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Halal Food

EarlyBite Tuck into our lebanese pastries

Lebanese pastries
from £1.00
AuthenticDishes Why not try one of delicious rice dishes?
There are plenty of options to satisfy most tastes and appetites!
Spinach & Sumac
Mana’eesh from £1.50 Bamya & Riz £4.95 Kabsat Djaj & Riz £5.25
Feta & Lebanese Herbs
Baked bread with thyme, sumac and sesame Sautéed okra with tomatoes, Tender chicken pieces with potatoes
Lahm b’jeen ( made with minced lamb)
Lebanese Pizza onion, coriander & vermicelli rice and yellow rice great with laban dip

Kafta Bil-Siniyeh £5.25 Sbanigh Djaj & Riz £5.25

Mezza Lebanese food is so healthy, so if you fancy something light, here’s a fresh look at lunchtime
The mother of all Lebanese dishes. Baked spicy
lamb, potatoes, tomatoes and rice
Spinach with chicken breast , marinated
with herbs. Served with vermicelli rice

Chicken Shawerma Salad £4.75 Moutabal Mezza £3.95 Dawood Basha & Riz £5.25 Mujaddara & Riz £4.45
Marinated chicken, accompanied by humous & salad Smoked aubergine dip with pomegranate, Meatballs slow cooked with tomatoes, Lentils and rice with crispy onions.
fresh salad and toasted lebanese bread pomegranate sauce and herbs, served with rice Originally created in the villages of lebanon
Fatayer Sbanigh, Humous & Tabbouleh £4.75
Delicious spinach pastry with onions Muhammara & Moutabal Mezza £4.95 Fasoulya b’Lahme & Riz £5.25 Shish Kafta & Riz £5.25
and sumac. Humous and tabbouleh too Crushed nuts, chilli & olive oil dip, Marinated skewer of lamb chargrilled on a
Butter bean and lamb stew, with
smoked aubergine dip and toasted pitta bed of rice with chargrilled tomato
tomatoes, lebanese herbs and vermicelli rice
Humous Mezza £3.95
Traditional humous with salad and toasted pitta The Real Lebanese Falafel £4.25 Moussaka & Riz £4.95 Shish Chicken Kafta & Riz £5.25
Authentic mix of broad beans & chickpeas Marinated skewer of chicken chargrilled on
Mix of aubergine, peppers , chickpeas tomato
Humous Beiruty £3.75 served with humous & tabbouleh
and vermicelli rice a bed of rice with chargrilled tomato
A tempting mix of humous, peppers,
chickpeas and a little garlic, with toasted pitta Warak Enab £3.25
Hand rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs

DeliciousWraps A selection of our favourites. Simply the best ingredients

wrapped in our delicious lebanese bread. A real winner

TastySalads Delightful blend of fresh vegetables and greens, mixed our special way. Take your pick Batata b’Lahme
Our lebanese meatloaf, lamb, potatoes,
£4.15 Jabalieh
Full of flavour with potatoes, red and
Tabbouleh £3.25 Foul Akhdar £3.25 onions and lebanese spices green peppers, onions and lebanese herbs
A refreshing mix of tomatoes, parsley, Broad beans with coriander, garlic,
mint, lemon and other special flavours herbs and salad Chicken Shawerma £4.45 Lamb Shawerma £4.45
Chicken marinated and cooked with Marinated lamb cooked with lebanese spices,
Batinjan Rahib £3.25 Foul Mudammas £3.25 special spices, a little pickle & garlic sauce with a smear of humous and salad
A purée of smoked aubergine, tomatoes, Brown fava beans marinated with lemon, Halloumi Cheese wrap
lemon and lebanese herbs cumin & olive oil and slow-cooked £3.95 Lamb Kafta & Humous wrap £4.45
Lebanon’s favourite cheese, with Skewer of chargrilled minced spiced lamb,
tomato, olive oil and za’atar with humous and salad
Feta Salad £3.25 Humous Salad £3.25
Creamy feta,black olives, tomatoes, light dressing Chickpeas marinated with lemon and parsley Chicken Kafta wrap £4.45 The Real Falafel wrap £3.95
Skewer of chargrilled chicken with salad and Falafel with humous and salad. Try it with
Cous Cous £3.25 Addas Salad £3.25 tahini sauce. extra tahini sauce. Sure to be the best you’ve had
Cous cous & vegetable salad with chilli sauce Lentils marinated with lemon and herbs
Fiery Chicken £4.45 Sujuk wrap £4.45
Spicy Chicken with chilli & peppers, fantastic! Spicy lebanese lamb sausages with garlic sauce & pickles
Dips & Snacks Cozy Soup... (Dairy Free)
Humous Chickpea dip £1.85 Shorbat Addas £3.30
Laban Yoghurt, cucumber and mint £1.85 Lentil soup
Shorbat Djaj £3.30

Moutabal Smoked aubergine dip £1.95

Chicken breast,tomatos & noodles
Muhamara Crushed nuts, chilli & olive oil £2.95
Tahini sauce Made from sesame £0.50 Shorbat Khudra £3.30
Vegetables, tomato & noodles
Garlic Sauce Smooth garlic puree £0.50
Chilli Sauce Hand made by our chefs £0.50 Shorbat El Chef £3.30
Chefs Soup. Please Ask...
Pitta Lebanese speciality bread £0.60
Toasted Pitta with olive oil & zatar £0.60
3 Falafel
3 Kibbeh
Fancy a Squeeze?
Freshly squeezed pure juice £2.50
Apple, Carrot or Orange

Sweets & Nibbles Mix your Own £2.80

Milk pudding with rose water and pistachio
Soft Drinks
Baklava £2.00
Orangina £1.80 Hungry? Raining outside? Can’t be bothered to
Coke/Diet Coke/7up £0.95
Bites of heaven, with mixed nuts and syrup
Still or sparkling water £1.00 get out of the office? No problem, just call or email
Cookies with dates or walnut ofillings
£0.80 us with your order, and we’ll bring it to your door...
Nuts £1.95
Imported nuts from lebanon, locally roasted
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07760 750 003

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