall (2013). Jimmy Savile satanic abuse claims as unlikely as 'alien abduction', says leading barrister,
The Telegraph, 8 July.

Jimmy Savile was implicated in the abuse of children at tax/pedophile haven Jersey
Island where residents’ front yards proudly display statues of very young children
performing oral sex on erect penises, plus a 12-foot statue of Satan as pedophile Pan. The
entire Jersey Island population including police, judiciary, social services and journalists were
complicit to the ritual rape, torture and murder of children at the island’s children’s home,
Hart de la Garenne, where police found buried remains of multiple children, plus a kill room
featuring: shackles, a blood-stained concrete tub, lime bath, and incinerator full of children’s
dismembered body parts. Senior police, including Scotland Yard, blocked investigations of
most of the 151 perpetrators identified by 192 victims who made 1,776 witness statements.
A few low-level staff were charged, while all VIPs and those accused of satanic ritual abuse,
escaped police investigation. Anyone who tried to expose the Luciferian pedophile child
trafficking operation were arrested or murdered, including Dyana, sister of Bill Maloney who
produced the documentary Sun, Sea and Satan about the ritual abuse the siblings
experienced on Jersey Island.
Prime Minister Edward Heath closely associated with Jimmy Savile. Guy Marsden,
Jimmy Savile’s nephew, said Heath sexually assaulted a boy at a London party. Heath was also
implicated in the rape and murder of Jersey Island children aboard his yacht.

British Intelligence and the BBC went to extreme lengths to plug any leaks regarding
the VIP trafficking operation:

- In 1978, the BBC banned pop star ‘Johnny Rotten’ for outing Saville as a pedophile
during interview.44
- In 1996, the British government assassinated a Dunblane teacher and her entire
primary school class following disclosures the children were being sex trafficked to the
elite Westminster pedophile ring. Websites exposing the truth of the Dunblane
Massacre were wiped off the internet.
- In 1999, journalist Jill Dando was gunned down in a professional hit, to stop her
exposing the same VIP pedophile network on the BBC Crimewatch television program
she hosted.

Owing to the internet, the truth became more difficult for the UK government to
suppress. Here is a summary of notable newspaper articles that documented multiple police
investigations into thousands of VIP pedophile allegations in the UK.


Jonathan Corke, Tony Bushby & Deborah Sherwood, Daily Star, 28 Oct 2012.

- The British Royal Air Force flew rich and powerful European VIPs, including Belgians,
to attend London pedophile orgies in the 1980s (via RAF Northolt located outside
- Numerous boys were sex trafficked to rich and powerful men in the 1980s.

Daily Mail (2012). Former Jersey police chief says Savile was implicated in Haut de la Garenne children’s
home scandal and there’s ‘no reason to doubt’ he abused girls there, 9 Oct.
The Guardian (2015). John Lydon says he was 'banned from BBC' over Jimmy Savile comments, 24 Sep.

- VIPs paid boy prostitutes to attend pedophile orgies at ‘millionaire properties’ in
London and the Home Counties.
- A ‘network’ of boys, including runaways, were prostituted to the orgies.
- A teenage rent boy witness vanished just weeks after speaking to Metropolitan Police
- The boy named VIP pedophiles including a living Tory Cabinet minister, judges, and
senior civil servants.
- Met detectives received multiple pedophile allegations against the Cabinet minister.
- Metropolitan Police ordered detectives to stop investigating the VIP pedophile ring.
- A retired detective who worked on the case said: ‘It wasn’t that we ran out of leads,
but it reached a point where a warning to stop came. It was a case of ‘get rid of
everything, never say a word to anyone. It was made very clear to me that to continue
asking questions would jeopardise my career.’
- The Tory Cabinet minister was never arrested. No one was charged over the rent-boy
pedophile ring.
- Labor MP Tom Watson said case files from 20 years ago link pedophile Peter Righton
to a Prime Minister. Watson knows of evidence linking a second pedophile ring to
Parliament and the PM. Watson said the leads were not followed up, and he was
contacted by someone claiming the police ‘held a vast quantity of material suggesting
Jimmy Savile was a predatory pedophile.’
- Police conducted at least 7 investigations into Savile while he was alive – yet no
charges were laid.
- Scotland Yard investigated Savile in the 1980s over claims he attacked a girl in a
caravan at London BBC TV Centre.
- Metropolitan Police are currently investigating Jimmy Savile’s assault of 300 victims
over 60 years.

* * *

MI5 'Helped Margaret Thatcher Cover-up Pedophile Tory MPs Activities' new
Document Reveals
Nick Sommerlad & Jack Blanchard, The Mirror, 22 July 2015.

- A 1985 letter from MI5 head Sir Antony Duff to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
revealed two sources accused an unnamed senior Tory MP of having ‘a penchant for
small boys.’
- MI5 told Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong, they accepted the MP’s denials of
the pedophile allegations, adding: ‘At the present stage... the risks of political
embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger.’
- Pedophile documents link PM Thatcher’s parliamentary secretary Sir Peter Morrison,
Home Secretary Leon Brittan, diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, and minister Sir William van

* * *

‘Edward Heath Abused us too’ say More Alleged Victims Coming Forward
Russell Myers, The Mirror, 4 Aug 2015.

- Metropolitan, Wiltshire, Jersey and Kent police forces investigated pedophile

allegations against PM Edward Heath.
- The Met Police had been investigating Heath for almost 10 months.
- A Scotland Yard inquiry, Operation Midland, investigated Heath as part of a 1970s -
80s VIP pedophile ring.
- Wiltshire Police received ‘a number’ of fresh calls from Heath victims.
- In the 1990s, a brothel keeper threatened to reveal in court that she had evidence PM
Heath was a pedophile. Charges against her were dropped.
- The Police force is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints
Commission for allegedly failing to investigate the brothel keeper’s evidence.
- The NSPCC [the child abuse charity Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher supported]
has also been contacted by people claiming Heath sexually assaulted them.
- A central police operation codenamed Hydrant collated all historical pedophile
allegations involving VIPs.
- Heath raped a 12-year-old runaway at his flat in Mayfair, Central London, in 1961. The
victim made a detailed statement to lawyers. Social workers called the victim a
‘fantasist’ when he tried to report the rape.
- Another man contacted Kent Police yesterday saying Heath raped him in the 1960s.
‘Detectives are making inquiries and will obtain a full account from the victim.’
- Jersey police said, ‘Heath is one of at least 13 “well known” politicians, celebrities and
sports stars being looked at over decades of child abuse’ under Operation Whistle
investigations of historical pedophilia.
- Jimmy Savile frequented Jersey care home Haut de la Garenne.
- Jersey Police’s Operation Whistle, launched in 2015, investigated 4 institutions, 45
suspects including 13 VIPs.


In the 1990s, Catholic Belgium became notorious for the Dutroux Affair, a 1990s child
sex trafficking scandal implicating Belgian Royals, politicians, bankers, businessmen, police
and lawyers. WikiLeaks dropped a ‘Dutroux dossier’ showing clientele from European
countries, plus Morocco and Saudi Arabia, paid to rape trafficked Belgian children. Belgian
victim Regina Louf said VIP clientele were secretly filmed without their knowledge as part of
a human compromise operation, ‘It was big business - blackmail - there was a lot of money
involved.’45 Belgian girls were kidnapped, caged, gang raped in pedophile orgies, and
murdered for snuff films; they were tortured, ritually sacrificed, suffocating to death in
holding cells, wrapped in plastic and buried alive, and killed for sexual pleasure.
Regina Louf was sold to the Belgian trafficking network by her wealthy grandmother,
Cecile Beernaert, whose WW2 brothels serviced Nazi troops. Regina described being raped at
sex orgies organised by businessman Jean Michel Nihoul who was later convicted of
trafficking drugs and people into Belgium. Regina Louf and other Dutroux victims told police

Olenka Frenkiel (2002) Belgium's X-Files, BBC 2, 2 May, 7:15pm BST.

they were subjected to satanic ritual abuse and child hunts in which VIPs including Belgium
Royalty hunted and murdered children for sport in locations including the grounds of Chimay
The Belgian government subsequently covered up the true nature of the Dutroux
Affair. Evidence disappeared, numerous suspects were never investigated, and over 20 key
witnesses were murdered.46 47 One witness was poisoned, and his wife incinerated in her
bed.48 No VIPs were charged, and a few low-level scapegoats were prosecuted, including Marc
Dutroux and his wife who received lengthy sentences for starving two eight-year-old girls to
death in their cellar. RTBF, a government-owned TV station, campaigned ‘to prove that
Dutroux was an isolated pervert kidnapping girls for himself, that there was no network, that
Jean Michel Nihoul was innocent, and victim Regina Louf was a liar.’49 VIP pedophile
mouthpiece The Telegraph supported this angle from the UK.50
In 1996, a massive 350,000 Belgian citizens protest marched against the VIP child
trafficking operation. Belgian fire fighters protested by turning their hoses on the Belgian
Parliamentary building. One third of Belgians surnamed Dutroux legally changed their family
name. Yet this all this achieved nothing.
Belgian sex trafficking victim Anneke Lucas came forward in 2017 in the wake of
Pedogate. Anneke’s mother sold her into sex slavery at age six years. For the next 5.5 years
she was raped six hours per week by up to 200 pedophiles including Royalty. Anneke Lucas
was subjected to torture, child murder, and satanic ritual abuse. From age six she attended
weekly, late-night pedophile orgies held in mansions and castles during which she was ‘used
for an S&M show, on a low stage, chained up with an iron dog collar, and made to eat human
faeces.’ 51 Anneke said she and the other trafficked children were ‘made to commit violence’
against child victims so they felt too ‘implicated’ to inform police.

UK Prosecutes ‘Fantasist’ Victims for Whistleblowing

The UK’s latest tactic to silence victims of government child trafficking is to prosecute
them for reporting the crimes committed against them to the police. Their modus operandi
involves the DPP charging victims with perverting the course of justice, while the government-
controlled media slander the victims as a ‘fantasists’ who fabricates witness testimony for
money. The UK government tried this on Ben Fellows, a former UK child actor and
Westminster sex trafficking victim. Ben Fellows said his agent Sylvia Young solicited him at
age 14 years for sexual abuse by Tom Cruise. Fellows was subsequently targeted for false
arrest and slander by the media who described the victim as ‘an inventive and sometimes
persuasive fantasist.’ In 2015, the UK government unsuccessfully prosecuted Ben Fellows for
perverting the course of justice for providing a 2012 police witness statement to Operation

Olenka Frenkiel (2002). Belgium's silent heart of darkness, The Guardian, 5 May.
Andrew Osborn (2002). Belgium still haunted by pedophile scandal. The Guardian, 25 Jan.
Irish Times (2004). Dutroux trial to revive Belgium's trauma. 1 Mar.
Frenkiel, above n42.
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (2004). Life for Dutroux and his wife gets 30 years. The Telegraph, 23 June.
Jenny Awford (2017). ‘THE BUTCHER’S BLOCK WAS BLACK WITH BLOOD’ Ex-child sex slave Anneke Lucas
reveals she was ‘raped, tortured with a fishhook and almost stabbed to death after being sold into aristocratic
paedo gang aged six.’ The Sun, 19 Jan.
Haroon Siddigue (2015). Court clears actor who accused Kenneth Clarke of sexual assault. The Guardian, 31

Multiple victims who came forward and made police witness statements against elite
UK pedophiles including Edward Heath were initially supported as ‘credible and true.’ In 2016,
Westminster victim Darren Thornham used Twitter to warn of a coverup operation involving
(a) a fake victim being planted to discredit the genuine ones, and (b) a cut-out media company
(Exaro News) gathering testimonies from victims who were subsequently falsely arrested and
murdered. Darren implicated Australian 60 Minutes journalist Ross Coulthart in an elaborate
media rouse. According to Darren’s tweets, police beat him, threatened him with false arrest
(for attending a 1992 rave at age 15 years with eight fellow sex trafficking victims) and
threatened to raid and charge him for terror crimes along with victim Kevin Allen (brother of
missing victim Martin Allen) whose family were also threatened. The UK media branded
Darren a ‘fantasist’ after police charged him in 2016 for making false accusations against VIP
pedophiles. Police eventually dropped the charges, according to Darren’s final twitter post:

Darren Press Statement – 17.11.17

The false charge against me, which was downgraded from making hoax claims to
wasting police time, has rightly been dropped. I have been subject to a terrifying ordeal
of being attacked, stalked and threatened by individuals determined to get even with
me for telling the truth about the sexual abuse I suffered as a child.

The case has clearly shown serious misconduct by Suffolk police officers, who have
ignored complex issues surrounding harassment and intimidation of myself. The case
was part of an attempt by police and the wider establishment to silence me.

I refute claims that I invented the allegations of child abuse committed by high profile
offenders. On many occasions, the media have simply published lies as part of a
campaign against me. Some media behaviour has bordered on harassment and
bullying of a CSA [child sexual abuse] survivor. I was especially saddened and shocked
to see certain people who claim to be CSA survivors on social media, as well as certain
journalists, vilify me.

The last nine months since my arrest have been very difficult for me. It has led to my
being on the verge of suicide on more than one occasion. It is only the support of people
very close to me that I did not ultimately kill myself…

Darren’s press statement inexplicably thanked the Exaro News journalist he criticised
in numerous earlier tweets. Was Darren under duress?


In 2019, after the UK government failed to prosecute high profile victims Ben Fellows
and Darren Thornham, they made an example of a convicted pedophile who named Edward
Heath plus the heads of MI5, MI6 and the Army, in a police witness statement. Nick was
sentenced to 18 years prison – a disproportionate sentence compared to the lenience granted
to pedophiles – for perverting the course of justice. Social media agents spread the discourse
that this action against Nick was justified because he himself is a convicted pedophile. The
Telegraph vilified Nick as a ‘fantasist’ who fabricated his witness testimony to get

compensation – as though by extension ALL victims of government child trafficking are
fantasists. Was this the plant Darren Thornham warned us of on Twitter?
Nick was used to discredit and bury numerous witness testimonies against PM Edward
Heath, including six genuine victims who named Heath to police in SRA accusations. Nick’s
prosecution was an MI6-Tavistock Psychological Operation designed to sway public opinion,
deter all other government child trafficking victims from making future police statements,
and discredit the many Westminster VIP pedophiles that were reported to police 50 years
before Nick’s prosecution. This one successful prosecution does not erase the following 1969
and 1989 police investigations into the sex trafficking of government care children to
Westminster pedophiles:

1. 1989 Police Investigation into Wales Boys Home Brothels

Scallywag magazine was published between 1991 and 1998. Issue 22 (1994) contained
an article ‘LORD MCALPINE AND THE PEDOPHILE RING’ by Angus James which exposed the
Bryn Alyn Community, a private company centred in Wrexham, Wales, which operated 11
children’s residential homes. The Bryn Alyn organisation was a front for a massive
international child sex trafficking and pornography business managed by scapegoat John Allen
who was eventually convicted of 33 counts of child rape against 19 children. Allen prostituted
foster children to VIPs who attended boy brothel houses located all over the UK including
London, Manchester, South Shields, Gloucestershire, Wrexham, Brighton, plus Bordeaux,
France. He also hired rent boys for members of the Wrexham Golf Club to rape. Allen also
operated a child porn empire including a branch in Amsterdam and a Wrexham film studio
where foster children were used to make pornography. John Allen’s VIP clients included:

- Lord Robert Alistair McAlpine (Treasurer, PM Margaret Thatcher’s Advisor. Formally

cautioned in 1965 by Strathclyde police for committing a sexual offence against a
child. He sued the media for outing him as a pedophile).
- Gordon Anglesea (Police superintendent and notable Freemason. He sued two
national newspapers in 1994 for printing crimes he was eventually convicted for. In
2016, he died six weeks into a 12-year prison sentence for violently raping two boys
in the 1980s).53
- Lord Kenyon (North Wales Police Authority Chair).
- Wyn Roberts (MP for Conway, minister for State at the Welsh Office).
- Adam Mar-Jones (son of film critic Justice Jones).
- Sgt. David Morgan.
- PC David Rodgers.
- PC Peter Sharman.
- DC Gary Probert.
- Michael Portillo (politician).
- Peter Lilly (politician).
- Lord David Steel (politician).

In 1989, Detective Superintendent Ackerley collected over 1,500 witness statements

during an internal police inquiry, yet his findings were buried, and key witnesses and

BBN News (2018). Gordon Anglesea: Jailed child abuse ex-police boss died of natural causes, 2 May.

investigators were physically assaulted. Alex Siddington (Welsh Coordinator for the National
Association of Young people in Care) was beaten and had chemicals sprayed into his eyes.
Gordon Anglesea’s rape victim and key witness Steven Messham was beaten twice. The local
BBC journalist who investigated the case for 18 months was burgled in retaliation.

2. 1969 Police Investigation into Rochedale Boy Home Brothels

Lord David Steele MP recently admitted to burying child abuse allegations that publicly
emerged against politician Sir Cyril Smith in a 1979 Private Eye magazine.54 In 1969, Lancashire
police investigated Cyril Smith’s sexual assault of young boys in Rochedale care homes. The
inquiry ended in 1970 when prosecutors falsely concluded they had insufficient evidence to
prosecute Cyril Smith. MI5 knew the DPP lied to journalists about their decision not to charge
Cyril Smith but did nothing.55 In Smile for the Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith (2014)
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk claimed Cyril Smith was allowed to continue abusing children as
young as eight, after 144 victims’ complaints were submitted to authorities.
This is not the extent of investigations into Westminster VIPs and UK children homes being
used as VIP brothels. I will mention one more high-profile case, due to its international
trafficking relevance:


British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke co-wrote the screenplay for the 1968
predictive programming film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. In 1961, Julian Huxley’s UNESCO
awarded Clarke the Kalinga Prize for popularising science. Clarke is famously quoted as saying,
‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ More significantly,
Arthur C. Clarke was a gay pedophile who pioneered the Sri Lankan child sex tourism industry.
The British Royals knighted Clarke just days after Sunday Mirror journalist Graham Johnson
revealed Clarke admitted to having solicited young boys for sex. When Clarke subsequently
denied this admission, the Sunday Mirror produced Clarke’s taped admission plus a secret
document naming Clarke as a pedophile known to members of the NAMBLA (North American
Boy Lovers Association) pedophile network.

US detectives, who arrested leaders of the [NAMBLA] association 10 years ago, say
Clarke was named by other pedophiles they quizzed during an FBI investigation. The
perverts had set up children's homes in Thailand as fronts for their sick activities. One
of its leaders was Jonathan Tampico, 48, a top nuclear scientist who worked for the
American Government. He served two-and-a- half years in jail for molesting a boy of
12 and is now on the run with a million-dollar warrant on his head for further porn
offences. He told detectives he had stayed at Clarke's home in Colombo and had
swapped letters with the author. Another known pedophile, former church minister
John Wakefield Cummings, 56, is serving a 24-years-to-life sentence after admitting
molesting 17 boys in his care. He told police in Sacremento, California, that Clarke had
been contacted at his Sri Lankan home by a pedophile who was on the run from the
American authorities. In a sworn statement made to an investigator for Sacremento's
district attorney…Wakefield Cummings told how the pervert fled to Sri Lanka where he

Rajeev Syal (2019). Lord Steel says he believed Cyril Smith abuse claims but did not act. The Guardian
[Online], 14 March.
Frances Perraudin (2017). MI5 knew prosecutors lied to press about Cyril Smith case, inquiry told. The
Guardian [Online], 10 Oct.

was able to contact the pedophile community through Clarke. He then fled from Sri
Lanka to Indonesia. Detectives contacted a child welfare group to warn them about
Clarke's activities.56

Arthur C. Clarke said in the notorious interview: ‘I am all in favour of efforts to stop
[pedophilia]. But how do we stop it without interfering with the rights of responsible
adults. I think most of the damage comes from the fuss made by hysterical parents
afterwards. If the kids don't mind, fair enough.’

In recent years Clarke's name has been linked with two notorious pedophiles, one of
whom - a Swiss millionaire - was kicked out of Sri Lanka on the orders of the president
for abusing impoverished beach boys. He is now awaiting trial in Zurich accused of
sexually abusing up to 1,500 young boys and like Clarke was friends with a lot of Sri
Lanka's top politicians, senior policemen and influential government figures. Clarke is
said to have attended parties at the tycoon's home. When asked if he had, Clarke
replied: ‘I may well have done. I mean the very first man I met here in 1954 was a
pedophile and made no bones about it. He was in Intelligence in the army, a fantastic
guy.’ 57

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch stopped his UK newspaper News of the World from
breaking the story that Arthur C. Clarke was a pedophile - because he was friends with the

The UK government employed dirty tactics to cover-up the Westminster pedophile
story. Similar tactics were implemented in Belgium, Australia and the USA:

1. Label outspoken victims as liars, fantasists, and/or insane.

2. Frame victims with false arrest for fabricated crimes.
3. Label concern about, and investigation of, pedophilia and ritual abuse crimes ‘Moral
Panic’ or ‘Satanic Panic.’
4. Label all inquiry into adult male pedophiles with a penchant for boys, ‘homophobia’
and an ‘abuse of human rights.’

The gay community must be proactive in distancing themselves from pedophiles who
long ago equated the fight for gay rights with the fight for social and legal acceptance of
pedophilia. Being gay does not automatically make a person a pedophile. Yet many equate
being gay with being a pedophile, thanks to PIE and NAMBLA members who aligned
themselves with gay activist groups in the 1970s and ‘80s. NAMBLA participated in gay pride
marches. USA VIP trafficking victim David Shurter provided me with insight into this issue, and
I hassled him to write a book about child trafficking and his experience and understanding of
the gay lifestyle he lived. Shurter’s insights may help combat the trend where VIP pedophiles
Tracey Schaverien & Roger Insall (1998). ‘Smirk of a pervert and a liar; Police Probe Links Clarke to
International Child Sex Ring.’ Sunday Mirror, 8 Feb.
Sunday Mirror (1998). ‘It Doesn't Do Any Harm...Most of the Damage Comes from Fuss Made by Hysterical
Parents.’ 1 Feb.
Graham Johnson (2012). Hack: Sex, Drugs, and Scandal from Inside the Tabloid Jungle. Simon and Schuster.

suddenly come out as gay in reaction to being accused of violently raping children. The tactic
of masking pedophilia allegations with cries of ‘Homophobia!’ worked for decades in
Australia, UK and the USA - until Kevin Spacey tried it mid #MeToo movement. Note that PIE
and NAMBLA never disbanded, they simply dove underground and employed more subtle
ways of achieving their perceived right to rape children.


Australia is in the process of two federal investigations, the Royal Commission into
Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, and the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the
Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. Only one of these investigations has
shed any light on the global child trafficking network. On 5 April 2018, Nicole Rose, the newly
appointed head of AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) addressed
the Australian media:59

I thought coming from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission that I had a
pretty good handle on serious and organised crime side. I didn't appreciate the depth
and breadth of involvement with private entities and banks. I didn't appreciate how
many industries it does actually touch. There's a misperception that money laundering
is a victimless white-collar crime that's probably just looking at tax avoidance - and it’s
not. It is criminal entities using financial institutions here and nationally to move
criminal funds around our country and our financial system overseas. And it has a
massive impact on everyday life. Whether that's child exploitation, serious and
organised crime, drug importation - it all involves money laundering.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) was subsequently fined $700 million for
almost 54,000 breaches of anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing laws,
including the laundering of proceeds from child sex trafficking, and the channelling of these
funds into overseas terrorist organisations. This massive criminal operation involved 27
different groups or cells, each of which accessed a CBA account. Each of the 27 accounts was
used for money laundering by multiple, possibly hundreds, of criminals, with each individual
depositing amounts of over $10,000 into the automatic tellers per sitting. Police obtained
footage of people sitting at tellers at night with large bags of cash, patiently feeding notes
into the IDMs (Intelligent Deposit Machines).
About 80 percent of CBA-laundered money was obtained via drug trafficking, while
the remaining 20 percent came from child sex trafficking (namely by Fijian nationals operating
in far north Queensland). The CBA sting operation incorporated the biggest illicit drug bust in
Australian history. This massive Perth, WA drug bust went unreported in the Australian media.
And that is not all the government covered up. AUSTRAC cut short their investigation and
action against the CBA because if they continued, the laundering operation was so massive
the CBA would have run out of money paying the appropriate fines.
The most telling cover-up regarding the CBA case is that, while the CBA as an
organisation was fined, law enforcement authorities never prosecuted the individual CBA
employees identified as responsible for masterminding the laundering operation. Those
offenders simply left the CBA to assume senior executive positions within other organisations.
Police prosecutors claimed they had insufficient evidence to prosecute the executives, when
Peter Ryan (2018). New AUSTRAC boss Nicole Rose shocked by 'depth and breadth' of money laundering,
ABC News [Online], 5 April.

they in fact possessed ample evidence. I suggest the true reason the DPP did not pursue the
individuals responsible for these crimes is because the perpetrators were CIA agents, and the
CBA money laundering operation was part of the CIA-coordinated global child and drug
trafficking operation.
As I write, Westpac and the NAB (National Australia Bank) are under AUSTRAC
investigation for the very same crimes.

2020 Update
Subsequent mainstream news articles confirm the accuracy of my 2019 writings:

Westpac braces for record fine over AUSTRAC scandal

Clancy Yeates, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 April 2020

Westpac is setting aside enough money to cover what would be the biggest fine in
Australian corporate history over a money laundering scandal that saw the country's
oldest bank lose its chief executive and chairman. The bank on Tuesday said it had
provisioned $900 million for its "potential liability" over the lawsuit launched last year
by the financial intelligence agency, AUSTRAC...

In its case against Westpac last year, AUSTRAC accused the bank of 23 million breaches
of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism finance laws, including failing to
properly vet thousands of transactions that could be linked to child exploitation and
live child sex shows in the Philippines and other parts of south-east Asia.

One of the Westpac customers paid someone in the Philippines who was later charged
with ‘live streaming of child sex shows and offering children for sex.’

* * *


In 2018, the Australian government initiated a Redress Scheme where child abuse
victims could apply for a maximum $150k compensation for being abused at the hands of one
or more government and/or private institutions named as perpetrators to the Royal
Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The Redress Scheme prevents
victims from taking further action against the institutions. It is the responsibility of individual
institutions to submit to the Redress Scheme. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church
dioceses signed up, but the individual Catholic Orders including the Salesian Priests who
operated BoysTown did not. Signing up is basically an admission of responsibility on the
institution’s part and indicates that victims reported that institution to the Child Abuse Royal
Commission. Scrolling through the list of institutions who signed up to the redress scheme,
my therapist and I were shocked to read the names ASIO and ANSTO.

2020 Update
The CSIRO have subsequently signed up to the Redress Scheme. Further, two Redress
Scheme employees (a lawyer and a counsellor) told me they each had multiple child abuse
victims name ASIO, the Australian Army, and other government institutions in their claims.

So, while I am overtly labelled nuts for my testimony, the government is covertly silencing the
numerous other victims of ASIO child sex trafficking with pathetic payouts.

* * *


‘Babylon’ is the Biblical name of the ‘great city that rules over the kings of the world’
(Rev. 17:18). Babylon was and is a global political, financial and religious power system that
rules the world. It is the Black Network, the Octopus, the Illuminati, the Luciferian Order
headed by the Rothschild dynasty, administered by pedophile government officials, and
policed by the CIA, Mossad, ASIO and MI6. The Bible describes Babylon as follows:

- The kings of the world have committed adultery with Babylon. (Rev 18:3)
- The merchants of the world have grown rich because of Babylon’s desire for
extravagant luxury. (18:3)
- Babylon brewed a cup of terror for others. (18:6)
- Babylon bought great quantities of human slaves. (18:11)
- The merchants of the world became wealthy by selling human slaves to Babylon.
- Babylon’s merchants are the greatest in the world. (18:23)
- Babylon deceived the nations with her sorceries. (18:23)

The ‘merchants’ are the world’s richest and most powerful merchant bankers who
trade in ‘human slaves’ including child sex slaves. The ‘kings’ are the pedophile world leaders
who are compromised via child prostitutes. The ‘cup of terror’ refers to the CIA-created terror
organisations being used to force countries to submit to Babylon. Revelation guarantees that
Babylon will fall. The destruction of Babylon and her Luciferian pedophile associates will be
quick and complete. My existence and endurance testify to this fact.

* * *

Royal Whitewash
My views on [child abuse memories] are very similar to those expressed in Justice
Wood’s 1997 Royal Commission report on the NSW Police, in a chapter on
- Campbell W. Perry, MK-ULTRA psychologist

My private session with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child
Abuse was scheduled for 3pm, 26 June 2013 at an inner Brisbane City hotel. My husband and
I sat waiting in a hotel room when a young lawyer rushed in to greet us. Her arms cradled the
22-page written complaint I electronically submitted to the Commission, and remarked:
‘You’re obviously highly educated!’
‘No,’ I corrected her. ‘I’m highly intelligent. I received an abysmal education. I taught
myself everything I know.’
The lawyer led us into an adjacent hotel room where two commissioners stood to
greet us. Federal court judge Jennifer Coate sat opposite me at a large round table. Child
psychiatrist Helen Milroy sat to my right. The young female lawyer took her seat to my left.
Judge Coate presided over our meeting. She began, ‘We’ve read your comprehensive
submission. It’s good that you submitted this beforehand otherwise we would be spending
the entire hearing relaying its contents. We gained the impression that your submission
contains a selection of what you experienced and that you know a lot more.’
‘Yes,’ I agreed. ’There’s much more. I selected the incidents where I could best identify
a time, date and place. I also compiled this -...’ With two hands, I purposefully placed a fat,
well-organised folder on the table.’ It contains some evidence to back up my complaint. Sorry
about the hand-written contents page. I would normally type and reference everything better
than this, but I only had a few days’ notice that I would be attending today.’
The Australian public was given the impression that private sessions were a positive,
cathartic experience where victims got to share their abuse in a supportive, non-judgemental
environment. My experience was different to that. The next two hours felt more akin to a
cross examination. It seemed Judge Coate was looking for holes in my testimony.
‘That’s good!’ retired Tweed Heads Detective Frank Natoli exclaimed. ’It means they
took you seriously. They were seeing how you’d hold up under cross examination.’ He
concluded, ‘This Royal Commission is giving victims a false sense of hope. They won’t
investigate their complaints.’
Detective Natoli was right. The first thing Judge Coate told me was, ‘Fiona, we’re not
here to redress current victims’ complaints. We’re here to do something for future victims.’
But current victims ARE the future! I thought. This is nothing but a collect-and-contain
operation. A wave of determination washed over my being. I asked, ‘What do you plan to do
differently to avoid the pitfalls of the last child abuse royal commission?’
Judge Coate was taken aback. ’We’re just at the information gathering stage. We
haven’t yet decided what we’re going to do next.’
‘I imagine you’re overwhelmed at the response so far.’
The three women collectively sighed. We spent the next two hours exploring three
separate but related matters:

1. How the NSW Education Department and NSW Police conspired to bury a
pedophile ring operating within my local Tweed Shire.
2. My experiences as a victim of an international child sex trafficking ring.
3. How dirty police, Australia’s Psychology Board, and Bond University conspired to
simultaneously frame me as (a) an adult perpetrator instead of a child victim of
my abuse (in which case my child abuse claims were true), and (b) psychotic
because I said I was abused as a child (in which case my child abuse did not occur).

‘You’re obviously not psychotic,’ Professor Milroy observed. ‘Fiona, your submission
was impressive and unique. What you wrote about Elizabeth Loftus and false memory
syndrome: we weren’t aware of any of that beforehand.’
I reiterated the scientific invalidation of Loftus’ pro-pedophile writings that formed
the basis of the previous Royal Commission’s dismissal of witness testimonies like mine. ‘God
help me if I see Elizabeth Loftus in your report!’ I warned. ‘You need to stop universities
teaching this rubbish. You need to stop health practitioners automatically labelling child
abuse victims borderline personality disordered. That condition is often just a symptom of
child abuse and it’s - . . .’
‘Recoverable?’ Milroy offered.
‘Y-yes,’ I stared at her like a stunned mullet. ‘The symptoms dissipate as the victim
recovers her memories.’ I remounted my soapbox, ‘You need to stop the latest tactic being
used against child abuse victims. They’re using a study which claims that child abuse victims
are more likely to become perpetrators, as grounds for accusing victims of being
perpetrators. They’ve already tried to frame me as a perpetrator based on being a victim – so
you’d better nip that one in the bud!’
My right hemisphere rapidly scanned and analysed the words, body language, eye
appearance and micro facial expressions of the three panel members, and drew its
conclusion: Milroy – empathic, intelligent, genuine, eye single, trustworthy. So, when the
hotel room turned a fuzzy white and voices became like a faint echo in a dark cave, I turned
to Milroy, stared into her red teary eyes and confessed: ‘I’m dissociating.’
Hold it together, I told myself. You are here to give the children a voice. I continued,
‘Detective Bob Sullivan of the NSW child protection squad told me in 2005 that only a Royal
Commission had the power to investigate the Tweed Shire pedophile ring. Well, we have a
Royal Commission – so let’s investigate!’
‘Are you going to investigate my complaints?’ I persisted.
Judge Coate ignored me.
I seized the commissioner’s eye and demanded: ‘Yes or no! Do you have the power
and authority to investigate my complaints?’
The commissioner squared her body to mine, smiled bemusedly and coolly responded,
‘Right! That’s one point. Secondly, is it within your terms of reference to make
recommendations based on your investigations?’
‘Yes,’ she responded just as smoothly.
‘Right!’ I ran my finger across their collective presence and warned, ‘I’m holding you
to that. Investigate my complaints!’
I shuffled through my folder of evidence and pulled out a document. ’I’ve included a
newspaper article about my university lecturer who was recently charged with sexually

assaulting two children. Bond University published his pro-pedophile writings on their
website. It says here:

In his book Life of Crime,60 Professor Wilson said that in the ‘sizeable majority of
incidents’ adolescents were sexually provocative. ‘My findings were remarkably similar
to studies in California and Scandinavia which suggest child victims of adult sex
offenders are generally willing or active participants, and that they not infrequently
initiate the sexual relationship,’ he wrote.

The Commissioners gasped.

‘This is what students are being taught in our universities?’ I raised my voice. ’It’s not
acceptable!’ My heart beat faster as I pulled out another document. ‘This is an email sent to
me from Tor Neilsen saying he witnessed sixty children raped in the very same location where
I witnessed the same people committing similar crimes! Tor and I independently reported our
experiences to the police!’ My frustration peaked as I turned to another section of my folder
and tore out an illustration of the Order of the Eagle ritual banner. ’Look!’ I thrust it at
them. ’Look at this! I am the first person in the world to come forward and publish this! This
was erected at every major pedophile ring meeting! Other victims out there must recognise
this!’ I tossed the drawing on the table.
Finally, Jon spoke, ‘Let’s remember that there are victims who couldn’t be here today
. . .’ his voice broke as tears welled in his eyes, ‘because they didn’t make it.’
More silence.
I continued, ‘I’ve put my neck on the line time and time again for others.’ I lowered
my head and fought back tears as I uttered words that caused me immense pain. ‘I’ve never
asked for anything for myself…’ I struggled to continue. ’But I’m asking you now – investigate
my complaints.’
‘Fiona,’ Commissioner Milroy spoke softly and pointed to my folder of evidence, ‘first
we have to read that.’
‘Fiona, you’re obviously highly intelligent - . . .’
‘So what?!’ I snapped. ’What’s the use of having intelligence when institutions
continually prevent me from using it?! My life has been destroyed! They’ve continually ruined
my finances, my health, my reputation - and now all prospects of employment!’
‘Fiona,’ Judge Coat asked, ‘Do you have any final questions?’
‘Yes,’ I wiped my tears and straightened my posture. ’What am I allowed to share with
the public regarding what I experienced here today?’
The judge shifted awkwardly in her seat, ‘You can’t repeat anything you heard here.’
‘Show me the legislation.’
‘The legislation,’ my tone strengthened. ’Get me the legislation that states what you
just said.’

Paul Wilson (1990). A Life of Crime, Scribe.

The young lawyer’s eyes widened. She dove into a pile of folders. Minutes later she
read out the relevant section.
‘Now,’ I told Judge Coate, ‘interpret that for me.’
Following Coate’s explanation, I sought clarification, ‘So, I own anything that I stated
here and can share that with whoever I choose?’
Judge Coate nodded, ‘That is correct.’
‘But Fiona,’ Professor Milroy interjected, ‘you may be tested on how much what you
say you said here indicates what we said.’
‘Thank you,’ I smiled. ’That was my next question.’ Oh sure, I thought. As if the Royal
Commission will spend public funds prosecuting a victim instead of investigating her
complaints. What a great national news headline that would make. ‘You’ll have to excuse my
audacity,’ I offered, ‘but that is what has sustained me.’
‘Oh no, that’s fine,’ they all agreed.
It was time to go. I shook Milroy’s hand, peered deep into her brown eyes and
expressed, ‘Thank you. I know you’re genuine.’
‘Fiona,’ Milroy implored, ‘keep making submissions.’
I mournfully shook my head, ‘What’s the use?’
I met Judge Coate’s handshake which was so firm I was reminded of the western ritual
where men shake hands to establish dominance. I stared defiantly into her right eye and
returned her grip with enough strength to make my point but without committing an offence.
As I exited the room, the panel members stretched, sighed heavily and exchanged
looks which said, that was intense!
Jon and I had barely exited the room when he, grinning from ear to ear proudly
exclaimed, ‘Oh, Fi! Milroy would have employed you on the spot! Well done!’
We were escorted into yet another hotel room where a government appointed
psychologist waited to debrief me. I engaged in half an hour of intellectual discussion before
tiring of it. You must let yourself break, Fiona, my brain warned me. You need to feel the
emotion before you leave.
‘They’re not going to do a thing,’ I complained. ’This is a whitewash! And I knew it
would be. I knew not to get my hopes up. But still I did. A small part of me hoped that there
would be justice for me. I’ve never asked for much -. . .’ I lowered my head as my whole being
convulsed in emotional release. I wept sorely from some hidden chasm of despair. Minutes
passed before I gathered myself enough to speak again. ’I just thought that maybe. . . just
maybe. . . for once something might be done for me. But I was wrong. There’s a part of me,
buried deep within that’s reserved solely for justice. That part of me opened today for the
very first time, but it just got shut right back down again.’
I did not realise it at the time, but a poorly sutured invisible wound was tearing open.
My session with the Royal Commission sparked a crazy chain reaction of events including
going public, delivering a national press conference, re-entering intensive therapy, making
police witness statements, speaking at an international conference, and writing this book.

* * *


A tightly organised, mafia-style, hierarchically structured crime syndicate has
infiltrated every aspect of Australian government and society including the judiciary,
churches, law enforcement, military, child protection, hospitals, educational facilities,

childcare centres, and Parliament. The network has numerous branches and countless
members who profit from various illegal activities including drugs, arms and child sex
trafficking. It is a well-oiled clandestine machine fuelled by public ignorance and distraction.
Detecting members of this system and their tactics is like driving a new model of car: you
suddenly notice all the other cars on the road of the same make and model.
Ritual Abuse (aka RA, Cult Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA) constitutes one facet of
the child trafficking machine. The Australian media has reported on RA cases, although
references are limited and difficult to locate. Reporting of these cases peaked in the mid-
1990s during the Wood Royal Commission.


The CIA adopted a multi-pronged approach to bury the epidemic of SRA reports and
control the Australian narrative. Here is a summary of their tactics:

- Establish a bogus investigation, to gather and contain victims and their evidence.
- Assassinate all network perpetrators who risked exposing the trafficking operation.
- Focus the entire scandal on a handful of outed, now conveniently dead, scapegoats.
- Muddy the waters by labelling the pursuit of pedophile crimes ‘homophobia’ and
‘moral panic.’
- Devise a bogus disorder to label and denigrate victims and their therapists with.
- Conduct bogus research to support the bogus disorder.
- Recruit dirty doctors and hired guns to defend the bogus disorder in the media and
- Create derogative newspeak to mock, devalue and discredit victims and their witness
testimony; e.g., ‘conspiracy theorist’ and ‘hysterical.’
- Recruit agent journalists to promote the cover-narrative in the mainstream media.
- Support subsequent findings of bogus investigation with bogus disorder and research.
- Have perpetrator academics teach the bogus research and bogus disorder in
universities to perpetuate the lie, deter future therapists from understanding the
truth, and forever conceal the child trafficking operation.
- Restrict therapists from working with victims of extreme abuse, via new Health Board
policy preventing such, and policing, which targets dissident therapists for


‘Homophobia’ is the propaganda angle the CIA chose to defend and bury allegations
of government involvement in child sex trafficking. Hence the CIA-infiltrated Australian media
subtly shifted reader focus from revelations of ritual abuse and VIP pedophilia – to
accusations of ‘homophobia’ and minority rights violations. VIP pedophiles routinely ‘came
out’ as gay to distract attention from child rape allegations.


Early 1990s disclosures of ritual abuse and mind control were labelled a ‘metaphor for
incest’ by Australia’s most recognised DID expert Warrick Middleton. ‘Metaphor for incest’ is
precisely what Gold Coast Hospital head psychiatrist Dr Flanagan parroted at me in 1991.
Flanagan and Middleton worked together for the Queensland Health Department. In 1995,

journalist Richard Guilliatt quoted Middleton in his article which cast doubt over the validity
of ritual abuse testimony:

‘I believe it is a metaphor,’ argues Dr Warwick Middleton, a Brisbane psychiatrist

specialising in trauma. ‘It re-creates in the present a scenario that evokes the
helplessness of the past.’ 61

Warrick Middleton failed to provide any scientific research to back his opinion that
victims’ torturous PTSD flashbacks are merely metaphors. Metaphor is best treated by
academia rather than psychiatry. Here is my critique of Guilliatt’s 1995 introduction of the
CIA’s new narrative to discredit the wave of SRA reports:

Therapy in Turmoil: The Memory Controversy

Richard Guilliatt, Sydney Morning Herald, 1 February 1995.

In a bizarre modern phenomenon, hundreds of women are dredging up lost memories

of childhood abuse involving blood, sex and devil worship. The accusations are criminal
– but investigators have never proven a case of Satanic ritual abuse.

[Persuasive, misleading reporting. WA police proved and convicted a case of SRA in 1991.
Sydney investigators actively buried SRA reports.]

By the late 1980s, this phenomenon had spread to both Europe and Australia, most
notably with the ‘Mr Bubbles’ case in Sydney, when staff of the Seabeach Kindergarten
in northern Sydney were arrested and accused of occult sexual abuse. Therapists,
private investigators and police began telling the media this was a problem of great
consequence, and a four-part report on Channel 10 in late 1990 prompted police to
form a taskforce…

In Australia, the Mr Bubbles case collapsed from lack of evidence. Although the
principal defendant in the Mr Bubbles case, Anthony Deren, later confessed to fondling
adolescent girls earlier in his life, the evidence of occultism amounted to a handful of
anti-Satanic books in his home and the fact that children at Seabeach chanted Ram-
Sam-Sam, a common children’s song…

[Police sabotaged the case and omitted crucial evidence from court. The DPP prevented
Professor Kim Oates (head of the Child Protection Unit at the Camperdown Children’s
Hospital) testifying that his hospital staff found 5 children were sexually abused at Seabeach
Kindergarten. The children reported Luciferian chanting, not ‘common’ harmless preschool
songs as the agent-journalist persuades the reader to conclude.]

Although Satanic abuse stories are not as common in Australia as in the US, one Sydney
rape counsellor estimates from her contact with therapists that about 300 women in
NSW are being treated for ritual abuse. That estimate is supported by the Herald’s own
calls to ‘survivor’ groups, therapists and sexual assault workers. Phoenix Van Dyke, the

Richard Guilliatt (1995). Therapy in Turmoil: The Memory Controversy. Sydney Morning Herald, 1 February.

organiser of the ritual abuse support group Beyond Survivors, says she has been in
contact with more than 200 women who believe they are survivors. The Sydney Rape
Crisis Centre has had more than 100 cases in recent years and one major Sydney
hospital about 30.

To believe these women, one would have to accept NSW has been permeated by brutal
Satanic cults since at least the late `60s, a network of evil which has indulged in murder,
prostitution, child pornography and other crimes without leaving evidence…

[‘To believe’ is persuasive language. NSW Police buried the evidence, ambushed victims’
homes, removed kids from whistle-blowers.]

One middle-ground view of these stories is that satanic abuse ‘memories,’ although
not literally true, may be a way for incest victims to symbolically represent the evil
done to them. ‘I believe it is a metaphor,’ argues Dr Warwick Middleton, a Brisbane
psychiatrist specialising in trauma. ‘It re-creates in the present a scenario that evokes
the helplessness of the past.’

[Middleton presented subjective opinion and did not substantiate it with scientific evidence.]

But others are beginning to view Satanic ritual abuse as simply a form of mass hysteria
sparked by a confluence of events in the early 1980s – growing public alarm about child
abuse, the rise of support groups and alternative counselling, the influence of Christian
fundamentalism in the US and the popularity of ‘confessional’ TV chat shows such as
Oprah, which have given unquestioning coverage to stories of Satanism.

[Vague inference. There is no clarification of ‘others,’ their qualifications or associations. This

is CIA propaganda aimed at swaying the reader’s opinion.]

Therapists are now grappling with the vexed question of whether Satanic abuse
survivors are mentally ill people suffering delusions, vulnerable people influenced by
their therapists or actual incest victims who have wildly distorted their abuse. If the
latter is true, how many of their memories are reliable, and how can a therapist
possibly determine what is fact and what is fantasy? Remarkably, however, this debate
appears to be completely bypassing many of the therapists, child abuse workers and
sexual assault counsellors who have banded together to combat ritual abuse. After
years of exposure to abuse cases, these counsellors are adamant that there is nothing
unbelievable about the vivid detail of the stories they are hearing, and many view the
current debate as a ‘backlash’ against their cause.

[The agent-journalist does not clarify how many and which ‘therapists’ he refers to, apart
from Middleton who states an unproven opinion. He then introduces CIA concept that victims
are ‘deluded,’ ‘fantasists,’ their memories ‘unreliable.’ He is using the NLP equivalent of
writing, by repeating the word ‘unreliable.’]

Among some survivors and even therapists, the ‘backlash’ and the failure of police
investigations are now cited as examples of the diabolical cleverness of Satanic cults,

whose influence reputedly extends to the top of our society. ‘It’s very deliberately
instigated by people who have an enormous amount to lose,’ says Janet. ‘I think it’s
much more than a backlash … it’s actually orchestrated by ritual abuse perpetrators
as a way of discrediting survivors.’

[Repeatedly placing quotation marks around the word ‘backlash’ is designed to persuade the
reader to disagree with the professional’s testimony that she experienced a backlash.]

This view has been fuelled by allegations, currently under investigation, that NSW
police have been bribed by pedophiles. One therapist claims to have seen infra-red
Federal Police photographs of nocturnal forest rituals. A Child Protection Services
official talks about covens meeting around Australia on certain days of the year. Even
the official NSW Government booklet on ritual abuse – distributed to hundreds of
health workers since 1993 – dismisses the growing body of contrary evidence as an
example of society’s collective ‘denial.’

[The agent-journalist’s choice of the word ‘fuelled’ is subjective persuasive writing, not
objective news reporting. His placing quotation marks around the word ‘denial’ again
persuades the reader to disbelieve the therapist’s witness testimony.]

Richard Guilliatt is still writing newspaper articles that subtly undermine the credibility
of ritual abuse victims. His 2017 hit piece in The Australian targeted me.62


The ‘investigation’ referred to in the above article was the Royal Commission into the
New South Wales Police Service (aka, Wood Royal Commission) which operated from 13 May
1994 to 30 Jun 1997. Justice James Roland Wood was appointed commissioner. The purpose
of the investigation was to examine allegations of systemic and entrenched corruption within
the NSW Police, namely that police were protecting pedophiles, and that some police were
themselves involved in pedophile activities and ritual abuse. The Wood Royal Commission
was to specifically examine multiple allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse at Sydney’s Seabeach
The Wood Royal Commission was sparked by complaints from politician Diedre
Grusovin regarding reports of a child trafficking network involving not just police, but
politicians, churches, child welfare services, juvenile detention centres, the Education
Department, media moguls, and entertainers. The trafficking operation involved the ritual
abuse of children who were pimped to Kings Cross brothels. The following Legislative Council
document (dated 10 October 1990, p.8046) recorded Grusovin’s complaint:

The Hon. E.P. PICKERING: On 12th September Reverend the Hon. F.J. Nile asked a question
regarding Satanism. The answer is as follows:
1. Yes.
2. No. The Hon. Deirdre Grusovin alluded to a network of pedophiles and said that
established networks, such as Satanists, could also be involved in these practices.

Richard Guilliatt (2017). ‘Those Events Never Happened.’ The Australian, 30 September.

3. I can assure the House that any allegations of child abuse or Satanism are and will
continue to be thoroughly investigated by the New South Wales Police Service.

Commissioner Wood chose Wollongong as his focus case because he had a big bloody
mess to cover up:

For those whose memories do not extend back to the mid-1990s, Arena was a Labor
politician in the NSW upper house, who gained national attention in 1996 when she
named two people – retired judge David Yeldham and former state MP Frank Arkell –
as potential pedophiles. At the time, a royal commission into the NSW Police Service
headed by Justice James Wood was in full swing, but Arena and others believed it was
not doing enough to look at people in high places. Along with fellow Labor MP Deirdre
Grusovin, Arena promised to name at least two Sydney men in a parliamentary speech,
and the next day asked why the commission had not investigated Yeldham or Arkell. 63

Ordinarily, such allegations would have been met with probably successful defamation
actions, but Arena spoke with the protection of parliamentary privilege, protecting her
from being sued. Her speech caused an uproar and both men denied being pedophiles.
But before long, Yeldham was revealed to have lived a double life as a homosexual,
and he took his own life on November 4, 1996. Arkell was horrifically murdered on June
26, 1998, a fortnight after another Illawarra man, David O’Hearn, was killed in equally
brutal fashion in his Albion Park home. The perpetrator in both cases was a 19-year-
old, Mark Valera, who claimed that both men had propositioned him sexually, and that
he had been abused by his own father.

Frank Arkell (Wollongong mayor), David O’Hearn (Wollongong shopkeeper), and

Trevor John Parkin were ritually murdered. Parkin and O’Hearn were disembowelled. O’Hearn
was decapitated and his severed hand used to draw an inverted cross, pentagram, and the
word ‘SATAN’ on his walls.64

Gareth Robinson: Wollongong's daily newspaper has been having a look. The Illawarra
Mercury has published a series of stories about the secret lives of some of the city
fathers, stories about a child sex ring, about priests and teachers abusing trust. There
have been claims of satanic abuse, none ever proven, [note the same subjective
persuasive comment.] and a string of convictions in the courts…The line of inquiry into
Wollongong itself runs long and deep. What was revealed at the Royal Commission
goes back many years, to another Mayor. He was Tony Bevan, a pilot, property
developer, and one-time owner of Bevan's Real Estate Agency… There were complaints
that Tony Bevan was having sex with young boys… Tony Bevan, who was known to
offer boys the thrill of a ride in the plane he flew on regular shark patrols.
Victim: [Tony Bevan] started to take me up to the [Kings] Cross, which was during the
week and every weekend.

Ian Kirkwood (2015). Franca Arena was Right on the Mark. Newcastle Herald, 30 October.
ABC Radio National (1998). Wonderful Wollongong. Sunday, 30 August.

These men were part of the Luciferian pedophile network that ritually abused and sex
trafficked boys to the Kings Cross brothels. Incidentally, I witnessed children dropped by air
into the shark infested waters to deter others from whistleblowing against the CIA trafficking


In 1993, Dr Corydon Hammond, a professor at the University of Utah’s School of

Medicine, conducted a seminar on federally funded mind control experiments. Topics
covered by Hammond included brainwashing, post-hypnotic programming and the
induction of multiple personalities by the CIA. Hammond contended that the cult
underground has roots in Nazi Germany, and that the CIA’s cult mind control
techniques were based upon those of Nazi scientists recruited by the CIA for Cold
Warfare. (Researcher Lenny Lapon estimates in Mass Murderers in White Coats that
5,000 Nazis resettled in the US after WWII.) Hammond was forced to drop this line of
inquiry by professional ridicule, especially from the CIA’s False Memory Syndrome
Foundation, and a barrage of death threats. At a recent regional conference on ritual
child abuse, he regretted that he could no longer speak on the theme of government
mind control.65

MK-ULTRA child rapist and killer Martin Orne cofounded the False Memory Syndrome
Foundation. The concept of ‘false memory’ was in fact the brainchild of Lt. Col. Michael
Aquino, the US Army Intelligence Officer who headed Psychological Operations. In classic
PsyOp style, Aquino appeared on Oprah dressed in theatrical pop-satanism garb, to muddy
the waters after multiple children identified him as a Luciferian pedophile. Aquino was
implicated in every major USA case involving CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA
mind control, including the McMartin Preschool, Presidio Preschool, and Franklin scandals.
Aquino and Orne’s False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) and its Australian
counterpart (AFMA) were formed specifically to counter the tidal wave of disclosure by
victims of CIA child trafficking and Project MK-UKLTRA which began in the 1980s and peaked
in the early 1990s before the CIA effectively shut it down. The FMSF Board comprised of
former CIA and military doctors with backgrounds in behaviour modification - not ritual
abuse.66 All members were accused pedophiles and/or CIA perpetrators. Like PIE, the FMSF
offered legal support to accused pedophiles. Here are some facts about key False Memory


Martin T. Orne (Founder)

- Senior CIA MK-ULTRA psychiatrist.
- Raped and murdered countless MK-ULTRA child subjects.
- Co-Director, Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania.
- Editor in chief, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (1961 to

Alex Constantine (1995). Psychic Dictatorship in the USA. Feral House.
Alex Constantine (1995). Psychic Dictatorship in the USA. Feral House.

- Experimented in hypnotic programming and dissolving memory.
- Defence psychiatrist (with Lois Jolyon West) for 1976 Patty Hearst trial.
Aaron T. Beck
- MK-ULTRA psychologist.
- Father of Clinical Psychology and CBT.
Elizabeth Loftus
- Conducted unethical bogus research, fabricated statistics, generalised narrow findings
to population at large.
- Successfully sued twice for lying about child abuse victims.
- Avoided psychology deregistration by resigning.
Ralph Underwager
- Psychiatrist discredited in US courts.
- Told Amsterdam pedophile magazine journalist it is ‘God’s will’ and ‘responsible’ for
adults to rape children.
- Told British reporters in 1994 that ‘scientific evidence’ proved 60% of all women
molested as children believed the experience was ‘good for them.’
Hollida Wakefield-Underwager
- Ralph Underwager’s wife.
Peter and Pamela Freyd
- Psychiatrists.
- Stepsiblings who married.
- Peter was sexually abused at age 11 and later prostituted himself.
- Accused of incest by their daughter.
Harold Lief
- Former Army Major in Medical Corps.
- Close colleague of Martin Orne.
- MK-ULTRA psychiatrist experimented with behaviour modification and hypnosis
programming at the University of Pennsylvania’s Unit for Experimental Psychiatry.
- Employed by the Freyds to retrospectively diagnose their adult daughter as a
‘fantasist’ for accusing them of incest, after he joined the FMSF, and when he was not
Jennifer Freyd’s doctor. He made this diagnosis after Jennifer had qualified as a PhD
psychologist and university lecturer, and after she outed her parents during a 1993
conference presentation.
David Dinges
- Co-Director of University of Pennsylvania’s Unit for Experimental Psychiatry with
Martin Orne.
Margaret Singer
- Testified (with Louis Jolyon West and Martin Orne) in the Patty Hearst trial.
- Experts on cults and brainwashing.
- Investigated techniques used by North Koreans against American soldiers.
- Collaborated with CIA doctor Richard Ofshe.67

R.J. Ofshe & M.T. Singer (1994). Recovered-memory therapy and robust repression: influence and
pseudomemories. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, October, 42:4, 391-408.

Campbell W. Perry
- Australian hypnosis expert.
- MK-ULTRA psychologist.


Michael Cox (President)

- Accused by daughter of sexual abuse.
- Convicted of raping two stepsons (his conviction was typically overturned on
- President CAFSA (Citizens Against False Sexual Allegations; CAFSA knowingly
employed convicted pedophile Bob Dutton; CAFSA was supported by MK-ULTRA
hypnotist Peter W. Sheehan.
Robert Stanley (President)
- Member International Society of Hypnosis.
- Deregistered by Psychology Board for having sex with a client who died shortly after.68
Graham Dene Burrows
- Order of Australia Medal.
- Authored books on hypnosis.
- Provided reference in failed attempt to reinstate associate Robert Stanley’s
psychology registration.
- Photographed hosting Martin Orne at his home on 22 August 1979.
- Victorian Medical Board reluctantly ‘investigated’ him in 2011 after the media
reported they had received 100 complaints about him in three days.69 (Used patient
as guinea pig, resulting in suicide. Destroyed patient medical file to prevent
investigation into his over-prescription of drugs causing kidney failure.)
- Retrospectively diagnosed father as mentally ill and so not responsible for throwing
his four-year-old off a bridge.70 (Criticised by presiding judge. Accused of concocting
the evidence by MP who demanded the University of Melbourne sack him.)
Jerome Gelb
- Co-founded the AFMA in consultation with FMSF.
- Branded ‘mentally unstable’ after bringing a loaded handgun to court. A subsequent
police raid found a cache of illegal weapons (800 rounds, guns, knives, cattle prod)
stored in his home.71
Edward Ogden
- Worked for the Victorian Police Force (who were outed by Dr Reina Michaelson as
Luciferian pedophiles).
- Said, ‘Mind-control is a fantasy of the Cold War.’
- Involved in various drug experiments.

Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria (2003). Hearing Re: Robb Stanley, 16 June.
Lucie van den Berg (2011). Heat turns on Melbourne University Professor amid allegations. Herald Sun, 23
Selma Milovanovic (2011). Expert witness in Freeman case should be sacked: MP. The Age, 12 May.
Renee Switzer (2007). Armed shrink 'unstable mentally.' Sydney Morning Herald, 3 February.

David Millikan
- ‘Cult investigator’ who said, ‘only middle-class people join cults.’
- Worked for the ABC with Nevill Drury.
- Co-authored ABC book with Drury promoting Christianity and New Age compatibility.
- Drury was a Luciferian and Shaman who took LSD at the Esalen Institute.
- Drury promoted Michael Aquino.
- Drury wrote the only authoritative biography of Rosaleen Norton, the notorious
1950s-60s ‘Witch of Kings Cross’ who worshipped Pan, Hecate, Lilith and Lucifer, and
practised Kundalini yoga, out-of-the-body trance exploration, and Aleister Crowley’s
Thelemic sex magick.
Jan Groenveld
- ‘Investigated cults’ with David Millikan.
- Daughter is a Satanic Ritual Abuse victim.
- CAN (Cult Awareness Network) member with MK-ULTRA US Army doctor Col. Louis
Jolyon West (my perpetrator).
- Founded Australia’s Cult Awareness Information Centre.
- Trained in MK-ULTRA developed Neuro Linguistic Programming.
- Influenced by Steven Alan Hassan (CAN member mentored by NLP creator John
Yolande Lucire
- Demonstrated a Scientology approach to psychiatric medication.
- Agreed to not administer psychiatric treatment to a Scientologist’s daughter who
consequently killed her father.
- Member Australia’s Cult Awareness Information Centre.


The Freyds were stepsiblings who married. They coined the term ‘false memory
syndrome’ in response to being accused of sexually abusing their daughter Dr Jennifer Freyd,
a University of Oregon Psychology Professor who outed them at a 1993 mental health
conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On 17 April 1995, Peter Freyd’s brother William wrote an
open letter to WGBH-Boston, criticising the TV station’s inexplicable bias in favour of the False
Memory Syndrome Foundation:

There is no doubt in my mind that there was severe abuse in the home of Peter and
Pam…The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a fraud designed to deny a reality
that Peter and Pam have spent most of their lives trying to escape.72

Ralph Underwager was a founding FMSF member. In June 1991, Joseph Geraci, Editor-in-Chief
of the pro-pedophilia publication, Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia interviewed Ralph
Underwager in Amsterdam. During this interview, Geraci asked Underwager, ‘Is choosing
pedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?’ Underwager responded:

Certainly, it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more
about and understand people who choose paedophilia is that they let themselves be

Valerie Sinason (2018). Memory in Dispute. Routledge.

too much defined by other people. That is usually an essentially negative definition.
Pedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don’t think that a
pedophile needs to do that. Pedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they
choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a
theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and
intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A pedophile can say: ‘This closeness is
possible for me within the choices that I’ve made.’ Pedophiles are too defensive. They
go around saying, ‘You people out there are saying that what I choose is bad, that it’s
no good. You’re putting me in prison, you’re doing all these terrible things to me. I have
to define my love as being in some way or other illicit.’ What I think is that pedophiles
can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With
boldness, they can say, ‘I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.’ They have the right
to make these statements for themselves as personal choices. Now, whether or not
they can persuade other people they are right is another matter.


Ralph Underwager gave crucial evidence in Australia’s notorious ‘Mr Bubbles’ case in
which children were sexually and ritually abused while attending Sydney’s Seabeach
Kindergarten. Underwager was interviewed by Australia’s 60 Minutes in an episode, Witness
for Mr Bubbles, which aired 5 August 1990. Reporter Mike Munro stated:

Six weeks ago (17 June 1990) we brought you a story that a number of people,
including some in high places, wanted to keep secret: the case against Mr Bubbles. In
that report, parents named Tony Deren as the man who had sexually assaulted their
children. Deren’s wife ran the kindergarten they attended. Tonight, we investigate
another crucial aspect of this disturbing case. You remember, police listed seventeen
young victims, and more than fifty (54) criminal charges were eventually laid. But when
the Mr Bubbles case went to court, not one of the children was called to give evidence.
The charges were thrown out, and Tony Deren was set free.

One of the key Deren witnesses was a hired gun from the United States, a psychologist
named Ralph Underwager, who says he’s an expert in child sexual abuse. He testified
that the children’s evidence had been contaminated, and they were too young to know
what the truth was… This is Ralph Underwager, psychologist. He was paid $25,000 and
gave crucial evidence in favour of Tony Deren; evidence which helped Deren walk free…
Always the same story: three and four-year-olds being lured into bubble baths with a
man who sexually abused them.

Professor Kim Oates: Having examined them, and talked with them, I’m absolutely
convinced the children were sexually abused.
Reporter: There’s absolutely no doubt?
Oates: No doubt at all
Reporter: That’s the evidence Professor Kim Oates wanted to give in court. But he was
never asked. As head of the Child Protection Unit at the Camperdown Children’s
Hospital in Sydney, he’s known around the world as an expert in detecting child sexual

Reporter: So, we have 18 children who were examined, five of whom your staff say
were definitely sexually abused, and all of them from the same preschool. What’s your
reaction to that?
Oates: Well, I think if you look at the incidence of significant child sexual abuse in the
community, significant enough to lay physical findings in the preschool age group, I
think it’s extraordinary.
Reporter: This is Debbie’s medical report. Once again, it was positive; there was sexual
Debbie’s Mother: I was entirely spun out on that because I, at that point, had been
trying to tell myself that, no, this wasn’t happening, it wasn’t true, who would interfere
with my child.
2nd Child: (wasn’t identified): I put some things in his body, and he put some things in
my body, but I didn’t want him to.
Reporter: Cindy’s medical report confirms she was abused. The doctor found signs
consistent with traumatic dilatation of the anus… This is Boroko Court House, Port
Moresby, New Guinea. In 1972, Deren was brought here, charged with the aggravated
assault of two young girls. He’d interfered with them in a swimming pool. Something
Deren admits. And both charges were proven. There’s no doubt scores of questions
remain unanswered in the Mr Bubbles case, and some of them relate to Ralph
Underwager, the expert witness Tony Deren paid to testify on his behalf. Ralph
Underwager was imperative to Tony Deren’s defence. As a supposed independent
expert, he testified that the evidence of the Bubbles children had become
contaminated. And, they were too young to understand their duty to tell the truth. But,
here in America, we’ve certainly discovered Underwager’s reputation and credentials
aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Dr Salter: Well, he is someone who makes his living going around the country and
testifying against children in child sexual abuse cases. He says the same thing in
essentially every case. Which is every…
Reporter: And Anna Salter knows what she’s talking about. A PhD from Harvard, and
a master’s degree in Early Childhood. She says young children can be believed.
Dr Salter: This is consistent with the literature. If you look at what is the best legal
textbook in the country today on children as witnesses, ‘Child Witness: Theory and
Practice,’ Malcolm Meyers says clearly children as young as three can comprehend the
duty to tell the truth.
Reporter: And this man is a highly respected legal scholar in America?
Dr Salter: I think he’s fairly clearly the chief leading scholar on child sexual abuse in the
Reporter: Six American states have given Dr Salter a grant to check Underwager’s
methods in court. And what did she find?
Dr Salter: That he isn’t accurate. That what he says in court does not necessarily fairly
represent the literature.
Reporter: He distorts the facts?
Dr Salter: Uh, frequently. Sometimes he quotes specific studies, and he’s frequently
wrong about what the studies say.
Reporter: So, we thought we’d get Dr Salter to analyse the evidence Underwager gave
under oath at the Mr Bubbles hearing, where he testified his qualifications had never

been questioned. But in an American case, the Swann case, this is what the courts said
about Mr Underwager.
Dr Salter: The court remains convinced the psychologist did not have the qualifications
to testify as a doctor. The trial court ruled that the psychologist’s proposed testimony
was not proper because there was no indication that the results of the doctor’s work
had been accepted in the scientific community.
Reporter: In the Mr Bubbles case, he said his qualifications were never in question…
Now, the second incident, in the Mr Bubbles case, was where Underwager said that 90
percent of accusations against child molesters are wrong. Now, is that backed up
Dr Salter: No, that’s gobbledegook. I don’t know of any study that would support that…
Reporter: Ralph Underwager was hired to defend Polly’s father. And as usual, he
testified that nothing had happened. It was all a delusion, and Polly had simply made
the whole story up. But then, Underwager was cross-examined by Polly’s lawyer, Eric
Lawyer: He used the theory that it was a delusion of the child that she was doing a
favour for the mother by saying this happened when it really didn’t happen, to gain
the favour and to be the apple of the eye of the mother.
Reporter: A delusion that she was continually raped over four days.
Lawyer: That’s right.
Reporter: The jury took only an hour to decide Polly Barnes was telling the truth, and
that Ralph Underwager’s testimony that nothing had happened, could be ignored. In
fact, Underwager’s evidence was rejected so much, the jury awarded Polly three and
a quarter million dollars… So, while Underwager was being rejected here in America,
he had no such trouble at the Mr Bubbles hearing in Australia where he testified that
the children were too young to tell the truth… Ralph Underwager has testified for the
defendants in about 400 child abuse cases.

The Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service Final Report was published on 1
May 1997. Three volumes of this report were devoted to pedophilia inquiries. Volume Four,
Chapter 5 (pp.99 -116) were solely devoted to the subject of Ritual Abuse. At the end of this
chapter, Commissioner James Wood concluded:

5.13 From a common sense perspective, while it must be recognised that apparently
respectable and successful members of the community do commit child sexual abuse,
a quantum leap in credibility is required to suppose that they would do so in the bizarre,
ritualistic way described, which includes the infliction of serious, even fatal, injury and
mutilation upon their own children.

James Wood’s examination of Ritual Abuse amounted to a blatantly biased white

washing. Wood devoted the entire content of Chapter 5 of his report to discrediting victims,
parroting critics’ unscientific reasons for why Ritual Abuse does not exist in Australia,
excluding the evidence for Ritual Abuse’s existence, and listing alternative possible reasons –
none scientifically evidenced – for the epidemic of SRA reports in Australia. James Wood’s list
of alternative explanations included:

- Mental illness
- Substance abuse history
- Urban legend
- ‘Metaphor for incest’
- Lying to get compensation
- Exposure to ritual themes in books, film or television.

Concerning the last point, Forensic Psychology academics told my post graduate class
the media do not influence people’s thinking and behaviour. Horror movies, violent video
games and rock music do not influence people to commit heinous crimes. By contrast, Wood
claimed film and television influence people to believe that heinous crimes have been
perpetrated against them.
In his Final Report, Commissioner Wood declared that Ritual Abuse does not exist from
a law enforcement perspective because:

1. Rarely, if ever, are bodies of the ‘victims’ or their graves found, nor do neighbours,
friends or relatives report children missing in the numbers required to account for the
2. there is rarely, if ever, any evidence of the kind which can be confirmed by modern
forensic technology;
3. signs of physical injury in the form of scarring, burns and the like, are not found upon
medical examination of ‘victims’ who report torture of the most extreme and
prolonged kind; more often than not the medical examination fails to confirm the
abuse as alleged;
4. in cases of criminal conspiracy, inter-group jealousies or disputes inevitably develop
and throw up an informant. In cases of RA, this rarely if ever occurs. Similarly, a co-
conspirator who is otherwise in trouble, and prepared to supply information in return
for an immunity or assistance in sentencing, rarely emerges;
5. again, contrary to experience with child sexual abuse generally, most of the offenders
are reported to be females;
6. although many ‘victims’ claim that photographs are taken and videotapes made of the
activity, visual records of the kind are rarely found, nor does the large amount of child
pornography in circulation portray the bizarre and ritualistic activities described; and
7. so many people tell the same story and allege the involvement of so many others in
the events that it is difficult to see how there could not be independent evidence, or
knowledge of it on the part of persons outside the alleged rings.

I will address James Wood’s seven points:

1a. Bodies and graves are indeed found. Police and doctors who are part of the
trafficking Network write bogus reports to coverup the deaths. I witnessed Leonas Petrauskas
write a fake death certificate saying a child was stung by a blue bottle, to cover Paul Keating’s
crime. When I made a witness statement to Terry Frost at Tweed Heads Police, he said my
accounts matched numerous ‘unsolved murders’ in the Sydney areas I named, and he would
urgently send my statement to Sutherland detectives.
b. Most bodies are disposed of. I witnessed bodies being fed to dogs, cremated in
factory furnaces, dissolved in chemical pools, and thrown from a helicopter into the ocean.

