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Achieving world class standards and effective measures to avoid
hazardous incidents

2nd - 4th June 2020

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By attending this 3 day training course, you will be able to:

By the end of the program, you will be able to:
ACHIEVE a comprehensive overview of incident investigation and reporting
LEARN how to use effective investigation and interviewing techniques to gather complete, objective
and accurate data
DEVELOP understanding of how to analyzing incidents to identify root causes
BUILD awareness about the human relations aspects of incident reporting
DETERMINE which data to include in investigation reports
DEVELOP understanding of Hazard control measures and follow-ups

Why you Should Attend? Who Should Attend?

Investigating a worksite incident - a fatality, injury, illness, or O&M (Operations and Maintenance)
close call - provides employers and workers the opportunity professionals who are keen to attain a
to identify hazards in their operations and shortcomings holistic and integrated overview of incident
in their safety and health programs. Most importantly, it investigation and reporting
enables employers and workers to identify and implement the
corrective actions necessary to prevent future incidents. HSE Staff, Support Functions Professionals,
Administration Managers, Procurement
Incident investigations that focus on identifying and Managers, Finance Executives, Corporate
correcting root causes, not on finding fault or blame, also Services Executives
improves workplace morale and increases productivity, by Labor Union representatives
demonstrating an employer’s commitment to a safe and
healthful workplace. ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)
This course provides the delegates with an overview of Corporate Planning Professionals
incident investigation. The motivation for this course is to
outline a procedure of incident investigation that is objective
and satisfies regulatory requirements. The aim is to learn the
lessons, determine the root cause of the incident and develop
effective measures to avoid such incidents in future.

Organized by:
Workshop Overview

This course provides a very enriching learning experience to the participants and encourages them to actively
participate in the proceedings. The 2-way communication principle is adopted whereby the delegates learn
from the industry experience of the Trainer and at the same time are given opportunity to express their views
and ideas. Depending on the expertise and capability of participants they would even be encouraged to
present the learning during the course by themselves with a view to optimize the retention of the knowledge
shared by the Trainer/ Facilitator.

The instructional format capitalizes on a careful balance of formal lectures by the Trainer and individual/
group exercises/ workshops. The Program will use following learning methods/ techniques:

PowerPoint presentations and Lectures

Daily Quizzes to determine the retention of knowledge and encourage attentiveness
Exercises/ workshops/ Case studies to develop understanding of the topics covered
Delegates will be encouraged to take active part in discussions and express their views/ ideas.
Presentations by the participants to give them confidence and for determining their understanding of the
contents taught.


Day 1

SESSION 1: Why Incident Investigation?

Course Objectives and Overview
Hazards and Near Misses
Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions
Incidents & how they occur
Types of Incidents

SESSION 2: PSE - Process Safety Event

PSEs & their categorization
Process Safety Events Tier-1, 2 &3
LOPC Release
Swiss Cheese Model
Bird’s Triangle

SESSION 3: RCA - Root Cause Analysis

What is the “Root Cause” and why is it important?
From Root Cause to Prevention
Case Study – BP Crisis Management, PR misfires

SESSION 4: Safety Incidents in the Oil & Gas Industry

Vehicle Incidents
Explosions and Fires
Confined Spaces

Day 2

SESSION 5: Root Cause Analysis

Cause Analysis Techniques
Fault Tree Analysis / Event Tree Analysis
Case Study - Buncefield Oil Storage Depot

SESSION 6: Causation Model

Causal Factor Tree
Simple Causation Model for Incident Investigation
Case Study – ARCO Channelview Explosion

SESSION 7: Effective incident investigation

Formation of investigation team
Initial Investigation
Gathering information about the event
Incident Investigation: Step by Step guide
Incident Investigation interviewing
CASE STUDY (Group Exercise / Role Play) – Conducting interview regarding incident

Day 3

SESSION 8: Effective Incident Reporting

The importance of incident reporting
Steps involved in incident reporting
Main elements of Incident report & its distribution
Correctly complete incident reporting and investigation data
What is Best Quality Report?
Facts Finding
Sequence Determination
Analyse the causes of incidents
How to make recommendations to prevent incident recurrence
Importance of sharing of lesson learn with all concerned

SESSION 9: Incident Investigation Interviewing

Peer review: How good was your analysis?
Assessment & feedback on Group Exercise by Trainer
GROUP EXERCISE ON CASE STUDY (Case study may also be shared by participants from their Workplace.)
CASE STUDY (Group Exercise / Role Play) – Incident Investigation Interviewing
CLOSING : Recap of the three-day course content

program schedule
07:30 Registration
08:00 Morning Session Begins
9:45 - 10:00 Refreshments & Networking Break
12.30 Luncheon
14.00 Afternoon Session Begins
14.45 – 15.00 Refreshment & Networking Break
15.30 Course End
Workshop facilitator


BE Mechanical Engineering, MS Ind. Eng. Mississippi State University,
Senior Oil and Gas Expert Trainer

Salim Jandula is a seasoned Oil & Gas Expert and Professional Development Trainer/ Speaker with over
30 years of rich and varied practical industrial experience in the Petroleum and Energy Sectors.