Bodies are commonly fed to pigs (Paul Keating had a pig farm). I am sure you can think of a
few other ways of disposing of dead bodies. Just watch TV for inspiration…
c. Most child murder victims are bred by cult members and slave breeders for the
purpose of ritual sacrifice. Their births are never registered. Many children are legally stolen
from parents via Child Protective Services. Thousands of babies were stolen from ‘unfit’
mothers and ‘adopted.’ Many children are trafficked by pedophile parents, and when the
innocent parents find out and report the matter to police, dirty cops write bogus reports
against the innocent parents who subsequently lose custody of the child victims. I later
received a call from a lawyer who told me the Sutherland detective in charge of my case
covered up the sex trafficking of her client’s son in this manner.
d. My cult grandparents’ neighbour who resided at 12 McAlister Ave was also a cult
member. His obese wife ‘committed suicide’ after she had a nervous breakdown following
the multiple ‘cot deaths’ of her young children. I witnessed one of these ‘cot deaths’ when I
was five years old. The preschool boy was ritually sacrificed by the neighbour and my step-
grandfather in the front room of the neighbour’s house. Leonas Petrauskas wrote the death
2. Again, there certainly is evidence. Network members in positions of authority
routinely fabricate circumstances surrounding victims’ deaths. Doctors and police routinely
falsify death certificates and police reports. Take for example the 1986 murder of Sallie-Anne
Huckstepp by dirty cop Roger Rogerson who protected the Sydney child trafficking operation
that James Wood investigated. Sallie-Anne was writing an article about the Sydney child
trafficking network when Rogerson’s contract on her was fulfilled. Sallie-Anne was found dead
in Sydney’s Centennial park. The usual police coroner was not on duty the day police were
called to Sallie-Anne’s body. The substitute officer arrived and was instructed to record the
death as suicide by drowning in a pond. The honest police officer noted struggle marks on
Sallie-Anne’s arms and wrote the death up as suspicious. This led to an investigation during
which the officer gave what he thought was a confidential testimony; however, by the time
he arrived back at his station, everyone knew what he had just said. He was consequently
victimised, traumatised, and transferred 1000 kilometres away to Murwillumbah police
station. Yet NSW police continued to hound the man; they raided his home multiple times in
search of grounds for charging him - such as a pencil taken from work. The clean cop was
forced to retire from the police force. He withdrew to a farm out the back of Mount Warning
and never recovered from the trauma of what the corrupt NSW cops did to him. So, if that is
what accidentally emerged because a good cop happened to be on duty on the wrong day,
imagine what convicted murderer Roger Rogerson’s minions routinely covered up every other
3a. As part of their Order of the Illuminati practises, bloodline victims like me must
not be physically flawed or scarred, and sacrifices must be without blemish. My abusers were
experts at administering torture techniques, including electrocution, that do not leave
physical evidence. It is possible to beat someone in the gut through a phone book to hide
superficial evidence of the beating, a traditional police method.
b. Some victims do carry scars, but police and medical staff do not believe victim
accounts of how these were acquired. DID victim Jennifer Haynes (who made history when
her dissociative parts were granted permission to testify in court) appeared on 60 Minutes
(26 May 2019) to discuss her horrific child abuse. Her physical scarring is so severe she wears
a colostomy bag and can never have children. Yet her testimony was ‘consistently faced with
ridicule and disbelief.’ (Note that during the initial show trailer, Jennifer mentioned being

subjected to ‘ritual abuse’ – yet 60 Minutes subsequently edited this out of the broadcasted
c. Any leakage of physical evidence is routinely covered up. I accidentally suffocated
during a ritual and was transported to Sutherland Hospital for resuscitation. To cover for the
incident, my perpetrators told hospital staff one of the cult members was my mother, and
duped medical staff release me into her care.
4. The notion that an informant would voluntarily step forward is the most ridiculous
point on James Wood’s list. Like the mafia, pedophile ring membership is a life-long
commitment. As the famous Hotel California song says, ‘You can check out any time you like
but you can never leave.’ At six years of age, deep in the National Park, I witnessed the fate
of a ‘traitor’ who tried to leave the pedophile ring. Each of the man’s four limbs was tied to a
different vehicle. The four vehicles then accelerated in opposite directions. I certainly was
reluctant to talk after being made to watch that.
5. I witnessed male and female ritual abuse perpetrators, and believe me, the women
were as debauched as the men. However, a disproportionate number of men were involved
in my abuse, and in the abuse of the numerous other ritual abuse victims who contacted me.
6. As for Wood’s reference to an alleged lack of videotape and other evidence,
consider the 2004 disappearance of the video evidence that Dr Reina Michaelson submitted
to the Victorian Police Commissioner. The video footage featured men in Victorian Police
uniform raping preschool children at a Mornington Peninsula childcare centre. The video
footage ‘disappeared’ in police custody. Reina told me she was subsequently slapped with a
‘D-Notice’ on the grounds that what she knew about the government’s involvement in child
trafficking could undermine the public’s confidence in the government.
7. When examining ritual abuse from a law enforcement perspective, James Wood
ignored the following ritual abuse case which preceded his ‘investigation’ by three years:


David Humphries, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 March 1991

PERTH: Perth police say they have proved a link between organised child sex abuse and
devil worship, following the conviction on Monday of a young man on 22 charges of
indecent assault and dealing and of evil intent. The head of WA’s child sex abuse unit,
Detective-Sergeant Roger Smart, said the conviction of Scott Brian Gozenton
demonstrated the link. Satanic practices ‘and the associated abuse perpetrated on
children is prevalent in the United States and Britain and no-one can now doubt that
the link can be made here,’ Sergeant Smart said.

Gozenton, 20, pleaded guilty to all charges and was remanded until April 5 for
sentencing after the District Court was told that 13 witchcraft covens operated in
Perth. Judge Kennedy was told that Gozenton had been a victim of sex abuse as an
eight-year-old and had been recruited as a teenager into a satanic cult where adults
practised bizarre sex with each other, their own children and teenage recruits. The
more bizarre and perverse the orgies, the closer cult members felt to the Devil,
Gozenton’s barrister, Mr Mark Trowell, said. ‘The real villains are those individuals who
visited their perversity on this young man,’ Mr Trowell said. Gozenton was a tragic
result of sexual abuse perpetrated by a school caretaker against himself and six other
boys for three years. Shame prevented him from revealing his ‘terrible secret’ and he

became introverted, rebellious and distant from his parents. ‘At the age of 14, he was
approached by a school chum about a new family where rebellion was encouraged and
someone like this young man could get a sense of belonging,’ Mr Trowell said. He said
the coven was attended by about 20 adults of both sexes, their young children and the
teenage recruits. Rituals were both homosexual and heterosexual, he said.

His client had recognised cult members at earlier hearings but had refused to identify
them for fear of reprisals, Mr Trowell said. ‘These evil people kept this young man
under their spell and direction for four years while these offences against him were
committed. He…was instructed to establish a junior coven for the purpose of recruiting
junior members from school and the Scout group with which he was associated.’

Mr Trowell said the initiation rituals mostly involved touching of genitals and, apart
from three charges of oral sex were ‘not unduly perverse.’ The evil design charges
related to attempts to recruit others into the cult, where Gozenton had the code name
of Death. He said Gozenton had been seeking to extricate himself from the Satanists,
established a stable relationship with a woman and improved relations with his
parents and did not deserve a jail sentence.

Mr Chris Drew, for the Crown, said the charges against Gozenton were ‘extremely
serious’ and that jail was the only option available.


Royal Commissioner James Wood also ignored the Australian 60 Minutes episode that
aired in the late 1980s called, The Devil Made Me Do It. It aired one year after an episode,
Satan’s Children, in which a 15-year-old English girl Teresa detailed her experience of Ritual
Abuse. Reporter Ian Leslie presented both episodes. The Devil Made Me Do It involved a
discussion panel including Senator Fred Nile plus two former coven pedophile ring members,
a young man from Sydney and a young woman from Adelaide. The Adelaide woman was
under police investigation for her involvement in criminal activities (including the ritual
murder of babies) which, she said, were committed on campus by a coven comprised of
University of Adelaide staff and students.


Royal Commissioner James Wood used the gangrenous writings of CIA psychologist
Elizabeth Loftus to dismiss multiple witness accounts of organised pedophilia and ritual
abuse. Wood’s Final Report referenced Loftus’ 1994 book, The Myth of Repressed Memory:
False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse, to support his conclusions:

a. ‘False memories’ of Ritual Abuse can be artificially created as a result of third person
b. A victim of Ritual Abuse can’t experience dissociation and repression of traumatic
memories, and
c. Ritual Abuse victims are female ‘attention-seeking’ hypochondriacs whose flashbacks
may be attributed to overly zealous female therapists.

Loftus’ 1994 book was not a scientifically conducted, peer reviewed research publication. It
was just a book.
At the time of her 1994 book release, Loftus had published one study relevant to her
‘false memory’ theory, an experiment which examined university students’ memory for films
of car accidents.73
In 1995, Loftus co-published the notorious Lost in a Shopping Mall study.74 75 76 77 78
Loftus’ assigned University of Washington postgraduate student James Coan as chief co-
investigator for her mall study. Subjects’ family members were asked to provide James Coan
with three true childhood stories about the subjects, and to describe a typical family shopping
trip. Based on the shopping trip descriptions, a false story was created for each subject about
getting lost as a child during a shopping trip. Subjects were told their family members said the
events ‘had happened.’ The subjects were asked to repeat the stories and to try and
remember more details. Finally, the subjects were told that one of the memories was false
and asked to choose the false memory.
Elizabeth Loftus conducted and published this research before receiving ethical
approval for the study. Loftus added a second interview plus another evaluation scale to the
research protocol long after the study was approved on 10 August 1992.
James Coan reported in his 1993 honours thesis that only 6/24 subjects completed the
study, and zero subjects created a false memory.79 80 Crook and Dean (1999) analysed Loftus’
data and discovered only 2/24 subjects likely completed the study.81 First year psychology
students are taught, a minimum of n=10 subjects is required for valid statistical analysis. So,
Loftus blatantly lied when she reported: ‘Of the 24 total, 19 subjects correctly chose the
getting-lost memory as the false one, while the remaining five incorrectly thought that one of
the true events was the false one… These findings reveal that people can be led to believe
that entire events happened to them after suggestions to that effect.’82
The raw data from the shopping mall study were subpoenaed by defence attorneys in
Burgus v. Braun. Loftus successfully obtained a gag order for her fraudulent data. The case
settled on 31 October 1997 and the data returned to Loftus.
Elizabeth Loftus published another lab experiment in 1996.83 This examined, ‘whether
imagining events from one’s past can affect memory for childhood events.’ A total of 38
undergraduate psychology students (young female university students studying the same

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course) participated in the study for course credit. Loftus asked the students to imagine
described events such as tripping over or falling through a window.
The characteristics of Elizabeth Loftus’ samples made it inappropriate for her to
generalise findings from her studies to the population at large. And yet Loftus drew
conclusions from these severely flawed studies about the reliability of child abuse memories,
and the possibility that a parent or therapist could create false memories of child abuse in a
person who has experienced trauma of the most severe kind. Loftus basically equated a
psychology student’s experience of watching a car crash film or imagining themselves falling
over – with real life accounts of being systematically raped and tortured throughout one’s
development. That is beyond preposterous.
Elizabeth Loftus’ conclusions failed to hold up under cross examination. In 1994, Lynn
Crook successfully sued Loftus. Lawyer Barbara Jo Levy asked Loftus, ‘If you are asked to
testify about your experiments of implanting false memories, would you use those first six?’
Loftus replied, ‘No, I don’t think I will use the first six’ (Transcript, p.61).
In December 1995, two women filed ethics complaints against Elizabeth Loftus with
the American Psychological Association, claiming she had misrepresented their successful
recalled-memory lawsuits to the media. Loftus resigned from the APA in January 1996, so the
APA dropped their investigation.
A Washington Post article entitled, In the Sharon Case, a Grilling to Remember (27
October 2006) described a damning cross examination of Elizabeth Loftus:

But when Fitzgerald got his chance to cross-examine Loftus about her findings, he had
her stuttering to explain her own writings and back pedalling from her earlier
assertions. Citing several of her publications, footnotes and the work of her peers,
Fitzgerald got Loftus to acknowledge that the methodology she had used at times in
her long academic career was not that scientific, that her conclusions about memory
were conflicting, and that she had exaggerated a figure and a statement from her
survey of D.C. jurors that favoured the defence.

In 2003, Nicole Tau successfully sued Loftus for invasion of privacy. At age six years,
during a videotaped interview by a medical doctor, Tau had accused her mother of child
abuse. Tau subsequently forgot her abuse but spontaneously recalled it at age 17 years.
Corwin and Olafson (1997) published an article about the case, favouring the notion that
repressed memory of childhood abuse can be recalled. Elizabeth Loftus set out to discredit
Tau by hiring a private investigator to locate Tau. The PI lied to Tau’s family by pretending to
be Corwin’s research assistant. Loftus subsequently published an article based on the PI’s
interviews with Tau’s family in which she identified Tau as a victim of crime. Tau filed an ethics
complaint against Loftus in 1999 with the University of Washington who upheld the
During a 2013 TED Talk about memory, Loftus intentionally misrepresented the basic
facts of Nicole Tau’s case by saying it was about a ‘woman’ who ‘accused her mother of sexual
abuse based on a repressed memory.’ Loftus knowingly omitted crucial facts of the case: that
Tau was six years old when she made the report, then forgot the memory, and then
spontaneously and accurately recalled the memory 11 years later at age 17 years.

A 1994 FMS newsletter documented the influence the CIA pedophiles had on
Australian therapists. The following is a letter to the FMA from Jerome Gelb (the psychiatrist
who took a loaded handgun to court):


The Australian False Memory Association has now been formally organized. The links
between the AFMA and Australian professionals seem strong and the fact that the
Australian Psychological Society [APS] has already established guidelines for recovered
memory situations indicates a positive and determined approach by professionals to
deal with the problem.

A letter from Dr Jerome Gelb, a psychiatrist in Australia, affirms this optimism. He

states, ‘I am writing to keep you up to date with events in Australia regarding FMS and
Recovered Memory Therapy. Australian Psychiatrists are, apart from very few
exceptions, fully aware of the iatrogenesis of so-called repressed memories, MPD and
Satanic Abuse. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has been
helpful in publishing on the issue.’

Dr Gelb mentioned the television and newspaper articles that have recently appeared
in Australia noting that they understand the iatrogenic nature of some memories. Dr
Gelb said that he had published a detailed letter to the Editor in the December 1994
RANZCP Journal of Psychiatry and that the journal of Australasian Psychiatry, Vol 2, No
4, August 1994, pp 179-180 had published his article, ‘Reality Revisited.’

Dr Gelb went on to write that, ‘I feel that public opinion in Australia is supportive and
the media is also. Most importantly, Australian Psychiatrists are almost universally
wary of American therapy fads and are highly critical of poorly trained therapists and
the inappropriate use of suggestion, persuasion and memory recovery techniques of
all kinds. Please let your membership know of these developments.’ 84

* * *


The APS Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories were introduced on 27 October
1994. According to the 1994 US FMS newsletter, the APS Guidelines Relating to Recovered
Memories were adapted from a book written by MK-ULTRA hypnosis researchers Australian
Peter W. Sheehan and Kevin M. McConkey which was based on their hypnosis research.85
Kevin McConkey and Peter Sheehan then presented their views at the 28th Annual Congress
of the Australian Society of Hypnosis. Their presentation paper was subsequently published.86
Presenters at that same conference included the usual suspects:

- Graham D. Burrows (Chairman, Board of Education, Australian Society of Hypnosis)

FMS Foundation Newsletter (1994). 1 November, 3:10.
K.M. McConkey & P.W. Sheehan (1995). Hypnosis, Memory, and Behaviour in the Forensic Setting. Guildford.
K.M. McConkey & P.W. Sheehan (1998). Recovered memory, hypnosis & professional issues. In B.J. Evans &
G.D. Burrows (eds) Hypnosis in Australia, 263-282. Australian Society of Hypnosis.

- Wendy-Louise Walker (trained at Sydney University by MK-ULTRA Martin Orne)
- Jeffrey Zeig (Rented out Disneyland for two nights for the Psychotherapy conferences
at which Milton Ericson & Carl Rogers trained attendees in their MK-ULTRA methods.)
- Barry J. Evans (MK-ULTRA trained under Martin Orne at Sydney University).
- Greg J. Coman, University of Melbourne, co-authored books with Barry J. Evans.

Note that the 2019 Annual Congress of the Australian Society of Hypnosis featured a
workshop in ‘Shamanic healing through altered consciousness’ to ‘explore the Lower, Middle
and Upper worlds that a shamanic journey can take one to. Each level represents an area of
consciousness…’ I did that workshop too – at age six.
Peter Sheehan (Australian Catholic University) and Kevin McConkey (University of
NSW) both conducted hypnosis research with MK-ULTRA psychiatrist Martin T. Orne.87 Kevin
McConkey was the current APS President, and his hypnosis book was currently in press, when
the APS introduced their Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories that he co-authored.
Here are the key points from APS Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories that stopped
Australian psychologists acknowledging the existence of ritual abuse and mind control, and
treating victims of extreme abuse, for the following 25 years:

- Memories can be altered, deleted, and created by events that occur during and after
the time of encoding, and during the period of storage, and during any attempts at
- Although some clinical observations support the notion of repressed memories,
empirical research on memories generally does not. Moreover, the scientific evidence
does not allow general statements to be made about any relationship between trauma
and memory.
- The available scientific and clinical evidence does not allow accurate, inaccurate, and
fabricated memories to be distinguished in the absence of independent corroboration.
- Assumptions that adult problems may or may not be associated with repressed
memories from childhood can’t be sustained by available scientific evidence.
- Psychologists should be alert to the role that they may play in creating or shaping false
- Psychologists should seek to meet the needs of clients who report memories of abuse
and should do this quite apart from the truth or falsity of those reports.
- Psychologists should explore with the client the meaning and implications of the
memory for the client, rather than focus solely on the content of the reported memory.
- Psychologists should be aware that research is needed to understand more about
trauma-related memory, techniques to enhance memory, and techniques to deal
effectively with childhood sexual abuse.

Let me place things into perspective: The men who wrote these APS Guidelines trained
under Martin Orne who, according to US Congressional witness testimony, raped, tortured
and murdered children in the name of national security and psychological research. Here is
my retort to the above points:
M.T. Orne & K.M. McConkey (1981) Toward convergent inquiry into self-hypnosis, International Journal of
Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 29:3, 313-323.

- There is zero scientific evidence to support the claim that mainstream therapists can
create false memories. Only MK-ULTRA doctors possess the knowledge and military
technology to radically alter memory. Memories can only be deleted during and after
encoding using unethical hypnosis, illicit drugs, torture, and cutting-edge medical
- ‘False memory syndrome’ is not a recognised mental health condition, has no clinical
history or symptomology (when Repressed Memory has both) and does not feature in
the DSM.
- A range of studies using various methodologies across cultures support a causal
relationship between trauma and dissociation (alterations in memory and identity).
One research team found, ‘strong empirical support for the hypothesis that trauma
causes dissociation, and that dissociation remains related to trauma history when
fantasy proneness is controlled. We find little support for the hypothesis that the
dissociation-trauma relationship is due to fantasy proneness or confabulated
memories of trauma.’ 88
- The APS basically ruled that unless the therapist can find a third-party witness to the
abuse, they should not work with - or even acknowledge as substantially true - the
client’s abuse memories. The APS should apply the same rule for every experience a
client brings to therapy, otherwise that is bias. Courts consider an individual’s witness
testimony a form of evidence, yet the APS does not. Perpetrators are adept at
concealing their crimes and eliminating witnesses, a fact the APS ignores.
- Genuine belief in a client’s testimony is essential for establishing rapport and eliciting
client trust. Therapists can’t possibly meet the therapeutic needs of Extreme Abuse
victims unless they believe and understand the abuse account. A client will trust
sufficiently to disclose their abuse details, and therefore integrate, only once they
perceive the therapist sincerely believes them. Empathy and belief can’t be feigned
toward hypervigilant high IQ victims.
- Victims will never process and heal from extreme childhood abuse unless therapy
focusses on the actual abuse memories, including the thoughts and feelings
experienced during the childhood trauma incident, instead of what the adult victim
presently thinks and feels about their memories of Extreme Abuse.


Elizabeth Loftus was discredited, professionally disciplined, and successfully sued in
the USA for her blatant lack of ethical conduct and unscientific methodology. Despite this,
Loftus’ unproven opinion regarding memory: (a) was the basis for Royal Commissioner James
Wood’s dismissal of multiple independent reports of Ritual Abuse; (b) provides the Australian
blueprint for dismissing the nature and existence of extreme child abuse within mental health,
education, and forensics; and (c) underpins all psychology teaching and educational texts in
Australia. Most Australian psychology textbooks are American imports. Mine were. A 2014
study examined three undergraduate psychology textbooks and found, all three concluded

C.J. Dalenberg et al. (2012). Evaluation of the evidence for the trauma and fantasy models of dissociation.
Psychological Bulletin, May 138:3, 550-88

that child abuse memories are likely false.89 All three textbooks referenced Loftus’ writings.
Owing to this unfounded and illogical embracement of Loftus’ opinion:

- Australian universities and educational materials teach psychology students that most
child abuse memories are false, and repressed trauma memories are particularly
- Regulatory bodies deter psychologists from acknowledging the validity of repressed
child abuse memories and working with implicit trauma memories.
- Australian psychology students receive no training in the Trauma Model approach.
- Australian therapists receive zero training in recognising or treating ritual abuse and
mind control.
- NSW Victims of Crime counselling services forbade the use of scientifically validated,
effective tools like EMDR for processing implicit abuse memories (until I publicly
accused them of withholding treatment). A therapist can only use EMDR if they tape
the sessions; yet this is not required for other, less effective treatment modalities.
- University criminology lecturers do not teach future Australian law enforcement
officials that child trafficking is run as a single, integrated global operation.


During a 1997 parliamentary hearing, Senator Fred Nile addressed the Mr Bubbles
case and the Wood Royal Commission’s mishandling of it as follows:

The Hon F Nile: I seek the indulgence of the Attorney General. I wish to ask him a
question without notice. Why did the children who attended the Seabeach
Kindergarten, of the Mr Bubbles case notoriety, receive more than $500,000
compensation? How is it possible that the Government of New South Wales, through
the Victims Compensation Fund, is able to pay compensation to the children who
were at the Seabeach Kindergarten even though the Wood Royal Commission refused
to make any findings about the case and the Director of Public Prosecutions was
unable to successfully prosecute the perpetrators of the alleged assaults?

Government officials subsequently deemed the Wood Royal Commission a ‘failure.’ In

May 2002, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional
Affairs conducted an inquiry into crime in the community. An excerpt from Volume 2 of their
Report (published August 2004) reads:

Almost immediately, the Committee received substantial submissions covering all

aspects of the Inquiry. From New South Wales came very serious allegations of
corruption in New South Wales policing, including allegations of protection of
pedophiles, ‘doctoring’ of police statistics, corruption of the newly introduced
promotions system for duty officers, the failure of the Wood Royal Commission and the
systemic failure of bodies set up to investigate such issues. Instead of being applauded
for seeking remedies, the whistle-blowers received punitive treatment…

B. Brand & L. McEwen (2014). Coverage of Child Maltreatment and its Effects in Three Introductory
Psychology Textbooks. Trauma Psychology, Fall, 8.

Reports of organised pedophilia and ritual abuse continued to surface in multiple
locations around Australia, following the failed Wood Royal Commission and the
subsequently established Police Integrity Commission also headed by James Wood. Here are
some case examples:

1. Brisbane ABC, CJC Pedophile Network

Senator Bill Heffernan stated in the Australian House of Parliament (29 May 1998):

Recently I made a speech in which I highlighted the code of silence which protects
worldwide child sex networks; in particular, Australian pedophile networks. These
networks include people in the judiciary, parliament, clergy and the Public Service.
Many of these people live in an abhorrent culture in which is included as a ‘spoils of
office’ the right to have sex with children.
These people put themselves at continual risk of serious compromise in their
workplaces as perpetrators, as too do those people who knowingly ignore or turn a
blind eye to this ultimate betrayal of our children. Honourable senators should be
concerned at recent developments involving the Criminal Justice Commission, the body
set up to investigate official corruption in State after the Fitzgerald inquiry. One of the
senior members of this body, Mr Bob Hailstone, a former priest and manager of the
ABC in Brisbane, and director of the corruption prevention division of the CJC [Criminal
Justice Commission] has left the CJC in what could only be called exceptional

In November last year a State police pedophilia task force raided Hailstone’s house at
31 Dudley Street, Bardon and took possession of a great deal of obscene material. Last
week Eric Goh, a man who lives with Hailstone at 31 Dudley Street, appeared in the
Brisbane Magistrates Court on charges of possessing for sale indecent or obscene
material. These charges raise serious issues of concern.

I have in my possession a letter which I will now read into the public record, and which
records disturbing incidents alleged to have occurred at Mr Hailstone’s house. The
letter was written by a man, Mr Phillip Wood, shortly before he died. Hailstone recently
resigned from the CJC rather than face disciplinary charges including association with
an inappropriate person. It seems to me that the whole period of Hailstone’s service
with the CJC should be examined, particularly as this body has failed in the past to
investigate pedophilia allegations. The letter written to a Brisbane solicitor reads as

Dear Malcolm,

This is my account of the incident on 30th June 1996. On 30th June 1996 I attended a
luncheon party at the home of Mr. Robert Hailstone, 31 Dudley Street, Rainworth. In
attendance were a total of fourteen persons, including Mr. Robert Hailstone – it then
mentions a second and third person – the others I either didn’t know or can’t remember
their names. During the course of the luncheon, some of the guests and the host were
talking about having sex with young Asian boys, especially during their holidays in

Thailand. This conversation was somewhat disturbing to me as I regard pederasty as
anathema, but I said nothing. Later on, the conversation was about the church and
their involvement in it, some of the group having been to church that day.

This triggered a hostile reaction in me, and I asked them how they could be involved in
an institution that so vocally condemns homosexuality. This prompted an outburst of
abuse by one of their number to me, with me responding by calling them a bunch of
churchgoing pedophiles and saying that they should be outed (meaning to publicly
expose them).

I then left the house. As I was reversing out of the driveway (there were a number of
cars parked there) I clipped the wing mirror of one of the cars. This bought the lot of
them out onto the driveway, shouting abuse and kicking the driver’s side of my car
breaking the driver’s side window. I was bleeding from the broken glass and being
physically attacked by a number of persons. In an attempt to escape I reversed into a
tree and drove into the side of a car parked in the driveway. In the melee that followed
one of their number managed to turn off the ignition of my car and remove the key. I
was then left alone in my car whilst they huddled together a few metres away. I used
a spare key and drove out of the driveway. I was covered in glass and blood and very
shaken up, but I drove to my home in Victoria Point without incident. I had arrived at
the luncheon at approx. 12:15 pm and arrived at my home at 3:30 pm.

Mr Robert Hailstone, who is a director of the CJC had stated to me on a couple of

occasions that he could have anyone in Queensland arrested on a trumped-up drug
charge. With this in mind, l was afraid to report the incident to the police. l paid for the
repairs to the side of my car ($920) and made two separate claims to the NRMA
insurance company for the damage to the front ($2785.18) and rear ($870.89) of my
car. I hope that this account is comprehensive enough.

Yours Sincerely,
Phillip J. Wood

Madam President, this letter was dated 8 November 1996. Mr Wood was found dead
in his home on 10 November 1996.

* * *

2. NSW Central Coast Coven


Miranda Wood & Martin Chulov, The Sun Herald, 8 Aug 1999, p7.

The Police Integrity Commission is probing a shocking series of allegations that

pedophiles have been protected by police and officials entrusted to care for the
children. Police have uncovered evidence of central coast sites used in satanic rituals,
to which drawings made by children who claim to have been abused, bear an eerie
resemblance. One mother's traumatised child tells of adult groups hanging him from

a cross, killing animals, performing sexual acts on cult members and watching orgies.
A child from a separate family, who does not know the other child, tells an identical

The Sun-Herald has seen evidence of the rituals.

One mother, Genevieve, who has fought a four-year campaign to have authorities
probe her claims said her case was similar to 33 other cases reported to the
Department of Community Services. Medical evidence has proved that both
Genevieve's children have been abused. ‘I'm coming across more and more women
who tell the same story,’ she said. ‘I've spent years trying to get help for my children,
but there are people who don't want this to come out. As he comes to feel safer, he
has given more detailed explanations of what has happened to him and his brother.
They held laser lights in their eyes to disorientate them. They were locked in
basements and they had to watch each other being abused. He couldn't have possibly
made all of this up.’

Genevieve said the boys had told her the names of those who assaulted them, and
they could recall seeing at least 30 people at rituals in the bush. She said she believed
the cult's rituals had been passed through generations of satanic covens. ‘My son can
recognise members in the street and he even knows their names,’ she said. The
children called the bushland site ‘the woods.’ They would take long walks through the
bush and it was always at night. The ceremonies were held at night,’ Genevieve said.

The drawings by each child also show the same violent acts and symbols used by the
cult. One of the symbols Genevieve's son drew was the same symbol on the
ceremonial table police have taken a photo of at the bushland site.

Genevieve said the children were afraid to tell of the ritualistic abuse after cult
members threatened to kill them and their mothers. Cult members also told them a
bomb in their stomach would explode if the truth was revealed - a trait associated
with worldwide satanic covens. Genevieve said her son could also remember being
drugged and hypnotised. ‘He said they dressed in black robes and had eye and mouth
pieces cut out,’ she said. ‘I know they're pretty dangerous people. I have had
warnings outside the house telling me to stop investigations. We're fearful for our
lives. The boys never want me out of their sight.’

She is now battling to let the truth come out and protect other children from a fate
similar to that of her sons. Genevieve said: ‘It's an absolute nightmare. You try to get
help and you have the door slammed in your face repeatedly. I'd do anything to stop
this from happening again. After a while they make you feel as though you dreamed
it all up. The laws and the attitudes need to change.’

Commissioner James Wood headed the organisation (Police Integrity Commission)

which investigated this case, which subsequently went nowhere. Are the victims and
witnesses now dead?

3. National ALP Pedophile Network
SA Parliamentary Speaker of the House, Peter Lewis, stated (1 April 2005):

There are a large number, but not a high percentage, of people in high places and
positions of trust who take it for granted that they can indulge their sexual appetites
for children of both sexes so long as they arrange to cover it up and get away with it…
It’s a national problem and MPs involved seem to know each other.

On 4th April 2005, Peter Lewis resigned his position as Speaker of the South Australian
Parliament. He resigned amidst allegations that certain ministers and journalists thwarted his
attempts to expose high-end pedophilia rings by reducing his concerns about pedophilia to
‘homophobia.’ Lewis stated during his parting speech:

I…was quietly, and as quickly as possible, bringing some of the people who had made
the allegations to the point where they might pluck up enough courage and
confidence and swear the truth of those allegations, enabling them to be more
carefully investigated. But they were being ‘bumped off’- that is, murdered and
viciously assaulted – quicker than I or the people who were helping me could get
them to write down their allegations and then swear that what they were saying was

The most outrageous thing of all…is…what appears to be the related and organised
activities of those pedophiles in high public office – that is, the judiciary, the senior
ranks of human services portfolios, some police and MPs, across the nation,
especially within the ranks of the Labor Party.

Yet you only have to recall in recent years the investigations, charges and successful
convictions against such people as Darcy, Liddy, Wright, Wells, a former senator and
other current and past MPs in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria to
understand my concern. They have not acted alone or in isolation, it seems to me…
It is not surprising that we find [pedophiles] in the jobs and roles of leadership.

* * *

4. Melbourne Priest Luciferian Pedophile Ring

In 2006, the Catholic Church’s Melbourne diocese acknowledged as ‘substantially true’
allegations that a priest took part in ritual murders in the 1960s and paid compensation to a
surviving victim.


Gary Hughes, The Courier Mail, 26 May 2006.

A Catholic priest took part in satanic murders and rituals that included child sexual
abuse. The Catholic Church’s Melbourne Archdiocese has accepted claims about the
rituals as ‘substantially true’ and paid $33,000 compensation to a man who was a
victim of the rituals as a child. The archdiocese’s independent sexual abuse
investigator, barrister Peter O’Callaghan, QC, described the details of the ritualised

murders and sexual abuse provided by the victim as ‘extraordinary… but I have no
reason or justification for doubting his credibility,’ Mr O’Callaghan said in a letter to
the victim’s lawyers in 2000.

Earlier during a formal interview with the victim, Mr O’Callaghan said he was satisfied
the man was telling the truth.’ I see no reason why I shouldn’t accept what you say,’
he said. ‘Amazing as it is, I accept it…’

In a sworn statement given to the archdiocese, the victim said he was first abused by
the priest in Melbourne in the early 1960s, when he was serving as an altar boy at the
Sacred Heart Church in Sandringham. The priest has since died. In his statement the
56-year-old victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave details of at least three
deaths – a young woman, a young man and a child – that occurred during satanic
rituals over a number of years. Two victims had their throats cut and a third was killed
with an axe. Animals were also killed during the ceremonies. ‘I have some gruesome
memories of killings,’ the victim said…

The independent compensation panel made a $33,000 ex-gratia payment to the victim
in 2001 after his claims had been investigated by Mr O’Callaghan. The archdiocese is
paying for counselling for the man, who has been diagnosed as suffering from complex
post-traumatic stress disorder.

* * *


Gary Hughes,, 26 May 2006.

The most extraordinary thing about today’s allegations of murders during satanic
rituals involving a Melbourne priest is not that they’ve been made, but that the
Catholic Church admitted in writing that it accepted they were substantially true.
Indeed ‘extraordinary’ was the word used by the Melbourne Archdiocese’s experienced
sexual abuse investigator Peter O’Callaghan QC to describe the allegations when they
were put to him in 2000…

The statement provided to the Archdiocese by the victim, who wants to remain
anonymous, makes chilling reading. He details how the Catholic priest, who has since
died, first began abusing him at the age of 11 in 1961 when he was serving as an altar
boy at the Sacred Heart Church in the bayside suburb of Sandringham and attending a
Catholic school, where the priest was chaplain. The priest got the victim alone in a
room on the pretext of giving him a sex education lesson and sexually abused him.
Later the priest would sexually abuse the boy in his car and at the Sacred Heart
Church’s presbytery, where the victim was lured on the promise of playing with toy

But it’s the accounts of satanic rituals and the victim’s eyewitness reports of murders
that are harrowing. In the statement he details at least three murders – a young girl,
a youth and a young child. He says the victims were mostly drugged and appeared to

be in a daze before having their throats cut or being hacked with an axe. He says he
was forced to take part in the rituals and was sexually abused during them by the priest
and others involved in the ceremonies.

While claims of satanic rituals and ritualised sexual abuse by victims are nothing new,
what makes these allegations different is the Melbourne Archdiocese’s acceptance of
the claims as being true. To our knowledge, it is the first time the Catholic Church in
Melbourne has done that in writing.

Some of the rituals, which occurred over a three-year period, took place in an old house
owned by the Catholic Church in Sandringham. The house was later demolished, and a
new Sacred Heart Church built on the site. . . Other rituals took place at other locations
around Melbourne. The victim would be driven to and from the locations by the priest.
The victim said during one of the final sexual assaults by the priest he was threatened
with a carving knife and told he would be killed if he ever talked to anyone about what
he had seen or what had been done to him.

The victim first contacted Victoria Police in 1998 and was told details would be passed
to the homicide squad. He says he heard nothing more . . .

In a letter to the victim dated January 5, 2001, the then head of the Melbourne
Archdiocese, Cardinal George Pell, apologised for the ‘wrong and hurt’ he suffered at
the hands of the priest.

The victim’s decision to speak out follows the conviction in the United States earlier
this month of Catholic priest Gerald Robinson for the ritualistic murder of a nun. He
said he believed there were other victims of ritualised abuse in Australia who were too
afraid or embarrassed to speak out. Robinson was charged with the murder of the nun
26 years ago after a female victim of child sexual abuse went to authorities with claims
that the priest had been involved in satanic rituals.

The victim in the two articles is James Shanahan. Cardinal George Pell, who signed the
(5 January 2001) letter of apology to James, was one of James Shanahan’s Luciferian
pedophile perpetrators.

5. Bathurst, NSW Police and Clergy Pedophile Network

In 2008, a decade after the Wood Royal Commission ruled that Ritual Abuse does not
exist in Australia, the greatest Ritual Abuse scandal in Australia’s history broke into
mainstream media. The following two newspaper articles refer to this case:


Gemma Jones, Herald Sun, 27 Aug 2008.

POLICE are investigating claims that up to 40 boys were sexually abused by a pedophile
ring of priests and teachers at an exclusive NSW school… A former priest at the school
has been charged with 33 counts, a former teacher has already been convicted of
several offences and two other teachers are under investigation.

In his first interview, a brave young man who used the internet to expose the abuse
revealed the full extent of the horror at the school. He is one of two victims who have
told The Daily Telegraph how they were herded into a prayer room by a priest chanting
‘hypnotic’ spells in tongues. Inside the prayer room, the boarders who attended the
school in the 1980s said they were subjected to horrendous sexual abuse or forced to
assault each other…

A former boarder now aged 35, who can’t be identified because of a court suppression
order, started at St Stanislaus in the ’80s because it was the only private school in the
area his family could afford. He alleged the abuse began after a priest took him aside
for private tutoring about the Catholic Church and God two months after he arrived at
the school and the horror turned into a twice-weekly event. ‘They got a group between
eight and 12 of us together and they’d just start chanting and I would wake up during
these sessions and see what was going on,’ he said. ‘It was like an orgy.’
The second victim, who declined to give permission to be named, yesterday described
the horrific night-time prayer sessions in the staff’s quarters under candlelight. ‘You’d
pass out … they spoke in tongues … another element was called laying on hands, that
was the basis on which he would engage in physical contact,’ the victim said. He said
the students were all small in stature and many of them emotionally troubled. ‘I know
of people who have been contacted, they said, ‘Yes, you’re right but I haven’t told my
wife what happened to me I’m not going to tell you guys (police),’ he said. Police last
night confirmed 13 alleged victims had already come forward.

* * *

Abuse at St Stanislaus College ‘Involved Night Orgies’

Angus Hohenboken, The Australian, 28 Aug 2008.

ORGIES involving up to 60 schoolboys, priests and teachers are among allegations

levelled at former staff members of a NSW Catholic boarding school. The Seven
Network last night reported claims that nine former teachers and priests from St
Stanislaus College in Bathurst, in eastern NSW, had committed sexual abuse on
students during ‘hypnotic’ night prayer services in the 1980s.

An alleged victim, whose identity was withheld for legal reasons, said the number of
victims involved in the encounters had grown over time. ‘It started out on a one-on-
one basis and then in small groups of between eight and 12, and then on one occasion
there was a large group of at least 60...’

The victim whistle-blower was Tor Nielsen. The group of 60 Tor referred to were 60
children raped during a Luciferian ritual in Bathurst City Hall. This pedophile orgy was
attended by visiting NSW police officers who boarded at St Stanislaus College during the
famous Bathurst car race.

Tor Nielsen did a letter drop in Bathurst to expose the pedophile ring. Consequently,
his lawyer who failed to silence Tor ‘fell’ from an eighth story apartment. Another witness
died under suspicious circumstances, the day before he was due to testify in the pedophile
trials. The deceased was a lawyer and a former St Stanislaus College student whose son
attended the school. He worked at Frederick Jordon Chambers in Sydney. One morning, the
chambers clerk found the lawyer hanged to death by his tie from a bookshelf in the basement.
He was not suicidal. Staff witnessed him in a normal mood and working on one of his cases,
thirty minutes before his time of death. Although attending police considered the death
suspicious, it was later ruled a suicide.

6. Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane Grammar Counsellor Ritually Abused Students, Royal Commission Told

Joshua Robertson, The Guardian, 4 Nov 2015.

A counsellor at a prestigious Queensland private school ritually hypnotised students

before masturbating them, slapping them in the face and putting acupuncture needles
in one child’s genitals, the royal commission into institutional responses to child sex
abuse has heard. The scores of alleged victims of Kevin Lynch at Brisbane Grammar
school included a boy who was sexually abused in a grief counselling session given
after learning his father had committed suicide…

One alleged victim of Lynch, known only as BQK, told the commission that the
counsellor’s ‘treatment [was] built around his convincing me that I could harness the
power of my orgasms to gain an edge’ in studies and sport. ‘He would regularly
masturbate me to the point of ejaculation and sometimes would make me ingest my
own semen,’ he said. Lynch also slapped the boy in the face to ‘psyche me up about
winning a metaphorical race. Other times he would use acupuncture needles and put
them into my testicles or stick his thumb in my anus,’ BQK said. BQK told the
commission he ‘assumed this was a normal treatment method’ and did not appreciate
he had been seriously abused until ‘well into my adult life.’

He said he could not understand why Grammar staff had not questioned why Lynch
operated out of a room that had two heavy, soundproof doors, red and green light
signals controlling student access, and had significant stocks of tissues and towels,
which he used to wipe up semen. The room was set up as a ‘sick conveyer belt of victims
for Lynch,’ he said…

My husband worked at Brisbane Grammar School. We lived in a school-owned

apartment on Gregory Terrace with my baby. I contended with the school’s coven which
involved an English teacher and ground staff who targeted my daughter. They posed as a new
church that I was invited to. My suspicions were aroused when the English teacher’s young
obese daughter broke down in terror at a ‘church’ meeting, as though we were at a coven

In his Final Report, Royal Commissioner Wood concluded Ritual Abuse victims to be:

…nearly always women, who during therapy for a variety of personal problems, reveal
previously unrecalled memories of bizarre childhood victimisation at the hands of
multiple offenders, and who are frequently diagnosed as suffering from multiple
personality disorder.

The Australian victims documented in the above newspaper articles are male. Most of
the Sydney pedophile network victims who contacted me are male. This contradicts
Commissioner Wood’s sexist dismissal of Ritual Abuse victims as crazy, hysterical females.


Twenty years after the failed Wood Royal Commission, Senator Bill Heffernan raised
the same concerns regarding VIP pedophiles:

Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan says Former Prime Minister a Suspected Pedophile
Jane Lee, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 October 2015.

A former Australian prime minister is on a list of ‘alleged pedophiles’ that Liberal

senator Bill Heffernan claims forms part of a police document. Senator Heffernan used
a Senate estimates committee hearing on Tuesday to discuss the list of 28 people,
which he said formed part of police documents that had been ‘signed off’ by
Gary Crooke, QC, the former senior counsel assisting NSW’s Wood royal commission
into police corruption in the 1990s. Mr Crooke declined to comment when contacted
by Fairfax Media on Tuesday.

Many of the people on the list and otherwise named in the documents were
‘prominent,’ including a former prime minister, Senator Heffernan said: ‘They were
delivered to me by a police agency some time ago because no one seems to want to
deal with them.’ Every Commonwealth attorney-general since Philip Ruddock had seen
the list, Senator Heffernan said…

Senator Heffernan had shown the documents to the Royal Commission into
Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse but was told they were not part of its
terms of reference.


The federal Child Abuse Royal Commission is a farce. It was implemented to gather
information, coverup any evidence of Australia’s massive pedophile network, and give the
public a false sense of security that something is being done to remedy the child abuse
epidemic. I can prove the Royal Commission is corrupt, with a single example.
In 2015, the Royal Commission hired lawyer Gail Furness to assist them. That year, Gail
Furness questioned both Gerald Ridsdale and George Pell. Gail Furness’ cross examination of
George Pell in Rome was so poor, Australian lawyers noted, the most basic criminal lawyer
could have performed better. Owing to her abysmal effort, George Pell escaped answering
vital questions about his coverup of pedophile priests including Gerard Ridsdale. Gerard

Ridsdale has been convicted of raping over 60 kids so far (a fraction of his estimated victim
total). One incident involved Ridsdale raping a girl on a church altar, after the child’s own
father delivered her naked to the altar (an act which reeks of ritual abuse).

Royal Commission Hid Pedophile Priest Network

A Melbourne newspaper identified Gerard Ridsdale and numerous other priests as
members of a massive pedophile network that shared victims across Victoria.90 The article
does not name George Pell as part of this network, when he certainly was. Hardly surprising,
since 300 journalists were charged for revealing Pell’s conviction. The article states:

At the centre of a number of these networks was Melbourne’s seminary - Corpus

Christi - which has produced about 1000 priests over almost 100 years, including
jailed Cardinal George Pell and convicted child rapist Gerald Ridsdale. According to a
conservative snapshot from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to
Child Abuse, at least 75 convicted and alleged sex offenders emerged from Corpus
Christi. The true figure is not known.

In a statement of claim which lawyers plan to file in court this week, the victim, who
cannot be named for legal reasons, alleges Vears took him to the seminary in
October 1976 and left him to wait in a communal living room with four or five other
boys. A second priest, Ryan, then allegedly picked the boy from the group, took him
back to a bedroom and sexually assaulted him. ‘I recall that seminarians would come
out through the corridor into the sitting room and select a boy to go back with them,’
said the former St Peter’s altar boy.

The same thing occurring at St Alipius Presbytery, a single-story residence adjoining

St Alipius parish school and St Alipius Catholic church in Ballarat, Victoria. In 1972 to ‘73,
Gerard Ridsdale, George Pell and a third priest lived together in St Alipius Presbytery. Gerard
Ridsdale served as the St Alipius parish school chaplain. Four St Alipius schoolteachers and
priests were outed as pedophiles: Robert Best, Edward Dowlan, Gerald Leo Fitzgerald, and
Stephen Francis Farrell. All, except Fitzgerald (who could not stand trial because he was
dead) were convicted of sex crimes. One of Ridsdale’s child rape victims disclosed being
forced to procure more child victims from the school playground and lure them to the St
Alipius presbytery to be sexually assaulted by priests.
Gail Furness actively hid the existence of a pedophile ring in St Alipius presbytery as
follows. Furness questioned Gerard Ridsdale about his violent rape of a 10/11-year-old girl in
the St Alipius Presbytery kitchen, an incident which George Pell witnessed. A newspaper
article accurately reported the facts of the crime as follows:


Padraic Murphy, Herald Sun, 9 April 2014.

A PRIEST [George Pell] who allegedly witnessed predatory pedophile Gerald Ridsdale
raping a young girl 40 years ago has been slammed by a judge, but the clergyman’s
identity has been withheld from the public.
Farrah Tomazin, Chris Vedelago & Debbie Cuthbertson (2019). Revealed: How paedophile priests in Victoria
worked together to share victims, The Age, 17 Sep.


Ridsdale pleaded guilty on March 18 to the rape of the girl, then 10 or 11, at St Alipius
presbytery, Ballarat, in 1972 or ’73. A summary of the court plea details: ‘In around
1972 or 1973 when (the victim) was aged 10 or 11 she was cutting up vegetables in
the presbytery kitchen at the St Alipius Primary School. Ridsdale came in and said he
had lots of shiny rocks to show her. (The victim) remembers this was around the time
of the VFL football grand final.’ The court heard that Ridsdale then took her into his
room, and showed her adult magazines, and she ran back into the kitchen. When she
ran, he chased her, grabbed her, told her to bend over and then raped her. A summary
said: ‘(She) believes that another priest [George Pell] living at the house at the time
walked through the door to the hallway and exited out the back door as this occurred.
She knows that this priest [George Pell] saw what was happening…’

Gail Furness misrepresented the content of the victim’s police witness statement and
the facts of the case, and led the defendant, while questioning Gerald Ridsdale, by putting the
following two blatant lies to Ridsdale:

1. The Presbytery was a two-story building that contained two upstairs bedrooms.
2. Gerald Ridsdale raped the victim in the privacy of his ‘upstairs’ bedroom.

Prior to Gail Furness’ cross examination, Gerald Ridsdale had been charged, convicted and
sentenced based on the following facts:

1. The presbytery is a single-story building,

2. Gerard Ridsdale raped the victim in the communal kitchen, not his private bedroom.

So, Gail Furness moved the location of a child’s rape from a public to a private setting.
Why? Because if the rape occurred in a public place, this suggests every priest in the
presbytery was comfortable with pedophilia, and the only people comfortable with
pedophilia – are pedophiles. It indicates the house was full of pedophile priests. Indeed, it
later emerged that Cardinal George Pell was the priest who witnessed Ridsdale raping the girl
in the kitchen, and that George Pell himself was a rampant pedophile. Hundreds of victims
made police statements against Pell, yet the police only ran with one simple case.
The Australian government has consistently covered up the true nature and extent of
Pell’s crimes. The Australian government and the Royal Commission allowed Pell to leave the
country knowing his crimes. The Australian government paid Gail Furness $5 million for her
services to the Royal Commission.


My contact with multiple victims over five years enabled me to piece together the
sealed contents of the Wood Royal Commission files. James Wood buried evidence of a CIA
child trafficking operation where children were recruited for a human compromise racket and
as MK-ULTRA experiments. Subjects were obtained through MK-ULTRA institutions including
Hillsong Church and Daruk government boys’ home where they were subjected to ritual abuse
and mind control. Daruk and Hillsong children were prostituted to venues like Club Costello
boy brothel in Kellett Street, Kings Cross, frequented by prominent politicians, judges, police,

entertainers and businessmen. Multiple victims of the Wood Royal Commission era pedophile
network that Senator Heffernan referenced, named the following perpetrators:

- Gough Whitlam (ALP Prime Minister, my pedophile rapist).

- Bob Hawke (ALP Prime Minister, my pedophile rapist).
- Kim Beazley Snr (ALP Minister, my pedophile rapist).
- John Kerr (ALP appointed Governor General, my pedophile rapist).
- Bob Carr (ALP politician who campaigned to lower the age of consent).
- Marcus Einfeld (Federal judge. Found guilty of perverting the course of justice.
Defended pedophile entertainer Don Lane on marijuana charge. Defended my
pedophile rapist Lionel Murphy against corruption charges).
- David Yeldham (Judge who suicided after Franca Arena named him in Parliament as a
pedophile, sparking the Wood Royal Commission).
John Marsden (President NSW Law Society, President NSW Council for Civil Liberties,
member NSW Police Board. My father’s lawyer. Ivan Milat’s lawyer. Named in
Parliament as a pedophile).
- Roger Rogerson (Police detective who protected Sydney’s underbelly including Club
Costello boy brothel. Escaped drug trafficking and murder convictions on appeal,
before a subsequent murder conviction stuck in 2014).
- Frank Arkell (Wollongong Mayor ritually murdered after being named in Parliament).
- Kerry Packer (Media mogul. Roger Rogerson shot 12-year-old Dean Henry, son of
Kings Cross prostitute, as he fled being raped by Packer).
- Frank Houston (Hillsong Church founder, serial pedophile, child trafficker).
- Graham Kennedy (TV star).
- Don Lane (TV star).
- Bert Newton (TV star).
- Stuart Wagstaff (TV star).

In 2018 Bert Newton made a bizarre reference to the pedophile antics of his TV star
buddies Graham Kennedy and Don Lane during his TV Logie Awards speech:

Graham Kennedy was always the sort of man who nurtured young talent. He enjoyed
giving young people a chance on television, he was a great mentor, he mentored a lot
of young people. You knew if you went to his dressing room it was locked, he will be
inside doing some mentoring. Don Lane was a mentor too. He did a hell of a lot of


Daruk government boys’ home was used to procure kids for sex trafficking to Club
Costello boy brothel in Kings Cross. Tim Roy’s father, who sex trafficked his own sons to
members of Sydney’s entertainment industry, worked at Daruk.
At age 13, Stephen Masters was thrown into Daruk government boys’ home where he
was subjected to ECT (electrocution). Stephen publicly declared Daruk was a CIA research
facility where boys were subjected to MK-ULTRA experiments involving circumcision,
biochemical exposure, drugging, and electrocution. Stephen said boys (notably a child

surnamed Rogan) were murdered by hanging and their deaths recorded as ‘suicide’ or
‘absconded.’ Victims’ bodies were disposed of in the coal furnace that heated Daruk.
Stephen Masters believes Medical Officer John Munger headed the MK-ULTRA
research conducted on Daruk boys. The Australian government is protecting the identity and
whereabouts of John Munger who is not listed with the low-level Daruk perpetrators due to
be prosecuted in early 2020. Police informed Stephen Masters that John Munger served in
the Australian Navy, yet no photo is available of him. Daruk staff occupied a house on the
street corner directly outside the Daruk entrance; Stephen believes this was where the MK-
ULTRA records were safely stored off-site.
Stephen Master’s was incarcerated in Daruk with Les Murphy who, with four others
including John Travers, was imprisoned for the 1986 ritual rape and murder of 26-year-old
nurse Anita Coby. I say ‘ritual’ because I heard unpublished details of Anita’s murder from
two unrelated sources who viewed Les Murphy’s file, the lawyer husband of my high school
friend, and a prison guard I bunked with during my parole officer training in Sydney. The latter
vomited when she read Murphy’s file detailing how he and his accomplices had sex with deep
cuts they made in Anita’s body.
Serial killer Ivan Milat’s victims were found chopped up and scattered over a wide area
of bushland, which indicates satanic ritual. I surmise that Milat was the fall guy for a group
cult effort. Stephen Masters reported two encounters with Ivan Milat to police. The first
involved Milat offering 15-year-old Stephen and his inebriated teenage mate a lift. Milat
detoured to Club Costello boy brothel in Kings Cross where Stephen recognised 16-year-old
Les Murphy working behind the bar. Stephen deduced Ivan Milat drugged and raped his
young mate in Milat’s car that evening, and that that Milat had a system of scouting and
collecting child victims, drugging them in preparation for rape by pedophiles at Club Costello,
before disposing of their bodies afterwards.
Both Ivan Milat and John Travers (Anita Coby’s killer) spent time in Engadine’s
BoysTown juvenile detention facility, where my father and I were subjected to years of ritual
abuse. Australians question where the likes of Milat, Murphy and Travers got the idea to
murder people the way they did. Such behaviour is not innate - it was taught by Luciferian
pedophiles who ran Engadine BoysTown and Daruk. We will never know how many murders
Milat and Murphy committed separately or together. The unsolved 1965 Wanda beach
murders where two 15-year-old girls violently stabbed and slashed at Cronulla carried all the
hallmarks of Ivan Milat.


John Marsden was Ivan Milat’s lawyer. In 1971, Marsden secured Ivan Milat bail for
rape and armed robbery charges and helped him flee to New Zealand. Australian authorities
allowed Milat to leave the country knowing he was on bail for serious offences. I wonder how
many NZ victims Milat sourced, abducted and killed for the NZ VIP pedophile network I heard
about from NZ victims and witnesses. When Milat returned to Australia in 1974, John
Marsden had him acquitted of the rape and armed robbery charges. Milat was never charged
for breaching his bail conditions by leaving Australia. My father knew the Milat brothers who
told him they were never caught for a series of bank robberies during which they routinely
raped young female bank tellers.

Daruk resident Ray Leary was sex trafficked to Club Costello boy brothel where he was
raped by John Marsden.91 Ray Leary also witnessed Les Murphy working behind the bar at
Club Costello, and said John Marsden used Les Murphy, whom Marsden frequently visited in
prison, to threaten him. Indeed, a judge found John Marsden used Les Murphy to persuade a
witness to change his position. John Marsden escaped conviction for pedophilia, yet the NSW
Victims Compensation Tribunal awarded compensation to one of his victims.
John Marsden came out as gay after Deidre Grusovin used parliamentary privilege to name
him as a pedophile. Pedophile Prime Minister Gough Whitlam attended John Marsden’s
funeral, while accused pedophile Justice Michael Kirby delivered Marsden’s eulogy.

2020 Update:

Former federal Liberal MP Alasdair Webster facing historical sexual assault charges
Duncan McNab, 7NEWS, 11 March 2020 .

A former federal politician and Order of Australia recipient will face court later this
month on historical sexual assault charges. Alasdair Webster, 86, has been charged
with buggery, attempted buggery, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and 10
counts of indecent assault on a male. The offence of buggery carries a maximum 14
years imprisonment…

The charges result from investigations by Strike Force Eckersley into alleged abuse of
boys at the Daruk Training School near Windsor, in Sydney’s west, between 1978 and
1980, where Webster was Chief Superintendent…

Webster was the federal Liberal Party member for the seat of Macquarie in Sydney’s
west from December 1984 to March 1993. He later contested the NSW Legislative
council at the 1999 and 2003 elections for Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party.
Webster was awarded an Order of Australia in 2008 for “services to the Parliament of
Australia, and to the community through Indigenous, educational and service

* * *


James Wood did not recommend any action against the accused VIP pedophiles.
instead, he recommended lowering the age of consent so men could legally have sex with
teenagers. Premiere Bob Carr subsequently introduced his NSW Age of Consent Bill in 2003.
The leftist media labelled any opposition to Carr’s Bill ‘homophobia.’ When an MP who voted
against the Bill used parliamentary privilege to threaten naming a senior MP accused of raping
a 15-year-old boy, Premier Bob Carr referred the matter to the Police Integrity Commission
headed by James Wood.92

Margaret Scheikowski (2000). NSW: Man tells court John Marsden raped him as a boy. AAP, 2 Jan.
Nick Grimm (2003). Carr sceptical of new pedophile claims, ABC Radio National, 28 May.

I campaigned for five years to undo the damage James Wood did to the credibility of
Australian Ritual Abuse victims and their therapists. On 17 October 2018, I tweeted to our
Prime Minister:

@ScottMorrisonMP When you issue your ‘National Apology to Victims and Survivors of
institutional Child Sexual Abuse’ this Mon 22 Oct, please acknowledge victims of ‘Ritual
Abuse’ by using these very words. This will gain you credibility with the many RA victims
and the therapists.

If only the Prime Minister included those two words, I reasoned, then victims and
therapists could reintroduce ‘Ritual Abuse’ to their vocabulary, and SRA victims would have a
voice. My tweet received the most public attention on the PM’s twitter account that day. On
22 October, the PM included in his National Apology:

The crimes of Ritual Sexual Abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, Scout
troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities, and in family

My therapist exclaimed: ‘From now on I’m including the words, “ritual abuse - as
acknowledged by the Australian Prime Minister” in all my medical reports!’

Pièce de résistance
On 18 June 2014, Sydney child trafficking victim Dean Thomas Chisholme Henry
attended an Assessment and Inquiry Session at Silverwater Prison with Vicki Cosma and
Darren Latimore (Officers with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child
Sexual Abuse). During this session, Dean Henry provided verbal testimony concerning his child
abuse experiences which the Commission Officers recorded and submitted in transcript form
to the Royal Commission.
In this transcript, Dean Henry listed names of some of the men his prostitute mother
sold him to as a child. On page 5 of the transcript, Dean Henry named the following man as
one of his pedophile perpetrators:


* * *

Victorian Pedophile Network
In 2004, Reina Michaelson (PhD psychologist, 2005 Young Australian of the Year for
Community Service) called for a Royal Commission into allegations of a Victorian pedophile
network involving Rushmore state high school and the Education Department, DOCS (child
protection), a Mornington Peninsula childcare centre, Liberal Party Premiere Jeff Kennett,
Victorian Police, Network 10, and TV star Bert Newton. The following newspaper articles refer
to this operation:


Gary Hughes, The Age, 19 April 2004.

Police files on a suspect in claimed sexual abuse by men dressed as police are said to
have ‘disappeared.’ A deputy principal who reported a student’s claim of the abuse
says detectives later told him that Victoria Police computer files on one of the alleged
pedophiles were tampered with. He was also told his initial report to the Department
of Human Services under the mandatory reporting system disappeared.

The 13-year-old boy told staff at the school he had been repeatedly sexually abused by
a number of men on the Mornington Peninsula. He said some of the men wore police
uniforms and warned him that they would know if he reported the abuse because they
were policemen. The boy had also been used to produce child pornography later
published overseas.

The deputy principal said it was clear from a detailed 12-page statement made by the
boy that the abuse was conducted by an organised and ‘well-connected’ pedophile

No charges were laid because police said the boy had been ‘too well groomed’ by the
pedophiles and it was doubtful he would testify in court.

The deputy principal contacted The Age after it revealed this month that the
Ombudsman was investigating the alleged mishandling of a number of child sexual
abuse cases by Victoria Police. The Age advised him to contact the Ombudsman, which
he has since done.

One case being reviewed by the Ombudsman involves children at a child-care centre in
Mornington. Investigators have been told that a house where the alleged abuse took
place possibly belonged to a policeman and that a videotape existed of children from
the centre being abused by men dressed as police.

The deputy principal from the college in Melbourne’s outer east has asked that neither
he nor the college be named to protect the identity of the abused boy. The deputy
principal, who has since become principal of another school, lodged an initial report
with what was then Community Services Victoria in July 1995. He telephoned about
two weeks later and was told the report was being investigated. The deputy principal

said it was clear from a statement made by the boy that the abuse was conducted by
an organised pedophile ring.

After the boy made more detailed disclosures and began displaying disturbing
behaviour, the school lodged a second mandatory report in December 1995 through
the Education Department’s regional office. The complaint was taken ‘very seriously’
and police were called. The deputy principal said police told him there was no record
of the original report to community services or his follow-up phone call. A senior child
protection manager told him it was not the first time reports had disappeared.

Detectives from a community policing unit said the main alleged offender in the ring
was well known to police, the deputy principal said. But the police said a previous case
against him had been abandoned after information on police files had disappeared. ‘I
started to pinch myself and think is this real or not? It seemed quite bizarre and I was
very frustrated…’ he said.

After police dropped the investigation in 1996 the boy ‘totally clammed up’ and staff
at the school did not know whether the abuse continued. A Victoria Police spokesman
said the original allegation had been investigated, including a search of the main
suspect’s home that found no incriminating evidence. The boy involved had refused to
repeat to police the disclosures he had earlier made to school staff. The spokesman
said he was not aware that files had disappeared.

* * *


Matt Doran, Mornington Peninsula Leader, 4 May 2004.

AT 7am on an ordinary morning in the early 1990s, police rapped on the door of a
house in Mt Martha, waiting to tell a mother and a father their two toddlers were
believed to have been victims of pedophilia. They did it subtly, of course, by asking the
parents to see if their children had ever heard of ‘red Kenny’ or ‘Daddy Kenny.’

A number of children from a Mornington childcare centre had earlier told the police
these were nicknames used by men who had sexually abused them. ‘I will never forget
the look on my daughter’s face when she heard those names. She immediately ran
behind her mother saying, ‘save me mummy, save me,’ said John (not his real name).
John was later told by his eldest daughter that the same men had held her underwater
and bent her little finger backwards if she didn’t do as she was told. John knew in his
heart then that the bruises on his youngest daughters’ cheek had not been caused by
a ‘playground accident.’ His children, ‘two little heroes,’ were among at least 16 others
abused at the Mornington Child Care Centre and Nursery School in the 1990s.

Children told police and their parents they were taken from the centre in a van to a
house in Mornington where they were sexually and physically abused by a group of
adults. Some described being abused by adults wearing ‘funny clothes’ including police
uniforms, clown suits and ‘black capes with tails.’

The centre was deregistered after a Department of Human Services inquiry found that
the centre’s owners, Norman and Alison Shulver, had ‘permitted the abuse to occur or
were involved in that abuse.’ No police charges were laid, but in 1994 the Crimes
Compensation Tribunal awarded damages of up to $20,000 to more than 30 applicants
affected by the alleged abuse.

Now a decade later, Victoria’s Ombudsman is due to release a report on the way police
handled their investigation. But that does not comfort John or his eldest daughter, now
16, who are still traumatised. ‘My eldest daughter still needs counselling and is afraid
to sleep by herself. She is on antidepressants and . . . has no friends,’ John said. ‘She
believes she was the victim of organised pedophilia and she still fears for her life. ‘It is
too late for justice for my family. Justice cannot repair my marriage or make up for the
trauma my daughter has suffered. But there needs to be justice for the community, so
that people’s faith in the system can be restored.’

Psychologist Dr Reina Michaelson, who is representing survivors of abuse throughout

Victoria, helped instigate the Ombudsman’s investigation in 2002. She first raised
concerns with Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon in 2001, about the way the original
police investigation was conducted after a ‘well-hidden’ file containing allegations
linking police to child sex offences was stolen from her home. But now Dr Michaelson
has lost faith in the Ombudsman’s internal investigation.

Documents obtained by the Leader show that in April last year an Ethical Standards
Department officer was removed from the investigation for ‘incompetence’ after he
failed to pass on vital information from two witnesses. One witness claimed that a
house used by pedophiles in Mornington belonged to a policeman. The other witness
gave information about the existence of a video tape that showed a number of men
dressed in police uniforms abusing children. The investigator said he could not recall
talking about a video with the witness, but a check of telephone records showed he did
have such a conversation.

‘These children were the victims of a highly organised and protected pedophile group
that continues to operate throughout Victoria,’ Dr Michaelson said. ‘While this type of
corruption continues, these children don’t have a hope of getting justice. ‘They
desperately want to present their testimonies and evidence, but they need to be given
a forum where they can do this in safety and where the investigative process is truly

Doctor’s Years of Dedication

Dr Reina Michaelson, who sparked the Ombudsman's current investigation, is a high
achiever in the world of child psychology. The 33-year-old completed her PhD in
psychology at Victoria University in 2001. Her thesis, which was awarded the vice-
chancellor's medal for excellence in research, focused on ways to prevent child sexual
abuse. Dr Michaelson was Young Australian of the Year (for community service) in

* * *

Gosia Kaszubska, The Australian, 9 July 2004.

A SOPHISTICATED pedophile network involving former politicians and police has been
operating in Victoria since the 70s, anti-child-abuse campaigners claimed yesterday.
Reina Michaelson, head of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, and
Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston said victims had told them of an organised child
pornography and prostitution network with links to former MPs and senior police

The claims a pedophile ring was operating under the protection of police came after
the Victorian Ombudsman released a damning report on the conduct of four child sex
abuse investigations, leading to a review of the operations of the sexual crimes squad.
Two experienced members of the squad will be investigated over their role in the abuse
cases, which are being reopened.

The inquiry found the officers failed to adequately examine several child abuse
allegations and concluded they may have lied under oath to investigators from the
Ombudsman’s office. The Ombudsman found officers from the squad told the
Education Department a teacher had been cleared of abuse allegations, despite
conducting no investigation into the claims.

In a separate case, a senior detective blamed a 12-year-old girl for encouraging a man
who had allegedly abused her, and another officer described the victim as ‘a little slut.’

The Ombudsman’s inquiry followed complaints from Dr Michaelson, who gave a

dossier of child abuse cases she claimed had been mishandled to police Chief
Commissioner Christine Nixon in late 2001. . .

* * *


The Age, 16 Nov 2004.

A sudden decision by Victoria Police to drop a rape investigation involving a prominent

television industry figure is likely to be examined as part of a special inquiry by the
state Ombudsman into how authorities handle sexual assault cases.

Using his new powers, the Ombudsman will examine how government agencies and
the police investigate allegations of sexual assault and how victims are treated. The
wide-ranging inquiry will include the Department of Education and the Department of
Human Services, which is responsible for child protection.

One of the cases likely to be examined is the recent decision by Victoria Police to drop
an investigation into sexual assault allegations against the prominent Victorian
television industry figure. The alleged victim told police in March that he was

repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted as a teenager by the male television executive
in the 1980s.

Deputy Ombudsman John Taylor told The Age a special unit began initial work on the
inquiry several weeks ago and government agencies had been formally notified.

The alleged victim of the television figure lodged a formal complaint last week with
the Ombudsman and Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon about the
decision to drop the investigation. The Ombudsman had already decided to hold the
special inquiry before the complaint was received. Ms Nixon has referred the complaint
to the police Ethical Standards Department.

The Ombudsman has been told that police decided to drop the case, despite the Office
of Public Prosecutions reviewing the evidence just weeks earlier and indicating the
investigation should proceed and charges could be laid. In his complaint to the
Ombudsman, the alleged victim said that police ignored potentially corroborative
evidence, failed to interview witnesses, only spoke to some other witnesses over the
telephone and pressured him into writing a letter exonerating a second offender just a
week before dropping the case.

Mr Taylor said the decision to hold the special inquiry was the result of the number of
complaints received over the past 12 months about the way sexual abuse allegations
had been handled by government agencies and the police. ‘Inevitably the focus has
been as the result of some specific complaints, but we are looking more broadly than
just a few complaints,’ he said.

The new inquiry comes after an Ombudsman's investigation into police mishandling of
child sexual abuse cases was scathing in its criticism of Victoria Police in July. Police
reopened four cases after the Ombudsman found investigations had been bungled. The
Age revealed at the time that, in one of the cases, children had remained at risk in a
country town after police inadequately investigated an alleged pedophile in 1999.

The two-year investigation by the Ombudsman was also highly critical of the attitudes
of investigating officers. One senior sexual crimes squad detective blamed a 12-year-
old schoolgirl for leading on a 63-year-old man who allegedly abused her. Another
police officer told investigators the same girl was a ‘slut,’ despite admitting she had
most likely been sexually abused.

The sexual crimes squad was also found to have failed to investigate allegations
against a teacher but told the Education Department that investigations had been
carried out and the teacher cleared.

* * *


Barney Zwarts, The Age, 22 November 2006.

An anti-child-sex campaigner accused an occult religious group of hosting parties at
which naked children acted as waiters and at which members had sex with and
murdered children, a tribunal was told yesterday. The obscure group Ordo Templi
Orientis (OTO) claims Dr Reina Michaelson and the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Program described it in a website article as a satanic cult that sacrificed children and
ate their organs and blood. It has complained under Victoria’s religious hatred law that
Dr Michaelson and her organisation vilified OTO members, causing revulsion, ridicule,
hatred and contempt.

According to OTO’s statement of complaint, Dr Michaelson said it was not a religion

but a child pornography and pedophile ring, that its members practised trauma-based
mind control, sexual abuse and satanic rituals to discourage its victims from
complaining to the authorities, and that it condoned kidnapping street children and
babies and children from orphanages for sex and sacrifice in religious rituals.

The case began at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal yesterday but was
adjourned to today to allow a last-ditch attempt to settle out of court. The article, still
accessible on a website run from NSW, suggests senior politicians and television
celebrities are part of a top-level pedophile ring and have been protected by some
police. It says some members of the ring pretended to support Dr Michaelson’s
campaign and became board members of her group to subvert it from within. . .

OTO members follow a religion known as Thelema, founded by occultist Aleister


* * *


The following document was posted by David Icke and on various websites including
Above Top Secret. The public reinserted some of the names that Reina Michaelson disguised.

Dr Michaelson’s Statement:
The following is a summary of events that detail the infiltration of a high-profile,
powerful group of child sex offenders into my child abuse prevention organisation. What was
uncovered as a result of this infiltration was the existence of a child pornography and
pedophile ring that is operating in Australia, under the protection of senior-ranking members
of Victoria Police.
The members of the network include senior management and executives from a major
television network, media celebrities, high-ranking politicians, police officers in charge of
pedophile and child pornography investigations, senior management representatives from the
Department of Education, directors of ‘child-focused’ service clubs, wealthy businessmen, and
I have tried to keep the account as brief as possible while including all relevant
information. The description covers events from 1995 until the time of this writing (2005).
Names have been changed.

Victorian Department of Education Protects Rushmore Pedophile Teacher
In 1995, I started running Australia's first child sexual abuse prevention program in
schools (CSAPP, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program). This school-based program teaches
children how to protect themselves from sexual abuse and what to do if someone tries to
sexually abuse them. The program also teaches adults how they can best protect children
under their care from sexual abuse.
My assistant and I were at Rushmore high school in the northern region working with
Year 9 boys. We received a note written anonymously by one of the boys asking, ‘What do
you do if you get raped by a teacher and no one will believe you? What happens if you get
raped and you enjoy it?’
Later during that day, we were asked exactly the same question by a boy who was
flushed red with embarrassment. I replied, ‘Talk to the Student Welfare Coordinator,’ to
which he replied, ‘What if he is the one who won't believe you?’ I emphasized that it is
important to keep telling until someone believes you.
During the day my assistant and I noticed the strange behaviour of a Rushmore
teacher. Later that afternoon I learnt that the car I had been driving had been rammed in the
school's carpark. Witnesses reported that the car had been rammed deliberately by a man
who then drove off very quickly.
The local police were called and ran a licence check on the car and discovered that the
numberplate was fake. They then took photos of the crime scene using the school's camera.
Later, when it was revealed that a teacher was under suspicion of sexually abusing the
children at the school and then organising the ramming of my car to intimidate me, the photos
went ‘missing,’ and no further action was taken.
The Rushmore teacher was the only person at the school who knew my car, as he had
taken it upon himself to show me to my car to give me directions to the shops during a break
in classes.
It was organised that the boys in Year 9 would be interviewed in order to find the
victims and give them appropriate support. Three people (including myself, my assistant and
a counsellor from a sexual assault centre) were responsible for conducting the interviews. At
the completion of the interviews, there were concerns for approximately 12 of the boys.
These concerns related specifically to sexual assault by a teacher at the school.
However, by this stage (over a week had passed since the initial program) it was clear that the
boys had been threatened. For example, when I interviewed the boy who had asked the
questions about sexual abuse by a teacher and not being believed, he huddled into a foetal
position, started crying, and said he could not tell me what happened. When I asked him why
he couldn't tell me, he replied that he had been threatened with his life. His best friend told
me he would never tell what had happened.
Sometime after this, we organised a theatre company performance for the students
(on the topic of sexual abuse). While the children were seated and waiting for the play to
begin, the offending teacher made an unscheduled visit to the hall. He proceeded to stand in
front of each of the boys we had identified as potential victims and stare them down. The
boys, who had been happy and laughing in the excitement of waiting for the play to begin,
went grey with fear. Finally, I stood in front of the pedophile teacher so that he could not
intimidate the boys any further.
I was then told no further action would be taken as the boys had not named the

Program Infiltrated
I was the recipient of a very prestigious national award (Young Australian of the Year
for Community Service). One of the judges (’RS’) was a well-connected government official,
and another was Robert Osmotherly, a Network 10 TV executive.

Network 10 General Manager

After winning this award, Robert Osmotherly approached me and said that he had
never heard of this terrible crime (child sexual abuse) before meeting me. He said wanted to
help me get my program into every school in Victoria within five years and said he had the
money and the connections to do this. He said he would raise half a million dollars in 6 weeks,
and have it matched within 6 months. He said that he and RS would set my program up as an
independent organisation and that they would establish a Board of Management consisting
of all of their powerful and influential friends. RS would become President of the organisation
and Robert Osmotherly Vice-President.
I agreed to Robert Osmotherly’s proposal as it sounded as if he would enable the
program to receive substantial funding and therefore be able to reach many more children
within Victoria, and across Australia. I did not consider for a second that Robert Osmotherly
and RS could have been deceiving me in order to get control of, and ultimately, to destroy the
child sexual abuse prevention program that I had developed.
The Board members and supporters that they brought to the organisation were very
powerful and from the highest echelons of society. These included the Editor-in Chief of a
major Australian newspaper, the former head of a child-focussed service club, the head of the
largest agricultural society in Victoria, the partner from a well-known law firm, an extremely
wealthy businessman and former Network 10 board member, the head of a well-known
accounting firm, the head of a successful advertising company, and others.
Despite having such wealth and powerful connections, in the two-year period that
they served on the Board they organised only one donation of $25,000. The board members
subsequently despised the donor and ostracised him from their community (which at the time
I thought was incredibly ungrateful!). This is compared with over $200,000 my family and I
raised doing the fundraising ourselves in the same time period!
Furthermore, my efforts to secure funding were being actively sabotaged. For
example, after an interview on the Channel 9 'Today' show (not Network 10), I was contacted
by a well-known multi-national company who said that they would like to fund my program.
This well-known company was located in Sydney, and as Robert Osmotherly frequently went
to Sydney, I asked if he would have a meeting with them on behalf of our organisation. He
However, when he returned from the meeting, he said for me not to have much hope
and not to contact them for six months while they sorted out a new tax issue. I found this very
odd, as they had been so keen to fund the organisation when I had spoken to them. I phoned
the woman whom I had spoken to, and she confirmed my suspicions. She had been at the
meeting and Robert Osmotherly had told the company not to bother funding us, as ‘the
organisation won't be around in six months.’ Needless to say, we did not receive the funding.
During this time period, I was without any income for four months. Many other people
would have quit and sought other employment; however, I believed passionately in my cause
and did not give up, much to the chagrin of Robert Osmotherly. On one occasion he said to
me, ‘You have given so much to this cause in your life, why don't you just give up? You have
achieved more good in your short life than many do in a long lifetime. Why don't you retire

down in the country (I was 28 years old)? Go on, just give up.’ When I replied that I would
never give up, he stormed away! I was confused by this behaviour, but as I trusted him, I did
not think too much more about it at the time.
The Board members achieved one other ‘in-kind’ donation. It was the use of a Honda
CRV vehicle. I appreciated the use of the vehicle while I had it (approximately 18 months).
However, I later discovered that the head of the company that donated it, a close friend of
RS, had just been convicted of child sex offences. These offences included the production of
child pornography.
RS organised a meeting with TF, the CEO of a major charitable trust and personal
friend of his and other members of the Board. At that meeting I was amazed when TF asked
me, ‘Do you ever think that by preventing children from having sexual relationships with
adults that you are actually HARMING them?’
I replied by citing the research that strongly indicates adult-child sexual relationships
are harmful to children, but he had switched his mind off to my argument. He then stated
that in 100 years or so it will be revealed that such relationships are not harmful but that what
I was doing was harmful to children. I was certainly taken aback, and RS said, ‘Don't worry, TF
just thinks on a very high intellectual plane. High above yours.’ Needless to say, we didn't get
funding from RS's very good friend after all.

Meeting with Victorian Premiere Jeff Kennett

After winning the award, I had a meeting with a very powerful state politician, Jeff
Kennett. At that time, Jeff Kennett was the most powerful person in the state. As well as being
politically powerful he also had key business interests, including in the media. When I was
first introduced to him, he was staring at me quite sleazily. After he asked what work I do, and
my response ‘child abuse prevention,’ he would not make eye contact at all and sought to
exclude me from the meeting in a very bullying manner.
It was well-known that Jeff Kennett was a serious domestic violence offender, and that
his wife was frequently being admitted to shelters in secret. However, given the power and
status of Mr Kennett the issue was never raised in the mainstream media.
I was later to be informed by a very reliable and trusted source from the child welfare
field that there is a file containing serious child sex offences (against boys) by Jeff Kennett,
but because of his enormous power in Victoria, the police would not act on it. I also discovered
from a former sex worker that Jeff Kennett frequently paid St Kilda boy sex workers for sex,
and that one of these boys ‘talked too much to the wrong people and ended up dead with an
'accidental' heroin overdose.’
It was also alleged that Jeff Kennett intentionally abused the boys in unusual situations
(for example, in a helicopter) so that if it ever got out, the boys' testimonies would seem
unbelievable. This of, course, is exactly the same strategy used by offenders in the US child-
care centre cases. Interestingly, Jeff Kennett has recently commissioned a statue of himself -
as a gargoyle [on St Patrick's Cathedral 93].
Later I met with another politician (from the same Liberal Party) who told me that ‘Jeff
Kennett is really into that (child sex abuse).’ This same politician told me that in the late 1980s
and early 1990s, the police were ‘getting too close to the truth, too close to people in high
positions of power who are also pedophiles,’ and so the sex crimes squad’s child exploitation
unit had been established to investigate organised pedophilia and ensure it was shut down.

The Age, It's Kennett the gargoyle. 7 June 2002.

(Soon after Detective Senior Sergeant Chris O’Connor was put in charge of the child
exploitation unit and the sexual crimes squad, to investigate these offences and ensure that
the truth never got out and that this high-ranking network of offenders would never get

Jeff Kennett still runs the Victorian Liberal Party…

Network 10 Produces Pornography

One day I was working on a computer at Network 10. As I was working, Robert
Osmotherly approached my computer and put a floppy disk in the machine. He said, ‘Look at
this’ and proceeded to bring up images of pornography involving humans and Sesame Street
characters. I was very embarrassed and did not know how to react.
I asked, ‘Where did you get that?’ and he replied, ‘Oh, someone put it together here,’
indicating that Network 10 was producing pornography. I was later to discover that Network
10 is also producing child pornography and is, in fact, a cult-owned and run television station.
I was also later to discover that Robert Osmotherly is a passionate member of a cult.

Mr Television: Bert Newton

Robert Osmotherly introduces me to Mr. Television

After winning the abovementioned award, I was invited to go on one of the morning
television shows on Network 10. (This was before my association with Robert Osmotherly.
Ironically, after my association with Robert Osmotherly, Network 10 did not do any promotion
of my work at all!) It is hosted by one of the most famous and longest serving television
personalities in Australia, Bert Newton.
I was asked to prepare a number of questions that Bert Newton would ask me. I
prepared very straight-forward questions that focussed on the work, so I was quite shocked
when Bert Newton glared at me and said, ‘Are you doing this because it happened to you?’ I

was also stunned when he refused to allow the phone number of my organisation to be
presented on the air for donations.
When I later became closely associated with Network 10 Robert Osmotherly would
often say to me ‘You know, Bert Newton really likes you. He really likes you!’ This surprised
me because my experience of Bert Newton had been the exact opposite of that. (Interestingly,
Robert Osmotherly also frequently said to me, ‘Jeff Kennett really likes me since I started
helping you. He has me sit next to him at all of the formal functions we attend now.’ This was
indeed true, Jeff Kennett, Robert Osmotherly and ‘RS’ were all the best of friends.)
After my experience with Network 10, I subsequently discovered that in the late
1980's Bert Newton was frozen out of the television industry due to allegations of his
involvement in the production of child pornography. Although his alleged involvement in this
activity was well-publicised at the time, he was never charged and about a year later he joined
Network 10.
Since then he has continued to play a significant role in the production of child
pornography in Australia. One contact who works on the set of the morning program hosted
by Bert Newton finds the work to be very distressing as other on-air talent are very open
about their pedophilia. This contact is disgusted, as his sister is a victim of child sex offences,
however he does not want to publicly disclose the information as he will lose his job. In
addition to the above, I am now in contact with a boy who was paid $2000 a night to have sex
with Bert Newton, from the ages of 15 - 18 years.

Introduction to the Pedophile Police Unit

There is a specialised police unit in Victoria that, since the early 1990's, is responsible
for investigating all child sex offences involving multiple-victims, offences committed by
teachers, as well as child pornography offences [the Child Exploitation Unit within the Sexual
Crimes Squad]. I had a meeting with the head of this unit, Detective Senior Sergeant Chris
O’Connor, and was very surprised when the first thing he said to me was ‘Does Jeff Kennett
know about your program? Jeff Kennett should know about your program.’ I found this a very
odd thing for him to say as an opening statement, and especially so, given the information
known about Jeff Kennett's alleged sexual abuse of boys. I thought it impossible for this police
officer not to know of these things, given his specialist role.

Relationship between Chris O’Connor and network 10 Robert Osmotherly

I subsequently became aware of the ‘unusual’ relationship between Chris O’Connor
(police) and Robert Osmotherly (Network 10). I invited Chris O’Connor to do a presentation
for the board members. RS was ‘so impressed’ by Chris O’Connor that he wanted to invite
him onto the Board of Management (along with all the other pedophile members). I later
discovered that Chris O’Connor and Robert Osmotherly, although pretending not to know
each other at the Board meeting, have a very cosy relationship indeed.
Specifically, a couple of years ago, a senior staff member at Network 10 was charged with
procuring children for prostitution. At the time, the wife of a detective working in Chris
O’Connor's unit (Pam Cullen) received a very sudden and significant promotion to become
Robert Osmotherly 's Personal Assistant. It was a clear conflict of interest and deeply
comprising to the investigation.
Pam Cullen 's husband should not have been involved in investigating Network 10 staff
for their involvement in procuring children for prostitution or any other child sex offences
connected to Network 10. However, with the appointment of the detective's wife to Personal

Assistant of the General Manager of Network 10, it was guaranteed that no other information
pertaining to Network 10's illegal activities involving sex offences against children would be
pursued by Chris O’Connor or his unit. And Pam Cullen enjoyed her unexpected and incredibly
well-paid, new position at Network 10.

Chris O’Connor called in to investigate the Rushmore teacher and other offences
In 1999 fresh allegations were made against the Rushmore pedophile teacher. This
time, teenage girls reported the Rushmore pedophile teacher approaches students and asks
them to meet him after school to meet 'Winston the Baseball Bat'. They indicated that
'Winston' was the teacher’s penis. They reported that other students were very affected by
this behaviour, and some had taken to writing warnings to each-other on the desks, such as
‘If the teacher asks you to meet Winston, don't do it – it’s his dick!!’
At last, the Rushmore pedophile teacher had been named and the victims were
prepared to come forward. The teacher admitted to these offences and received 5 sessions
of counselling. I then discovered the teacher had conveniently taken up a temporary position
in a country school (like a priest being moved from parish to parish when things get too hot).
The principal at the original school had not told the new school the circumstances surrounding
his transfer and had instead said, ‘Poor teacher, he's had a difficult time lately.’ I later
discovered that this Principal was an expert liar and had gone over and above the call of duty
in protecting this pedophile teacher.
At this new country high school, it was not long before further allegations of child
abuse by the Rushmore teacher came out. Incidents of verbal abuse, such as calling students
‘fucking stupid’ were revealed, as well as physical assaults, such as dragging students out of
the classroom and throwing them on the floor. In another physical assault, the Rushmore
pedophile teacher grabbed the 12-year-old boy by the neck and held him by his neck against
a wall. The teacher admitted to the latter assault, wrote a letter of apology and provided
financial compensation for the loss of the necklace.
With the pedophile teacher being named and various offences being admitted to, I
reported his behaviour for criminal investigation to Chris O’Connor's sex crimes unit. It also
provided the opportunity for the 1995 offences to be re-investigated. However, Chris
O’Connor interviewed only two of the 12 boys on the list from 1995 and reported to me that
as the first two boys did not disclose anything, the others would not be interviewed.
In relation to the offences against the teenage girls, Chris O’Connor said that, at 15
years of age, the girls were ‘too young,’ and he did not want to distress the girls' families by
bringing up the topic of child sexual abuse. Therefore, these offences by the pedophile
teacher would not be investigated either. I could not believe what I was hearing! Child sex
offences are offences because they happen against children! And at 15, the victims were
hardly at the young end of the age-spectrum! It was a completely nonsensical reason for not
investigating the pedophile.
As for the physical assaults, Chris O’Connor said that he was not responsible for such
investigations, so those cases would not be pursued either. He said, ‘You do understand, don't
you!’ (it was not a question) and I replied that I did not. However, Chris O’Connor was not
prepared to discuss the situation amicably and the pedophile teacher evaded investigation,
by both the police in the unit established to investigate such offences, and by the Department
of Education.

Further Dealings with Chris O’Connor’s Child Exploitation Unit
Whilst at the country school, disclosures of child sexual abuse by other offenders were
made by many children. The disclosures centred on two offenders in the town. The specialised
Child Exploitation Unit arrived to ‘investigate.’ However, the main victim of the sexual abuse,
Sammy, a 12-year-old girl, did not attend school that day.
Sammy did arrive after school that day on her bike, and her face was visibly disfigured.
I was told by her best friend that she had been bashed, but her friend would not tell me who
did this to Sammy. Her smashed-in face was warning enough for all of the children. The police
later went to her house, where she fainted upon seeing them. She did not disclose any abuse
at all. Despite the fact that her face was visibly disfigured and swollen from a recent assault,
the police did not pursue the matter further.
The specialised Child Exploitation Unit totally destroyed any chance of the truth being
revealed and the victims receiving the justice they deserved. For example, they left children
waiting all day to be interviewed and did not end up interviewing many of them, including
witnesses to attempted child-rapes.
The Child Exploitation Unit did interview one 12-year-old victim (‘Lucy’) and totally
intimidated her. When the girl indicated that the police didn't believe her the first time, she
told them what had happened to her, one police officer lent right over the top of her, pointed
his finger directly in her face and hissed ‘Don't say that! You don't know that!’ I was shaking,
and I was an adult sitting next to the girl! As she walked out of the interview room, the police
officer said in voice loud enough for the girl to hear, ‘We have serious concerns about the
truth of what this girl is saying.’
It had the desired effect, Lucy burst into tears and said, ‘The police don't believe me.
I don't want to keep going.’ The Welfare Co-ordinator, who was also in the room during the
interview, and who is also an experienced sexual assault counsellor and child protection
officer, said to me, ‘That wasn't an interview. That was designed to stop a child from talking.’
The Child Exploitation Unit did not pursue the case any further on the following
grounds: No-one would believe Sammy if she disclosed the abuse in the future, as she hadn't
disclosed the first time. (The fact that she had been bashed would not be seen as relevant to
her hesitancy to disclose?!) Lucy had led all the children on (to make up ‘stories’ of sexual
abuse for fun, even though the children were visibly traumatised). In relation to the sexual
abuse of a boy, they said, ‘men try to touch other men's penises after football matches all the
time’ so it was not worthy of pursuing.
And finally, the Child Exploitation Unit claimed that there was not enough evidence -
this is despite the fact that there were witnesses to the attempted rapes of the children, and
the testimonies of many victims provided significant corroboration. Also, many adults
reported having been sexually abused by the same offenders when they were children, but
the police refused to interview these adults.

The Case is Stonewalled by Child Exploitation Unit head Chris O’Connor

The police recommended that the Welfare Co-ordinator make reports to DOCS (Child
Protection Department) as they stated it was a ‘protective issue, not a criminal one.’ The
Welfare Co-ordinator did this, but weeks passed, and the children were not interviewed, and
she inquired as to why. She was informed that DOCS would not be taking any further action
‘on the advice of the police.’ So, after telling the Welfare Co-ordinator to take the case to
DOCS for investigation, the Police effectively stone-walled the investigation by advising Child
Protection not to investigate.

Relationship between Robert Osmotherly & Chris O’Connor
During the two-year association I had with Robert Osmotherly, ‘DS’ and the Board of
Management that they had established, I trusted them implicitly. Although incidents occurred
that often left me confused, and often baffled, and of-course, frequently without funding, I
continued to trust them. DS always said to me ‘I'm here to help.’ It was his favourite saying.
I therefore reported all of the events that had occurred at the northern secondary school and
the Rushmore school, to Robert Osmotherly. Osmotherly then told me that he knew Detective
Senior Sergeant Chris O’Connor (in contrast to his earlier pretence of not knowing him at all!).
He stated that Chris O’Connor is a ‘really good bloke.’ However, when I spelt out the
stonewalling of the Rushmore case, Robert Osmotherly 's face twitched, and he became
visibly uncomfortable. I had never seen Robert Osmotherly react in this way.
It was soon after this that very strange events began to occur.
On one occasion Robert Osmotherly was on the phone to his ‘boss’ (of Network 10).
When his boss realized that I was present he began to speak aggressively, not knowing that I
could hear him. He was saying, ‘put her on the phone to me, I'll sort her out!’ Of course, I
found this all to be very strange as I had never even met this man before. However, when
Robert Osmotherly apologised on behalf of his boss, I accepted it and put it out of my mind -
again, because at that time I trusted him.
I had recently purchased a very cheap country property that I planned to use as a
retreat for abused children. I invited the board members to view the site. None attended,
however Robert Osmotherly said that he wanted to go - alone with me. He said he had set
aside the whole day for it and was putting me under enormous pressure to go with him. I felt
very uncomfortable about it as he had insisted on a number of details.
First, it had to be a complete secret. I wasn't even allowed to tell my parents that I was
going, let alone where I was going. Second, he had to drive. I wasn't even allowed to drive my
car to the station and for us to drive together from there (my car had to stay at my unit
carpark). And third, Robert Osmotherly insisted on picking me up from my unit before
daybreak. This was unnecessary as the trip only takes two-hours. Of course, all of these
bizarre ‘conditions’ and the huge pressure that Robert Osmotherly was putting me under
made me feel extremely wary. With my parents' help I made up an excuse at the very last
minute and did not go.
However, if I had done as Robert Osmotherly had wanted and if anything had
happened to me that day, I could have gone missing without a trace.

Sammy's relationship to Network 10

‘Sammy,’ the 12-year-old-girl from Rushmore, was a main victim of the sexual abuse
being perpetrated against children in the town. She referred to the offender (a man in his
60's) as her ‘boyfriend,’ and her close friends knew of the sexual activities between her and
the man. The offender also happened to be the best friend of her father.
I was asked to provide support to Sammy, and in one session it became apparent that
Sammy's personality had been totally fragmented. In her words, she was like ‘a house with
mirrors everywhere, smashed into broken bits.’ It was later that I learned about the use by
powerful secret societies of trauma-based mind control, sexual abuse and satanic ritual to
force children to create ‘alter personalities.’ Other information from Sammy has led me to
believe that she has been subjected to all these forms of abuse.
Sammy also told me that her relative takes her to Queensland (Australia) ‘whenever I
want’ and that she can get ‘whatever I want, too.’ It was only later that I learned of the

immense significance of what Sammy was telling me. Sammy's relative is a Board member of
Network 10, who is based in Queensland. It is my belief that Sammy was being used in
Network 10's production of child pornography, both in Victoria and Queensland.
Here is another example of the police's failure to investigate a case with ominous
connections to Network 10. In particular, Detective Senior Sergeant Chris O’Connor’s unit that
has been established specifically and exclusively to investigate such cases well and truly
ensured that this case would go nowhere.
After two sessions with Sammy I was told that the school had ‘received complaints’
that I had ‘brainwashed the children’ and the support sessions were terminated.

More Connections - the Cult in Rushmore

I was to learn later that there is a Satanic cult operating in Rushmore. I learned this
from two independent sources. One was from a Christian woman who was raised in the town
and who since had moved elsewhere. The other was from an adult survivor of the cult, Mick.
The Satanic cult is very powerful within the town and was headed up by the most powerful
and influential families of the town. One of the members owned and operated the
photographic studio in the town. Furthermore, Jeff Kennett, the powerful politician
mentioned previously, has significant ‘business operations’ extremely close to Rushmore, and
he was driven (by his driver) to this location every week.

Mick's Experiences
‘Mick’ was introduced to the satanic cult as a very young child by an extended relative.
Mick informed me of many experiences he was subjected to as a child in this cult. From
everything that I have been told by Mick, the cult appears to be the Illuminati operating in
Australia. Mick now suffers from MPD/DID but has survived his experiences remarkably well
considering the traumas he has been through.
As a child Mick was forced to attend blood-rituals, where animals and small children
were sacrificed, and their blood and organs consumed. Mick was required to clean up the
blood after these rituals. The children and babies were street children or were taken from
orphanages, so that they could not be traced, and no-one would know, or care, if they went
missing. The rituals were spoken in Latin and were clearly satanic. The rituals took place at
various locations, including Rushmore. Mick and other children would be driven to the rituals
in the boots of cars.
The members of the cult were extremely powerful members of society. There were
numerous politicians (mainly from the Liberal Party). These people would often speak of
important events before they would actually occur. Mick was also sexually abused by Graham
Kennedy, the famous television personality and professional partner of Bert Newton.
Mick was one of the many children who were used to ‘host’ parties of the cult
members. At these parties the children acted as waiters and were naked. Many of the adults,
but not all, would wear masks at these parties. After the food was served the adults would
have sex with the children. Children who tried to escape were killed, often in front of the
other children in order to control the children through fear. Once Mick and another child had
tried to escape but were caught. The other child was murdered by having her head smashed
open with a rock. Her body was then dumped in a nearby mineshaft. Mick was spared the
same fate, as he was told that he was the ‘chosen one,’ selected to carry on the traditions of
the group.

Mick was forced to participate in the production of child pornography, including
movies as well as still photographs. This involved sexual activity with other children as well as
adults. He would get paid a small amount for his sexual ‘services,’ while the relative who
brought him to the events would get paid a large amount of money. As he got older, Mick was
no longer used for sexual purposes by the group but was required to recruit new younger
children. When he was old enough (in his 20's), Mick was able to escape the group, but they
continue to contact him with threats.

Robert Osmotherly's ‘Religion’

During my association with Robert Osmotherly I got to know him quite well. One day
he informed me of his "religious" beliefs. These were the opposite of mine (as I am a
Christian). I was also informed by one of his colleagues in the media industry that Bob's
‘religion’ is ‘weird shit.’ At the time I had not heard of the Illuminati and it is only now that I
realise that Robert Osmotherly is an active and dedicated member of the Australian Illuminati.
The symbolism used in Network 10 promotional material is totally consistent with that of the
Illuminati, such as the key colours - blue and gold, and key imagery involving flames.

Telephone Interference and Intimidation Begins

It was after reporting the events at Rushmore to Robert Osmotherly that unusual
events began to occur. My phone line began clicking, and the voice-mail service recorded the
sounds of a tape clicking over (note that voicemail does not use tapes for recording so the
tape was from another source). Two of my organisations' staff members had their cars broken
into on the same night.
In one car, the book ‘The Clocks’ by Agatha Christie was on the front seat. The book is
the story of a series of murders where the only evidence left at each murder scene is a clock.
On the front seat of the other staff member's car was a broken clock. Nothing was stolen from
either car. On one occasion I purposely said over the phone that I kept all of my files in the
backyard shed (this was not true, I just wanted to test the security of the telephone line).
Soon after, the back shed was broken into.

Board Members Propose a Name-Change

At one board meeting, the head of the Agricultural Society, proposed to launch the
organisation, despite the fact that it had been operating for nearly two years. He had three
ideas. The first was that a rodeo would be organised, and whenever a rider fell from their
horse or bull, money would be donated. Thus, it would be ‘money for every bruised butt.’
The second proposal was to organise a ‘beauty pageant’ for 12-year-old girls. There
would be an award given for ‘the prettiest girl on the shiniest pony.’ A photo of her on her
horse would be used as a centre-page-spread in the leading newspaper (courtesy of the
Editor-In-Chief contact). The third proposal was to have a photo of sexually abused children
in an ‘animal birthing centre.’ This photo would also be published in the leading newspaper.
The Ag Society head also proposed a name-change. He proposed to change the name
of the organisation to 'Shine.' I did not want to do this, and the members of the Board put me
under incredible pressure to adopt this name-change.
It was only later that I learnt about the Illuminati connections and the significance of
their symbolism and language. 'Shine' is a very significant Illuminati term.

Realisation Dawns
It was at this point that I realised that something was dreadfully wrong. I rejected all
of the proposed ideas (very politely, but firmly). I also called for all outstanding Criminal
Records Checks to be undertaken immediately. The Criminal Records Check had been
designed only to identify whether a person had committed any sexual assaults against
children or had any involvement in related offences, such as child pornography. Therefore, if
a person had smoked marijuana in their university days, this would not be revealed in the
Criminal Record Check.
This was a policy that I had insisted on right from the start (nearly two years ago),
however Robert Osmotherly had given numerous excuses every time I had requested his. He
even went so far as to suggest that he would organise it "on the sly" using his "contacts in the
force". I did not pursue that option and instead gave the Board members two weeks to
complete their forms and submit them. Robert Osmotherly, while initially embracing the
policy at the start, ultimately refused to submit a Criminal Records Check.

The Significance of Shine

I discovered that there is an Australian Internet-based group called 'Shine'. The site
includes a membership section where members are able to exchange photos etc, including
‘S&M’ and ‘hard-core Bert Newton style.’ It is a child pornography club that operates similar
to the notorious Wonderland club. I noted the code-names used by the operators of the Shine
site, one of which was Natas (Satan backwards). I went to the Network 10 site and entered a
secret section on the site (which members of the public would never know about). It asked
for the password, so I typed in Natas, which took me to another level. It then asked for the
next level password, which I didn't have. The computer then went berserk and was almost
impossible to turn off. I managed to do so only by pulling out all of the connections. Soon
after this, the Internet site for Network 10 was shut down and remained shut down for a
number of months, which is rather unusual given that Network 10 is such a large company.
After that year, the Department of Education put on a concert involving thousands of
children. They chose to call it 'Shine'. This was an interesting choice of title, given my
experience and other people's experiences of the Department of Education protecting
pedophile teachers.
A further interesting connection was that Robert Osmotherly and RS organised a
meeting between us and the senior managers of the Department of Education. When we all
met, the men acted as if they did not know each other and were meeting for the first time
(exchanging business cards, etc). However, when the men thought I was gone (I was in fact
standing just out of their sight), it was very clear that they not only knew each other, but that
they knew each other extremely well. They were saying things such as ‘Great to see you again,
mate!’ and slapping each other on the back!

Escape from Robert Osmotherly and the Pedophile Board

After I discovered what was going on (at least, I started to discover what was going
on) I knew I had to break away from Robert Osmotherly, RS and the people they had put on
the Board of Management. The AGM was coming up and I organised for my family to attend.
We did this secretly, as we knew that the phone lines were being monitored. On the night of
the AGM, the board members were visibly shocked when they saw that members of my family
were attending.

It transpired that, rather than undertake a Criminal Records Check, the members of
the Board had planned to resign on the spot. This served two purposes; (1) they avoided
having to undergo the Criminal Records Check; (2) the organisation would effectively fold as
there would be no-one to take up the Board member positions. This is exactly what Robert
Osmotherly had wanted from the beginning, but especially since I had begun to uncover the
corrupt pedophile police activities and the crimes in Rushmore.
However, as my family had attended the meeting, they were able to take up the
positions on the Board, and the organisation did not fold. On the surface, the meeting was
very amicable and civilized, Robert Osmotherly tried to remain calm, but he ended up
storming out of the meeting half-an-hour early.

Mother Receives Death Threat from Robert Osmotherly

My family and I all waited for half-an-hour after the meeting had closed (to recover!)
before leaving. We had all come in different cars, and my mother had parked her car in a
nearby car park. She walked to her car by herself. We had not learnt to be security-conscious
at that stage. As she approached her car, she was surprised to see Robert Osmotherly there
(he had left the meeting half an hour early). He then approached her and said, ‘You had better
watch yourself. If you don't, someone might just run over you.’ He then drove off very
suddenly and another board member followed in a different car.
My mother and father told me about this incident, which had left my mother very
shaken. Soon after I received a message from Robert Osmotherly saying, ‘I only want to help.’
I was infuriated at this man, so I phoned his office and left a message with his Personal
Assistant, Pam Cullen (I didn't know the significance of her husband's relationship with Robert
Osmotherly and Network 10 at this time) saying, ‘Bob has said he just wants to help me. Could
you please tell him that it would be helpful if he could undertake the Criminal Records Check
that he has avoided for so long. After all, it is designed to only reveal if the person has
committed sex offences against children or related offences, like the production of child
pornography. Oh, could you also tell him it would be very helpful if he did not threaten
members of my family. Death threats against my family really aren't helpful. If you could pass
this message on, that would be great. Thanks.’
Soon after leaving this message, my mother received a letter from Robert Osmotherly.
In the letter he stated that he was only joking when he told her to watch out or she'd end up
being run over. Yeah, real funny joke.

Report to Department of Education - Complaints and Investigation Unit

After these experiences I made a complaint to the Complaints and Investigations Unit
of the Department of Education. My complaint related to the conduct of Rushmore pedophile
teacher, which amounted to repeated acts of misconduct against students, and the police
investigation at Rushmore.
Interestingly, the head of the Department of Education Complaints and Investigations
Unit, PG, was at the very first meeting I had to outline my complaint. It was after this meeting
that the material, which I had been assured by PG would remain strictly confidential, was
given to Chris O’Connor and EI (who subsequently paid a visit to the new President of the
Board in an effort to pressure me to drop the complaint). PG then left that posting, but
‘coincidentally’ was brought back to it to finish off the case involving the pedophile teacher.
PG wrote a letter to me exonerating Rushmore teacher on all counts ‘because the
witnesses (which I had provided) cannot substantiate your claims.’ As you know, of the eight

witnesses that I had provided to corroborate the case, only one had been contacted - and she
re-confirmed the concerns about the pedophile teacher. In fact, she stated that she was
amazed that it had taken so long for the matter to be investigated! She was shocked to
discover that Rushmore teacher had been exonerated and that the Department of Education
had LIED about her testimony!
After I did the telephone round of the witnesses I had listed and learnt that only one
had been contacted, I phoned PG to ask how many of the witnesses had in fact been
contacted. He said that he didn't know but that he would call me back ‘within 24 hours.’
Needless to say, I did not receive a return phone call from pedophile-protecting PG.
I truly believe that if the parents of children attending Victorian schools knew the
extent to which pedophile-teachers are being protected by the Department of Education,
they would boycott the education system altogether. And if they knew the suffering that
some children and families have had to endure as a result of the pedophile-protecting actions
of the Department of Education, they would boycott the system on those grounds too.
I am convinced if the parents of children attending the northern region secondary
college knew of the abhorrent behaviour of the man teaching their children, and his shocking
and extensive history of abusing students, there would not be a single child enrolled in that
school in the future!

Leaked Document
After numerous meetings concerning the complaint (which I was told would be kept
strictly confidential, particularly from Chris O’Connor and his unit), a document was leaked to
me from within the Department of Education. This document revealed that the Department
planned to absolve the Rushmore teacher from all complaints. The investigation had been
totally and completely corrupted in order to absolve the pedophile teacher.
The grounds for this were that ‘no complaints of a sexual nature have been made
against the Rushmore teacher since 1995.’ This was unbelievable! So, the pedophile teacher's
invitations for students to meet his penis after school were not considered to be sexual! Also,
it was stated that as the schools had taken action in relation to each case, there was nothing
more to be done. So, it was therefore acceptable for a teacher to commit repeated acts of
serious misconduct, against multiple students, at different schools.
It was very clear that this teacher was being actively protected.

Theft of Department of Education Files

I left a message with the Minister for Education to inform her that I had received
information to indicate that the investigation had been seriously corrupted. Soon after, the
unit that I lived in was broken into and files containing information about the Department of
Education's protection of pedophile teachers were stolen.
This included a letter from a mother pleading for help as her son had been sexually
assaulted by a teacher and was now suicidal. She wanted my help as the Department of
Education was covering up for this pedophile teacher. Nothing else was stolen from the unit.

Visit to the New President of the Board

A new President was appointed to the Board, along with other new members. One
day, the new President of the Board received a visit from one of the workers in the child
protection field. This woman, EI, approached the new President and told him that Detective
Senior Sergeant Chris O’Connor knew about the complaint I had made to the Department of

Education (indicating a significant breach of confidentiality). She told the new President to
cease any association with me and my organisation ‘for the sake of your professional
reputation.’ The incident spooked the new President enough for him to telephone me in an
effort to get me to drop my complaint against Chris O’Connor and his unit, which I refused to
do. Thankfully, the new President had the integrity and courage to stick with our organisation
despite the pressure he was being put under.

Anonymous reports to Crime Stoppers

Approximately 12 months had passed when I decided I would make an anonymous
call to Crime Stoppers, a phone-in service where people can give anonymous tips to police
about crimes. I telephoned Crime Stoppers from a public phone and informed the woman,
Katie, of the pedophile network that was operating in Melbourne. She asked me to call back
again with further information and I did so.
I told Katie that the network was operating under police protection and at that stage
had not given her the police officers' names who were implicated. She then asked me to
provide the names of the police officers who were involved. I told her that I was very nervous
to do this, as my family and I had suffered very negative repercussions as a result of this group,
and I didn't want us to have to go through any more traumas.
She spoke to her boss and he promised me that the information I provided would not
go to the police officers of concern, and that the information would go straight to the Ethical
Standards Division (ESD), which is the same as Internal Investigations. As she and her boss
had promised that the information would go straight to ESD, I gave her the names of the
When I called back again to find out how the case was proceeding, I was shocked when
Katie told me that her boss had forced her to send the information to Chris O’Connor 's unit!
The information had gone directly to Chris O’Connor!! Katie apologised and appeared to be
genuinely distressed at what had happened.
I asked to speak to her boss, and I told him that he had promised that the material
would go to ESD, and he exclaimed: ‘Do you realise how serious your allegations are?’ I replied
that of-course I did - that's why I wanted the information to go to ESD, and not to the police
officers of concern! He said, ‘We don't pass on information to ESD.’ Katie then got back on
the phone and was clearly very upset. She implored me to contact ESD and give them the
information myself.

Intimidation and Harassment Begins Again

Soon after this, my family and I were subjected to harassment and surveillance. For
example, nearly every day there would be a car out the front of my parent's home (where I
had now moved to, for safety reasons), with two men just sitting there. The men often had
large walkie-talkies. The cars often had large, thick aerials. Whenever a member of the family
walked out of the house the people in the cars would speed off. However, sometimes we
were followed by the people in the cars.
The cars were usually very flashy, like large four-wheel-drives or dark shiny sedans. I
was often followed by men in white shiny cars with the number plates beginning with VHA
and was to later learn that these cars were often used as government vehicles.
Sometimes I would come out of a location, say a friend's house, and there would be a
man in one of the flashy vehicles just waiting there. It was very menacing and very stressful
for my family and me. We also received unusual phone-calls at that time, clicking noises over

the phone and sometimes the phone-calls were actively intercepted with heavy breathing or
laughter or shuddering screams. My incoming mail was very clearly being interfered with.

Visits from the Mormons

One day my mother and I came out from my parent's house and there was a group of
men waiting in a car out the front of our house again. They sped off when we came out, but
this time I got in my car and followed them. As I drove towards them (they had turned their
car around and were facing me) they flashed their lights at me.
I drove around the cul-de-sac and was shocked when I got to my parent's house again.
The men were talking to my mother from in their car. I called for her to get away from the
men and she replied, ‘It’s OK dear, they're Mormons.’ I did not believe they were Mormons
and I held my hand on the car horn and chased them out of the street. A licence check on
their car however, seemed to indicate that they really were Mormons, or were using a
Mormon-registered car.
I did not think they would ever return (especially if they really were Mormons!).
However, two weeks later I was getting into my car and saying goodbye to my mother. The
same men approached my mother, not realising I was in the car. They asked if they could ask
her a few questions about me.
I then stuck my head out of the car window and said, ‘If you've got any questions you
can ask me!’ They were very surprised that I was there and asked, ‘Why did you chase us out
of the street that day. We are just Mormons.’ I replied, ‘Because some of your behaviour is
most un-Mormon-like!’ The man then said, ‘Like what?’ and I replied, ‘Like flashing your lights
at me.’ He then said, ‘Oh, you mean when we were taking photos of you? You didn't like us
taking photos of you?’ The 'Mormons' had just admitted to taking photos of me, without my
knowledge or consent. I told them to stay away from me and my family.
Soon after this I saw the same men in a different car. It was a dark, flashy sedan, similar
to those that were often sitting in our street. I got the licence plate of this car and gave it to
a trusted police office. He told me that the car was owned by a debt-collecting agency, or
more likely, a surveillance company as they often used debt-collecting as a front. The owner
of the car, however not one of the men who had been seen in the car, was a Mormon. The
Mormons were very clearly conducting surveillance on my family and me.

Reports to Deputy Ombudsman

After the problems with Crime Stoppers, I decided to call the Ombudsman's office and
pass on the information I had to them, including the incident with Crime Stoppers. The Deputy
Ombudsman put me under a great deal of pressure to meet with him and hand over all of my
information to him for investigation. I said that I wanted to meet with the new Chief
Commissioner of Police, Christine Nixon, as she was dedicated to flushing out bent police.
Deputy Ombudsman told me that he would try to arrange this. However, he reported that it
was not possible and again put me under great pressure to give all of my information to him
for investigation.
I finally did succeed in getting an appointment with the Chief Commissioner. Contrary
to the Deputy Ombudsman's claim that she could not meet with me, she had never been
informed that I had tried to get a meeting with her through him. She was extremely annoyed
when she had been left out of the loop in this way, and the incident just added to my
suspicions about the motives of the Deputy Ombudsman.

Thefts of Evidence
While I was reporting information to the Deputy Ombudsman over the phone
anonymously, two thefts of evidence occurred. On the first occasion, the file was stolen from
the boot of the car. I had left it there for two hours while I attended to a matter at a school.
When I returned, I discovered that it had been taken. I rushed home to check that the copy
left at my parent's house was still there. I discovered that my parent's house had been broken
into, the dogs drugged, and the file stolen from a hiding place. Much was taken, including the
letter of admission from Robert Osmotherly (of the threat to my mother). Luckily, I had kept
a third copy with somebody else.

Fires at Network 10 Studio, Melbourne GPO and Celebrity’s Home

At this time a number of significant fires occurred. One was at a studio used by
Network 10. Interestingly, the copy of the network's recent multi-million-dollar production
had ‘coincidentally' been removed from the studio two days before the fire. All that survived
the fire was a Sesame Street character, which took centre place in a photo of the scene in the
leading newspaper's report.
Within a week there was another fire, this time at the Melbourne General Post Office.
All of the post offices boxes (and their contents) were destroyed, though little else was
affected. Finally, again within a week, a suspicious house fire occurred in the home of a well-
known television celebrity. This celebrity is a member of the same secret society as RS. All
that was destroyed in the fire was a collection of videos and photographs. Interestingly, the
comment of the celebrity was, ‘It can all be put to bed now.’ A strange thing to say after your
house has just gone up in smoke.
A further interesting incident occurred at Melbourne's largest brothel. An armed
intruder stole a relatively small amount of cash from the brothel but was led to the safe where
videotapes of clients engaging in sexual activities were kept. Video tapes of clients were
‘stolen,’ including those of Jeff Kennett, a frequent client of this establishment. A reliable
contact informed me that the theft was actually an ‘inside job.’
Within a two-week period, thousands of videos had gone up in smoke or destroyed.
These events occurred at the time of the reports being made to Ian Snow. It is also
very interesting to note that at that time, the British section of Interpol was in Victoria
conducting a ‘secret’ investigation into child pornography.

Children Tortured or Die in Mysterious Circumstances

It was also around this time that a number of children connected to the child
pornography industry were either killed in suspicious circumstances, or tortured. I was
working with a young girl and was very concerned for her safety at this time. I told a trusted
police officer of my concerns for this girl. A week later she had been rushed to hospital. An
unregistered ‘tank’ (her word, meaning a very solidly built car) had come out of nowhere and
slammed into the car in which she was a passenger. Thankfully, she survived.

Fears for My Life

I had managed to arrange a meeting with the Chief Commissioner of Police (this was
no small feat, as there had been many stumbling blocks, and it appeared that there were
people actively trying to prevent such a meeting). In the weeks leading up to the meeting I
was in real fear for my life.

On one occasion I came home late at night and saw two men sitting in a car just up
from my parent's house. As no-one was home at my parent's house, I drove to the top of the
hill to stay with my friends. They did not hear the doorbell, and while I was standing in the
street wondering where I would go, the men in the car drove up the hill very slowly, looking
for me.
I had all of the evidence with me (since the thefts I did not let it out of my sight) and
had to quickly hide in the bushes. The men drove up and down the street no less than five
times looking for me. I had to cut through the backs of homes in order to get to another
friend's house, where I stayed the night. They also witnessed the men driving up and down
the street looking for me.
The next evening, I heard and saw the same car drive up the hill. As no-one was going
to be home that evening, I quickly got in my car and drove to another friend's house where I
stayed the night. The next morning the friends discovered that their front light had been
smashed in. No other houses in the street had been affected. However, the neighbours did
report hearing strange cars driving up and down the quiet street late that night. It was after
this that I wondered if I would live to be able to hand over all the information I had to the
Chief Commissioner.

Meeting with Christine Nixon, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police

I attended the meeting with Christine Nixon, Chief Commissioner of Victorian Police,
along with the trusted police officer who had investigated the house break in and thefts of
the files. The Chief Commissioner believed me and was very concerned. She organised for the
matter to be thoroughly investigated. The Chief Commissioner asked me if I wanted police
protection for my family, which I declined (sometimes that results in more trouble). She told
me I could contact her office whenever necessary.
Soon after this my unit was broken into and one of my collectable dolls had the eyes
painted over. I phoned the Chief Commissioner's Personal Assistant and let her know that I
would be sending the Chief a letter via registered mail. At the start of the conversation the
line was clearly intercepted, which the Personal Assistant heard. She told me to call her back
from a public phone.
Interestingly, after letting her know that a letter was coming to her via registered mail,
the Chief Commissioner did not receive it. I called some weeks later after having received no
response and was told that the letter had somehow been intercepted! All letters to the Chief
are signed for, and the person who had signed for the registered letter I had sent was not
known in the police force.
However, after two days of the Chief Commissioner demanding to know where the
letter went, it turned up with a post-it note attached, 'Sorry, didn't know where to send this.'
Well, to the person it is addressed to might be a start!

Ethical Standards Department (ESD) Investigation Gets off to a Questionable Start

I had a meeting to begin my statement to the Ethical Standards Department. It was
clear that the officer appointed to the case did not believe what I had to report. While he
went to have a smoke, he (accidentally) left me with the report that had been written by
another police officer in response to my own report (that had been submitted to the Chief).
I could see why the police officer I was dealing with was so dismissive of what I had to
say. The report discredited everything that I had reported. It made a mockery of my claim that
Bert Newton and other high-profile individuals were involved in pedophilia and stated that

there was nothing to support my claims of intimidation and harassment. This was despite the
fact that there were numerous witnesses to these events.
The author went on to say that an investigation must be seen to be conducted,
however, because if the information was to be made public there would be a public outcry.
That is, make it look like it is being investigated, but don't do anything!
Even more disturbing was the specific recommendation that a Detective be appointed
to conduct the investigation. The detective was a close friend and colleague of Chris
O’Connor's and had in fact worked with him in his unit for many years. Indeed, he had only
left Chris O’Connor 's unit three months ago to be transferred to ESD. It was very interesting
timing. At the same time Chris O’Connor receives information that someone is dobbing him
in for misconduct, his close friend and colleague gets a transfer to ESD and ends up with the
job of investigating his best mate! How very convenient.

The Deputy Ombudsman Gets the Investigation

After this turn of events (I reported it all to the Chief Commissioner), the Deputy
Ombudsman was given the investigation.

Child Care Centre, Pedophile Network, Police Pedophiles and Network 10

The Deputy Ombudsman informed me briefly about a case in the early 1990's. I did
my own research into this case and discovered that it involved a creche in the Mornington
Peninsula region. A high-profile group of men were sexually abusing, torturing and
hypnotising the children. The owner and his wife took the children out of the centre during
the day to the homes of the rich and powerful, where the children would be sexually abused,
tortured and filmed. The children were also subjected to satanic ritual abuse. This case was
almost identical to those in the USA (Little Rascals, McMartin and others).
The offenders were wealthy and powerful men in the community and included police
Video copies of the children being abused were obtained by Network 10 (how
interesting it is that Network 10 should be involved). However, when the story went public,
the video tapes went ‘missing’ and the police claimed that they never received them.
Ultimately, the police did not take any action against the owner of the creche, on the
grounds that the children were too young to be viewed as credible witnesses. While there
was conclusive evidence that four of the children had been raped or sexually abused while at
the day care centre, the owner was never charged.
A concerned parent with links to the underworld offered the head of a bikie group
$10,000 to inflict enough damage so as to ensure that the owner of the creche could never
sexually abuse another child again. The head of the bikie group said that they knew about the
owner of the creche, and what he was up to, however, they could not do the job. Much as
they would like to, the owner had protection from the very highest levels. He was
When the Mornington Peninsula child-care-centre case broke, an investigative
journalist infiltrated an elite child-pornography and pedophile club based in Melbourne. Its
members were all wealthy and elite members of Melbourne society. It was chaired by the
CEO of a major Melbourne Charitable Trust. This article included information on their use of
telephone monitoring, courtesy of the group's contacts within Telecom.
The children from the Mornington Peninsula child-care-centre reported being taken
to a ‘pink’ room with a spa and other significant decor. It was in a house where the children

were sexually abused, tortured and filmed (amongst other locations). Three children
independently identified to the investigators the house that they had been taken to.
Sure enough, the room had been painted a dusty-pink colour, and it had a spa and the
other decor items described by the children. However, as you now know, no further action
was taken against the owner of the child-care-centre, nor others suspected of being involved
in the ring. What is most significant however, is that the pink house WAS REGISTERED TO THE
I am now working with some of the young survivors of the child-care centre and their
families. It is clear that a cover-up of the highest order occurred in 1992, and the children and
their families are still suffering from it.

Present Days
All of this material is currently being investigated by the Deputy Ombudsman.
However, the investigation has been marred by suspicious activity. Perhaps the most
significant example is the conduct of the police officer Ian Soft appointed to head the
investigation: Detective Jock Westland.
My colleague, a counsellor who worked on the 1992 Mornington Peninsula Creche
case, provided Jock Westland with information pertaining to a video tape that depicted police
actively involved in the satanic-ritual-sexual abuse of children from the creche. This is highly
significant information. However, I discovered from one of the other investigators that Jock
Westland had decided not to pass this information on for further investigation. In fact, his
notes read, ‘This witness (my colleague) has no information of significance.’
In addition to this, Jock Westland refused to investigate my claims of intimidation and
harassment on the grounds that I was ‘paranoid.’ This is despite the fact that there are many
witnesses to certain events who can corroborate my claims, and indeed, several have
provided Statutory Declarations to do so.
Jock Westland has been under ‘investigation’ for these actions for two months now,
and I am yet to find out whether he will continue to be involved in this investigation. If he
remains on the case, we can be sure that this so-called investigation is just another example
of high-level white-wash and cover-up of organised pedophilia and child pornography in
A final note on the Department of Education investigation. I received a letter stating
that the Rushmore teacher had been cleared of all charges, as the witnesses could not
substantiate my claims. However, of the pool of eight witnesses I had provided ONLY ONE
HAD BEEN CONTACTED and she clearly re-affirmed the concerns about the Rushmore teacher.
Another cover-up of the highest order and complete protection given to one of the
untouchable pedophile elite.

* * *


- Norman and Alison Shulver ran the Mornington Child Care Centre and Nursery School,
in Parwan Crescent, Mornington, a bayside suburb of Victoria.
- The Police Child Exploitation Unit investigated and determined that 24 children
alleged abuse while attending the Centre. The State Government Office of Preschool
and Child Care inquiry heard evidence that in 1992 while attending the centre, a
number of children were taken in a car to a nearby house, undressed by adults,

photographed and videotaped while naked, forced to play sexual games, and urinated
and defecated upon by adults. The adults wore masks and ‘funny clothes’ including
police uniforms.
- Ann Sherry, who chaired the 1992 inquiry by the Office of Preschool and Child Care
found that the Shulvers were not appropriate people to be running a childcare centre,
having at least allowed the abuse to take place. She further found, ‘There is a
substantial amount of evidence that the person or persons who actually committed
the acts of abuse may have included Norman Shulver.’
- In 2002, Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon referred complaints to
the Victorian Ombudsman Dr Barry Perry. Shortly before he was due to report his
findings, Ombudsman Barry Perry was bashed and left for dead.
- His successor’s 2004 report alleged serious misconduct on the part of Chris O’Connor
and his mate, the ESD investigator, including failure to obtain witness statements and
evidence, and mishandling evidence. Police denied speaking to witnesses or receiving
evidence, until telephone records proved this was a lie. Police denied receiving a
videotape of men in police uniforms raping the preschool children in a Mornington
house registered to a member of the Victorian Police, and the videotape subsequently
went missing from the police evidence locker.
- Chris O’Connor (head of the Child Exploitation Unit and the Sexual Crimes Squad) and
the other detective who threatened and intimidated child victim-witnesses, were
destined for transfer until the Victorian Police union threatened industrial action. In
2005, Simon Overland, Assistant Commissioner for Victorian Police, said the findings
against the two detectives were ‘minor failings’ and he took no further action against
- The Ombudsman’s report was never published, on the grounds it ‘would identify the
child victims.’


Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg ran a website called gaiaguys in which they typically
covered topics including environmental issues and government corruption. In 2005, the
Melbourne OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) used an interstate ACT judge to sue the website
owners for publishing Reina Michaelson’s aforementioned experiences on their site. On 28
June 2005, the ACT Magistrate's Court ordered Devine and Legg to remove the article and pay
the OTO $30,000. The OTO subsequently repeated this tactic of using ACT judges to silence
anyone from any state who posted anything negative about them on the internet, until a
defendant won their case.
In 2006, Victoria’s Labor government amended the Religious and Racial Tolerance Act
of 2001 specifically to target Dr Reina Michaelson. The Victorian Civil and Administrative
Tribunal tested the amendment by hearing a case the OTO brought against Reina Michaelson.
The VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) wrongly determined the OTO met the
Act’s definition of a religion. Thelema, which the OTO practised, technically met the definition,
but the OTO did not. Reina Michaelson’s lawyer ignored this fact and ruined her case.
Consequently, the VCAT decided Dr Michaelson’s account of the Victorian pedophile network
religiously vilified OTO members and ordered her to remove the document from the internet.
Reina had been set up for this court case because she did not have control over the websites

that published the document and never gave her permission for the document to be posted.
On 28 November 2007, VCAT Judge Harbison sentenced Devine and Legg to 9 months prison
for contempt of court for not removing the document from their gaiaguys website.
The alleged pedophile network was never investigated, the alleged perpetrators were
never charged, and the alleged victims were silenced via threats, torture or murder. Norman
and Alison Shulver, who ran the Mornington Child Care Centre and Nursery School, resettled
in Brisbane. Dr Reina Michaelson fled for her life to the Northern Territory.

* * *

NSW Pedophile Network
While Reina Michaelson was battling pedophiles in Victoria, I was confronting an
identical pedophile network in New South Wales. The following articles that I wrote for
Independent Australia online news journal capture my experiences:

NSW Education Department Covers up Teacher’s Alleged 18-Year Child Sex Abuse
Fiona Barnett, Independent Australia, 25 June 2013.

The Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, which has commenced private hearings
in Brisbane this month, is expected to shed light on one of Tweed Shire's darkest secrets
— horrifying abuse, systematic cover-ups and institutional failure and corruption in
NSW schools and the police service. Parent and whistle-blower Fiona Barnett fronts
the Commission tomorrow — here she tells part of this story

ON 14 MARCH 2006, Jill Carlon, Chief Investigator for Employee Performance &
Conduct of the Department of Education and Training, sent concerned Tweed Shire parents a

I am writing to advise you of the finalisation of the investigation and follow up action
taken in respect to allegations that a teacher at Centaur Primary School, acted in a
manner that could amount to improper conduct against students... In reviewing the
investigation, all the available information has been carefully considered and, as a
result, steps have been taken to ensure that the person will no longer be employed or
involved in school, TAFE or student-related activities.

The letter brought to an end, at least for the parents involved, an 18-year nightmare
and an alleged reign of terror by that teacher — of physical, emotional and sexual assault and
abuse. However, many questions still remain, including how this man was allowed to be
exposed to vulnerable children over such a long period? How has this matter been covered
up for so long? How was he able to continue teaching in NSW independent schools, and in
public schools just a few miles away across the border in Queensland? Why have NSW police
consistently refused to properly investigate his activities? And why has he never faced
criminal prosecution?
The teacher in question was Gary Willis, a middle-aged man who transferred to
Northern NSW in the late 1980s. Despite allegedly having no prior experience in special needs,
Willis received a 3-year position at East Murwillumbah Primary School’s Special Education
Unit. Almost immediately Willis began working at the School, allegations of inappropriate
behaviour emerged — even directly in front of parents. For instance, one outraged mother
related, in a written statement, that Gary Willis had allegedly exposed his penis and urinated
directly in front of children, parents, and teachers during a school excursion:

Gary Willis made no attempt to be discrete [sic] or hide his penis from any of us and
grinned the whole time he was urinating. I was horrified that a teacher would conduct
himself in this manner in front of young children, so I reported the incident to the
principal, Al Gudgeon.

Principal Gudgeon asked the parent to tell him specific times and dates of the
incidents, apparently so that he could report them. The mother provided the requested
information, but said the principal never followed through with the complaint:

I became very frustrated and angry with Al Gudgeon because I believed he was not
taking any of these matters seriously and trying to cover up all complaints. I felt so
strongly about the lack of protection and moral obligation to all children attending
East Murwillumbah Primary School because of Al Gudgeon and Gary Willis, I
transferred my children to another school.

In the classroom, Gary Willis was responsible for the most vulnerable children
imaginable — children who were intellectually disabled, autistic, unable to walk and unable
to speak. Former students, parents, and teachers allege that Gary Willis sexually and
physically assaulted these disabled children. Witnesses, including other teachers, also say
they witnessed Gary Willis being violent toward students, including allegedly ramming a
wheelchair bound child into a wall and thrusting another disabled boy’s head into a sink. Two
teachers stated that Gary Willis constantly refused to allow female aids to toilet the female
students and that he insisted on doing this delicate task himself. Arguably even more
shocking, witnesses allege that Gary Willis taught mainstream schoolboys to sexually assault
the disabled girls. Medical evidence, police interviews and local DOCS intervention appear to
support this claim. Police, DOCS, and a paediatrician concluded that two girls had been
sexually assaulted at East Murwillumbah Primary School; Gary Willis was named in both cases.
Parents subsequently watched him being seized by police from the school for questioning.
How was he allowed to allegedly perform these heinous acts almost entirely
unchecked? To begin with, it seems his line manager, East Murwillumbah’s Special Needs Unit
head Steve Tyler (now deceased), at best turned a blind eye to his alleged activities and, at
worst, according to some reports, may have even been an active participant in the abuse.
Numerous witnesses complained to East Murwillumbah Principal Al Gudgeon about
these and other abuse allegations. But Al Gudgeon apparently delayed notifying the
Education Department and DOCS of the allegations and instead tried to cover the matter up
— including by making late night phone calls to parents, where he allegedly threatened them
with legal and departmental action if they continued their complaints, amongst other
repercussions. To keep the staff quiet, Gudgeon allegedly threatened teachers with dismissal
if they spoke to parents about what they had witnessed at the school. What is more, teachers
also complained about Al Gudgeon’s own inappropriate behaviour. One described an incident
when the principal allegedly used a child to deliver a picture of a penis to a 22-year-old female
teachers’ aide, and then complained when his gift was returned.
Parents and staff complained about the child abuse allegations at East Murwillumbah
School ‒ verbally, personally, and in writing ‒ to the Education Department’s Head Office in
Sydney, to the Lismore Regional Office and to the Cluster Director at the Murwillumbah
District Office.
A special needs teacher aide, Debra Edwards, submitted a hand-written complaint
(dated 25 July 1991) to Cluster Director John Quill. Mrs Edwards reported catching Gary Willis
with a naked, disabled, female student ("AA") on an excursion. In her complaint, Mrs Edwards
alleged that she witnessed Gary Willis take the child AA to the men’s toilet during another
excursion and doing something to her that made her laugh uncharacteristically while toileting.

On another excursion, she said she witnessed Gary Willis take AA for a lone motorbike ride
into the bush and then admit to having toileted her. Mrs Edwards also says she witnessed
Willis physically assault children. Debra Edwards never heard from the Education Department
regarding her written complaint to the Cluster Director. To her knowledge, neither Principal
Al Gudgeon nor the Department ever informed the girl's parents that formal complaints had
been made concerning the alleged abuse of their daughter whilst in the care of the East
Murwillumbah Primary School. The Department did, however, subsequently ban Gary Willis
from approaching the child.
When parents further complained to Cluster Director John Quill that Gary Willis was
allegedly sexually abusing their children, Quill concluded that the best outcome parents could
hope for was to have the perpetrator transferred to another school.
In response to multiple child abuse complaints, witnesses say the NSW Education
Department sent three investigators to East Murwillumbah Primary School to monitor the
behaviour of Gary Willis for three weeks. Unfortunately, Gary Willis was allegedly warned that
these investigators were coming and so behaved impeccably during the observation period.
After concluding their watching brief, the investigators reported that they perceived no
problem with Gary Willis. They reached these conclusions despite not having interviewed any
parents or staff witnesses.
Parent ‘DM’ stated that she received a phone call from a Sydney solicitor acting on
behalf of Gary Willis. The solicitor stated that she was representing Willis in some matter
involving ‘AA.’ The solicitor sent a document for DM to sign, which asked her to attest that
Gary Willis never hurt her intellectually disabled daughter. But Gary Willis did, allegedly, hurt
her daughter — as the former student’s statement reveals:

Mr Tyler was watching when Mr Willis put the stick between my legs… Mr Willis put
stick in other girls – L… Mr Willis pulls pants down all the time, and Mr Tyler, before
he died, he watched him. Mr Willis showed everyone what he’s got. He played with

Teacher Jeff Fallon stated that around 1994 (the same time DM received the phone
call from a Sydney solicitor), he received a visit from a frantic Al Gudgeon, who stated that a
complaint concerning DM's daughter had ‘gone up a notch’ and was now with the Minister
for Education. The principal allegedly asked Fallon whether he possessed a copy of the
minutes from meetings he and Gudgeon attended concerning the abuse allegations at the
school. Jeff Fallon said the Education Department suspended Gary Willis from teaching in the
early 1990s and placed him at Murwillumbah District Office for 12 months while he was being
investigated for misconduct.

South Tweed Primary School

In 1991, the NSW Education Department transferred Gary Willis to South Tweed
Primary School, where he was assigned to teach infants. Parents and teachers soon
complained to the principal about how Gary Willis presented himself and acted around
students. For example, one teacher described in a statement his work attire:

He wore short ‘ruggers’ with no underpants, and often you could see the cheeks of
his bum, his testicles, and his penis hanging out the bottom. He wore thongs and old,

faded stretched round-neck t-shirts. I can’t remember ever seeing him dressed

Parents at the new school soon began complaining about Gary Willis’ mistreatment of
their children. For instance, a Grade One boy (‘E’), told his mother that Gary Willis constantly
locked himself with little girls in the class storeroom. Other former students recalled similar

I remember Mr Willis took one or two girls into the classroom storeroom alone and
shut the door. He would stay in there for a while. The girls would go into the
storeroom with neat hair but would come out with messed up hair. Sometimes the
girls would look upset and as though they were about to cry. Mr Willis chose the
pretty girls to take into the storeroom.

‘E’ also complained that he was being constantly harassed and physically assaulted by
Gary Willis. E’s mother appealed for help to a friend of hers, Dawn Mitchell. Mrs Mitchell
happened to know about Gary Willis from East Murwillumbah Primary School, where she had
accompanied DM to meetings with Al Gudgeon. Mrs Mitchell also happened to know the
family of an Indigenous boy in Gary Willis’s class (‘T’). In a signed statement, T recalled being
physically and emotionally abused by Gary Willis, who – he alleged – regularly called him
‘coon,’ ‘nigger and ‘the black snake.’ Two former classmates and one former teacher
corroborated T's testimony in writing.
Mrs Mitchell consulted South Tweed Primary School’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer /
School Counsellor, Joan Sheriff, and relayed the child abuse allegations against Gary Willis
that had arisen at Murwillumbah East Primary School. Ms Sheriff apparently reprimanded Mrs
Mitchell for making the accusations, but then allegedly said: ‘I never did like his short shorts.’
The Principal then contacted Mrs Mitchell and arranged a meeting with her, during which Mrs
Mitchell reported Gary Willis’ extensive history of child abuse allegations.
But just days following the two meetings, Gary Willis supervised a school sleepover
attended by infant children. During the sleepover, Gary Willis allegedly sexually assaulted six
young girls. The following day, parents, teachers, and students witnessed the girls in a
distressed state at school assembly.
Three Tweed South parents complained to the school principal, counsellor and
teachers regarding Gary Willis’ abuse of children. According to them, their complaints were
mishandled and denied. One of the parent's daughter wrote a statement when she was 20:

I recall that Gary Willis came to my house out of the blue one night and insisted on
getting some takeaway and having dinner with my mother and me. My mother
looked shocked at this, and she couldn’t get rid of him. In an effort to get him away
from our house, my mother suggested we go somewhere else for dinner. We went to
Club Banora and had the buffet. All night during this meal, Mr Willis sat me on his
lap, played with my hair, and told me how beautiful I was.

Despite parents’ ongoing protest, Gary Willis was allowed to supervise a second school
camp at Hastings Point. Again, teachers, parents and students allegedly witnessed Gary Willis
visit young girls’ tents late into the night.

Parents and teachers complained that Gary Willis allegedly made young female school
children change into their sports uniforms in the back of his panel van while he watched.
Witnesses also recall Gary Willis taught girls dancing at Tweed Heads South Public School and
an occasion in which he supervised these dancers at a combined schools’ concert at a local
club. During the concert, Gary Willis was allegedly seen refusing to allow parents to change
his young dancers backstage, so that he alone changed them.
A Tweed Heads South Public School teacher witnessed complaints about Gary Willis
allegedly flood into the school, particularly from Grade 5 and 6 students. When she consulted
the principal about these complaints, she was told that ‘photographic evidence’ was needed
before the allegations could be acted on. The teacher stated that Gary Willis was
subsequently banned from associating with the older students at the school but was still
placed in charge of infants.
In 1992-93, the parents of an 8-year-old child girl in Gary Willis’ class phoned their
friend, South Tweed teacher ‘Ms X’ and reported that Willis had just sexually assaulted their
daughter ‘BB.’ Ms X immediately attended the family home and spoke with the victim. Gary
Willis had allegedly asked BB and another little girl to stay behind after school that afternoon.
He then allegedly took the girls into his classroom storeroom, fondled them, and digitally
penetrated them. Consequently, BB suffered bed-wetting and screaming in her sleep. Despite
Ms X’s pleading, the parents declined to have Gary Willis charged because they did not want
to put their daughter through the police and legal system.
Ms X reported the assault to the Principal Genevieve (Geni) Coughlin. The principal
allegedly told Ms X to remain silent about the assaults. She also allegedly bullied her, yelled
abuse at Ms X through her classroom window. She also subsequently allegedly criticised Ms
X’s teaching to parents, though many of the same parents responded by supporting Ms X —
at least one calling her ‘the best teacher ever.’ Ms X was pregnant during the worst of this
abuse and says she began to experience stress and high blood pressure after these highly
stressful experiences.
Ms X complained to the District Inspector at Murwillumbah about Gary Willis and the
principal’s bullying. The Director allegedly advised Ms X to: ‘Tell the people at South Tweed
to have enough intestinal fortitude to stand up to her and come to me with their grievances,
so I can do something about it.’ Ms X’s work colleagues shied from following the Inspector’s
second-hand advice, allegedly out of fear of reprisal.
The NSW Department of Education sent a counsellor to speak with South Tweed
teaching staff. Without interviewing either the victim or her parents, the counsellor dismissed
Ms X’s allegations of child sexual abuse against Gary Willis as being unfounded. The counsellor
allegedly told Ms X that she was being irrational, to think of her unborn baby, and she advised
the whistle-blower to ‘punch a pillow’ to relieve her frustration and anger regarding Gary
Willis and the principal. Ms X subsequently suffered a nervous breakdown and resigned from
the NSW Department of Education altogether. She could not cope with entering a school
again for 20 years. The once-passionate teacher concluded:

I was the one who the Department said needed counselling, and I was the one who
ultimately resigned in frustration, and yet a suspected child sex abuser was left alone
in his classroom, teaching.

Following multiple complaints against Gary Willis at South Tweed Primary School, the
NSW Education Department eventually transferred him to the neighbouring Centaur Primary

Centaur Primary School

In 1998, when Ms X’s youngest child started school at Centaur Primary School, she
was appalled to see Gary Willis at the school, still teaching. She immediately consulted the
principal Mary-Anne Judge. Ms X told Ms Judge about Gary Willis’ history of abusing children
and warned that he was not to approach her child. The principal allegedly responded: ‘I
absolutely understand. I wouldn’t have him here if I had any other option. I’m stuck with him.’
Dawn Mitchell’s own daughter attended Centaur Primary School. In 1998, upon discovering
that her child had been placed in Gary Willis’ English class, Mrs Mitchell (accompanied by
parents Eric and Jeanette Ackerman) met with principal Mary-Anne Judge. Mrs Mitchell raised
concerns about Gary Willis teaching her children and his history of alleged abuse at his two
previous schools. Principal Judge allegedly told the three parents that she was unaware of
any abuse allegations and she challenged Mrs Mitchell to either prove them or stay silent.
That evening, Principal Judge phoned Mrs Mitchell and allegedly stated that what the
mother had said regarding Gary Willis’s abuse allegations was true, but that she would not
confirm it in front of other parents. Mary-Anne Judge said that she had been trying
unsuccessfully to get rid of Gary Willis for quite a while but that the Education Department
had resisted her efforts. Mary-Anne Judge indicated that, with this mother’s help, she might
successfully ‘get rid of’ Gary Willis.
During their next encounter, Principal Judge allegedly told Mrs Mitchell that she had
contacted the Education Department’s Regional Director, and that she was waiting to hear
back from him. Mrs Mitchell next saw Principal Judge at a Grade 6 break-up dinner. Principal
Judge is said to have asked this mother: ‘Have you noticed someone’s been conspicuous by
their absence?’ She was apparently referring to Gary Willis, who had been absent from the
school for some time. Mrs Mitchell said Principal Judge then stated: ‘Expect a visit by the NSW
Education Department over the holidays.’ The mother was never contacted by the NSW
Education Department. Feeling threatened, Mrs Mitchell pulled her daughter out of Centaur
Primary School.
Following a stint in administration at the Murwillumbah District Office, Gary Willis was
reinstated at Centaur Primary School. Upon his return, multiple allegations of inappropriate
behaviour and sexual abuse were subsequently reported to Principal Mary-Anne Judge.
A former Centaur teacher, Sandy McGrady, alleged that every single Centaur teacher was
aware of Gary Willis’ history of paedophilia allegations. She added that a Centaur parent
confided in her that Willis sexually abused her daughter. Another teacher, Alison Howells,
alleged that a cleaner caught Gary Willis sexually assaulting a girl in a Centaur Primary School
storeroom. Another parent stated that Gary Willis sexually assaulted a Grade 5 student (‘CC’)
in 2003.
In 2004, Centaur parent Sharon O’Grady allegedly confronted Principal Mary-Anne
Judge about Gary Willis and she asked whether her daughter was at risk in the teacher’s care.
Sharon O'Grady says Principal Judge replied ‘no’ and she denied any knowledge of Gary Willis’
At a Centaur Primary School disco to celebrate Harmony Day in 2004, parents Steven
and Victoria Boyce reportedly saw Gary Willis dancing with young girls in an inappropriate
fashion. They said he was dressed in a toga and ‘dirty dancing’ with the girls, including pelvic

thrusting towards them from behind. When Mrs Boyce complained to a teacher supervising
the disco, the teacher apparently responded: ‘It’s all part of the fun.’ Teachers were seen
taking photos of Gary Willis dancing at the disco. During the disco, Gary Willis allegedly
entered the girls’ toilet and peered underneath a locked door at Mrs Boyce’s daughter. Mrs
Boyce said she witnessed the deputy principal chastise Gary Willis for being in the girls’ toilet.
Mrs Boyce alleged that Gary Willis made the girls in his class sit immodestly on the classroom
floor. Instead of sitting with their legs crossed, he made them sit with their legs apart and
knees bent up. Mrs Boyce said that she complained to the school about Gary Willis’ behaviour
at the disco. When she mentioned other abuse allegations regarding Gary Willis, the deputy
principal, Mr Burgess, allegedly stated: ‘I’ve heard that before, but it’s a load of bullshit.’
In 2006, the NSW Department of Education finally determined that the rumours were
not bullshit — and they banned Gary Willis from teaching in the NSW public education system.
However, because he had never been charged with a crime, Gary Willis was free to seek child-
related employment in the NSW private education sector and interstate. After leaving the
NSW Education Department, Gary Willis found two years of employment as a bus driver at a
private Tweed Shire school, Lakeside Christian College (renamed Pacific Coast Christian
School). Gary Willis was last seen living and working in Queensland.

* * *


Fiona Barnett, Independent Australia, 26 June 2013.

In 2004, concerned parent and whistle-blower Fiona Barnett became determined to

end teacher Gary Willis’ (then) 15-year alleged child abuse spree — but the NSW Education
Department and police had decidedly different ideas. Here, Fiona tells the second part of this
In 2004, when I was six months pregnant, my lawn mowing lady raised the alarm. She
began complaining about a male teacher at her children’s primary school who was reportedly
abusing students. When the woman described the man’s extremely tight and brief shorts, I
instantly recognised him as Gary Willis.
I first heard about Gary Willis when I was attending a local high school in the late
1980s. I grew up hearing horrifying stories of this teacher allegedly abusing young disabled
children at three local primary schools. Indeed, Gary Willis allegedly sexually, physically and
psychologically abused children from the homes of four different family friends.
I reasoned that the previous campaign against Gary Willis failed because parents
complained from the bottom up. This approach allowed the perpetrators and their allies to
intercept and quash any action. So, I lodged a complaint against Gary Willis, who was then
teaching at Centaur Primary School. I alleged that Gary Willis had exhibited inappropriate
behaviour toward students at three schools, raising concerns about the protection of Centaur
children. I also named other teachers whom parents and staff had also alleged were
I requested an investigation into the NSW Education Department’s mishandling of
abuse allegations concerning Gary Willis over a 14-year period. I was aware that each time
abuse allegations began pouring in at a school Gary Willis worked at, the Education
Department simply transferred the man to another local school.