He has held Senior Management positions in Field Operations, Asset Management and has Managed
the Field/ Plants housing mega Electrical and Mechanical Equipment including Turbo Generators
(12.8 MW), Turbo Compressors (105K HP) Motor Compressors, Huge Industrial Pumping Units and other
Electrical Equipment operating in Hazardous Areas. With strict compliance of NFPA 70E, IEEE 1584,
OHSAS 18001 and other relevant NFPA/ OHSAS/ NEC/ NESC standards, and proper safety training of
staff at all levels, especially on-site training on HAZOP, Incident Investigation and Reporting, Safety
Leadership, RCA, etc. the Field/ Plants were able to achieve the hallmark of Three Million Safe Man-
hours with no lost time Injury Incident (LTII) and 99.99% Station Reliability.

An engineer by profession, Jandula has collaborated with Oil & Gas Giants like OMV, Shell, MOL,
Eni, PGNig, Kufpec and other Petroleum Companies. An alumni of Mississippi State University USA,
he attended various international professional development programs from Stanford University, USA,
Crown Agents, UK and JCCP – Petroleum, Tokyo Japan.

Jandula has also served as Conference Chairman and Speaker at different Petroleum and Energy
Conferences and Summits and has delivered keynote addresses on Operational Excellence and other
topics at the Global Conferences held in Berlin, London, Vienna, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh. Among his
participants, Mr. Jandula is known for his pleasing personality and applicable tools and interactive
style of presentation

1- Assets Operations
• Managed 13 E&P (Exploration and Producing) Assets and increased the profitability through
effective Assets Integrity Management Systems and Optimized Operations.
• Ensured integrity of Plants and Pipeline network through Knowledge Based Practical Training on
API 510, API 570, API 580, API 581 as well as relevant OHSAS standards.
2- Plants/ Field Operations
• Managed 425 MMCFD Gas Field with 150 KM Pipeline Network and Compression/ Purification/
Dehydration Plants housing mega Mechanical Equipment including Turbo Generators (12.8
MW), Turbo Compressors (105K HP), Motor Compressors, Pressure Vessels and Huge Industrial
Pumping Units.
• Ensured 99.99% Station Reliability and Pipeline Integrity through strict compliance of API 510, API
570 and relevant NFPA/ NEC Standards.

• Leadership in Safety: Knowledge base to help leadership align its safety vision, energize commitment
and involvement, and set the stage for rolling out an effective safety improvement effort
• Incident Investigation and Reporting: Knowledge base to help managerial and non- managerial
O&M/ other staff develop understanding of the guidelines of incident investigation and reporting
to satisfy basic regulatory and OSHA requirements, and Know how to setup a facility’s incident
investigation program that is effective and minimizes bias
• Assets Integrity Management Systems (AIMS): Knowledge base relating to API 580, API 581 PAS 55
requirements to maintain the assets in a fit-for-service condition
• Fundamentals of Oil & Gas E&P: Knowledge base relating to Evolution of Energy, Renewable Energy,
Petroleum Life Cycle, Energy/ Oil & Gas Value Chain, Oil & Gas E&P, and Petroleum Economics
Workshop facilitator


• Global Conference by Pro Events, Vienna
• Energy Sector annual conference, Berlin
• Operational Excellence in Energy/ Oil and Gas Industry, London
• Global Conference for the Energy/ Oil & Gas Industry, London
• Global Energy Sector Conference, Berlin
• Energy/ Oil and Gas Conference, Abu Dhabi
• Optimizing Resources through BPR at Global Energy/ Oil & Gas Conference
• Conference Chairman/ Exclusive Speaker at Global Energy Summit, Dubai

Partial List Clients

Petronas Malaysia
EGAT- Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
IRPC Clean Power Company Limited
SABIC Saudi Arabia
Emerging EPC
NNPC Group Nigeria


“Trainer’s presentation style is energetic, positive. Trainer is Fabulous! Thank You.”

- Elmi Muhammad Ismail, Production Operations Management, Petronas

“Thank you for sharing your vast experience. I had a really good time learning new things.”
- Aida Anuwi, Group HSSE, Petronas

“Mr. Salim is very comprehensive in providing this training. I totally appreciate his knowledge and
wisdom in this course”
- Kamarul Johan, Director Emerging EPC Sdn Bhd

“Very satisfied with the training instructor as well as all the materials and facilities made available for
the training”
- Aderito Metavele, Petroleum Engineer, ENH Mozambique

“The training was very good and I learnt a lot of things in incident investigation”
- Alberta Banze, MITADER Mozambique

“On behalf of the OPEX Group, I would like to thank you for attending and speaking at the 3rd Annual
Global EPC Project Management Forum for the Energy Industry in Berlin, Germany. Your presence
helped us to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped us to keep
the conference both productive and fun.”

“Trainer’s presentation style is energetic, positive. Trainer is Fabulous! Thank You.”

“Mr. Salim is very comprehensive in providing this training. I totally appreciate his knowledge and
wisdom in this course!!”

“It was really nice listening to your presentation on PMO.”

“Thank you for sharing your vast experience. I had a really good time learning new things.”
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2nd - 4th June 2020 Hotel Accommodation
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