The complaint letters were signed by a large group of concerned parents, and they
were accompanied by copies of numerous witness statements. A former teacher aide and I
collected signed letters from witnesses, including letters of complaint written up to 14 years
prior. Former child victims, now in their 20s, themselves wrote some of these letters. Other
victims, including disabled and illiterate witnesses, dictated and signed letters.
Approximately 30 concerned parents signed various letters of complaint that were
posted to Prime Minister John Howard, Bob Carr (NSW premier), Brendan Nelson (Federal
education minister), Jenny Macklin (Federal Opposition education spokesperson), Andrew
Refshauge (NSW minister for education), Jillian Skinner (NSW Opposition education
spokesperson), and the NSW Ombudsman.
I approached Tweed Heads Police detectives Josh Burton and Murray Baker, who told
me that Gary Willis was known by the justice system with regards to child abuse allegations,
and that DOCS involvement was mentioned onscreen. Detective Baker said that he put an
Intel report into crime manager regarding the information I had gathered, and he expressed
concern over possible corruption within the Education Department. He stated that Willis had
never been charged with anything. He told me that one complaint had been in the system
from about 8 to 9 years ago, that it had not been substantiated. He told me that certain
complaints I knew had been made to police did not appear on the screen under Gary Willis’
An EPAC Child Protection Investigator, Sandra Cameron, informed me that the NSW
Education Department held a considerable number of files containing abuse allegations
against teacher Gary Willis, including numerous written complaints by teachers. Ms Cameron
said that much of the information was horrendous and allegedly of a criminal nature and that
it had subsequently been turned over to the police.
Our complaint was assigned to Chief Inspector Bob Sullivan of the NSW Child
Protection and Sex Crimes Squad. On 27 October 2004, Bob Sullivan phoned witness DM
(refer to Part 1), whose daughter (‘Y’) had recently alleged that teachers Gary Willis and Steve
Tyler (now deceased) had sexually assaulted her while she was a student at the East
Murwillumbah Primary School. Y told her mother (DM) that she would like to pursue charging
Gary Willis for his alleged crime.
As a result of Bob Sullivan’s phone call, DM complained to the NSW Ombudsman. DM
complained that Bob Sullivan had said our efforts were a waste of time and we wouldn’t get
anywhere. He allegedly also said DM should think hard about pursuing a complaint against
Gary Willis because it would go nowhere, since Y was disabled. Bob Sullivan also allegedly
insisted that Y be interviewed at the Tweed Heads police station instead of at her local
Brisbane sex crimes unit. Bob Sullivan did not, according to DM, ask for further information
or clarification of existing information. DM also complained that Bob Sullivan left her with an
overall feeling that there was no point to pursuing Y’s complaint against Gary Willis and that
the policeman had been trying to talk her out of pursuing the matter.
On 3 November 2004, I received a phone call from Inspector Bob Sullivan. During this
call, Inspector Sullivan made what I allege are some startling and disturbing statements:

- He criticised victims, parents and witnesses for expecting me to help them.

- He described alleged serial pedophile Gary Willis as a ‘poor bloke’ and the victim of a
‘witch hunt.’
- He said there was no such thing as justice, and that achieving justice in this matter was
not the aim of the police;

- He accused me of fabricating witness letters, including a hand-written complaint
personally submitted to the Education Department by a teacher aide some 14 years
- He said that NSW police have no record of any complaints against Gary Willis made by
victims. When I challenged this by saying that two Tweed Heads detectives had told
me the opposite, Inspector Sullivan contradicted himself by saying that police had
investigated a number of complaints against Gary Willis, but that none of these had
been substantiated. Then, he contradicted himself again, saying: ‘action was taken in
- He said there was no evidence of child abuse — just ‘innuendo and rumour.’
- He said he was not prepared to launch a proactive investigation into Gary Willis, as
the victims probably would prefer to forget the past and get on with their lives. When
I suggested he was pre-empting their reaction and added that many witnesses had
been threatened and bribed into silence, and maybe they would feel safe and relieved
talking to the police in such a way, Bob Sullivan asked: ‘Mrs Barnett, have you ever
been the victim of a sexual assault?’
- He said police were certainly not interested in the ‘minor assaults’ listed.
- He said that if Y's case went to court, witnesses certainly could not be subpoenaed to
testify and that only a Royal Commission had the power to interview reluctant
- He stated that Y had the best chance of charging Gary Willis, but that if her letter was
the extent of her language ability, she would get nowhere and therefore there’s no
point in her pursuing the matter.
- He concentrated on just one of the alleged pedophiles, Gary Willis, and refused to
acknowledge allegations against other named teachers and DOCS workers.
- He stated that it was not a crime for Gary Willis to constantly call an Aboriginal child
‘coon,’ ‘nigger’ and ‘the black snake.’
- He stated that he was immediately returning the file to the Education Department and
closing the investigation, without contacting any other people or witnesses named in
the file.

I complained about Bob Sullivan in writing to the Prime Minister, the Police Integrity
Commission, and the NSW Ombudsman. On 7 February 2005, I received a phone call from
Kim McKay, Commander of the Child Protection and Sex Crimes Squad. Commander McKay
stated that Bob Sullivan was currently on sick leave and that stress accounted for his
inappropriate behaviour toward me and DM.
Commander McKay stated that the Sex Crimes Squad would not be conducting an
investigation into the Education Department’s allegations of criminal misconduct on the part
of Gary Willis and other teaching staff. She stated that this was because Bob Sullivan had
assessed the file and determined the case did not meet their criteria for investigation.
Commander McKay added that the Sex Crimes Squad was already investigating 600 other
cases. Commander McKay stated that Bob Sullivan alone made this decision and that she had
not read the file herself.
I suggested that if Bob Sullivan’s functioning was impaired at the time he assessed the
Gary Willis case, then perhaps the case should be reassessed by a medically fit, stress-free,

police officer. Commander McKay denied this request. She neglected to explain why the Gary
Willis case did not meet the Sex Crime Squad’s criteria for investigation.
Commander McKay told me that I must report everything else I knew about the
alleged Tweed Heads pedophile ring, or else I could be charged with an offence called
‘Concealing a Crime’. This seemed an odd statement, given Bob Sullivan had refused to accept
any further information about the case and McKay had just told me that NSW police were not
prepared to investigate the information they had already received. But, as instructed, I
handed over the following information:

- I reported a female teacher who allegedly regularly took two female high school
students for the weekend. (One of these students later died from complications
following an operation which she underwent soon after her breasts suddenly became
- I reported that one set of parents had tried to have a female special needs teacher
charged for allegedly sexually assaulting their son.
- I reported that a male Murwillumbah High School special needs teacher's aide
allegedly regularly took a male student home for lunchtime sex. The teacher's aide
also allegedly provided the student with pornography, that he would bring home.
- I reported a male Murwillumbah High School careers teacher who allegedly drugged
a 17-year-old male at an adult party. The student allegedly awoke in his teacher’s bed,
naked, with no memory of how he got there. He allegedly saw the teacher standing
naked in his bedroom doorway, saying: ‘It’s okay, sweetie.’
- I reported a Murwillumbah high School English teacher who allegedly had an affair
with his Grade 11 student.
- I reported a female Murwillumbah High School English teacher who allegedly had an
orgy with a group of her surfing students.
- I reported my own Murwillumbah High School teacher, who continually photographed
female students, including naked arty shots of my friend.
- And, while I was at it, I also reported my Grade 3 teacher from Budgewoi Primary
School on the NSW Central Coast, who allegedly sexually abused a classmate during a
sleepover at his Wyong farmhouse.

In a letter (dated 9 February 2005) Commander Kim McKay wrote to me:

As a result of my inquiries I have established that there is a disparity between yourself

and Detective Bob Sullivan on a number of the issues you have raised and are unable
to determine where the truth lies. However I acknowledge that if Detective Bob
Sullivan did ask you if you were a victim of sexual assault, then this was inappropriate
and should not have been said. In relation to the manner in which he addressed you I
have found that this also was not always appropriate in the circumstances. On behalf
of the New South Wales Police Force I apologise for this occurrence.

Parents complained to the NSW Ombudsman concerning the NSW police's refusal to
investigate the alleged Tweed Shire pedophile ring. Consequently, in a letter dated 18
November 2004, a Detective Sergeant M.N. Robinson of Byron Bay informed us that Detective

Sergeant Brett Greentree of Tweed Heads Police station had been assigned to investigate
Gary Willis and that witnesses were to contact him and make formal statements at the Tweed
Heads police station.
Five of Gary Willis’ former students were prepared to make statements to the Tweed
Heads police. Three of these witnesses were intellectually disabled (ID). I had already
contacted the Intellectual Disability Rights Service (IDRS) for legal advice and asked them to
supply a support person to attend the Tweed Heads police interviews with three ID witnesses,
including Y. The IDRS lawyer, named Tamara, informed me that their service had trained Joint
Investigation Response Teams (JIRT) police officers to interview ID witnesses, including adults.
The lawyer also said that the current police policy and procedures stated that Tweed Heads
police must initiate contact with JIRT regarding the three ID witnesses.
However, when we contacted Ballina JIRT, an officer called Melissa Williams told me
that no JIRT police officer was trained to interview intellectually disabled people. She also
stated that JIRT refused to interview the three disabled witnesses because they were now
adults. One of my initial contacts, Detective Murray Baker at Tweed Heads, said he could not
understand why Ballina JIRT would not touch the historical material, because they do ‘all the
When I complained to Commander Kim McKay about JIRT refusing to interview ID
adults, she stated to me that not one police officer in the whole of NSW had been specifically
trained to interview intellectually disabled victims of sexual assault. This, of course, flew right
in the face of the statements by IDRS lawyer Tamara. Commander McKay, however,
attempted to placate me by saying that Brett Greentree could be trusted to interview the
three disabled victims because he was ex-JIRT (with two years’ experience) and because he
was ‘a nice bloke with good intentions.’
NSW Education Department employee Sandra Cameron arranged with Brett
Greentree to be present at the witnesses’ formal police interviews. Ms Cameron allegedly
told a parent that she must attend her daughter’s interview with police because she
represented the Department and so had to be sure the police questioning was fair to the
Department. Ms Cameron subsequently insisted on attending the police interview, even after
the parent told her not to. Ms Cameron told another parent that she planned to attend the
police interviews so that she did not have to conduct independent interviews.
The IDRS lawyer responded that it was ludicrous for a NSW Education Department
representative to attend a police interview where a victim was making a statement and an
allegation against the NSW Education Department. Tamara explained that if Sandra Cameron
spoke during the interview, it could render the interview inadmissible in court.
I arranged for an IDRS support person to attend the police interviews with the three
disabled witnesses, but Detective Sergeant Greentree refused to allow this. I also specifically
requested that Brett Greentree video the interviews, but he refused to do this.
To the knowledge of victims and concerned parents, NSW police never investigated
our complaints, Gary Willis was never charged with any of the reported crimes and victims
were never given the chance to claim compensation for their child abuse experiences.

Gun to the Head

Following my whistle blowing efforts against what I allege was a pedophile ring in the
Tweed Shire, I came under increasing threat from parents, the local police force and various
government authorities. The threat began subtly with offers of free ‘counselling’ from the
NSW Department of Education. Owing to the increasing number of telephone threats, my

mother answered my phone. ‘This must be very stressful for Fiona,’ the Education
Department counsellor spoke consolingly. But after my mother politely declined the woman’s
invitation, her manner changed. The counsellor called repeatedly, each time sounding
increasingly frustrated and angry at my refusing her ‘services.’
At the same time, my telephone provider informed me that my phone was tapped.
Two other whistleblowing parents complained that their phones had been bugged also.
Certain parents who had previously been helpful and collaborative with the whistle-blowing
process suddenly began threatening other whistleblowing parents and me. ‘ZZ,’ the mother
of East Murwillumbah victim L, phoned me in a hysterical state. She demanded that I give her
the numbers and addresses of all the witnesses to Gary Willis’ abuse of children, particularly
her daughter. She swore at me and told me she’d sue my ‘fucking arse’ if I did not stop
pursuing the Gary Willis matter. She said she would hire a private detective and track
everyone down.
When I said it was too late and that the evidence had been forwarded on to the
Education Department, she accused me of not having given her the opportunity to view the
evidence and discuss her views on the whole matter.
‘I phoned you weeks ago and gave you that chance,’ I reminded her.
ZZ screamed at me: ‘I don’t want to be dragged through no fucking kangaroo court
again! My daughter was examined under a general anaesthetic and they found she was still a
I explained that someone can be sexually assaulted without damaging the hymen, but
ZZ concluded with a tirade of abuse.
I was advised to phone a parent ‘FF’ for information about the alleged abuse of her
daughter ‘GG.’ FF had worked at South Tweed Primary School for 18 years.
She told me: ‘I’ve been waiting for your call … It would be best if you handed all those
statements back to the parents and don’t implicate yourself further, as this could get bad for
your stress levels.’
One whistleblowing parent (‘AF’) began receiving phone calls from ZZ who would
phone and say, ‘Fucking bitch!’ and then hang up. ZZ told AF to retract her statement. She
referred to AF’s poor state of health and to the fact that I was pregnant. When AF said she
was not going to retract her statement, ZZ became aggressive, illogical, and spewed profanity
at AF. ZZ added: ‘You’re disturbing Al Gudgeon’s retirement. How could you do this, as he has
done so much for the community and for children? What happened all those years ago has
nothing to do with what is happening today.’
My own daughter attended Banora Point Public School. I attended a P&C meeting at
the school and raised the alarm about Gary Willis. I warned parents and teachers not to
employ Gary Willis at our school — the only place he had not worked at in our area.
Attendees, including the treasurer David DeClosey and his police officer friend, became visibly
angry at me and verbally attacked me in the meeting. Following that, DeClosey and the police
officer attended the P&C Federation’s Annual Conference. Upon their return, DeClosey
passed on a threat to me. A NSW Education Department representative at the conference, he
said, had told him to warn me to stop talking about Gary Willis — or else the NSW Education
Department would sue me for defamation.
After this, the threats became more tangible. To begin with, the P&C police officer
issued me a hefty parking fine for something which, as my daughter’s teacher testified in
writing, I simply did not do.

The threats became physical. The RSPCA turned up at my house following a false
report of pet neglect. When my fat, happy dog greeted him, the inspector remarked: ‘He’s
fine.’ Next, a health and safety officer turned up at my house following a false report that my
builder was using a ramset gun while unlicensed. Then police turned up at my house following
a false report that there was a stolen vehicle parked in my garage. On several occasions,
Tweed Heads police drove slowly by my house, glaring menacingly at me.
Heartbreakingly, my ‘neglected’ dog was dragged beneath our fence and killed, and
my pet chickens and ducks were also found slaughtered.
On one occasion, I reported to police that the 13-year-old child of my neighbour had
been driving his father’s car at excessive speeds on the highway and had near backed into my
car. The petite blonde officer who responded to my complaint failed to identify herself. She
verbally abused me for making the complaint, called me a ‘shit-stirrer,’ and slapped me with
an AVO from the juvenile’s father. In the end, I paid $14,000 to successfully challenge the
spurious AVO.
My husband and mother subsequently attended a meeting with Superintendent Tim
J. Tarlinton to discuss our concerns regarding the increasing threats against our family.
Tarlinton treated my family with hostility and contempt.
I began to feel so threatened by Tweed Heads police that I took my 10-month-old baby
and six-year-old child into hiding for the next six weeks. My suspicions were justified days
later when Tweed Heads police dispatched five squad cars to ambush my home at 5 Anthony
Avenue and two relatives’ homes in Laura Street, Banora Point. My accountant husband, due
to fly interstate for a work conference, pre-booked a taxi to the Gold Coast airport. Three
squad cars followed the taxi, which pulled up on the highway just south of the
Queensland/NSW border. The taxi driver told my husband to exit his vehicle. Police, dressed
in vests, thrust three loaded semi-automatic weapons at my husband’s head, ordered him
face down on the side of the highway and handcuffed him.
Five months later, I received the letter from the NSW Education Department informing
me that they had banned Gary Willis from teaching in the NSW public system. I then
discovered that Superintendent Tarlinton had retired from his position as Local Area
Commander and Brett Greentree had been transferred to Bourke on a promotion to Detective
Yet my victimisation at the hands of Tweed Heads police did not end there.
The petite blonde female officer returned in 2012, unidentified and armed with
handcuffs and a weapon, to arrest me. Some stranger had illegally parked a trailer on my front
lawn and reported that it was damaged while left there unattended. Instead of issuing a $180
fine for the illegal park, the police officer sought to arrest me. Hand clasped on her gun the
officer rang my front doorbell. My mother answered. ‘Where is she?!’ the officer hissed. But
I had already fled with my family for the third time since blowing the whistle on the alleged
Tweed Shire pedophile ring.
It then struck me: the NSW police force displayed more concern for an illegally parked
trailer, rather than an unfathomed number of young, disabled children who were assaulted
and mentally scarred by a violent sexual predator.
So many questions remain. Where is Gary Willis today? Does he have contact with
children? Why were the whistle-blowers, including me, being ostracised and victimised, while
the alleged perpetrators were seemingly being protected by the NSW Police? Why did the
NSW Police seem so disinterested in investigating an alleged pedophile network, in which
there was numerous witnesses and a wealth of documentary evidence? Does this suggest

that network extends beyond the Education Department and into the police? And does it
extend even further than that?

* * *

After being banned from employment in NSW, Gary Willis was hired by the
Queensland Education Department to work at Tallebudgera Primary School on the Gold
Coast. A Tallebudgera neighbour of Gary Willis told me he tutored her children and assisted
with children’s Nippers lessons at Tallebudgera Surf life Saving Club.

* * *

2020 Update: NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller promoted Brett Greentree to
Acting Assistant Commissioner.

Bond University Pedophile Network
Fiona Barnett, Independent Australia, 20 July 2014.

Bond Uni has been in the news recently with criminologist lecturer Professor Paul
Wilson facing court on child abuse charges. Former student Fiona Barnett says the rot at the
University goes deep.
Bond University was founded by Australia’s most notorious corporate criminal, Alan
Bond. As disgruntled students have discovered, Alan Bond structured the private
organisation, so it evades public accountability — despite the fact the university accesses
public funds in the form of student loans. Bond University’s lack of public accountability stems
in part from the fact that it is not actually a university but rather a corporation legally
permitted to borrow the title ‘university.’
I undertook postgraduate psychology studies at Bond University from 2006 to 2007,
and again from 2009 to 2010. In 2013, I reported Bond University to the Royal Commission
into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. My complaint contained a long list of
offences in relation to the cover-up of pedophile activities, pro-paedophilia course content,
the misuse of students’ personal child abuse histories, and the sexual harassment and assault
of students by certain lecturers.

High-profile psychologist damns Bond University

I provided the Royal Commission with the transcript of legally obtained recordings of
Bob Montgomery, previous president of the APS (Australian Psychological Society) and former
Head of Psychology at Bond University. Dr Montgomery described Bond as follows:

It is one of the worst run universities I’ve ever seen. It’s dishonest. It’s been dishonest
all the time I’ve known it... Bond University will do all the skullduggerous things they
can to deny any mis-practice... While I was there, they had a lunatic professor of
psychology.... He was caught screwing his secretary on the desk. The outcome was he
sacked the secretary and the vice-chancellor backed him up... So, you might have a
realistic concern if you enrol for an externship that they may try to manipulate the
situation in some way to try and put you in a bad light. And you’ve got to put that in
your decision-making mix... If you decide to plough ahead with Bond University. you
will be dealing with people who are out to get you, nasty, willing to do dishonest things,
and getting increasingly desperate because not only have they not knocked you down,
but you’re coming back even stronger.

Bond University covers-up child sexual abuse

While working in the Bond University Psychology Clinic, a 10-year-old DOCS client and
her foster mother disclosed to me that a former foster carer and convicted pedophile had
sexually assaulted my client, along with other children. In direct contravention of Queensland
legislation regarding the concealment of child abuse, Bond University forbade me from
reporting these crimes to the police. I persuaded one lecturer to let me inform the
Queensland Children's Commissioner of the allegations. Bond University, however,
subsequently withdrew my complaint to the Commissioner without my knowledge and then
lied to the Commissioner by saying they had done so in consultation with me. While the

Commissioner upheld my complaint and proceeded with an investigation, Bond University
chastised me and said my complaint jeopardised their relationship with the DOCS office, upon
which they relied for clients to keep the Bond Psychology Clinic running.

Bond University’s pro-paedophilia teachings

In 2013, I asked the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse to
investigate Bond University with respect to its pro-paedophilia teachings. These teachings
include the writings of a psychology and criminology lecturer, and Order of Australia medal
recipient, Professor Paul Wilson, who served as Dean of Humanities at Bond University for 10
years. In one of his books, subtitled Sexual Experiences between Men and Boys, the professor
promoted the benefits of paedophilia and renaming this crime ‘Greek love.’ The professor
also published articles on Bond University’s website, which stated that children are often
willing participants in child sexual abuse. (The Royal Commission gasped when I read that fact
In late 2012, Paul Wilson was charged with six counts of indecent dealings with two
girls — one of whom was under 12 years old. In May 2014, he was committed to stand trial.
The same professor taught me at Bond University. He and other Bond lecturers, in my view,
encouraged a strong anti-victim/pro-perpetrator stance in their classes. For example, one
lecturer endorsed the notion that technically there is no such thing as a victim of crime
because a criminal case involves the defendant versus the crown instead of the defendant
versus a victim. On another occasion, I had marks deducted for briefly mentioning a victim’s
perspective in an essay.
Bond University lecturers strongly endorsed the flawed ‘false memory syndrome'
writings of USA psychologist Elizabeth Loftus. The Royal Commission commended my
submission against Loftus’ writings and my condemnation of her association with the False
Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF). The FMSF was founded by Peter Freyd and his wife
(and stepsister) Pamela after their daughter, Professor Jennifer Freyd, accused Peter of child
sexual abuse. Apart from founding the FMSF, Peter has publicly endorsed paedophilia as a
responsible lifestyle choice and allowing siblings to marry. The effect of the FMSF has been to
discredit child abuse witness testimony and the existence of well organised pedophile rings.

Bond University sexually harasses students

Bond University has a history of sexually harassing students. During my 2009-10
enrolment, the following incidents occurred: a postgraduate student handed out pamphlets
on campus alleging that a senior staff member had sexually harassed him and that the
university had engaged in cult-like practises; a female lecturer offered a teenage girl who was
on scholarship, sex in exchange for good grades; and a male lecturer offered a legal minor,
also on scholarship, sex in exchange for good grades. The girl’s father, a lawyer, threatened
to lodge a complaint with the AHRC (Australian Human Rights Commission). In an effort to
placate the family, Bond University offered the girl a transfer to her preferred Sydney
University. I witnessed a Bond University lecturer regularly throw parties at her house, during
which students were supplied copious amounts of alcohol. I also saw the lecturer instigate a
game of ‘sexual disclosure’ spin-the-bottle with her students.

Bond University pressures students to disclose child abuse histories

Bond University psychology staff exhibited a pattern of obtaining students’ personal
information, which they would then use to hold students to ransom if they complained about

their Bond experience. I witnessed lecturers’ concerted efforts to bait a fellow student into
disclosing her child abuse history to them. ‘She came so close to disclosing!’ one lecturer told
me on one occasion, in a state of high excitement.
I was pressured to disclose my personal history of child sexual abuse to Bond
University lecturers during psychological supervision and while socialising with lecturers in
their homes and also at my home. According to my understanding, the lecturers’ abuse of
their authority, and their pressuring of me to disclose personal information, constituted a
breach of the APS Code of Ethics and Guidelines.
During my studies, I was sexually harassed by a Bond University staff member My
experience of sexual harassment occurred in response to the disclosure of my child sexual
abuse. The same lecturer tricked me into sleeping in her bed at a student party, described my
breasts as ‘magnificent,’ before grabbing one and massaging it in a sexual manner.

Bond University Lecturer Katarina Fritzon’s inappropriate email showing her grooming behaviour.

Formal Complaints against Bond University

I rejected a Bond University lecturer’s unwanted sexual advances and complained to
Bond University and to the Psychology Board. I also lodged a complaint of sexual harassment
and disability discrimination with the Australian Human Rights Commission, which upheld my
entire complaint.
The disability discrimination section of my complaint related to a visual cortex stroke
I suffered during the fifth week of my Masters program. Lecturers used my subsequent
disability as a means of harassing me. Staff refused to adhere to the conditions set out by my

Bond University disability support officer — consequently, I suffered further damage to my
Bond staff subjected me to extreme bullying and harassment, including exclusion and
placing me under excessive scrutiny. For example, a staff member verbally abused a student
peer and reduced her to tears for inviting me to her private engagement party. This
victimisation intensified following my initial complaint to the Psychology Board and following
my attempts to adhere to mandatory reporting legislation in relation to child abuse disclosure
in the university’s psychology clinic.

Bond University’s Corruption

In October 2010, to subdue an adversary process I had in place against staff at the
time, Bond University staff lodged a vexatious and unsubstantiated notification against me to
the Psychology Board, which is administered by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner
Regulation Agency). Bond University staff simultaneously pooled the information they had
gleaned about my own childhood sexual abuse. They removed the age I was during the time
of my child abuse and reported me as an adult perpetrator instead of a child victim of the
same crimes to AHPRA and to the NSW police. An (11/11/2010) email from AHPRA to a senior
Queensland police detective who lectures at Bond University stated:

It has come to my attention that Ms Barnett is under investigation by police following

serious allegations of a criminal nature… if you have any information which may be
imperative to the assessment of Ms Barnett’s health, please do not hesitate to
contact me.

The police officer then (26/11/2010) sent the following email to AHPRA from his Bond
University email account:

The last briefing I had was that contact had been made with NSWPOL and they could
not identify any outstanding jobs that would match the claims made. They also
informed us that the suspect had previously made outlandish claims of a similar
nature. The investigation is ongoing but given the above I would suspect it will not be
a police matter.

A second (27/11/10) email from police to AHPRA said:

At this stage we are unable to find any evidence to what MS BARNETT is saying. MS
BARNETT has previously made similar admissions to NSW police in 2008, this
investigation was finalised as no evidence could be located to substantiate what MS
BARNETT has stated.

AHPRA used the above correspondence as evidence I was a criminal, as detailed in their 29
March 2011 letter to me:

…confirmation of similar reported events by the NSW Police Service regarding past
criminal activities of a serious nature is a matter that the Board will need to address.

I sent written complaints about these emails to the NSW and Queensland police
ministers. Both ministers denied that NSW police provided any information to AHPRA in
support of Bond University’s accusation that I was a perpetrator of crimes. So, either police
lied to their ministers about providing emails to AHPRA, or AHPRA fabricated evidence against
Bond University staff lied to AHPRA by alleging that I had suddenly became psychotic
at an unspecified time, somewhere between the second and third field placements I did as
part of my Masters program. They simultaneously treated my child abuse history as both: (a)
real (i.e., evidence of my alleged criminality), and (b) fictitious (i.e., the product of my alleged
sudden psychosis).
Bond University accused me of 'decompensating into psychosis' — despite me having
no history or symptoms of psychosis whatsoever. They made this claim without consulting
the only Bond employees who had regular contact with me during the time that this ‘mental
illness’ was supposedly manifesting — my two external supervisors.
Dr Gavan Palk (barrister and chair of the APS Forensic College) supervised my second
practicum, during which he saw me four hours per week for three months. Dr Norm Barling,
who was Bond University’s Clinical Director for 20 years, supervised my third practicum. Both
supervisors wrote me glowing references that made a mockery of Bond’s notification. For
instance, Dr Palk wrote:

Ms Barnett impressed as an extremely intelligent person with excellent written and

oral skills. She has exceptional writing skills and her psychological reports were very
thorough and well written. She demonstrated that she could integrate her clinical
experience of clients with objective test results. Her opinions were sound and followed
logically from the evidence she gathered through testing and interviews.

In regards to interactions with clients, Ms Barnett demonstrated that she was able to
develop and maintain a therapeutic alliance with clients. She also demonstrated a solid
command of micro counselling skills and sensitivity to client’s needs. Her approach
towards clients was very professional and she had no difficulty in analysing problems,
undertaking appropriate research background forming hypotheses, planning and
carrying out psychological interventions...

In conclusion, it was a pleasure to provide supervision to Ms Barnett. She is a

passionate and intelligent person who has persevered in spite of her health difficulties.
The writer is very confident that Fiona has the makings of a very fine psychologist and
she should be encouraged to undertake a PhD in the area of sensory processing and
intellectual giftedness.

All of Bond University’s vague accusations were easily and completely disproved by
written evidence, including emails, and letters from witnesses and health professionals that I
submitted to AHPRA. Most telling, Bond University had already passed me, over one year
prior to the false and vexatious notification in the very subjects during which the alleged
ethical breaches were said to have occurred. Further, Dr Barling pointed out that if Bond staff
had any concerns about my mental health prior to my commencing the third practicum, then
ethically and legally they were not permitted to allow me to commence a third work
placement — which, of course, they had done.

Bond University submitted to AHPRA and the AHRC a written confession that a Bond
lecturer had students attend a sleepover at her house in 2007 — an act which, alone,
constituted an alleged breach of the APS Ethical Code and Guidelines. In this same document,
the lecturer lied by alleging I was not enrolled in Bond University at the time of her 2007 party,
when academic transcripts clearly show I was, indeed, enrolled.
Despite my excellent academic history – including a grade of 89% in my final theory
subject, Psychopharmacology – and with only two subjects to complete before obtaining my
Master of Psychology degree. Bond University wrote 'withdrawn' on my academic transcript.
They then failed to grant me a right of reply to their action and forbade me from accessing
their appeals system. As a consequence, I was robbed of six years of study and close to
$100,000 I paid in student loans. And since I was no longer enrolled in a psychology course,
AHPRA immediately cancelled my student psychology registration.

Bond University’s double standards

In 2013, Bond University staff allegedly severely breached privacy legislation and
ethical standards in the execution of a research project into autism (Project Number RO-
1516). The project’s approved recruitment protocol was for parents to be invited to
participate in the study via emails sent from Gold Coast Autism Inc. Instead, the Queensland
Education Department provided Bond University with the names, medical history and contact
details of state school students who are registered with the department as having autism —
without the parents’ knowledge or consent. One parent told me that Bond University
contacted her on a Saturday via her private mobile. When the mother confronted her school
principal, he said he knew nothing about the research project. If true, this ethical breach is
monumental and far surpasses the petty ethical breaches that they falsely accused me of
For instance, Bond reported me to AHPRA for 'upsetting a student' by appropriately
borrowing a psychology test from the library. Unbeknownst to me, the student (whom I had
never met) wanted the test I had borrowed. The student, who had a history of aggressive
behaviour and who had allegedly attracted formal student complaints, stormed in on my
client session in the Psychology Clinic and demanded I immediately cease working with my
client and give him the test. Despite the fact my supervisor informed me, via email, that he
reported the student to the Psychology Board, one year later Bond staff reported me to
AHPRA for the very same incident.

Bond University audited

Because of Bond University’s private status, they proved unaccountable to every
government body to which a similarly offended student at a public university might be able
to appeal. Bond is supposedly answerable to the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council
(APAC), the national body that accredits psychology courses. In March 2011, APAC
commenced an audit of Bond University in response to alleged multiple breaches of APAC
Standards. Bond had previously lost accreditation for similar breaches in 2007/2008. In
response to this audit, Bond employed yet another organisational psychologist to conduct
student interviews. However, aggrieved students were actively denied access to this
APAC intervened and virtually begged a fellow offended student and me to attend the
interviews. APAC assured us that multiple students had supported and validated our
complaints against Bond. In the end, APAC and the APS did nothing to assist me in my fight

for justice and vindication. In a letter to the AHRC, Bond University documented and criticised
my attendance at the APAC interviews. In this letter, they stated that APAC did not take my
testimony seriously. Immediately following the APAC audit, two Bond Psychology Clinic
administrators lodged internal complaints against one offending psychology lecturer for her
misconduct and her mistreatment of me and other psychology students. Bond University then
pressured that lecturer to resign.
The main offending lecturers remain employed at Bond University.

* * *


Fiona Barnett, Independent Australia, 3 November 2014.

After Fiona Barnett was bullied out of her Bond University psychology course, health
regulator AHPRA treated her case with a curious mixture of incredible incompetence and
callous contempt.
In theory, the role of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is
to oversee the administration of our medical, psychology and other health profession boards.
They are supposed to protect the public from malpractice, while simultaneously offering a
level of protection for innocent health professionals against vexatious and unsubstantiated
In 2011, a Senate Committee Inquiry was conducted into AHPRA. The Inquiry’s findings
were damning. The resultant report stated:

6.19 In relation to complaints about health practitioners, the committee identified a

number of areas where improvements are required including inconsistencies in
application of complaint processes … and the way in which vexatious complaints are
6.32 … the mistakes, omissions and poor processes that were clearly evident from the
evidence received during the inquiry calls into question the ability of AHPRA to carry
out its primary purpose. For AHPRA itself to be responsible for a breakdown of the
entire system of registration of health practitioners in Australia is a dismal example of
policy implementation and public administration.

The Senate Inquiry identified the Queensland AHPRA office as Australia’s most
incompetent state office. You might expect, following such a finding, that the Queensland
AHPRA office may have addressed the Inquiry’s criticisms and implemented some changes.
Unfortunately, if you did, you would be wrong.

AHPRA exploits student's child abuse history

My personal child abuse experiences formed the basis for Bond University’s
notification against me. My abuse constituted grounds for Bond’s allegation that I was
‘impaired’ and posed a risk to the public. This was despite no explained link between my
having experienced child abuse 30+ years ago and my alleged impairment. AHPRA cited my
personal child abuse history as evidence that I was psychotic and a criminal. The obvious
anomaly in their argument was that they used my personal testimony as being a symptom of
psychosis, then they simultaneously employed my testimony as a basis for contacting the

police and accusing me of criminal activity. It is difficult to understand how my testimony
could simultaneously be both a product of my imagination and a physical reality.
After making a FOI (Freedom of Information) application, I obtained the following
emails showing that AHPRA communicated with police in both NSW and Queensland. Two
email exchanges identified a senior detective who worked for the Gold Coast CIB and who
also lectured at Bond University. The first email (dated 11/11/2010) from AHPRA to the
Queensland police officer was addressed to his Bond University email:

‘It has come to my attention that Ms Barnett is under investigation by police

following serious allegations of a criminal nature … if you have any information
which may be imperative to the assessment of Ms Barnett’s health, please do not
hesitate to contact me.’

The second email (dated 26/11/10) from the Bond University lecturer to AHPRA

The last briefing I had was that contact had been made with NSWPOL and they could
not identify any outstanding jobs that would match the claims made. They also
informed us that the suspect had previously made outlandish claims of a similar
nature. The investigation is ongoing but given the above I would suspect it will not be
a police matter.

This letter documents that police dismissed my testimony as ‘outlandish,’ despite:

- Possessing Tor Nielsen’s collaborative witness testimony prior to my contacting them.
- Never having collected a comprehensive statement from me.
- Having assigned a task force to investigate a pedophile ring at the institution where I
had been abused (Engadine BoysTown).

Another email (dated 27/11/10) from police to AHPRA stated:

At this stage we are unable to find any evidence to what MS BARNETT is saying. MS
BARNETT has previously made similar admissions to NSW police in 2008, this
investigation was finalised as no evidence could be located to substantiate what MS
BARNETT has stated.

I was never interviewed with regard to the allegations I made to police. AHPRA used
the above correspondence as evidence I was a criminal, as recorded in their letter (dated
29/3/11) and addressed to me, which said:

…confirmation of similar reported events by the NSW Police Service regarding past
criminal activities of a serious nature is a matter that the Board will need to address.

I sent written complaints about these emails to the NSW and Queensland police
commissioners. Both police commissioners denied that NSW police provided any information
to AHPRA in support of Bond University’s accusation that I was a perpetrator of crimes. So,
either police lied to their ministers about providing emails to AHPRA or AHPRA fabricated
evidence against me. I submitted the two police ministers’ response letters, plus

comprehensive evidence which clearly disproved Bond University’s allegations against me. I
submitted these to Queensland AHPRA’s state manager.

AHPRA use health assessment to ‘stitch up’ student

On the basis of Bond University’s vexatious and unsubstantiated notification, AHPRA
ordered me to attend a health assessment. Several professional sources warned me not to
attend this assessment. These sources included a high-profile psychiatrist who warned me
that AHPRA had employed a notorious ‘creep’ psychiatrist to ‘stitch [me] up.’ Patient
feedback on a social media site described the ‘hired gun’ as ‘likes to humiliate patients.’ My
own GP also warned me not to attend AHPRA’s health assessment.
One close personal contact, who drafts legislation for the Queensland Government,
warned me that archaic Queensland legislation permitted AHPRA’s ‘hired gun’ health assessor
to decide I was psychotic even if I was not, call police without my family’s knowledge, drug
me and admit me to a psychiatric hospital. She said AHPRA had far reaching powers, including
the authority to enter my home and remove my personal belongings. She studied the new
Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Qld) 2009 (referred to hereafter as the Health
Act) and concluded that it had been poorly written, failing to include penalties for my refusing
to attend an AHPRA health assessment. She then advised me not to attend the assessment.
The multiple warnings not to attend AHPRA’s health assessment seemed valid considering:

- What happened to Tor Nielsen when he attended a similar assessment in Sydney.

- The damning findings of the 2011 Senate Committee Inquiry into AHPRA.
- AHPRA’s multiple breaches of legislation in their administration of Bond University’s
vexatious notification against me.

AHPRA Breach Health Act 2009

AHPRA breached the Health Act by, for example, demanding I pay the costs associated
with their health assessment. They sent me multiple ‘Authority’ forms to sign, which said:

I, Fiona Barnett hereby authorise the following practitioner to provide information as

requested by the Psychology Board regarding my current and past medical condition.
I agree to accept responsibility for any costs associated with the production of this

Notably, AHPRA omitted their ‘Authority’ form from my released FOI file. This
direction from AHPRA overrode a general provision made in Section 171(4) of the Health Act
which states: ‘The assessor’s fee for carrying out the assessment is to be paid out of the
National Board’s budget.’

AHPRA violates APS Code of Ethics

On 29 November 2010, a fellow Bond University student and I submitted a joint
notification to AHPRA against several Bond University lecturers. The other student had an
unblemished 10-year career as a psychologist and a supervisor. AHPRA refused to action our
joint notification. The health regulator stated its reasons for refusing to act were that the
other student and I were not classified as clients in receipt of psychological services; and since
AHPRA was less than a year old, it had not had time to adopt the APS Code of Ethics and
Guidelines. AHPRA’s failure to recognise Bond psychology students as recipients of

psychological services seems to breach section 5 of the Act, which clearly classifies health
education as a health service of which psychology students are recipients. Back in 2009, the
Psychologists Board of Queensland had already sent me a letter saying:

…the Board endorses the Australian Psychological Society’s APS Code of Ethics and
the APS Ethical Guidelines. The Board is guided by, though not limited to, these
documents when assessing the professional conduct of registrants.

The letter shows that the definition of students as clients preceded AHPRA. This
definition should have been implemented regardless of whether the administration of the
Psychology Board had problems transitioning from a state to a national scheme. In any case,
AHPRA’s failure to apply the APS Code of Ethics breaches s40 of the Health Act, which deems
AHPRA to have adopted the APS Code of Ethics when it first appeared on the AHPRA website
in 2010.
Meanwhile, AHPRA stated they had employed the very same APS Ethical Code and
Guidelines in their administration of Bond’s vexatious and unsubstantiated notification
against me. On 29/3/11, they wrote:

The Board has adopted the Australian Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics for the
profession and should an investigation be commenced into the conduct and
professional standards of Ms Barnett, the Code will be the standard against which
the concerns will be assessed.

Since Bond University’s notification arrived prior to my joint student notification

against Bond, this order of events makes a mockery of AHPRA’s argument — that they were
too new and disorganised to apply the APS Code of Ethics to a joint student notification
against Bond University.

AHPRA condones unprofessional conduct

Bond University psychology lecturers should be held accountable according to the APS
Code of Ethics and Guidelines regardless of whether psychology students are labelled ‘clients’
or ‘colleagues.’
AHPRA’s lack of action against Bond University psychology lecturers would appear to
be inconsistent with the Health Act’s definition of ‘unprofessional conduct’, which is stated
to mean: ‘… professional conduct that is of a lesser standard than that which might reasonably
be expected of the health practitioner by the public or the practitioner's professional peers.’
It is difficult to imagine that the public would approve of psychologists and lecturers having
parties with students, supplying students with alcohol, and then sexually assaulting students
while they are under its influence of alcohol and asleep. It is also difficult to imagine that
professional peers would condone Bond University’s lack of adherence to mandatory
reporting requirements.

AHPRA deny due process and natural justice

In a letter (dated 4/1/11) AHPRA admitted that it operates in accordance with
principles of natural justice. Natural justice dictates that an individual (where allegations are
to be made against that individual) is entitled to know precisely what those allegations are
and the facts upon which it is said those allegations arise. However, AHPRA failed to tell me

the basis for the allegations of unsatisfactory conduct and professional standards, criminal
behaviour, being impaired and of posing a risk to the public. Consequently, AHPRA failed to
act in accordance with the principles of natural justice.
AHPRA deprived me of my right to due process and my right to be heard. I was denied
correct information and legal consultation. AHPRA denied me the opportunity to respond to
Bond University’s allegation I was ‘psychotic’ and a ‘criminal.’ They consistently denied me
the chance to submit an initial right of reply to Bond’s notification. Despite multiple requests,
AHPRA failed to provide me with sufficient information concerning the content of Bond’s
notification against me so that I could actually compose a right of reply. To access any
information, I had to struggle to obtain my AHPRA file under FOI provisions.
AHPRA directed me to attend substance abuse testing (including urinalysis) when I
have no history of substance abuse and when no reference to an alleged substance abuse
problem was made in the Bond University notification. Nor were there any reference to
substance abuse in any of the 200 pages of my AHPRA file released via FOI.
AHPRA tried to bully, threaten and railroad me into quickly complying with their
unlawful and unfair administration of a vexatious notification. AHPRA demonstrated bias,
provided me with confusing and contradictory instructions, withheld crucial information and
misrepresented me to the Queensland Psychology Board. AHPRA set me impossible
deadlines, carrying negative consequences and threatened me with action that could result
in financial loss, loss of professional registration, loss of reputation and deprivation of liberty.

AHPRA reneges on agreement

AHPRA eventually said that I could substitute their psychiatric assessment with a
private medical report. My GP referred me to a high-profile psychiatrist for a specialist report.
I paid thousands of dollars for a comprehensive medical report, in which the psychiatrist
concluded that I had no mental health disorder. He reported that the only thing I needed
counselling for was the mistreatment and subsequent stress to which Bond University had
subjected me. AHPRA rejected the privately acquired medical report.
AHPRA then mysteriously gave me back my registration. Then they took it away again.
This yo-yo approach was typical of Queensland AHPRA.
Several staff displayed a sarcastic and abusive phone manner. Written communication
suggested that certain AHPRA staff enjoyed overstepping professional boundaries at my

Complaint Tampering by Federal Agency

AHPRA’s administration is answerable to the National Health Practitioner
Ombudsman. I submitted a complaint against AHPRA, plus a request for an administrative
review, to the National Ombudsman. I sent my comprehensive complaint and evidence via
registered post. Despite my receiving a signed delivery confirmation slip, the ombudsman’s
administrator told me that their office never received my complaint. The office ignored my
follow-up emails, emailed complaint submission, phone calls and recorded messages. I then
formally complained about my missing parcel to Australia Post, who concluded that it ‘must
have been lost.’

Queensland AHPRA’s actions against me ‒ an innocent student and victim of crime ‒
indicate that nothing has changed to improve their professional operation since the damning

findings of the 2011 Senate Committee Inquiry. As other Independent Australia contributors
have long campaigned for, a Royal Commission is required to get to the bottom of the shonky
– perhaps criminal – administration of health in Australia.

* * *


Two Bond University Psychology professors were charged with historical pedophilia
crimes after Bond’s Psychology faculty destroyed my Psychology career – Paul Wilson and
Bob Montgomery. Bob Montgomery established the Bond Psychology program while Paul
Wilson was the Head of the Humanities Department. The two accused pedophile
psychologists worked at Bond at the same time.
Paul Wilson was prominent in Australia’s 1980s academic movement to legalise
pedophilia. While lecturing at the University of Queensland, Wilson organised a pro-
pedophilia conference which the university cancelled following public outcry, and he
‘accidentally’ showed a psychology class the end of a child porn snuff film. One student
witness was the daughter of a Queensland police commissioner. Other students are now
practising psychologists. Paul Wilson was friends with Queensland Police Commissioner Terry
Lewis who kept a dirt file on him which surfaced during the Kimmin’s Report and found its
way into the Fitzgerald Inquiry of the late 1980s. The Fitzgerald Inquiry was Queensland’s
version of the NSW Wood Royal Commission into government child sex trafficking, and
similarly buried its crucial findings.

In 1981, Paul Wilson wrote a book subtitled, The Man They Called a Monster: Sexual
Experiences Between Men and Boys94 which advocated for pedophilia to be renamed ‘Greek
love’ and be socially accepted like in Ancient Greece. The book defended Wilson’s pedophile
associate Clarence Henry Osborne, who maintained records of his 2,500 victims plus VIP
pedophiles including academics like Paul Wilson.
In 2016, Paul Wilson was sentenced to 6 months prison for the historical sexual assault
of two young girls. A journalist, to whom I provided information for a Courier Mail feature
story about the case, told me Paul Wilson had such a long list of victims waiting to prosecute
him, he will spend the rest of his days either in court or prison.

Bob Montgomery
In 2019, Bob Montgomery was charged with sexually abusing and anally raping three
young boys at Byron Bay in the 1970s. Montgomery established psychology courses at two
other universities besides Bond, including Alfred Conlon’s ANU in Canberra. Montgomery
authored 13 books, regularly appeared on television and radio, and was the consultant
psychologist on the Big Brother TV show. Montgomery was 2009 to 2010 President of the APS
who describe themselves as: ‘…the peak body for psychologists in Australia and represent
over 24,000 members. We advocate for the profession of psychology, support high standards,
promote community well-being, and are dedicated to providing benefits to support
members.’ The APS certainly supported Bob Montgomery who received a ‘slap on the wrist’
for having sex with his client.
Bob Montgomery headed unethical MK-ULTRA research conducted by LaTrobe
University’s psychology department in 1973 to 1974. The Milgram replica experiments which
tested a human’s willingness to fatally electrocute others left Montgomery’s subjects
traumatised. LaTrobe University is home to Psychology lecturer Gary Dowsett who was part
of academia’s 1980s push to legalise pedophilia. Until recently, Dowsett’s LaTrobe University
resume page featured a link to an article he wrote in Gay Information Quarterly Journal
(Spring 1982). Titled, Boiled Lollies and Band-Aids: Gay men and Kids, it stated:

And a new political position is needed... First, we have three legal/social questions to
win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of pedophiles and their
young lovers; and finally, the sexual rights of children as a whole.... How different
then is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a
pedophile and his/her lover?’

Gary Dowsett developed the Victorian Government’s Safe Schools sex education
curriculum which, I heard from multiple sources, contained explicit pornography and resulted
in boys gangraping girls at school. As stated in response to PIE’s 1976 campaign to lower the
age of consent: ‘…what is called sex education differs from other subjects in that it may
determine the immediate and future behaviour of children and change the whole climate of
society.’ 95
The timing of Bob Montgomery's 1970s Milgram experiments coincides with Kidman's
CIA-funded Learned Helplessness research that he conducted under Seligman’s guidance.
During the 1970s, Bob Montgomery was a visiting professor at the Universities of Hawaii and

Paul R. Wilson (1981). The Man They Called A Monster: Sexual Experiences between Men and Boys. Cassell.
Ronald Butt (1976). Who really wants a change in the age of consent? The Times, 22 Jan.

Oregon, MK-ULTRA research hubs. Kidman undertook a PhD in biochemistry at the University
of Hawaii.
Antony Kidman and Bob Montgomery both promoted CBT (cognitive behavioural
therapy) and Health Psychology in Australia. 'Health Psychology' was invented by Joseph
Matarazzo who designed the 2001 torture program that Seligman was second in charge of.
An excerpt from a self-help book illustrates the perceived relationship between these men,
and their denial teachings: 96

Unreal Beliefs and Conflicts

The final group of conflicts are caused by unrealistic beliefs, sometimes called the irrational
beliefs which are found in everybody. The only thing that varies is the intensity and the
number of them we have. These unrealistic expectations we have form pictures in our mind
that place us in inevitable conflict and cause, not just conflict but also cause sadness, even
despair. Albert Ellis, Anthony Kidman and Bob Montgomery as well as several other
authors have one thing in common, they refer in their books to these as the ‘irrational’
beliefs we have about ourselves. What follows is, in fact, the ten irrational beliefs so often
quoted: . . .

- Irrational Belief 3: Some people are bad, wicked or evil, and they should be punished
for this. . .
- Irrational Belief 5: My bad feelings are caused by something out of my control, so I
can’t do anything about them. . .
- Irrational Belief 9: My problems were caused by some events in my past, so that’s why
I have my problems now.

Here is my rebuttal to these points:

- Rational Belief 3: Psychologists who rape and torture children are evil criminals who
deserve to be brought to justice and punished to the full extent of the law.
- Rational Belief 5: My feelings stem from implicit memories of being hypnotised,
drugged, raped, and brainwashed. My feelings are outside of my conscious control
because they are a symptom of repressed abuse memories. My feelings will dissipate
when I remember and process my abuse.
- Rational Belief 9: My current physical and psychological problems were certainly
caused by my child abuse.

Antony Kidman, Bob Montgomery, and Paul Wilson were three of Australia’s most
prominent psychologists. Authors, university lecturers, and ABC media consultants, they used
their positions to promote child abuse denial, stop victims processing their trauma memories,
and mislead the public concerning the truth about organized child abuse in Australia. Not
surprising if all three men were pedophiles.
Another Bond University lecturer, Richard Hicks, was involved with MK-ULTRA
research in the 1960s also.97
Roger F. Peters (2004). A Wish before Dying. HEAS Publishing.
R.E. Hicks & P.J. Fink (Eds.) (1969). Psychedelic drugs: Proceedings of a Hahnemann Medical College and
Hospital symposium sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry. Grune & Stratton.

2020 Update
On 2 June 2020, ABC News reported that Bob Montgomery pleaded guilty to anally
raping three 12-year-old boys while working as a Scout master during the 1960s. He faces up
to 14 years in prison. Once again, Australia's mainstream newspapers failed to mention that
Montgomery was a former President of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).
On 2 June 2020, the current APS President issued the following statement to its
24,000+ member psychologists regarding Bob Montgomery:

A statement from the President regarding Bob Montgomery

Dear [Member Psychologist]

Many of you may be aware of today’s media coverage regarding psychologist Bob
Montgomery, who has plead guilty to child sex offences while he was a scoutmaster in
Sydney in the 1960s.

Bob Montgomery has formally resigned his membership with the APS.

The APS Board wishes to acknowledge the courage displayed by the victims and their
families. We hope the legal process brings some resolution.

This news may be triggering both for APS members, and for those within our
communities who have a trauma history. We urge you to reach out and seek support
if you are experiencing these triggers and to remember that self-care is incredibly
important during such times.

We acknowledge that some APS members may be long term friends and supporters of
Bob Montgomery and his family, prior to this case emerging. Whilst the APS does not
condone in any way Mr Montgomery’s behaviours, we wish to acknowledge the
impact of current proceedings on him and his family's mental health and hope they
are seeking support from these friends through this process.

Yours sincerely
Ros Knight FAPS

It is abhorrent for an APS President to acknowledge the impact on both the victims
and their rapist in the same breath. Expressing sympathy for the rapist in this way makes any
acknowledgment of the victim hollow.
The following day (3 June 2020), the current APS President issued a follow-up
statement regarding Bob Montgomery. Obviously, this was in response to a national backlash
of criticism from its member psychologists, many of whom work with child sex abuse victims.
Follow up statement from the President regarding Bob Montgomery

Dear [Member Psychologist]

Yesterday I issued a statement to APS members about psychologist Bob Montgomery.
I have received and appreciated your heartfelt feedback to this communiqué.

The APS takes your views very seriously. Your feedback ensures we remain accountable
to you, our members.

Allow me to be absolutely clear: the APS holds a position of absolute condemnation of

all forms of abuse in our society. Our position remains that all forms of child sexual
abuse are a profound violation of the human rights of the child, and a crime under
Australian law. It is never, ever OK.

This official position, and acknowledgement of the life-long harm and suffering that
can ensue, has underpinned the APS’s active campaigning for better justice and
interventions for survivors.

We extend our deepest acknowledgement of the pain and suffering experienced to the
survivors of these traumas and their families. Psychologists should be the providers of
comfort, support and healing, not the cause of pain. We hope that the survivors are
receiving the assistance they need and deserve.

I also wish to acknowledge and commend all of you who work with and support
survivors in these difficult and complex areas.

Finally, I take this opportunity to remind all psychologists of our mandatory reporting
obligations under the law to report sexual offences (or any abuse) against children to
the relevant child protection authorities, and to report peers to the relevant authorities
if we suspect the public is at risk.

Yours faithfully
Ros Knight FAPS

This statement by the APS President is consistent with that institution's long history
of child abuse denial and double speak.

* * *


Four days after I broke the above story, the ABC interviewed some pissed-off
psychologists. Here are some choice extracts from the ABC article:

Australian Psychological Society under fire for 'disturbing' response to Bob

Montgomery child sex prosecution
ABC News, 10 June 2020

A peak psychologist's body, once led by paedophile Bob Montgomery, has come under
fire for noting the "impact" of criminal prosecution on him and urging he seek support
from "long term friends" in its ranks...

The ABC has been told the Australian Psychological Society (APS) was flooded with
hundreds of complaints from its own members over its response to Montgomery's
guilty plea to child sex offences...

Heidi Smith, a psychologist in Western Australia, said the APS response made her feel
"ill for several hours. I cried with frustration for all the child sexual abuse victims and
the struggles they face with institutions supporting child sex offenders," she said. "At
no point during this email does the APS mention that this man was the president of
their prestigious society [or] that you cannot be a psychologist if you are convicted of
a crime such as child sex abuse," she said. "It says he resigned, like it was his choice. At
no point [did] they make any statement in relation to ethics or his role as a

Montgomery was president of the APS from 2008 to 2010.

A senior psychologist, who asked not to be named, said the response was "disturbing"
and members were "disgusted".

Ms Knight in her email also indicated the APS had not expelled Montgomery, who was
awarded life membership in 2016, but that he had "formally resigned". The
psychologist said the APS response highlighted "the impact on his mental health and
that of his family — yet no mention about the mental health of Montgomery's victims
for which he plead[ed] guilty to, nor for mental health of other victims. Members are
so disgusted that reputations of psychologists will be tarnished by association, and
that importantly, the current president of the APS, as a clinical psychologist, has
ignored the impacts of the abuse on the immediate victims of her former colleague,"
the psychologist said.

A well-placed source told the ABC that "many hundreds of members contacted the
APS," prompting Ms Knight to respond...

The senior psychologist said [the 2nd APS President statement] was "still a horrendous
reaction. Alarmingly, even in her second statement the day after, she did not address
the mental health impact of Montgomery's victims, but just in general about all
victims," he said. "It seems in these statements the victims of Montgomery have been
ignored, and just lumped into general victims of sexual abuse – whereas Montgomery
was specifically mentioned and considered in relation to the impact on his mental
health, it seems above the interests of his victims."

In 2014, the APS made Montgomery a "new honorary fellow" to recognise his
"extraordinary and distinguished contribution." He was president the same year the
professional regulator, the Psychology Board of Australia, adopted its code of ethics
from the APS.

In a statement, the APS said "on reflection, the original email from the APS could have
been worded differently in two areas". It said the email was an attempt to convey a
"neutral, or non-biased judgment towards the matter" which was done with "the best
intention". The APS said this was in line with the fact that "psychologists frequently
find themselves dealing with complex matters [and] often psychologists work with
both survivors and perpetrators of crimes." The APS said it had received a "small
number of complaints" from its 25,000 members and took those concerns seriously...
It said that "to the best of the APS's knowledge, Mr Montgomery did not contribute"
to the code of ethics adopted by the professional regulator.

Far more psychologists were outraged by the APS President than the 'small number'
who complained in writing. My therapist called them evil pricks, my friend’s psychologist
threw things around the room and was too angry to complain in writing.
The APS president's statement revealed her true colours. Like I've been saying for
many years, Australia’s psychology industry is run by dirty filthy perpetrators. They run the
universities psychology courses, they run the APS, and they run the Psychology Board.

* * *

Seems there’s more to this story of coverup:

Satan’s Seat
I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is…

Several people independently described Bundaberg to me as ‘Satan’s throne.’ There

is no denying the isolated country town is a microcosm of national coven activity, but why the
Prince of Darkness would choose such a shithole for his throne room is beyond me.
Several variables lend credibility to the rumour. Bundaberg sits smack atop one of the
major Ley-lines occultists prize. Another clue was the enormous road sign that confronted
visitors at the town’s entrance. The blood red sign contained the black silhouette of a huge
bull with tall erect horns. Superficially, the bull poster advertised the El Toro restaurant
located in the nearby coastal suburb of Bargara. On a sinister level it represented the horned
bull of Mithraism and it indicated that Bundaberg was a coven capital.
Another of Bundaberg’s dark features is the legendary Hummock. The Hummock is a
hollow, extinct volcano that dominates the area’s otherwise flat landscape. The cavern inside
the Hummock is accessed via a number of the homes that sit on the hill, homes which are
only ever sold on to approved coven members. Local Indigenous people said the Hummock
features a natural tunnel system which joins the main enormous hollow to surrounding
landmarks including the local Catholic school and cemetery. Luciferian rituals are said to take
place beneath the impenetrable Hummock.
Bundaberg is characterised by a lack of aesthetics, absence of culture and an obsession
with sport. Its main street was once lined with iron laced heritage buildings and enormous
trees that created a long cool green arch; but someone clad the buildings, and cut down every
tree, creating a repulsive heat.
In the early 1990s, a Bundaberg courthouse employee informed me that he processed
one suicide per week. That statistic struck me as high, considering the town served a
population of approximately 40,000.
Bundaberg’s air of suicidal futility was well captured in the school war-cry that local
children shared with me:

‘Sex! Drugs! Rock-n-roll! Bundy High’s a fuckin’ hole!’

If ever you want to know what is really happening in a community – ask the kids. The
local children told me about the 26 primary school students being treated at the hospital’s
psychiatric unit for the sexual and physical abuse they experienced at Bundaberg West State
School, and which was eventually reported in the local paper. The kids informed me about
the Bundaberg East State School principal who liked to watch children do cartwheels in their
skirts, and who would force himself upon mothers in the school classrooms while they
attended teacher interviews. The school cleaner complained to my Aunty Beryl that she
would find semen all over the desks and floor. I attended this school for a while in Grade 6.
The most telling testimony came to me in 1998 from Samantha, a Grade 7 student at
Woongarra State School. Samantha was an attractive 12-year-old with the body of a 16-year-
old and the mouth of a 22-year-old. I met Samantha during a local cricket game. She was
staying with my friend who was providing respite to the girl’s mother. The ‘tween-ager’ was
reportedly out of control and dating a man in his early twenties.
For some reason, Samantha decided to tell me all about her life, including her
involvement in ‘witchcraft.’ The child said that she was introduced to witchcraft by her

classmate whose house she often stayed at. In fact, her entire primary school class had been
converted to witchcraft the previous year. ‘It was a really positive thing,’ Samantha explained,
‘because before that there was a lot of fighting and bitchiness, but after we all became
involved in witchcraft it united us, and we all got on really well.’ Samantha told me about how
the class would cast spells on their teacher. One of these caused her teacher’s chair to break,
while another caused the teacher’s car tyre to go flat. Apparently, it was really funny, and it
gave the students a means of revenge against their ‘mean’ teacher.
Samantha then revealed what she benefited from witchcraft – a sense of control over
her out-of-control life. The child was angry. Two years ago, police found her grandmother
dead, mysteriously slain with a fork – the common eating utensil kind. Samantha wanted
revenge against an unknown entity.
I listened patiently to Samantha for about two hours, quietly prompting. Once
satisfied that the girl had shared everything, I made my stand. I looked the child dead in the
eye and affirmed: ‘Now listen here and you listen well. You are playing with fire, missy! Right
now, this whole witchcraft thing feels fun, but come your thirteenth birthday you will be
initiated into the next step – which is not fun! Once you take that next step, you will reach a
point of no return. The next level is human sacrifice where they murder little babies and
children. Believe me, because I’ve seen it. I know it’s real, just as you know that magic really
works. Take it from someone who has seen where all of this goes – stop now before it’s too
late! This is your chance, right here, right now, to get out!’
Terror seized the girl’s being and she morphed back into a 12-year-old child. ‘What do
I do?’ she pleaded.
‘There’s only one way out of this mess. When I was your age, I noticed that these
people were extremely rich, extremely powerful and afraid of no one or thing. But then I
noticed that there was a source of power greater than theirs and that when they came up
against that power, they lost. That power source was Jesus Christ. So, I figured that I would
rather side with the God that held the greater source of power. The name of Jesus Christ is
the only one that is able to free you from what you’ve got yourself into. Right now, Satan is
lord over your life. You need to ask Jesus Christ to be Lord. You need to pray to God and ask
Him to undo every curse, hex and spell that you are subject to.’
‘I want that! I want that right now!’
That afternoon, Samantha gave her heart to Jesus Christ and accepted a King James
Bible. The last I heard, Samantha’s rebellious behaviour had quelled, and she was reading her
Bible daily. Ideally, I would have recommended some church for Samantha to attend, but by
that stage, I could think of none.
My mother originally moved to Bundaberg to be near her sisters. One sister, Beryl
Jenkins, had lived in her beloved ‘Bundy’ the longest. My cousin David Mitchell rightly labelled
Beryl ‘an evil bitch’ after holidaying with her as a child. When she wasn’t pretending to be a
Christian elder at the local Wesleyan Methodist Church, Aunty Beryl was heavily involved in
her family’s true god – basketball.
Beryl was particularly spiteful toward two members of the human race: me and my
younger brother Peter. Perhaps this was because Peter and I naturally excelled at everything
- including basketball. I joined a basketball team in Beryl’s Across the Waves club after
shooting a three pointer over Will, Bundaberg’s star African American import, during a social
game. I have never in my life witnessed anything as dirty and dangerous as Bundaberg
women’s basketball. The saddest moment came when a 15-year-old child on the opposing
team broke her ankle. As the girl lay on the bitumen crying in agony, one of my teammates -

the town’s only paediatrician - snarled, ‘Get her up!’ This same doctor ran the Bundaberg
Rainbow Girls, a Freemasonic youth group for girls.
At the end of my first basketball season, all of Bundaberg’s opposing clubs nominated
me for the overall Association trophy. However, Aunty Beryl and my own club gave me
nothing. Peter also won a trophy that season, but he was struck down with an illness and
bedridden, weeks prior to presentation night. Consequently, Aunty Beryl stripped Peter’s
name off the trophy and was about to give it to another child when the only club member
with integrity intervened, chided them all, snatched the trophy and marched it to my
mother’s house.
But Aunty Beryl’s full capacity for evil manifested at her church which my family and I
initially attended. Beryl’s daughter-in-law, Marcie, attended the same Wesleyan Methodist
church. Marcie was my age and so we quickly became acquainted. She invited me to join the
church youth group. When Marcie introduced a fellow youth group member who worked as
a meter reader to me as being ‘like a spy for us,’ I realised she was consciously involved in a
coven and had mistakenly assumed that I was too. It’s a common assumption because
Satanists can’t fathom the concept of escaping.
Marcie warned me not to associate with a warm, pretty and musically talented youth
group member named Lynette.
‘Why not?’ I puzzled.
‘She’s trouble,’ Marcie asserted. ‘She flirts with all the boys.’
‘What do you mean? What boys?’
‘It doesn’t matter,’ she rolled her eyes. ‘She’s just caused a lot of trouble.’
Aunty Beryl also warned me against associating with Lynette. Then Pastor Peter
Breen’s daughter repeated derogative things that her mother, Mavis Breen, had uttered
against Lynette. The whole church seemed to be gossiping about Lynette behind her back.
Their comments were inconsistent with the modest sweet girl that I was observing; so, I did
what a Christian is supposed to do – I decided to talk with Lynette and make up my own mind
about her. To everyone’s horror, I invited the social outcast to a big Christmas party at Aunty
Beryl’s house, and I spent the entire evening getting to know Lynette. Eventually, I told
Lynette bluntly what people had been saying to me about her, and I asked her what was going
Lynette told me about an incident that had occurred when she was 16 years old. Her
older sister Diane was about to be married but was killed in a car accident just south of
Bundaberg, the week before her wedding. On the day of her wedding, the guests who had
travelled for the wedding attended her funeral instead. Her bridesmaids, dressed alike in their
formal wedding-day dresses, stood by the bride’s coffin instead.
During the chaotic week following her sister’s death, Lynette fell ill. So, her sister’s
best friend, a nurse named Wendy, invited Lynette to stay at her house. Wendy’s husband,
Adrian, was the son of a church deacon and a notorious philanderer. One morning, Wendy
gave Lynette a large dose of codeine medication (Mersyndol) which left the child extremely
drowsy and asleep in the spare bedroom. Soon after Wendy left for work, Adrian entered
Lynette’s room, picked her up, carried her to his bed, and sexually assaulted her.
I met with Lynette the day after her disclosure, placed some crayons and paper in front
of her, and said, ‘Draw it for me. Show me what Adrian did to you.’
Lynette drew the assault.
‘Now,’ I continued, ‘draw a thought bubble above your head. Inside the thought
bubble, write words that you were thinking.’

She wrote, NO!
‘Did you tell your parents about this?’
‘What did they do?’
‘They could have had him charged but that would have broken up the church.’
‘So instead, everyone doesn’t know the truth, and someone started the rumour that
you flirted with him.’
‘And let me guess – your parents have been too preoccupied with your sister’s death
to notice how you felt about being assaulted straight after your sister’s death?’
‘And just how do you feel?’
‘Like no-one would notice if I was gone.’
‘Do you wish you were gone?’
‘Have you thought about killing yourself?’
‘Have you thought of how you’d do it?’
‘Yes - overdose on pills…’
I was myself young and inexperienced yet aware that the last time I kept silent about
someone’s suicidal ideation they gassed themselves to death in Amsterdam. So, I had a go:
‘Lynette, this is a perfectly normal reaction to something bad that happened to you. Your
sister was killed and while you were still in shock from that, and ill, and drugged, an adult
sexually assaulted you. You were a child. None of this is your fault. You did nothing wrong.’ I
paused. ‘I think you need to tell your parents about how you really feel. And I think someone
needs to put a stop to all the church gossip.’
Lynette agreed. In fact, now she felt like standing up and telling the whole church.
‘How about we start with Pastor Breen? How would you feel about showing him these
‘Yes, I’d like that.’
‘We could go right now if you like?’
We went looking for the pastor at the church, but no-one was there. Then an idea
dawned on me. I led Lynette into the empty church. ‘I’m going to sit in the pews,’ I suggested.
‘You stand at the front behind the pulpit. Pretend that the church is full. Tell the church what
you would like them to know.’
Lynette addressed the invisible congregation and expressed what had been tearing
her up inside since her sister’s death.
Peter Breen arrived, and I told him, ‘Lynette has something to show you. Show him
the drawings Lynette and tell him what you told me.’
Lynette showed the pastor her drawings, carefully explaining each one.
Pastor: ‘I feel sick.’
‘Did you know any of this?’ I asked him.
‘No, Lynette, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise.’
‘Well,’ I continued, ‘practically the whole church is gossiping about a wrong version of
it, including my family and yours. Lynette here would like to get up in front of the whole

congregation and tell everyone the truth. Instead, I think it’s only fair that you locate every
single person who has been told the wrong story and tell them the truth.
He nodded. ‘And please don’t tell Mavis [his wife] about this. It’ll ruin her Christmas.’
That evening, Lynette and I met with her parents and filled them in on recent events,
including the malicious gossip. I prompted Lynette to express to her parents how she felt.
‘I want to commit suicide,’ Lynette announced.
Her parents became still like stunned mullets.
I softly asked Lynette’s Dad, ‘Where is your daughter right now?
‘Where is Diane right now?’
He thought for a moment. ‘In heaven.’
‘What do you think she thinks about that?’
‘Well…she’d be very happy.’
‘And what do you think God thinks of where she is right now?’
‘Well, he would be pleased to have her there.’
‘Okay, so your daughter’s in heaven, she is happy with that arrangement and so is
God. God is sovereign, He loves us, but He decided to take her anyhow. I don’t know why God
allows such horrible things to happen to us, I just know that we have to trust Him with the
situation. While you have been grieving for your eldest daughter, you haven’t noticed that
you’re about to lose your youngest.’
The full impact of my intervention with Lynette became apparent many months later.
It all began one Sunday morning during church service. The pastor had introduced a new age
doctrine to the church which involved having parishioners sit in a circle for service and inviting
people to voice their opinion mid-service. One morning, the pastor gave a sermon on God’s
image, and he asked people in the service to verbalise their impressions of God.
Troy, a nice young man who had been a Christian for about a week, raised his hand
and excitedly offered his opinion: ‘I-I-I think of the song, He’s got the whole world in His hands.
I’m-I’m into body building, and that’s just my thing. So, I see God like a big Arnie
Schwarzenegger holding up the world in his arms!’
The congregation applauded.
Just then, a self-appointed church leader named Spencer Gere shot to his feet and
pompously tore Troy’s opinion apart: ‘God is immaterial. He cannot be compared to mortal
being, to some Hollywood actor …’
As Spencer Gere raved on like a Shakespearean soliloquy, I turned to notice Troy
behind me, deflating like a pool floaty. I arose and spoke, ‘The Bible clearly states that we are
made in God’s image. We have arms – so does God. Troy may not have been a Christian for
very long, he may not have been to Bible College and he may not have read a lot of books yet,
but his understanding of God is just as valid. And now I’ll give you all something more
important to focus on – someone in this congregation is involved in Satanism.’
The congregation applauded.
Following the service, people approached me and stated: ‘Thanks for standing up for
me...’ ‘You said what we’ve all been thinking but didn’t have the guts to say…’ ‘That guy has
been putting us down for months.’
I was immediately summoned to an emergency meeting attended by Pastor Breen,
Spencer Gere, Aunty Beryl, Lynette’s Dad (Kevin) and the pastor’s brother-in-law. Instead of
opening the meeting in prayer, Spencer Gere launched into a criticism of me. Yet, every time

he went to address me, I was overcome with a deep spiritual repulsion, as though an evil spirit
was daring to converse - I promptly cut him off: ‘Don’t you dare speak to me!’
Pastor: ‘You can’t talk to Spencer like that!’
‘He’s not a man of God!’ I snapped.
Pastor: ‘What you are doing is not of God.’
‘How would you know?’
‘Because you’re causing division in the church!’
‘Jesus said he came to separate the sheep from the goats.’
Pastor Breen was dumb.
Aunty Beryl sat quietly with a smug look on her face.
Tears welled in my eyes.
Lynette’s father interjected: ‘No, no, no. This is all wrong. This is wrong. Fiona has done
a lot to help our family. She saved our daughter’s life!’
But the wolf pack were not interested in words of reason, righteousness or support.
Their criticism faded into background noise as I focussed on Lynette’s father:
‘Fiona, Fiona, ‘he implored. ‘Do you remember what you said to me?’
‘No,’ I sobbed.
‘You told me three things that helped me get over my daughter’s death.’ He counted
the list off his fingers. ‘Where is my daughter now, what does she think about that, and what
does God think about that.’
‘Thank you,’ I managed a small smile. Then I left.
The following Sunday I began attending the local Baptist church which had two
ministers. One of the ministers reminded me of a stout Roman Caesar, especially when, mid-
sermon, he patted his fat gut and irreverently boasted, ‘And you all know how much I like my
food.’ After my third Sunday of attendance, this pastor asked to meet with me. During this
meeting he said that Pastor Breen had phoned him and warned him not to let me attend this
church because I liked to ‘lure vulnerable young women into questionable counselling
situations.’ Pastor Glutton concluded, ‘We do not want you to be a vessel through which the
Holy Spirit works in this church.’ Months later, Pastor Glutton caused a split in the church and
eventually started up a new church in Bargara with half of the congregation.
At about this time, Aunty Beryl rallied Mum’s siblings plus my father into making a
joint complaint to DOCS. Beryl alleged that my mother medically neglected my brother Peter
who was not recovering from one of the numerous mystery illnesses that seemed to
constantly plague Bundaberg in Biblical proportions. My mother had indeed sought medical
attention. She had taken Peter to Bundaberg Base Hospital (notorious for Dr Patel’s killing
spree) only to be told that there were no vacant beds and to go home and consult her GP in
the morning. Mum took my brother back to his GP who wrote a medical certificate stating
that there was nothing wrong with Peter. We later discovered that Peter had a rare virus that
ate away the cartilage between two of his vertebrae and his hip. Peter’s GP was later struck
of the medical registrar for multiple complaints of malpractice.
My sister-in-law thrust Peter’s medical certificate in Aunty Beryl’s grimacing face while
I asserted: ‘Oh you care so much about Peter’s illness. You cared so much that you ripped his
name off his basketball trophy!’
Beryl screamed hysterically, ‘Have you spoken to James Kraak yet? Well you should!’
and she left.
James Kraak was the pastor of the new church that my mother and siblings had been
attending called the People’s Church. At that stage, I was unaware that Kraak and his wife

Helen had ritually abused my siblings at a church holiday camp held at Harvey Bay. I was aware
that Kraak’s son had been suspended while under investigation for pedophilia at the remote
primary school he taught at. In fact, I barely knew Pastor Kraak when I promptly drove to his
house and said, ‘Beryl told me that I should speak with you. Why?’
Kraak turned red and snapped, ‘She shouldn’t have!’
‘What did you say to her?’
‘I’m not telling you!’
One year, there was a knock at my front door. It was Lynette’s father Kevin - and Peter
Breen. Pastor Breen began, ‘Spencer Gere wanted to come, but I didn’t think that would be a
good idea.’
Me: ‘Correct.’
‘We’ve had some experiences in the church which have led us to reconsider what you
said about someone in the church being involved in Satanism.’
‘What experiences?’
‘One of the ladies was sewing and the sewing machine just picked itself off the table
and smashed itself to pieces on the floor.’
Pastor Breen: ‘What can you tell us about Libby Margots?’
I snapped, ‘You went and told that other minister that I liked to lure vulnerable young
women into questionable counselling situations! Did you ask Kevin here what he thought of
that conclusion before making that phone call? You have more than one Satanist at your
church, Peter. For starters there’s that warlock that you’ve placed on a pedestal and who is
picking on new Christians! And what the hell are you doing attending secret prayer meetings
with the local Catholic priest at the Catholic Church?! Your every move is dictated by a coven.
Here you are asking about Libby when she manipulated you into ordering me not to speak
with her again. What the hell was that?!’
Pastor Breen left the building.
Later, sources told me that Peter Breen and his family had come under severe spiritual
attack. One person who was dining with the Breens witnessed the whole family suddenly
jump to their feet and rush into another room to pray. Pastor Breen left the ministry soon
after, and his son Harley Breen whom my brothers befriended and was fond of, became a
foul-mouthed comedian who joked about the hypocrisy of his father’s Bundaberg church.
The Libby referred to was Aunty Beryl’s friend. Libby Margots strategically drained the
church’s financial and human resources via counselling for her homosexual husband plus
financial assistance for her six home-schooled children. Libby’s constant companion was a
young woman who introduced herself to me as: ‘I’m Libby’s slave.’ Coven members call new
initiates whom they are mentoring ‘slaves.’ My friend who regularly babysat for Libby
(another Libby surnamed Fenner) told me about the goats and many other animals that Libby
bred in large numbers, all of which would suddenly and mysteriously disappear. It was James
Kraak who informed my mother that Libby was secretly in a relationship with a coven member
named Robyn Brown.
My family and I quickly caught on to Libby’s game – and she knew it. That’s why Libby
ordered Pastor Breen to tell my mother and me to stay away from her. However, Libby
couldn’t have felt as threatened as she made out. At a church luncheon she casually walked
up to me and asked, ‘Fiona, I saw you at the hospital the other day. What were you doing
‘I was visiting Marcie.’ My cousin had recently suffered a miscarriage.
‘No, it wasn’t that. It was something else. What was it?’

I was volunteering at the hospital but had not told anyone about it. Such is the
boldness that coven members exhibit when they seek information.
Libby was connected with the owner of one of Bundaberg’s landmarks – the Purple
Castle. This was a private dwelling which was built in the shape of a witches’ castle and
painted in tell-tale purple. A bricklayer who laboured on the purple castle told my mother
that he built a large round altar at its centre. The purple castle was owned and occupied by a
woman who took in numerous young single mothers. Baby diapers constantly filled her
clothesline. This was a blatant coven breeding centre.
Bundaberg featured a large coven which comprised entirely of members with Scottish
heritage. One member of this was a woman we called ‘the hat lady’ because she sold
handmade hats at the local market. My family were thrice confronted by this hat lady, once
at a highland dancing event, once at a market and most memorably in Bonnie Jean’s fabric
shop. During the latter incident, I stood at a large table glancing through pattern catalogues.
My mother and sister-in-law Janine stood on the other side, doing the same. My baby sister
Emma wandered nearby.
Suddenly we were surrounded by several people including the hat lady, a man in a full
rainbow clown outfit and an obese, dark haired woman.
I snapped to attention. ‘Don’t let them form a triangle around us!’ I ordered my family.
‘Get Emma away from that clown!’
My mother fetched Emma. The hat lady came and stood very close to my right and
began turning the pages of a catalogue. The clown stood close to my left, pretending to
browse lingerie patterns. The fat lady stood at the counter, purchasing black and purple satin.
I turned to the hat lady and affirmed, ‘I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.’
The clown gasped, ran off to an obese woman who stood at the counter measuring
yards of black and purple satin, and whispered something to her. The woman boasted
aggressively, ‘She wouldn’t dare say that to me!’ Yes, I would.
The hat lady thrust her gargoyle face in mine and hissed, ‘Who do you think you are?’
I looked her dead in the eye and affirmed: ‘I-will-be-your-downfall.’
The hat lady flew into a rage, knocked me out of her way and snatched my catalogue. She
slammed the book down on the table and began thumbing through the pages. ‘Rachel!’ she
A thin, young store assistant nervously approached the table.
‘Rachel! Did you hear what this lady said? She rebuked me in Jesus’ name!’
Rachel’s eyes darted about nervously as she scanned my family for clues as to what
she should do.
‘We’re just looking at patterns,’ my mother shrugged.
I gave Rachel a look of ‘who’s the crazy’ while twirling my finger around my ear.
‘Well?!’ the hat wench demanded: ‘What are you going to do about it?!’
Rachel stammered, ‘I-I-I don’t know what to do.’
The coven members congregated at the counter while my family and I stood in a small
circle and began to pray aloud. Then the group disbanded and returned to normal behaviour,
completely ignoring the fact that a group of people were praying aloud in the middle of a
fabric shop.
I encountered another Scottish identity while participating in a local production of the
musical Les Miserables. John Harbison was an optometrist whose friendship seemed harmless
until he began criticising my absent English boyfriend, and saying, ‘He only thinks he loves
you, but he doesn’t.’

I agreed to accompany John Harbison to a restaurant for dinner. Afterwards, we went
back to his house for tea. We sat on the back deck of his Queenslander home, glancing
through art books. I commented on one of the artworks when suddenly, coffee in hand, John
Harbison leaned forward, stared at my eyes and declared:
‘Beezlebub, Lord of the Flies!’
‘Huh?’ I shot him a puzzled look. ‘Beezlebub lord of the flies?! What does that have
to do with the price of fish?’
Harbison frantically scanned my face for signs of an impending expected reaction –
but it wasn’t forthcoming. He had uttered a trigger phrase, not realising that because I had
processed the ritual abuse incidents, the trigger was deactivated. That was Harbison’s first
His second mistake came after I told him I was visiting England. What I had failed to
tell him was that I would only be in England a few short months before travelling to Western
Australia. I was interstate when my mother received a letter that John Harbison addressed to
me. In his letter he stated that he was in a Scottish pub and had scoured the UK searching for
me. ‘WHERE ARE YOU?!’ he screamed in erratic font that consumed half a page.
‘But he knew where you were,’ my mother deduced. ‘You told him you were in
England. Why would he think anything else?’
John’s letter ended with a one page of list of grotesque and seemingly unrelated words
including ‘vomit’ and ‘rhinoceros’ that resembled a curse.
The next time I spied John Harbison was during the early hours of the morning, under
a full moon. My mother and I recognised him with three men standing together in the next-
door driveway. They were dressed in brown robes and pointed hats. The men stood out the
front of 46 George St, near the front unit occupied by a South African man named Tony and
his four-year-old-son. The little boy often entered our house uninvited and started talking to
us. One day we caught him perfectly forming his hands into a satanic sign. We asked him what
the sign meant. The child answered and then proceeded to talk us through and demonstrate
his enormous repertoire of satanic hand signals.
On another day, the little boy walked into Mum’s bedroom, eating an ice block. When
he finished, he showed my mother the stick and asked, ‘What does that say?’
‘Heaven,’ Mum read.
‘Do you know where that is?’ he pointed to the ground. ‘Down there.’
‘Oh, no it isn’t. That’s where Satan lives.’ Mum pointed to the sky. ‘Heaven is up there.
God lives up there.’
The boy then pointed at my brother Peter and blurted, ‘We shot Peter last night!’
The previous night, Peter had awoken screaming in agony and saying he felt
something like electricity shoot up his arm.
That was the last time we saw the little boy. He and his father suddenly disappeared.
A while later we spied a cleaning lady at their rented unit. Under the guise of being a potential
tenant, my sister-in-law Janine approached the cleaner and inquired about the unit. The
cleaning lady began complaining about the job. She described a strange brownish substance
that was stuck to the bathroom floor and walls, and she invited Janine in to look. Janine
returned to us looking a shade paler. ‘It’s everywhere! There’s a great pool of it all over the
floor, and it’s splattered all over the walls and ceiling. It looks like someone was butchered in
Following this incident, Bundaberg Centrelink social security office sent my mother a
letter informing her that my brother Peter was dead. Then Mum found a little white note that

a postal worker had taped to the inside of her Australia Post box which read, ‘Watch mail
coming into this box.’ Then we found dried, dead chopped up animals scattered all over our
front footpath. Then, on several occasions, taxis continually circled our block and drove past
our house from midnight until 3am.
During our final year in Bundaberg, one of my brother’s began dating his classmate
Anne Gillespie. Anne was of Scottish heritage and she lived in a Bargara house that was passed
from coven family to coven family. Anne showed me a satanic altar that was erected in her
back yard. She told my family that babies had been sacrificed in her home and that there was
an enormous blood stain on the wooden floor of her upstairs bedroom, beneath the carpet.
My brother clearly recalls a time that Anne’s parents drugged him and Anne during a party
attended by local coven members.
Anne was 17 years old when she told my mother that she was frightened of her
parents and she begged my mother to help her escape Bundaberg. When my husband and I
left Bundaberg, we gave Anne a ride. As soon as we were gone, police Sergeant Greg Maloney
phoned my mother’s house and hissed to my eight-year-old brother Michael: ‘Your mother
has thirty minutes to tell me where Anne is, or else I’ll come and get you all in my squad car!’
This was the same Sergeant who bullied a 16-year-old girl out of pursuing legal recourse for
being gang raped by 10 young Bundaberg men. The girl assumed that her boyfriend was
dropping her at work when he drove her to a warehouse where the perpetrators awaited.
These men are now all prominent Bundaberg businessmen. The men proceeded to rape the
girl all day and night. The girl attended Bundaberg hospital which reported the rape to local
police. Sergeant Greg Maloney subsequently interrogated the girl severely, including verbally
abusing and accusing her in a manner inconsistent with police policy and procedures. When
the girl broke down under this pressure, Sergeant Maloney concluded she would not
withstand cross-examination, and so he dropped the matter.
My mother returned Sergeant Maloney’s call and informed him that Anne had already
town left with me. Sergeant Maloney threatened, ‘We have the power to block every single
road in the state, and we’ll do it! We’ll find them!’
They didn’t find us.
Later, I lodged complaints regarding the sergeant with several bodies including the CJC
(criminal justice commission) which was supposedly independent. The young woman from
the anti-corruption commission whom I spoke with immediately contacted the Bundaberg’s
Sergeant Maloney and informed him of my complaint. I correctly anticipated this and
confronted her on the phone: ‘You just called Bundaberg – didn’t you!’
‘Yeah, I know exactly how you lot work.’
Anne’s parents placed a mental health warrant out for her despite no history or
symptoms of mental illness. In an attempt to secure Anne’s rights, I consulted legal aid, paid
a lawyer and studied relevant legislation. The police recorded an interview with Anne at my
home. During this, Anne told the police all about the murders and child abuse that she had
witnessed in her home.
Anne repeated this information to the Department of Children’s Services (DOCS). In
response, DOCS demanded an interview with my mother. DOCS acted more interested in
what my mother might have said to influence Anne, rather than Anne’s allegations against
her parents of involvement in child abuse and murder. When DOCS interviewed me, the first
thing they asked was whether my brother, who was slightly older than Anne, was in a sexual
relationship with his girlfriend.

‘No,’ I responded. ‘So, you’re more interested in pinning a statutory rape case on my
brother rather than investigating Anne’s testimony of child abuse and murder in her parents’
Despite their best efforts, DOCS found nothing against my family – because there was
nothing to find. Anne moved interstate with my family where she enrolled in her final year of
high school. When she turned 18 years old, she left us to meet her former best friend from
Bundaberg at a nearby hotel. We never saw Anne Gillespie again.

* * *

Witches in the Workplace

I completed my psychology undergraduate degree two weeks before the birth of my

first child. My eldest baby was 18 months old when I underwent a rigorous selection process
for becoming a parole officer. I was placed on a waitlist for a position in my local NSW
area. Meanwhile, I was advised to take a casual position with an interstate parole office which
was suddenly desperate for applicants. I took a casual position at Burleigh Heads. Most
Queensland parole officer positions were casual. I met one employee who had been casual
for 11 years and could not get a house loan because his job was not permanent.
At Burleigh, I unwittingly entered an industrial nightmare, ‘the systematic destruction
of a fully functioning office,’ as Robyn Farris described it. Regional Manager Rod had seconded
Burleigh Heads boss of 20 years, John, against his will to Beenleigh office located 100km north
of his workplace and home. Rod then gave the freshly vacated managerial position to his
friend Catherine Hand who held no parole officer experience or relevant tertiary
qualifications. Catherine had a visual arts diploma from the Queensland College of Art where
I obtained my first degree. Upon assuming the management position, Catherine bullied out
the experienced officers who had worked harmoniously together at Burleigh for 14 years.
Catherine replaced these with young, inexperienced females, including dumb blonde looking
I excelled at the job tasks and thoroughly enjoyed working with offenders. I had a
knack for court report writing, understanding legislation, and court work. My first court
performance was the talk of the office, and my fast brain coped easily with a caseload of 100
offenders. It was the office politics that concerned me. For three months I quietly observed
Catherine Hand bully the experienced staff, place them under excessive scrutiny, label them
‘dead wood,’ and slash their caseloads. On one occasion, Catherine pinned an outstanding
teenage parole officer named Chris to the wall, placed her fat red lips inches from his face,
and screamed at the top of her voice in front of reporting offenders: ‘YOU’RE A FUCKING
IDIOT!’ The Federal Police subsequently snatched Chris up for employment.
Catherine Hand presented her offer to me one Friday afternoon following a training
conference at Tugun Life Saving Club. I found myself sitting alone with at a café table
with Catherine who fiddled with the ring on her finger. It was gold and bore an Order of the
Easter Star encircled pentagram. The pentagram centre contained a black stone, while each
point featured a different coloured gemstone: blue, green, red, white and yellow.
‘Fiona, have you seen my ring?’ Catherine asked.
‘No,’ I lied.
‘This is my coven ring. Each gemstone represents one of the women in our coven. I’m
the diamond. This one is Megan [a Queensland College of Art pottery teacher]. Every two

years, no matter where we are in the world, the five of us meet up. Fiona, if you play your
cards right, you’ll go far in management.’
I eyeballed Catherine and sternly affirmed: ‘I’m not management material.’
The following Monday, I submitted detailed complaint against Catherine Hand’s
bullying behaviour to upper management. Upon discovering this, Catherine called me into her
office where Southport Area Manager Peter Smales sat smirking. Catherine Hand pinned me
against the wall like a white-collared psychopath and shoved her face in mine. She smiled like
a Cheshire cat and spat, ‘You have ten minutes to vacate your office!’
The Corrective Services Regional Manager subsequently sent me a letter which
notified me I had been temporarily filling in for some woman named Helen who had been on
maternity leave (news to me) and that I was being let go. Rod stipulated in writing that I had
done ‘nothing wrong.’
Three Burleigh parole officers and I lodged successful WorkCover compensation
claims against Catherine Hand. The Industrial Relations commissioner also upheld my
complaint against Catherine, openly called her a bully during the first round of hearings. With
disgust he declined Catherine Hand’s ridiculous settlement offer and he decided for me that
I would be pursuing the matter further. Yet I decided to leave Catherine behind me and
concentrate on my new job offer, because I am not that litigious.
However, Catherine Hand pursued me, with the full blessing of the Queensland
Department of Corrective Services. Catherine Hand used government expenditure to hire a
private detective who sat in a car outside my house photographing me. Then she went
through my resume and phoned previous employers looking for dirt on me. Then she phoned
my next two bosses and told them to get rid of me. Finally, I hired a barrister who phoned the
Queensland Department of Corrective Service State Manager and requested the Department
cease harassing me.
State Manager: ‘We can do whatever the fuck we like!’
My barrister: ‘No, you fucking can’t!’
Meanwhile, the Department hired a professional mediator to investigate and mediate
Burleigh Heads office. The man interviewed each employee separately and then coordinated
a group confrontation where the office had the opportunity to vent their experiences.
Catherine Hand subsequently broke down crying and apologised to young Chris who told me,
‘I almost felt sorry for her.’
I was not invited to that healing opportunity, which is a shame because that is the
point at which I developed noticeable PTSD symptoms (separate from those attached to my
child abuse flashbacks). This bullying experience marked a permanent personality change.
Catherine Hand and her co-conspirators were subsequently promoted, and the Burleigh office
was eventually cleared of all its ‘dead wood.’
A decade later, the bullied senior staff vouched for my character to Gavan Palk who
supervised my psychology registration. I reeled in horror the day Gavan informed me he was
the Corrective Services boss who first hired Catherine Hand.
‘YOU hired her?!’
‘I know,’ he lamented. ‘I’m sorry. I had no idea.’

* * *

Conspiracy Fact

Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising
- George Orwell

In October 2002, I was in New York City, peering out a massive window of the World
Finance Centre at the construction scene below. Next to me stood Eddie, the once-jolly janitor
who now suffered PTSD.
‘Were you here that day?’ I asked.
‘Ma’am, I was standing right here. Something made me stop and look out this here
window. I never done that before. But something made me do it. I saw a black van pull up on
that, there road. And no vehicles ever stop there: you can see how busy it is. Two guys dressed
in black suits and white shirts got out, fiddled with a black box in their hands. Then they got
back into the van and drove off. Minutes later - BOOM! - them bombs went off. It was like
watching a movie. I didn’t believe it was real. I could see people up there deciding whether,
or not to jump. I been telling everyone what happened. Then the managers came to me and
said, “Eddie, you gotta stop talking about this to people. People gonna think you’re crazy. You
should just worry about your job.” But I said, “Why should I shut up? Why do you care about
what I say?! Why don’t you care about those people that died? You should care about the
people that died!” There was a childcare in that building. Full of little children! Trains full of
people starved to death!’
‘Who do you think did it?’ I asked.
‘The government did it!’ Eddie punched the air, his eyes widened like a wild animal.
‘Man, our own government did it!’
‘I believe you, Eddie. I believe you…’

* * *


An examination of Operation Gladio and its key players explains the Nazi origins of the
CIA plus the false flag methods they developed to target dissident groups who threaten the
Illuminati agenda. The CIA originally targeted Communists, then Muslim ‘terrorists’, now ‘far-
right Christian extremists’ and anyone who opposes the emerging New World Order.
Propaganda tool Wikipedia defines Gladio as follows:

Operation Gladio is the codename for clandestine “stay-behind” operations of armed

resistance that was planned by the Western Union (WU), and subsequently by NATO,
for a potential Warsaw Pact invasion and conquest in Europe. Although Gladio
specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations,
“Operation Gladio” is used as an informal name for all of them. Stay-behind operations
were prepared in many NATO member countries, and some neutral countries. The role
of the CIA in Gladio—the extent of its activities during the Cold War era and any
responsibility for terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy during the ‘Years of Lead’ (late

1960s to early 1980s)—are the subject of debate. Switzerland and Belgium have had
parliamentary inquiries into the matter.

Allan Francovich’s 1992 documentary GLADIO, which screened on BBC2’s Timewatch,

ends all debate regarding the CIA’s involvement in ‘false flag’ terror activities. The series
proves Operation Gladio gave rise to the CIA’s current modus operandi. In it, Francovich
interviewed numerous Operation Gladio primary witnesses and perpetrators, including the
following individuals:

- CIA director William Colby

- An Italian Gladio commander
- A Belgian Gendarme (military force with civilian police duties)
- An OSS officer
- The Head of Propaganda Due (P2 ‘Grand Orient of Italy’ Masonic Lodge)
- An Italian neofascist and terrorist
- A Venetian judge
- A Belgian Senator.

Operation Gladio was financed by both the USA and the UK. Gladio NATO bases were
located in London, UK and near Boston, USA, and comprised of special USA, English, French
and Belgian units. Gladio officers were trained by MI6 in Hartford, England. Under the
auspices of British Intelligence, the CIA, Mossad and other secret service organisations
combined to create an international clandestine security force – an ‘invisible army’ – so secret
that governments knew nothing of their existence. Only leaders sympathetic to the CIA were
informed of Gladio. Hence Gladio points to the existence of a global shadow government
being a terrifying reality and not some vague ‘conspiracy theory.’

Gladio demonstrates the existence of a global shadow government

Operation Gladio commenced in Italy in 1951, and expanded to Denmark, Norway,

Holland, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. In a nutshell, Operation Gladio recruited Nazi war
criminals to the OSS (the CIA’s predecessor) to track down key communists and commit terror
attacks which they then blamed on the communists, as a means of quelling rising communist
influence. For example, Licio Gelli was an original key Nazi recruit. Gelli had served as a
Blackshirt (Italian fascist) and liaison officer between the Italian government and the Nazi SS
before the OSS/CIA employed him to instigate terrorist activities in Italy including the Bologna
Massacre which killed 85 and injured 200. Gelli headed and reformed Italy’s secret P2
Masonic Lodge whose members included members of Italy’s three secret services, royalty,
top military officers, senior police, senior politicians (notably future Prime Minister
Berlusconi), journalists, broadcasters, bankers, judges, civil servants, businessmen, and mafia.
Today 1000 x P2 member names remain secret. Like most elite perpetrators, Gelli escaped
multiple charges, and retired in beautiful Tuscany until his death at age 96. Child trafficker
Mother Teresa supported Gelli’s Nobel prize nomination in 1996.

Reformed Freemason Michael Witcoff explains the tight relationship between the
Freemasons and the secret services. Basically, Masonic lodges offer an ideal recruitment
ground for CIA agents, since members of secret lodges have already proven their ability to
keep a secret. Freemasonry also serves as a means of information gathering and dispersion.

Since 1976, the FBI has trained heads of Australian law enforcement organisations at
their national academy in Quantico, Virginia. An expressed goal of the training is to create
collaboration between international law enforcement agencies and governments. In 2006,
the FBI launched a Counter-Terrorism program for Australian law enforcement officials. One
graduate described the program as follows:

‘This place is like the temple where leaders of law enforcement

come to receive their mission - don’t ever lose the magic.’

NSW Police Commissioner Anthony (‘Tony’) Raymond Lauer trained at the FBI
Academy. Lauer became Commissioner in 1991 but resigned prematurely in 1996 due to the
Wood Royal Commission into NSW police corruption. Lauer had succeeded Commissioner
John Avery (my perpetrator). Lauer previously trained with the Australian Army at Holsworthy
in 1957 and headed the Freemason Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT.
Commissioner Lauer attended the FBI Academy at a time when the FBI instigated an
infiltration program code-named PATCON (short for ‘Patriot Conspiracy’). ‘Patriot’ loosely
defines antigovernment, racist, antisemitic, and/or Christian ‘extremists.’ PATCON officially
ran from 1991 to 1993 and consisted of FBI undercover agent provocateurs posing as
members of a fictional extremist group, to infiltrate target Patriot groups, and gather
intelligence related to past, present, or future crimes. PATCON’s 1991 prosecution goals
included: conspiracy to commit murder, illegal possession of weapons, and money
laundering. However, no criminal convictions resulted. Instead, PATCON proved to be a
training exercise for Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma bombing, 9-11, and Australia’s Port Arthur
massacre. The operation also provided preparation for the myriad of anti-terror laws
introduced to Australia post-9-11, and the subsequent establishment of ‘Fixated Persons’
police-psychiatric detainment facilities in both Australia and the UK.


The internet is a psychological war zone. The secret services, military, Vatican, cults,
and various police organisations employ thousands upon thousands of social media agents.
The role of these agents is to monitor, identify, target, and infiltrate individuals and activist
groups opposed to the Luciferian global agenda. Social media agents target those who speak
out against such controversial issues as the global child sex trafficking operation, 5G,
vaccination, immigration, and the ‘Safe Schools’ program. After six years of battling it out on
the internet, the agents’ behavioural patterns have become obvious to me. I conclude that
approximately 90 percent of the higher profile alternative media identities are in fact agents,
paid to control the narrative regarding controversial topics, with the primary goal of swaying
public opinion and subduing the masses from revolting. These agents employ Hegelian
Jim Berger (21 May 2012). PATCON, International Security Policy Paper. New America Foundation.

Dialectic methods and pretend to argue a topic, when in fact they are all working toward the
same goal. They muddy the waters with endless rhetoric until the public is confused and
dissuaded from investigating the truth of a matter.
The following three news articles provide insight to this type of psychological
operation. The authorities typically claim these operations exist to target extremists, when in
fact they target government dissidents. The terms ‘Russia’ and ‘Isis’ are employed, to justify
the existence of such Orwellian measures.


Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian, 31 Jan 2015.

The British army is creating a special force of Facebook warriors, skilled in

psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional warfare
in the information age. The 77th Brigade, to be based in Hermitage, near Newbury, in
Berkshire, will be about 1,500-strong and formed of units drawn from across the army.
It will formally come into being in April.

The brigade will be responsible for what is described as non-lethal warfare. Both the
Israeli and US army already engage heavily in psychological operations. Against a
background of 24-hour news, smartphones and social media, such as Facebook and
Twitter, the force will attempt to control the narrative. The 77th will include regulars
and reservists and recruitment will begin in the spring. Soldiers with journalism skills
and familiarity with social media are among those being sought.

The Israel Defence Forces have pioneered state military engagement with social media,
with dedicated teams operating since Operation Cast Lead, its war in Gaza in 2008-9.
The IDF is active on 30 platforms – including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and
Instagram – in six languages… It has been approached by several western countries,
keen to learn from its expertise.

The creation of 77th Brigade comes as the commander of NATO special operations
headquarters, Lt Gen Marshall Webb, speaking in Washington this week, expressed
concern about Russia and about Isis. ‘Special operations headquarters is uniquely
placed to address this,” he said…

* * *


Alistair Bunkall, Defence Correspondent, Sky News, 31 Jan 2015.

The British Army is setting up a brigade of soldiers - tasked with tackling groups like
Islamic State - using social media. Members of 77 Brigade have been trained to use
guerrilla tactics and will be experts in psychological warfare operations. The Army
hopes the brigade will impact the traditional battlefield using non-lethal techniques
including social media to reflect the digital age. Using creative thinking it is hoped that
77 Brigade will influence the minds and shape the behaviour of the enemy and local

populations. This has led to the early nickname "Twitter troops" for the Brigade, which
will be formally created on 1 April.

Its members will support mainstream military tactics.

It will draw its members from the regular and reserve forces across the Army, Navy
and RAF - with 42% reservists - and will also seek civilians with specialist skills to work
alongside their military colleagues…


Ian Cobain, Middle East Eye, 30 Sept 2019.

Head of editorial for MENA is part-time officer in the 77th Brigade, an 'information
warfare' unit which has worked on 'behavioural change' projects in the region.

The senior Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East is also a
part-time officer in the British Army’s psychological warfare unit, Middle East Eye has
established. Gordon MacMillan, who joined the social media company's UK office six
years ago, has for several years also served with the 77th Brigade, a unit formed in
2015 in order to develop ‘non-lethal’ ways of waging war. The 77th Brigade uses social
media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as podcasts, data
analysis and audience research to wage what the head of the UK military, General Nick
Carter, describes as ‘information warfare’.

Carter says the 77th Brigade is giving the British military ‘the capability to compete in
the war of narratives at the tactical level’; to shape perceptions of conflict. Some
soldiers who have served with the unit say they have been engaged in operations
intended to change the behaviour of target audiences.

What exactly MacMillan is doing with the unit is difficult to determine, however: he
has declined to answer any questions about his role, as has Twitter and the UK’s
Ministry of Defence (MoD)… While clearly engaged in propaganda, the MoD is
reluctant to use that word to describe the unit’s operations. His involvement with the
77th Brigade was made public when he disclosed it on his page at LinkedIn, the online
professional networking site. As well as outlining his responsibilities at Twitter,
MacMillan wrote that he had an interest in politics and international affairs, had
trained at Sandhurst, the British military academy, ‘and am a reserve officer in the
British Army serving in 77th Brigade, which specialises in non-lethal engagement’. His
page has recently been edited to remove all references to his service with 77th Brigade.

Victims of government child trafficking who seek justice are being labelled ‘Fixated
Persons’ and finding themselves targeted for detainment. NSW, Queensland, and Victoria
recently constructed Fixated Threat Assessment Centres (FTAC) which are attached to
Australian state police forces. These Orwellian facilities are staffed by specialist police,
forensic psychiatrists, forensic psychologists, and Special Intelligence Officers (SOI). Detainees
are referred to FTACs by ‘family, neighbours, counter-terrorism authorities, or local police’
and held for 14 days without legal representation or family knowledge.
The FTACs detain people for crimes they may commit in the future,99 thereby violating
a fundamental tenet of Western law which determines citizens are innocent until proven
guilty. The perpetrators circumvent this law by never formally charging the detained citizen
with a crime. Holding an individual for mental health or terror reasons is apparently legal. As
in Nazi Germany, laws are not broken, merely adjusted to accommodate an underlying
agenda. The people behind this Totalitarian regime define ‘Fixated Persons’ as:

- Victims of crime,
- Typically aggrieved at being wrongly done by,
- Seeking justice,
- Litigious and chronic complainers,
- Exposing government corruption or treason,
- Posting too much on social media about government officials and other public
- Making too many FOI (freedom of information) and document requests,
- Repeatedly lodging complaints to politicians or local council,
- Having strong religious beliefs or ideology.

The above definition is broad and vague. It fails to specify what constitutes ‘too much’
of a particular action or ‘too strong’ a belief. The concept of ‘Fixated Person’ has not been
legally formalised but left for government agents to interpret, adapt, arbitrarily apply to
whatever target they choose. As such, the above definition can be loosely interpreted to
describe victims of government child trafficking who speak publicly about, and actively seek
justice and redress for, the heinous crimes committed against us. The definition is being
misused to profile victims and whistle-blowers like me.

Patrick Wright (2018). New Melbourne anti-terrorist centre criticised for being 'loopy,' 'illogical.' ABC News
[Online], 28 February

The British-based trafficking network’s primary objective is to discredit victims of their
global child trafficking operation. Their agents achieve this by labelling targets psychotic,
criminal, or even better – criminally insane. Their traditional modus operandi was to lure
targets into a ‘health assessment’ where dirty doctors labelled them non-compliant
psychotics (as when Bond University psychology and criminology lecturers conspired with
dirty NSW and Queensland cops in their failed attempt to frame me). This method is now
superseded by a formalised kidnapping and detainment operation in three Australian states.
FTACs promise to re-victimise child trafficking survivors via the same abuse methods the CIA
perpetrators originally used on us.
The expressed purpose of Australia’s anti-terror laws introduced by Freemason and
Satanist John Howard in 2002 was to stop Islamic terrorism. Instead, the laws are being used
against citizens seeking to expose political party corruption. Let us examine who has been
genuinely targeted by these FTAS teams:

- Phil Galea was kidnapped by Victorian police in August 2016, falsely charged under
anti-terror laws, and is still detained in solitary confinement without trial. Politicians
and police are preventing Phil from appearing before a judge and jury, which would
expose the ‘Fixated Persons’ wrought.
- Fiona Wilson, a former Origin Energy executive, was involuntarily detained and
injected with drugs in Brisbane’s FTAC for blowing the whistle on the coal-seam gas
industry. Wilson’s detainment left her with PSTD.
- A grandmother who complained to authorities that her 12-year-old granddaughter
was being raped and sex trafficked by her father was declared a ‘Fixated Person’ by a
judge who referred her to the FTAC where she was placed under perpetual
surveillance and her passport stamped to prevent her leaving Australia.

Australia’s Family Courts, child social services (renamed DOCS, FACS, etc) and foster
care system have facilitated government child trafficking since their inception. The same
occurs in the UK and USA. Every day for five years, desperate parents contacted me and
shared the same story: the government fabricated grounds to steal, prostitute, disappear,
and kill their kids. The FTACs make the Australian leg of the global child trafficking operation
far easier and simpler to implement and maintain.
Some advice: if you discover your child is being sexually abused by your partner – take
the child and disappear. Some mothers have had success by inducing the husband to
physically assault them and using their resultant injuries as evidence for a domestic violence
order and reason for fleeing with the child. If Child Protective Services start sniffing around
your family – run! Leave at the first hint. Forfeit all material goods, pack your kids into a loaned
car, with documents, cash, and some clothes, and just disappear. Tell no-one where you go.
Find fake IDs and wait it out in some remote location until the kids are grown.

Australia’s foster care system is a massive child sex trafficking operation

It is concerning that neighbours can refer victims to the FTAC, considering a common
tactic is to have agents move in next door to victims and threaten and harass them. It is also
concerning when the Centres are staffed by perpetrators. For example, Queensland’s Fixated

Threat Assessment Centre is staffed by clinicians from the Queensland Forensic Mental Health
Service, who employ Bond University forensic psychologists.


The FTACs plant police informants called Secret Intelligence Operatives (SIO) to entrap
victims for detainment in their tax-funded MK-ULTRA facilities. SOI agents employ the
following methods:

- Pretend to be right-wing extremists.

- Stage and film fake arrests for fake terror breaches.
- Befriend and physically access targets.
- Set the target up for arrest for associating with ‘terrorists’ and engaging in ‘terror

Their modus operandi was demonstrated in a 2008 Melbourne case where a police
agent called ‘SIO39’ was cross-examined regarding his entrapment of an Islamic terrorist
cell.100 SIO39 ‘told the court he was a Victorian Police officer working undercover with the
covert unit of the security intelligence group.’ The SIO agent inserted himself into a terror cell
where he taught the leader how to make a bomb. The prosecution asked SIO39:

‘You were making a very deliberate effort to befriend him, weren't you?… Consistent
with the directions you had been given?’
‘Yes, that's right,’ said the agent.

The FTAC’s entrapment methods are classic PATCON tactics where agent provocateurs
lure victims into engaging in behaviour which constitutes a breach of legislation and subjects
them to search and seizure laws.
In 2018, I was simultaneously targeted by six agents connected to Fixated Threat
Assessment Centres in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. They were notably connected to
NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller who held locational jurisdiction. All secret intelligence
type agents base their ‘grooming’ conversation on real life events, to appear more convincing.
Hence one SOI agent told me he trafficked drugs in Sydney for the Australian Federal Police.
The agents tried to trick me into breaching Australia’s strict anti-terror laws and provide
justification for police to raid my property and arrest me. Their entrapment methods included
unsuccessfully encouraging me to:

- Hand them administrative control of my websites and social media pages, under the
guise of improving my sites.
- Become a board member and so assume legal responsibility for an agent-created and
controlled child abuse advocacy group.
- Excessively post about certain politicians on social media.
- Publicly incite social discord by joining the agents’ call for an ‘uprising.’
- Endorse vigilante behaviour including t-shirts labelled ‘Pedo Hunters’ which were
decorated with images of a hangman noose / gun sight target.

Karen Kissane (2008). Planted Agent Showed How to Make Bomb. The Age, 1 May.

- Provide a list of known perpetrators to be targeted for vigilante style justice (i.e.,
premeditated murder).
- Physically associate with agent provocateurs posing as extreme right terrorists.
- Accept money and trafficked commodities from ‘terrorists’ and ‘terror activities.’
- Accept unregistered guns under the guise of protecting myself from the pedophile
- Provide a list of all fellow government trafficking victims I knew, including their
locations and testimonies, under the guise of making a documentary.

Having studied Australian anti-terror legislation and statutory interpretation, I quickly

recognised how and why the above activities list might be interpreted as breaching our vague
counter-terrorism laws. Associating with known terrorists, wearing uniform outfits, accepting
money from terrorists, possessing illegal weapons, and conspiring to commit murder – all
constitute grounds for immediate arrest and detainment.


The Australian and UK definition of ‘Fixated Person’ and the associated Fixated
Research Groups and Fixated Threat Assessment Centres are the brainchild of CIA/MI6
forensic psychiatrist Paul Mullen. Here are some of Mullen’s secret service career highlights:

- Worked with MK-ULTRA Subproject 84 hypnosis doctors including Peter W. Sheehan.

- Court-appointed expert in the MK-ULTRA Chelmsford Hospital medical negligence
case (involving which Ewan Cameron’s trainee Harry Bailey).
- First non-military defence expert to enter the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, site
of Martin Seligman’s CIA torture program.
- Heads the Fixated Person Research Groups linked to the FBI, MI6, and Tavistock (UK’s
mind control hub).
- Contracted by the British Royal Family.
- Interviewed Melbourne Hoddle Street shooter, Julian Knight.
- Assessed alleged Port Arthur shooter, Martin Bryant.
- Publicly presented the Christchurch NZ massacre script and shooter profile two weeks
before the event.
- Supports false memory writings of CIA psychologist Elizabeth Loftus.

The book Dope Inc. (1978) was meticulously researched and proved beyond all doubt
that the British Royal Family are the ultimate benefactors of the CIA coordinated, global drug
trafficking operation. The royals are also the financial benefactors of the global child sex
trafficking operation. Prince Andrew was accused of raping minors trafficked by convicted
pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. One of Prince Andrew’s victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre,
had her photo taken with him. Recall the Royal Family were caught on film teaching princesses
Elizabeth and Margaret to Nazi salute. Recall pop star Mick Jagger referred to Queen Elizabeth
as ‘Chief Witch.’ 101 I witnessed the queen preside over the ritual murder of 11 kids at St James
Anglican Church in Sydney City when I was 11 years old.

The Telegraph (2012). Why the Queen 'refused to hand Mick Jagger a knighthood,’ 11 July.

Port Arthur
Paul Mullen was the court-appointed psychiatrist who assessed Martin Bryant, the
young man forced to change his plea to guilty and so receive 35 life sentences for the Port
Arthur massacre. After a 3.5-hour interview, Mullen claimed Martin Bryant possessed an IQ
of 60. It is neurologically impossible for someone whose intelligence level sits at the bottom
2% of the population to kill 19 people in 20 seconds. That head shot rate is not achievable by
the world’s most elite snipers, whose intelligence level must sit in the top 1% of the
population because high visual-spatial IQ is essential for accurate shooting ability.

Christchurch Shooting
Paul Mullen ‘coincidentally’ popped up at four mass shootings in Australia and New
Zealand. He was working in Melbourne in 1987 where he interviewed the Hoddle Street
shooter, Julian Knight. Then he moved to Aramoana in New Zealand in time for David Gray’s
1990 shooting massacre. Then he returned to Melbourne in time for the Tasmanian
Government to request he interview Martin Bryant in 1996. And he just happened to be
visiting New Zealand for the 2019 mass shooting in Christchurch. Two weeks prior to the
Christchurch massacre, Mullens spoke at Melbourne’s Sofitel hotel where he released an
exact script for what unfolded in NZ, and profiled the white, right-wing extremist type who
poses the new terror threat, and which fit the alleged shooter.

False Memory Fan

Paul Mullen’s research interests include: Litigious and Chronic Complainers, and the
Long-Term Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse - the ideal combination for silencing outspoken
victims of CIA child trafficking. Paul Mullen was quoted in a 1994 False Memory Syndrome
Foundation newsletter as saying:102

The precedence accorded child sexual abuse has also had negative consequences,
socially and scientifically, particularly in distracting attention away from physical and
emotional abuse and from the whole context of disadvantage and neglect in which
the sexual abuse often occurs.

Not surprisingly, Paul Mullen is a child abuse denier and an advocate of Elizabeth
Loftus’ discredited false memory opinion. Mullen claimed, ‘the basis of the recovered-memory
theory was flawed … there were no specific symptoms that came from childhood abuse.’103 In
his book Childhood Sexual Abuse: An Evidence-Based Perspective,104 Mullen denies the
phenomenon of repressed trauma memories being stored in the right implicit brain and
accessible via appropriate therapy:

On the other side of the debate have been equally powerful defences of the capacity
of therapists to bring to consciousness repressed memories that on occasion, it is
asserted, provide detailed and veridical narratives of actual abuse… However, contrary
to these claims, the main problem following trauma is an inability to forget rather than

FMS Foundation Newsletter (2004). Jan/Feb, 13:1.
The Age (2004). Memory therapy: state launches probe, November 23.
P. Mullen & D. Fergusson (1999). Childhood Sexual Abuse: An Evidence-Based Perspective. Sage
Publications, 100-101.

a complete loss of the memory of the event… Psychogenic amnesia following trauma
may occur, but usually the individuals are well-aware of the gap in their memory.

There are claims that memories of CSA are laid down in the brain through a unique
process that does not apply to other forms of trauma and that can be recovered via
the sensorimotor system... This remains an unproven hypothesis…

Current theories of memory emphasize that memories are not replicas of the events
themselves but imperfect and subjectively modified records of how we have
experienced those events…

That it is possible to influence the memories of others by suggestion is established

(Loftus, 1993) . . . Both client and therapist may believe they are overcoming the forces
of repression and revealing the true narrative of the abuse, but how much the
expectations, assumptions, and theoretical commitments of both participants are
producing a new construction remains in question.

When a repressed memory contains a detailed image of a location the victim never
visited apart from during her child abuse, and when the victim physically visits that place as
an adult and discovers everything in that abuse location is exactly as the victim recalled it
during a flashback or therapy – that constitutes evidence of reliable repressed child abuse
memories. I experienced this in 1993 when I visited Sutherland Hospital. There is no record
of my ever having been admitted or treated at Sutherland Hospital. My parents never took
me there during my Sydney childhood. Yet I knew the layout of an internal ER room at
Sutherland Hospital. I visited the hospital at age 23 in search of the room I awoke in after
suffocating in a grave at age eight years. A triage nurse kindly led me to a room out of public
bounds which looked exactly as I remembered and drew it. The walls were clad in pale blue
tiles, the door and furniture were positioned exactly like in my therapy drawing, and the
original oxygen bottle sat at the head of the very stainless-steel table I was laid on. ‘This is
where you would have come if you had suffocated,’ the nurse told me.

Corydon Hammond said in his legendary Greenbaum Speech:

When you start to find the same highly esoteric information in different states and
different countries, from Florida to California, you start to get an idea that there’s
something going on that is very large, very well coordinated, with a great deal of
communication and systematic-ness to what’s happening. So, I have gone from
someone kind of neutral and not knowing what to think about it all, to someone who
clearly believes ritual abuse is real, and that the people who say it isn’t are either naive
like people who didn’t want to believe the Holocaust - or they’re dirty.

Paul Mullen, who denies the true nature of child abuse induced trauma, who
embraces the pro-pedophile writings of discredited Elizabeth Loftus, who hangs around CIA
MK-ULTRA torture and mind control facilities, who leaps the Tasman sea in time for every
Australasian mass shooting, and who, despite being a ‘world renown expert’ excluded
irrefutable evidence that it was neurologically impossible for a mentally disabled man with an

IQ of 60 to have committed the crime (thereby condemning an innocent man to life in prison)
- is the main driving force behind new Orwellian legislation and protocols which are being
used to effectively target and silence vocal victims and witnesses to government organised
child sex trafficking.

* * *

Soviet-Fascist Agenda
Communist world aggression is a total war against humanity and human civilization.
- Yuri Bezmenov

During the 1960s, KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov worked for the Communist equivalent
of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, the Novosti Press Agency. Novosti produced disinformation –
i.e., slanted and false stories to plant in the foreign media. Bezmenov specialised in aiding the
infiltration and overthrow of foreign governments by deceiving (hand-picked) visiting
international journalists and academics into falsely reporting in the West that life in
communist Russia was healthy, even desirable and romantic. This was a means of spreading
propaganda to the West and increasing the spread of Marxist-Lenin doctrine by Communist
subverters in academia, journalism, Hollywood and politics.
Bezmenov attested to the truly hellish existence under ‘Soviet fascism’ where the
government arranged marriages and sent independent thinkers to labour camps and firing
squads. More than two people standing on a Soviet street corner constituted grounds for
arrest and internment (just like today). Painting horses galloping against a tumultuous stormy
background was grounds for arrest, since this symbolised uprising against the State.
In 1970, Bezmenov defected to the USA and changed his name to Tomas Schuman.
There he spent his remaining life warning America to rid itself of the Marxist-Lenin doctrine
infiltrating Western culture. In 1984, he wrote: 105
My dear friends, I think you are in big trouble. Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE
AT WAR. And you may lose this war very soon, together with all your affluence and freedoms,
unless you start defending yourselves. I hope you have noticed on your colour televisions that
there is in fact war going on right now all over this planet. This war has many faces, but it's all
the same — it's war. Some call it "national liberation", some title it "class struggle" or "political
terrorism". Others call it "anticolonialism" or "struggle for majority rule". Some even come up
with such fancy names as "war of patriotic forces" or "peace movement". I call it World
Communist Aggression…
The final stage of Communist aggression — military confrontation — has very little to
do with rivalry for territorial or geopolitical gains in order to free and liberate. Communist
world aggression is a total war against humanity and human civilization. In Communist
propaganda terms, this is ‘the final struggle for the victory of Communism.’
No matter how many problems you think the US may have, believe me when I say that
they are nothing in comparison to the troubles you will experience if the US continues to agree
and sympathize with communist/socialist doctrines…

The KGB's main (85%) activity was subversion. In Soviet terms, 'subversion' means a
destructive, aggressive activity aimed to destroy the country of your enemy. Subversion
activities are overt and legal. A typical subverter is an exchange student, diplomat, actor,
artist, or a journalist. You can't subvert an enemy who doesn't want to be subverted.
Bezmenov wrote:
An integral part of this war of ideology is IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION — the process
of changing the perception of reality in the minds of millions of peoples all over the world. The

Tomas Schuman (1984). Love Letter to America.

late comrade Andropov, the former head of the Soviet KGB called this war of Communist
aggression, ‘the final struggle for the MINDS and hearts of the people.’
The art of duping the masses into doing things to their own disadvantage and making
them believe it is "the will of people" is as ancient as mankind itself. The essence of subversion
is best expressed in the famous Marxist slogan, (if you substitute "proletarians" for a more
appropriate word): Useful idiots of the world - UNITE!
To achieve the desired effect, the subverter must first - make idiots out of normal
people, and DIVIDE them, before turning the people into a homogenized mass of useful and
united idiots. Tanks and missiles may or may not be needed at final stage. For the time being
they are simply the means of terrorising people into inaction and submission. (The dumbing
down of school children using Marxist indoctrinated curriculum achieved this.)
The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu first formulated the principle of subversion as
1. Cover with ridicule all of the valid traditions in your opponent's country.
2. Implicate their leaders in criminal affairs and turn them over to the scorn of their
populace at the right time;
3. Disrupt the work of their government by every means;
4. Do not shun the aid of the lowest and most despicable individuals of your enemy's
5. Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens.
6. Turn the young against the old.
7. Be generous with promises and rewards to collaborators and accomplices.

Sound familiar? About 2500 years later we can read this very same instruction in a
secret document, allegedly authored by the Communist International for their "young
revolutionaries." The document is titled "Rules of Revolution":

1. Corrupt the young, get them interested in sex, take them away from religion. Make
them superficial and enfeebled.
2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial issues of
no importance.
3. Destroy people's faith in their national leaders by holding the latter up for contempt,
ridicule and disgrace.
4. Always preach democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
5. By encouraging government extravagances, destroy its credit, produce years of
inflation with rising prices and general discontent.
6. Incite unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a
lenient and soft attitude on the part of the government towards such disorders.
7. Cause breakdown of the old moral virtues: honesty, sobriety, self-restraint, faith in the
pledged word.

Bezmenov detailed the four stages of Soviet Ideological Subversion:

1. Demoralisation
2. Destabilisation

3. Crisis (Global Pandemic)
4. Normalisation (Marshall Law)

This is also called psychological warfare, ideological aggression, or propaganda
warfare. This stage takes 15 to 20 years to achieve, because this is the minimum number of
years needed to 're-educate' a single of generation of students via Marxist ideology. There
are three levels of demoralisation:
1. Ideas (consciousness)
2. Structures
3. Life.

Demoralisation of Ideas involves the subversion of vital areas including religion,

education, media and culture. Communism (and its Marxist-Leninist dogma) is a distorted
form of faith. Subversion of ideas involves substituting the traditional values of the Judeo-
Christian heritage with “Marxist-Satanic faith.” To achieve this, subverters politicise and
commercialise the dominant religions and turn them into forms of entertainment. Bezmenov
said this included:
Development and spreading of various religious cults, including Satanic and Death
cults; preaching moral relativity and removing religion (and prayer, ANY prayer) from schools;
creating 'personality cults' in religion whereby the preacher becomes the centre and object of
divine worship, not God (often your religious charlatans claims to be 'incarnations' of God, or
even God Himself)…
Let's start with the most 'innocent' method of destroying religion, namely, making it
ENTERTAINING. To attract people and MONEY to 'established' religious organizations some
churches have literally become theatres conducting variety shows featuring celebrities from
the entertainment 'industry' who perform for 'fees'. The KGB Agents of Influence may or may
not have to physically manipulate these entertainment arrangements. The indiscriminate
choice of the 'celebrities' for these church 'performances' is usually quite pleasing to the KGB.
A group of rock or pop-musicians with a message of 'social-justice' sugar-coated in popular
'spiritual' tunes can be actually more helpful to the KGB than someone standing in the pulpit
preaching Marxist-Leninist doctrine.
COMMERCIALISATION of religion does the same thing. If the church has to SOLICIT your
money and remind you over and over again in every TV show to contribute (with telephone
numbers to pledge donations), that only means and infers that there is something basically
wrong with your faith. Faithful people do not have to be ASKED for money, they tithe to their
churches voluntarily and eagerly. Unhealthy competition for donations between various
'electronic churches' does two things beneficial to the subverter:

1. Makes religion dependent on the most successful 'salesmen' of God (not necessarily of
the highest moral standards). Thus, truly moral and God-centred people are turned off
by organized religion.
2. EMPTIES regular churches, where you have to practice your religion by personal
physical presence and participation and involvement.

Politicising religion is the most efficient method of demoralizing a target nation. The
subverter uses moral values for dissemination and enforcement of amoral ideas and policies.

Churches become involved in such things as 'social justice' and partisan political squabbles
and loses focus on mercy and the grace of God. The most powerful instrument of this process
is the KGB-infiltrated World Council of Churches.
Dr. Shafarevich in analysing the 'dead' civilizations of Egypt, Maya, Mohenjo-Dara,
Babylon, etc, comes to an ominous conclusion: EVERY ONE OF THESE CIVILIZATIONS DIED
The Marxist-Leninist concept of education emphasizes 'environment' and 'mass'
character of education over individual abilities and quality… The American romance with
State-run education as encouraged by KGB subverters has already produced generations of
graduates who cannot spell, cannot find Nicaragua on a world map, cannot THINK creatively
and independently. The main methods of Soviet DEMORALISATION of American education
- Flooding of campus bookstores with Marxist and Socialist literature.
- Infiltration of schools and universities by radicals, leftists, and simply 'disturbers',
often functioning unknowingly under the direct guidance of KGB Agents of
- Establishing numerous 'student' newspapers and magazines, staffed with
Communists and sympathizers.

Introducing non-issues is another means of demoralising at the level of Ideas. A ‘non-
issue’ is defined as follows:
An issue, the solution of which creates more and bigger problems for the majority of a
nation, even though it may benefit a few, is a non-issue (civil rights of homosexuals is not an
issue; defending sexual morality is the larger, real issue). The main purpose of non-issues and
the devastating result of their introduction is the SIDE-TRACKING of public opinion, energy
(both mental and physical), money and TIME from the constructive solutions.
Non-issues include immigration, minorities, LGBT, and the environment. These are the
same issues pushed by the communist left. Minority rights of artificially created divisions
(women, gays, Muslims, or black, Indigenous, or Asian people) are an intentional distraction
of ‘no importance’ considering the overall loss of human rights being experienced by all. Gay
rights are of no importance compared to the rights of child sex trafficking victims – a vital
issue that large crowds have never protested in Australia or the USA.
Cultural subversion includes the promotion of garbage culture – i.e., anything that
prompts teenage insubordination, confuses and frustrates parents, breaks down discipline,
and encourages relaxation of authority. A main focus is developing obscure, talentless,
immoral musicians and actors into teenage role models. Another focus is the embracement
of Eastern spiritual practices, like meditation and marijuana, that encourage one to sit and do
nothing. Similarly, Eastern practises in psychology encourage the individual to do nothing.
Demoralisation is aimed at the following socio/ political/ economical structures:

- Judicial and law enforcement system. Promoting legalism instead of justice. Treating
criminals as ‘underprivileged’ victims creates mistrust of the police and courts, and
makes people demand harsher punishments and stricter controls for fighting crime.
This in turn justifies replacing the police force with the military, as is happening in the
USA right now.

- Public organizations and institutions dealing with relations between individuals,
groups, and social classes.
- Security and defence organisations.
- Internal political parties and groups.
- Foreign policy formulating bodies (academia, think-tanks, Sovietology advisors).

Similarly, in the area of social life, by encouraging you to put your individual RIGHTS
over your OBLIGATIONS (any obligations - private, financial, moral, patriotic, etc.) the
subverter achieves the desired effect: a society composed of IRRESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS,
each one "doing his own thing," and acting according to the "law of jungle." Such subversion
of society is the first step to tyranny.
To demoralise law enforcement, police were called ‘pigs’ and ‘fascists,’ police agencies
watching over subverters and radicals were called ‘spies’ (by the American Union of Civil
Liberties) and disbanded, criminals were recruited as police which destroyed police integrity
and reputation. Consequently, within 20 years the public lacked civil laws or protection from
criminals. This constituted grounds for calling in the army to do the police force’s work. Right
now, ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors are calling for the US government to pull funding of
police, and police are resigning due to the violence. This only paves the way for the military,
Marshall Law, and a Nazi-Communist totalitarian regime. ALL lives matter. All lives are at risk.
Demoralisation in areas of family life, health services, food consumption, inter-racial
relations, population control, and distribution and labour relations. Marxist-Leninist ideology
disguised as "social theories" have greatly contributed to family break-ups, to create children
disloyal to families but loyal to the State.
Racial and ethnic interrelations is one of the most vulnerable areas for
demoralization… [American] society is the least discriminatory. The Communist 'solution' for
racial problem is 'final': they simply murder those who are different and stubbornly insist on
remaining different. Stalin played with whole populations of 'ethnics' — 'resettling' Estonians,
Latvians and Lithuanians in Siberia, relocating Crimean Tartars from the tropics to permafrost,
and Koreans from the Far East to the Kazakhstan deserts…
The present day 'solution' to racial inequality is borrowed from Communist mythology:
EQUALITY of all racial and ethnic groups LEGISLATED by the government and ENFORCED by
state bureaucracies. We know perfectly well that neither races nor INDIVIDUALS are equal, in
every respect. We know that every nation and race have its peculiar character, abilities,
traditions, mentality, and ability to learn and its individual PACE OF DEVELOPMENT. By
mimicking the Soviet 'national policy' of equality America simply erases the distinct racial
characteristics that have made this country great.
The removal of private land is an important method of demoralisation because: …the
poor farmer often is a greater PATRIOT than an affluent dweller of a large congested American
city. Communists know this very well… the farmer will fight an invader until last bullet ON HIS
LAND. "Underprivileged" or urbanized masses on the other hand, may feel like meeting an
invader with flowers and red banners.
Concerning labour relations, the ideological infiltration of labour is well documented.
Teachers are the best examples of whinging Marxists. Since Gough Whitlam’s communist
cabinet in the 1970s, Australian State schoolteachers have spent more time striking for more
pay, less work, and more holidays, than producing kids that can actually read and write.

Destabilisation takes 2 to 5 years to achieve. The focus here is on the country’s internal
power structures, foreign relations, and economy. The first symptom of instability is
expressed as the desire of the population to bring to power those politicians and parties who
are charismatic, act like good "caretakers" and promise job "security" and "free" social
services rather than protection from external and foreign enemies.
This global lockdown has just destroyed the economy. In Australia, those who
suddenly lost their jobs qualified for $750 per week social welfare payments. No matter what
your job, you get the same wage – just like in Soviet Russia.

Stage 3: CRISIS
This stage takes 2 to 6 months to achieve. This is the stage we are globally now at.
At this third stage of subversion you will have all your American 'radicals' and Soviet
'sleeper' agents springing into action, trying to 'seize power as quickly and ruthlessly as
possible… If all the previous stages of Soviet subversion have been successfully completed by

that time, the majority of Americans will be so totally confused that they may even WELCOME
some ‘strong' leaders… The crisis was Covid-19. The radicals are whipping the people into a
protesting frenzy. The result is what Yuri predicted: The leaders will be given almost unlimited
'emergency powers.'
A forceful change of the US system may or may not be accomplished through a civil
war or internal revolution… But change it will be, and rather a drastic one, with all the familiar
attributes of Soviet 'progress' being instituted such as NATIONALIZATION of vital industries,
the reduction of the 'private sector' of the economy to the bare minimum, the redistribution
of wealth and a massive propaganda campaign by the newly 'elected' government to 'explain'
and justify the reforms.
No, no concentration camps and executions. Not yet. That will come later at:

To avoid bloodshed, the subverter moves to normalisation. Normalisation is where a
country is brought by force into the normal state of socialism. This is where dissidents are
placed in camps and publicly or privately executed.
The New Order will need STABILITY and NEW MORALITY. No more 'grass roots'
movements. No more criticism of the State. The Press will obediently censor itself.
So, Bezmenov predicted the systematic destruction of America’s Judeo-Christian
democracy that would culminate in the violent riots occurring in America now, followed by
Marshall Law and the instalment of a ‘Communist-fascist’ regime under which everyone will
achieve the equality y’all were deceived into protesting for: equal oppression.


The problem is that no one studies history anymore, which explains why we fail to
notice history repeating itself. To illustrate, Bezmenov read the following information in KGB
The South Vietnamese city of Hue had been captured by the Hanoi Communists. When
it was re-captured by the US Army and allied forces, only two days later, the CIA discovered to
their horror that several thousand Vietnamese - teachers, priests, Buddhists, businessmen,
and educated citizens - everyone who was ‘pro-American’ had been rounded up by the
invaders and IN ONE NIGHT, taken out of the city limits and executed collectively. Some were
shot. Others, with their hands tied by electric wire, were found with their skulls crushed-in by
shovels and iron bars. ‘How could they possibly have located all of these people within only a
few hours in a large city?’ - the Americans wondered. I thought I knew the answer.
Long before the invasion, there was an extensive network of Communist informers
working under the guidance of the Soviet embassy in Hanoi — that is under the KGB. The
Communists filed every bit of information: addresses, personal habits, political affiliations,
expressed ideas, unexpressed thoughts revealed in informal and private conversations, even
the names and addresses of relatives, friends, even lovers and mistresses of the future victims
of ‘liberation.’
Everyone today is under similar surveillance, except that now the 'Communist-Fascist'
regime use Facebook and Twitter to identify dissidents and whistle-blowers. Those who press
‘Like’ on too many anti-establishment social media posts are tagged for the coming collective

* * *

Justice Denied
No one calls for justice; no one pleads a case with integrity. They rely on empty
arguments, they utter lies; they conceive trouble and give birth to evil.
(Isaiah 59:4)

We stand at the precipice of Aldous Huxley’s promised Final Revolution. Australian
law prevents freedom of speech, permits whistleblowers to be charged with defamation, and
allows outspoken victims of CIA child trafficking to be labelled ‘terrorists’ and subsequently
seized, detained and subjected to the same abuse we experienced as children by the same
perpetrator network. Erosion of Australia’s civil liberties and Judeo-Christian culture traces
back to the University of Sydney Philosophy lecturer John Anderson who (from 1927 to 1958)
applied Cultural Marxism to create an enduring legacy of indoctrination which influenced
future generations of Australian politicians, journalists, and law reformers. John Anderson
taught my key perpetrators, three of whom were discovered to be Soviet spies who were
seemingly assassinated by the British Crown.
Cultural Marxism is a non-violent but revolutionary collectivist ideology that seeks the
gradual gain of power via infiltration and the modification of laws, institutions and social
organisations. Western educational institutions, particularly government schools and
universities, are a hub of left-brain Cultural Marxist indoctrination. Communism dominates
Australia’s education system thanks to Soviet spy Alfred Conlon who created a system of
standardisation and control via the Commonwealth Education Department.
I encountered militant pro-Marxist teaching in six universities, in three states, over a
30-year span. I know from experience that Marxist teachings saturate the fields of Education,
Science, Psychology, Law, Philosophy, and the Visual Arts. I attended the top Art Colleges in
three Australian states and found them all intolerant of independent creative thinking.
Australian educators saturate developing brains with Luciferian Marxist culture - sexual
promiscuity, globalisation, lawlessness, anti-nationalism, occultism, pro-abortion, pro-
pedophilia, and a mocking hatred of the Biblical God.
John Anderson founded Australian Realism, the Empirical brand of philosophy which
spread to the University of Adelaide and Alfred Conlon’s brainchild, the Australian National
University. All three universities became infiltrated with Anderson’s Communist legacy. All
three became MK-ULTRA research facilities. Anderson was aligned with the Trotsky
movement and the Communist Party of Australia (renamed The Australian Greens) and he
contributed to their journals. Anderson pushed the Marxist agenda including sexual
revolution and abolition of religion in schools. He argued that God does not exist, traditional
Christian concepts of good and evil were only meant for slaves, and the notion of morality is
empty. His converts (labelled ‘Andersonians’) included members of the Sydney Push, a leftist
intellectual subculture who rejected conventional morality and placed Sydney at the forefront
of the sexual revolution. Promiscuous feminist Germaine Greer is a fine example.


My ears pricked up when our law lecturer said the Australian Labor Party (ALP) were
the first political group to appoint Catholic judges in our predominantly Protestant country.
The ALP also appointed the two reformers most cited in Australian law schools, Lionel Murphy
(my pedophile rapist) and Michael Kirby (publicly accused of pedophilia by Senator Bill

Heffernan). Catholic Murphy attended Sydney Boys High selective school and commenced at
the University of Sydney in 1949. Murphy was nominated as Chief Justice by Gough Whitlam
(my pedophile rapist) and appointed by John Kerr (my pedophile rapist). Known for his
radicalism and judicial activism, Murphy’s reforms included establishing the Law Reform
Commission, and no-fault divorce which led to an epidemic of broken homes and displaced
youth ripe for recruitment into child trafficking and Luciferian cults. Murphy notably
authorised the 1973 raids on ASIO. Corruption allegations plagued Lionel Murphy until his
death, after his 1985 conviction for perverting the course of justice.
Michael Kirby is a Fort Street Boys High graduate who commenced law at the
University of Sydney in 1959. Kirby served as Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University, plus as
an executive with CSIRO and the Law Reform Commission. Kirby was nominated Chief Justice
by ALP Prime Minister Paul Keating (whose rape and murder of a young boy I witnessed). In
2002, Senator Heffernan used Parliamentary privilege to announce, Michael Kirby used a
government car to solicit underage male prostitutes at the Army Barracks ‘Wall’ in
Darlinghurst, which victims confirmed to me. In response, Kirby announced he was gay, and
leftist politicians and journalists accused Bill Heffernan of ‘homophobia.’ The truth of the
matter remains sealed in the Wood Royal Commission case files.


Philosophy is the study of how people think. An introductory knowledge of philosophy
is crucial for understanding the origins of the eugenics program we know as MK-ULTRA, and
the perpetrator mind-set. Let us quickly review the historical erosion of traditional values and
insertion of Marxist doctrine via a subject every Australian law student undertakes,
Philosophy and the Law. Here is my essay in that subject, which addressed the question of
whether a relationship still exists between justice and the law. My essay provides an
extremely simple introduction to Philosophy and its relationship to legislative and social

The first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary106 defined justice as a quality or
principle meaning morality, equity, righteousness, truth, integrity, and restitution. By
contrast, the modern law student’s prescribed legal dictionary considers justice, A concept
defined according to the particular philosophical school of the inquirer.107
Western concepts of justice combine Greco-Roman philosophical traditions with
Scripture.108 From Plato to postmodernists, philosophers have debated the existence of a
relationship between law and justice. The resultant theories are generally divided into two
camps.109 One camp associates justice with Biblical principles and absolute moral standards,
emphasises individualism and equality, and produced classic common law under which
Western society had a moral obligation to uphold clear rules of conduct.
The opposing camp considers justice to be human-made and evolving with society’s
changing mores.110 Their theories are soaked in Darwinist eugenics, ethical relativism, secular
humanism, and collectivism, which successively distorted the interpretation of the word

Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press, 1928).
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‘justice’ until it lost its original meaning. Justice went from a tangible principle to a subjective
concept shaped by political agenda, religious affiliation, and previous experience of the legal
Australia was dominated by positivist and liberalist theories111 until feminism, post-
structuralism, and ecological approaches took influence.112 Traditional liberalist concepts of
individuality, formal equality, and property ownership were devalued. Now, fluctuating
cultural conventions determine what values inform the legal system in our increasingly
permissive society.
Research indicates six-month-old babies possess an innate sense of justice.113 While
the average citizen might hope and trust that our legal system is synonymous with what they
innately sense justice to be – it is not. Practical examples of this confront us daily, from anti-
terror laws that breach international human rights standards,114 to unfathomably lenient
sentencing for men who rape young children.115
Personal experience drives home the reality that justice is nothing more than the
excrement of Orwellian newspeak, a mythical, abstract ideal that law students write essays
about, and promise to preserve in the forefront of their minds while earning $500+ per hour
at their inner-city law firms. Only those who have yet to experience injustice can afford to
pontificate about an actual relationship between law and a concept that can no longer even
be defined, let alone exacted.

Ancient Concepts of Justice

Plato (428-348 BC) believed justice stems from social order.116 He proposed private
citizens forgo individuality and personal rights for a state controlled by a gifted minority who
regulate everything from sex to moral thinking.117 Plato’s ideal society was modeled on
Sparta,118 aligns with modern totalitarianism, and inspired Hitler’s Third Reich.119
By contrast, Aristotle (384-322 BC) believed in natural justice.120 He saw justice as:
transcending local customs and conventions, determined by divine reason, and inherently
connected to law.121 Aristotle believed a just society stems from allowing citizens to enjoy the
private property they worked for, and that property redistribution is unjust. Yet the Greeks
ignored Aristotle’s notion of natural rights for citizens,122 and women, children, slaves, and
non-citizens possessed no rights at all.123

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The Ancient Romans viewed justice as protecting citizen rights only.124 They preserved
equality of rights between citizens via commutative justice.125 Commutative justice is precise
and accurate, since the offending action, perpetrator, and victim are easily identifiable to all.
Their concept of justice, which encouraged freedom and responsibility, passed to English law.

Siedentop126 argues that a moral revolution occurred in the 1st Century after the New
Testament writings introduced the notion that everyone has God-given rights. This revolution
inspired Medieval Christian philosophers and canon lawyers to promote individual freedom
and moral equality. These men, and not the secular humanist philosophers of the Renaissance
or Enlightenment, formed the foundations of Western liberal democracy.127 Biblical
Christianity considers justice, freedom and law inseparable. Hayes128 observed:

Wherever Christian ideals have been generally accepted and their practice sincerely
attempted, there is a dynamic liberty; and wherever Christianity has been ignored or
rejected, persecuted or chained to the state, there is tyranny.

This statement makes no sense if 1st Century Christianity, an individual belief system
with no formal organization, is equated with tyrannical collectivist religious organizations like
the Roman Catholic Church. Roman Catholicism started with Emperor Constantine I (306-337)
who retained his title of pontifex maximus pope, and rebranded Roman paganism as
‘Christianity’ and superimposed Christian motifs over Roman cult practices and festivals
(Christmas and Easter) in honor of sun worship and the goddess Ishtar.129 Dog excrement by
any other name still stinks, and the same organization that fed Christians to lions continued
persecuting Christians via a series of Crusades and Inquisitions.130 The Protestant Reformation
was a protest of orthodox Bible-reading Christians against the satanic Roman Catholic papal
system. The uninformed confuse Protestantism with Catholicism and wrongly group them
under the one label of ‘Christian.’ Because organizations like the Catholic Church committed
heinous acts of injustice, people used this to justify condemning the orthodox Christian values
that informed our Western legal system.

Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) introduced distributive justice theory,131 a vague and
indeterminate form of justice which, if violated, leaves no identifiable offence or perpetrator.
Aquinas was an Italian priest and apologist for the Catholic Church. Accordingly, he viewed
the pope as supreme law giver and laws inconsistent with Catholic doctrine as invalid. Aquinas
replaced Augustine’s (354-430) idea that unjust laws are not laws, with the notion that unjust
laws should be tolerated for practical reasons132 (i.e., submission to the Roman Catholic pope.

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Common Law
The common law system is based on Judeo-Christian principles.133 Edward Coke
(1552–1634) believed God gave humans an innate understanding of the law. Therefore,
justice manifested in a judge’s ability to correctly discover and apply Biblical law. Just laws
were based on, and did not contradict, individual rights and free choice. When Coke said, ‘The
King himself should be under no man, but under God and the Law,’134 he referred to the Rule
of Law whereby everyone is bound by fixed and predictable rules. Without objective law,
individuals are at the government’s mercy. The alternative is the rule of man, which results in
tyranny.135 Common law offers basic protective measures including the right to silence and
presumption of innocence.
William Blackstone’s (1723-1780) Commentary on the Laws of England influenced
common law adoption by English speaking countries, plus the USA Declaration of
Independence and Constitution.136 Blackstone traced English common law to King Alfred’s
Scripture-based legal system.137 While the 10 Commandments formed a moral premise that
was easy for the public to know, Blackstone made the common law further accessible to lay
people.138 He also promoted inalienable rights.139 Blackstone said England’s Bill of Rights
declared three immunities: private property, personal security and individual freedom,140 and
that the common law ‘…gives liberty, rightly understood, that is protection to a Jew, a Turk,
or a heathen, as well as those that profess the true religion of Christ’.141

Atheism undermines the notion of a higher moral law. It encourages relativism - the
denial of absolute truth and moral code. Without absolutes, morality is determined by social
norms and individual discretion, and people have no sense of moral obligation or duty. Atheist
Claude Helvetius (1715-1771) heavily influenced Bentham and Marx.142 He believed humans
are a product of their environment and culture. Helvetius said the meaning of life is attaining
earthly happiness for the greatest number, not salvation. Helvetius advocated self-love, and
valued actions by their public utilitarian use.143

The notion of a higher moral law dominated Western society until Charles Galton
Darwin (1809–1882) introduced, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or
the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life in 1859. Darwinism was a pro-
eugenics political movement that assumed God does not exist and humans are evolving
animals. The Darwinian concept of law and justice stems from man’s will that evolves over
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time with changing social values and conventions. Darwinism influenced Marxism and
Nazism.144 It also influenced secular humanism which similarly assumes only nature and the
material world exist, and humans are evolving toward perfection (i.e., ‘mechanised’). These
theories dismiss natural law and an absolute moral code. They base morality on the changing
nature of human interaction.

Darwinism influenced positivism. In Pure Theory of Law (1939) Hans Kelsen (1881-
1973) said, ‘The changeover of legal science from natural law to positivism went hand in hand
with the progress of empirical natural sciences and with a critical analysis of religious
ideology’.145 Positivist Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) rejected God and natural law, and
declared law a product of human will and reason, force and social struggle.146 These theorists
believed laws are logically formulated by the state to suit society’s evolving needs. That
Positivists consider law manmade,147 separates law and morality. Positivists consider law just
if it benefits the population majority.148 So, jjustice fluctuates according to the whims and
preferences of the state. Its arbitrary nature renders a Positivist legal system susceptible to
Positivist John Austin (1790-1859) aimed to transform law into a science by purging it
of all moralistic notions. He asserted that law is the command of ‘a sovereign who requires
full obedience’ 149 - which sounds pretty much like a tyrant. Hart (1907-1992) concluded that
Austin’s theory in effect posed a sovereign threat.150
Positivism ignores individual rights, natural justice, and outcome fairness.151 Owing to
Positivism, our courts are more concerned with rules and exacting procedural justice, rather
than the law’s ethical implications.152 Positivism fails to make the common law distinction
between natural wrongs that everyone wants criminalised (like murder) and behaviours that
the government prohibits but which the public generally accept, such as defending one’s
family against a violent intruder; a prime example being the Batterham case 153 which also
contradicted the common law allowance of proportionate use of force against a perpetrator.

Social Contract
Social contract theorists tried to reconcile Christianity with Darwinism. They defined
a ‘social contract’ as an agreement people made in the state of nature before society existed.
According to this philosophy, the public sacrifice freedom for social order and state-
administered justice. Philosophers have different ideas about the state’s role in this social
contract. Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) advocated for absolutism - the absolute right of the

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state to control the individual.154 Hobbes’ collectivism was a precursor of modern
totalitarianism.155 Hobbes diverted focus from natural law which encouraged altruism, to a
sense of entitlement. Unlike Blackstone and Locke, Hobbes was not considered influential in
his day, and he made no significant contribution to the legal system. He was rejected by both
major parties of his day156 and Oxford University burnt his writings.157

As a social contract theorist, John Locke (1632–1704) considered the consequences of
when a government fails to uphold their contractual obligation.158 He believed people had
rights to life, health, liberty, and property in the state of nature.159 Locke believed these rights
stemmed from God-given natural laws that people could easily recognise using their God-
given reason. As the father of liberalism, Locke’s support for inalienable, individual rights
inspired the 1776 American Declaration of Independence, 1789 Bill of Rights, and 1793 French
Declaration on Human and Citizens' Rights.160 Locke’s ideals are reflected in the legal system
via notions of presumption of innocence, procedural fairness, a fair trial, and non-

Unlike Hobbes and Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) claimed life in the state
of nature was good.162 He inspired Romanticism, an emotive philosophy that promoted a
return to the alleged ‘bliss’ of a pre-civil society. Leftist collectivist ideology originated with
Rousseau who claimed rights which existed in the state of nature are relinquished to the
state-created general will.163 Rousseau damned civil society for permitting private interest
which, he claimed, exploits others and detracts from the general will.
Charles Darwin's philosophy was previously suggested by others including Immanuel
Kant (1724–1804).164 Kant agreed with Hobbes and Rousseau that humans chose to surrender
their rights to the state when they created the state.165 He said a government has no duty to
its citizens, but that: ‘It is the duty of the people to bear any abuse of the supreme power, even
though it should be considered unbearable.’ 166 Kant based his deontological (duty-based)
approach to morality on human reason.167 He claimed that although humans are intrinsically

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altruistic,168 a society containing no moral absolutes produces people motivated by
selfishness instead of altruism.

Darwin, Rousseau, and Kant inspired Carl Marx (1818-1883).169 Marx rejected
Christianity, natural law, private property, individual rights, separation of powers, and the
Rule of Law.170 He viewed law as a tool for political power and based it on the working class’
collective will. Marxism promotes lawlessness via contempt for existing social order and
encouraging the working class to violently revolt against government.171 Marx believed the
need for law dissolves once communism is established.
Marx was anti-Semitic.172 Not surprisingly, every application of Marxism has resulted
in totalitarianism, deification of a dictator, human rights violations, inequality before the law,
and the equal distribution of poverty.173 This is reflected in mass killings of over 100 million
people by Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. Thus, Marxist law has proven to be the antithesis of

Radical Multiculturalism
Marxism influenced contemporary theories including radical feminism, critical legal
studies, and race legal theory. These theories agree that reality is socially constructed to
create and maintain power.174 They consider talk of justice, universal truth, and objective
knowledge as white patriarchal attempts to gain political power over minority groups.175 Such
theories view law as a socially constructed tool for political gain.176 They are pro-social justice
for leftist political purposes. Their goal is not to create an overall fair legal system or an
efficient government but encourage minority groups to pursue radical political change.177
Ironically, these theories promote anti-Semitism.178

Collectivist Ideology.
Fascism, feminism, race legal theory, dialectical materialism, critical legal theory,
socialism, deconstruction, post-modernism, ecological jurisprudence, and all other theories
that advocate for government ownership and wealth redistribution are forms of collectivist
ideology. Collectivism purports that individuality is a socially constructed phenomenon, since
individuals did not exist in the state of nature.179 Collectivism is a political-economic
movement that subjugates individuals to a group, and forces interdependence.180 People are

George Knupffer, The Struggle for World Power (Noontide, 4th Ed, 1986).
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grouped (by gender, race, class, etc.) and this group identity determines whether individual
behaviour is right or wrong. Consequently, morality is determined by our common

Individual Rights Erosion

The meaning of rights has changed to suit collectivist bias. Inalienable individual rights
have been reinterpreted as minority group rights. Owing to the disregard for individual rights,
and because law is not fixed, individual rights are overridden by an arbitrary government
equally capable of violating, as implementing, rights.182 An example is the myriad of Australian
anti-terror laws introduced since 2002. Most were expedited without the usual parliamentary
and civil considerations.183 This lack of procedure undermined the democratic values and
rights found in our Constitution, common law, and other legislation. Australia has no federal
human rights legislation to ensure anti-terrorism laws comply with international human rights
standards.184 Consequently, anti-terror legislation infringes upon basic rights including a fair
trial, privacy, freedom from arbitrary detention and arrest, non-discrimination, freedom of
association and expression, retrospective law, and recognition under law. Historically, such
denial of individual rights has preceded totalitarianism.185

Tyrannical Consequences
Legal system change begins with the education of student lawyers.186 Our law texts
cherry pick history to support leftist bias. Law professors highlight Marxism but omit its link
to holocaust;187 elevate fascist Hobbes above the father of Common Law;188 189 190 criticise
liberalist notions of individualism, formal equality, and property ownership;191 favour
abandonment of objective truth, moral absolutism, and a universally accepted standard of
justice in preference for moral relativism;192 and encourage students to care more for the
rights of trees rather than humans.193 The pro-Marxist university lecturers who undermine
the foundations of our Western legal system simultaneously enjoy the freedom and rights
this same system affords them.194 It comes as no surprise then, that there is no longer an
identifiable relationship between justice and the law.

* * *

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Justice is Crucial
Justice is precious to victims of crime. Justice is a fundamental Biblical principle. Justice
is supposed to be the objective of our Justice system. Yet now a desire for justice has
seemingly been criminalised and pathologized in Australia. If victims of ritual abuse and mind
control can’t depend on our government for justice, what hope do we have? Where do we
turn? How do we cope?

* * *

MK-ULTRA & the Occult
Scientology and all the other cults are one-dimensional, and we live in a three-dimensional
world. Cults are as dangerous as drugs. They commit the highest crime: the rape of the soul.

- L. Ron Hubbard Jr. (Penthouse, June 1983)

John Marks authored his CIA-approved book, The Search for the Manchurian
Candidate, based on 139 boxes of MK-ULTRA documents. While none of the FOI-released
documents exposed the truth that children were the ultimate Manchurian Candidates, 40
percent of the documents pertained to the CIA’s interest in the occult, a fact useful to this
Sidney Gottlieb initiated Project OFTEN-CHICKWIT to study parapsychology and the
occult, to ‘explore the world of black magic’ and ‘harness the forces of darkness and challenge
the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach.’ Under OFTEN, the CIA
visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums,
psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, and other occult
practitioners. They established a research laboratory at the University of South Carolina and
recruited student guinea pigs via a college class in black witchcraft, demonology and voodoo.
Project OFTEN built on the library of knowledge the Nazi’s acquired by scouring the globe
collecting occult practices including trauma-based mind control techniques. During their
height of power, the Nazis conducted Luciferian rituals in the streets of Germany in broad
daylight. Winston Churchill fittingly wrote of Hitler:

He had conjured up the fearful idol of an all-devouring Moloch of which he was the
priest and incarnation.195

MK-ULTRA and the occult are inseparable. MK-ULTRA was founded on occultic
practises by occultists. To understand this, we must examine the spiritual and philosophical
beliefs and practises of the people behind MK-ULTRA, the covert Rothschilds and their overt
operatives, the Darwin-Galton-Huxley-Wedgewood dynasty.
Aldous Huxley was the evil revolutionary who conceived and facilitated MK-ULTRA in
the USA. His brother Julian Huxley coined the term ‘transhumanism’ and founded the
eugenicist UNESCO to achieve their transhumanist end goal. Julian and his Australian relative
Leonard Huxley coordinated MK-ULTRA in Australia. Aldous and Julian Huxley were the
grandsons of biologist, anthropologist and philosopher Thomas Huxley (1825-1895) who co-
founded the occultic Imperialist British Round Table Society.

Reformed elite Luciferian John Todd-Collins was the informant behind the 1970s Jack
Chick comics responsible for my childhood conversion from satanism to Christianity.
According to John Todd-Collins, the HOGD (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) is the
Rothschilds’ organisation of witchcraft. The Rothschilds have been the world’s wealthiest

Winston Churchill (1948). The Gathering Storm, 64. Houghton Mifflin / Thomas Allen.

family for the past 200 years and are the pinnacle dynasty within the Luciferian power
hierarchy. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia (1906, Vol.2, p.497) the Rothschilds ‘are the
guardians of the papal treasure.’
The Cult taught me to revere the Rothschilds as demigods (Nephilim). Based on my
programming structure, I deduce that Joseph Mengele was a Rothschild. I also suspect my
perpetrators Michael Aquino, Leonas Petrauskas, and Leo’s business partner John Melov were

Global Power Hierarchy

Lucifer (All-Seeing Eye of Horus)
Council of 13 (Grande Druid Council)
Council of 33 (33 highest ranked Freemasons)
Council of 500 (500 richest individuals)
HOGD (Rothschilds’ international organisation of witchcraft)

The Rothschilds are Hofjuden. The close ties between the London-based Hofjuden
families and the British oligarchy trace back to the founding of the Bank of England, and
before that to an alliance with the pirates who financed post-Renaissance Genoa in North-
West Italy. The three Jewish authors of Dope Inc. (1978) explain this history:

Several of the Hofjuden families who converged on London during the 17th and 18th
centuries had served the Genoese bankers in their takeover of Holland, had
participated in the Dutch East India Company's first expeditions in opium trade, and
had collaborated over the centuries with the British Jesuits against European humanist

The Montefiores trace their origin as ‘special operations’ experts for the European
oligarchy to the 13th century in Spain, when they ran errands as tax farmers and
Inquisitors for their masters, the Genoese. The Montefiores later moved to Holland to
help found the Dutch East India Company and the Bank of Holland. After the Stuart
Restoration of the mid-17th century, the Montefiores moved to England where they
helped establish the Bank of England and the British East India Company. Under Sir
Moses Montefiore, the family collaborated with Lord Palmerston and Prime Minister
Disraeli in the founding of the present-day Zionist ‘movement…’

Rothschilds, Warburgs, Oppenheimers, Schroeders, and other Hofjuden became the

leading financial backers of Adolf Hitler.

The Rothschilds and other Hofjuden call themselves Jews yet worship Lucifer instead
of the ‘I AM’ Creator God of the Torah and New Testament. Their loathing of fundamentalist
Jews and Christians was demonstrated by their financing the extermination of these groups
via Hitler, Lenin, Marx, Papal Inquisition, and the CIA. The three Jewish authors of Dope Inc.
(1978) asserted the Hofjuden are not true Jews. The Bible says:

I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the
Synagogue of Satan. (Rev. 2:9)

The Synagogue of Satan created the Zionist movement and stamped the Luciferian
hexagram on Israel’s flag which they named the ‘Star of David.’ The hexagram had nothing to
do with King David, and David had nothing to do with witchcraft or Luciferianism. The
hexagram represents the pagan god Astarte. Hence the Rothschilds adopted a red hexagram
(Red Shield) as their family crest and on their subsidiaries including the Salvation Army. The
Luciferians call the hexagram the ‘Seal of Solomon.’ Fritz Springmeier explains:

Throughout the Middle Ages the Seal of Solomon had been used by Arab Magicians,
Cabalist Magicians, Druid witches and Satanists. One of the few ancient uses of the
symbol was on the floor of a 1,200-year-old Moslem Mosque found where Tel Aviv is
today. In the twelve century an Ashkenazic Jew Menahem Ben Duji, who thought he
was the Messiah, used the magical symbol. Because the Rothschilds were Satanists
they adopted this powerful magic symbol in 1822 for their coat-of-arms.

David’s son Solomon defied God’s law by substituting Jewish brides with a thousand
pagan whores who seduced him into satanism. Consequently, Israel permanently split into
two kingdoms. Ten tribes rejected Solomon’s son by a pagan wife as their king, split off and
formed the northern kingdom called Israel. Two southern tribes formed the kingdom of Judah
under Solomon’s pagan offspring. Consider the following 1836 quote:

The Rothschilds are the wonders of modern banking. Sprung from that poetic, that
ancient, that mysterious race, from whom we derive all our religion and half of our
civilization, we see the descendants of Judah, after a persecution of two thousand
years, peering above kings, rising higher than emperors, and holding a whole continent
in the hollow of their hands. The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet
moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg
to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington.
Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the
captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the
keys of peace or war, blessing or cursing. To what will all this lead? If the holy city to
be rebuilt? – the third temple to rear its urrets to heaven? No. The lion of the tribe of
Judah, baron Rothschild, possesses more real force than David – more wisdom than
Solomon. What do they care for the barren seacoast of Palestine? They are the brokers
and counsellors of the kings of Europe and of the republican chiefs of America. What
more can they desire? 196

The Synagogue of Satan intend to build a Third Temple. They are responsible for the
growing antisemitism brewing another holocaust, because people think the Zionist bankers
who push for the state of Israel (which was almost named ‘Zion’) and the construction of a
Third Temple, are Jewish. The Rothschild’s financed the Nazi holocaust to justify the need for
a Jewish homeland, with the Templar end goal of building a replacement temple in Jerusalem
to house their coming fake Messiah, the Antichrist. The Rothschilds flooded Palestine with

H. Niles (Ed.) (1835). Niles' Weekly Register. Baltimore, 19 September, 49, 41.

people whose Jewishness is determined via the maternal line. This contradicts the Torah
which clearly says the male bloodline establishes Jewish heritage. The Old Testament lists
pages and pages of male birth lines, not female. King David specifically addressed this issue.
Women may convert to Judaism via marriage while men certainly can’t.
I doubt the dome of the rock is the original site of Solomon’s temple, but of an ancient
Roman fort. Former biology professor Walter Veith produced an excellent Total Onslaught
series on the secret history of Freemasonry and Catholicism, in which he proves the gold-
topped Mosque is a renovated Roman Temple of Diana. Jesus clearly said ‘not one stone’
would be left of the Temple site, including the foundation stones. I visited Jerusalem and saw
numerous stones constitute the ancient Roman fort site. I agree the real Temple site was
completely razed down to below its foundations, even the hill and soil it sat on were removed.
Let the Communist cult of Islam created by the Roman Catholic church keep their pagan
temple. The Bible is clear, God will ultimately make the Synagogue of Satan bow at the feet
of His genuine Jewish people. He will restore the Jewish people to their homeland in His time:

Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are
not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to
know that I have loved you. (Rev. 3:9)


The Rothschilds control global Freemasonry. Fritz Springmeier wrote:

The Masonic reference book ‘10,000 Famous Freemasons,’ Vol. 4, p.74, indicates two
other sons of Amschel were Masons, James Meyer Rothschild, and his brother Nathan
Meyer Rothschild. James Rothschild in Paris was a 33-degree Scottish Rite Mason, and
his brother Nathan in London was a member of the Lodge of Emulation. And Jewish
Freemason Katz indicates Solomon Meir Rothschild, a third member of the five
brothers, was initiated into Freemasonry on June 14, 1809. The Rothschilds became
powerful within Freemasonry.

Freemasonry has links to the Ancient Greek and Egyptian mystery religions:

The Dionysiacs of Asia Minor were undoubtedly an association of architects and

engineers, who had the exclusive privilege of building temples, stadia, and theatres,
under the mysterious tutelage of Bacchus…197

Freemason Lodges (temples) are decorated with Ancient Egyptian paraphernalia,

indicating its connection to the Cult of Isis and Thoth/Hermes. Freemasons call themselves
‘architects’ meaning designers of alchemic transhumanism.


An interesting couple lived near my childhood farm. Radovan von Winterberg was an
engineer and architect who claimed to be the rightful owner of Winterberg Castle which sits
on the Czechoslovakian border. Radovan drove a red 260z sports car that featured UNESCO
diplomatic plates. He once told me ‘Australia needs a mini-Hitler’ and he showed me drafts
John Robison (1797), Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on
in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies.

of Pauline Hanson’s early speeches which he claimed to have written. Radovan said he was
still on the payroll of a secret service agency that retained him as a consultant for $50k per
year. His wife Michelle worked as a biochemist for the CSIRO. At one stage Michelle headed
the biological section of the Sydney Water Board's Scientific Services.
The mysterious von Winterberg couple built an underground house at Terranora and
installed tight security and cameras in an ‘80s era when neighbours typically left their front
doors unlocked. A sign at their entrance read ‘Project International Architects’ and featured
a Freemason square and compass logo. While the average person might dismiss the sign as a
reference to his house design business, I immediately took it as a reference to her human
design business. Our family always speculated that Michelle was conducting illegal genetic
engineering projects in their underground lair which my high IQ blue-eyed blonde father often
When Radovan’s house came up for sale one owner later, I challenged my sister-in-
law to inspect the place with me and see whether it could have accommodated a cloning lab.
She dismissed my lunatic ravings – until we saw the house. Radovan’s underground home
resembled a 1960s James Bond movie set complete with space-style shower pods, built-in
fish tank, and velvet and silver wallpaper. But it was the room at the end of the house that
rendered my sister-in-law speechless. There we found the creepy science lab I knew existed.
The room was so haunted, I had difficulty breathing. My sister-in-law freaked out, fled the
property, and refused to discuss what we felt and saw.


A clue to Freemasonry’s origins is found in the Order of Kappa Sigma secret handbook
published by Wikileaks. Kappa Sigma is a Freemason fraternity founded in Bologna University,
Italy during the 1400s. Michelangelo was a member. The Order spread to the other four great
European universities (Florence, Paris, Orleans, and Montpellier) and was preserved by
French and Italian nobility. The Kappa Sigma Order of America was founded at Virginia
University in 1869 and became the largest fraternity in the USA. Head CIA psychologist (my
perpetrator) John W. Gittinger was initiated into Kappa-Sigma at Oklahoma University.
Kappa Sigma is Greek for ‘Kirjath Sepher’ the name of an ancient city in southern
Canaan. Esau was the brother of Jacob (renamed Israel) who sold God’s blessing for a bowl of
stew and killed (and stole the enchanted clothes of) Nimrod who founded the ancient
Babylonian mystery religion. Esau married two Canaanite women plus a daughter of Ishmael,
the father of Islam. The Canaanites worshipped Baal, Echmoun (Asclepius), Dagon, and
Astarte/Ishtar/Oester (Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus) the goddess of child prostitution
to whom babies were sacrificed and Ishtar eggs coloured red with their blood to celebrate
spring. Some believe the Hofjuden stem from the bloodline of Esau.
The Kappa Sigma symbols include the Luciferian encircled pentagram, Islamic crescent
moon, and caduceus of Mercury. Kappa Sigma founder Stephen Alonzo Jackson (aka, Grand
Master, or ‘Architect of Ritual’) stated: ‘Let us not rest contently until the Star [Astarte
pentagram] and Crescent [moon] is the pride of every college and university throughout the
land.’ 198 The fraternity is a means by which our youth are initiated into Luciferian
Freemasonry and indoctrinated, like ‘Comrade Gittinger,’ with their agenda.
The human skull and crossed thigh bones is another Kappa-Sigma symbol, used to
remind members of their sworn oath and the punishment that awaits should they violate it

Ritual of Kappa Sigma (1995).

(i.e., beheading and amputation). The initiation ritual involves the use of a genuine human
skull and crossed thigh bones placed on an altar. John Ward, University of Sydney Vice
Chancellor, created a human skull and cross bones during a Halloween ritual by skinning a
child alive. The skull and crossbones symbol is a feature of the Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights
Templars, knights of Malta, and Shiners. Freemasons traditionally bury human femur bones
on their Lodge grounds during rituals.
The Knights Templar had the world’s biggest fleet in the 13th century, and they were
notorious for committing acts of ‘piracy’. The Knights of Malta replaced them, and they too
were pirates. Pirates financed post-Renaissance Genoa in North-West Italy. The skull and
crossbones trace back to ancient Canaan/Sidon/Zidon, a rendezvous for pirates (aka,
‘merchants’). Sidon was a wealthy and powerful city of merchants who first produced the
Royal Purple dye worn by Emperors, popes, and Luciferian priests.


In mockery and imitation of God’s 12 tribes, Satan blessed 12 bloodlines. One of these
bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline from which a special elite line developed
alchemy, assassination techniques, and other occult practices. One bloodline was
Egyptian/Celtic/Druidic from which Druidism was developed. One bloodline was in the
orient and developed oriental magic. One lineage was from Canaan and the
Canaanites. It had the name Astarte, then Astorga, then Ashdor, and then Astor. The
tribe of Dan was used as a Judas Iscariot type seed. The royalty of the tribe of Dan have
descended down through history as a powerful Satanic bloodline. The 13th or final
blood line was copied after God’s royal lineage of Jesus. This was the Satanic House of
David with their blood which they believe is not only from the House of David but also
from the lineage of Jesus, who they claim had a wife and children. The 13th Satanic
bloodline was instilled with the direct seed of Satan so that they would not only carry
Christ’s blood--but also the blood of his ‘brother’ Lucifer. One of the bloodlines goes
back to Babylon and are descended from Nimrod.199


Cecil Rhodes, who was initiated into Freemasonry at Oxford University, formed a
eugenicist secret society to reclaim the British Empire and recapture the USA, the British
Round Table Society. Rhodes recruited fellow Freemasons Thomas Huxley, Rudyard Kipling,
and Alfred Milner, plus a group of Oxford College graduates known as ‘Milner's Kindergarten.’
This group were trained as an occult priesthood devoted to the eugenicist principles of
Imperial rule.
In 1919, the same group founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) to
serve as the central planning and recruitment agency for Britain's ‘One World Empire.’ Arnold
Toynbee, who sat on the RIIA for nearly 50 years, headed British Intelligence’s Research
Division during WW2. Toynbee served as wartime briefing officer to Prime Minister Winston
Churchill, a Freemason and Druid. Toynbee stated in 1953:

By forcing on mankind more and more lethal weapons and at the same time making
the whole world more and more interdependent economically, technology has brought

Fritz Springmeier (2005). Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Pentracks.

mankind to such a degree of distress that we are ripe for deifying any new Caesar who
might succeed in giving the world unity and peace. 200

The RIIA were responsible for charting Britain's global drug trafficking trade. Their
means of reclaiming British Empire included political infiltration, and instigation of the 1920s
Prohibition to facilitate their introduction of drugs, traffickers, and large-scale organized
crime to the USA.

Illegal alcohol and illegal narcotics made up two different product lines of the same
multinational firm. The British, through their distilleries in Scotland and Canada, and
the British, from their opium refineries in Shanghai and Hong Kong, were the suppliers.
The British, through their banks in Canada and the Caribbean, were the financiers.
Through their political conduits in the United States, the British created the set of
political conditions under which the United States might be won back by means other
than the failed Balkanization plan of the Civil War period.201


British PM Henry Palmerston, Patriarch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, conducted
the opium business. Palmerston and his successors employed the following groups to perform
assassinations, traffic illegal drugs, and follow a chain of command through the

1. Triad Society (aka Societies of Heaven) a suppressed religious cult who violently
revolted against the Chinese government. Jesuit and Anglican (Church of England)
missionaries recruited Cantonese Triads into the East India Company opium trade.
2. Klu-Klux-Klan stemmed from Freemason Knights of the Golden Circle. Co-founded by
Confederate General Albert Pike, Jesuit priest, Freemason Grand Commander who
promoted Luciferian worship within the Scottish Rite.
3. Young Italy became the Mafia. Originally Sicily’s law enforcement arm, they were
organized and commanded by Freemason Communist founder Giuseppe Mazzini.
Their uniform was a white cape bearing a Maltese Cross (the insignia of the Order of
Saint John of Jerusalem) on the left shoulder. During the American Civil War, they
paraded in uniform through New Orleans, gunning down African Americans.
4. Anarchist bomb-throwing gangs of Russian Mikhail Bakunin (member of the Grand
Orient de France Freemason lodge) organised by Alexander Herzen (Freemason and
Rothschild agent).
5. B'nai B'rith, (aka, Constitutional Grand Lodge of the Order of the Sons of the Covenant)
a branch of the Freemasonry for American Hofjuden, and US covert intelligence front.
Merged operations with the KKK.
6. Order of Zion (aka, B'nai B'rith in the USA) Hofjuden division of the British Royal Family
Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. Secret society whose members swear and act on a

J. Vernon McGee (1991). Thru the Bible, 59: The Prophecy (Rev. 6-13). Thomas Nelson.
K. Kalimtgis, D. Goldman & J. Stienberg (1978). Dope, Inc: Britain’s Opium War Against the US Executive
Intelligence Review.

blood oath. A Freemasonic Order specialising in dirty tricks operations. Founded by
London-based Hofjuden Montefiore and Rothschild families. Trained the Confederate
leadership, assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Descendants of Confederates migrated to
Brazil after the Civil War, namely São Paulo, which became home to the largest Nazi
7. Jesuit Order (based in Hapsburg Austria). Military and banking arm of the Roman
Catholic church.

The Jesuits formed in 1540 after Henry VIII ousted the pope and declared himself
intercessor between man and God after the pope refused to annul Henry’s first marriage. His
daughter Elizabeth replaced the Roman Catholic church with the Anglican Church (Catholicism
light). (Orthodox Anglicans do not consider themselves protestant, hence the pope offered
membership to disgruntled parishioners opposed to the ordination of gay priests). Queen
Elizabeth received a complete occult education from John Dee who published books on
alchemy, ancient languages, hermeticism, Kabbalah, math, and sacred geometry.
The pope created the Vatican Intelligence Service (aka, Santa Alleanza or L'Entità) in
1566 to infiltrate the court of, and overthrow, Elizabeth I. Today, Santa Alleanza is considered
the most discreet and greatest intelligence service on the planet. Simon Wiesenthal described
it as the world’s ‘best and most effective espionage service.’ In 2008, the Vatican joined
INTERPOL to access resources and databases in 192 countries, which expanded Santa
Alleanza’s reach. Santa Alleanza was infiltrated by Freemasons. Like Church Militant stated:
‘It is not generally known to Catholics just how well inserted ideological Freemasons are into
the intelligence services of the military apparatus of Italy and other European nations.’203 The
Italian government disbanded a Freemason group Propaganda Due (P2) after they infiltrated
the Vatican bank, but the group simply reformed as different entities.

The Hofjuden and Jesuits combined forces to torture and murder innocent children
and adults during the 1542 Papal Inquisition. The aim of the Inquisition was to instigate
spiritual revolution. The Inquisitors targeted Jews, Protestants (fundamental Christians) and
heretics. ‘Heretic’ is defined as a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally
accepted, and is synonymous with dissident, nonconformist, and freethinker. The Inquisition
torture methods described in the following secret oath, formed the basis of CIA trauma-based
mind control.

Jesuit Oath
I do further promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage
relentless war, secretly and openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Masons, as I
am directed to do, to extirpate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will
spare neither age, sex nor condition, and that will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay,
strangle, and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of
their women, and crush their infants' heads against the walls in order to annihilate
their execrable race. That when the same can’t be done openly I will secretly use the
poisonous cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard, or the leaden bullet,
regardless of the honour, rank, dignity or authority of the persons, whatever may be

The Church Militant (2018). Santa Alleanza: The Vatican Intelligence Service, 14 Sept.

their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do
by any agents of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Father of the
Society of Jesus.204

I witnessed my Jesuit perpetrators commit the crimes described in the above oath.
Everything damning and true that was written about the Jesuits back in the 17th Century was,
hundreds of years later, declared a ‘forgery’ by Catholic priests or Jesuit Institute publications.

The Jesuits are prominent in Australia and amongst my perpetrators. Roman Emperor
Ratzinger, a former Nazi, is the first Jesuit pope. Ex-PM Tony Abbott is a Jesuit. Former Labour
Party leader Bill Shorten, who escaped a rape conviction because his victim lubricated during
penetration and therefore ‘wanted it’ - is a Jesuit.
Leonas Petrauskas was schooled by Jesuits in Lithuania and associated with Jesuits in
PNG. Antony Kidman had strong Jesuit ties. Kidman attended a Sydney Jesuit school, Saint
Aloysius College, with his brother who commenced Jesuit training but abandoned this due to
his schizophrenia. The Kidman family attended Star of The Sea Jesuit Church in North Sydney.
The Kidman’s family priest was Jesuit Father Paul Coleman who officiated Nicole Kidman and
Keith Urban’s 2006 marriage, and Antony Kidman’s 2014 funeral, at St Mary’s North Sydney.
This is the same church where the fake funeral of my Jesuit trained perpetrator (and Sydney
Grande Dame) Patricia Anne Conlon was held.


For those who think the Vatican runs the world and the pope is the antichrist, note
the Vatican are not a bloodline, just a male-dominated order which relies upon recruitment
and initiation. The Roman Catholic priestly order stems from the ancient Roman Cult of
Mithraism which my British husband and his father, of the Gardiner Illuminati bloodline, were
initiated into. Mithraism is so secretive you will find no records of their beliefs and practises.
Mithraism rank initiates based on IQ level, and conduct ceremonies in which priests ‘marry’
boy brides - which might explain the epidemic of Catholic priests raping altar boys. I also know
from experience that the Roman Catholic high mass is a watered-down version of the
Luciferian black mass.


In 1527, Ignatius of Loyola was let off with a warning by a Christian court for
sympathising with the Alumbrados of Spain (aka, Spanish Illuminati). In 1534, Loyola founded
the Jesuit Order. In 1773, the Pope ordered the suppression of the Jesuits, and Adam
Weishaupt became professor of Canon Law at a Jesuit University. In 1776, Weishaupt founded
the Order of the Illuminati. Illuminati is synonymous with Luciferianism. Illuminated means
‘to make luminous’ while Lucifer means ‘light-bringer.’ My perpetrators referred to the entire
Luciferian network as ‘The Order.’
In his 1797 book ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of
Europe Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies,’
John Robison showed how the Jesuit Order and Scottish Rite of Freemasonry colluded to fulfil
Adam Weishaupt’s goal of revolution.
Carlos Didier (1843). Subterranean Rome. New York. Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction, In Journals of the
62D Congress, 3d Session of the US, 15 Feb. 1913, 3215-16.

The Galton-Huxley-Darwin-Wedgewood families were eugenicists who, in Luciferian
bloodline tradition, intermarried to preserve their bloodlines and maintain their wealth and
influence. Their relationship is demonstrated by a January 1874 séance conducted at Erasmu
Alvey Darwin’s house which was arranged by spiritualist Francis Galton and attended by
Charles Galton Darwin, Hensleigh Wedgwood, and Thomas Henry Huxley.
Charles Galton Darwin’s great-grandson married Thomas Huxley’s great-
granddaughter. Charles Darwin shared a grandfather with Francis Galton, who coined the
word ‘eugenics’ in 1883 and founded the international eugenics movement. Thomas Huxley
coined the term ‘Darwinism’ and was responsible for promoting his relative Charles Galton
Darwin’s philosophy of evolution, which was originally titled:

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the

PRESERVATION of FAVOURED RACES in the Struggle for Life

Marxist educators typically omit the second half of Darwin’s title which indicates
Darwin was a eugenicist. The Darwin-Galton-Huxley-Wedgewood eugenicist agenda was
survival of the Luciferian elite and annihilation of the masses. Communism, the universal
symbol of which is a red Luciferian pentagram, has the same goal.

Darwin’s proof of evolutionary changes in species – an evolution which proceeds by

mathematical laws, not by the conscious design of a Creator – was soon incorporated
in mechanistic theories of man and society. Social Darwinism fitted equally well into
the arguments of apologists for capitalism like Herbert Spencer and William Graham
Sumner, precursors of fascism like the Austrian sociologist Ludwig Gumplowicz, and
the influential Communist theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.205

All Darwinism is Social Darwinism, the application of ‘natural selection and

preservation of favoured races’ to human society. Darwin was influenced by Thomas Robert
Malthus, whose theory of population control advocated for reducing population numbers via
deliberate neglect and passive annihilation. Darwinism combined with Malthusianism
produced three arms of the same dialectic:

1. National Socialism in Nazi Germany,

2. International Socialism in Marxist Russia,
3. Corporate Capitalism headed by the USA.

Charles Galton Darwin's son Leonard was an Army Major, MP, and 1912 president of
London’s First International Congress of Eugenics. Leonard Darwin associated with Harry
Hamilton Laughlin, Expert Eugenics Agent of the US House of Representatives. As
superintendent of the Eugenics Record Office, Laughlin oversaw the collection of prominent
family pedigrees including the Galton-Darwin-Huxley-Wedgewood dynasty. High profile
American eugenicists included Alexander Graham Bell (the fraud who stole Antonio Meucci’s

Alan Scheflin & Edward Opton (1978). The Mind Manipulators. Paddington Press.

telephone invention206) and David Starr Jordan (Stanford University’s first President). David
Star Jordan coined the term dysgenics, referring to defective or disadvantageous genes and
traits in offspring of a population. Aldous Huxley adopted the term as follows:

Among the Brave New Worlders, the control of human nature was achieved by eugenic
and dysgenic breeding, by systematic conditioning during infancy [which] is as old as

H.H. Laughlin’s publications promoted racial segregation and sterilisation of

‘hereditary defectives.’ In 1922, Laughlin published the Model Sterilization Law mandating
the involuntary sterilization of ‘useless’ people. Thirty USA states passed laws allowing
sterilization of mentally ill, diseased, blind, orphaned, homeless, disabled people, and
criminals. Laughlin's Model Sterilization Law provided the model for, and was virtually
identical to, the Nazi sterilisation laws resulting in 2 million sterilizations.208 In 1936, the Nazi-
run Heidelberg University awarded Laughlin an honorary MD degree ‘in recognition of studies
made on human heredity and population analysis and control.’ The USA sent a large
delegation to the university in honour of its 150th anniversary, to witness the Heidelberg
University student body parade in Nazi Stormtrooper uniforms.

The Soviet Union caused tens of millions of deaths, far more than Nazi Germany. Like
Nazism, Communism stemmed from occultism and is violently anti-Biblical.209 Russian author
and historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918 - 2008) wrote:

Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their
psychology, hatred of God is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all
their political and economic pretensions.

Russian Communist Party leader Leon Trotsky wrote:

In the 18th century, Freemasonry became expressive of a militant policy of

enlightenment, as in the case of the Illuminati, who were the forerunners of

Trotsky said leftist Illuminati members became the Italian ‘Carbonari’ secret
revolutionary societies that spread socialist ideas and achieved prominence during the
Napoleonic French revolution. (Napoleon named himself New Apollyon after the god Apollo.)

Illuminism was among the many occult philosophies of the time, with influences from
the ancient belief systems of Gnosticism and Hermeticism. It was based on a loose idea
Rory Carroll (2002). Bell Did Not Invent Telephone, US Rules. The Guardian, 17 Jun.
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States. Psychiatric Genocide Research Institute.
Joshua Philip (2017). The Dark Origins of Communism: How communist ideology was formed by the dark
occult, atheism, and societies of violent revolution. Epoch Times, 7 June.
Leon Trotsky (1930). My Life.

of personal enlightenment through reason, with a heavy focus on materialism and the
nature of man - and often with strong anti-religious and anti-government overtones.

Destruction of moral restraint and the deification of human nature over suppression
of divine aspirations, is fundamental to Communist ideology. Communism basically amounts
to rebellion against God and a hatred and destruction of humanity. Hence the Luciferian end
goal is to oppose and destroy everything God stated and created and replace these with
genetically engineered and mechanised replicas. Our youth, indoctrinated with the
philosophy of evolution and the religion of scientism, are ready to embrace the final
evolutionary phase of transhumanism.

The man-as machine idea appealed to men’s desire to control themselves and others,
to replace disorder with order, to get on the bandwagon of Science (which was
revolutionizing society), and to replace the theological explanations of man’s nature
which were coming to seem more and more achronistic. From Thomas Hobbes to B.F.
Skinner, the list of man-as-machine philosophers could serve as the greater part of a
reading list for a course on modern intellectual history: Spinoza, Julian Offray, de la
Mettrie, Hartley, Jeremy Bentham, Joseph Townsend, Thomas Huxley, James Mill, John
Locke, Auguste Compte, Saint-Simon, Eramus Darwin, Hegel, Herbert Spencer, William
Graham Sumner, Haeckel, Hume, Pierre Simon de LaPlace, and Rene Descartes. The list
would also include such pro-fascists as Gumplowicz, and the founders of Communism,
Marx and Engels… The cost of this controlled happiness was to be the extinction of
human liberty…211


Throughout history, the Rothschilds and their predecessors orchestrated and financed
every major revolution (Industrial, French, Communist, etc). There is coming a Final
Revolution to end all revolutions. This final revolution, psychological in nature, inspired
Project MK-ULTRA, and will be expedited by nuclear war. Out of the ashes of chaos a
dystopian new world order will arise like the Luciferian phoenix, complete with tyrannical
dictator. The Bible predicts this, and so did Aldous Huxley, the evil revolutionary who founded
and coordinated Project MK-ULTRA in the USA. The coming social order will combine Aldous
Huxley’s Brave New World with George Orwell’s 1984. Both 1930s novels are proving to be
more blueprint than fiction. Aldous Huxley compared the two books in a letter he wrote
George Orwell from California, 21 October 1949:212

The first hints of a philosophy of the ultimate revolution — the revolution which lies
beyond politics and economics, and which aims at total subversion of the individual's
psychology and physiology — are to be found in the Marquis de Sade, who regarded
himself as the continuator, the consummator, of Robespierre and Babeuf…

Alan Scheflin & Edward Opton (1978). The Mind Manipulators. Paddington Press.
Rob King (2012). In the future, I’m right: Letter from Aldous Huxley to George Orwell over 1984 novel sheds
light on their different ideas, Daily Mail, 7 March.

My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of
governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which
I described in Brave New World…

I have had occasion recently to look into the history of animal magnetism and
hypnotism, and have been greatly struck by the way in which, for a hundred and fifty
years, the world has refused to take serious cognizance of the discoveries of Mesmer,
Braid, Esdaile, and the rest…

But now psychoanalysis is being combined with hypnosis; and hypnosis has been made
easy and indefinitely extensible through the use of barbiturates, which induce a
hypnoidal and suggestible state in even the most recalcitrant subjects.
Within the next generation I believe that the world's rulers will discover that infant
conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government,
than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied
by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into

Aldous Huxley repeated his goal of ‘Final Revolution’ as follows:

We have had religious revolutions, we have had political, industrial, economic and
nationalistic revolutions. All of them, as our descendants will discover, were but ripples
in an ocean of conservatism – trivial by comparison with the psychological revolution
toward which we are so rapidly moving. That will really be a revolution. When it is
over, the human race will give no further trouble.213

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people
love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing
a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact
have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will
be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or
brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final
revolution. 214

Aldous Huxley recruited to MK-ULTRA the famous behavioural psychologist, B.F.

Skinner, who wrote a novel in the dystopian tradition. In Walden Two, Skinner echoed Aldous
Huxley writings concerning a psychological revolution:

Now that we know how positive reinforcement works, and why negative doesn’t, we
can be more deliberate and hence more successful, in our cultural design. We can
achieve a sort of control under which the controlled…nevertheless feel free. They are
doing what they want to do, not what they are forced to do. That’s the source of the

Aldous Huxley quoted in Lewis M. Andrews & Marvin Karlins (1971). Requiem for Democracy? An Inquiry
into the Limits of Behavioural Control, 1. New York.
Aldous Huxley (1959). Speech to Tavistock Group, University of California Medical School. In Michael
Horowitz & Cynthia Palmer (eds) (1977). Moksha: Aldous Huxley's Classic Writings on Psychedelics and the
Visionary Experience, 171. Stonehill.

tremendous power of positive reinforcement—there’s no restraint and no revolt. By a
careful design, we control not the final behaviour, but the inclination to behave - the
motives, the desires, the wishes. The curious thing is that in that case the question of
freedom never arises.215


Before Hollywood, literature and reading groups provided the vehicle for cultural
change. Hence the introduction of the dystopian genre by Wells, Huxley and Orwell. Thomas
Huxley taught biology to H.G. Wells at the Royal College of Science. Wells became head of
British Intelligence and the author of ‘science fiction’ classics that reflect the New World Order
technology and agenda. War of the Worlds, Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau
anticipated the invention of aircraft, tanks, space travel, nuclear weapons, satellite television,
the internet, the sexual revolution, motorised transport, suburban growth, time travel,
genetic engineering, invisibility, and ‘alien’ invasion. H.G. Wells in turn educated George
Orwell who wrote 1984 and Animal Farm. Wells also educated Thomas Huxley’s grandsons
Julian and Aldous Huxley at Oxford. Aldous Huxley taught high school French to George


Aldous Huxley wrote his 1932 classic Brave New World in H.G. Well’s dystopian style.
Huxley’s novel plus 1984 were essential cult reading prescribed by the Grande Dame who
trained me. Brave New World portrays a Fabian Socialist state built on eugenics, where
genetically and socially engineered babies are behaviour modified via mind control methods
including drugs, electric shock, verbal repetition, and pedophilia. The resultant artificially
created caste system possess the same labels (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Epsilon)
correspond with MK-ULTRA’s program classifications. Alpha are the high IQ ruling class, while
the mass-cloned Epsilon slave class possess a mental age of 10 years. The lower classes are
sterilised, while the upper-class women take birth control pills stored on their ‘Malthusian’
belts (a reference to Social Darwinism). Everyone is in a drug-induced state of happiness, and
the water is drugged. Everyone is sexually promiscuous, young children are forced to engage
in sexual activity with each other, while love, relationships, and displays of emotion are
forbidden. For entertainment, people listen to synthetic music and watch shallow, sensory-
based films featuring action and soft porn. No one learns history, and there is no religion. A
form of spiritual ritual involves Isis Cult-like drug fuelled orgies. The characters are named
after communists Lenin, Marx and Trotsky, and industrialist Ford, representing two arms of
the same dialectic (Communism and Capitalism) that led to the Final Revolution that this book
describes.216 Brave New World also notably references Napoleon, Darwin, and the
Rothschilds. The citizens are regenerated by drugs, voluntarily euthanised in mass
crematoriums with the aid of drugs, and their dead bodies are turned into fertiliser as their
final act of servitude to the collective.


The UN is a front for child sex trafficking. To illustrate:

Burrhus Frederic Skinner (1948). Walden Two. Hackett Publishing.
Jan Dyer (2018). Shocking Reality Behind Huxley’s Brave New World, 11 Aug. []

- I attended a 1992 lecture on Child Abuse and Neglect at Perth’s Princess Margaret
Hospital where speaker Freda Briggs stated that police had recently raided United
Nation’s headquarters in Geneva due to its operating as a child prostitution brothel.
- A 1996 UN study revealed, ‘In six out of 12 country studies on sexual exploitation of
children in situations of armed conflict prepared for the present report, the arrival of
peacekeeping troops has been associated with a rapid rise in child prostitution.’217
- In 2001, UN Peacekeeper Kathryn Bolkovac publicly exposed an elite underage sex
trafficking operation in Bosnia involving the UN, US State Department, US Military,
and DynCorp International (a global private military contractor funded by the US
federal government).218
- In 2017, investigative journalists revealed, 114 UN Peacekeepers ran a child sex ring
in Haiti for a decade but were never imprisoned.219


Julian Huxley was an evolutionary biologist and president of the British Eugenics
Society. He founded, and was first Director General of, UNESCO (United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organisation) the UN’s propaganda arm for implementing cultural
revolution. Julian Huxley coined the term ‘transhumanism’ to describe a philosophical
movement that advocates for using technology to enhance human physiology and intellect.
Huxley said:

I believe in transhumanism: once there are enough people who can truly say that, the
human species will be on the threshold of a new kind of existence, as different from
ours as ours is from that of Peking man. It will at last be consciously fulfilling its real

Huxley’s transhumanism is synonymous with Huxley’s eugenics:

Critics have likened transhumanism to a modern-day version of eugenics, the

discredited field of improving the human race through controlled breeding.221

In his 1947 book, UNESCO: Its Purpose and its Philosophy, Julian Huxley described his
plans for achieving global cultural control.222 He proposed combating the ‘inequality of man
and races’ with ‘the democratic principles of the dignity, equality and mutual respect of men.’
(This echoes the Freemasonic creed of the French Revolution, ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,
Solidarity.’) Eugenics was his primary tool for achieving equality:

…the other primary aim of eugenics should be the raising of the mean of all desirable
qualities. While there may be dispute over certain qualities, there can be none over a

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Woman's Fight for Justice. Palgrave Macmillan.
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Julian Huxley (1957) Transhumanism. In New Bottles for New Wine, 13-17. Chattos & Windus.
J.B. Stewart, M. Goldstein & J. Silver-Greenberg (2019). Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His
DNA. The New York Times, 31 July.
Julian Huxley (1947). UNESCO: Its Purpose and its Philosophy, Public Affairs Press.

number of the most important, such as a healthy constitution, a high innate general
intelligence, or a special aptitude such as that for mathematics or music.

Julian Huxley alluded to the Luciferian end goal of radical population reduction by
proposing the existence of an optimal population number: ‘…there is an optimum range of
human population density, and of total population in the world.’ (p.15). Huxley dared not
disclose his optimal population figure, which would have exposed the Luciferian plan to (a)
preserve a minority of wealthy, healthy, high IQ cult initiates who serve, and are useful to the
collective, and (b) annihilation of the ‘dead weight.’

…the dead weight of genetic stupidity, physical weakness, mental inability, and disease
proneness, which already exists in the human species, will prove too great a burden for
real progress to be achieved. Thus even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic
policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be
important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest
care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now
is unthinkable may at least become thinkable. (p.21)

Julian Huxley proposed using Communist propaganda to force cultural change upon a
reluctant Judeo-Christian society:

Taking the techniques of persuasion and information and true propaganda that we
have learnt to apply nationally in war, and deliberately bending them to the
international tasks of peace, if necessary, utilising them, as Lenin envisaged, to
‘overcome the resistance of millions’ to desirable change. (p.60)

On page 12, Huxley emphasised the need for ‘provision of birth control facilities.’ The
term ‘birth control’ was coined by one of H.G. Well’s many mistresses. Besides birth control,
Luciferian eugenicist methods of population control include famine, war, unequal distribution
of planetary resources, biological warfare, fluoride (an aluminium waste product), GMO and
other food contaminates, fracking and other environmental poisoning, vaccination,
pharmaceuticals, radiation, crime, sexual promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases,
euthanasia, destruction of heterosexual marriage, divorce, abortion and suicide. Like Julian
Huxley said, he would use propaganda to overcome our resistance and make the unthinkable
thinkable. The unthinkable slaughter of newborn babies is now thinkable, as the US currently
debate the legalisation of ‘post-birth’ abortion. My childhood abusers called this ritual child
Julian Huxley suggested recruiting artists, critics, historians, anthropologists, divines,
theologians, archaeologists, poets, and academics to help introduce a focus on Eastern and
primitive indigenous culture to the West. He said, ‘the development of culture in the various
regions of the Orient must receive equal attention to that paid to its Western growth.’ This
cultural embracement would include Eastern and primitive pagan, shamanic, witchcraft,
occultic, spiritual, and sexual practices.
On page 13, Julian Huxley blatantly revealed the end goal of ‘evolutionary progress’ is
a ‘one world sovereignty’ that opposes Christianity:

…two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West and from the
East… You may categorise the two philosophies…as individualism versus collectivism;
or as the American versus the Russian way of life; or as capitalism versus communism;
or as Christianity versus Marxism.223

Julian Huxley’s UNESCO document proposed the same totalitarian regime led by the
‘Lawless One’ described in Revelation. Communism opposes the Rule of Law. The Lawless One
beheads dissenters who refuse to comply with the Luciferian New World Order. The coming
regime will mandate child sacrifice and mandated DNA-altering vaccinations which switch off
the death gene and qualify recipients for eternal hellfire. Huxley insinuates what the Bible
clearly states, that people will be forced to choose between two ways of life: Christian versus
atheistic, Luciferian communism.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) is the UN’s public health branch. Julian Huxley,
Margaret Mead (anthropologist), and three pioneers in development psychology - John
Bowlby, Erick Erikson, and Jean Piaget - attended monthly WHO meetings in Geneva (1953-
56) to discuss child psychobiology. The proceedings were published by Tavistock, the UK’s
mind control research centre. John Bowlby also attended similar weekly meetings at the
Tavistock Clinic. Four Tavistock Study Groups (held in 1959, 1961, 1963 and 1965) were called
‘Ciba-symposia’ because they were funded and arranged by the Swiss ‘Ciba’ foundation
(renamed ‘Novartis’). Ciba published a journal called Ciba Symposia. The 1947 edition of the
journal tellingly featured three articles about ‘Early Psychotherapy’ - Psychotherapeutic
aspects of Shamanism, Egyptian Psychotherapy, and Psychotherapy in the Greek and Roman
World. 224
Aldous Huxley’s role as US MK-ULTRA coordinator is indicated by his correspondence
with MK-ULTRA doctors. For instance, Colgate University Library possesses George
Estabrooks’ unpublished documents pertaining to his MK-ULTRA research. A ‘1962’ file
contains correspondence between Estabrooks and Milton, Erickson, Martin Orne, and Aldous
John Bowlby (Attachment Theory pioneer) and Aldous Huxley exposed their intentions
for humankind during correspondence regarding Bowlby’s ape attachment experiments.
Bowlby modified the relationship between the mother ape and her baby which resulted in a
retarded baby chimp. Huxley praised this result as an example of the ability to destroy the
human genetic code.
Aldous Huxley revealed his association with Louis Jolyon West in a letter to Timothy
I also spoke briefly to Dr Joly West (prof. of psychiatry at U. of Oklahoma medical
School), who told me that he had done a lot of work in sensory deprivation, using
improved versions of John Lilly’s techniques. Interesting visionary results – but I didn’t
have time to hear the details.225

Julian Huxley (1947). UNESCO: Its Purpose and its Philosophy, 61. Public Affairs Press.
Ciba Symposia (1947). Early Psychotherapy. 9:1-2, April-May, 609-632.
Michael Horowitz & Cynthia Palmer (eds) (1977). Moksha: Aldous Huxley's Classic Writings on Psychedelics
and the Visionary Experience, 186. Stonehill.

Aldous Huxley directed society toward revolution against both man and God via his
introduction of the 1960s counterculture based on the Isis and Dionysian Cults. The ancient
Egyptian oligarchies organized themselves into priesthoods and created numerous seemingly
contending pagan cults. This Hegelian-Dialectic approach was emulated by the Huxley-
Wedgewood family in Britain, the USA and Australia. Hence the emergence of many
interrelated occultic groups which my Sydney perpetrators belonged to.
All secret societies stem from the ancient mystery religions. Greco-Roman mystery
religions were cults that required secret initiation and ritual practice. It was strictly forbidden
to reveal the practises to outsiders. All mystery religions in turn stem from Babylonian
Luciferianism, hence all secret societies practice Luciferianism at their top levels.
Luciferianism, the religion of the world’s wealthiest families, includes pedophilia and child
murder as religious ritual. The secret services (including the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and ASIO)
operate as their private police force, and most secret service members are themselves
Luciferian pedophiles. Thus, Omaha Nebraska child trafficking victims were dropped at Offutt
Airforce Base to be raped by CIA pedophile staff.


Edward Bulwer-Lytton developed the secret Dionysian cult Children of the Sun into
which the children of the British Round Table Society were initiated. Dionysus (Roman
Bacchus) was the Ancient Greek god of wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and
theatre. Cult members engaged in perverted, drug-fuelled sexual orgies involving bestiality.
Initiates included Aldous Huxley, his gay lover D.H. Lawrence, Aleister Crowley, T.S. Elliott,
and Oswald Mosley (a fascist photographed while given the ‘heil Hitler’ salute, who had sex
with his stepmother plus sister-in-law).


Opium addict Aleister Crowley was a British Intelligence agent and 33⁰ Freemason.
Crowley founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (HOGD) in 1886. An Isis-Urania cult,
HOGD was based on the 1877 manuscript ‘Isis Unveiled’ in which Russian Luciferian Helena P.
Blavatsky called for the British aristocracy to organize themselves into an Isis Priesthood
resembling the Ancient Egyptians. Blavatsky wrote:

And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon… Lucifer, or ‘Light-
Bearer,’ is in us: it is our Mind—our tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator
and Saviour from pure animalism.

[One] of the most hidden secrets…involves the so-called fall of Angels. Satan and his
rebellious host…will thus prove to have…become the direct Saviours and Creators of
divine man… Thus Satan, once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious spirit of the
church, grows into the grandiose image… It is Satan who is the God of our planet and
the only God. Satan (or Lucifer) represents…the Centrifugal Energy of the Universe…
this ever-living symbol of self-sacrifice for the intellectual independence of

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1988). The Secret Doctrine, 2, 513, Theosophical University Press.

The ‘fall of Angels’ Blavatsky referred to were documented in the Book of Enoch, which was
found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, included within the Ethiopian Bible, and referenced in the
Biblical book of Jude:

8:1. And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates,
and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and
bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids,
and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures.

2. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were
led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and
root-cuttings, Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl, taught astrology,
Kôkabêl the constellations, Ezêqêêl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiêl the signs of
the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon. And as men
perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven…

9:1. And then Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel looked down from heaven and saw
much blood being shed upon the earth, and all lawlessness being wrought upon the
earth… 6. Thou sees what Azâzêl hath done, who hath taught all unrighteousness on
earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were preserved in heaven, which men
were striving to learn… 8. And they have gone to the daughters of men upon the earth,
and have slept with the women, and have defiled themselves, and revealed to them all
kinds of sins. 9. And the women have borne giants, and the whole earth has thereby
been filled with blood and unrighteousness.

10:8. And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by
Azâzêl: to him ascribe all sin.

According to a key Hermetic text, ‘The legends of the Fallen Angels have a basis in
actual fact, as all advanced occultists know.’227 The HOGD passed on the ‘eternal secrets’
revealed by Azazel. ‘Hermetic’ refers to Hermes/Thoth. Egyptian Thoth was the god of law,
magic, philosophy, religion, science, and writing. Thoth taught humans geometry,
architecture, the calendar, and the concepts of space and time. The HODG teach esoteric
philosophy based on the Hermetic Qabalah, astrology, tarot divination, geomancy, astral
travel, magic/science classical elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether) and alchemy (aka,
transhumanism, genetic engineering, cloning, gene splicing, chimera manufacturing). The
same subject areas were explored and developed by scientists tied to Nazism, NASA, JASON,
DARPA, DoD, CERN, Dulce, Area 51, Pine Gap, and ANSTO.
HOGD co-founders William Butler Yeats, William Westcott, and several other Bulwer-
Lytton protégés were Freemasons. Westcott was also Chief of England’s Rosicrucian Society
and a Theosophist. Notable HOGD initiates included Aldous Huxley, Charles Henry Allan
Bennett (who introduced Buddhism to the West), plus occult-fantasy authors J.R.R. Tolkein
and C.S. Lewis. H.G. Wells introduced Aldous Huxley to Aleister Crowley, who introduced
Aldous to psychedelic drugs in 1929. The HOGD and its offshoots were involved with the Nazis

The Kybalion (1908). Yogi Publication Society, Chicago, p.133.

and the British Royal family. The ‘heil Hitler’ salute, which the British Royals were filmed
teaching to young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, was a HOGD ritual sign.

Hermetic Principle of Vibration228

According to the Hermetic Principle of Vibration, ‘differences between different
manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of
Vibration,’ and ‘Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode
of vibration.’ This Principle ‘was enunciated thousands of years ago, by the Masters of Ancient
Egypt.’ ‘An understanding of this Principle, with the appropriate formulas, enables Hermetic
students to control their own mental vibrations as well as those of others.’ This principle of
vibration was researched under Project MK-ULTRA and applied under MK-DELTA, by Hermetic
psychologists and scientists:

The Hermetists were the original alchemists, astrologists and psychologists, Hermes
having been the founder of these schools of thought. From astrology has grown
modern astronomy; from alchemy has grown modern chemistry; from the mystic
psychology has grown the modern psychology of the schools.

Emma Hardinge Britten (1823 - 1899) was a member of the more senior Hermetic
Brotherhood of Luxor and one of 17 occultists who attended the Theosophical Society’s
founding meeting at Blavatsky’s New York home on 7 September 1875. Britten wrote:

The persons I came into contact with were representatives of many other countries
than Great Britain. They formed one of a number of secret societies…They claimed that
alchemy, medieval Rosicrucianism, and modern Freemasonry were offshoots of the
original Cabala, and during the last 150 years new associations had been formed, and
the parties who had introduced me into their arcanum were a society in affiliation with
many others then in existence in many countries… The arts necessary for study to the
practical occultist are…a knowledge of the qualities of drugs, vapours, minerals,
electricity, perfumes, fumigations, and all kinds of anaesthetics.229

Blavatsky, Britten and their secret society colleagues practised Ancient Egyptian magic
arts in which priests evoke and employ ‘the spirits of the elements.’ Hence Freemason lodges
are decorated in Ancient Egyptian paraphernalia. In Art Magic, Britten wrote of using
initiation rituals and drug/meditation-induced altered states of consciousness to channel,
summon and control spirits.

Among the emblems most commonly seen in this connection are the following: the
phallus, the lingam, the triangle, all the different methods of exhibiting the cross, the
serpent with its tail in its mouth, and a vast number of such geometrical signs as
include the triangle, cross and circle.230

Ibid, pp.30, 146.
Emma Hardinge Britten (1887). The Two Worlds, 18 November, 3-5
Emma Hardinge Britten (1876). Art Magic, 57, section 5, New York.

The lingam is used to worship Shiva (aka Isis, Ishtar, Easter, Queen of Heaven, Roman
Catholic Mary). The ‘Ishtar-lingam’ is an egg-shaped stone. The cross is an occultic symbol,
since the Bible states Jesus Christ was in fact nailed to a living tree. Luciferians recognise the
cross, Christmas, Easter, Christmas cakes, panettone, hot-cross buns, Sunday pagan temple
worship, as pagan concepts. The serpent with its tail in its mouth is the Ouroboros, which
represents eternal rebirth, or transhumanist resurrection, a reference to the Luciferian
pursuit of eternal life via an alternative means rather than bodily transformation through
belief in Jesus Christ.

L. Frank Baum (Wonderful Wizard of Oz author) was in the Theosophical Society. Close
friends J.R.R. Tolkein (Lord of the Rings) and C.S. Lewis (The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe)
were HOGD members. In his autobiography, C.S. Lewis credited his enduring ‘passion for the
occult’ to a school mistress who introduced him to the ‘Anglo-American Occultist tradition’
based on ‘Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Spiritualism.’ Lewis and Tolkien were in the Oxford
reading group ‘The Inklings’ with HOGD member Charles Williams.
The Oxford Inklings, including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien, were influenced by German
Luciferian Rudolf Steiner who created a Theosophical Society offshoot which he called the
Anthroposophical Society. Senior Nazi Rudolph Hess strongly supported Rudolf Steiner whose
writings reflect his eugenicist philosophy:

If the blondes and blue-eyed people die out, the human race will become increasingly
dense… Blonde hair actually bestows intelligence.231

The Anthroposophical Society became the fastest growing cult in post-war

Germany.232 Anthroposophy means ‘human wisdom.’ Rudolph Steiner created counter-
cultural movements within architecture, farming (biodynamics) and education. His ‘Waldorf’
schools are located internationally including in Australia. The Steiner school curriculum
features sacred geometry, clairvoyance, alchemy, necromancy, reincarnation, karma, and
‘Ahriman’ of Mithraism. Steiner schools teach:

- ‘Christ’ is the sun god,

- Lucifer has good qualities,
- The actual existence of pagan gods including Thor and Zeus,
- The origins of Atlantis
- The Aryans ‘Root Race’ of fallen angels, as aspired to by Blavatsky and Hitler,
and described in Edward Bulwer Lyon’s Vril: The Power of the Coming Race


Emma Hardinge Britten and Aleister Crowley helped found Thelema and the Ordo
Templi Orientis (aka, OTO, Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, Order of the Temple of the East, or
Order of Oriental Templars).

Rudolf Steiner 91981). Health and Illness, Vol.1. Anthroposophic Press, pp.85-6.
Martin Gardner (1957). Fads and Fallacies in the name of Science. Dover, pp.168-9.
Gregory Tillett, History of the OTO, Wentworth Building, University of Sydney.

The Ordo Templi Orientis was established in 1895, in part as a Western interpretation
of certain Oriental occult teachings, and in part as a restoration of a tradition which
had been largely forgotten in the West. Its original members were Freemasons, and in
1902 the authority of a Masonic Rite was conferred upon them for the establishment
of a Grand Lodge in Berlin within which the Grades of the O.T.O. would be worked.

The Founders of that Grand Lodge were Carl Kellner, Franz Hartmann and Heinrich
Klein. The Grand Lodge was formally constituted on January 22nd, 1906, and this
constitution was revised on January 22nd, 1917. National Grand Lodges were
established for Germany (including Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and later for
France (1908), the Slavonic Countries (1912) and Great Britain (1912).

Amongst the eminent figures who were, at one time, associated with the work of the
Order were Gerard Encausse (‘Papus’), Dr Rudolf Steiner, and Dr R.W. Felkin. Following
the death of the first Outer Head of the Order, Carl Kellner, in 1905, Theodor Reuss
became the second Outer Head. During his period in office there was a rapid, and not
altogether properly administered, expansion in the Order. It was Reuss who, in 1911,
admitted Aleister Crowley to the Order and, in 1912, appointed him head of the Order
for Great Britain. Crowley effectively took over the pre-existing traditions of the Order
and shaped them to suit his own interests...

Crowley revised and rewrote the rituals of the Order, and his work attracted
considerable notoriety. It is from the Crowleyan version of the Order that virtually all
modern claimants to the title, tradition or working of the Order come, and to which
virtually all who write about the Order refer.


Via the Hofjuden, the British Royals assassinated or deposed every world leader who
threatened their agenda:

- President Lincoln ruined Britain’s slave cotton trade, which was pivotal to their opium
- President Kennedy threatened to destroy the Hofjuden-owned CIA and Federal
- President Nixon directed his ‘War on Drugs’ at the Hofjuden banks, and
- PM Gough Whitlam established the investigation into Australia’s intelligence agencies
(First Hope Commission, 1974 to 1977), threatened to out the CIA agents in Australia,
and refused to renew the CIA’s lease on Pine Gap.

The Rothschild family and their New York Jewish banking cousins, the Lehmans,
established themselves in the USA via the pre-Civil War cotton and slave trade. These families
supported Britain’s successful efforts to recapture the USA which they lost during the
Confederate War, via the drug/rock counterculture. Counterculture literally meant ‘anti-
culture’ - the intentional destruction of the existing Judeo-Christian culture and replacing it

with Luciferian culture. British Intelligence officer Aldous Huxley coordinated the 1960s drug-
rock counterculture including the introduction of psychedelics to the USA.

Just when you thought you knew the 60s…

Aldous Huxley moved to the USA in 1937 and remained there for WW2. Aldous and
pedophile Christopher Isherwood were employed as Hollywood script writers for Warner
Brothers, MGM, and Walt Disney studios. During the late 1930s to 1940s, Huxley and
Isherwood laid the foundation for the 1960s drug-rock counterculture by recruiting people
into the Isis Cults that Huxley’s mentors (Bulwer-Lytton, Blavatsky, and Crowley) had formed
while stationed in India. Huxley founded multiple Isis Cults in southern California and the San
Francisco area, while Isherwood translated and propagated ancient Zen Buddhist documents
that inspired Zen-mystical cults.
The 1960s counterculture was a complete resurrection of the Isis and Dionysian cults.
The MK-ULTRA puppeteers rebranded the Isis Cross as the famous peace symbol of the ‘60s
counterculture. The 1960s hippies played Dionysian Cult instruments including ‘Pan’ pipes,
tambourines and skin drums. The Rite of Isis incantations, drum beating, dances, repetitive
movements (like throwing the head back), and hallucinatory substances including mescal and
hashish, created the dissociative trance state combined with hallucinations considered to be
the visitation of the gods (spiritual possession). Hippies thought they were ‘becoming one’
with the goddess Mother Earth. Ancient cult drugs were sacred and their knowledge,
preparation and gathering were secret. The Isis drug and dance ritual were reproduced at ‘60s
CIA events like Woodstock. The sex orgies of the Isis Cult became the ‘free love’ hippie orgies
of the ‘sexual revolution.’ Both involved liberation from civilization's rules and constraints and
featured a return to primordial nature Mother Earth and animalistic sexual behaviour. The
ancient cults featured sex with animals.
In 1952, Aldous Huxley accompanied his family doctor, Humphrey Osmond, to the
USA. Huxley recruited Osmond to conduct research for CIA Director Allen Dulles’ MK-ULTRA
covert LSD experiment. Osmond wrote Schizophrenia: A New Approach in which he said
mescaline (used in ancient Egyptian and Indian pagan rituals) produced a psychotic state
identical in all clinical respects to schizophrenia, and so experimentation with hallucinogenic
drugs may be key to developing a cure. In his book ‘The Doors of Perception’ Huxley claimed
hallucinogenic drugs ‘expand consciousness.’
In California, Huxley recruited to MK-ULTRA individuals who were initially attracted to
the Isis Cults he founded during his previous USA visit, including Alan Watts and
anthropologist Gregory Bateson (Margaret Mead’s husband). Watts became a nationwide
Zen Buddhist cult guru who founded the Pacifica Foundation, a CIA cut-out which sponsored
two radio stations used to introduce the ‘Liverpool Sound’ to the USA, namely Rolling Stones,
Animals, and The Beatles, followed by ‘acid rock’ and fascist ‘punk rock.’ The Beatles, who
featured Aleister Crowley on their album cover, took copious drugs and consulted their Indian
guru, and so recruited a generation of youth to Huxley’s Dionysiac counterculture.
Gregory Bateson became the director of a MK-ULTRA LSD experiment at Palo Alto VA
Hospital in which patients were brainwashed into becoming ‘psychedelic’ Isis Cult hippies.
One patient, Ken Kesey, completed One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest three years after he was
subjected to Bateson’s LSD experiments. Kesey then assembled a group who administered
LSD to unsuspecting victims lured to the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco via Scott
McKenzie’s counterculture song, ‘San Francisco.’ Huxley and Bateson established a ‘free clinic’

in the area to treat the subsequent addicts. This clinic paralleled a project at the Tavistock
Institute, the psychological warfare agency for British Secret Intelligence.
In 1960, Aldous Huxley gathered a Harvard LSD team comprised of Humphrey
Osmond, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, and Richard Alpert. Timothy Leary wrote The Psychedelic
Experience based on the Ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead, to promote LSD as ‘consciousness

Aldous Huxley founding the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, in 1962 via Stanford
graduates Michael Murphy and Dick Price, to explore what Aldous called ‘human
potentialities’ (i.e., human consciousness). Esalen became headquarters of Huxley’s
counterculture movement, and led the New Age movement, Humanistic Psychology, and
Gestalt Psychotherapy. Esalen teachers included Aldous Huxley, Arnold Toynbee, Timothy
Leary, Carl Rogers, B.F. Skinner, Joan Baez, Ken Kesey, John C. Lilly, Rollo May, Abraham
Maslow, Erik Erikson, and Deepak Chopra. Fritz Perls was an Esalen resident scholar for five
years. In its early days, the Esalen facility was guarded by a gun-wielding Hunter S. Thompson
who belonged to a child pornography ring linked to Bohemian Grove during the 1980s.
Thompson was offered $100,000 to make child porn snuff films during Luciferian rituals at
Bohemian Grove.234

Dave McGowan235 researched Laurel Canyon, an isolated community hidden in the
Hollywood hills that manufactured the ‘Rock Star’ musicians, singers and songwriters of the
1960s Counterculture:

- Frank Zappa - Steppenwolf

- Gram Parsons - Crosby, Stills & Nash
- The Mamas & the Papas - Neil Young
- Buffalo Springfield - Alice Cooper
- The Byrds - Jimi Hendrix
- The Monkees - Charles Manson.

Major record labels suddenly signed these unknown musicians, provided them with
musical equipment, recording studios, and session musicians, and recorded, mixed,
arranged, released, and promoted their albums.
Most of these musicians came from Military Intelligence families:

- Frank Zappa’s father was a chemical warfare specialist at Edgewood Arsenal (home
to MK-ULTRA’s biowarfare program) who later did classified work for Military
Intelligence at Edwards Air Force Base. Zappa’s manager, Herb Cohen, was a former
US Marine who spent 1961 in the Congo, supplying arms to Lumumba. Frank Zappa’s
wife Gail (nee Adelaide Sloatman) came from a family of Naval officers. Her father
worked on classified nuclear weapons research for the US Navy. Gail attended a

John DeCamp (1992). The Franklin Cover-up. AWT.
Dave McGowan (2008). Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of
the Hippie Generation.

Naval kindergarten with Jim Morrison (The Doors), and high school with John Phillips
and Cass Elliott. She later worked as a secretary for the Office of Naval Research and
- Jim Morrison’s father commanded the fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin incident (false
flag) that led to an escalation of the Vietnam War.
- John Phillips wrote ‘San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)’ which
lured teen runaways to the MK-ULTRA acid project in Haight-Asbury. His father was a
US Marine Corp officer, and his sister worked at the Pentagon. Phillips attended elite
military schools and dropped out of Annapolis Naval Academy before marrying the
daughter of an intelligence operative (a descendent of President John Adams) who
worked for the Pentagon. Prior to his role as a CIA musician, Phillips was in Havana,
Cuba, for the Cuban Revolution.
- Stephen Stills (Crosby, Stills & Nash) was educated at schools on military bases and
at elite military academies before allegedly serving a tour of Vietnam.
- David Crosby is the son of an Annapolis graduate and WWII Military Intelligence
officer. His family history includes senior politicians, judiciary, military and high-
ranking Freemasons.
- Jackson Browne also stemmed from a career military family. His father was likely
- Mike Nesmith (Monkees) and Cory Wells (Three Dog Night) were in the US Air Force.
Gram Parsons (The Byrds) was the son of an Air Force officer. Nesmith and Parsons
were heirs to old money.

Laurel Canyon was linked to numerous untimely and questionable deaths of stars,
many of whom died on significant satanic ritual dates, most notably Charles Manson’s cult
butchering of pedophile Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate.


The CIA began using cult cut-outs to conceal their MK-ULTRA mind control activities,
from 1963 onwards. The CIA started new cults or infiltrated existing cults as part of their
Occultism in High Places project.236 The CIA developed numerous cults during the 1960s
hippie movement centred in California. The CIA’s use of cults for social control
experimentation resulted in famous group murders and mass suicides.

OTO Agape Lodge in Pasadena, CA was founded by Satanist Jack Parsons, the rocket
scientist who worked with Nazi Von Braun, and who co-designed the Pentagon’s occultic
shape. Aleister Crowley highly influenced Parsons to become high priest in this, the USA’s first
OTO lodge.
Order of the Temple of Astarte (OTA), also founded in Pasadena CA, practised
Hermetic magic. In 1973, Louis Tackwood told journalist Donald Freed the OTA were a ‘devil-
worshipping cult’ and on the LA Police Department payroll.
Solar Lodge of the OTO (aka Riverside Lodge of the OTO) in San Bernardino, CA, was
linked to drug trafficking, blood drinking, child rape and murder. Founding lodge members

Miles Copeland (1989). The Game Player. Aurum Press. 176-177.

were found guilty of the ‘Boy in the Box’ case featuring a six-year-old boy chained for 56 hot
summer days in a shipping container in the desert.237 Charles Manson, who slaughtered
pedophile Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate, belonged to this OTO lodge.
Order of the Solar Temple (OTS) mixed Thelema, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry,
Ufology, and New Age philosophy. The OTS established lodges internationally including in
Australia and Canada. The Lodges featured altars, rituals and robes. In October 1994, a three-
month-old baby was stabbed to death with a stake at the Quebec OTS lodge. Immediately
following this, 15 leaders ‘suicided’ with poison and 38 members were murdered by various
means at OTS lodges in Switzerland. In December 1995, 15 people were found dead in the
French OTS lodge. In March 1997, five OTS members were found dead in Quebec, while two
children of one of the dead couples were found heavily drugged.

The OTS mass deaths mimicked the assassinations the CIA conducted to cover up their
Jonestown MK-ULTRA experiment. The Jonestown experiment was conceived, staffed and
financed by Lawrence Laird Layton (University of California lecturer, former Manhattan
Project chemist, and early 1950s head of the Army’s chemical warfare research division). His
son Larry Layton led the Jonestown death squad that murdered Congressman Leo Ryan who
was in Guyana to investigate the CIA’s formation of cults.

Jonestown was a step toward the massive 1993 psychological operation known as
Waco, Texas. The US government’s torture and assassination of innocent women and children
began by shooting dead a blonde preschool boy sent to the front door waving a white
surrender flag. Victims were mass subjected to sleep deprivation via flood lighting, plus
amplified loops of screeching rabbits and Nancy Sinatra threatening ‘these boots are gonna
walk all over you!’ FBI agents (Bush Senior’s former bodyguards) were filmed being executed
by their own men during the exercise. Waco husbands and fathers who rushed home from
work and tried to enter the compound were shot dead climbing the fence. Finally, the
government blocked all compound exits with flame-throwing tanks that incinerated and
flattened the children they were supposedly there to rescue. The US public swallowed the
official explanation that these crimes against humanity were committed to rescue abused cult

Before founding Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard closely associated with Satanist and OTO
high priest Jack Parsons. Together they performed a ‘Babalon Working’ ritual aimed at
manifesting the Anti-Christ. Historical records stored at Scientology’s New York headquarters
contain letters between Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley, in which Parsons wrote (1946):

About three months ago I met Capt. L. Ron Hubbard, a writer and explorer of whom I
had known for some time. Although he has no formal training in Magick he has an
extraordinary amount of experience and understanding in the field. From some of his
experiences I deduce he is direct touch with some higher intelligence, possibly his
Guardian Angel. He is the most Thelemic person I have ever met and is in complete

Frater Shiva (2007). Inside Solar Lodge - Outside the Law. Teitan Press.

accord with our own principles. He is also interested in establishing the New Aeon, but
for cogent reasons I have not introduced him to the Lodge.

L. Ron Hubbard based Scientology on Aleister Crowley’s black magic:

The one super-secret sentence that Scientology is built on is: ‘Do as thou wilt. That is
the whole of the law.’ It also comes from the black magic, from Aleister Crowley. It
means that you are a law unto yourself, that you are above the law, that you create
your own law. You are above any other human considerations.

Capt. L. Ron Hubbard had links to the Office of Naval Intelligence, and MK-ULTRA.
Hubbard participated in CIA drug experiments at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC.
Miles Copeland (CIA Case Officer) said CIA operative Bob Mandelstam used Scientology as a
front for his covert Occultism in High Places scheme.238

The Orange People

This sex cult was based on Tantra, Taoism and Hinduism. Led by Indian guru Bhagwan
Shree Rajneesh, the CIA-created cult established a large following in Australia before moving
the operation to Oregon.

In 1985 the Portland Oregonian published a 36-part, book-length series linking the cult
to opium trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, arson, slave labour, mass
poisonings, illegal wiretaps and the stockpiling of guns and biochemical warfare
weapons. The year-long Oregonian investigation revealed cult ties to CIA-trained
mercenaries in El Salvador and the Far East. Domestically, Rajneesh’s secret police
force worked with Agency operatives.239

The Family International

The ‘Children of God’ group was CIA created in 1968. The pedophile cult produced
comic books instructions for ‘flirty fishing’ – i.e., child rape. Cult parents were encouraged to
have sex with their own children. A raid on the cult’s Argentinian compound produced videos
of child pornography and Satanic Ritual Abuse. An Australian offshoot, ‘The Family,’ was a
MK-ULTRA eugenicist experiment which Julian Assange’s mother married into. The following
chapter discusses the Australian CIA cults.

* * *

Miles Copeland (1989). The Game Player: The confessions of the CIA's original political operative. Aurum
Alex Constantine (1995). Psychic Dictatorship in the USA. Feral House.

MK-ULTRA in Australia
…it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat,
steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?
- George Hunter White

The CIA coined the term ‘conspiracy theory’ to discredit whistle-blowers like me.
Project MK-ULTRA is conspiracy fact. Irrefutable evidence of its existence sits in the US Library
of Congress in a document titled:

Project MKULTRA, the CIA‘s Program of Research in Behavioural Modification, Joint

Hearing Before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health
and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources United States Senate
Ninety-Fifth Congress First Session, August 3, 1977.

According to this document, MK-ULTRA was an umbrella project for CIA-funded

subprojects conducted in respected government and private institutions. Experiments
conducted at universities, hospitals, prisons, and research facilities used drugs, hypnosis,
electric shock, psychology, psychiatry, radiation, harassment substances, and paramilitary
devices and materials, to manipulate human behaviour.
The committee hearing was a whitewash. MK-ULTRA was far more sinister than the
public were told. The following facts remain hidden from public understanding:

- Doctors and scientists, including the pioneers of psychology and psychiatry, routinely
tortured, raped, and murdered children whom the CIA kidnapped and trafficked for
Project MK-ULTRA.
- In the early 1970s, Australia became the main child recruitment location after Project
MK-ULTRA’s US operation was publicly exposed.
- The Australian and US military and Intelligence services collaborated to train
Australian DELTA child soldiers for special operations.


Evidence that MK-ULTRA doctors experimented on children is sparse. Here are three
documented cases:

1. Robbers Cave Experiment

In 1953, Muzafer Sherif (a suspected Communist) conducted his initial MK-ULTRA
experiment at Middle Grove in upstate New York, with Rockefeller Foundation funding.240
Sherif recruited underprivileged 11-year-old boys from poor families with offers of a free
summer camp. He deceived the parents and did not inform them or their children they were
being used as subjects for a psychological experiment. The aim of the experiment was to
demonstrate that people could be taught to hate, and friends could become enemies. Sherif’s
theory was that we are shaped by the group that were members of, and if you change the
way groups operate, you can alter the way people feel and behave. Sherif pitted two peaceful
David Shariatmadari (2018). A real-life Lord of the Flies: the troubling legacy of the Robbers cave
experiment. The Guardian, 16 April.

groups of children against each other and used sabotage and provocation to incite the boys
to turn on each other. His first experiment failed. His second, successful experiment was
conducted in 1954 at Robbers Cave in Oklahoma using boys selected based on observations
of their school playground behaviour. The subjects were divided into two groups: rebellious
types versus placid types who prayed. The latter group were traumatised by the unbridled
behaviour of the rebellious group. The subjects were not debriefed afterwards, and some
were seemingly permanently detrimentally impacted.

2. Martin Orne & John Gittinger Named to Presidential Committee

The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments was established in 1994 to
investigate the US government’s unethical human radiation experiments. On March 15, 1995,
New Orleans trauma therapist Valerie B. Wolf and her clients, Claudia S. Mullen and Chris
deNicola Ebner appeared before the Advisory Committee in Washington, D.C. to testify on
the connection between the Radiation Experiments and Mind Control Experimentation on
Children. Wolf submitted:

Generally, it appears that therapists across the country are finding clients who have
been subjected to mind control techniques. The consistency of their stories about the
purpose of the mind control and torture techniques, such as electric shock, use of
hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, spinning, hypnosis, dislocation of limbs and sexual
abuse is remarkable. There is almost nothing published on this aspect of mind control
used with children, and these clients come from all over the country, having had no
contact with each other… It needs to be made clear that people have remembered
these names and events spontaneously with free recall and without the use of any
memory-retrievable techniques, such as hypnosis.

Claudia S. Mullen testified:

Between the years of 1957 and 1984, I became a pawn in a government scheme whose
ultimate goal was mind control and to create the ‘perfect spy’ — all through the use
of chemicals, radiation, drugs, hypnosis, electric shock, isolation in tubs of water, sleep
deprivation, brainwashing and verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. In 1958,
I was to be tested, they told me, by some important doctors coming from a place called
the ‘Society’ (the Human Ecology Society). [aka, Human Ecology Fund]

A Dr John Gittinger tested me, and Dr [Ewan] Cameron gave me the shocks and Dr
Greene the x-rays. Then, I was told by Sid Gottlieb I was ‘ripe for the big A,’ meaning
‘Artichoke.’… The next year, I was sent to a place in Maryland called Deep Creek Cabins
to learn how to ‘sexually please men.’ Also, I was taught how to coerce them into
talking about themselves. It was Richard Helms (Deputy Director of the CIA), Dr
Gottlieb, Captain George White and Morse Allen who all planned on filming as many
high government and agency officials and heads of academic institutions and
foundations as possible, so later, when the funding for mind control and radiation
started to dwindle, then the projects would continue — at any cost. I was to become a
regular little ‘spy’ for them after that summer, eventually entrapping many unwitting
men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only nine when
this kind of sexual humiliation began. [Martin Orne was the only pedophile not filmed.]


Another time, I heard Dr Martin Orne, who was the Director of the Scientific Office,
and later the Institute for Experimental Research, state that in order to keep more
funding coming from different sources for the radiation and mind control projects, he
suggested stepping up the amounts of all the ‘stressors’ used and also the blackmail
portion of the experiments. He said, ‘It needed to be done faster, then get rid of the
subjects, as it was asking for ‘us’ to come back and haunt them by remembering.’

3. Josef Mengele & Ewan Cameron Killed Kids in Catholic Montreal

In 1997, Quebec Ombudsman Daniel Jacoby reported on his findings regarding the
Duplessis Orphans.241 His report glossed over multiple witness accounts of orphans being
subjected to MK-ULTRA atrocities. In 1944, Quebec Premiere Maurice Duplessis, President
Franklin Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, MacKenzie King, and CIA Director Allen
Dulles reportedly attended a Quebec Conference to finalise a secret agreement where
Quebec’s Catholic Orphanage children were given to the British and US military to be used as
MK-ULTRA lab rats. Approximately 22,000 orphans were automatically certified mentally ill,
to qualify them as subjects for MK-ULTRA research involving electrocution, lobotomy, rape,
Deep-Sleep, LSD and other drug experiments at psychiatric facilities including Ewan
Cameron’s Allan Memorial Institute, Saint Michel Archange Hospital and St Jean de Dieu.

Josef Mengele in Nazi Germany. Mengele in Saint Michel Archange Hospital’s 1949 Yearbook?

The 1949 Saint Michel Archange Hospital yearbook contains a photo of what may be
38-year-old Josef Mengele (who disappeared from Germany in 1948) bending down to
examine a boy in a wheelchair.242 Duplessis Orphan Sylvio Albert Day recognised Joseph
Mengele performing lethal experiments on children at St Jean de Dieu hospital in 1960.
Concordia University’s student newspaper explains: 243
During his time in power from the mid-1930s to the late 1950s (with one break where
the Liberals re-took power), Duplessis transferred power to the Church by extending

Daniel Jacoby (1997). Quebec Ombudsman, in a report to the National Assembly, The Children of Duplessis:
A Time for Solidarity, St. Foy, 22 January.
Lou Teeluck (2018). The Order of Grey Nuns Facilitated Child Kidnappings, The Link, 4 Sept.

their responsibilities to include operation of most social services like orphanages. This
gave the Church authorization to act as a government-sponsored agency—minus any
form of public accountability.

At the time, federal funding allocated $0.70 to $1.25 per day, per orphan to the church.
If an orphan was mentally disabled, they received $2.50 in subsidies. This precipitated
a mass scale process of proliferating ‘orphans’ and intentionally misdiagnosing them
as mentally disabled to qualify for the larger subsidy.

In many instances, the children recruited weren’t legitimately orphaned. Nuns and
priests would travel to low-income neighbourhoods throughout Quebec and Eastern
US and convince parents to hand over their children, promising them a better future.

Bernard Piché, a doctor who falsely certified the orphans as mentally disabled,
admitted to not examining any children in 1999. In a statement, Piché said, ‘I did it
because the nuns asked me to.’

The matching testimonies of the Duplessis orphans being tortured with electro-shock
therapy, forcible injections with powerful drugs and other human experimentation
raises serious concern that this tragedy was part of MK-Ultra—a US government
program which honed torture techniques and had a known human-experimentation
centre in McGill University.

Sylvio Albert Day, a Duplessis Orphan, says that one of the priests was Josef Mengele,
a former Nazi doctor during World War II. Day’s job was to transport dead bodies into
unmarked graves. Some of these bodies had to be cleaned because in 1942 Quebec
law allowed nuns to sell unclaimed bodies to medical schools for $10.

At St Jean de Dieu hospital, Sylvio Day transported approximately 70 dead bodies in

three months. That equates to Josef Mengele and his MK-ULTRA doctors murdering one child
per workday in a single hospital. Sylvio said the children were as young as 4, their skulls often
had holes drilled into them, and one had its brain removed. Bodies not sold to medical schools
were placed in cardboard boxes and stacked in mass graves in the ‘pigsty’ cemetery.


CIA psychiatrist and psychologist Martin Theodore Orne conducted MK-ULTRA
Subproject 84 at the University of Sydney during a two-month lecture period in 1960. His
experiment was jointly funded by the US Airforce Office of Scientific Research (grant number
AF-AFOSR-88-63) and the Human Ecology Fund (HEF) under the project title Attitude
Formation, Decision Matrices.244 The HEF also financed Hans Eysenck’s Subproject 111 under
the same title. Hence subprojects 84 and 111 were related and both influenced Australian
operations. The HEF was a Cornell University based CIA cut-out for financing MK-ULTRA
activities including Ewen Cameron’s crimes at Montreal's Allen Memorial Institute.

Price, David. (2007). Buying a piece of anthropology Part 1: Human Ecology and unwitting anthropological
research for the CIA. Anthropology Today. 23, 8-13.

Martin Orne’s 1960 visit was sponsored by USEFA (US Educational Foundation in
Australia), the Australian body of the Fulbright Scholarship and Lectureship Program.245 The
CIA used the Fulbright program to insert their agents or contractors into MK-ULTRA
University of Sydney Psychology faculty head, Alfred Gordon Hammer, approved
Subproject 84. Gordon Hammer (then APS Chair) subsequently spent two sabbaticals in
Martin Orne’s Philadelphia laboratory during the 1960s and 70s.246 Leading up to Martin
Orne’s visit, Gordon Hammer ran a weekly hypnosis seminar attended by University of Sydney
students who became major contributors to MK-ULTRA hypnosis research:

- Frederick Evans - Jean Jones

- Wendy-Louise Walker - Margaret Austin,
- George Singer - Peter Sheehan
- Wendy A. Fairfax-Thorn - Campbell W. Perry.247

In April 1960, four months before Martin Orne visited Sydney, George Hoben
Estabrooks invited him to speak at a Colgate College symposium.248 Estabrooks, father of the
Manchurian Candidate, boasted eight years later:

The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality,
or creating multi-personality, with the aid of hypnotism. This is not science fiction.
This has and is being done. I have done it. It is child’s play now to develop a multiple
personality through hypnotism.249

Martin Orne’s presentation paper was later titled ‘Antisocial Behaviour and Hypnosis.’
His experimental objective was to see if hypnotised subjects would carry out dangerous and
harmful acts they normally would not. The resultant article, Social Control in the Psychological
Experiment: Antisocial Behaviour & Hypnosis, published in the Journal of Personality and
Social Psychology, was co-authored by Martin Orne and University of Sydney psychology
student Frederick J. Evans. The abstract of the 1965 paper reads:

Rowland and Young found that hypnotized subjects were willing to carry out such
apparently antisocial actions as grasping a dangerous reptile, plunging their hand into
concentrated acid, and throwing the acid at an assistant.250

Frederick Evans and Martin Orne subsequently assumed positions at the University of
Pennsylvania, the USA’s major MK-ULTRA research hub.251 Australian psychologists Peter W.

The Canberra Times, 1960. 27 July, 5.
Campbell Perry (2001). Hypnosis in Australia 40 Years Ago: Recollections of Gordon Hammer, Martin Orne,
and Philip Sutcliffe. Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, Nov, 29:2, 83-92. Australian
Society of Hypnosis.
Colin Ross (2006). The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists. Manitou
Providence Evening Bulletin (1968). ‘To Sleep; Perchance to Kill?’ Colgate University Archives, 13 May.
F.J. Evans & M.T. (1965). Social Control in the Psychological Experiment: Antisocial Behaviour & Hypnosis,
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 1, 189-200.
John F. Kihlstrom (2006). Frederick J. Evans, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 49:1, 3-4.

Sheehan and Campbell W. Perry conducted Manchurian-candidate hypnosis experiments
with this Pennsylvanian research network. Campbell Perry became a board member of the
CIA’s False Memory Syndrome Foundation headed by Martin Orne.
Wendy A. Fairfax-Thorn was a student in Phil Sutcliffe’s Psychology department,
studying hypnosis and multiple personality disorder with Subproject 84 psychologist Frederick
J. Evans. In 1960, Wendy Thorn completed a University of Sydney thesis on posthypnotic
amnesia, then presented her paper Hypnosis and Suggestibility to the ABBPS. In 1961, the
ABBPS financed a post-graduate research scholarship to ANU (Australian National University)
for Wendy Thorn to study the placebo effect. Her resultant 1962 ANU thesis noted: ‘This study
would have also lacked a great deal without the information, advice and materials supplied
by Professor H.J. Eysenck (director of MK-ULTRA Subproject 111).252 From 1963 to 1964,
Wendy Thorn participated in hypnosis research with Frederick J. Evans while receiving
assistance from the CIA-funded Studies in Hypnosis Project directed by Martin Orne. In 1963,
Fred Evans attended Harvard on a Fulbright Scholarship to work and publish with Martin
Orne.253 Wendy Thorn later collaborated with Fred Evans and Hans Eysenck on MK-ULTRA
research at Maudsley Hospital Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) in London.254 255 Wendy Thorn and
Fred Evans subsequently co-published a paper on hypnotic amnesia in 1966.256
Phillip Sutcliffe had MK-ULTRA connections which led to Martin Orne commencing his
MK-ULTRA hypnosis research at the University of Sydney. Peter Sheehan explained:

Phil had network connections with Martin Orne, and very quickly I got drawn into a
very extensive program of research – that was funded in Australia – and then through
the network and the associations and working with Phil Sutcliffe, I then went across to
work with Martin Orne in Philadelphia.

Phil Sutcliffe was influenced by his thesis examiner Hans Eysenck who directed MK-
ULTRA Subproject 111.257 In 1959, Phil Sutcliffe received the first University of Sydney PhD for
his thesis Hypnotic Behaviour: Fantasy or Simulation? His thesis examiners were Gordon
Hammer, Robert W. White (Harvard), and Hans Eysenck of London’s Institute of Psychiatry
which conducted CIA funded MK-ULTRA research. The examiners declared Sutcliffe’s work ‘a
model for what a PhD thesis should be.’ Robert White headed Harvard’s Social Relations
Department where MK-ULTRA doctors Henry A. Murray and Timothy Leary operated. After
examining Phil Sutcliffe’s thesis in November 1959, Hans Eysenck applied for a CIA grant to
direct MK-ULTRA Subproject 111. The CIA Chemical Branch Chief concluded, ‘Eysenck is one
of the most skilful and productive psychologists on the international scene today and a grant
to him would add prestige of the Society.’258
Peter Van Sommers: Phil Sutcliffe later connected with Peter Van Sommers, a
University of Melbourne student who received a 1958 Fulbright Scholarship to become the

Wendy Anne Fairfax Thorn (July 1962). The Placebo Response: A Study of the Personality Correlates of
Placebo Reactors. ANU.
F.J. Evans & M.T. Orne. (1965). Motivation, performance, and hypnosis. International Journal of Clinical and
Experimental Hypnosis. 13, 103-16.
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John F. Kihlstrom (2006). Frederick J. Evans, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 49:1, 3-4.
Duncan Campbell (1979). CIA Funds Research by Eysenck. New Statesman, 11 May, 97.

first student in Experimental Psychology at Harvard’s Social Relations Department. 259 At
Harvard, Van Sommers placed electrodes in the brains of rats to create lesions used to control
their behaviour. Harvard retained Van Sommers until 1961, after his Fulbright scholarship
expired, because his research was valuable to DoD (Department of Defence) projects. Van
Sommers also spent time at the University of Pennsylvania which offered the world’s most
cutting-edge psychology research laboratory. In the late 1960s, Van Sommers visited the
Mecca of MK-ULTRA, Aldous Huxley’s Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.


During the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, most leading universities in Australia (including
Sydney, Western Australia, Melbourne, and Canberra’s ANU) had staff and students in the
MK-ULTRA network. The University of Sydney remained the epicentre of MK-ULTRA in
Australia. My key MK-ULTRA perpetrators attended the University of Sydney. Harry Bailey
graduated medicine in 1954. Leonas Petrauskas graduated with a diploma in Tropical
Medicine in 1957 while Antony Kidman studied there. Kidman and Telford Conlon completed
second year Chemistry together in December 1959, the same year Conlon’s future wife
Patricia Anne Carden passed third year English. John Manning Ward was History professor
(1948-1979) while Anne was a history major, and Rosalind Croucher studied law in the 1970s.
Ward became Vice-Chancellor (1981-1990). Holsworthy anaesthetist Colonel John Overton
(Antony Kidman’s next-door neighbour) graduated medicine in 1962 with heart transplant
surgeon Victor Chang. Actor John Bell graduated from Sydney University in 1962.
My key perpetrators belonged to multiple secret societies including the Freemasons,
Jesuits, Rosicrucians, Theosophical Society, the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis), and self-styled
esoteric groups. The various organisations were intertwined. Senior Australian Freemasons
are closely tied to the international heads of Rosicrucianism. The OTO incorporate Jesuit


The University of Sydney has a long occultic history. In 1882, the University of Sydney
founding Chancellor John Smith became Sydney’s first Theosophical Society member. John
Smith was mentored by Emma Hardinge Britten who co-founded the Theosophical Society
and the OTO. Smith was one of the select few to receive a letter from one of the ‘Masters’
(Morya and Koot Hoomi), Helena P. Blavatsky’s spiritual guides to establishing the
Theosophical Society. Blavatsky incorporated Buddhist Shambhala mythology into her
occultic society and claimed to be in contact with a Great White Lodge / Brotherhood of
Himalayan ‘Masters’, a group of highly developed humans. ‘Master Morya’ is described as a
man ‘living on the earth but possessed of developed senses that laughed at time and space.’
OTO members are designated a number preceded by the title of ‘Frater’ which means
fraternity brother of the ‘Great White Brotherhood.’ Australia’s OTO Headquarters proudly
advertised the following address - until my Candy Girl documentary was released:

PO Box 362
Wentworth Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006
Peter Van Sommers interviewed by Alice Graner, Fulbright Scholars Oral History Project (National Library of
Australia, 24 March 2010).

The Wentworth Building also contains the university of Sydney University’s student
services, student union, medical centre, banks, hairdresser, and shops. Gregory Tillet
published the following on the University of Sydney OTO website:


The original, pre-Crowleyan Order had, however, been brought to Australia around
1908 by Vyvyan Deacon, who became the first Grand Master for the Order in Australia,
having received his authority from the Outer Head, Theodor Reuss. Deacon (Frater
Memnon) established the Order in Sydney and Melbourne and, during a visit to New
Zealand in 1920-2l, attempted to lay the foundations of the Order there.

Between 1914, when the active work of the Order in Australia commenced, and 1930,
when Deacon returned to-London, the Order attracted, and influenced, a number of
eminent Australians. Notable amongst them were several involved in the arts and

The Order became dormant after the departure of its Grand Master, who died in
London in 1938; his archives, authorities and regalia (such of it as survived the Blitz)
were entrusted to his daughter's guardianship until a successor could be appointed.
Forty-four years later the guardianship was relinquished, and the authority and
symbols of office were passed to Frater Memnon's successor. Frater Iacchos who, upon
his appointment issued a decree, ‘Of the True Secret of The O.·.T.·.O.·.,’ in which he re-
affirmed the original, pre-Crowleyan traditions and working of the Order.
The O.·.T.·.O.·. in Australia works the traditions of the Order established by its founders,
revised only insofar as has been necessary to remove later accretions.
The Crowleyan Order was established in Australia in the 1920's by Frank Bennett
(‘Frater Progradior’) who had been trained by Crowley as a missionary to Australia.
His work attracted a degree of hostile publicity but failed to achieve any real influence.
Its limited activity ceased when Bennett returned to England.

The international OTO Handbook lists Australia’s OTO contact as:260

Kylie McKiernan
Quartermaster, Australia & New Zealand
PO Box 667
Toongabbie NSW 2146

Kylie McKiernan is the Chief Risk Officer for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting
Commission) at their Sydney office. The ABC is linked to the BBC which covered up the
Luciferian pedophile crimes of Jimmy Savile. In 2015, British Intelligence agent Paul Barry
mocked and slandered me on national television after I publicly spoke about my experience
of government child sex trafficking which implicated the University of Sydney OTO.
Ordo Templi Orientis (2002). International Camp, Oasis & Lodge Master’s Handbook, Revised Spring

The OTO International Handbook contains specific instruction not to publicly perform ritual
animal sacrifice:

Don’t sacrifice animals or perform any other actions or practices which

might adversely affect the Order’s reputation or legal standing, including
public performance of the Mass of the Phoenix, Liber Jugorum, or explicit
sexual acts at official or public-access events.

My perpetrators were members of the University of Sydney OTO. Nicole Kidman and
I witnessed her father Antony Kidman perform an OTO ritual murder of a five-year-old boy in
the University of Sydney Great Hall. The ritual reflected Aleister Crowley’s quote:

For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which
contains the greatest and purest force, a male child of perfect innocence and high
intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim… But the bloody sacrifice,
though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human
sacrifice is the best.

University of Sydney Philosophy Professor John Anderson influenced psychiatrist
Alfred Austin Justin Conlon and his ‘small but persuasive group’ of Australian intellectuals
called the Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs (DORCA). 261 In 1939, Conlon was a 32-year-
old medical student at the University of Sydney, and an elected member of the university
Senate. When war broke out, Conlon became the university's Manpower Officer, which
brought him into contact with the army hierarchy. As Manpower Officer, Conlon’s expressed
goal was to save Australia’s intellectual cream from becoming cannon fodder for the British
Empire. In 1942, Conlon convinced Brigadier Victor Stantke (Army Education Director) that
the Army needed its own special research section. With zero military training or experience,
Conlon became an Army Colonel. Conlon persuaded Prime Minister John Curtin to form, and
appoint Conlon Chair of, the Prime Minister's Committee on National Morale. Conlon then
convinced General Thomas Blamey (Commander-in-chief of the Australian Military Forces)
that the research section should be upgraded to a directorate which advised on the civil
government of Australian territories, particularly Papua New Guinea. The result was DORCA.
The PNG campaigns (1944 – 1945) are partly attributed to General Blamey and PM Curtin
falling under DORCA influence.
DORCA was staffed by University of Sydney employees and graduates who were
heavily involved in the occult, associated with intelligence groups ASIO and CIA, had
communist connections, and demonstrated massive international influence. Conlon
assembled the following DORCA (later ASOPA) team:

- Camilla Wedgwood (English anthropologist, DORCA lecturer).

- Margaret Mead (American cultural anthropologist, married MK-ULTRA anthropologist
Gregory Bateson).
- William E.H. Stanner (anthropologist, ANU lecturer, Aboriginal rights activist, advisor
to my pedophile rapist PM Gough Whitlam).

Peter Ryan (1972). Encyclopaedia of Papua and New Guinea, Melbourne University Press.

- Julius Stone (lawyer).
- James Plimsoll (banker, later head of External Affairs, Governor of Tasmania,
Australian UN representative).
- James McAuley (DORCA lecturer, CIA/ASIO agent, poet, founding member of occultic
Liberal Catholic Church).
- Harold ‘Hal’ Stewart (poet, Shin Buddhist, homosexual).
- Ida Leeson (Mitchell Librarian, member of Theosophical Society and Rudolph Steiner’s
Anthroposophical Society, Marxist lesbian feminist activist, pushed for a totalitarian
New World Order).
- Peter A Ryan (journalist, WWII spy in PNG).
- J. Keith Murray (Queensland University agriculture professor, PNG Administrator,
DORCA Principal).
- Ralph Piddington (DORCA Deputy Principal).
- Julius Stone (Oxford scholar, Sydney University law professor, radical Zionist, leftist
minority rights activist).
- Herbert Cole ‘Nugget’ Coombs (economist, first Governor of the Reserve Bank of
Australia, Governor Commonwealth Bank, ANU Chancellor, advised seven PMs over
30 years, drove business and politics behind the scenes).
- John Robert Kerr (wartime intelligence officer, Governor General of Australia,
UNESCO Ambassador, my pedophile rapist).
- Ian Hogbin (DORCA lecturer. ANGAU officer Eddie Stanton wrote of Hogbin in his
diary: ‘He likes native boys.’)
- John Andrews (DORCA lecturer).
- John Legge (DORCA lecturer).
- Theodore ‘Ted’ George Henry Strehlow (Anthropologist. Leading expert on Australian
Aboriginal language, legend and ritual. DORCA lecturer.)

John Kerr and John Ryan became Alf Conlon’s right-hand men. Conlon, Kerr, Ryan,
Stewart, Hogbin, Plimsoll, and McAuley all graduated Fort Street High School, a selective
school for intellectually gifted students located next door to the University of Sydney. Other
DORCA staff graduated from alternative selective schools like Sydney Boys High. This is
relevant to Conlon’s hidden eugenicist agenda, indicated in this tribute:

Alf Conlon (1908–61) was a visionary. He would not have known it, but his ideology
had similarities with the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci. Conlon had a belief that the
ideas that shape society come from a fairly small elite united by shared intellectual
premises, and he sought to use the chaos of the war to establish a new kind of elite in
Australia. What Gramsci termed ‘organic intellectuals’ Conlon thought of as his
intellectual underground. When the war had begun to pose a direct threat to Australia,
he could see that the fallout was going to destroy the credibility of the existing elites
and undermine the derived power of the conventional establishment. He recognised
the possibility of using the chaos to build a new power group with progressive ideas,
organic to Australian society and based on intellect. No Marxist, Conlon insisted his
‘New Men’ would be a classless elite, yet those he had in mind were lower-middle-class

boys like himself who had come to university through the selective state school system.
The poet James McAuley was typical of Conlon’s incipient elite: brainy, ambitious,
contemptuous and, most importantly, a product of Conlon’s alma mater, Fort Street
Boys High, Sydney, as were Hal Stewart, Ian Hogbin, Jim Plimsoll and a brilliant law
graduate named John Kerr.262

ASOPA’s Sydney headquarters were located directly next door to The Manor at 2 Iluka
Road, Clifton Gardens, Mosman. The Manor is a 30-room mansion which contains an Egyptian
temple. The Theosophical Society rented The Manor in 1922, purchased it in 1925, and in
1951 created The Manor Foundation Ltd to own and administer the property.
In a 1983 court case, occupants of The Manor claimed to practise a religion there for
the purposes of tax exemption status, and supplied the following examples of rituals
conducted there:

‘…there was also a number of specific spiritual and educational disciplines to which
they were expected to subject themselves. These involved attendance at a service of
the Holy Eucharist which was a religious ceremony of the Liberal Catholic Church,
somewhat similar to a communion service in the Anglican Church. This was held in the
Manor Chapel each morning. There was also held each morning in the temple a short
service of the Egyptian rite, which is the Theosophical ceremony of invocation... A
solemn benediction service, also a service of the Liberal Catholic Church, took place
every Monday night in the Chapel. Also, on Monday nights a further Egyptian rite
service was held in the Temple.’

National Archive documents reveal that ASIO suspected the Theosophical Society
headquarters were a major Communist hub where Soviet spies gathered to plan their
infiltration of Australia. Leaders of the Theosophical Society, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and
Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) met at The Manor to plan their cultural takeover of Australia via
the University of Sydney which housed the national OTO headquarters. Camilla Wedgewood’s
cousin, James I. Wedgwood, a Theosophist and Freemason, established the OTO in Australia.

During the 1920s, the Theosophical Society had about 7,000 members in the USA,
2,500 in Australia, and 20,000 in India. Theosophy was closely linked to the Indian
independence movement, the Indian National Congress, whose most famous leader and
revolutionary, Mahatma Gandhi, became associated with and influenced by Theosophy while
studying law in London (1888 to 1890). Gandhi attended Theosophical Society meetings and
met with Madame Blavatsky and Annie Besant.
The Theosophical Society took control of early Australia's social and political systems.
Theosophy is based on the notion of Aryan superiority. The Theosophist Society members
influenced our second Prime Minister Alfred Deacon to create the White Australia Policy.
Alfred Deakin’s daughter Ivy Deacon co-founded Australia's first Eugenics Society with the
Australian Theosophical Society’s leader, and members of the Order of the Star in the East.
Cassandra Pybus (2012). Conlon’s Remarkable Circus, in Scholars at War: Australian Social Scientists, 1939-
1945. ANU.

Ivy Deacon’s son, Alfred Deakin Brooks, became the first head of ASIS (Australian Secret
Intelligence Service).
The Theosophists and Co-Masons created Australia’s first abortion clinic, started our
Eugenics movement, and controlled Australia’s Kindergarten Union who provided public
childcare. Theosophist and Co-Mason Edith Cowan (who is on our $50 note) was the first
Australian to advocate for forced sterilization and government removal of children from
Australian citizens. Edith Cowan, who pushed to sexualize children, created Australia’s Child
Protection Society and Children's Court, the two government organisations responsible for a
massive child trafficking operation where children are still taken from innocent parents and
handed to pedophile foster parents for sex trafficking.
Walter Burley Griffin, who designed Australia’s capital city Canberra, belonged to the
Anthroposophical Society, an elite version of the Theosophical Society. Canberra’s town plan
is based on Freemasonic, occultic symbology and sacred geometry.


In 1926, the Theosophical Society founded one of Australia's first public broadcast
radio stations, 2GB. They named 2GB after Hermetic occultist Giordano Bruno. Initially
operating out of The Manor, 2GB promoted the Theosophical Society, Freemasonry, Eugenics,
racism, and anti-Christian sentiment. 2GB broadcast the Sunday mass from the Liberal
Catholic Church (LCC), an occult group which met in a Redfern church building.
The LCC was initiated by Charles W. Leadbeater and Camilla Wedgewood’s brother
James Ingall Wedgwood. The LCC fused Freemasonry, Theosophy, and the OTO (who held
their initial ritual in the LCC’s Redfern church). Leadbeater was a prominent Theosophist
leader who trained under Madame Blavatsky, co-authored books with Annie Besant, and
pursued, ‘a certain kind of meditation connected with the development of the mysterious
power called kundalini.’ A notorious pedophile, Leadbeater served as headmaster at the
English Buddhist Academy in Ceylon, and wrote numerous books on clairvoyance, the astral
plane, and the chakras.
Wesleyan evangelist Gordon Moyes became the conservative ‘Christian’ face of 2GB.
I attended one of Moyes’ famous crusades in Tweed Heads when I was a teenager and well
recall his façade of respectability, impeccable grooming, and neat navy suit. Moyes preached
to my generation on whether teens should kiss. . . all the while gangraping children with fellow
Freemasons. ‘Big Tim, Little Tim’ documents Tim Roy’s experiences of ritual rape committed
by multiple 2GB radio announcers including Gordon Moyes, who committed suicide while
under police investigation; and Alan Jones, whose television appearances were momentarily
suspended during police inquiry.
In 1973, Alan Jones was forced to resign from his position as a teacher at The King’s
School in Sydney for sexually grooming students. On one occasion, ‘one of the masters found
a letter, written by Jones to a boy, that had been left behind in a classroom desk. In it, Alan
spoke of thinking about the boy late at night, expressing his love.’263 Two of Alan Jones’ close
associates were key members of Sydney’s pedophile network, lawyer John Marsden, and
underbelly cop Roger Rogerson. According to multiple reports, all 2GB celebrities were
pedophiles, including financier John Singleton. Tim Roy’s father worked at Daruk and sex
trafficked Daruk boys to entertainers.

Chris Masters (2006). Jonestown: The Power and The Myth of Alan Jones. Allen & Unwin.

Founding member of the Liberal Catholic Church, James McCauley was an Australian
Academic, Marxist (later anti-communist) and CIA/ASIO asset. A famous Australian poet,
McCauley dedicated his poem Winter Nightfall to his friend Camilla Wedgwood. McAuley
used sarcasm to inform the public that the Luciferian Order was operating in Australia:

A great number of the Australian university intellectuals who gravitated to

Communism did so by an interesting path: The fact that many of us danced in diverse
incoherent snatches instead of performing to the strict choreography of Stalin is not
decisive. The eccentrics, the dissenters even from the orthodoxy of dissent, might re-
explore Nietzsche, or Stirner, or Sorel, or the anarchism lighted up by the Spanish Civil
War (as I did – along with exploring the literary esoterisms of Blake, Mallarme, Rilke,
George and so on). Never mind, we were all ‘enlightened’; we all belonged somehow
to the order of illuminati. 264

Kerr was a Globalist and CIA agent who became principal of ASOPA in 1946, and later
the first Secretary-General of the South Pacific Commission. In 1957, Kerr joined the executive
board of the CIA’s anti-communist advocacy group, Association for Cultural Freedom. In 1964,
Kerr and future NSW Premier Neville Wran helped defend the counterculture Oz magazine (a
propaganda tool used by the British Round Table) when it was prosecuted for obscenity. PM
Gough Whitlam appointed Kerr as Governor-General in 1974.


ASOPA claimed their purpose was to police the Pacific Islands to expand Australia’s
sphere of global influence, and to train teachers and administrators for Papua New Guinea
(PNG). They were in fact studying native tribes for weaponised anthropology, a Marxist
method for understanding culture in order to find the key to subverting and destroying it (i.e.,
to social engineer a replacement Luciferian culture). ASOPA graduates attended field
assignments in the Pacific Islands, including PNG and Manus Island, where they developed
Australian colonies and conducted anthropological, medical, and anti-viral research
connected to MK-NAOMI. Key anthropologists Camilla Wedgewood and Margaret Mead
worked together at ASOPA.

A bisexual in later life, Hofjuden eugenicist Margaret Mead promoted the notion of
sexual evolution throughout life. Mead pioneered Australia’s sexual revolution and promoted
sexual activity amongst pre-teen Western children based on her false reports of witnessing
PNG tribal children engaging in sexual intercourse. Mead was subsequently outed as one of
the greatest academic frauds of the 20th Century (yet the University of Queensland’s
Anthropology faculty celebrate her birthday). Mead was a member of the Society for Psychical
Research, an occult group that consulted spirits.
An MK-ULTRA operative, Mead was instrumental in the Stanford Research Institute’s
Changing Images of Man project. The Stanford University faculty committee planned the
Stanford Research Institute (SRI) at the Bohemian Grove pedophile summer camp of 1939

James McAuley (1960). Australian Quarterly, 14 May.

and established it in 1946. By 1965, most SRI projects were of a military and intelligence
nature. Protesting Stanford students forced SRI to relocate off-campus in 1970.
In 1968, the US Office of Education commissioned SRI to examine alternative future
possibilities for the year 2000 and to derive policy implications for educating youth in ways
more relevant to the NWO agenda. SRI reported which ‘changes in the conceptual premises
underlying Western society would lead to a desirable future.’ SRI’s conclusions were
published in a book called Changing Images of Man (1974).265 A blueprint for a vast social
engineering project, the book blatantly attacks Protestant Christianity. Its Introduction to
Chapter 4 reads:

At various times in history, man's image of himself was shaped by mythology,

philosophy, and religion. In our contemporary culture, science has added a dominant
formative contribution to our conception of the nature of the human being — through
biology and life sciences, physics, psychology, brain research, evolutionary theory, and
the growing investigation of consciousness states and parapsychological phenomena.

Zionist Camilla Wedgewood was of the Darwin-Galton-Huxley-Wedgwood dynasty.
Her parents were first cousins. Camilla’s father Josiah Wedgwood was a British Labor
politician, Army Colonel connected to Intelligence, and Zionist involved with the WW1 Jewish
Legion and Mule Corp. Josiah was well involved with the Theosophical Society who published
his book, The Future of the Indo-British Commonwealth, which promoted the creation of a
NWO via universal Brotherhood, and determined Christianity is not the answer. The foreword
by then Prime Minister of South Africa read: ‘The New World Order will be a world of
individualism controlled by Britain and America.’ The SRI Changing Images of Man book
parroted Josiah Wedgwood’s content.
Camilla Wedgwood was into occultism, Freemasonry, and the Theosophical idea of a
New World Order. She was a student of Rudolph Steiner, European spy, Freemason, member
of the Order of the Illuminati, and OTO co-founder who claimed the ‘Luciferic Impulse’
manifested on Earth in 3000 BC. Camilla Wedgewood’s mother Ethel was in a sexual
relationship with Luciferian Theosophist Rudolf Steiner and translated most of his writings.
Camilla Wedgewood was a left-wing feminist who lectured at the University of Sydney.
Appointed Principal of the university’s Women’s College in 1935, Wedgewood promoted
Margaret Mead’s false reports of sexual activity between tribal PNG children as the basis of
condoning sex between prepubescent Western children, and she used her academic position
to encourage sexual promiscuity among young women. She tellingly said post-war social
change was the result of the intersection of ‘the revolt of women and the revolt of youth.’ In
1944, Alf Conlon commissioned Camilla Wedgwood as Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian
Army where she served as a DORCA research officer. Wedgewood served two field years in
PNG, and as senior ASOPA lecturer in Native Administration.

Operation Matchbox was the codename for Australia’s version of Operation Paperclip.
Under Matchbox, Britain secretly organised the recruitment and transfer of at least 127
German scientists and engineers (including 31 Nazi party members and six SS) to Australia
Joseph Campbell (1974). Changing Images of Man, Research Report, 4, May. Center for the Study of Social
Policy, SRI International.

between 1946 and 1951.266 Matchbox remained top secret until a journalist accidentally
uncovered the secret operation in the National Archives of Australia.
Operation Matchbox transferred chemical and biological weapons experts to
Australian Military laboratories. In 1948, Operation Paperclip recruited Erich Traub, head of
the Nazi’s bioweapons projects. 267 Nazi bioweapons expert Vincent Zigas was recruited the
same year. Vincent Zigas came from Estonia, a country which provided Nazi Germany with a
National Legion during WWII. Vincent Zigas and Nazi physician Leonas ‘Leo’ Petrauskas (my
main perpetrator and handler) were the ‘dearest of friends.’ When Operation Matchbox
recruited Leonas Petrauskas to Australia in 1949, Zigas purchased him a house to help him
settle in. National Archive documents confirm Leonas Petrauskas initially worked at Sydney’s
Concord Military Hospital.268
A 1949 document of the Commonwealth Investigation Service (ASIO’s forerunner) lists
Leonas Petrauskas and ‘E. Traub’ as having passed their security check for employment
eligibility in PNG. Petrauskas and Zigas completed a four-month ASOPA course taught by
Camilla Wedgewood and James McAuley before travelling to PNG where they shared a house
together. Vincent Zigas became close friends with James McAuley and the godfather of his
Camilla Wedgewood introduced Leonas Petrauskas to Margaret Mead (wife of MK-
ULTRA founder Gregory Bateson) on Manus Island in 1955. In the Preface of her 1956 book
New Lives for Old, Margaret Mead thanked ‘Leo’ Petrauskas for assisting her in PNG, but
misspelt his surname ‘Petrauskis.’269 In 1960, Petrauskas followed up research into heart
disease and influenza by Camilla’s nephew John Wedgwood. He also oversaw computer-
based personality assessment at Saint Barts Hospital, London. Significantly, Leonas Petrauskas
was involved with two Wedgewoods plus Margaret Mead in the space of 10 years.
While in PNG, Leonas Petrauskas wrote a study on the effects of poisoning by a Cone
Fish sting on a child.270 Petrauskas obtained a postgraduate qualification in Tropical Medicine
at the University of Sydney in 1957. I witnessed Leonas Petrauskas use the cover of a blue
ringed octopus sting to account for the death of the young boy murdered and raped by
necrophiliac Paul Keating at Kurnell Beach in Sydney.


Leonas Petrauskas came from Lithuania, a country with a strong pagan history. He
connected with the Theosophical Society shortly after arriving in Australia. All the new
immigrant events that Leonas Petrauskas participated in were held at the Theosophical
Society. Leonas was involved with the New Australians Cultural Association (NACA) an
organisation formed to assist newly arrived European immigrants settle into Australian life.
Adyar Hall, a frequent home to NACA events, was owned by the Theosophical Society.271
Adyar Hall was also used by the pro-Nazi Rationalist Association, and the Australia First
Movement led by P.R. Stephenson (Aleister Crowley’s associate). Leonas Petrauskas gave a
talk for NACA at Adyar Hall in 1949. A previous NACA Vice-President was a leading member
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of the Theosophical Society.272 Another NACA Vice-President was the grandson of a Prince
initiated into Egyptian Freemasonry by Alessandro Cagliostro, an early occultist whom Aleister
Crowley claimed to be an incarnation of. Eugene Goossens was notable NACA patron who
was introduced to Thelema by Rosaleen Norton, the notorious Kings Cross Satanist. Goossens
became Vice-President of CIA/ASIO front, The Australian Congress of Cultural Freedom with
Ian Clunies-Ross (CSIRO head) serving as an Executive Member.


MK-ULTRA was related to MK-NAOMI, a joint CIA/US Army chemical and biological
weapons project based at Fort Detrick, Maryland, that ran from 1953 to 1970. The project
involved, ‘developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems for use
against humans as well as against animals and crops.’ MK-NAOMI received CIA funding
through MK-ULTRA Subprojects 13, 30 and 50.273

Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, an American physician, received the 1976 Nobel Prize for
research on the PNG kuru disease. In 1957, Frank McFarland Burnet organised with Joseph
Smadel of Fort Detrick to send military-trained Gajdusek to study the Kuru Virus Vincent Zigas
discovered in PNG.274 Joseph Smadel had conducted military virus research with his colleague
Joshua Lederberg.275 Frank McFarland Burnet employed Vincent Zigas to study the Kuru Virus
in PNG and collect samples of it for Burnet’s Melbourne laboratory.276 Gajdusek’s studies in
PNG were financed by the US Army under a contract titled, ‘Field Studies on the Control of
Infectious Disease of Military Importance,’ in connection with research at Fort Detrick.277
Gajdusek sent samples of the virus to Smadel at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda,
Maryland.278 Smadel was at the centre of all US bioweapons research. Gajdusek, Zigas, and
Petrauskas worked together in PNG in 1959.279 Between 1955 and 1977 Zigas regularly joined
Gajdusek at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, USA.
In 1957, Zigas met with Alex Sinclair, military psychologist and protégé of William
Walters Sargant, the British end of MK-ULTRA.280 Sinclair was sent to PNG to study the
psychological effects of the Kuru Virus.281 Sinclair later gave a speech, Forcible Indoctrination
to the Papua New Guinea Scientific Society. Sinclair was involved with ECT (electroconvulsive
‘therapy’) and Deep Sleep Therapy brainwashing methods, and supported Sydney MK-ULTRA
doctor Harry Bailey.282 Alex Sinclair subsequently engaged in a Military Psychological
Operation to influence PNG citizens’ support of Australia’s presence in their country.283

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At Fort Detrick, Carleton Gajdusek transmitted a ‘kuru like syndrome’ into
chimpanzees. The results of his experiment were published in Progress Report No.8 of the
Special Virus Cancer Program. This program was used as cover for the extension of Project
MK-NAOMI at Fort Detrick.

The American Eugenics Society published Carleton Gajdusek’s Kuru research in
1962. Soviet geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky was Chairman of the American Eugenics
Society the year before Gajdusek’s Kuru research began.285 Dobzhansky received a Fulbright
Research Scholarship in 1959 to study the effects of Kuru and implement a eugenics policy of
restricting the movement of the Kuru infected Fore tribe in PNG.286 Dobzhansky did this while
undertaking a PhD at the University of Sydney, which he received in 1960.287 Dobzhansky was
friends with Julian Huxley, and his daughter grew up to marry a CIA case officer.288

Paediatrician Carleton Gajdusek turned out to be a pedophile after he was convicted
and sentenced for raping seven boys (of the 56 children) he brought back from PNG to use as
live-in sex slaves. Gajdusek openly admitted to raping boys and approving of pedophilia. ‘He
remained unrepentant about his sexual relationships with the young boys. He often said he
thought American law was unduly prudish and argued that he had chosen boys only from
cultures where man-boy sex was common and unremarkable.’ 289 Robert Gallo contributed
$60,000 to Gajdusek’s bail. In 1970, Robert Gallo spoke to NATO scientists on how to create
AIDS-like viruses.290


The Fulbright scheme was used to station bioweapons experts in Australia. Arthur
Galston (who helped develop Agent Orange at Fort Detrick in the 1950s) received a 1960
Fulbright Scholarship to work with the CSIRO.291 A 1956 Fulbright scholarship was given to
Joshua Lederberg of Fort Detrick to study Clonal Selection Theory with Sir Gustav Nossal and
Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet at the University of Melbourne.292 Joshua Lederberg became key
to bioweapons development after discovering bacteria can swap genes. His connection to
Fort Detrick bioweapon research began in 1949. Joshua Lederberg received the 1958 Nobel
Prize and moved to Stanford University. He became President of Rockefeller University, a
member of the Defence Science Board and the mysterious JASON Group. Lederberg currently
advises government on bioweapons and bioterrorism.
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In 1960, Frank Macfarlane Burnet won a Nobel prize for his virus research. Macfarlane
developed the Myxoma bioweapon with his CSIRO colleagues. Joseph Smadel of Fort Detrick
also made contributions to the Myxoma bioweapon, at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical
Research.293 Ian Clunies-Ross (CSIRO head), Macfarlane, and Frank Fenner injected
themselves with Myxoma to demonstrate the rabbit-killing virus was harmless to humans.
Fenner said of his CSIRO work experience:

If they can kill rabbits like that, we could get something that killed humans like that,
it’d be wonderful. (Laughs) That’s the sort of attitude you had to have if you were in
that game.294

Frank Macfarlane Burnet was Australian head of the PNG fieldwork conducted by
Vincent Zigas and Daniel Gajdusek (of Fort Detrick). The bioweapons research was funded by
eugenicists connected to Macfarlane’s friend, Leonard Huxley. Erich Traub had been active at
Fort Detrick from 1949 onwards.295 That same year, Macfarlane used Traub’s research on
mice infected with the Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus to help explain how immunity was
formed against retroviruses (like Kuru).296 297 Macfarlane was also connected to early MK-
NAOMI operations at Fort Detrick. Erich Traub was also affiliated with the US Naval Medical
Research Institute.298 299 300 At the time, the Navy was focussed on viruses and diseases in
PNG.301 Frank Macfarlane Burnet was a member of the Australia’s Defence Research and
Development Policy Committee which planned to develop bioweapons to wipe out the
‘teeming hordes’ of Asia.302 Macfarlane attended a 1957 meeting with the DoD to discuss
Australia’s use of Biological Weapons - shortly after returning from the UK’s notorious Porton
Down Chemical and Biological Weapons research centre.303 Porton Down was the facility MK-
ULTRA scientist Frank Olson visited to study MI6 Mind Control operations using psychoactive
drugs, and it is connected to Olson’s Fort Detrick and Project MK-NAOMI.304
Frank Macfarlane Burnet was an outspoken eugenicist who proposed reducing the
world population by billions. DoD documents released in 2003 show Macfarlane advocated
pre-emptive biological warfare against Asian nations to stop their numbers threatening
Australia. Macfarlane was involved with the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) via his

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close friend Francis Noble Ratcliffe of the CSIRO who established the ACF under Julian Huxley’s
guidance. Chief Justice Garfield Barwick was the first ACF head, and a 1960s USEFA (US
Educational Foundation in Australia) Director with Leonard Huxley.


During the Cold War, half of all Ford Foundation grants served the CIA. In 1963,
Leonard Huxley brokered a deal with the Ford Foundation for $200,000 of funding to assist
ASOPA. In 1964, Ford Foundation beneficiary Margaret Mead visited former ASOPA lecturer
William E.H. Stanner at ANU where he headed the Research School which focussed on Pacific


Alf Conlon was instrumental in forming the Australian National University (ANU) which
he intended to be a full research university.305 According to the 1946 ANU Act, Conlon,
'Nugget' Coombs, Douglas 'Pansy' Wright and others planned the Canberra facility to ‘provide
facilities for postgraduate research and study both generally and in relation to subjects of
national importance to Australia.’ ANU was to contain one medical research, one physical
sciences, and two social science schools. These schools corresponded to key CIA MK-ULTRA
research interest areas, and Conlon’s goal of introducing a new sociology.
ANU was part of Conlon’s plan to attract Australian physicist Marcus Oliphant (who helped
develop the atomic bomb) and other Australian scientists back to Australia. Coombs arranged
for Oliphant to meet Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley, when Chifley and his advisers
were in London for the 1946 Commonwealth Prime Ministers' meeting. Oliphant became ANU
Director of the Research School of Physical Sciences, and he encouraged his Birmingham
scientists to follow. Oliphant’s reputation was tarnished, and his security clearance lost when
two of his Birmingham physics students, Alan Nunn-May and Klaus Fuchs, were exposed as
Soviet spies in 1949 and 1950. ANU’s first Psychology professor, Cecil A. Gibb, had the usual
MK-Ultra qualifications and connections:

- Fort Street Boys High old boy.

- University of Sydney graduate.
- Head Army psychologist.
- PhD supervised by Raymond Cattell, University of Illinois.306
- Australian UNESCO Advisory Committee, 1960-64.
- UNESCO Delegate, 1962.
- ASS Fellow.
- Australian American Association.
- American Field Service Scholarship Scheme.
- Rotary President, 1973-74.


The security military agreement made between Australia and the USA in 1951 led to
the establishment of the AAEC (Australian Atomic Energy Commission) in 1953 and the

S.G. Foster & M.M. Varghese (2009) The Making of The Australian National University: 1946-1996, ANU
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construction of two underground multi-story CIA research facilities: the AAEC nuclear reactor
at Lucas Heights in 1958, and Pine Gap in 1967. The AAEC opening at Lucas Heights was
attended by Herbert Coombs, Justice Michael Kirby, and Gough Whitlam. In 1987, the AAEC
was renamed ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation).
The AAEC’s sister organisation was the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation). In 1981, parts of the AAEC were split off and joined to the CSIRO.
Founded in 1949, the CSIRO is a federal government agency responsible for scientific research
including genetic engineering, industrial chemistry, and radio astronomy. The CSIRO
established a research laboratory (‘National Standards Laboratory’) at the University of
Sydney in 1939 which had three divisions, Electrotechnology, Metrology and Physics.


Richard Gardiner-Casey helped found the organisations involved in my child
trafficking. His mother’s maiden name Gardiner was preserved due to the value placed on the
Gardiner Illuminati bloodline. My father-in-law and his sisters are typically proud of their
Gardiner heritage also. My father-in-law’s mother was a Gardiner and blood relative of Toni
Gardiner (renamed ‘Muna’), the English mother of the current King Hussein of Jordan. At my
husband’s annual Easter family gathering, those with Gardiner heritage (called ‘Innies’) sat
together, while the ‘Outties’ were ostracised to a separate dining table.
Richard Casey was crucial to the establishment of Australia’s Intelligence agencies.307
ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) and ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence
Service). ASIO was modelled on MI5 and it functions like the FBI. ASIS is our external security
force and comparable to MI6 and the CIA.
Casey became Minister for External Affairs in 1951, the year of the military agreement
between Australia and the USA. Casey met with MI5 at ASIO’s new Melbourne headquarters
in 1952. He established ASIS that same year and had it report directly to his position. Casey
appointed as ASIS head Alfred Deakin-Brookes, grandson of former PM Deakin, and son of his
friend Herbert Brookes. Casey founded ASIS with the backing of MI6. The CIA later helped
develop ASIS by providing equipment and officer training. ASIS remained tied to MI6 and
joined its 1952 covert radio network. In September 1953, Richard Casey travelled to the USA
and met with CIA Director Allen Dulles.
Richard Casey held numerous influential positions:

- WWI Army Major.

- Elected MP in 1931 for anti-communist United Australia Party.
- Australian Treasurer 1935 – 39.
- Represented Australian PM to British Government (1924 – 1939).
- First Australian ambassador to the USA (1940 – 42).
- Heavily involved with the UN, from 1951.
- Minister in charge of the CSIRO (1950 – 60).
- Minister for External Affairs (1951 – 60).
- CSIRO Executive, 1960.
- Oversaw USEFA (1954 - 60), helped secure funding for establishing USEFA in 1959.308

Frank Cain (1994). The Australian Security Intelligence Organization: An Unofficial History. Frank Cass.
Richard Casey, 10th Anniversary of United States Educational Foundation in Australian, speech notes
delivered at US Embassy, Canberra, 26 November 1959.

- First non-British Governor-General, 1965 - 1969
- Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) patron, 1966.


As Prime Minister Stanley Bruce’s UK representative (1924-39), Richard Casey
received information from MI5 regarding members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA)
travelling to Soviet Russia. This served as the impetus for the formation of ASIS and
redevelopment of ASIO. Casey also developed long-term contacts with US Intelligence
organisations. Churchill subsequently stationed Casey as an intelligence operative in Cairo
(1942) and Bengal (1944). Upon returning to Australia, Casey became President of the
conservative Liberal Party and set about infiltrating the CPA. He associated closely with ASIO
Director-General Col. Spry, bypassing the Attorney-General ministry responsible for ASIO.
Casey likely influenced Spry’s decision to recruit anti-Communist university graduates to ASIO,
including Michael Thwaites (Oxford Rhodes Scholar, WWII Naval Officer, a Qld Premiere’s

In 1950, the CIA established the US Congress for Cultural Freedom to combat
communism and Soviet propaganda. Its Australian branch was called the Australian
Association for Cultural Freedom (AACF). In a letter (dated 11 June 1958) to founding AACF
secretary H. Richard Krygier, Richard Casey said, ‘I am indeed sympathetic towards the aims
of your association.’ Notable AACF members were Sir Eugene Gossens (Vice President), and
Ian Clunies-Ross (CSIRO head). 309


Initially called the Oxford Group, Moral Rearmament was a Christian-spiritualist
movement founded by Nazi supporter Frank Buchman who planned to use MRA to create ‘…a
one-world religion based largely on Teutonic, Aryan, and other pagan traditions mixed with
Christianity. Buchman saw Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism as being compatible with his brand
of Christianity… Hitler, too, had an affection for Islam and Buddhism…’ 310
MRA was hijacked and then directed by the CIA’s Psychological Strategy Board and
managed under the code name ‘Packet.’ 311 MRA was used as part of a Cold War Psychological
Operation aimed at ‘intellectuals, scholars and opinion forming groups’ for purposes of
breaking down ‘world-wide doctrinaire thought patterns which have provided an intellectual
basis for Communism.’


Australia’s MRA operation was led by Kim Beazley Snr, the CIA-ASIO spy who served
as an ALP MP for 32 years. Leonas Petrauskas informed me that Beazley ‘ran kids for ASIO’ as
part of a ‘dirty tricks’ counter-intelligence operation which used child prostitutes like me to
compromise and control politicians. Beazley coordinated my trafficking to Parliament House
and Fairbairn Airforce Base, Canberra, and Bohemian Grove, CA.

National Archives of Australia: Record 12812130.
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In 2014, I went public regarding a 1985 ritual held inside Bathurst City Hall. Leonas
Petrauskas drove me to the event which Kim Beazley Snr jointly presided over with Australian
sporting icon Richie Benaud (OBE). The Bathurst City Hall ritual occurred on the same date as
the Bathurst 1000 racing event, which coincided with the 55th birthday of Australian
cricketing legend Richie Benaud. Richie Benaud attended Kim Beazley Senior’s MRA Pleasant
Sunday Afternoon gatherings, as did his closest friend and former cricket teammate Brian
Booth who grew up in Bathurst and led Benaud’s funeral service.
Kim Beazley’s children were raised in MRA. His daughter Merrilyn described MRA as a
cult, while her brother Kim Christian Beazley Jnr was pro-MRA. Beazley Jnr was a renown CIA
supporter like his father, starring in a staged expose documentary about Pine Gap in the
1980s. Former Ambassador to the US and Minister of Defence, Beazley attended the
Bohemian Grove Luciferian pedophile revels in 2012.
Beazley Snr promoted MRA propaganda in leading Australian newspapers, under the

- MRA Wins Red Leaders 312

- MRA the Greatest threat to Communism 313
- MRA a Good Antidote Against Communism 314
- MRA Changes a Red Killer 315
- [MRA is Communism’s] Greatest Threat in the Battle for Men’s Minds 316

Like Scientology, MRA was used in the CIA Occultism in High Places program which
granted the CIA ‘secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but
also in Europe.’317 Beazley Snr achieved this by travelling overseas to attend MRA events and
conferences in Europe and America, where he formed relationships with leftist or communist
international leaders before feeding them MRA propaganda. Beazley used MRA to form a
strong relationship between Australia and Japan.318 Jim Wilcott, a CIA accountant based in
early 1960s Japan, claimed MRA ‘was covertly supported and used by the CIA.’
The MRA’s ASIO network included Richard Casey 319 who attended MRA Pleasant
Sunday Afternoon (PSA) gatherings at which Beazley preached anti-communism.320 Casey
hired an early intelligence agent, Michael Rayner Thwaites (AO), a poet with no relevant
qualifications besides his MRA membership and anti-Communist stance. Thwaites told the
media MRA was ‘a tremendous asset to me in my work in ASIO.’321 Thwaites attended the
international MRA conferences as did Beazley Sr who wrote the foreword of Thwaites 1980
book, Truth Will Out: ASIO and the Petrov.
H.V. Evatt (Former ALP leader and Communist sympathizer) accused Beazley of
working for ASIO. Evatt was suspicious when he discovered Beazley went behind his back and

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delivered information regarding probable Communist spies to the Prime Minister. Beazley
admitted to such but denied ASIO involvement.322 Beazley Snr served as an executive with
key MK-ULTRA organisations:

- CSIRO Advisory Council (1965 - 72, under the auspices of Richard Casey and Leonard
- ANU Council (1951 - 72, when Leonard Huxley was ANU Vice-Chancellor).
- Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Vice-Chair (1967 - 69, concerning Defence and
Intelligence issues).

The CIA targeted Australian Communists via various direct and indirect means. In July
1949, ASIO raided the headquarters of the Communist Party of Australia whose membership
had reached approximately 6,000. In 1950, Menzies’ government tried to introduce the
Communist Party Dissolution Bill.


After the war, DORCA became ASOPA (Australian School of Pacific Administration).
ASOPA originated at Holsworthy Army barracks as the Military School of Civil Affairs in the
late 1940s before moving to Mosman. ASOPA was shut down in the 1980s after ASIO
determined it was heavily infiltrated by Marxist Communists and operating as a Fifth Column.
ASOPA subsequently became the offices for OzAid Centre for Pacific Development and
Training, famously at the heart of the Clinton Foundation scandal tied to child trafficking.


Leonas played for the Lithuanian basketball team. Lithuania shifted between Soviet
and Nazi occupation. Leonas was an officer in the German-Lithuanian Army, working at
hospitals under Nazi control that focused on eugenics. His daughter Krista Petrauskas loaned
my researcher Steve McMurray her father’s original Nazi papers for me to view. Leonas’
family admitted he was close to the Luftwaffe for the purpose of navigating and escaping war
torn areas, and said he saved the life of a German soldier.
Leonas deserted the Nazis and fled to Australia through the International Refugee
Organisation where he served as a doctor specialising in internal medicine. A letter of
reference (dated 30 April 1948) signed by ‘Dr T. Maavere’ states that Leonas Petrauskas was
employed in the Medical Department of PC International Refugee Organisation Ludwigsburg
Resettlement Centre from 1 July 1947 until 1 May 1948. He added: ‘I know him as honest most
reliable and hardworking internist and I recommend him highly.’
The IRO was a haven for European Fascists who were later recruited by Western
Intelligence organisations including ASIO.323 Australia’s intelligence agencies were convinced
Leonas Petrauskas was a Nazi or they would not have let him in. Considering he immigrated
to Australia at his father’s height of power, and his associates in Australia and PNG, it is
evident Leonas Petrauskas was a loyal Communist rather than a National Socialist. Leonas
Petrauskas and his associates were likely double spies for Soviet Russia.

K.E. Beazley (2009). Father of the House: The Memoirs of Kim E. Beazley. Fremantle Press.
Mark Aaron (1989). Sanctuary! Nazi Fugitives in Australia. William Heinemann.

Kipras Petrauskas, Leona’s father, was a famous Lithuanian actor and opera singer
with the National Opera Foundation. Kipras used his opera singer status to provide
propaganda for one of the earlier Soviet revolutions. Kipras Petrauskas was highly influential
in Soviet Russia from 1951 to 54. He received the Stalin Prize in 1951, the Order of Lenin (the
highest Soviet award for both civilians and military personnel), the Order of the Red Banner
of Labour, and he won the Popular Artists Award of the USSR. Kipras represented Lithuania
within the Soviet Union. Shortly after Leonas migrated to Australia, Kipras was made Deputy
to the Supreme Soviet Union, the highest branch of government within the Soviet Union, and
the only body with the power to pass constitutional amendments.
Leonas Petrauskas’ daughter Krista Petrauskas was also in the Theosophical Society,
and closely associated with the AMORC Rosicrucian Order, a Luciferian Freemasonic group
attended by Aleister Crowley and praised by Lenin. According to Krista, Rosicrucian Master
Bergio Panikian (relative of the current Grand Master of AMORC Australia) ‘saved her life.’
ASIO investigated AMORC for many years, suspecting it was a front for Soviet Communists
and enemies of the West. Krista associated with KGB spy Jim Cairns and his Marxist mistress
Junie Morosi who worked for the CIA. Cairns was prominent in the Labour Party and a Marxist
who started the counterculture in Australia.


Three of my key perpetrators were seemingly assassinated for being Communist spies:
Patricia Anne Conlon, University of Sydney Vice Chancellor John Ward, and Chinese heart
surgeon Victor Chang. Patricia ‘Anne’ Conlon (nee Carden) was Alf Conlon’s daughter-in-law.
Anne went by her middle name to distinguish herself from her mother Patricia. Her biography

Patricia Anne Conlon (1939-1979), feminist, Labor movement activist and public
servant, was born on 2 November 1939 at Neutral Bay, Sydney. Anne was educated at
St Joseph's Convent School, Neutral Bay, Monte Sant' Angelo College, North Sydney
(dux 1956), and—on a teacher's scholarship—at the University of Sydney (BA, 1961;
MA, 1973) where she became senior student at Sancta Sophia College.

Renowned for her soprano voice, she competed in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod, and
performed in choral and musical productions at school and university.

Disappointed at missing first-class honours in history, Carden taught in public high

schools (which she found unrewarding) before and after spending 1964-65 on a
postgraduate scholarship at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. At St John's
College, Sydney, on 29 September 1967 she married Telford James Conlon, a physicist
belonging to a Labor-connected family.

In 1968 she became research assistant to John Manning Ward, professor of History at
the University of Sydney, and in 1973 completed her master's thesis, Eyewitness
Accounts of Australia—1815-1850. Her son was born in 1971 and her daughter in

A founding member (1972) of the Women's Electoral Lobby, Conlon stood

unsuccessfully as the Australian Labor Party candidate for Mosman at a by-election for
the Legislative Assembly in July 1972. Next year she was a convener of W.E.L.'s first
national conference in Canberra. She helped to produce submissions on conciliation
and arbitration legislation to the Federal government, on the disadvantaged position
of single mothers to R.F. Henderson's commission of inquiry into poverty, and—with
Edna Ryan—on the minimum wage for women to the 1974 national wage case.

Awarded a grant by the Australian National Advisory Committee of International

Women's Year 1975, Conlon and Ryan expanded their research into a book, Gentle
Invaders (1975), which was notable both for the depth and quality of its evidence, and
for its pioneering work on the history of women and labour in Australia. Conlon
published articles on issues involving women in the Electrical Trades Union's E.T.U.
News, Catholic Weekly and Australian Quarterly. An article based on her thesis had
appeared in 1970 in the Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society. In 1976 she
was appointed lecturer at the Australian Trade Union Training Authority.

A founding member (1977) of the New South Wales Women's Advisory Council, Conlon
became special projects officer with the government's Women's Co-ordination Unit in
February 1978. She worked on the Anti-Discrimination Act (1977), on an amendment
to the maternity-leave provision and on the welfare of women prisoners. Her
achievements impressed the premier Neville Wran.

Tall and striking, auburn haired and freckled, Conlon was witty, energetic,
compassionate and extremely loyal. At Sancta Sophia she had been volatile and
chronically unpunctual. Although she retained her Catholic faith, she broke for a time
with the institutional Church because, she believed, it had failed to respond to the

women's cause. She was a good debater, and had presence and authority, but did not
seek the limelight, preferring to be a 'backroom operator' and to rely on an impressive
network of friends and supporters. Politically astute, she was one of the few women in
WEL who belonged to the Australian Labor Party; she disavowed the prevailing
philosophy that women should remain lobbyists and not join political parties.

To her profound grief, her marriage collapsed and in January 1979 she was divorced.
Six months later she was diagnosed as suffering from cancer. Survived by her children,
she died on 13 December 1979 at Mater Misericordiae Hospital North Sydney.
Hundreds of people packed a requiem Mass at nearby St Mary's Church; typically, she
had meticulously arranged her own funeral, even the hymns sung by the choir of her
old school. She is commemorated by an annual memorial lecture sponsored by the
W.A.C. and by a building at Mulawa Training and Detention Centre for Women which
bears her name.324

Here are some details Anne Conlon’s biography missed:

- Anne grew up in Greenwich where Antony Kidman lived. She was born one year after
Kidman, making them contemporaries.
- Anne’s husband Telford Conlon was close friends, co-authored research articles,
worked in labs, and participated in the Sydney music and theatre scene with Antony
- Telford wrote Defence science technology policy in Canberra, was involved in MK-
ULTRA mind control genetics research, and with the CSIRO at Lucas Heights.
- Anne performed in the July 1960 production of The Fairy Queen at Sydney University
Great Hall with Shakespearean actor John Bell.
- Anne received a social sciences scholarship to train at the University of Saskatchewan
under MK-ULTRA professors Humphrey Osmond and Abraham Hoffer.
- Anne worked as Special Projects Officer for pedophile ALP Premier Neville Wran (Fort
Street Boys High School graduate, implicated in corruption scandals, daughter was
charged with murder).
- The Carden family has a history of HOGD affiliation. In England, Anne Rule Carden,
whose son James immigrated from England to Australia, was a member of both the
HOGD and Theosophical Society.
- Anne's father John 'Jack' Carden strangled her mother to death at their Neutral Bay
home on 5 January 1984. During his court appearance, John Carden said why he killed
his wife: ‘I have been blamed and abused for everything. I could not do anything right.
I just could not take it anymore.’

Fabian Society
Patricia Anne Conlon was associated with the Australian Fabian Society and helped
them advance socialism via Cultural Marxism (gradual and reformist activities instead of overt
revolt). The Australian Fabians are closely tied to the ALP. Numerous ALP ministers were
active members of the Fabians while in office, including Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke

Elizabeth Windschuttle, Conlon, Patricia Anne (1939–1979), Australian Dictionary of Biography, National
Centre of Biography, ANU.

(Communist Party associate), Paul Keating, and Neville Wran – all University of Sydney
graduates, all pedophiles.

Faked Death
Anne Conlon said she was wanted for ‘treason’ and faked own death on 13 December
1979. She hid at the University of Sydney’s Sancta Sophia College for five years, serving as a
dorm supervisor under the alias ‘Veronica’ (or ‘Ronnie’) before being ‘discovered’ and died
when I was 14 years old. Anne copied British Labor Party minister John Stonehouse who faked
his own death after MI5 realized he was a Soviet spy.325 Anne Conlon’s National Archives file
is sealed for reasons of ‘national security’ which further supports the notion she was a spy.

John Madden Ward

John Ward attended Fort Street Boys High School followed by the University of Sydney
where he was heavily influenced by Marxist lecturer John Anderson. Ward hid Anne Conlon
at Sydney University’s Sancta Sophia College during his Vice-Chancellorship, and I recall the
two having sex in her bed. John Ward was seemingly assassinated shortly after his retirement
from Sydney University in 1990. Ward, his family, and several loyal university staff were
aboard the rear carriage of a steam train returning from an excursion to the Hunter Valley. A
bizarre series of events, including sand being scattered on the train tracks and someone
pulling a handbrake, caused Ward’s carriage to be struck and decimated by another train.
Ward, his wife, daughter, and key staff were killed.

Victor Chang
Less than a year after the hit on Ward, famed Chinese heart surgeon (and Delta
Colonel) Victor Chang was assassinated. NSW detectives initially publicly blamed Chang’s
murder on the Triads, one of Britain’s assassination groups.
It seems my perpetrators, united by their involvement in MK-ULTRA and pedophilia,
had divided loyalties. One faction, including ‘Comrade’ Gittinger, Petrauskas, the Conlons,
Chang, and Ward, were loyal to Communist Russia and China. The opposing group, including
Beazley Sr and Jr, Kerr, Hawke, and Casey, served the British Monarchy. This scenario makes
more sense of the coup d'état the CIA conducted against Whitlam.


The existence of ASIS remained top secret, even from the Australian Government,
until 1972 when Gough Whitlam’s ALP government targeted ASIO and ASIS for exposure.
Lionel Murphy authorised raids on ASIO headquarters in 1973. Whitlam established the First
Hope Commission (1974-77) to investigate our intelligence services, and he removed both
ASIO and ASIS directors in 1975. Whitlam threatened to name the CIA agents in Australia and
refused to renew the CIA’s lease on Pine Gap. Consistent with his election promise to ‘expose
Pine Gap!’ Whitlam visited the underground base; however, during a subsequent press
conference at which journalists asked him what he saw at Pine Gap, Whitlam (famous for his
wit) became uncharacteristically vague and incoherent, muttering there was nothing to see.
Whitlam presented as hypnotised.
The CIA conducted their coup d'état against Gough Whitlam in 1975. The film Falcon
and the Snowman is based on the events surrounding this. During Whitlam’s revolt against
Arthur Martin, Former Labour minister who faked his own death was Communist spy, Daily Mail [Online], 6
October 2009.

the CIA, they referred to the British Queen’s representative as ‘Our man Kerr.’ The British
Queen, in her role as Australia’s Head of State, dismissed the Australian Prime Minister
through her Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, amid a manipulated ‘constitutional crisis.’ Sir
Garfield Barwick (Fort St Boys High Old Boy, Chief Justice of the High Court) advised Kerr to
remove Whitlam. Governor-General and CIA agent John Kerr enacted archaic legislation to
dismiss Whitlam. Traitor Bob Hawke assisted the coup d'état by calming the Unions who were
about to mass strike in protest and shut the country down. Like all Trade Union leaders,
Rhodes scholar Hawke attended leadership training at Harvard.


The Rhodes and Fulbright Scholarships were used to indoctrinate and train Australians
of influence and power in England and the USA. USEFA (US Educational Foundation in
Australia) was the Australian body of the Fulbright Scholarship and Lectureship Program. 326
The CIA used USEFA to transfer MK-ULTRA doctors between Australia and the USA. For
example, only two psychology Fulbright Scholarships were provided in 1956, to: Raymond
Cattell who attended the University of Melbourne where Oscar Adolph Oeser headed
Psychology; and Daniel L. Adler who attended ANU. He attained his PhD with MK-ULTRA co-
founder Kurt Lewin.327
USEFA was based at the ANU during its crucial years. The USA funded USEFA from its
1959 inception until 1965, via the IIE (Institute of International Education), a CIA conduit
founded by Elihu Root (CFR founder, Carnegie Endowment co-founder, Pilgrim’s Society
member) and CFR member Stephen P. Duggan (aka, the ‘Apostle of Internationalism’).


Founded in 1942 under the name Social Science Research Council of Australia, ASSA
(Academy of Social Sciences in Australia) became a nexus of Intelligence and MK-ULTRA
operatives. For example, the 1956 ASSA Council included the usual suspects: Alfred Conlon,
Herbert C. ‘Nugget’ Coombs, Oscar A. Oeser, and Cecil A. Gibb. To further illustrate, ASSA is
composed of four panels of fellows. ‘Panel D’ (Education, Psychology, and Social Medicine)
was staffed by MK-ULTRA researchers: Ronald Taft, Peter W. Sheehan, John Phillip Sutcliffe,
Jacqueline Goodnow, Kevin McConkey, and Alan Richardson.
ASSA was influenced by UNESCO and funded by the Carnegie Corporation.328 The ASSA
Council met with the heads of UNESCO Australia in October 1956 to decide the direction of
their eugenics program in Australia. ASSA headquarters were located at ANU where Leonard
Huxley served as chair.329 330 ASSA worked alongside the AAS (Australian Academy of
Science).331 Leonard Huxley sat on the AAS Council in 1956 and became Vice-President the
following year.332

Dept. State International Educational Exchange Program, American Lecturers and Researchers Scholars
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Leonard George Holden Huxley 1902-1988, Australian Academy of Science: Biographical Memoires of
deceased Fellows. Australian Science Archives Project, University of Melbourne.

Thomas Huxley (1825-95) established the Huxley-Wedgewood family connection to
Australia and PNG when he spent three years (1847-49) exploring the region. He met his wife
in Sydney and later unsuccessfully applied for a position at the University of Sydney. His great
grandson, Leonard George Holden Huxley (1902-88) closely associated with his relative Julian
Huxley while attending Oxford on Rhodes Scholarship. Together Leonard and Julian helped
establish and coordinate MK-ULTRA in Australia. Leonard Huxley served as an executive on
numerous boards and committees: 333

- University of Adelaide, Council (1953-60)

- ASS Council (1956); Vice-President (1957)
- ANU Vice-Chancellor (1960-67), Council (1956-59)
- USEFA Board (1960-65, oversaw Fulbright Lectureship granted to Martin Orne).
- CSIRO Board (1960, with Richard Casey).
- Australian/American Educational Foundation, Chair (1965-69)
- Australian Radio Research Board, Chair (1958-64)
- National Standards Commission, First Chair (1950-64)
- Radio Frequency Allocations Committee, Chair (1960-64)
- National Library of Australia, Council (1961-72)
- Committee on Space Research, Delegate (1959-60)
- Australian Institute of Physics, First President (1963-65)

Leonard Huxley approved the Fulbright Scholarship of Stanford University

anthropologist John D. McCaffrey in 1956. MK-ULTRA co-founder Gregory Bateson was one
of John McCaffrey’s referees. John McCaffrey’s Fulbright research proposal outlined a visual
approach to recording feedback from Aborigines via their artwork. This study mirrored an
unethical MK-ULTRA experiment by US Military doctor Alexander H. Leighton at the Japanese
War Relocation Centre at Poston, Mojave Desert. Both studies aimed to learn about the
concept of feedback which is relevant to understanding human personality.334 The
significance of feedback was discovered in a brainwashing experiment at McCaffrey’s
Stanford University.
Julian Huxley wrote a letter (dated 7 October 1953) to the wife of ASIO founder
Richard Gardiner Casey, suggesting she ask her husband to facilitate the anthropological study
of Indigenous Australians as follows: (a) release an amateur anthropologist from his federal
Government position to pursue an expedition financed by a major US University; (b) finance
the research of professional anthropologist Ted Strehlow (expert in Aboriginal spiritual
knowledge including myths and ‘ritual’ and who previously taught at Conlon’s DORCA), and
(c) appoint Strehlow as a Social Studies Professor at ANU. Huxley said of Strehlow:

He has just made some colour films, one of which I saw, on some Aboriginal totemic
ritual – it is the most wonderful record of a primitive ritual that I have ever seen. He
still appears to have difficulty in getting money – a trivial sum – to put a good

Australian Academy of Science, Biographical Memoirs of Deceased Fellows: Leonard Holden Huxley 1902-
John Collier & Malcolm Collier (1986). Visual Anthropology: Photography as a Research Method. University
of New Mexico.

soundtrack on it. I wonder if the Minister for Territories [Richard Casey] could help in
this?... In haste – just leaving for Tasmania.

Ted Strehlow subsequently received funding in 1954 from the Academy of Social
Sciences in Australia (ASSA) for his study, Pre-White Organisation of Aranda Tribe and Effect
of Contact with White Settlers.335 In 1955, Strehlow received funding336 for a pamphlet titled,
The sustaining ideal of Australian Aboriginal Societies.337 Strehlow went on to develop the
ASSA Aborigines Project which was headed by ASOPA Principal Charles D. Rowley, with
contributions from Ronald Taft and John Phillip Sutcliffe.338 Two other MK-ULTRA operatives
received ASSA research funding in 1956: Oscar A. Oeser and John Phillip Sutcliffe.


Oscar Oeser was recruited as a British Intelligence officer by Ian Fleming, author of the
James Bond series.339 Oeser employed Tavistock founder Eric Trist to conduct research in
1935.340 Oeser was the founding Professor of the University of Melbourne Psychology
Department, and 1956 Chair of the Australian Psychological Society. In 1956, Oeser was in
contact with Richard Gardiner Casey who founded Australia’s intelligence organisations (ASIO
and ASIS) in association with the CIA and MI6. As Minister for External Affairs, Richard Casey
held authority over the USEFA / Fulbright Scheme in Australia until he left office in 1960.
Oeser’s name appears in the 1959 recommendations list for Fulbright Lecturer/Research
scholars. Oeser received Leverhulme, Carnegie and Rockefeller scholarships to tour Asia,
Europe, UK and the USA.


University of Western Australia

In 1949, psychologist Ronald Taft commenced work for the Rockefeller-funded
Institute of Personality Assessment and Research (IPAR) with ‘veterans of Henry Murray’s OSS
Assessment team.’ In 1961, University of Western Australia’s Professor Taft received a CIA
Human Ecology Fund (HEF) research grant to study the Relationship between Health,
Personality and Environmental Factors in Groups. That same year, Martin Orne received HEF
finance for Attitude Formation, Decision Matrices. Robert E. Goodnow also received CIA
funding for his ‘Personality Studies’ in 1961.

Jacqueline and Robert Goodnow

Ronald Taft and Alfred Hammer were closely tied to Jacqueline Goodnow, the
Australian child psychologist who specialized in personality and cognition. Jacqueline interned
at MK-ULTRA hub St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC.341 The Freemasonic Scottish Rite

Social Science Research Council of Australia, 1956 Annual Report.
Social Science Research Council of Australia, 1957 Annual Report.
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Schizophrenia Research Project (SRSRP) was based at the hospital. Winfred Overholser, the
32⁰ Freemason who ran St. Elizabeth’s (1937-1962) was directly involved in the SRSRP project.
In 1951, Jacqueline married Robert E. Goodnow who co-founded Psychological Assessments
Associates (PAA) with CIA head psychologist (my perpetrator) John W. Gittinger. Robert
Goodnow was PAA President and contributed to Gittinger’s clandestine Personality
Assessment System research.342 In 1951, the Goodnows conducted PAS research and
psychological assessment for Gittinger and the US Military in Munich, Germany. In 1959,
Jacqueline followed Robert on his CIA-financed travel to locations including Hong Kong where
she became a research fellow with the University of Hong Kong and conducted intelligence
testing on Chinese children in 1960.343
MK-ULTRA victim Karen Wetmore said PAA conducted personality assessments on
children at Vermont State Hospital. The PAA folded after its CIA operation was exposed. In
1971, The Washington Post reported, ‘the new operating group is seeking to divest itself of
the CIA financial sponsorship.’ A year later, Sidney Gottlieb, head of CIA mind control
operations, fled to Australia and disappeared without a trace. The Goodnows’ official
association with PAA ended in 1974 - the same year Gittinger first assessed me in Australia.
The Goodnows’ son Christopher, born in Hong Kong, completed his PhD with Sir Gustav Nossal
(Jesuit-schooled, Jewish eugenicist, University of Sydney biology major, works as a UN WHO
consultant and for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Macquarie University
Jacqueline and Robert Goodnow returned to Australia in 1972 and joined the
Macquarie University School of Behavioural Sciences founded by Ian K. Waterhouse (an
Australian Military Psychologist, and former Tavistock Clinic student). Peter Van Sommers
became Associate Professor at Macquarie that same year. Alfred Hammer became Emeritus
Professor at Macquarie also.


Antony Kidman also returned to Australia in 1972. John W. Gittinger regularly visited
Australia to oversee MK-ULTRA, and train and supervise MK-ULTRA perpetrators including
Antony Kidman. Gittinger used me to demonstrate his methods. MK-ULTRA’s 1971 public
exposure in the US preceded mass IQ testing in NSW government schools, recruitment in
government children’s homes and other institutions, and the removal of all psychiatric
patients from Milson Island in the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney (which became a MK-
ULTRA research facility). I deduce the CIA transferred the operation to socialist Australia
where it was easier to conduct clandestine child recruitment.

Kidman studied psychology at the University of Sydney during Martin Orne’s 1960
lectureship. From 1969 to 1972, Benjamin Weiss supervised Kidman in the Laboratory of
Preclinical Pharmacology at St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington DC. St Elizabeth’s was an LSD
research hub and served the Scottish Rite Schizophrenia Research Program (SRSRP). The lab
was co-founded by LSD mind control researcher Joel Elkes and run by Erminio Costa who

Robert E. Goodnow (1962). The Gittinger Theory of Personality. []
Robert E. Goodnow (1961). Analysis of differential abilities in the Chinese. In J. Cohen, Measurement of
personality traits resulting from the interaction of abilities and environment. Symposium presented at the
meeting of the American Psychological Association, New York.

made critical discoveries regarding LSD effects on the human brain.344 Costa, Elkes, and Weiss
attended Scottish Rite sponsored events on Schizophrenia. Weiss later received hundreds of
thousands of dollars in SRSRP research funding, and he chaired an SRSRP event. Kidman, Costa
and Weiss published a research paper together in 1971.345


The Institute of Psychiatry (IoP), Maudsley Hospital in London was the ‘staging ground
for European and African MK-ULTRA operations.’346 Evidence suggests it was also a staging
ground for Australian operations.
In 1936, Julian Huxley encouraged his friend Julian Trevelyan to participate in a
mescaline study at the Maudsley.347 Julian’s brother Aldous Huxley later wrote about his
experiences of taking mescaline.348 Julian Trevelyan married the great-granddaughter of
Charles Darwin, making him related to the Huxleys.
Most pre-WW2 IoP finance came from the Rockefeller Foundation, which enabled an
exchange of doctors between the London’s Maudsley and Nazi Germany.349 The IoP was
initially Tavistock clinic’s competitor; but came under Tavistock control when the British Army
and Intelligence crowd, including John Rawlings Rees and Eric Trist, commenced operations
there. Julian Huxley later promoted the IoP work of Eliot Slater,350 the British Eugenics Society
Vice-Chair who worked extensively with William Walters Sargant (who served MI5 and MI6).
From the late 1950s onward, the IoP was home to MK-ULTRA Sub-project 111 directed by
Hans J. Eysenck.351 Australian psychologist Donald W. McElwain conducted psychological
experiments at Maudsley in the early 1950s.352 353
Australian psychologist Wendy Thorn travelled to the IoP to conduct research with
Hans Eysenck who lectured at the University of Sydney during his 1977 Australian tour.354
Other Australian-Maudsley connections are apparent from William Sargant’s involvement at
the hospital, since he influenced serial killer Harry Bailey. MK-ULTRA sleep deprivation
researcher Ardie Lubin was based at the IoP until he left to study with Jacqueline Goodnow
at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. 355 356

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Antony Kidman’s connection to the IoP is evidenced by Nicole Kidman visiting the
Maudsley (now IoPPN) in 2016 to create the Dr Antony Kidman Scholarship in Health


American banker and businessman, Joseph Seligman (d. 1880) was patriarch of the
Hofjuden Seligman family. His home served as the first headquarters of Rothschilds’ B'nai
B'rith assassin group. CIA psychologist Martin Seligman continued the murderous legacy:

The CIA’s ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ outlined in a controversial report

released earlier this month from the Senate Intelligence Committee, was influenced by
a Penn professor’s research. Psychology professor Martin E.P. Seligman famously
conducted studies at Penn in the 1960s that revealed a ‘learned helplessness’ in dogs
subjected to repeated electric shocks. Instead of adjusting their behaviour upon
receiving multiple shocks, the dogs remained in place, providing valuable insight into
the workings of depressed or abused persons. Now, his research is being used for
torture rather than healing according the Senate report.358

Martin Seligman conducted torture research at America’s MK-ULTRA hub, the

University of Pennsylvania. He and Steven Maier electrocuted dogs trapped in cages. They
observed some dogs became unresponsive and lost the ability to avoid the torture. Seligman
called the resultant condition ‘Inescapable Shock’ - but changed this to the more palatable
‘Learned Helplessness.’

Learned helplessness: The condition in which a person suffers from a sense of

powerlessness arising from a traumatic event or persistent failure to succeed.

Louis Jolyon West and B.F. Skinner repeated Seligman’s electric shock experiments at
Harvard using intellectually disabled children, some three years old. Martin Seligman spent a
1975 ‘sabbatical’ at the Maudsley IoP where he met Hans Eysenck, studied phobias and
obsessions, and developed Learned Helplessness methods.359 Seligman attended the IoP
alongside Stanley Rachman with whom he previously collaborated on Learned Helplessness
research.360 361 362
Seligman’s Learned Helplessness formed the basis of the CIA Torture Program.363 In
2001, Seligman met with top CIA psychologists and agents at his house for what became
known as ‘the start of the program.’364 This meeting occurred just months after Seligman met

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with Antony Kidman at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). The meeting included at
least one Mossad agent plus psychologist James Mitchell who was paid $81 million to develop
the CIA torture programme.
In 2014, a US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report concluded: (a) the CIA
‘enhanced interrogation’ program was counter-productive to its expressed goal of gathering
intelligence; (b) James Mitchell developed a ‘menu’ of 20 torture techniques including
waterboarding and sleep deprivation; and (c) Mitchell used SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist,
Escape) tactics to develop the CIA torture program. SERE tactics were derived from Chinese
brain-washing techniques used on US POWs during the Korean War.365 366 SERE includes MK-
ULTRA methods found in the Kubark Manual (1963) and the CIA Phoenix Program.
(Incidentally, on 24 February 2004, Martin Seligman was one of only 40 or so guests
who attended The Edge ‘Billionaires Dinner’ at Monterey, CA with child trafficking pedophile
Jeffrey Epstein.)
The APA (American Psychological Association) commissioned an independent report
to determine the role their organisation played in Seligman’s CIA torture programme. The
report revealed direct collusion at the highest levels of the APA which ensured psychologists
like Martin Seligman and James Mitchell could participate in abusive torture methods.367
In 2010, the US Army awarded Martin Seligman a $31 million no-bid contract to
develop a ‘resilience training’ program for soldiers. The resultant Comprehensive Soldier
Fitness Program was an unethical research project under the guise of an exercise program. 368
Martin Seligman’s unethical experiment denied soldiers’ rights to informed consent and
forced them to abandon critical thinking and respond more obediently using Positive
Psychology. In a component called ‘Spiritual Fitness’ soldiers were told religion is essential to
achieve better mental health. Positive Psychology promotes Tibetan Buddhism, meaning
Buddhism was the religion forced on soldiers during Seligman’s experiment. The US Army
admitted the experiment’s purpose was to produce an ‘indomitable army.’


Antony Kidman became a lifelong associate of Martin Seligman at the University of
Pennsylvania where he studied under Aaron Tim Beck, father of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural
Therapy). Kidman and Seligman subsequently published books together and introduced CBT
and Positive Psychology to Australia.369
Martin Seligman conducted Learned Helplessness research at the IoP while Antony
Kidman was involved with Learned Helplessness at the University of Sydney’s Kolling Institute
of Medical Research, which is located at the Royal North Shore Hospital. The resultant 1975
paper, The Experimental Contusion Injury of the Spinal Cord in Sheep, was co-authored by J.D.
Yeo, W. Payne, B. Hinwood, and A.D. Kidman.370 The researchers used an ‘impounder’ to

Scott Shane (2008). China Inspired Interrogations at Guantánamo. The New York Times, 2 July.
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Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine. September, 33:9, 616–625.
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10 July.
Roy Eidelson (2011). The Dark Side of ‘Comprehensive Soldier Fitness’: mandatory ‘resilience training’
program for all US soldiers raises concerns. Psychology Today. 25 March.
M.E.P. Seligman (Foreword, Antony Kidman) (1994). Learned Optimism: Optimism is Essential for a Good
and Successful Life: You too can Acquire it. Random House.
J.D. Yeo, W. Payne, B.G. Hinwood & A.D. Kidman (1975). The experimental contusion injury of the spinal
cord in sheep. Paraplegia, 12, 275-296.

simulate spinal trauma, paraplegia and sensory loss in the hind limbs of sheep. The spinal
injury created a neurological response like electric shock, only more intense. While the other
three researchers were interested in paraplegia and observing the efficacy of treatments
applied to spinal cord trauma, biochemist Kidman focused on the post-trauma effects of
norepinephrine. Kidman and his colleagues found:

1. A fourfold increase in the levels of or norepinephrine;

2. Low levels of dopamine within one hour have not been substantiated in more recent
work by other laboratories;
3. The time interval following the trauma is important and further work on monoamine
‘turnover’ is necessary to elucidate this complex problem.

The cause of the Learned Helplessness phenomena was unclear at that time of
Kidman’s sheep research, with some theorising it was a rapid norepinephrine depletion
following the initial shock or trauma.371 The resultant article cited a 1974 paper concerning a
similar experiment with cats.372 The cat study is cited in a 2007 article (titled, ‘The Role of
Stress in Recovery of Function After Spinal Cord Injury’) which also cites Seligman’s 1975
Learned Helplessness Theory. In other words, Kidman’s sheep experiment was linked to
Seligman’s Learned Helplessness research via relevant citations, plus its aim, method, and
neurotransmitter observations.


Positive Psychology began in the 1960s with humanistic and existential psychology,
which emphasized reaching innate potential and creating life meaning. MK-ULTRA doctor
Abraham Maslow coined the term ‘Positive Psychology’ to describe his work. Albert Ellis, the
‘unsung hero of positive psychology,’ demonstrated his original work at a 1960s Esalen
Institute seminar.373 374
Positive Psychology is fundamentally connected to both Cognitive Behavioural
Therapy (CBT) and Learned Helplessness.375 Walter Reed Army Hospital psychologist Aaron T.
Beck developed CBT with Albert Ellis. Positive Psychology is based on CBT.376 Beck explained
the similarities between CBT and Positive Psychology during a 2012 Beck Institute Workshop.
Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis influenced Martin Seligman and Antony Kidman and their
introduction of CBT and Positive Psychology to Australia. Seligman introduced Positive
Psychology in his first address as American Psychological Association President in 1998, with
fellow APA member Antony Kidman in attendance.377

Symposium (1998). The science of Optimism and Hope. In Research Essays in Honour of Martin E.P.
Seligman. Philadelphia, PA.
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Therapy. Journal of Neurosurgery. Jan, 40:1, 52-7.
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Twenty Years. Addison-Wesley.
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Psychology, 5:4, 302-10.
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Dennis Greenberger (2014). The link between Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology.
Advances in Cognitive Therapy. June, 14:2.
Antony Kidman (1998) Power and progress: Psychology in the new world, Clinical Psychologist, 2:2, 20.

Kirk J. Schneider criticised Seligman’s Positive Psychology for distorting reality. He
found high levels of positive thinking to correlate with ‘Positive Illusion’:

What the researchers don’t help us to understand – and what will be essential to
understand if we are ever to substantively broach human vitality – is how positivity
ratios also appear to correlate with destructive human tendencies. For example, a
growing body of research appears to suggest that what the researchers call high
positivity – a disposition to pleasant, grateful, and upbeat feelings – also correlative
with a dimension called ‘positive illusion’ (relative inaccuracy regarding reality); and
that negativity (or what is generally characterized as mild to moderate depression) is
correlated with relatively greater accuracy concerning reality. These findings,
moreover, also appear to square with recent correlations between highly positive
people and suppressed psychological growth, inability to self-reflect, and racial

Positive Psychology reduces the individual’s ability to critically think and understand
reality, effects consistent with the goals of the eugenics project we know as MK-ULTRA.

Positive Psychology correlates with Positive Illusion - inaccuracy regarding reality

CIA Positive Psychology & Buddhism Conferences

Since 2006, Sydney has hosted yearly conferences that jointly promote Buddhism and
Positive Psychology. The Happiness and its Causes conferences are organised by the Dalai
Lama and the Vajrayana Institute. The Dalai Lama is a well-documented CIA asset with a long
history of receiving CIA funding.

The Dalai Lama himself was on the CIA's payroll from the late 1950s until 1974,
reportedly receiving $US15,000 a month ($US180,000 a year). The funds were paid to
him personally, but he used all or most of them for Tibetan government-in-exile
activities, principally to fund offices in New York and Geneva, and to lobby
internationally. 379

In 1959, the Chinese ousted the Tibetan government run by the Dalai Lama and his
band of aristocratic, nepotistic monks who collected taxes, and jailed, tortured and skinned
alive dissenters. The monks’ torture and mind control methods were documented and
developed by Hitler and the CIA. The Dalai Lama was paid $1 million to endorse Keith
Rainere’s child trafficking NXVIM cult.380 He also covered up sexual assaults committed by
Tibetan Buddhist monks.
The first Happiness and its Causes conference was held in 2006 at the Sydney Masonic
Centre. Happiness Conferences mainly feature Positive Psychology practitioners,

Kirk J. Schneider (2010). Toward a Humanistic Positive Psychology: Why Can't We Just Get Along?
Psychology Today [Online] 29 November.
Michael Backman (2007). Behind Dalai Lama’s Holy Cloak. The Age, 23 May.
Ryan Perry (2018). Dalai Lama was paid $1 MILLION to endorse women-branding 'sex cult' after secret deal
between Buddhist's celibate US emissary and his Seagram billionaire 'lover.' Daily Mail, 25 January.
2006 Conference brochure.

ecumenical religious leaders, and journalists (especially from the leftist, anti-victim ABC) who
promote Positive Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism. Notable speakers include:

- Antony Kidman (My MK-ULTRA perpetrator.)

- Michael Kirby (Accused pedophile judge.)
- Bob Carr (Accused pedophile politician who attended Bohemian Grove.)
- Sue Hawke (Daughter of my pedophile rapist Bob Hawke.)
- Paul Ekman (US Army Chief Psychologist, CIA / MK-ULTRA psychologist.)
- Martin Seligman (Promoted Positive Psychology’s potential role in schools.)
- Sarah Edelman (Psychologist at Antony Kidman’s UTS Health Psychology Unit.
Theosophical Society sells her meditation CDs.)
- Graham Burrows (Martin Orne associate, Australian False Memory Association.)
- B. Alan Wallace (Stanford University Tibetan Buddhist.)
- Stephen Meek (Principal Geelong Grammar School. First Australian principal to
approve the Positive Schools program. Implicated in covering up pedophilia at Geelong
Grammar School since 2004. Testified (2015) to Child Abuse Royal Commission that
he was more interested in protecting his school’s reputation than exposing pedophile
- Tim Sharp (Positive psychologist. Founded Australia’s Happiness Institute. On World
Happiness Forum. Lectures at Kidman’s UTS.)
- Russ Harris (Leading Australian Acceptance Commitment Therapy trainer, said ACT
‘has many parallels to Buddhism.’)
- Toni Noble (Lead author of the pro-pedophile Safe Schools Framework. Proposed
using Positive Psychology to achieve ASIO Director’s stated objectives – ‘greater social
cohesion’ to combat ‘youth militant extremism’ – during keynote address, 2015
Positive Schools Conference.)

ABC journalist conference speakers included Norman Swan (who interviewed Antony Kidman
about treating psychosis with genitive CBT, months prior to Kidman’s death), Sophie Scott,
Margaret Throsby, Anne Deveson, Geraldine Doogue, Julie McCrossin, Richard Glover,
Natasha Mitchell, Margaret Coffey and Phillip Adams.


In the late 1960s, Paul Ekman conduct weaponized anthropology research on the very
same PNG tribe that Leonas Petrauskas, Vincent Zigas and Carelton Gadjusek exploited in
their MK-NAOMI research.383 Ekman’s PNG research was funded by DARPA and AFOSR (Air
Force Office of Scientific Research). Ekman collaborated with MK-ULTRA hub, the University
of Western Australia, on weaponised anthropology in PNG. UWA lecturer Ronald Taft
channelled CIA money into similar studies.384

Henrietta Cook (2015). Sex abuse inquiry: Geelong Grammar principal Stephen Meek apologises to sexual
abuse victims. The Age, 11 September.
P. Ekman & W.V. Friesen. Constants across the cultures in the face and emotion. J Pers Soc Psychol. Feb
1971. 17:2, 124-9.
David H. Price, Buying a piece of anthropology Part 1: Human Ecology and unwitting anthropological
research for the CIA, Anthropology Today, June 2007, 23:3, 8-13.

Paul and his daughter Eve Ekman operate the Paul Ekman Group who do contract work
for the CIA and FBI, and offer training in lie detection, body language analysis and other
methods relevant to CIA interrogation and mind control operations. Two key employees are
(1) Paul Kelly, whose experience includes Army Interrogation and Psychological Operations,
liaises with police, military, NSA, FBI, and CIA, and (2) John Pearse, who worked in New
Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terrorist Branch, and designs and delivers ‘counter-terrorism’ seminars.
The 2016 Happiness Conference, attended by the Dalai Lama, headlined Eve Ekman.
In 2000, B. Alan Wallace, Paul and Eve Ekman developed the Cultivating Emotional Balance
project with the Dalai Lama. In 2001, Paul Ekman was invited to join the CIA Torture Program
initiated at Martin Seligman’s house. An email from Kirk Hubbard, CIA Senior Behavioural
Scientist, notes, ‘I have been in contact with Ekman and he is eager to do work for us.’ Ekman
denied joining the program but admitted his research assisted CIA interrogators.385


Liz Mullinar was Nicole Kidman’s first agent and promoter who helped orchestrate her
success. Mullinar cast the 1987 film The Right-Hand Man. Filming for this movie took place in
1985, in Bathurst, at the same time as the Bathurst City Hall Luciferian ritual.386 The shoot
began 9th October 1985 and went for 10 weeks.387
Liz Mullinar said she is a victim of a pedophile ring involving her Anglican father. She
founded Heal for Life, which was Australia’s leading SRA clinic, until reports emerged that the
centre employed Satanic cult members. I corresponded with Mullinar immediately following
Kidman’s death and public exposure as a pedophile, but she denied any knowledge of
Kidman’s overwhelming and blatant involvement in pedophilia, Luciferianism, ritual abuse,
and mind control.
Liz Mullinar was Chair of the Belvoir Street Theatre which Nicole Kidman owns shares
in. Antony Kidman was linked to Belvoir via a play produced there in 2008. Kidman donated
to the production of The Pillowman. An employee at the Health Psychology Unit Kidman
headed assisted with production. The play featured the violent sadistic murder, mutilation
and crucifixion of children by a psychotic killer – in the manner I witnessed Kidman crucify a
young boy in the University of Sydney Great Hall.

Bruce Spence
This B-grade actor and rapist associated closely with Liz Mullinar and Antony Kidman.
He was also involved in the Nimrod Theatre, and appeared in films including Mad Max,
Dimboola, Blue World Order, The Matrix, and he voiced Sauron in Lord of the Rings. Spence
was a University of Sydney OTO member who participated in the crucifixion ritual murder in
the Great Hall. After I first reported Bruce Spence as my perpetrator, he responded by poking
fun at me in a TV show which attempted to discredit my testimony. The program featured a
group of people investigating a Luciferian cult, wearing tin foil hats. Bruce Spence played a
Luciferian dressed in OTO ritual robes who devoured a baby before instructing a samurai
sword wielding young female MK-ULTRA assassin to murder a pedophile hunter and ‘make it
look like an accident.’

Paula Gordon (2016). Torture and the Psychologists. Huffington Post, 5 Aug.
David Stratton (1990). The Avocado Plantation: Boom and Bust in the Australian Film Industry. Pan
Production Round-up, Cinema Papers, Nov. 1985, 48.

While designing Bathurst’s belltower, architect Henry Bialowas realised the entire
town was originally designed according to hidden math and sacred geometry that depict the
solar system and planets, and astrological themes. Bathurst was planned around the golden
ratio and divided into squares that are numbered in a spiral formation. The central square,
which contains a Catholic church, was intentionally left unnumbered because it sits at the
omega point - which can’t be named, numbered or bound, and begins and ends in infinity.
Freemason Thomas Mitchell was Bathurst’s town planner. Mitchell belonged to the 59th
Regiment attached to its own Freemason military lodge, and his patron, George Murray, was
Grandmaster of the London Lodge.
Bathurst contained several Freemason lodges, one of which David Waddel was
Deputy. David’s daughter Leila Ida Nerissa Bathurst-Waddel, an artist and musician, was
Aleister Crowley’s mistress. (A ‘Bathurst’ family in the UK was related to the British Royals).
Leila Bathurst-Waddel helped establish the OTO in Australia and she became its highest-
ranking member. The OTO has a female chapter called the Order of the Eagle into which I was
initiated. Leila Bathurst-Waddle was posthumously inducted into the Order of the Eagle in
April 1999. Russian Helena Blavatsky was posthumously inducted in 2000. During the Bathurst
Luciferian ritual I attended, the cult hung a large satin Order of the Eagle banner on the
Bathurst City Hall stage.


When I knew Leonas Petrauskas he lived within walking distance of my grandmother’s
Engadine house and owned and operated the local Engadine Medical Centre with fellow
Luciferian John Melov. In 2015, an Engadine resident named Pat told Steve McMurray and I
that Petrauskas referred her to Harry Bailey. Pat described both physicians as unethical and
how her prescription of experimental medication resulted in her growing a beard. Pat’s
husband described bizarre experiments being performed on children at a small private
Engadine hospital that Petrauskas and Melov owned and operated. He saw a five-year-old girl
submerged in a tub of ice with tubes protruding from her orifices.


Referring to the Tulane University psychosurgery experiments he conducted with
Robert Heath (contractor to MK-ULTRA Subproject 68), Harry Richard Bailey boasted:

It was cheaper to use Niggers than cats, because they were everywhere, and they were
cheap experimental animals.388

Harry Bailey received a 15-month World Health Organization fellowship to study

psychosurgery, ECT and Deep Sleep Therapy with Ewen Cameron and William Sargant.389
Upon returning to Australia, he headed the new Cerebral Surgery and Research Unit at Callan
Park Psychiatric Hospital in Sydney. In September 1957, the Sydney Sunday tabloid published
an article about a Callan Park experiment, headlined: ‘Human Guinea Pigs in Test: A Sydney
mental specialist and 15 other volunteers deliberately sent themselves temporarily insane in
recent mental research tests.’ In this article, Bailey promoted LSD as a potential treatment for
‘mental cases’ and said his experiments were aimed at identifying the brain area affected by
H. Cheeves & D.N. Cheeves (2004). Legacy. Trafford, 234.
Stephen Garton (2007). Harry Richard Bailey. In Australian Dictionary of Biography, Vol. 17. ANU.

schizophrenia. Harry Bailey was appointed Medical Superintendent of Callan Park in 1959. In
1961 he entered private practice in Macquarie Street, where Sydney’s early gay and lesbian
activists protested after Bailey tried to ‘cure’ a man’s homosexuality with lobotomy. Bailey’s
research associate Robert Heath did the same. Heath also paid a prostitute to have sex with
a suicidal gay man whose brain response was read via an ECG.390

Harry Bailey founded a private hospital with doctors John Herron, Ian Gardiner and
John Gill. Chelmsford Private Hospital became Australia’s worst psychiatric disaster where
over 1,400 patients were subjected to hypnotic drugs, ECT and DST in a mostly experimental
fashion without informed consent. The entire Chelmsford medical team were previously
involved in a eugenics program of forced adoption at Sydney’s Crown Street Hospital for
Women where babies were taken from ‘unfit’ mothers and given to mothers deemed more
appropriate.391 A massive 64% of unwed mothers had their babies stolen at Crown Street
Hospital. Harry Bailey used hypnotic drugs to make the reluctant birth mothers comply. He
directly ordered the abortion of twin foetuses without the consent of a woman who was
under the influence of hypnotic drugs.
Harry Bailey was William Sargant’s Deep Sleep Therapy protégé and the two
maintained contact during Bailey’s MK-ULTRA work in Australia. Sargant authored Battle for
the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing, a book lauded by Aldous Huxley.
Harry Bailey competed with Sargant by seeing how long he could keep Chelmsford patients
in a state of Deep Sleep. Ewen Cameron caused permanent damage to over 50 patients with
his brainwashing experiments. Harry Bailey topped that statistic by killing at least 85 patients
at Chelmsford Private Hospital via ECT, Deep Sleep Therapy, and drug experiments.392
Harry Bailey sexually seduced vulnerable Chelmsford patients, as young as 18 years
old, and coerced them into signing their wills over to him. This was the case with Sharon
Hamilton, a Chelmsford victim whose $100,000 estate went to Bailey following her suicide.
Bailey also raped victims while they lay in drug-induced comas. In 1974, Bailey placed a young
woman named Bronwyn Colefax in a drug-induced coma and repeatedly electrocuted her for
a fortnight until her leg shrank to half its size and her brain was permanently damaged.
A 1967 coronial inquest into five Chelmsford deaths went nowhere. The hospital
closed in 1979 following multiple complaints. Bronwyn Colefax became the first victim to sue
Harry Bailey who ‘suicided’ via a drug overdose in 1985 while under investigation. The Grande
Council, including Antony Kidman and Leonas Petrauskas, congregated in the University of
Sydney’s Maclaurin Hall to decide ‘Cowboy’ Harry Bailey’s penance for threatening to expose
MK-ULTRA in Australia.
In 1990, the Chelmsford Royal Commission concluded John Gill, ‘must bear a large part
of the responsibility for the consequences of Chelmsford both in terms of the suffering and
sometimes deaths of patients.’ John Gill was charged with manslaughter and maliciously
inflicting grievous bodily harm, but our High Court ruled the deaths occurred too long ago to
prosecute, and prosecution would constitute an ‘abuse of process.’ John Gill continued
practising. Ian Herron was referred to the DPP regarding his involvement in the deaths of a

Robert G. Heath (1972). Pleasure and brain activity in man: deep and surface electroencephalograms during
orgasm. J Nerv Ment Dis, Jan, 154:1, 3-18.
Origins Victoria (2011). Submission by G.A. Rickarby to Senate Inquiry into Commonwealth contribution to
forced adoption policies and practices.
Anthony James (2013). Amputated Souls: The Psychiatric Assault on Liberty 1935-2011. Imprint Academia.

police officer in 1974 plus a journalist in 1976, but no charges were laid. In 1980, a court
awarded ‘compensatory and aggravated damages’ against Ian Herron for ‘wrongful
imprisonment, assault and negligence’ against a former patient.

Chelmsford, Scientology & the CIA

I met Bronwyn Colefax who gave me the facts surrounding her Chelmsford case. In the
early 1980s, Bronwyn’s lawyer warned the CIA were involved in Chelmsford and would tap
her phone. The CIA employed their cult cut-out, the Church of Scientology, to exact damage
control measures in the Chelmsford aftermath. The Scientologists established an advocacy
and support service, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, for the many Chelmsford victims
who came forward after Bronwyn Colefax tested the legal waters.393 The Scientologists
collected victim witness testimonies and evidence, thus enabling the CIA to target any victim
who threatened to expose the fact that Chelmsford was a MK-ULTRA research centre.

Legal Hypocrisy
An investigative journalist wrote a 2016 book about Scientology in Australia which
included a chapter about Scientology’s involvement in Chelmsford. The chapter simply
restated the facts of the Chelmsford Royal Commission findings concerning John Herron, Ian
Gardiner, and John Gill.394 In late 2018, a judge ruled the chapter defamed the Chelmsford
doctors, ordered publishers to pay the Chelmsford doctors’ legal costs, and ruled the
defendants must prove the facts of the original Chelmsford case. So, 30 years after the
Chelmsford doctors escaped prosecution because High Court judges ruled the case was too
old, a judge decides the case is not too old. Bronwyn Colefax is outraged at the decision which
she believes is an ‘abuse of process.’ Such a ruling would be impossible if Australia had a Bill
of Rights. Australians have no Freedom of Speech; this sad fact, combined with our harsh
defamation laws, protects Australian perpetrators. The only thing that makes sense of this
judicial decision is that the CIA are desperate to continue the coverup of the MK-ULTRA crimes
their doctors committed at Chelmsford Private Hospital.


The CIA began using cult cut-outs to conceal Project MK-ULTRA mind control activities,
in 1963. Australian cult cut-outs included Scientology, Mormonism, Buddhism, Yoga Ashram,
Hare Krishna, Orange People, Kenja, Christian life Centre (aka, Hillsong) and the OTO. These
child abuse cults provided fertile ground for MK-ULTRA victim recruitment.

The Orange People were led by Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. The cult
established a large following in Sydney and Western Australia before moving to Oregon in the
USA. The cult renamed themselves Osho and many Australian members settled on communal
properties in and around Byron Bay, including a 40-hectare commune called Gondwana

Kenja is minor cult was founded in 1982 by Ken Dyers who joined the Church of
Scientology after leaving the Australian Army. In 1993 Dyers was charged with sexual offences

Steve Cannane (2016). Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia. Harper Collins.
Michael Bachelard, How a zombie case came back to life thanks to Australia's defamation law. Sydney
Morning Herald. 2 December 2018.

against four young girls but escaped conviction. He was again charged with child sexual
assault in 2005 but suicided before the case could return to court.

Hare Krishna cult headquarters are located on a northern NSW farm. As a parole
officer I encountered numerous cases of child abuse perpetrated at the Hare Krishna farm.
Yet my true understanding came through my father who closely associated with its members,
and the home midwifery association my mother worked with. The Krishna cult had its own
midwife who delivered babies whose births went unregistered. My father attended Luciferian
rituals, and witnessed an underground arsenal, at their Eungella compound. My younger
siblings were ritually abused by members of this cult, notably a witch who used the cult
pseudonym ‘Roochie’ and claimed her Indian-looking son, the product of an affair in India,
was the result of a miraculous conception by Krishna. Roochie subsequently reverted to her
original name, Sharon, and joined the Usana pyramid selling scheme which I discovered to be
another satanic cult front.

The Family stemmed from the US Children of God pedophile cult which changed its
name following negative publicity. Yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne led the Australian
branch of The Family. Hamilton-Byrne was guided by Swami Muktananda, who worked with
Wyatt Woodsmall, who instructed NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman in mind-control.
Another notable cult associate is Julian Assange whose mother married Leif Meynell-
Hamilton, a musician and member of The Family.
The Family was alternatively called Santiniketan Park Association, or The Great White
Brotherhood - a term coined by Luciferian Helena Blavatsky and pedophile Charles Webster
Leadbeater (high-ranking Freemason, Theosophist, and member of Aleister Crowley’s OTO).
According to Leadbeater, a colony was to be established in Baja California by the Theosophical
Society under the guidance of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, for the intensive selective
eugenic breeding of the sixth root race (i.e., a branch of the Aryan fifth root race).395
Leadbeater’s cult location moved from California to Australia. Hence the idea behind The
Family was to foster an Aryan bloodline which would eventually reincarnate a New World
Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired 28 babies and young children during the 1960s and
‘70s. Some were the natural children of cult members, others stolen via a network of cult
doctors, social workers and lawyers. One child victim, Sarah Hamilton-Byrne, said in her
biography that medical practitioners in Melbourne and Geelong stole infants by telling
mothers their babies had died at birth.396 The children’s identities were changed using false
birth certificates or deed poll and given the surname 'Hamilton-Byrne.' They were told Anne
Hamilton-Byrne was their biological mother, and to address adult cult members as 'Aunty' or
'Uncle.' (My perpetrators were similarly called my ‘family’ and I had to address members as
‘Aunty’ or ‘Uncle.’). Hamilton-Byrne dressed the children alike and dyed their hair white. The
kids were isolated from society and home-schooled at Kia Lama (Uptop), a rural property at
Taylor Bay on Lake Eildon, Victoria where they were subjected to MK-ULTRA mind control
methods including isolation, beatings, starvation, drugging, and sensory deprivation. They
were administered LSD and subjected to sensory deprivation in a dark room when they
reached adolescence.

Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater (1947). Man: Whence, How and Whither. Theosophical Publishing House.
Sarah Hamilton-Byrne (1995). Unseen, Unheard, Unknown. Penguin Books.

The Family recruited middle-class professionals, with one-third of members being
nurses and other medical practitioners. It had numerous intelligence connections. Michael
Stevenson-Helmer, a 19-year-old law student interested in eastern religion, later became a
Family cult leader. Stevenson-Helmer comes from a prominent Jewish family including CIA
agent Sir Zelman Cowen (Royal Australian Navy, B'nai B'rith member, Governor-General 1977-
82) and KGB Agent Dr John Helmer who was also involved with The Family. Richard Casey
visited ‘Kai Lama’ where they hid the kidnapped children, and he is rumoured to have made
personal donations to the cult. The ‘Santinekitan’ property was owned by CIA agent Sir John
Raynor C. Johnson was The Family’s true founder. A member of the Society for
Psychical Research, Johnson worked for the University of Melbourne Physics Department at
a time when the institution supported the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). Johnson
recruited members to The Family by referring them to Hamilton-Byrne's hatha yoga classes.
Raynor Johnson and Anne Hamilton-Byrne were mentored by Thomas Maughan
(Theosophist, Chief Druid, British Navy Intelligence Officer). MK-ULTRA founder Aldous
Huxley mentioned Raynor Johnson in his letter to MK-ULTRA doctor Humphrey Osmond:397

I liked the things you said for Dr Raynor Johnson’s chapter on drugs and spiritual
experience in his latest book.398 An interesting book – tho’ perhaps he multiplies
spiritual entities beyond what is strictly necessary.

Anne Hamilton-Byrne had other ties to RAAF Intelligence: she was raised on an RAAF
base, and married an RAAF Lieutenant. Australian military children like her were commonly
recruited into MK-ULTRA. Hamilton-Byrne married RAAF Intelligence Officer Lionel Harris
who, she said, was killed by a KGB officer in 1955 while working for ASIS. Another RAAF
connection was psychiatrist Lance Howard Whittaker, The Family’s principal MK-ULTRA
doctor. Whittaker was an RAAF Wing Commander during the cult’s heyday.
During the 1960s and ‘70s, Family cult member Marion Villimek owned Newhaven
Psychiatric Hospital in Kew, a private facility staffed exclusively by Family cult members and
associated MK-ULTRA doctors. At Newhaven, Whittaker conducted mind control research
with Ronald Conway (RAAF, Freemason, Oscar Oeser protégé, and pedophile) and LSD studies
with MK-ULTRA psychiatrist John Mackay. The Family used Newhaven to recruit new cult
members from its patients, and to administer LSD to cult members. In the late ‘60s, an early
cult recruit was given LSD, ECT plus two lobotomies. In 1992, Newhaven closed after an
Inquest was ordered into the 1975 death of a Deep Sleep therapy patient.
Whittaker abandoned his wife and children at The Family property. He commenced
work at the Mayday Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Beechworth in 1970, where he used sodium
amytal on patients during therapy sessions, and he subjected severely psychotic patients to
three-day Deep Sleep Therapy comas.
Sarah Hamilton-Byrne escaped the cult, alerted police who rescued the other children,
and went on to graduate from high school and medicine. Police raided Kia Lama on 14 August
1987. Anne Hamilton-Byrne and her husband William subsequently fled overseas for six years.
Police eventually extradited the couple back to Australia and charged them with conspiracy

Michael Horowitz & Cynthia Palmer (Eds.) (1977). Moksha: Aldous Huxley's Classic Writings on Psychedelics
and the Visionary Experience. Stonehill.
Raynor Johnson (1959). Watcher on the Hills: A Study of Some Mystical Experiences of Ordinary People.
Hodder and Stoughton.

to defraud and commit perjury by falsely registering the births of three unrelated children as
their own triplets. Lawyer Elizabeth Whitaker, wife of psychiatrist Howard Whitaker, acted as
their co-defendant. The Hamilton-Byrnes pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of making a false
declaration and were fined $5000. Anne Hamilton-Byrne lived comfortably to the ripe old age
of 94 years. Police dropped a charge against Howard Whitaker who maintained the respect
and support of Victoria’s medical fraternity. The Australian government’s coverup of The
Family is indicative of Project MK-ULTRA.

Satyananda Yoga Ashram

This Luciferian offshoot renamed themselves Mangrove Yoga Ashram after the federal
Royal Commission exposed them as Luciferian pedophiles in 2014. Children as young as four
were starved, tortured, drugged, beaten, had their heads flushed down a toilet, and subjected
to ‘horrific’ sexual and physical abuse at Satyananda Yoga Ashram in the 1970s and 1980s.
Nine victims testified to the Royal Commission. One victim described being subjected to a
Tibetan Buddhist black magic ritual at age six years. She was taken into a dark room lit with
candles where a group of male swamis chanted, and gang raped her. The men restrained the
girl while the Indian ashram leader raped her, cut her chest with a knife, and licked her blood.
Dr Sandra Smith is a psychiatrist who taught yoga at the Yoga Ashram and lied to the
Royal Commission under cross examination about the abuse that occurred there. Sandra
Smith and her lawyer husband Keith Allen implicated in a separate Royal Commission matter.
Keith Allen was cross examined (in CS42) regarding a 2001 incident where he conspired to
conceal the repeated rapes of two boys by Newcastle diocese Anglican priest George Parker.
The Anglican diocese Vice Chancellor, Paul Rosser, defended the pedophile priest. The
presiding judge, Ralph Coolahan, also worked for the Anglican Diocese. Keith Allen, a trustee
of the Newcastle Anglican diocese, acted for victim Steven Smith. Keith Allen sent his client
Steven Smith to his wife Dr Sandra Smith for a psychiatric evaluation, without disclosing to
the plaintiff that the doctor was his wife. Dr Sandra Smith then leaked the sensitive
information she gathered during her assessment of the plaintiff - to defendant George
Parker’s attorney, Paul Rosser. Anglican diocese records of George Parker’s church
attendance were subsequently doctored to contradict the sexual assault dates and times
provided by the priest’s victims. Notably the crucial date on which George Parker raped
Steven Smith and another boy, was erased. The missing entries collapsed the case and
provided an excuse for corrupt Judge Coolahan to set George Parker free. While cross
examining Keith Allen, the Royal Commission accused him of evidence tampering, as the
following newspaper article explains:


Ian Kirkwood, Newcastle Herald, 9 August 2016

…In other evidence, Mr Allen was taken to a church register that the defence of priest
CJC used in a 2001 trial that was discontinued by the Director of Public Prosecutions
after the document appeared to show that the priest was not in the place that his
victims, CKA and CKB, had said he was.

The commission heard that there were very few alterations through any of the pages
of the register except for the page that was pertinent to the trial. The commission
heard that numbers, apparently relating to the number of worshippers, had been

rubbed out and altered. A crucial date, April 29, 1975, was not in chronological order,
and two signatures for the one person appeared to be in different handwriting.
Solicitor Peter O’Brien, for victims CKA and CKB, put it to Mr Allen that ‘this document,
sir, is a forgery, isn’t it?’

Fresh charges were laid against George Parker years later, but he died before facing
court again. Keith Allen and Paul Rosser are still practising law instead of being charged with
a criminal offence as the Royal Commission suggested.
I was contacted by a former child patient of psychiatrist Sandra Smith. In the 1980s,
Dr Sandra Smith concealed the sexual and ritual abuse disclosed by the 13-year-old patient
and her older sister. Sandra Smith told the victims’ mother that the sisters’ disclosure was a
form of ‘childhood sexual fantasy’ and that ‘young girls often fantasise this way about their
fathers.’ Sandra Smith’s psychologist colleague agreed with her diagnosis. Sandra Smith and
her colleague recommended the two sisters attend family therapy with their perpetrator
father, which occurred. Dr Sandra Smith further advised the teenage victim to visit the
Satyananda Yoga Ashram as a form of therapeutic intervention. Decades later, the girls’ father
served prison time for abusing his younger daughter (the older sister refused to testify). He
also was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter’s friend.

Krista Petrauskas
Leonas Petrauskas’ daughter Krista Petrauskas associated with the Kundalini
practising Satyananda Yoga Ashram located in Berowra on the NSW Central Coast. She stated
in an email to my documentary producer: ‘I lived here for the best part of a year. The shit hit
the fan in 1986 or thereabouts after a murder.’ Krista also part-owned a Buddhist cooperative
with Kabbala expert Ayya Khema in Obi, Queensland. Ayya Khema was influential in the USA
and helped establish Buddhism in Australia.
Krista was involved with James McGarry, a hypnotist who likes to dress up in robes
and founded the Academy of Esoteric Sciences (in 1985) and Academy of Human Sciences
(1977). Immediately after we filmed my Candy Girl documentary and contacted Krista
Petrauskas, she contacted McGarry. After I detailed Krista’s crimes to the NSW Police, she and
McGarry wiped their social media accounts, sold their properties, and disappeared.

* * *

The common goal is global uniting, global control.
- Kay Griggs

My friend observed to me: ‘Obviously you know way more about their secret military
ops, and they’re afraid of you remembering it, and that’s why you’re still targeted.’
My therapist initially opted for ceasing memory reprocessing due to the seemingly
endless supply of trauma memories. ‘Doors within doors within doors,’ he lamented. But
stopping didn’t work, because every time I am retraumatised I experience flashbacks, and
new material spontaneously surfaces, usually concerning Delta Black Ops.
Contrary to CIA propaganda, someone merely mentioning something does not
automatically trigger my memory of it. It takes way more provocation than that. To
remember, I must be returned to the original state of mind I was in at the time of construction
of the alter responsible for the memory.
Several years ago, an American mind control victim named Kirsty excitedly asked me:
‘Did they make you fly planes? They made my sister and I fly planes.’
‘No,’ I answered.
‘Are you sure? They made us all fly planes.’
No, I certainly had no memory of piloting planes...yet.
Years after Kirsty’s prodding, I experienced a vivid visual flashback of flying over an
orange-red coloured desert terrain snaked with what I guess were dry creek beds.
‘Nevada!’ the word popped into my head. The plane was tilted to the left, giving me a
wonderful view of the Nevada desert. I was seated in the left side of a dark, unusual cockpit
featuring computer screens and lit buttons instead of the typical flight panel. It was a B-2
stealth bomber. Although the B-2 was not officially operational until 1993, it featured in black
operations a decade prior, deployed out of the Nevada desert. Its prototypes date back to the
1940’s and were developed by Operation Paperclip Nazis at Area 51.
‘Why the hell would they take kids for joy flights?’ I complained to my Texan friend Ty.
‘Err, Fiona,’ she began, ‘I don’t know how it works in Australia, but over here the left
side of the cockpit is the pilot’s seat…’
‘Oh, for fuck’s sake! They had me flying planes now? Why the hell would I be flying a
That made me ponder the possibility. A female 14-year-old would make an optimal
pilot, being just old and tall enough to reach the controls, while retaining the superior
eyesight, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, flexibility, and obedience of gifted youth. If the B-
2 incorporated some type of symbiotic technology (which my gut tells me it did), that would
help explain why DARPA would employ a 14-year-old female hypnotically enhanced Delta
soldier with a weaponised psychic ability and an insane visual-spatial processing ability, to
participate in a B-2 bombing raid.
My memory fragments include a long flight at night in a black B-2 stealth bomber
ending in a bombing mission in Beirut. My Beirut memory includes the officer who assaulted
me at Dulce: General Alfred M. Gray.
I was restrained in Aquino’s torture chair at Dulce when the General approached me.
He was grey-haired with a drunk’s flushed bulbous nose. The fat gut behind his itchy green
uniform, and brass buttons, pressed annoyingly against the right side of my face. He unzipped
his trousers and exposed himself.

‘Don’t touch the merchandise,’ I warned through gritted teeth.
Ignoring me, he forced it into my mouth.
I bit down hard, and ground from side to side.
He screamed for help which came too late. He was rushed into theatre for surgery.
Our unit joked about the incident over dinner in the mess hall.
‘Hey,’ I threw my hands in the air in feigned innocence, ‘they never told me I couldn’t
bite his dick off.’
The boys laughed hard.
Our team paid dearly for my insubordination. I was awoken that night by a violent
pack rape committed by my team after which the boys snapped out of their trance, sighed,
cried and apologised profusely for violating their beloved mascot.
‘It’s okay,’ I reassured and held them, ‘I’d rather you do it instead of those bastards.’
The following morning, I exited Dulce base via a narrow pedestrian door. Outside, to
my right was a steep red slope. A dirt path wound down the hill and snaked up to a cave
entrance in the hill to my right. Our Commander stood at ease outside the cave entrance,
waiting for me. He handed me a knife and said with a hint of disappointment and disapproval,
‘Now go in and clean up your mess.’
In a split second, Alice, who felt loyal to my team was flung aside by Sascha, the alter
specifically trained to unquestioning follow such repugnant orders. Inside the cave sat the
three soldiers who raped me last night, their hands and feet bound. Sascha slit their throats,
exited the cave, handed the knife back to our Commander, and returned to the base.
I knew the offending general was an alcoholic, and that was my initial clue to locating
his identity. I searched through every picture I could find of US generals from that era. Then
a flashback gave me a clue, as it linked me and the general to Beirut. I then found film footage
of a drunk, slurring Alfred M. Gray Jr addressing dependents following the 23 October 1983
Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing.
When I encountered him in 1983, Major-General Alfred M. Gray was Commanding
General of the Second Marine Division deployed to Beirut. He also led the combined UN forces
that ‘responded’ to the bombing that they instigated, a bombing raid by a black B-2 Stealth
Bomber under the cloak of night.

* * *

Delta Force originated in Vietnam with the Special Forces unit code-named Project
Delta (aka, Operational Detachment B-52) which ran from 1964 to 1970. Charles Alvin
Beckwith assumed command of Project Delta in Vietnam in 1965 and implemented his SAS
experience to test and select soldiers for long-range reconnaissance operations in South
Vietnam. Beckwith returned to Vietnam in 1968, commanding the 101st Airborne Division.
In 1977, Beckwith created 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Delta
Force). Delta Force’s first mission in early 1980, Operation Eagle Claw, was a disaster.
Consequently, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment was formed to provide transport
for Delta Force and other special operations units, and the Joint Special Operations Command
was formed in 1980 to oversee / plan / coordinate classified activities performed by combined
elite special operations forces including:

- Army 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta (Delta Force)

- Naval Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team 6)
- Air Force 24th Special Tactics Squadron
- Army Intelligence Support Activity
- Army Regimental Reconnaissance Company
- Joint Communications Unit

Delta Force recruits are typically selected from Green Beret, Army Rangers, SEAL 6
and other special operations units. The CIA’s highly secretive Special Activities Division and
more specifically its elite Special Operations Group, often work with, and recruit, Delta Force
operators. As MK-ULTRA victim ‘Cisco Wheeler’ asserted, all Delta Force recruits are mind
control victims.


Al Gray was Commandant of the Marine Corps. They called Al Gray ‘The Commissar’
(i.e., Communist political officer) because he was a ‘Russian double agent.’ Kay Griggs said,
‘Al Gray ran all the dirty tricks for the Army’ – the murders and assassinations. Al Gray ran
everything in Vietnam. He also did all of the Special Ops training. Gray’s loyal Marines were
called ‘Gray’s Boys.’ Al Gray was ‘Deep State operative’ who collaborated with a small group
of generals – ‘The Brotherhood’ - who worked both sides (Democrat and Republican) but
answered to Nelson Rockefeller. Al Gray and Jim Joy ran Moral, Welfare & Recreation, a
network of military support and leisure services as a money laundering operation. They ran
all the officer’s clubs which employed topless women.

General Alfred Gray, US Marine Corp

The movie A Few Good Men starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, a movie about a
Marine Colonel who ordered his boys to assault a Marine in Guantanamo Bay. The film was
based on a true story. Colonel George Griggs was the Chief of Staff who tried to cover the
incident up for Alfred Gray, the offending Colonel portrayed by Jack Nicholson.

The movie A Few Good Men is based on the true story of
when Colonel Al Gray murdered a Marine at Guantanamo.


Lt. General William Gerald ‘Jerry’ Boykin was my Delta team trainer and commander.
A native Virginian, here are some of Boykin’s career highlights:

- 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam.

- Phoenix project operative, Vietnam.
- Delta Force (13 years as operations officer, troop commander, squadron commander,
deputy commander, and unit commander).
- Green Beret trainer.
- Army Ranger trainer.
- Master High Altitude Parachutist.
- CIA Director General for Operations, Readiness & Mobilisation.
- US Army Special Forces Command (Airborne).
- Under Secretary of Defence for Intelligence (under George W. Bush).
- CIA Panama coup operative.
- Grand Chancellor, Knights of Malta (aka, Order of St John).
- Coordinated the massacre of Branch Davidian children, Waco.
- Swag of medals including the Legion of Merit.

Delta Commander William Gerald ‘Jerry’ Boykin GI Joe: Green Beret

GI Joe
My team called him ‘GI Joe’ because he was GI Joe. Like the action figure,
Commander Boykin played a multitude of military roles: Rangers, Green Beret, Delta Force,
HALO parachute instructor, to name a few.
Lt. Col. Lewis H. ‘Bucky’ Burruss helped commander Boykin with Delta Force
selection in 1978. Burruss ‘participated in the ill-fated Iran raid, the invasion of Grenada and
a number of classified operations in the Middle East, South and Central America and

Bizarrely, Bucky Barnes was a Marvel Comic character whose official status as
Captain America’s sidekick was a cover-up. Bucky began as a 16-year-old
operative trained to conduct covert assassins and other things regular soldiers
and Captain America wouldn’t normally do. Bucky is a Soviet Union spy, a
member of a group behind Nazism who are trying to reform the world on par
with Hitler’s views.

Jerry Boykin’s latest CIA assignment is to pose as a staunch born-again Christian and
sit on the board of Christian organisations. Boykin campaigned against gays in the military
when he regularly attends homosexual Military orgies. In 2016, Boykin commented on
Obama’s unisex bathroom bills:

‘The first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about

I am convinced Lt. Gen. Boykin’s daughter could beat the crap out of any adult male
she randomly met, since that is precisely what he trained me to do as a young teenager.
I also recognise the face of Delta Commander Major General David L. Grange who
spoke at the Jerusalem Conference 2010. I get the impression he may have been on the US
Navy vessel when I almost drowned.

* * *

The US Military is a Mind Control Operation Run by Pedophile Rapists

The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a
people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to
secret proceedings… For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and
ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of
influence - on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on
intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It
is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the
building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic,
intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
- JFK (27 April 1961)

United States Army Special Operations Command.

The public assumed JFK was talking about communism – and he was, but not in the
way folks thought. America’s last true President was describing the global shadow
government administered and executed by ‘The Firm’ and ruled by Lord Rothschild. The
military arm of the ‘machine’ JFK described was led by Marine Corp General Alfred M. Gray,
whose invisible army - a synthesis of various special forces and intelligence services -
conducted clandestine assassinations, coup d'états, drug running, weapons trafficking, and
money laundering operations.
Such is the testimony of Katherine ‘Kay’ Pollard Griggs, wife of Colonel George
Raymond Griggs. Col. Griggs served as General Alfred Gray’s Chief of Staff Marine-Atlantic.
Grigg’s career as a spy and Special Operations assassin began in Vietnam. A NATO Intelligence
Wet Ops and Psychological Ops expert, Col. Griggs headed NATO Special Operations under
Admiral Kelso, and the Intelligence Group that occupied Beirut prior to the Marine barracks
bombing. He was also involved with the HALO program which trained assassins and Special
Ops in the Philippines and Panama.
During a series of interviews, Kay Griggs exposed her husband’s role in the military
mind-control operation run by homosexual rapists and pedophiles. The interviews, now
conspiracy classics, were conducted by Pastor Rick Strawcutte (1998), Jeff Rense (2005), and
Daryl Bradford Smith (2005 and 2006). I will now share a synthesis of what Kay’s husband
blabbed to her when he was (regularly) drunk and dissociated.
Kay was extremely traumatised from domestic violence when she gave her initial
marathon interviews, and the relevant information was scattered throughout. It took me a
long time to patch her points together in a sequence. I intersperse Kay’s testimony with
clarification of important points, and include other sources that back her claims, like Douglas
Valentine who interviewed many Vietnam operatives.

William J. Donovan promoted communists in, and recruited Nazis to, the OSS.
Donovan also started the assassin program during the Vietnam War. William Donovan
recruited Allen Dulles into the OSS in 1941. Dulles became CIA Director from 1952 until
Kennedy sacked him in 1961. During his directorship Dulles oversaw the immigration of Nazi
SS to the USA under Paperclip. He then oversaw Project MK-Ultra, the 1953 Iranian coup
d'état, 1954 Guatemalan coup, Lockheed U-2 aircraft program, and the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
The entire German High Command were smuggled into the USA under Operation
Paperclip. This wave of 200,000 plus Nazi imports included the entire team of Nazi rocket
scientists headed by Von Braun, a group of Viennese sexual psychologists and psychiatrists
(who continued their study of sexual perversion at Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, and in
Golden, CO), plus Reinhard Gehlen and his entire Nazi Military Intelligence / Psychological
Operations revolutionary terrorist group (the Abwehr) who infiltrated the US Marine Corp
and US Army. Civilian Conservation Corps camps were established for the Nazi immigrants to
temporarily live in. Pinochet and the Nazi Intelligence Chief Reinhardt Gehlen relocated to
Fort Hunt. Von Braun and many Nazis settled in Germantown, Maryland, which became the
headquarters of US Atomic Energy Commission, the Nazi infiltrated organisation responsible
for the Manhattan Project and human radiation experiments.


The German High Command brought to America what was called the ‘German Disease’
(i.e., homosexual pedophilia) which is imbedded in German culture. Odenwaldschule is an

example of German pedophile culture. Odenwaldschule is a German boarding school that
opened in 1910. From its inception, the school’s teachers began sexually abusing students.
Nuclear physicist Hans Bethe is a notable Odenwaldschule alumni. Bethe’s Italian fellowship
was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1932. In 1935, Bethe moved to the USA where
he worked on a particle accelerator at Cornell, followed by the Manhattan Project.
In the 1930s, the German High Command manipulated German politics so that the
leaders were all pedophiles. The entire German High Command attended pedophile orgies in
Naples, with orchestras and Italian boys procured and supplied by Italian Roman Catholic
priests. Krupp, the German weapons manufacturers, took the German High Command to
pedophile orgies hosted in the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capris, Italy.
This same group of Nazi homo-pedophiles infiltrated America’s colleges, universities,
military, government, and police. Kay Griggs said this explains today’s child kidnapping and
trafficking, and why it is being covered up - the infiltrated agencies conspire to cover up the


According to Kay Griggs, most senior Army and the Marine Corps are Marxist-
existentialist communists and anarchists with German Ashkenazi heritage, and many are the
offspring of the invading Nazi SS who were Ashkenazi homo-pedophile existentialist
communists. Hitler (Ashkenazi) was recruited at a homosexual brothel.
I have additionally read that the Nazis targeted genuine Torah abiding Jews for
elimination while employing Ashkenazi Talmudic Cabalists. That might explain why Lord
Rothschild administered UK & Israel turned away boats of Jewish refugees who subsequently
died in Nazi death camps.
Perhaps the Holocaust was a psychological operation with numerous benefits
including the elimination of genuine Jews and Christians, and it provided a reason to establish
Israel, and implement Lord Rothschild’s NWO totalitarian agenda. This is Hegelian Dialectic,
where the same group creates a problem to solve, followed by a solution.
The Firm use the same tactic to cover for their tradition / ritual of institutionalised
homosexual pedophile rape. Fake ‘born-again’ Christian William ‘Jerry’ Boykin is a prime
example. He publicly campaign against gays in the military while secretly attending homo-
pedophile sexual orgies. These military perverts all worship Dagon, not the Biblical God.


In 1950, former Marine and Republican Senator Joseph R. McCarthy gave a speech in
which he asserted, he had a list of ‘members of the Communist Party and members of a spy
ring’ who were employed in the State Department. In 1954, McCarthy led subsequent
investigations into the infiltration of communists in the US federal government, universities,
military, Hollywood, media, etc, and accusations of sex crimes against prominent leaders. The
investigations into communism ran concurrent to the ‘Lavender Scare’ where homosexuals
were dismissed from government on the basis that homosexuality (which was illegal back
then) increased their risk for blackmail. Senator McCarthy’s untimely death at age 48 abruptly
ended his investigations which threatened to expose the fact that a small band of German
communist homo-pedophiles called The Brotherhood orchestrated a system of sexual
blackmail and corruption operating at the highest levels of the US government, Military, and
in Military Intelligence circles.

The Brotherhood is an enforcement arm of the Illuminati, connected with the Joint
Chiefs, NSA, and the Whitehouse (which is run by the Military). Members wear different hats
and are provided different passports with different names. This Brotherhood stem from the
Nazis Intelligence hierarchy who illegally entered the USA under Paperclip. An alternative
name is The Firm. [‘The Firm’ commonly refers to the British Queen and her intelligence
agencies, or the CIA]. The Brotherhood is headed by a small, hierarchical group who answer
to Nelson Rockefeller and the Rothschilds.
At the highest levels of the Marine Corps and the Army Special Op forces, the men are
in the Brooklyn / New Jersey mob, a German-Hofjuden mafia group. The Firm are also
involved with the Freemasons and related secret societies including Opus Dei, B’nai Brith, and
Skull & Bone, Cape & Gown and Order of Kappa Sigma campus fraternities. This group even